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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Randy Horwitz AZAllergy immunology1194790493
Judson Schoendorf CAAllergy immunology1073588281
Edward Alpert MIAllergy immunology1518932847
Vincent A Dubravec MIAllergy immunology1346215563
Hidayat Khan MDAllergy immunology1386619583
Paul T Fass M.d., P.a. FLAllergy immunology1881669091
Randall F Humphreys FLAllergy immunology1558336503
Maadhava Ellaurie VAAllergy immunology1942275714
Robert B Bressler KYAllergy immunology1790750636
Mark Holbreich INAllergy immunology1427023423
Robert F Meth CAAllergy immunology1053387837
Michael M Dao TNAllergy immunology1013983709
David M Robinson WAAllergy immunology1629044284
Yu-luen Hsu CAAllergy immunology1720054000
Robert K Bush WIAllergy immunology1881660801
Jason E Knuffman ILAllergy immunology1184690109
Jeffrey Bruce Rockoff NYAllergy immunology1902873839
Pragnesh H Patel FLAllergy immunology1912973033
Curtis Scott Williams OKAllergy immunology1386610418
Jerry Lynn Potts ARAllergy immunology1447226477
Masanao Takahashi MNAllergy immunology1366418329
Harold Kreithen PAAllergy immunology1033186994
Neil Howard Feldman PAAllergy immunology1699742486
Pardeep Singh Rihal TXAllergy immunology1982671632
Allen Keith Lieberman TXAllergy immunology1922075787
Kishore K Ahuja NYAllergy immunology1548237167
Julie Dk Mcnairn NYAllergy immunology1982671442
Gary Neil Gross TXAllergy immunology1285601336
Behnam Daghigh VAAllergy immunology1629045729
Robert Lawrence Freinkel CAAllergy immunology1245207489
Mr Sher Md Inc Allergy immunology1750358909
Arvinder Mokha WAAllergy immunology1235106352
Joshua M. Gold TXAllergy immunology1760450647
Tina Concetta Zecca NJAllergy immunology1790753630
Steven R Morman OHAllergy immunology1598733503
Robert L. Freinkel M.d., Inc CAAllergy immunology1376510321
Marc A Tamaroff CAAllergy immunology1831167857
Steven M Meltzer CAAllergy immunology1316915135
Baruch Friedman MDAllergy immunology1174591713
Dane C Mcbride VAAllergy immunology1831167501
Raymond E Brady WAAllergy immunology1912975574
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, Llc Allergy immunology1801864574
Ilie Magdea MIAllergy immunology1992773766
Gessler Clinic Professional Association FLAllergy immunology1154399533
Suresh C Anand AZAllergy immunology1699743997
Housam Alasaly AZAllergy immunology1679541957
Brice Steele Rolston LAAllergy immunology1538137930
Miriam K Anand AZAllergy immunology1407824790
Natarajan Asokan AZAllergy immunology1649248725
John J Condemi NYAllergy immunology1881662039
Peter M Deane NYAllergy immunology1811965098
Mark Alan Greenberg FLAllergy immunology1275501454
Mariola B Kubicka NYAllergy immunology1902874167
Pratibha V Vakharia PAAllergy immunology1407825417
Donald W Pulver NYAllergy immunology1457329625
Saju Sebastian Eapen VAAllergy immunology1649249699
Lawrence Strick CAAllergy immunology1427027572
Wendell N. Colberg FLAllergy immunology1407824568
Rock Elliott Ripple MAAllergy immunology1063481166
Pulmonary Asthma & Allergy Consults Allergy immunology1447229380
Anh Dai Kim Nguyen VAAllergy immunology1346219482
Marek M Pienkowski TNAllergy immunology1659340610
Bela Faltay OHAllergy immunology1356310247
Ira N Targoff OKAllergy immunology1215906920
Maria J Pochcial FLAllergy immunology1548239254
Academy Allergy Asthma & Sinus, Pc INAllergy immunology1780653535
Juan L Sotomayor NYAllergy immunology1861461477
Lawrence Jay Newman OHAllergy immunology1215906821
