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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chandra Mohan Kumar 25314, CAAllergy immunology1164536264
Imran Junaid 94520, CAAllergy immunology1285801787
Whitney M Rassbach 93940, CAAllergy immunology1831352350
Eugene W Tsai Md A Professional Medical Corporation 90720, CAAllergy immunology1134453392
Xiao Chloe Wan 95117, CAAllergy immunology1295099042
Connie Huey Lin 90024, CAAllergy immunology1760825590
Michele Ngoc Pham 94143, CAAllergy immunology1194169300
Allergy Asthma Clinic Burlingame, Incorporated 94010, CAAllergy immunology1083133649
Sheila Marie Bonilla-tandoc 91007, CAAllergy immunology1457387805
Qura Tul Ain Rashid 02215, CAAllergy immunology1568777035
Allergy And Asthma Specialist Doctors, Inc. 91101, CAAllergy immunology1245794866
Anna Juche Chen Arroyo 94027, CAAllergy immunology1205102472
Translational Pulmonary And Immunology Research Center 90806, CAAllergy immunology1174176648
Samantha Rae Swain 90404, CAAllergy immunology1871938951
Natalie Cac 91367, CAAllergy immunology1205006657
Ami Thakor Philipp 91326, CAAllergy immunology1699040782
Yael Gernez 94304, CAAllergy immunology1659792125
Allergy And Asthma Clinic Incorporated 94401, CAAllergy immunology1245442938
Priscilla H Wong 94027, CAAllergy immunology1134353949
Erica Cua Chen 91402, CAAllergy immunology1386089068
Monica Tsai 90505, CAAllergy immunology1598176497
Katharine M. Woessner 92130, CAAllergy immunology1184663650
Jamie Phillips 92555, CAAllergy immunology1851856934
Elizabeth Amanda Lippner 60611, CAAllergy immunology1295179497
Sam S Ahn 94558, CAAllergy immunology1558423814
Varaz Bozoghlanian 91356, CAAllergy immunology1174751382
Saraleen Benouni 90064, CAAllergy immunology1982890901
Allergy Asthma Care Center, Inc 90064, CAAllergy immunology1891758751
Lee Ellen Sheinkopf 90064, CAAllergy immunology1811085871
Andrew White 92130, CAAllergy immunology1750352761
Keith S Garb 91302, CAAllergy immunology1740381177
Hoag Medical Group Inc. 92626, CAAllergy immunology1558611632
Tina L. R. Dominguez 94583, CAAllergy immunology1922305671
Rhonda Emily Alkatib 92108, CAAllergy immunology1417363086
Matthew Stiles Bowdish 95661, CAAllergy immunology1770767923
Asha Kaushik Desai 95661, CAAllergy immunology1750466298
Mudita Gogna 95661, CAAllergy immunology1235391640
Chyh Woei Lee 94538, CAAllergy immunology1871574400
Raymond H Hong 94568, CAAllergy immunology1881890200
Rajashri S Iyengar 94070, CAAllergy immunology1811004476
Brian K Greenberg 91356, CAAllergy immunology1821023201
University Healthcare Alliance 95032, CAAllergy immunology1760531198
Kathleen Luskin 92130, CAAllergy immunology1740690478
Juline Natalia Caraballo Fonseca 95401, CAAllergy immunology1992146948
Christine Anne Royer 95401, CAAllergy immunology1730566613
Tonny Tanus 93301, CAAllergy immunology1740351873
Amy Eady 94583, CAAllergy immunology1447708094
Frederick Flint Herman 89052, CAAllergy immunology1811149610
Christine Regina Fukumoto Rukasin 85016, CAAllergy immunology1043570864
Akilah Andrea Jefferson 72202, CAAllergy immunology1609166990
Brian David Modena 80206, CAAllergy immunology1235379207
Sacramento Ear Nose & Throat Surgical & Medical Group Inc 95815, CAAllergy immunology1497758155
Jeremy David Waldram 83706, CAAllergy immunology1396972311
Sandra Ann Ho 90066, CAAllergy immunology1659680411
Citrus Valley Medical Associates, Inc. 92860, CAAllergy immunology1306033709
Andrew King-wah Wong 90266, CAAllergy immunology1083983845
Primary Care Skin Solutions & Psoriasis Treatment Inc 92345, CAAllergy immunology1043804784
Monika Saeedian 90048, CAAllergy immunology1629220959
North Bay Allergy And Asthma 94558, CAAllergy immunology1184731184
Joseph Nguyen 92868, CAAllergy immunology1225217425
Fernanda D Young 94143, CAAllergy immunology1295198919
Allergy Medical Group Of The North Area Inc. 95678, CAAllergy immunology1083612980
