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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Allergy Partners Pa Allergy immunology1912998824
Donald Zedalis VAAllergy immunology1760471403
Vandana M Krishna MAAllergy immunology1891776746
Bruce Martin Goldstein MAAllergy immunology1326020215
Katherine J Liddle NCAllergy immunology1972593432
Kimberly C Bergeron TNAllergy immunology1043291370
Barbara Ellen Magera SCAllergy immunology1891776621
Ronda Barak-norris MIAllergy immunology1851372304
Mark Davis-lorton NYAllergy immunology1396727665
Carol K Fosso INAllergy immunology1356332001
Charles Michael Fischman FLAllergy immunology1255314365
Joel Steven Klein ILAllergy immunology1770566820
Richard R Fitzsimons ILAllergy immunology1104809227
Saroj Khurana ILAllergy immunology1881677946
Suzanne Teuber CAAllergy immunology1619950516
Thomas Warren Christian MSAllergy immunology1669455523
Pradeep Sharma NYAllergy immunology1144203159
Timothy J. Brown ILAllergy immunology1366425175
Carlos Eugenio Lopez Almodovar PRAllergy immunology1043293848
James A Thompson ILAllergy immunology1932182748
Eyal Oren MAAllergy immunology1922081702
Michael J Flais ILAllergy immunology1003899808
James R Hunter ILAllergy immunology1780667592
Kimberly Colleen Salazar TXAllergy immunology1528041290
Myriam Amaro De Jesus PRAllergy immunology1053394734
Padmaja Reddy Gayam NCAllergy immunology1477536035
Noah Reiss NYAllergy immunology1720061336
Saba Samee MDAllergy immunology1063495695
Aleena Banerji MAAllergy immunology1063495562
Joanne Froio Domson MDAllergy immunology1346223971
Joseph S Reiss NYAllergy immunology1376526863
Michael E Martin CAAllergy immunology1245213776
David L Goodman COAllergy immunology1487637997
Allergy & Asthma Consultants Of The Rockies Pc Allergy immunology1174506695
Rosemary Hallett CAAllergy immunology1376527804
Greg Edward Sharon ILAllergy immunology1619950250
Smita Rajeev Kumar NYAllergy immunology1902880255
Katharine W Mauer MIAllergy immunology1336123793
Uma Devi Gavani ILAllergy immunology1710961214
Ahmed A. Mohiuddin ILAllergy immunology1124002621
Alan Jeffrey Katz MAAllergy immunology1245214626
Le Mcneill Md Sc ILAllergy immunology1891779203
Renu Jerath Seth NYAllergy immunology1568446789
Rosanne Cech PAAllergy immunology1265416408
Michael A Facktor PAAllergy immunology1467436592
Agnieszka Matczuk CTAllergy immunology1467436733
Alan H. Resnick ILAllergy immunology1548244825
Joel J Laury PAAllergy immunology1326022575
James Kong CAAllergy immunology1366426470
William F Schoenwetter MNAllergy immunology1922082999
Thomas Charles Beller SCAllergy immunology1568446581
Arvind Kumar CAAllergy immunology1255315206
Geoffrey W Rake MAAllergy immunology1306820261
Karen M Andrews COAllergy immunology1750365565
Mark Lowenthal ILAllergy immunology1407830136
John Joy Jacobsen NDAllergy immunology1548244288
Carl Lehman HIAllergy immunology1255315834
Ravinder Kumar Agarwal IAAllergy immunology1477538007
Laura Helen Rogers ILAllergy immunology1639154156
Harvey Weisslitz NJAllergy immunology1942285366
Latha M Chamarthy FLAllergy immunology1871578294
Andrew Marion Brown ALAllergy immunology1922083369
Emerald M Thaw NYAllergy immunology1992780316
Robert Calson CAAllergy immunology1134104581
Pulmonary Associates Of Mobile Pc Allergy immunology1750366118
James Roy Panuska TXAllergy immunology1588649974
