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List of providers located in Worland, Wyoming:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin James Ryan WYNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1225146327
Ricker Drug Inc WYPharmacy Community/Retail Pharmacy1730291659
James Michael Poore WYPhysical Therapist1659478444
Anita Christine Carver WYSpecialist1477651263
Kirby Theron Treat WYOptometrist1497849053
Jeanna Lajoieu Grosch WYPhysical Therapy Assistant1447349626
Cloud Peak Counseling Center WYClinic/Center Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)1861577140
James G Randolph Md WYOrthopaedic Surgery1629153622
Bradley R Wilde WYChiropractor1194895748
Richard Rush WYEmergency Medicine1548328289
Marsha E. Hill WYPhysical Therapist1053457168
Jimmy K Nelson WYDentist General Practice1639219728
James A Gilman WYDentist General Practice1508906611
Abc Medcare WYPharmacy Community/Retail Pharmacy1538204375
Mahlon C. Anderson WYOptometrist1306971452
Thurston Medical Clinic WYDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies1962534867
Lonnie G Gerharter WYCounselor Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)1538283809
Wendy K Wiecki WYCounselor1760506067
Jacqueline Mccoughlan WYCounselor1588788822
Gordon L Roupe WYCounselor1306960638
Mark C Russler WYSocial Worker Clinical1962526228
Roxanne Lapp WYRegistered Nurse1588789200
Kenneth A Shearer WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1679698708
Brock Richard Greek WYSocial Worker Clinical1750406153
Leslie Reene Basse WYDentist General Practice1780700203
Philip Tallman Md Pc WYSpecialist1992879076
Washakie Medical Center WYMedicare Defined Swing Bed Unit1366594988
Skylene L Tobin WYCommunity Health Worker1508373200
Jeanna M Butterfield WYSocial Worker Clinical1144345356
Sarah Elizabeth Radabaugh WYChiropractor1144349598
Rebecca Jean Luhm WYSocial Worker Clinical1912020421
Alden L Curtis WYOptometrist1184842015
Curtis Optometric Clinic WYOptometrist1003034935
Dale Adam Weber WYCounselor1467673194
Colleen Alise Lemagie WYNurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1083835359
Michelle Carol Hamilton WYPharmacist1447462528
James G Randolph WYDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies1558578807
Cathy Kay WYCounselor1316148356
Jamie Nanette Johnston WYOccupational Therapist1669674636
Cloud Peak Foundation WYVoluntary or Charitable1831399872
Clear Image Vision Care, P.c. WYOptometrist1386836302
Holly Dial WYRegistered Nurse1134311194
Washakie Medical Center WYGeneral Acute Care Hospital Critical Access1114119799
Lisa Anne Stephens WYPhysical Therapist1033302047
Cynthia K Lentsch WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1134312283
Jennifer Lynn Ryan WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1457544108
George G. Richardson Md Pc WYOrthopaedic Surgery1174703961
Jeffery D Pharaoh WYCounselor1558542498
Ciciley Kay Nettles WYOccupational Therapy Assistant1265617377
Worland Optometric And Contact Lens Center,inc WYOptometrist1477721421
Yellowstone Urology Pllc WYUrology1487825956
Linda Kay Hausner WYRegistered Nurse Diabetes Educator1134390552
David Page WYDentist1457513889
Benjamin B Wilde WYFamily Medicine1295997013
Linda B Brandt WYCounselor1447413976
Kimberly R Accurso WYCounselor1851584916
Caroline R Greim WYCommunity Health Worker1346709078
Diana L Swalstad WYSpecialist/Technologist Athletic Trainer1578715405
Kathleen D Smith WYCounselor Professional1144473166
Thorman E Sholey WYOptometrist1376781872
Big Horn Family Medicine Llc WYFamily Medicine1174764757
Sharon Eisele WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1609009133
Amy Borrelli WYMidwife1215262605
Gerald E Weaver Md Pc WYExclusive Provider Organization1710214036
Washakie County Senior Citizens WYCase Management1659693729
Banner Professional Services WYClinic/Center Health Services1427370873
Cynthia Ferguson WYCounselor1952616104
Stillwaters Counseling Llc WYSocial Worker Clinical1063729598
