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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jerome M Shier MDAllergy immunology1841295714
Pamela A Georgeson MIAllergy immunology1619972486
Robert N Corriel NYAllergy immunology1588669519
Neil D Wallen TNAllergy immunology1326043373
Bernard S Zeffren FLAllergy immunology1982609046
Geraldine Feldman MAAllergy immunology1467457523
Paul Alan Shapero MEAllergy immunology1164427258
Geoffrey A. Rogers INAllergy immunology1265437255
Ngoc Vu VAAllergy immunology1164427175
Rajendra Singh PAAllergy immunology1598760571
Phillip W Devoe FLAllergy immunology1811992795
Alnoor Malick TXAllergy immunology1780689679
David Engler TXAllergy immunology1669477568
Albert Harron Cobb TXAllergy immunology1285639195
Joseph Engler TXAllergy immunology1750386678
Ellen Garibaldi PAAllergy immunology1770588535
Frederick L Bloom FLAllergy immunology1992700793
Donna M Jamieson FLAllergy immunology1255336053
Iulia Roxana Voica KSAllergy immunology1386649143
Steven B Machtinger CAAllergy immunology1093719437
Alan Jay Goodman NJAllergy immunology1447255351
Anil Gupta NYAllergy immunology1154325694
Mark W Minor FLAllergy immunology1982609657
Carol G. Baum NYAllergy immunology1790780187
John Firestone LAAllergy immunology1386648830
John A Kazmierowski WAAllergy immunology1023013984
Michael C Dicello VTAllergy immunology1720083173
Pankaj K Shah TXAllergy immunology1710981113
Fonda Jiang CAAllergy immunology1043590649
Donna Lynn Schuster VAAllergy immunology1639174642
Kursteen Salter Price ORAllergy immunology1437154226
Topeka Allergy & Asthma Clinic, P.a. Allergy immunology1184629933
James Harley Ransom KSAllergy immunology1225033079
Karl Kent Kavel KSAllergy immunology1669477410
Kris Bhat TXAllergy immunology1134124696
Jerry Lynn PAAllergy immunology1245235704
Raffaele A. Davidovich CAAllergy immunology1174528657
Theodore J. Haywood TXAllergy immunology1851397335
Theresa C. Queng TXAllergy immunology1538165022
Niran Jan Amar TXAllergy immunology1003812595
Dale E Mohar TXAllergy immunology1194721696
William James Rockwell CTAllergy immunology1285630798
George Edward Stewart FLAllergy immunology1275538795
Joseph F Alexander OHAllergy immunology1982600326
Venugopal K. Menon TXAllergy immunology1457357808
Robert Douglas Haydel LAAllergy immunology1891791240
Clifford Joe Anderson ORAllergy immunology1013913409
Ming Shek Lin PAAllergy immunology1376549766
Lawrence G. Thorne TXAllergy immunology1528064870
Samuel Grubman NYAllergy immunology1598761819
Ned J Whitcomb CAAllergy immunology1588660740
Ali Abrishami MDAllergy immunology1932105103
Troy A Scribner CAAllergy immunology1750387940
Romana Primus CTAllergy immunology1558367698
Michelle Melanie Weiss PAAllergy immunology1366448409
Mark H Schecker SCAllergy immunology1023014057
Krystyna Tamara Alimurka TNAllergy immunology1306842430
Mark Steven Hamra OKAllergy immunology1164428215
Mohamad Nick Chehreh MDAllergy immunology1861498925
Lyna K. Lee TXAllergy immunology1538165618
Waldo M. Martinez TXAllergy immunology1760488845
Uday K. Reddy TXAllergy immunology1730185711
Dwight Edward Lindsay KYAllergy immunology1720084700
Mark Lee Corbett KYAllergy immunology1528064508
Kira Antonia Geraci-ciardullo NYAllergy immunology1245236207
Robert William Ziering CAAllergy immunology1215933148
Thomas A Glass KYAllergy immunology1992701833
