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List of providers located in La Mesa, California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Holly Mays CAPhysician Assistant Medical1104176031
Katherine A Shelton CAPhysician Assistant1588776694
Sarah Miller CAPhysician Assistant1548630924
Christopher Glazener CAAnesthesiology1164458170
Lisa Michelle Wyneken CASocial Worker Clinical1801138763
Natalie Ferreira CAAssistant Behavior Analyst1770081275
Janet Johnson CAMarriage & Family Therapist1427342369
Samer Sam Eldika CAInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1346267093
Christine Allen CADentist1932435955
Chelsea Santos CAPhysical Therapist1205389137
Andrea L Bergeleen CADoula1780159145
Amy F. Papa CAPhysical Therapist1831290204
Cynthia Ann Chesy CANurse Practitioner1598024234
Cortney Wilcox CANurse Practitioner Family1063954451
Abigail Bunosky CAPhysical Therapist1780018416
Maranda Smith CAPhysical Therapist1083273361
Yana Kalendareva CAPharmacist1174162515
Sunanda M Pejavar CARadiology Therapeutic Radiology1912232513
Kassandra Marie Mason CAMarriage & Family Therapist1033632690
Amy Colleen French CAObstetrics & Gynecology1235292616
Craig S. Saffer CAObstetrics & Gynecology Obstetrics1245223726
Amirali Salmasi CAUrology1609187962
Morgan C Smith CARegistered Nurse Community Health1639450802
Honey Mae Cosare Surmillon CALicensed Vocational Nurse1942828314
Michele Kidder CARegistered Nurse1487272993
Alicia Rizzo Soriano CAMarriage & Family Therapist1457670937
Stephen Unterberg CAUrology1215374210
Jessica Vanderbilt CADoula1669844429
Laura Renee Sobieck CAFamily Medicine1457684169
Yash B. Joshi CAPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1598151433
Arianna Robichaux CAPhysical Therapist1124634910
Kathleen Rachelle Outcalt CAFamily Medicine1477089175
Amber Jo Ortega CAFamily Medicine1174905855
Jon Clyde Colbert CANurse Practitioner Family1841261997
Kristin M Persson CAPsychologist Family1376851105
James Drew Veltmeyer CAFamily Medicine1679750152
Yvette Canaba CAPodiatrist Foot Surgery1821426388
Eric Padillo CAMarriage & Family Therapist1700250305
Blake William Ryan CAPhysical Therapist1932700101
Mylene Valdez CANurse Practitioner Family1912508821
William D Goldenberg CAEmergency Medicine1407053358
Jessie Nguyen CAPhysical Therapist1962005611
Andrew J Brown CAFamily Medicine1629430814
Claudette Allen-butler CACounselor Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)1437455813
Daniel E. Zelac CADermatology MOHS Micrographic Surgery1891709903
Janine Marie Power CAPhysical Therapist1790928794
Andressa Gomes Giacomini CACounselor Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)1326664731
Leslie Ling CANurse Practitioner Women's Health1447767678
Alejandro Tinajero CASpecialist/Technologist Athletic Trainer1932767274
Betty Tran CAPhysical Therapist1194316430
Sarah Baldwin CAMarriage & Family Therapist1598078982
Michael Andrew Ahdoot CAUrology1255775912
Landon Tran CABehavior Technician1689269383
Lisa Anne Youngblood CANurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1801843941
Veronica Gonzalez CABehavior Technician1093289704
Sharron L Thompson CAPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pain Medicine1669462883
Claudia Sevilla CAUrology1689081275
Roy Charles Brownlow CAPain Medicine Interventional Pain Medicine1205949914
Sam Joseph Brancato CAUrology1477712040
Henry L Hudson CAOphthalmology Retina Specialist1851349195
Mindsmith, A Psychological Professional Corporation CAPsychologist Clinical1346720562
Hearx West Inc CAAudiologist Hearing Aid Fitter1336304922
Philip D Szold, Md, Inc CAPediatrics1427268747
New Alternatives, Inc. CAClinic/Center Adolescent and Children Mental Health1336352780
Avicenna Critical Care, Pc CAInternal Medicine Pulmonary Disease1699317644
Anderson Speech Therapy Group, Inc. CASpeech Language Pathologist 1497376172
Andres Smith M.d. A Professional Medical Corporation CANurse Practitioner1225664964
Apex Recovery, Llc CASubstance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility1992312227