Psychological Services WYPsychologist Clinical1588960108
Nancy Link WYCommunity Health Worker1326339706
Bruce Imfeld WYCommunity Health Worker1679864052
Tom Musgrove WYCommunity Health Worker1114218500
Ronald Steven Wake WYCommunity Health Worker1629369004
David Harrington WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1376834762
Amber Bennett WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1417248311
Timothy Warren WYCounselor Professional1073807038
Cloud Peak Counseling Center WYClinic/Center Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder1164704029
Cloud Peak Chiropractic, P.c. WYChiropractor1669741203
Bryan K Mickelson WYPsychologist Clinical1033440466
Washakie Family Planning WYClinic/Center Ambulatory Family Planning Facility1871731406
Mary Jean Johnson WYSocial Worker Clinical1861793390
Emily Bryant WYOptometrist1891210126
Morgan Kinnes WYPhysical Therapist1053823054
Red Rock Family Practice, Inc WYClinic/Center Rural Health1932338530
Red Rock Family Practice, Inc WYClinic/Center Rural Health1023247624
First Step Counseling WYCommunity/Behavioral Health1790046415
Big Horn Family Medicine WYClinic/Center Primary Care1831450394
Kevin Bentch WYStudent in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program1033464557
Angela-marie Pantelis WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1700135415
Daza Medical Consulting Service Pc WYHospitalist1740530179
Worland Chiropractic Clinic Pc WYChiropractor1427309319
Northwest Community Action Programs Of Wyoming, Inc. WYPreferred Provider Organization1427301969
Banner Hospital Based Physicians Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1629316641
Banner Health Physicians Colorado Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1558601278
Preston Page Harman WYPhysical Therapist1134562580
Frontier Family Practice Llc WYClinic/Center Primary Care1316383888
Jaime Mertz WYNurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered1649610205
Kds & Ass WYCounselor Professional1346674033
Kds & Associates WYPsychologist1497182851
Charles Wassum WYPhysical Therapist1396174264
Janet Damiano WYRegistered Nurse1083043350
James Donahue WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1912337494
Grant Hospitalists Services, Llc WYHospitalist1700208808
Innerpeace Counseling WYCounselor Professional1043632920
Danielle Warren WYCounselor1598187395
Worland Physical Therapy WYClinic/Center Physical Therapy1366860942
Rianna Sisk WYCommunity Health Worker1801207840
Kayla Gene Sterling WYSocial Worker Clinical1760890461
Worland Sleep Diagnostics,llc WYClinic/Center Sleep Disorder Diagnostic1245649458
Alpha Medical Inc WYFamily Medicine1558753277
Caring Hearts Case Management WYCase Management1982098612
Diversicare Of Worland, Llc WYSkilled Nursing Facility1750760716
Healthy Frontier Counseling, Inc. WYCase Management1891179818
Alyssa Rae Keller WYPhysical Therapy Assistant1114394004
Shopko Pharmacy WYPharmacy Community/Retail Pharmacy1346618238
Tang Mo Wong WYOccupational Therapist1265808273
Michael Howard Weigand WYRegistered Nurse1831560515
Mary F Laird WYCommunity Health Worker1093186686
Lorinda Roessing WYCommunity Health Worker1407227093
Carrie Clark WYCommunity Health Worker1568833945
Linda S Drumm WYCommunity Health Worker1932570017
Joshua Thronburg WYCommunity Health Worker1386015436
Lila Jackson WYCommunity Health Worker1811369663
Tamera Langley WYPeer Specialist1972852689
Vicki Page WYCommunity Health Worker1679944649
Laura M Wolski WYPhysical Therapist1699870246
Lisa Olivia Fernandez WYPhysical Therapy Assistant1952401598
Jeffrey Scott Wyatt WYPhysical Therapist1265523922
Paula Serra Gross WYPsychologist Clinical1487899555
Janae B Harman WYCounselor1851627210
Washakie Medical Center WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1568847705
Kacey C Cooley WYCommunity Health Worker1811424161
Sheridan Vamc WYClinic/Center VA1578954798
Cary Beauvais WYCommunity Health Worker1922357623