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAAllergy immunology1730180415
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAAllergy immunology1063401826
Desert Medical Group desert Specialty Group 92270, CAAllergy immunology1487645933
Ukiah Adventist Hospital 95482, CAAllergy immunology1235120676
Joseph Medical Group Inc. 90621, CAAllergy immunology1295711224
Robert L. Freinkel M.d., Inc 94589, CAAllergy immunology1376510321
Tri Valley Allergy 94550, CAAllergy immunology1932564879
Allergy & Asthma Care Center Of Southern California 90808, CAAllergy immunology1902873060
Catherine G. Fuller, M.d. Inc. 90025, CAAllergy immunology1730145913
Allergy & Asthma Medical Group Of The Bay Area Inc 94598, CAAllergy immunology1871550590
Allergy Institute, A Medical Corporation 93720, CAAllergy immunology1649238379
Allergy Consultants Medical Group Inc 94546, CAAllergy immunology1255399473
Pimg; A Professional Medical Corporation 92064, CAAllergy immunology1710936372
Pimg; A Professional Medical Corporation 92065, CAAllergy immunology1174572788
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CAAllergy immunology1134179575
Allergy Specialists Medical Group. Inc. 94520, CAAllergy immunology1972560381
Uc Regents 92868, CAAllergy immunology1003864174
Abraham Ishaaya, M.d. A Professional Corporation 90036, CAAllergy immunology1841242948
Visalia Medical Clinic, Inc. 93291, CAAllergy immunology1780631432
Alan E. Gorenberg Md, Inc. 92869, CAAllergy immunology1770514945
King Medical Corporation 91403, CAAllergy immunology1558387290
Allergy, Sinus & Asthma Consultants Inc. 91786, CAAllergy immunology1245256049
Bakersfield Internal Medicine Associates A Medical Corporation 93301, CAAllergy immunology1538180229
Galant And Lin Md's Inc. 92868, CAAllergy immunology1053332155
Avraham Giannini Md 94109, CAAllergy immunology1144241399
Allergy & Immunology Medical Group 92083, CAAllergy immunology1235151275
Joseph T. Marino, M.d., Inc. 95608, CAAllergy immunology1174546261
Charles E. Groncy, Md Inc 92835, CAAllergy immunology1083629935
Welch Pasteur Allergy Medical Group Inc 94304, CAAllergy immunology1578571154
Sincere Allergy Asthma Medical Group, Inc 90020, CAAllergy immunology1679582985
Gary Incaudo M D Inc 95926, CAAllergy immunology1336158302
Riviera Allergy Medical Center 90277, CAAllergy immunology1780694646
Dat Manh Nguyen Md A Professional Corporation 92683, CAAllergy immunology1548272917
Adult & Child Allergy asthma Clinic Inc 91745, CAAllergy immunology1801909668
Gary A Cohen Md Inc 92121, CAAllergy immunology1831204494
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center 93611, CAAllergy immunology1508885781
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93644, CAAllergy immunology1437178514
Serra Community Medical Clinic Inc 91352, CAAllergy immunology1275545725
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93230, CAAllergy immunology1023037108
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93277, CAAllergy immunology1215956396
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93720, CAAllergy immunology1710906995
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93637, CAAllergy immunology1811916992
Steven F Weinstein Md A Professional Corporation 92647, CAAllergy immunology1649203456
Fortra Medical Group Of California, Pc 94063, CAAllergy immunology1326522566
Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Inc. 93611, CAAllergy immunology1710900634
South Bay Allergy & Asthma Assoc 90503, CAAllergy immunology1528163334
Allergy And Asthma Center Medical Group Inc 90025, CAAllergy immunology1316042161
Riverside Medical Clinic Inc 92506, CAAllergy immunology1780782557
Respiratory Consultants Of Santa Monica 90404, CAAllergy immunology1750478160
Glenoaks Urgent Care Medical Group, Inc. 91202, CAAllergy immunology1013097120
Janet B. Kim, M.d., Inc. 92691, CAAllergy immunology1114007697
Magan Medical Clinic, Inc. 91723, CAAllergy immunology1588748024