Mobility Works Of California, Llc CAContractor Vehicle Modifications1336653625
A Ka Center, Llc CAClinic/Center Adult Mental Health1477158525
X ray Medical Group Radiation Oncology Inc CARadiology Radiation Oncology1790724565
Laurel Klotz CAMarriage & Family Therapist1073998795
James Tidwell CAOphthalmology1114920600
Norman G. Hardman CAPhysical Therapist1306840657
Thomas Joseph Murphy CAObstetrics & Gynecology1982608881
Paul Arthur Pyka CAObstetrics & Gynecology1417951310
Amirhassan Bahreman CAPsychiatry & Neurology Neurology1164426953
Ghc Of La Mesa, Llc CASkilled Nursing Facility1356345706
Sherry Lee Braheny CAPsychiatry & Neurology Neurology1518962778
Lynda Rae Ariella CAPsychologist Clinical1073518965
Frank J. Stella CAInternal Medicine Nephrology1225033764
Raed A Al-naser CAInternal Medicine Pulmonary Disease1770589293
Paul L Treger Md A Medical Corporation CAOphthalmology1366448243
Jonathan Tiefenbrun CARadiology Diagnostic Ultrasound1265437727
Yuan H Lin CASurgery1487650412
Alvarado Eye Associates Med Clinic Inc CAOphthalmology1619973591
Mary Susan Seaman CANurse Practitioner1033116652
Kevin Bernard Rapeport CAInternal Medicine Interventional Cardiology1952308124
Robert Edward Bushman CADermatology1578561692
Susan Kaweski CASurgery Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery1629076856
Juan F Madrazo Torres CAPsychologist Clinical1831353366
Justus Benjamin CAPharmacist Psychiatric1962401547
Louis Joseph Levy CASpecialist1225037336
Robert W Foster CAInternal Medicine1871593756
Lee Hyland Remington-boone CAFamily Medicine1164421012
Wayne Stewart True CAFamily Medicine1144220997
Roxanne Audrey Hon CAPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation1336149616
Tim Platon Gurtch CAFamily Medicine1881694776
Charles Kerber CARadiology Vascular & Interventional Radiology1366443533
Patricia Ann Cheney CANurse Practitioner1699776963
Jack J Springer CAEmergency Medicine1104828284
Karl Tscha-ning Sun CAInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1235131061
Jude Jix Cortes CAChiropractor1629070081
Bradley Kent Silva CADentist General Practice1225030612
Dan B Tarango CAPodiatrist Foot & Ankle Surgery1336131911
David Arthur Tansey CAPsychologist Clinical1063404614
Daniel Einhorn CAInternal Medicine Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism1275525776
Raymond I. Fink CAInternal Medicine Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism1164414652
Andrea Marisa Stallings CAPhysician Assistant1972595478
Christopher E Sadler CAPhysician Assistant1306838842
William Burton Davis CAInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1316939978
Diabetes And Endocrine Associates CAInternal Medicine Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism1881687960
Michael Andrisani Md Inc CAFamily Medicine1013900810
Michael Andrisani CAFamily Medicine1184617987
Jeannine Ann Feldman CAPsychologist1457345357
Ag La Mesa, Llc CASkilled Nursing Facility1457345001
Peggy Macy CASocial Worker Clinical1497749964
Sheri Lynn Walter CAFamily Medicine1750375234
Martina Ann Clarke CAPsychologist Counseling1336134527
Serena Christine Arts CANurse Practitioner Adult Health1801881552
Leland W Sprinkle CAInternal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease1184610586
Ronald K Goldberg CAInternal Medicine Interventional Cardiology1235125337
Ellyn Levine CAInternal Medicine1760470546
Susan Haradon CAMarriage & Family Therapist1841289246
Rokay Kamyar, M.d. Inc. CAClinic/Center Multi Specialty1528057957
Rokay Kamyar CAInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1770572109
Mohammad R Soleimanpour CAInternal Medicine Gastroenterology1194714527
Abha M Bosworth CAPhysician Assistant1629067053
Shirley Helen Smith CAMarriage & Family Therapist1366432221
David Mark Newman CAOptometrist1508856378
Brenda J Swiderski CAOptometrist1003806233
Charles Anthony Long CAMarriage & Family Therapist1740271337
Maria Elena Lai CAFamily Medicine Geriatric Medicine1588645048
Bina Adigopula CAPediatrics1982686200