Donna Jean Kinser CAAllergy immunology1669457057
Sylvia S Lee NJAllergy immunology1275518490
Anju Peters ILAllergy immunology1952386054
Frederic F. Little MAAllergy immunology1609851724
Stephen Paul Peters NCAllergy immunology1598740656
Elliot Israel MAAllergy immunology1003891151
Gadi Avshalomov NYAllergy immunology1609851617
Aaron Jonathan Davis AZAllergy immunology1861477739
Richard F Lockey FLAllergy immunology1942285614
Mark C Glaum FLAllergy immunology1073598744
Lockey Fox Ledford & Glaum Mds Pa FLAllergy immunology1588649263
William Thomas Corder WVAllergy immunology1154306850
Roger W Fox FLAllergy immunology1750366423
Dennis K Ledford FLAllergy immunology1376528042
Timothy Alexander Tolson NCAllergy immunology1811973522
Yoram Carmi Padeh FLAllergy immunology1740266311
Daniel L Hamilos MAAllergy immunology1558347047
Silvia Huebner MOAllergy immunology1295711620
Lawrence M. Dubuske, Md MAAllergy immunology1811973290
Robert C Forsythe OHAllergy immunology1942286331
Paul Norman Cloninger CAAllergy immunology1114903457
Mary E Fontana-penn MDAllergy immunology1750367074
Daniel L Venarske MSAllergy immunology1003892357
Mississippi Asthma & Allergy Clinic Pa Allergy immunology1902882251
Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.c. MAAllergy immunology1760468029
David Graft MNAllergy immunology1659357002
Iraklis C Livas KYAllergy immunology1922084391
Brenda Guyer MNAllergy immunology1871579078
Dale A Wood TXAllergy immunology1053397265
Robert E. Harvey, Md, Pa TXAllergy immunology1194701318
Trimark Physicians Group Inc Allergy immunology1891771978
Arturo Jose Bonnin OHAllergy immunology1790761823
Marc O Anderson UTAllergy immunology1154307197
Michael J Hepner MIAllergy immunology1447236393
Pamela J Harris MNAllergy immunology1861478828
Theresa A Bingemann NYAllergy immunology1851377824
Evangelo Frigas MNAllergy immunology1588640502
Joseph Medical Group Inc. CAAllergy immunology1295711224
John G Latall ILAllergy immunology1487630364
Amanjit Dhatt NVAllergy immunology1811973795
Vylma Velazquez Almodovar PRAllergy immunology1063498863
Anubha Tripathi VAAllergy immunology1912984709
Helen M Hollingsworth MAAllergy immunology1538145354
David W Stoller CAAllergy immunology1255318036
Abbe A Ledbetter TXAllergy immunology1518943331
Becky L Raby ALAllergy immunology1295712933
Elsie Coleman Morris GAAllergy immunology1306823075
Filiz Millik WAAllergy immunology1548247067
Joseph R Vilseck VAAllergy immunology1790762235
Vijay Saigal MIAllergy immunology1093792582
Ohio Allergy Associates, Inc. Allergy immunology1962489435
Dawn M Zacharias OHAllergy immunology1609853183
Barry K Feinstein VAAllergy immunology1023095411
Robert E Harvey TXAllergy immunology1740267137
Thomas Fame VAAllergy immunology1083691307
Mercedes T Pernice FLAllergy immunology1083691257
Belen M Tan FLAllergy immunology1326025594
Antonio L Bunker-soler FLAllergy immunology1497732671
Doron J Ber CTAllergy immunology1316924749
Normand Francis Tremblay TXAllergy immunology1316924509
Susan Rudd Bailey TXAllergy immunology1396722583
William B Cherry CAAllergy immunology1366429730
James Eric Nagel MDAllergy immunology1962489260
James Arthur Nickelsen CAAllergy immunology1891772000
Richard Otis Buck ORAllergy immunology1730166828
Timothy Alan Smith MIAllergy immunology1073590188
Michael Thomas Mcavoy MIAllergy immunology1700863859
