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List of providers located in Odenton, Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Charles Lambert MDPhysical Therapist1437265576
Brittany Bailey Tuscany MDAudiologist1063968246
Alia Ahmed Ibrahim MDFamily Medicine1043221732
Pattrena Reid MDRespiratory Therapist, Registered1346771235
Robert Samuel Grader MDPhysical Therapy Assistant1699282384
Chamara Hasan MDFamily Medicine1083623532
Proformance Sports Rehabilitation MDPhysical Therapist Orthopedic1720562069
Michelle Lynn Andes MDPhysical Therapist1235247388
Lori Smith Garcia MDPediatrics Pediatric Emergency Medicine1093824500
Arianne Marie Kirby MDDietitian, Registered1245340942
Pearline Mckenzie-garner MDPreventive Medicine Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine1124120316
William L Hunter MDFamily Medicine1477657799
Norman A Poulsen MDFamily Medicine1306940671
Barry I Bercovitz MDInternal Medicine1265536585
Patricia Adelsberger MDDentist General Practice1902902885
Joann Carlson MDNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1821194630
Ronald Leroy Lilly MDPharmacist1023115714
Maryland Cvs Pharmacy Llc MDPharmacy1780781278
Jan Louise Farrell MDPhysical Therapist1487751442
Lorinda Lynn Farris MDNurse Practitioner Women's Health1245330794
Stephanie Kundrat Glassman MDPsychologist Clinical1053409516
Grace M. Prince-torain MDPodiatrist Foot Surgery1669560553
Megan Elizabeth Manning MDPhysical Therapist1831287093
Robert Gerard Winnard MDDentist Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics1578647509
Robin Renay Robinson MDAudiologist1437247905
Judith M Melchiorre MDPhysician Assistant1467564880
Boma Alamina MDNurse Practitioner Primary Care1265809438
Omega M Pindell MDPhysician Assistant Medical1790895951
Seema Aliasgar Gadiwalla MDInternal Medicine1477643013
Physiotherapy Associates Inc MDClinic/Center Rehabilitation1861579328
Emily Anne St.louis MDPhysical Therapy Assistant1760951883
Kimberly Robrecht MDPhysical Therapist1447323555
Thomas Kenny Hyland Robertson MDChiropractor1912075128
Christine Helen Biscan MDDental Hygienist1487715876
Stacy R B Hoffman MDPharmacist1144383977
The Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1033274857
Lawrence Dean Bourgard MDOrthopaedic Surgery1013074566
Gregory Demond Torain MDCounselor Mental Health1720135270
Ronnie Lee Richardson MDRegistered Nurse1366599789
Regina Marie Miller MDNurse Practitioner Gerontology1871644039
Glenn Michael Poch MDDentist1699828558
Gerald Goodman MDDentist General Practice1700931268
Gary Lamont Burks MDLicensed Practical Nurse1609922061
Melissa Barmash-rini MDSocial Worker Clinical1497801989
Powell Dental Practice, Plc MDDentist General Practice1255471157
Angela Denise Sefcovic MDOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1255475000
Melinda S Weinstein MDOptometrist1053455006
Warren Leslie Hill MDPharmacist1235273913
Steven Ralph Shannon MDPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation1467596775
Jennifer Edythe Koch MDPhysical Therapist1396875191
James F Doyle MDPhysical Therapist1982736369
Jodie Newman MDOccupational Therapist1982728028
Mary Joanne Ryan MDPhysical Therapist1679697734
Lovina Tramel Brown MDPhysical Therapist1700900206
Robert Bradley Boughan MDInternal Medicine1770608721
Weinstein Eye Associates, Pa MDOptometrist1922124072
Stephanie Carole Chupein MDMarriage & Family Therapist1861510455
Mark H. Davino MDInternal Medicine1508980459
Trudy-ann Lawford MDOccupational Therapy Assistant1568827681
Blake L Hamilton MDPhysical Therapist1407972110
Michael C. Albert MDInternal Medicine1811031297
Kathryn Strain MDPediatrics1407970353
Holly Eyler-yeatman MDInternal Medicine1790834299
Alicia Kyli Tucker MDFamily Medicine1689703563
Robert Abbott MDDentist General Practice1407072036
Gracemprincetorain Dpm MDPodiatrist Foot Surgery1164640355
Natalie Yvette Wells MDPreventive Medicine Public Health & General Preventive Medicine1306065891