Colette Kocher WYCommunity Health Worker1871842583
Brittney Kocher WYCommunity Health Worker1629327333
Tom Sanchez WYCommunity Health Worker1770832487
Roberta Edwards WYCommunity Health Worker1548510241
Pamela Dickhaus WYCommunity Health Worker1821349234
Thomas Ruckman WYCommunity Health Worker1952652356
Dawn Slye WYCommunity Health Worker1780014654
Maria Eastman WYCommunity Health Worker1861813883
Guylah Martinez WYCommunity Health Worker1083035034
Minerva Bravo WYCommunity Health Worker1649688367
Kay Ellen French WYLicensed Practical Nurse1083001291
Sabrina Ochoa WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1922469196
Charles Ornelas WYCommunity Health Worker1720442619
Karen Pharaoh WYCommunity Health Worker1265883813
John Martinez WYCommunity Health Worker1164875332
David Manasseh Ahlstrom WYPharmacist1952855801
Kwd Services Llc WYInternal Medicine1699224758
Jeremiah Cannon WYNurse Practitioner Family1629518220
Tess Williams WYPhysical Therapist1528500683
Michael C Calhoun WYCommunity Health Worker1851828164
Tanner James Gooden WYPhysical Therapy Assistant1699204370
Deborah J Anderson WYCounselor1023547155
Nugent Ventures Llc WYInternal Medicine1932621091
Christy Kae Mcgee WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1285151753
Cowboy Psychological Services Pc WYClinic/Center Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)1649795907
Elena Pharaoh WYCommunity Health Worker1427565175
Christina Trifan WYCommunity Health Worker1053828707
Brittney Isbell WYCommunity Health Worker1316454069
Cowboy Medical Group Pc WYClinic/Center Rural Health1154836617
Stacey Decroo WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1902300106
Kurt Steinke WYCommunity Health Worker1386148344
Matthew Wilson WYCommunity Health Worker1033613963
Banner Hospital Based Physicians West Llc WYClinic/Center Multi Specialty1619464120
Caitlin Herdrick WYOccupational Therapist1255824900
Steven Wayne Jackson WYCounselor Professional1063739746
Grace O Peterson WYCommunity Health Worker1063998177
Daimion M Pederson WYCommunity Health Worker1164908190
Michelle Ann Doyle WYOccupational Therapist Pediatrics1821572975
Tia Lynn Macias-johnson WYCommunity Health Worker1245703552
Jennifer O'callaghan WYCommunity Health Worker1891268975
Timothy Hinkel WYCommunity Health Worker1780157875
Alpine Medical WYDurable Medical Equipment & Medical Supplies1467974428
Rebeca Corona WYSocial Worker Clinical1679039192
Eve Marie Stephenson WYRegistered Nurse1295293215
Alonzo Osuna WYCommunity Health Worker1871052506
Bobbie Jo Coleman WYRespite Care Respite Care, Mental Illness, Child1245799535
Nathan David Miller WYChiropractor1295391233
Megan Galovich WYCounselor Mental Health1497293468
Advanced Practice, Llc WYNurse Practitioner Psych/Mental Health1831505262
Rory Smith WYPharmacist1154979649
Erin C Morgan WYCounselor Professional1447779038
Krystal Rose Re WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1265075444
Marlene Carol Paquin WYCounselor Mental Health1740513480
Margaret Joan Mcdaniel WYRegistered Nurse1386284107
Katie Lee Hilmer WYStudent in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program1740820539
Alexis Wilson WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1912537408
Journey Birth Services, Llc WYClinic/Center Birthing1407486830
Client Solutions, P.c. WYClinic/Center Adolescent and Children Mental Health1992337349
Kenzi L Weddle WYRegistered Nurse1942849575
Guardian Flight Llc WYAmbulance Air Transport1104342922
Hot Springs County Hospital District WYClinic/Center Rural Health1225666332
Amanda Swanson WYCase Manager/Care Coordinator1477173250
Sally Nelson Hamer WYSpeech Language Pathologist 1790306876
Snh Wy Tenant Llc WYSkilled Nursing Facility1518518521
Joseph Edward Tritchler WYPhysician Assistant1740437557
Brandon Galovich WYDentist1508474412


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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