Steven Andrew Sutton OHAllergy immunology1649249269
Robert B. Rhoades Md, Pc GAAllergy immunology1962471516
Margaret Rose Donohoe NCAllergy immunology1083683650
Janet Ang Tumaliuan NJAllergy immunology1346219912
Rebecca Sue Gruchalla TXAllergy immunology1023087517
Lisa Barisciano NJAllergy immunology1265401699
Chi Shiang Wang MAAllergy immunology1518936772
Ellen Beth Schaeffer NYAllergy immunology1427027671
John P Mcguire MAAllergy immunology1457310575
S David Miller MAAllergy immunology1063471126
Kathy M Dietlin MAAllergy immunology1699734756
Robert M Miles VAAllergy immunology1700845864
Michael Edward Ruff TXAllergy immunology1679532576
Hamid Hussain NYAllergy immunology1114986072
Monroe James King FLAllergy immunology1780643486
Charles V Klucka Do Pa FLAllergy immunology1710946470
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates P.c. Allergy immunology1063471860
Bruce Daniel Finkel GAAllergy immunology1972562668
George W. Brasher TXAllergy immunology1235198912
Howard Steven Ort CAAllergy immunology1912966540
Marianne Frieri NYAllergy immunology1043279698
William Todd Boleman GAAllergy immunology1558320119
Medical Group Of Fort Wayne, P.c. Allergy immunology1811956337
Henry Scovern PAAllergy immunology1699735969
Allergy & Asthma Specialists, Pa Allergy immunology1487614590
John E. Dvoracek TXAllergy immunology1427018258
Allan Stillerman MNAllergy immunology1760442818
Richard A. Nicklas VAAllergy immunology1467412510
Rachel Evelyn Story ILAllergy immunology1801856836
Robert Fenton TXAllergy immunology1114987013
Waheed Akbar, M.d. & Raana Akbar M.d., P.c. MIAllergy immunology1225098296
The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group Allergy immunology1114992591
Diane L Baranowski MIAllergy immunology1750359204
James G Fordyce MIAllergy immunology1215905765
Todd Funkhouser TXAllergy immunology1326015173
Andrew J Macginnitie MAAllergy immunology1518931609
Suzanne Renee Olive OKAllergy immunology1679532170
Elaine Swanson Turner VAAllergy immunology1477526432
James Timothy Foote AKAllergy immunology1033184023
Pedro Avila TXAllergy immunology1356312011
Tri Valley Allergy Allergy immunology1932564879
Guha Krishnaswamy NCAllergy immunology1134198534
Ritu Pabby WAAllergy immunology1184699977
Anardi Agosto-mujica PRAllergy immunology1215901426
Pamela Laurie Kwittken CTAllergy immunology1578530507
Craig S Koenig VAAllergy immunology1609844398
Kumar N Swamy OHAllergy immunology1639143290
Shahnaz Fatteh FLAllergy immunology1588632533
Melissa L Chudnow WIAllergy immunology1114999638
Nagarjuna R Ponugoti INAllergy immunology1285601278
Rahmat Afrasiabi AZAllergy immunology1811961204
Phillip D Klahr MAAllergy immunology1821066432
Sunita Kanumury NJAllergy immunology1205806924
Gary Alan Weinstock NYAllergy immunology1457328346
Randolph Augustus Malone GAAllergy immunology1497726814
Westlake Dermatology Pa Allergy immunology1518939347
Sanjiv Verma CAAllergy immunology1437120656
Manish Janardhan Butte CAAllergy immunology1801861216
William Charles Howland TXAllergy immunology1770550535
Mary Ann E Michelis NJAllergy immunology1710956073
Timothy E Jessen ILAllergy immunology1831165034
Maheshkumar Vyas CAAllergy immunology1942279633
University Of North Texas Health Science Center At Fort Worth Allergy immunology1033181078
Allergy Arts Llp Allergy immunology1659342061
Ronald A. Simon CAAllergy immunology1255304622
Asthma, Allergy And Immunology Allergy immunology1992773717