Patricia Marie St.louis MDRegistered Nurse1326266172
Sheila Arlene Korvin MDRegistered Nurse School1376762567
Lydia Amao MDLicensed Practical Nurse1881815330
Joseph Zvi Benderson MDDentist General Practice1578770780
Mary R Lesser MDSocial Worker Clinical1952519191
Chukwuemeka Nnamdi Nzelibe MDPharmacist Oncology1811107113
Vesta, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1790995017
Vesta, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1275744757
Betty Miller MDSocial Worker1518178946
Perryn Gutkowski MDCounselor Mental Health1336340546
Kathryn Wingate MDSpeech Language Pathologist 1831392224
Barbara Lynne Collins MDCounselor Professional1073716213
Amos Curry MDSocial Worker Clinical1922202191
Josephine C. Carandang-garcia MDSocial Worker Clinical1093919045
Trevor Stanley Greene MDDentist General Practice1891999694
Karen Irene Crawley-buckholtz MDCounselor Professional1053517342
Francis E. Ledbetter MDSocial Worker Clinical1740487404
Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1760689863
Human Services, Inc. MDSocial Worker Clinical1265630800
Eelssen International, Llc MDClinic/Center Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)1538367669
Wellness In Christ Counseling And Formation Center, Llc MDSocial Worker Clinical1083813927
Claire Anita Joseph MDRegistered Nurse Administrator1477745180
Markham Foot &ankle Clinic MDPodiatrist Foot & Ankle Surgery1649465261
Janine E Sadek MDPharmacist1194911503
Elizabeth Anne Kuklenski MDPhysical Therapist Orthopedic1629265921
Karen S. Clarke-bennett MDFamily Medicine1376731034
Dorothy Annette Fields-walker MDSocial Worker Clinical1477742146
Shirene Mera Bennett MDNurse Practitioner Adult Health1932383288
Whole Chiropractic Healthcare, Llc MDChiropractor1447436241
Christina Nicole Sollerer MDPhysician Assistant1508044041
Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1578731006
Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1477721900
All star Medical Llc MDDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies1801066451
Christopher M Brandt MDPhysical Therapy Assistant1306017629
Sathish Arcot Jaishankervel MDPharmacist1982877031
Yemanti Nursing Services MDCustodial Care Facility Adult Care Home1629235809
Regina Ann Puthen Purackal MDPhysical Therapist1639331515
Ryane Alexandra Edmonds MDFamily Medicine1407019862
Page Odom MDPsychologist Clinical1942463989
Chison Judy Jeon MDDentist General Practice1245414986
Gy Counseling, Llc MDPsychologist1770702367
Maximum Performance Physical Therapy, Inc MDPhysical Therapist1558522318
Janak A Vidyarthi MDPain Medicine Interventional Pain Medicine1619170685
Kristen Heidlebaugh MDPhysical Therapist1659844645
Laura Anne Schiller MDPhysical Therapist1982177358
Daniella Akibo-betts MDRadiology Diagnostic Radiology1548416613
Human Services, Inc. MDCounselor Mental Health1992951487
Dawn M. Duran MDPhysical Therapist1528204831
Kristen M Tarquin MDPsychologist1114167087
Deborah O. Oyinloye MDPharmacist1962644666
Stefanie Leahy Bachmann MDCounselor Professional1205079951
People Now Healthcare Solutions Llc MDHome Health1356585632
Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1649404328
Care Connection, Inc. MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1659505337
Glenn Robert Chumley MDSpecialist1144451493
Djc Home Healthcare Services MDHome Health1285867622
Novacare MDClinic/Center Physical Therapy1972837078
Aquafit Physical Therapy, Llc MDPhysical Therapist1386979995
Karen Nations MDSpecialist1720314990
Olubukola Fakunle MDPharmacist Pharmacist Clinician (PhC)/ Clinical Pharmacy Specialist1275869463
Monica Joan Sparaco MDPhysician Assistant1730416710
Steven Michael Austin MDPharmacist1467783308 Inc MDPhysical Therapist1386967347
Johnnetta Carissa Diggs MDPharmacist1588983258
Peoples Community Health Center, Inc. MDClinic/Center Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)1447565783