Richard Joseph Lee CTAllergy immunology1386640274
Jonathan Bruce Bell CTAllergy immunology1770589665
Ana Maria Lamas FLAllergy immunology1063418606
David Robert Katzen RIAllergy immunology1093711830
Frank Tolis Simon KYAllergy immunology1407852221
Douglas A Shumaker ORAllergy immunology1225034937
Anthony John Deutsch GAAllergy immunology1457357139
Charles B Brentnall ALAllergy immunology1497751036
Kenneth Raymond King VAAllergy immunology1942206651
Richard Joel Greene PAAllergy immunology1962408690
Hande Alp TXAllergy immunology1023014693
Allergy Asthma Sinus Ctr SCAllergy immunology1700882388
Christine Kucera TXAllergy immunology1114924750
Steven William Paris MIAllergy immunology1326045907
Steven Walter Coutras WVAllergy immunology1417953084
Gerald T. Machinski TXAllergy immunology1225034804
Peter M Freedman AZAllergy immunology1518963115
Perry Ave Family Medical Center Inc Allergy immunology1619973518
David E. Riester MAAllergy immunology1306843941
James W. Baker ORAllergy immunology1710982293
Robert Burress TXAllergy immunology1740287382
Enrique T Quintero TXAllergy immunology1265439855
Robert L Saunders TXAllergy immunology1184621765
Bernard C Fruge LAAllergy immunology1225034812
Ganapathy Bala COAllergy immunology1972509438
Malik Nasir Baz CAAllergy immunology1114923307
Franklin Musser Rivers TXAllergy immunology1710984315
Loren W Hunt GAAllergy immunology1346246071
Donald Bret Perlman NJAllergy immunology1245236033
Allergy Partners, Pa Allergy immunology1083095780
Luis Sio Tan AZAllergy immunology1922005362
Kenneth T Kim CAAllergy immunology1205833563
Ghassan S Safadi OHAllergy immunology1003813205
Allergy Care Specialists Inc MOAllergy immunology1447257654
Kevin Stabile FLAllergy immunology1053318279
John Geoffrey Wahlstrom MNAllergy immunology1104823335
Gena Marie Bonitatibus MNAllergy immunology1184621310
Gary Richard Geller MNAllergy immunology1902803125
Nelson Tan Chao CTAllergy immunology1619974896
John Russell Bozalis OKAllergy immunology1881691921
Binod K Thakur OHAllergy immunology1477550481
Dean Alan Atkinson OKAllergy immunology1700883808
Joseph Frazer NHAllergy immunology1780681809
Patricia Ingham Overhulser OKAllergy immunology1053318162
David Peter Wien CAAllergy immunology1912904038
Stuart Lee Abramson TXAllergy immunology1710984893
Warren Vernon Filley OKAllergy immunology1982601035
John Byrne NYAllergy immunology1144227208
Charles Dennis Haunschild OKAllergy immunology1942207071
James Robert Claflin OKAllergy immunology1851398986
Herbert A Bronstein OHAllergy immunology1285631267
Lawrence Zaslow LAAllergy immunology1730186727
Michael A Ganz WIAllergy immunology1043217052
Steven J Louie FLAllergy immunology1760489553
Alan Lawrence Aarons NCAllergy immunology1578560363
Kristen M Sikorski NJAllergy immunology1194722991
Shannon Kearney PAAllergy immunology1306843149
Lenore Gretchen Wooding CAAllergy immunology1528065216
Andrew J Pedinoff NJAllergy immunology1033116801
Joel G Bleier MAAllergy immunology1912904624
Frank Gotham Simon KYAllergy immunology1336147065
Heidi Beth Isenberg-feig MDAllergy immunology1790783470
Robert Paul Harvey VAAllergy immunology1538167259
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, Pc PAAllergy immunology1508863473
Ram K Thinakkal TNAllergy immunology1225035173
Vincent Lawrence Firrincieli NCAllergy immunology1952308801
George A Sprecace CTAllergy immunology1891792529