Devang Ratikumar Doshi MIAllergy immunology1932168408
Pulin Pravin Patel MIAllergy immunology1710950951
Nora Amanda Barrett MAAllergy immunology1770552838
Jennifer A. Namazy CAAllergy immunology1831160019
Mohammad M Akbar PAAllergy immunology1568430973
Anil Kumar Badhwar ARAllergy immunology1992764260
Kelly M Maples VAAllergy immunology1649243031
The Asthma & Allergy Center Pc Allergy immunology1730151721
Jennifer A Sherman NJAllergy immunology1891755179
Krzysztof Nowak NYAllergy immunology1174597793
Richard. S. Demera. CAAllergy immunology1407816630
Robert A. Mcdermott COAllergy immunology1841261385
Rao A.k. Yalamanchili NYAllergy immunology1447210323
Brad Henry Goodman GAAllergy immunology1407816432
Michael Pistiner MAAllergy immunology1851351662
Hemalini Mehta MNAllergy immunology1760442693
Connecticut Asthma & Allergy Center Llc Allergy immunology1386604270
Stephen P Hauptman PAAllergy immunology1922068634
Franklin Eidelman FLAllergy immunology1235199969
David A Kaufman LAAllergy immunology1164482725
Michael S Rowe MIAllergy immunology1184684847
Robert M Zuckerman, Md Pc PAAllergy immunology1467412098
Michael S Nickels PAAllergy immunology1922068493
Earl Alan Labovitz AZAllergy immunology1447210935
Margaret Earley Jakes ALAllergy immunology1154381598
Jay S Gartner TXAllergy immunology1093775611
Theodore Falk NJAllergy immunology1912967464
Philip C. Halverson MNAllergy immunology1083674501
Gary D. Berman MNAllergy immunology1609836121
Harold B. Kaiser MNAllergy immunology1841250321
Hari Reddy TXAllergy immunology1235199621
Richard P. Bransford MNAllergy immunology1851351241
James Louis Gillilland AZAllergy immunology1326008707
Anu R Mongia GAAllergy immunology1659332922
Allergy Associates Of La Crosse, Ltd. Allergy immunology1194786350
Greg L Ledgerwood WAAllergy immunology1235190380
Pedro N Banda WIAllergy immunology1992766067
Sandra A. Mcmahan TXAllergy immunology1285695296
Jose Carlos Dominguez FLAllergy immunology1871554774
Gary Andrew Reinheimer MIAllergy immunology1033170949
James Steele Mcclellan MIAllergy immunology1124089073
David Hugh Frazer ALAllergy immunology1730140617
Macy Irving Levine PAAllergy immunology1811958614
Arkansas Allergy & Asthma Clinic, P.a. Allergy immunology1568423309
Arkansas Allergy & Asthma Clinic, P.a. Allergy immunology1609837459
David A. Mathison CAAllergy immunology1255392817
Maria L. Santaella PRAllergy immunology1063473650
Lowell Lester Becker MNAllergy immunology1144281965
Lora Jean Stewart COAllergy immunology1346201985
Kim-lien Nguyen PAAllergy immunology1770544546
Curt M Watkins MDAllergy immunology1194787689
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, P.c. Allergy immunology1831151232
Edward Joseph Hemeyer OHAllergy immunology1487616751
Jane Batterman NYAllergy immunology1871555078
Center For Rheumatic Disease & The Center For Allergy immunology Pc Allergy immunology1891757183
Sarah Cheriyan TXAllergy immunology1033171103
Plymouth Asthma & Allergy Center Pc MIAllergy immunology1306808407
Pacita L Tanhehco MIAllergy immunology1659333763
Rao S Botta MIAllergy immunology1275595381
Irene Jarmoszuk OHAllergy immunology1629030739
Suresh Anne MIAllergy immunology1336101443
Luke M Webb TNAllergy immunology1932161916
Robert J Mamlok TXAllergy immunology1255393252
David Alan Khan TXAllergy immunology1891757688
Ramarathinam Nagarajan MNAllergy immunology1689636482
Cedar Crest Ent Associates P.c. PAAllergy immunology1073575973


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