Providers Located in: Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

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List of providers located in Erdenheim, Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Merakey Parkside Recovery PACommunity/Behavioral Health1104016708
Merakey Chester County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1942499637
Merakey Childrens Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1255454138
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1457523920
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1275705741
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1699947770
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1194997809
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1942472626
Merakey Montgomery County PACase Management1194997874
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1831361518
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1972727139
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1396868576
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1043433386
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1346363538
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1528282779
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1437373685
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1508080763
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1417171679
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1306009089
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1972762946
Merakey Montgomery County PACase Management1437321601
Northwestern Human Services Inc PACommunity/Behavioral Health1548406879
Chesheim Dental Associates PAClinic/Center Dental1578703518
Griswold International Llc PAHome Health1548490071
Financial Health Services Llc PASpecialist1083938328
Vincent Healthcare, Inc. PANurse Practitioner Gerontology1073823878
Merakey Parkside Recovery PACommunity/Behavioral Health1063668150
Merakey Bucks County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1003143462
Merakey Chester County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1386899052
Merakey Bucks County PACase Management1790085157
Merakey Montgomery County PACase Management1104070028
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1790930253
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1649507039
Mindful Physical Therapy PAClinic/Center Physical Therapy1013352244
Counseling Matters, Llc PASocial Worker Clinical1679905236
Crest Counseling And Educational Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1639591027
Nhs Stevens Center PACommunity/Behavioral Health1811368541
Crest Counseling & Educational Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1649645599
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1366862427
Merakey Chester County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1730591652
Merakey Chester County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1356753271
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1710486766
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1669829586
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1447607379
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1194173906
Merakey Childrens Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1619190063
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1932556867
Merakey Chester County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1427170182
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1003264839
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1467800292
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1336598846
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1851741987
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1679922108
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1063862191
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1033568589
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1811346364
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1518317494
Merakey Recovery Services PAClinic/Center Methadone Clinic1356860050
Merakey Recovery Services PAClinic/Center Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder1245759943
Merakey Recovery Services PAPsychiatric Hospital1689193385
Merakey Recovery Services PAPsychiatric Unit1871012575
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1386155828
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1659882199
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1477064913
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1699291690
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1831549518
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1851826416
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1295225860
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1053574731
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1699938373
Merakey Montgomery County PACase Management1265604730
Merakey Montgomery County PAClinic/Center Adolescent and Children Mental Health1356357198
Child And Family Focus, Inc. PACommunity/Behavioral Health1639664196
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1457894909
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1285145979
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1457815714
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1104381078
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1306301163
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1023573888
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1669937421
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1831654698
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1740745504
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1447817119
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1891352563
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1437716107
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1609433374
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1427615194
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1568020089
Merakey Pennsylvania PACase Management1356909873
Merakey Parkside Recovery PACommunity/Behavioral Health1386869857
Merakey Parkside Recovery PACommunity/Behavioral Health1831313535
Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia PANutritionist1558913582
Merakey Montgomery County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1578787727
Merakey New Jersey PACommunity/Behavioral Health1447893169
