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List of providers located in Torrington, Wyoming:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Torrington Vision Clinic, P.c. WYOptometrist1740386259
Grant William Jones WYOptometrist1396841888
Lynda Lea Jones WYOptometrist1538265038
Ezdan A Fluckiger WYFamily Medicine1326146846
Cheryl Ann Shoults WYRespite Care Respite Care, Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities, Child1427147313
Dale Roy Carlson WYPharmacist Pharmacotherapy1093804270
Steve Paul Rodger WYPharmacist1306936240
Sheila Ann Mcwaters WYPharmacist1104907203
Robin's Nest Homecare WYHome Health1013381300
Jill Morris WYRegistered Nurse1659446185
Jerry L Erschabek WYChiropractor1588726061
Terry L Adams WYOptometrist1669534830
Paul B Colburn WYOptometrist1982766127
Community Hospital WYMedicare Defined Swing Bed Unit1356493068
Akemi S Glass WYDietitian, Registered1174677355
Brenda Joy Sinks WYOccupational Therapist1386799922
Joan Marie Pieper WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1699820704
Rosemary G Nunn WYPhysical Therapist1568518686
Memorial Hospital Of Laramie County WYHome Health1225184989
Tiffany P. Hartman WYDentist General Practice1700922788
Kerri J Kilgore WYPharmacist1184743718
Deborah A Rodgers WYCounselor Professional1912123654
Jonette Frances Mcnamee WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1245443613
Mary Jane Woods WYPsychologist Clinical1730393489
Charles Clinton Kilgore WYChiropractor1225247646
Debra J. Ochsner WYSocial Worker Clinical1346436854
Erschabek Chiropractic WYChiropractor1013188853
Timothy Robert Devereaux WYPsychologist Clinical1497922967
Issifi Karimou WYGeneral Acute Care Hospital Rural1699938456
Harbans Singh Hans WYPsychiatry & Neurology Psychiatry1336362680
Pamela Paknis WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1154834034
Richard L Patterson WYCounselor Professional1275705923
Mary Claire Cares Llc WYSkilled Nursing Facility1922570365
Carol A Mckinney-mcdowell WYCounselor1245472562
Bruce O Ross WYCounselor1720220072
Haly L. Jensenhof WYCounselor Mental Health1518109867
William Jason Pogue WYCounselor1760624795
Norma S Cantu WYFamily Medicine1427291491
Nancy Jane Greene WYCounselor1720222128
Mary B Sullivan WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1164651675
Diversified Services, Inc WYCase Management1881823029
Natalie I. Beck WYNurse Practitioner Family1770712507
Kristina A Yeouze WYMarriage & Family Therapist1992038921
Benjamin Caleb Jackson WYChiropractor1972830313
Tami D Greenwald WYDietitian, Registered1447589957
Healing Concepts Of Wyoming Inc WYChiropractor1669701520
Ruth E Gotchall WYCommunity Health Worker1952632341
Steven S Bullington WYCommunity Health Worker1851622245
Kerry Jinks WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1124359526
Maria C Stoeger WYCommunity Health Worker1043541444
Heather A Samson WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1912238304
Ashley Lay WYCommunity Health Worker1841521234
Theresa Fernau WYCommunity Health Worker1366774200
Luzviminda Hofer WYSocial Worker Clinical1942532890
Susan Marie Reading-martin WYNurse Practitioner Family1831421221
Peggy Knittel WYGeneral Practice1538491899
Marisela Cortes WYCommunity Health Worker1053643254
Carolee Elizabeth Conway WYCounselor Mental Health1902128192
Amanda Flemming WYCommunity Health Worker1255655742
Terry Mcdowell WYDay Training, Developmentally Disabled Services1548580962
Dune Hansen WYCommunity Health Worker1407176548
Toni L Bates WYCommunity Health Worker1790005833
Raysha Newell WYCommunity Health Worker1972823011
Gage E Milner WYCommunity Health Worker1649589680
Darcy G Clark WYCommunity Health Worker1194034132
Gabriel L Harker WYCommunity Health Worker1083923015
Catholic Charities Of Wyoming Inc WYPsychologist Clinical1326341827
Jordan P Harms WYCommunity Health Worker1700181765
Barry Lee WYCommunity Health Worker1528365624