Kiran Sharma TXAllergy immunology1629055769
Jacob Offenberger Md Inc CAAllergy immunology1225015233
Baltazar Remigio Espiritu ILAllergy immunology1710964663
Lisa M Wheatley ORAllergy immunology1982682811
Anit Thakor Patel MAAllergy immunology1982682860
Alan J Alvarado GAAllergy immunology1972581767
Richard K Waeschle MNAllergy immunology1720066608
Maqsood Ahmed Valliani NCAllergy immunology1003894890
James R Haltom MSAllergy immunology1710965694
Todd N Adkins MSAllergy immunology1629056502
W Pierre Andrade WAAllergy immunology1952389702
Gregory V. Marcotte DEAllergy immunology1861470767
Heather C James ALAllergy immunology1659359370
Shelby Josephs MDAllergy immunology1396723805
James Michael Mcqueen ALAllergy immunology1740268259
James S Brown WAAllergy immunology1932187614
Sudhir Gondy Rao OHAllergy immunology1396723904
Atul Navnitlal Shah NYAllergy immunology1831177245
John David Saylor CAAllergy immunology1518945955
Maury Aaron Goldman MAAllergy immunology1972581320
Dawn B Beckman ILAllergy immunology1851379200
Eugene F Schwartz FLAllergy immunology1609854082
Allergy & Asthma Consultants Allergy immunology1699753079
Lynda G Kabbash MAAllergy immunology1124006515
John M. Kelso CAAllergy immunology1720066970
Frederic K Renold ILAllergy immunology1841278173
Rizwan Khan NMAllergy immunology1700864881
Hind Obid FLAllergy immunology1043298151
Erik David White OHAllergy immunology1598743619
Appaji Gondi VAAllergy immunology1174502132
Gary B. Carpenter ILAllergy immunology1508845512
Jeffrey S Nugent NVAllergy immunology1871572768
Alexa P. Kollmeier CAAllergy immunology1700865417
Eric Jason Boren CAAllergy immunology1720067598
Mohana R Velagapudi ILAllergy immunology1487633087
Irma M Oliff ILAllergy immunology1811976475
Charles H Banov SCAllergy immunology1396724829
Frederick M Schaffer SCAllergy immunology1447239983
Whitney E Molis IAAllergy immunology1396724878
Allen P Kaplan SCAllergy immunology1124007661
Albert F Finn SCAllergy immunology1366421802
Mark A Blaser ILAllergy immunology1982683264
Vincent Frederick Tremaglio CTAllergy immunology1619956018
Ravi M Karnani OHAllergy immunology1457330730
Lori Kagy ARAllergy immunology1598744625
Seshagiri Dandamudi MIAllergy immunology1174503221
Robert Christopher Van Winkle NCAllergy immunology1336129410
Asya Segalene ILAllergy immunology1053391094
Elaine Karen Kravitz NJAllergy immunology1659351757
Southeastern Integrated Medical Pl Allergy immunology1871573949
Sanford T. Ward WAAllergy immunology1366422453
Stuart Arthur Kravitz NJAllergy immunology1235119330
Sakina N Bharani ILAllergy immunology1275513210
Michael Richheimer NYAllergy immunology1285614107
Ridhu Chopra Burton MIAllergy immunology1497735310
Rakesh C Verma PAAllergy immunology1417937384
Charles Frey ILAllergy immunology1356321244
Theodore H Sher OHAllergy immunology1699755504
Alan Barton Halsey FLAllergy immunology1790765626
Madeline A Lillie NYAllergy immunology1962482711
Marie Denise Alfonso Guanzon MNAllergy immunology1780664631
Chester J. Mellies ILAllergy immunology1770563660
Clyde R. Flory MIAllergy immunology1861472797
Cassilda James NYAllergy immunology1548240435
Eddie W Shields ARAllergy immunology1003896630
Nicholas Zavazava IAAllergy immunology1316927973
Suzan S Pae FLAllergy immunology1811977580


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