Merakey New Jersey PADay Training, Developmentally Disabled Services1558901165
Merakey Recovery Services PAClinic/Center Primary Care1194236638
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1841508801
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1770813933
Merakey Childrens Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1578865580
Merakey Midwest PACommunity/Behavioral Health1376938738
Merakey Delaware County PAClinic/Center Adult Mental Health1275549008
Merakey Delaware County PASocial Worker1720251283
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1427171537
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1063720043
Merakey Delaware County PACase Management1538616339
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1518417237
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1922625789
Merakey Philadelphia PAIntermediate Care Facility, Mentally Retarded1174644488
Merakey Philadelphia PAIntermediate Care Facility, Mentally Retarded1972624393
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1740303858
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Illness1619195955
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1215130521
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1447417902
Merakey Philadelphia PACase Management1578703617
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1699200956
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Illness1891913133
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1225159429
Merakey Philadelphia PACase Management1811297922
Merakey Philadelphia PAPsychoanalyst1376734103
Merakey Philadelphia PACase Management1700909595
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1073636866
Merakey Philadelphia PAPsychoanalyst1578761029
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1083924682
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Illness1326264995
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1528262409
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity Based Residential Treatment Facility, Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities1295117638
Abington Memorial Hospital PAInternal Medicine1235183732
Lawrence A Schiff Dmd Pc PADentist1174747331
Vincent Healthcare, Inc. PANurse Practitioner Gerontology1760688972
Dr . Norman R. Huertgen PAChiropractor1881899383
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1982727772
Merakey Philadelphia PACommunity/Behavioral Health1033308721
Merakey Pennsylvania PACommunity/Behavioral Health1740606003
Merakey Woodhaven PAIntermediate Care Facility, Mentally Retarded1790908853
Merakey Woodhaven PACommunity/Behavioral Health1073717591
Merakey Woodhaven PACommunity/Behavioral Health1215441530
Merakey Allos PACommunity/Behavioral Health1205849494
Merakey Allos PACommunity/Behavioral Health1275972333
Merakey Allos PACommunity/Behavioral Health1720408586
Merakey Allos PACommunity/Behavioral Health1598185670
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1750505889
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1740303825
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1053515577
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1285858316
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1366779746
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1114235181
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1144538117
Merakety Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1710101910
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1043473721
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1063720027
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1629386693
Merakey Delaware County PACase Management1417170176
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1003075425
Merakey Delaware County PACase Management1417116468
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1679828024
Merakey Delaware County PACommunity/Behavioral Health1306968011
Your Wellness Consultants Llc PADietitian, Registered1215374806
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1104337641
Merakey Recovery Services PACommunity/Behavioral Health1154832533
Aaron Mathews PACounselor1760720981
Alison Beth Rosenberg PASocial Worker Clinical1871744201
Angela Mary Stout PADentist Pediatric Dentistry1942381504
Arlene P Bennett PAPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1003813981
Beatrice R. Salter PAPsychologist Clinical1053536490
Catherine Joan Ventura PADentist Pediatric Dentistry1255698049
Cheryl Lynn Schoell PABehavior Analyst1770078800
Cheryll Rothery PAPsychologist Clinical1174736979
Colleen Lane PANurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1326689753
Craig Ginsberg PAPsychiatry & Neurology Child & Adolescent Psychiatry1851422380
Cynthia Gallagher Dowling PACounselor Mental Health1992361166
Cynthia Hennessy PABehavior Analyst1760774046
David Anthony Dobbins PADentist General Practice1477719524
Deborah Shore PAPhysical Therapist1245398106
Delane E. Casiano PAPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1285790048
Dominique Marques PANurse Practitioner Family1376163113
Drake Elliot Neimeyer PABehavior Analyst1801381090
Elizabeth N Bustos PAPharmacist1659572402
Elizabeth Coover PADietitian, Registered1992358667
Frances Anne Pollock PAMarriage & Family Therapist1174732085
Gwendolyn Esdale PALicensed Practical Nurse1124268024
Harrison Stanley Linowski PAPhysical Therapist1548873185
Howard Forde Hansell PACounselor Professional1336790385
Howard C Marcus PACounselor Mental Health1851828263
Jaclyn Michelle Shore PAPharmacist1871180760
Jacquelyn O'malley PACounselor1629316211
Jaime Kahn Gordon PAAcupuncturist1447483383
Jennifer Lynn Udis PADentist Pediatric Dentistry1205985009
Jennifer Whelan PAPharmacist1891399697
John Anthony Giovannone PAPharmacist1568064350
John D Luetzow PAPsychologist1346355088
Joseph Wolf Schatz PARegistered Nurse1376814632
Josephine A Southwick PABehavior Analyst1982219788
Karli Marie Sartorio PAPharmacist1821686924
Katelyn Shaffer PANurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1699293928
Kenneth William Stout PADentist General Practice1134218043
Kimberley Janel Lowry PANurse Practitioner Primary Care1164873147
Laurie Barron PASocial Worker Clinical1790765964
Lawrence Alan Schiff PADentist1043434293
Linda Joyce Baker PAPediatrics1588871040
Lisa N Grey PASocial Worker Clinical1538313192


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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