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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shahzad H Sheikh SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1023009644
Lori Elizabeth Mcclanahan SCPediatrics1619958584
Anderson Optometric Associates SCOptometrist1174504401
David G Porter SCOptometrist1477534782
William J Milford SCOptometrist1841272010
Lewis Tyler Sumner SCDentist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery1225011323
Melanie A Thorpe SCPhysician Assistant1306829551
Chirag H Patel SCPharmacist1609386945
New Foundations Children And Family Services, Inc. SCClinic/Center Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)1629051370
Caroline H Sanders SCFamily Medicine1700860624
James Randolph Curtis SCDentist General Practice1922082650
Ralph Lynn Pruette SCDentist1659355386
Andrea F Draisen SCPediatrics1821073016
Keith M Hart SCPediatrics1629053822
William Lang Foster SCDentist Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics1366428799
Satish K Surabhi SCInternal Medicine Interventional Cardiology1871579888
Jerry D Champ SCInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1881670941
John R Wendt SCInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1851377816
Bradley E Elrod SCPhysician Assistant1457337487
Suresh Khandekar SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1316917214
Paul R Jones SCInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1831175835
Brett C Stoll SCInternal Medicine Interventional Cardiology1093791071
Kristi Faye Padgett SCCounselor Professional1003893744
Brent T Mclaurin SCInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1740266725
Chris D Fennell SCAnesthesiology1194795492
Foothills Rheumatology SCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1073584769
Earle Eugene Baillie SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1497727457
Ronald James Biscopink SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1912979980
Russell E Dodds SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1013989086
Brett Houghton Woodard SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1699747576
Nancy Cory Welch SCSocial Worker Clinical1427020262
Thomas Pressley Crocker SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1821060567
Piedmont Pathology Associates Pa SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1235101965
Benjamin Francis Emanuel SCPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1245202985
David Allen Young SCOccupational Therapist1497727036
Subha Parchuri SCInternal Medicine Infectious Disease1558334649
Richard Tinsley Hanna SCFamily Medicine1083688386
Deandra L Clark SCPediatrics1356315428
Szabolcs Batizy SCInternal Medicine Hematology & Oncology1467428607
John Doster SCInternal Medicine Hematology & Oncology1982670147
Rajeev Malik SCInternal Medicine Hematology & Oncology1063488203
John H Purcell SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1194792804
Kimberly Joanne Shore SCSpecialist1942277603
Hollie Marie Mcculley SCPhysical Therapist1235107764
Nancy Strom-morgan SCPediatrics1598733743
Piedmont Gastroneterology Pa SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1184693061
Barry H Maddox SCPediatrics1619946415
Ravinder Malik SCRadiology Radiation Oncology1649249814
Patti K Moseley SCPediatrics1609835511
John Hartwell Murray SCOrthopaedic Surgery Sports Medicine1356301402
David Louis Kyle SCFamily Medicine1952370728
David A Mccann SCFamily Medicine1588633358
Rick J Keizer SCFamily Medicine1912975152
Kimberly S Cox SCNurse Practitioner Family1205805074
James M Dorn SCNurse Practitioner Family1578532347
Anderson Oncology hematology Clinic Pa SCInternal Medicine Hematology & Oncology1316914161
Larry Steve Davidson SCNeurological Surgery1154381465
William V Tomlinson SCRadiology Radiation Oncology1265491203
Catherine Faye Mattingly SCNurse Practitioner1902873912
Caroline Pruitt Brown SCPhysician Assistant Medical1407815384
Pediatric Associates Of Anderson, P.a. SCPediatrics1013978303
Anderson Family Care, Pa SCFamily Medicine1942261185
Eye Associates, Pa SCOptometrist1134180383
Stella Theresa Way SCPhysical Therapist1992767123
