Providers with Taxonomy: Addiction Medicine in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Addiction Medicine
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Radhika A. Manhapra 22908, VAAddiction Medicine1952302044
Jann L Holwick 24060, VAAddiction Medicine1992790406
James F.t. Corcoran 23226, VAAddiction Medicine1215924758
George W. Luedke 24502, VAAddiction Medicine1194719641
W. Ronald Gaertner 22401, VAAddiction Medicine1649267188
Farook A. Shaikh 22044, VAAddiction Medicine1295724888
William S Rea 24014, VAAddiction Medicine1154303618
Donald H. Berghman 22060, VAAddiction Medicine1487637237
William L Alford 23462, VAAddiction Medicine1740269497
John Florian Riedler 23452, VAAddiction Medicine1366414104
Jorge Alberto Cortina 23667, VAAddiction Medicine1902868854
Ramesh B. Koduri 23805, VAAddiction Medicine1609831544
Pannala-jagan Reddy 23803, VAAddiction Medicine1023073038
Albert J Arias 23219, VAAddiction Medicine1528029790
John Stephen Naulty 22193, VAAddiction Medicine1063451664
Douglas A Brown 23188, VAAddiction Medicine1750322004
Alan Fisch 02139, VAAddiction Medicine1043239270
Douglas H Chessen 23606, VAAddiction Medicine1396768404
Michael Edward Bohan 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1326058983
Mark T Stevens 22066, VAAddiction Medicine1760499669
Margaret J Gregorczyk 24639, VAAddiction Medicine1982623385
Anthony H Dekker 85016, VAAddiction Medicine1285744490
Cynthia Stegmeier 22911, VAAddiction Medicine1396835211
Howard A Heit 22031, VAAddiction Medicine1346323037
Mary G. Mcmasters 22939, VAAddiction Medicine1487723011
Ajay Manhapra 06516, VAAddiction Medicine1699878140
Richard Lamont Claytor 24151, VAAddiction Medicine1376633610
Janice A Mcdonald 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1306920830
James F Allen 23462, VAAddiction Medicine1215003660
Donald E. Bartlett 20151, VAAddiction Medicine1912062142
Maria Dolores Encarnacion 24380, VAAddiction Medicine1366587198
Joseph Shaw Jones 22030, VAAddiction Medicine1114061843
John Robert Colaluca 46143, VAAddiction Medicine1053439489
Haroon Syed Hyder 23229, VAAddiction Medicine1740470483
Darrin Richard Mangiacarne 24012, VAAddiction Medicine1417148024
Jonathan Chuang-yien Lee 23188, VAAddiction Medicine1821284753
John Peter Scanlon 23462, VAAddiction Medicine1164698213
Joseph Corbo 22180, VAAddiction Medicine1447413885
Jean Ann Beaton 23111, VAAddiction Medicine1497902423
Troy L Reece 24211, VAAddiction Medicine1902288517
Ian Arnold Shaffer 22124, VAAddiction Medicine1508159781
Joel Adams Smithers 24112, VAAddiction Medicine1659639631
Joyce Mccusty 22902, VAAddiction Medicine1346330263
Kelsey Marie Sanford 22301, VAAddiction Medicine1548680317
Peter B Breslin 23230, VAAddiction Medicine1114288529
Paul Daniel Weidman 23970, VAAddiction Medicine1245342765
Thomas Richerson Milam 24014, VAAddiction Medicine1669457677
Alta J. Deroo 22701, VAAddiction Medicine1184791725
Dana Lynn Mincer 18936, VAAddiction Medicine1063807329
Doan-thu Nguyen 22203, VAAddiction Medicine1326467051
Su Fairchild 20121, VAAddiction Medicine1861488074
Letonia Adams 24073, VAAddiction Medicine1053730358
Kimberly Albero 22901, VAAddiction Medicine1083252704
George Oliver Halstead 24202, VAAddiction Medicine1942593603
Reymond Damasco Pascual 23666, VAAddiction Medicine1457520090
Rodolfo Cartagena 24216, VAAddiction Medicine1720016389
Todd Wayne Fausnaught 17701, VAAddiction Medicine1538137070
Sergey Zhitar 23452, VAAddiction Medicine1881639375
Steven M Fiore 23113, VAAddiction Medicine1609844216
Samuel Leibovici 91325, VAAddiction Medicine1063585164
Jessica Dawn Benson 24380, VAAddiction Medicine1447230495
Gene A Germano 23504, VAAddiction Medicine1881870442
Ronald Mejzak 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1447228507
Heidi Amanda Kulberg 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1821017088
Erik William Gunderson 22902, VAAddiction Medicine1316033350
Daniel Solomon Ageze 23060, VAAddiction Medicine1922531524
James Edward Thompson 23060, VAAddiction Medicine1194913533
Kira Marie Bleecher 23060, VAAddiction Medicine1164868469
William B Wolf 20117, VAAddiction Medicine1316262124
Masaru Nishiaoki 23219, VAAddiction Medicine1871026831
Joule O'connor 23510, VAAddiction Medicine1851482616