Tammy Sue Fleming MDOccupational Therapy Assistant1053626143
Melvin Anthony Gearhart MDPharmacist1538469606
Time Health Care Solutions MDCommunity/Behavioral Health1215237821
Jp Clarke And Associates,llc MDNurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1104122480
Susan Drum MDPharmacist1740589100
Constance Ann Rose MDNurse Practitioner Adult Health1699067702
Sirovtech MDDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies Customized Equipment1477847291
Senior Care Services Llc MDHome Health1942581590
Woomi Kim MDPharmacist1780966630
Chesapeake Smiles, Llc MDDentist General Practice1730463456
Kimberly Crim MDNurse Practitioner Pediatrics1689958035
Ashley Elizabeth Waldun MDPhysical Therapy Assistant1083999023
Children's Dentistry At Odenton MDDentist Pediatric Dentistry1376820654
Laura Venables Lubin MDSpecialist1326316464
Chesapeake Children's Services Llc MDBehavioral Analyst1043589807
Markisha Theressa Bennett MDPsychologist1356611586
Naomi Rebecca Rios MDPediatrics1548531767
Gabriel Agbanyim MDFamily Medicine1386938058
Lindsay T Ciocco MDOptometrist1790090009
Ferry Point, Inc. MDSocial Worker Clinical1356613905
Nicole Behrle MDBehavioral Analyst1003319468
Yesha Patel MDPhysician Assistant Medical1871870535
Thomas Lutz MDDentist General Practice1578852984
Rebekah Anne Vallejos MDHospitalist1174729636
Ariana Monica Martin MDFamily Medicine1053601898
Shawna Michelle Reshard MDStudent in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program1225272677
Annie Rabinovitch MDPsychologist Clinical Child & Adolescent1942794870
Kevin Nichols MDHome Health Aide1144716978
Idowu Olukemi Olugbemi MDHome Health Aide1336626043
Branden Jack Cohen MDPhysical Therapist1154622199
Andrea Cooper MDCounselor Professional1033475488
Chinwe Obiako MDSpecialist1497015820
Doreen Siri MDHome Health Aide1376804799
Mary Lum Ayuk MDHome Health Aide1316209414
Patient First Maryland Medical Group MDNon Pharmacy Dispensing Site1689937732
Afia Rasul MDDentist General Practice1679837546
Adekemi Odekunle MDHome Health Aide1134483548
Jonathan Paul Allen MDPhysical Therapist1093066201
Jane Ann Galbreath MDPhysical Therapist1346592292
Orthopedic Physicians Of Annapolis Llc MDProsthetic/Orthotic Supplier1730431321
Roberta Lynn Wasserman MDCounselor Mental Health1003151507
Donna Schafer MDCounselor Pastoral1649517889
Melanie L Libebe MDSocial Worker Clinical1871830638
A Better You, Llc MDClinic/Center Health Services1720329824
Chizoba Godwin Ozoude MDHome Health Aide1780926568
Susan O Temidayo MDHome Health Aide1427492578
Olufisayo O Alakija MDHome Health Aide1558708537
Heather Bavaria MDPhysical Therapy Assistant1568800274
Harmonious Living Chiropractic: Fitness & Wellness Center, Llc MDChiropractor Rehabilitation1487094769
Yuyen Savella MDPhysical Therapist1598107278
Matthew A Gibson MDStudent in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program1053745448
Global Health Pharmacy Ii, Llc MDPharmacy Community/Retail Pharmacy1285069542
Checkerspot Surgery Centers, Llc MDClinic/Center Ambulatory Surgical1447685458
Kelley Elizabeth Farwell MDSpecialist/Technologist Athletic Trainer1700213626
Ashley Marie Zinalabedini MDNurse Practitioner Family1346678992
Monica Blanton Lacy MDPsychologist School1346679081
Karen E Carloni MDCounselor Professional1184044943
Dannielle Harden MDOccupational Therapist1235546953
Judine Campbell MDPharmacist1427467893
Christine Hou MDPharmacist1417366972
Physiotherapy Associates MDClinic/Center Physical Therapy1760881494
Alicia Hess MDPhysical Therapist1437558160
Sarah Anne Caffey MDPhysical Therapist1891196036
Weinstein Eye Associates, Pa MDOptometrist1891190252
Shannon P Robinson MDPhysical Therapist1326443250
Jessica Ruth Shen MDSocial Worker1285031716
Alison Rose MDOccupational Therapist1023415296
Ashleigh Roberts MDDoula1003205329


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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