Andrew M Juarez WYCommunity Health Worker1467759555
Jackson Chiropractic Inc. WYChiropractor1144515479
Jesselyn M Burroughs WYCommunity Health Worker1528355492
Samuel Campbell WYCommunity Health Worker1588942254
Kimberly Janae Hansen WYPhysical Therapist1316227689
Rhonda R Sargent WYCommunity Health Worker1023399656
Ericha D Kurtz WYCommunity Health Worker1760763395
Linda Schafer WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1417233966
Laura Marie Wielechowski WYCounselor Mental Health1720364847
Jody Ann Harper WYCounselor Professional1932471919
Karen Ann Stricker WYCounselor Professional1780956763
Juanita Kaye Erskine WYCounselor Professional1356613202
Brooke L Paules WYCommunity Health Worker1750653531
Briah R Player WYCommunity Health Worker1124390901
Shali D Dominguez WYCommunity Health Worker1215200068
Wendy Ann George WYCounselor Mental Health1467726513
Shelley T Gibson WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1245561877
Terry L Stanclift WYCounselor1982853891
Karen Jane Kiiskinen WYCommunity Health Worker1265957401
Maisie Baros WYCommunity Health Worker1952826190
Shawn Keith WYSocial Worker Clinical1033638895
Victor Gomez WYCommunity Health Worker1558871004
Micah Samuel Courtney WYCommunity Health Worker1093225534
Faith Sebesta WYCommunity Health Worker1174033534
Rebecca Brown WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1164913620
Hannah Beth Jackson WYCommunity Health Worker1588157838
Ryan Reichert WYCommunity Health Worker1669950812
Nathan A Moeller WYDentist Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics1629342530
Monica Nicole Teichert WYNurse Practitioner Family1528542719
Banner Health Physicians West Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1063778728
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center WYCase Management1780942359
Jeanie R Shimmin WYCounselor1659631158
Nancy J Blevins WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1588927149
Shad A Bates WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1548523103
Shelley Renae Miller WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1528313616
Sharon L Bates WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1912257312
Banner Hospital Based Physicians Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1669710695
Banner Anesthesiologists Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1346589603
Banner Health Physicians Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1861732497
Ashley N Wood WYCommunity Health Worker1356789945
Banner Health Physicians Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1215375688
Preseon D Hunt WYCommunity Health Worker1619309788
James Bedient WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1235561507
Kathryn L Mccreery WYCommunity Health Worker1407288772
Melissa L Trevino WYCommunity Health Worker1518392794
Jay T Pierce WYPhysical Therapist1205262987
Thomas Garvie WYCommunity Health Worker1346662459
Banner Health Physicians West Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1568885655
Lynsey Ayers WYCommunity Health Worker1366867590
Tylar Osterman WYCommunity Health Worker1053737437
Pratt Lovercheck Practice WYPsychologist Clinical1538588645
Jaime Potter WYCommunity Health Worker1588076293
Alison Castro WYCommunity Health Worker1487066197
Matthew Mattis WYPhysician Assistant1558776476
Britton Michael Marsh WYDentist1962818443
Family Dentistry, P.c. WYDentist1942616941
Alyssa Williams WYCommunity Health Worker1336548916
Eric Avila WYCommunity Health Worker1407257751
Amanda Hicks WYPhysical Therapist1487045522
Audrey Key WYCommunity Health Worker1831580711
Kyle Sabourin WYCommunity Health Worker1366833246
Debra Floyd WYCounselor1184977373
Griggs Family Dental WYDentist1457735631
Phillip Lukalu WYCounselor Professional1881010379
Kyle Allen Rice WYCounselor Professional1821464959
Alexandra Klein WYCounselor1255600573