James E. Britenburg SCEmergency Medicine1801858881
Randall Owen Garriott SCEmergency Medicine1609838606
Ernest C. Martin, M.d., P.a. SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1871555896
Jeffrey A. Hohn SCEmergency Medicine1942262993
Renee A. Monaghan SCEmergency Medicine1255393070
Thomas C. Kickham SCEmergency Medicine1669434437
James O. Stumpff SCEmergency Medicine1548222326
Michael L. Tillirson SCEmergency Medicine1649232398
Carl Trinidad Lomboy SCInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1417919101
John Wallace Davies SCEmergency Medicine1740243351
John M. Grier SCEmergency Medicine1346203890
Gaillard & Hinnant Family Practice Llc SCFamily Medicine1871556357
Bradley P. Swenson SCEmergency Medicine1467415711
Lawson B. Freeman SCEmergency Medicine1477516771
David Scott Turner SCEmergency Medicine1154384410
Valerie Consonery SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1780647834
Joyce L. Collier SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1881657971
Bearwood Plastic Surgery, Llc SCPlastic Surgery1366405284
Jeanette C. Kinsey SCEmergency Medicine1518921105
Zoanne L. Lacabe SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1831153501
Carol T. Watts SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1538123252
Curtis Ray Moore, Jr. SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1144284837
Anthony W. Rekito SCEmergency Medicine1336103910
Shauna L. Cox SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1659335271
Mary J. Morris SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1912961186
Donna J. Proctor SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1801850078
Gregory B. Sanders SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1427012699
Robert M. Wood SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1649234725
Valda L. Smith SCFamily Medicine1790749851
Paul J. Ward SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1679537658
Charles E. Flowers SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1871557017
Warren A. Lutz SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1750345724
Gary S. Reese SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1528022597
Nancy Francine Chabek SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1770547556
Wajdi Ali Dbouk SCFamily Medicine1023073764
Amir M. Agha SCInternal Medicine Rheumatology1730144114
Clifton Wade Straughn SCFamily Medicine1043275506
Nephrology & Internal Medicine Of Anderson Pa SCInternal Medicine Nephrology1043275456
Mark W Thayer SCChiropractor1396700506
Marcia Buffington SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1063477149
Carl Max Dixon SCChiropractor1174588016
Angela Miller Dixon SCChiropractor1740245778
Laura A. Kelly SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1316903065
Elizabeth S. Cross SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1679539548
Shannon Hatchell Farr SCChiropractor1558327452
Lewis M. Jones SCEmergency Medicine1720044324
O Boyd Gardo SCOrthotic Fitter1164489191
Timothy R. Dutton SCPhysician Assistant1801853569
Anderson Urology Associates Pa SCUrology1891753893
Kathryn A. Bostater SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1841258183
Lauren G. Champion SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1801854476
David Lee Keese SCPhysical Therapist1609824887
Cecile E. Cruce SCPhysical Therapist Pediatrics1881642932
Stephanie L. Kernaghan SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1720036791
Mark A. Sanders SCPhysician Assistant1316995483
Belinda L. Bacher SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1760430615
Karen L. Shumaker SCSpeech Language Pathologist 1467400143
Sharon S. Steed SCSpeech Language Pathologist 1528016219
Diane Nix SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1578511853
James Blanchard Huff SCPhysical Therapist1063460541
Judith A. Robertson SCPhysician Assistant1992753669
Dana Lee Wiley SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1427006808
Cathy F. Styles SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1811946171
Etas Clinic, P.c. SCInternal Medicine1699724849
Melody S Franks SCFamily Medicine1073562971