Julie A Caucino NJAllergy immunology1366449142
Helen S Skolnick NJAllergy immunology1962409755
William S Silvers COAllergy immunology1750389235
Virginia P Madla ILAllergy immunology1427056092
Joseph Grizzanti NJAllergy immunology1932107554
Jay S Goodman MDAllergy immunology1861490492
James Howard Wells OKAllergy immunology1821096488
Jane J Lee Md Pa TXAllergy immunology1982602587
Joel R Temple DEAllergy immunology1891793352
Darrell Loren Southern NJAllergy immunology1548268907
Douglas Kurt Schreiber TXAllergy immunology1720086010
Jean Joseph Philippe GAAllergy immunology1639177066
Evelyn Tolston NYAllergy immunology1528066834
Garry H Rupp OHAllergy immunology1497753685
James Baraniuk DCAllergy immunology1225036353
Amy B Mashburn KYAllergy immunology1487652533
Yosef Soleymani NYAllergy immunology1427056613
Paul Alan Lusman NYAllergy immunology1962400176
Daniel R Mccormack INAllergy immunology1629076849
Candace Remer Katz CAAllergy immunology1477551505
Daryl R. Altman NYAllergy immunology1538167648
Thomas Cupps DCAllergy immunology1336147206
William Emmett Walsh MNAllergy immunology1790783652
Daniel Robert More CAAllergy immunology1306844279
Steven Charles Zekowski MNAllergy immunology1972500106
Kristin A Moore TXAllergy immunology1447257530
Sanober M Tamboli TXAllergy immunology1689671554
Anthony J Weido TXAllergy immunology1679570584
Kurt R Peters TXAllergy immunology1124026752
Maria M. Petrick CAAllergy immunology1396743605
Barbara Deuell NHAllergy immunology1033116140
Karen Diane Dunn NCAllergy immunology1417955022
Craig Fred Laforce NCAllergy immunology1922005727
Andrew David Moore MDAllergy immunology1942208863
Nayla Mumneh NJAllergy immunology1760489645
Kevin Jon Roelofs NHAllergy immunology1982601084
Robert Hickey NHAllergy immunology1457358566
Grace P Tamesis TXAllergy immunology1740288729
Lee Stanton Clore KYAllergy immunology1609873553
Thuong Nguyen CAAllergy immunology1831196294
David Robert Stukus OHAllergy immunology1164429213
Richard Thomas Hatch OKAllergy immunology1871590984
David I Bernstein OHAllergy immunology1558369843
Jonathan A Bernstein OHAllergy immunology1093713638
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc Allergy immunology1013915255
Richard George Keightley AZAllergy immunology1568460616
Lois A Nelson OHAllergy immunology1316945678
Allergy Medical Group Of The North Area Inc. CAAllergy immunology1083612980
Amin G Mery TXAllergy immunology1225035363
Mehmet G Basaran OHAllergy immunology1861499741
Roger A Friedman OHAllergy immunology1336147982
Rogelio Menendez TXAllergy immunology1225036163
Allergy Asthma Care, Pc MIAllergy immunology1770582595
Christopher Gurnee Gifford OKAllergy immunology1578562336
James Arthur Atkison SCAllergy immunology1336148113
Laura J Mechanic NYAllergy immunology1134128945
Thanh-huong Thi Nguyen MOAllergy immunology1366440190
Robert Clarkson Mcqueen VAAllergy immunology1568460350
Stephen Gregory Hendrix GAAllergy immunology1154329951
Anil Nanda TXAllergy immunology1568461192
Emma L Mccormack INAllergy immunology1598764268
Robert E Coifman NJAllergy immunology1477552024
Howard M Weiner FLAllergy immunology1073512521
Bernard Adelsberg CTAllergy immunology1417956962
John F Zwetchkenbaum RIAllergy immunology1124027552
Barrie Weisman RIAllergy immunology1033118468


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