Kristen Bearnson WYDay Training, Developmentally Disabled Services1235500299
Nathaniel Foster WYCommunity Health Worker1871967703
Sally Lou Wisroth WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1013062892
Eldon L Richard WYDentist General Practice1881733137
Michele D Ogburn WYSocial Worker Clinical1629275524
Andrea Wunibald WYOccupational Therapist1437329422
Orin R Yung WYRegistered Nurse1376719252
Katherine M Hanson WYCounselor Professional1801038583
Amanda Lee Barnes WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1306075916
Frederick Robert Voltmer WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1942439559
Maria L Briggs WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1679702286
Dana Lee Sekich WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1659500163
Diane Servantez WYCommunity/Behavioral Health1285091298
Marylou Salomon WYCounselor Mental Health1538529276
Philip Michael Eskew WYFamily Medicine1891058558
Brandi Bingham WYMassage Therapist1265830046
Christina Beltran WYCommunity Health Worker1144684325
Amy Salway WYCommunity Health Worker1386008571
Mikala Reimer WYCounselor1366898116
Wesley Aragon WYCommunity Health Worker1023409901
Stacy Gutierrez WYCommunity Health Worker1689128423
Owen Courtney WYCommunity Health Worker1528512373
Deborah Klinnert WYCounselor Professional1770039547
Julie Medrano WYCounselor Professional1700332533
Delanie Mecklenburg WYCommunity Health Worker1801330824
Twila Smith WYCommunity Health Worker1477097152
Ambrosio Chavez WYCommunity Health Worker1063956746
Kelsey Grant WYCounselor1063962009
Brittany Lewis WYRegistered Nurse1043751209
Guadalupe Baker WYRegistered Nurse1356873855
Gerald Albert Walker WYClinical Nurse Specialist Family Health1710413141
Madison Bates WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1013444611
Alexy Cooley WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1083144968
Matthew Ryan Cross WYSocial Worker1275063554
Nathan Peterson WYCommunity Health Worker1073035077
Community Hospital WYGeneral Acute Care Hospital Critical Access1740665983
Cheyenne Vamc WYClinic/Center VA1548659733
Stacia Harker WYCommunity Health Worker1255848446
Mariah Hernandez WYCommunity Health Worker1295198943
Ryan Christopher Johns WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1447411467
Holly Labrake WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1316431919
Kleta A Allen WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1891129185
Vetras Torrington Snf, Llc WYSkilled Nursing Facility1053727255
Timothy G Vanlitsenborgh WYCommunity Health Worker1295066686
Michael Oscar Hall WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1528385697
Edward O'conor WYCounselor Professional1316249477
Gerri J Martin WYSocial Worker Clinical1205139888
Rochelle Eva Stitt WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1932586229
Laura Rachel Halley WYNurse Practitioner Family1427334739
Miranda Rachelle Hacker WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1578831350
Cruz Flores WYCommunity Health Worker1568725125
Amanda Barnes WYDay Training, Developmentally Disabled Services1265890834
Number 34 WYCase Management1124473376
Marcy Hamilton WYCounselor1932592201
Gregory A Krall WYSocial Worker Clinical1730432832
Shaylee N Cook WYCommunity Health Worker1265802417
Lisa Anderson WYLicensed Practical Nurse1740723741
Griggs Family Dental Llc WYDentist1477098440
Jaron Frederick WYCounselor1073059143
Community Hospital WYGeneral Acute Care Hospital Critical Access1164950036
Fisher Family Solutions Llc WYCounselor Professional1972001618
Michael Oberst WYSocial Worker Clinical1326559071
Banner Medical Clinic Torrington Llc WYClinic/Center Rural Health1871034637
Joyce Evans WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1699209171
Chudi A Obijekwu WYCounselor1770973307


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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