Xavier Idelfonso Valdez CAPhysician Assistant Surgical1164404034
Grossmont Hospital Corporation CAGeneral Acute Care Hospital1528041811
Harold Isenberg CAFamily Medicine1255322137
Community Convalescent Hospital Of La Mesa Lp CASkilled Nursing Facility1225028327
Cancer Center Oncology Medical Group, Inc east County CASpecialist1497737183
Natasha Lao Hom CAPhysical Therapist1902881089
Nightingale Home Care, Inc. CAHome Health1225015563
Lindsey Stroben Alper CAPsychologist1053398222
Grossmont Hospital Corporation CAHospice Care, Community Based1427037308
Helix Healthcare Inc CAPsychiatric Hospital1205816931
Stephen Lee Reitman CAInternal Medicine1508836594
Sandra Lee Jassmann CAInternal Medicine Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism1376513168
Counseling & Behavioral Specialists CAMarriage & Family Therapist1285007583
Elizabeth J Nevarez CAPhysical Therapist1710492699
Grossmont Hospital Corporation CARehabilitation Unit1043293871
Grossmont Hospital Corporation CASkilled Nursing Facility1417930249
Grossmont Hospital Corporation CAPsychiatric Unit1568445419
Antonia Lopez CAPhysician Assistant1255301636
Minal Damani Jackson CADermatology1235101346
Debra Jeanne Graham CANurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1790757623
Cynthia Pham CAPharmacist1982676748
Christine Mae Nordling CAFamily Medicine1568435923
Sonya Gonnella CAOccupational Therapist1154394302
Grant Barrie Neifeld CAFamily Medicine Sports Medicine1215900683
Richard Sommerville Bartlett CADentist General Practice1306819933
Victoria G. Shuffelton CAFamily Medicine1245204239
Dawn E. Van Ness CAPediatrics1497729495
Neelima G. Doshi CAPediatrics1417921578
Gary Lee France CADentist General Practice1669446589
Shirley Yee CAFamily Medicine1619941408
Arudi L Prabhakar CASpecialist1396710075
Christine Ann Cortes CAAdvanced Practice Midwife1467427898
Khalil A Soomro CAInternal Medicine1265409296
Beth Jean Jacobson CAPhysical Therapist Orthopedic1578531836
Larry Newell Ayers CAInternal Medicine Pulmonary Disease1801865498
David Frederick Polster CAInternal Medicine Pulmonary Disease1083683635
Analytic Pathology Medical Group Inc. CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1568431088
Octavio Armas CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1629047147
Daniel P Molden CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1437128972
Sharon Mair CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1245209782
Helene Saffer CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1164491353
James Bernard Carry CAPathology Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology1285693424
Paul Howe Van Horne CADentist General Practice1386603827
Michael Henry Verdolin CAPain Medicine Interventional Pain Medicine1477525657
David Allan Slier CAPsychologist Clinical1528034725
Josephine Laree Stoermann CASocial Worker Clinical1295253037
David J Najafi CAOphthalmology1396715991
Steven Peterson CAOptometrist1659331320
J Michael Vidal CAOptometrist1457311128
Kyle Werner Seeley CAFamily Medicine1023078664
Cindy Sue Ferguson CASocial Worker Clinical1659332716
Eva C Lantz CAMarriage & Family Therapist1033170527
Roman B Cham CAOrthopaedic Surgery1841252988
Wendy L. Hill CAOccupational Therapist Hand1053373282
Heather Marie Carrillo CAPhysical Therapist1487616215
Lawrence Stuart Rice CAOphthalmology1922060805
Schaefer Ambulance Service CAAmbulance Land Transport1437112976
James Michael Amberg CAFamily Medicine1265497093
David Leonard Baron CAAnesthesiology1720043458
Katelyn Fawcett CAPhysical Therapist1689639007
Grossmont Surgery Center Lp CAClinic/Center Ambulatory Surgical1326004110
Rhea W Fugal CACommunity/Behavioral Health1144286808
Oliver Joseph Biederman CAInternal Medicine Infectious Disease1861459448
Richard J. Schumann CAPsychiatry & Neurology Neurology1831157916
Carrie D Musicant CAPhysician Assistant Surgical1891753786
Lina L Schein CAFamily Medicine1760440598


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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