Kashfia D Hossain SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1770532657
Daniel A. Keenan SCInternal Medicine1598714305
Elizabeth P Boyer SCFamily Medicine1306895123
Family Medicine Specialists Of Anderson, Pa SCFamily Medicine1033168851
Damodhar Nerella SCInternal Medicine1396794145
Lakeside Family Medicine, Pa SCFamily Medicine1073562864
Theresa Greene Knoepp SCDermatology1073562690
James Henry Kopp SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1477503894
Mohammad B Alikhail SCInternal Medicine1609825231
John Carter Jarrard SCAnesthesiology1780634956
Anil K Tammineni SCInternal Medicine1598715674
Beth E. Woollens SCOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1770533408
Arthur J Dean SCDermatology1518917384
Jose R Frialde SCInternal Medicine1265482269
Medical Associates Of Anderson,pc SCInternal Medicine1598715518
Harold G Morse SCInternal Medicine1801846860
Upstate Family Medicine Llc SCFamily Medicine1053361758
Hospital Medicine Consultants Of Anderson, Llc SCInternal Medicine1932159639
Subha Parchuri, Md, Pa SCInternal Medicine1972553634
Anderson Ent, Pa SCOtolaryngology1447200936
Jeffrey H. Stevens SCAnesthesiology1184675407
Robert Bradley Mock SCAnesthesiology1346291713
Tony R. Graham SCAnesthesiology1942251285
William R. Karpik SCAnesthesiology1881645109
James A. Austin SCAnesthesiology1225089766
Upstate Gastroenterology, Pa SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1851342067
Anderson oconee Speech & Hearing Services SCClinic/Center Hearing and Speech1396796496
Sanjeev Kumar SCInternal Medicine1053362178
Maria F. Terrell SCPhysical Therapist Pediatrics1134170210
Sybil K. Todd SCPhysical Therapist Pediatrics1336190305
Lois V. Goldsmith SCPhysical Therapist Pediatrics1952352924
Kyle K Nelson SCFamily Medicine1316998180
Mary B Hobbs SCPediatrics1326099110
David T. Wortham SCInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1437101771
Anderson Pediatric Group, Llc SCPediatrics1598716185
Dale E Treash SCPediatrics1750332367
Daniel A Keenan Jr Md Llc SCInternal Medicine1881646933
Anthony Benjamin Joseph SCInternal Medicine Nephrology1669424404
Neuroscience Associates Of The Upstate, Pa SCPsychiatry & Neurology Neurology1144272105
Internal Medicine Associates Of Anderson, Pa SCInternal Medicine1891747747
Dennis Chipman SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1356394720
Elite Physical Therapy, Llc. SCPhysical Therapist1619920931
Anmed Enterprises Inc Upstate Endoscopy Center Inc Llc SCClinic/Center Endoscopy1881645810
Blue Ridge Rad Oncology SCRadiology Radiation Oncology1508823568
Vidal M Despradel SCUrology1689632697
Michele K. Buckreis SCNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1245293059
Jeanine Bowen SCNurse Practitioner Family1215307681
Medical Services Of America Inc SCDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies1194788638
John S Kabas SCThoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)1740232461
Dole P Baker SCOtolaryngology1396797833
Matthew Cape SCPhysical Therapy Assistant1336511799
Harvey Garcia SCChiropractor1437119948
Donna Schwartz Maddox SCPsychiatry & Neurology Forensic Psychiatry1144280066
James E. Reese SCEmergency Medicine1043273261
David Griffin SCObstetrics & Gynecology Gynecologic Oncology1508823618
Maria A. Cayelli SCFamily Medicine1891744454
Nikoloz Lazariashvili SCInternal Medicine1184673782
Kenneth S Campbell SCFamily Medicine1386694222
George Raymond Woodruff SCPsychologist Family1215989967
Columbia Vamc SCClinic/Center VA1215988480
Sallie A Carter SCPediatrics1992753107
Kathy Marie Waggett SCPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1467400671
Wesley A Carr SCPsychiatry & Neurology Neurology1669426797
Sidharth C Patel SCFamily Medicine1457306136
Dirk Graves SCOptometrist1548215015
John R Hunt SCSurgery1689629313
Kurt Blaettler SCOptometrist1093760555
Felice Pearl Moody SCSpecialist1710934633
Jeffrey K Shramek SCRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1568419422
Ting-yean W. Sullivan SCFamily Medicine1760439186
Phyllis Newman SCCounselor Professional1144267998


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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