Leopold G Campbell 24018, VAAddiction Medicine1962451765
Lauren Pate Lehmann 24153, VAAddiction Medicine1447213210
Siddharth Singh Arora 32931, VAAddiction Medicine1386910172
Addiction Recovery Center Of Virginia 23188, VAAddiction Medicine1811407042
Affinity Healthcare Group Franklin Llc 23435, VAAddiction Medicine1083146302
Affinity Healthcare Group Newport News, Llc 23605, VAAddiction Medicine1437699766
Affinity Healthcare Group Newtown Llc 23462, VAAddiction Medicine1164814612
American Psychiatric Group, P.a. 21202, VAAddiction Medicine1720558828
Appalachian Counseling And Medical, Llc 24609, VAAddiction Medicine1477177590
Aroramd Llc 32931, VAAddiction Medicine1841811163
Biogenomic Medicine Institute, Pllc 20147, VAAddiction Medicine1770975096
Bryant Health Corp 22101, VAAddiction Medicine1003417817
Care Connect Behavioral Health, Llc 23707, VAAddiction Medicine1699397786
Cavery Treatment Center 20181, VAAddiction Medicine1659837821
Centra Medical Group, Llc 24503, VAAddiction Medicine1326682980
Cleanslate Medical Group Of Virginia, Llc 23505, VAAddiction Medicine1629549779
Coleman Institute Richmond Llc 23221, VAAddiction Medicine1548687452
Eljv Llc 23454, VAAddiction Medicine1811582448
Foundation Medical Group, Llc 23225, VAAddiction Medicine1003275124
Global Health Services 22312, VAAddiction Medicine1972120483
Hopkins Medical Association Llc 24641, VAAddiction Medicine1679111504
Inspiration Health Addiction Treatment Center, Llc 23454, VAAddiction Medicine1659977346
James F Allen Md Pc 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1124239215
Legacy Health Management Solutions 23230, VAAddiction Medicine1669858635
Lotus Health, Llc 23228, VAAddiction Medicine1932554953
Mcv Associated Physicians 23298, VAAddiction Medicine1770508442
Meridian Psychotherapy, Inc 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1104036391
Mid Atlantic Addiction Medicine 21108, VAAddiction Medicine1396154290
Mind Bridge Center Llc 22101, VAAddiction Medicine1790304616
Nova Addiction Specialists Lllc 22314, VAAddiction Medicine1245789460
Pathway Healthcare virginia, Llc 24273, VAAddiction Medicine1639709769
Pinnacle Healthcare Services, Llc 22304, VAAddiction Medicine1316551237
Premier 1 Healthcare Llc 24219, VAAddiction Medicine1225548860
Professional Management Services, Llc 20121, VAAddiction Medicine1356720437
Psychiatric Associates Of Central Virginia, P.c 23227, VAAddiction Medicine1396201349
Radhika A Manhapra Md Pllc 23455, VAAddiction Medicine1710305990
Radical Recovery Treatment Center Inc 23503, VAAddiction Medicine1053945428
Regional Health Providers Llc 22030, VAAddiction Medicine1154898997
Renaissance Medical Care 24202, VAAddiction Medicine1568977940
Revida Recovery Centers Pc 24210, VAAddiction Medicine1013483486
Richmond Behavioral Health Authority 23219, VAAddiction Medicine1184715328
Right Path Treatment Center Llc 23452, VAAddiction Medicine1356778138
Savida Health, Pc 22630, VAAddiction Medicine1417426040
Savida Health, Pc 22192, VAAddiction Medicine1548739170
Spero Health Of Virginia, Llc 24112, VAAddiction Medicine1104465103
Starting Point Of Virginia, P.c. 22407, VAAddiction Medicine1760949127
The Ghr Center For Opioid Addiction Treatment And Recovery 23504, VAAddiction Medicine1265970263
Virginia Addiction Management Llc 22601, VAAddiction Medicine1780166777
Virginia Addiction Medicaid Llc 22601, VAAddiction Medicine1225677909
Virginia Calyx Professional Services, , Llc 23225, VAAddiction Medicine1376054395
Virginia Center For Addiction Medicine 23060, VAAddiction Medicine1477091247
Watauga Duffield Medical Center, P.c. 24244, VAAddiction Medicine1609327915
Watauga Medical Group 24210, VAAddiction Medicine1245574177
Watauga Recovery Center Wytheville 04382, VAAddiction Medicine1952852261
Winchester Recoverypllc 22601, VAAddiction Medicine1235744921
Wendell Lewis Randall 27017, VAAddiction Medicine1902856065
Robert Gareth Ellis 29303, VAAddiction Medicine1851598130
Ashley Wilson 36201, VAAddiction Medicine1427436450
Outreach Recovery Ii, Llc 20716, VAAddiction Medicine1427541838
Joseph Clary Kirkpatrick 24836, VAAddiction Medicine1164658118
Nakia Renee Littlejohn 36277, VAAddiction Medicine1043521842
Yaw Otchere-boateng 25311, VAAddiction Medicine1881668937


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