Regal Medical Group, Inc. 91325, CAAllergy immunology1588748073
Alpine Allergy And Asthma Associates Inc 95602, CAAllergy immunology1366527889
Alpine Allergy And Asthma Associates Inc. 95945, CAAllergy immunology1548345069
Bernard Geller M D Allergy & Clinical Immunology 90404, CAAllergy immunology1093891863
San Jose Medical Clinic, Inc. 95126, CAAllergy immunology1598841215
William W Chen Md Medical Corporation 94806, CAAllergy immunology1942386180
Rabinder S. Sidhu, M.d., Inc 93720, CAAllergy immunology1093893794
Regents Of The University Of California 94143, CAAllergy immunology1760552343
Primary And Multi specialty Clinics Of Anaheim, Inc 92807, CAAllergy immunology1962599183
Family Asthma And Allergy Center P.c. 94061, CAAllergy immunology1467941658
Kern Allergy Medical Clinic, Inc. 93301, CAAllergy immunology1922179050
Regents Of The University Of California 94143, CAAllergy immunology1477626042
Peninsula Allergy Associates, A Medical Group Inc. 94010, CAAllergy immunology1861567455
Robert F Meth Md A Medical Corporation 90067, CAAllergy immunology1982763116
Stonestown Pediatrics 94132, CAAllergy immunology1154486421
South Coast Allergy & Asthma Medical Corporation. 92395, CAAllergy immunology1932256211
Allan R Au Md Inc 95624, CAAllergy immunology1235280793
Camino Medical Group 94086, CAAllergy immunology1417003195
Huntington Medical Foundation 91107, CAAllergy immunology1154467181
Brian K Greenberg, M.d. Inc 91356, CAAllergy immunology1417094418
Mark S. Sugar, M.d., Inc. 92708, CAAllergy immunology1851438212
Stephen M Nagy Ii Md Inc 95819, CAAllergy immunology1225177983
Kern County Medical Clinic,inc. 93301, CAAllergy immunology1477698686
Rakesh Jindal M.d. Inc 93257, CAAllergy immunology1598893794
Lynn E. Spitler, Md, A Medical Corporation 94117, CAAllergy immunology1205964285
Shams Iqbal Inc 92501, CAAllergy immunology1114041316
California Allergy & Asthma Medical Group Inc 90025, CAAllergy immunology1992866230
Terrance T Chang Md Inc 95661, CAAllergy immunology1265502793
Scripps Clinic Medical Group, Inc 92037, CAAllergy immunology1538297726
Allergy & Asthma Center Of Sw Washington Llc 98683, CAAllergy immunology1912048745
Allergy & Asthma Associates Of Santa Clara Valley A Medical Corp 95117, CAAllergy immunology1962531590
Allergy Asthma Consultants Of The Inland Empire 92373, CAAllergy immunology1972621860
Allergy & Asthma Medical Clinic,inc 95348, CAAllergy immunology1447370804
Anthony N. Demeo, Md, Inc. 94596, CAAllergy immunology1316162605
Peter Jahangir Parker, Md, Inc. 90210, CAAllergy immunology1720290364
Allergy Associates Medical Group Inc 92120, CAAllergy immunology1134333073
Baljeet S. Sidhu M.d. Inc 93720, CAAllergy immunology1457562316
Allergy Medical Group, Inc. 92660, CAAllergy immunology1720289788
Emeryville Multispecialty Medical Group Professional Corporation 94501, CAAllergy immunology1255536173
University Childrens Medical Group 90027, CAAllergy immunology1518165166
Bruce F. Friedman, M.d., Inc. 92708, CAAllergy immunology1588854426
Satish Gupta Md Inc 91011, CAAllergy immunology1164612081
Arthur Turk, M.d., Inc 92780, CAAllergy immunology1104016799
Alexander E Loscialpo Md Inc 90720, CAAllergy immunology1003001991
Dermatology Pathology Medical Group, Inc 95991, CAAllergy immunology1548456825
Ucla Pediatrics 90095, CAAllergy immunology1255528055
Dennis C. Jerome M.d. 90822, CAAllergy immunology1730376211
County Of Santa Clara 95128, CAAllergy immunology1104014935
Houshang Farhadian, Md, Inc 91355, CAAllergy immunology1528256823
Henry Lin Inc 91739, CAAllergy immunology1932398054
Riverside Medical Clinic, Inc. 92506, CAAllergy immunology1518140540
Garrison Family Medical Group 93551, CAAllergy immunology1316121247
Allergy Asthma And Immunology Care Specialist Inc 91355, CAAllergy immunology1306021225
Patricia Coghlan, Md 90017, CAAllergy immunology1750568358
Anton Dotson Md Inc 95926, CAAllergy immunology1235301805
U. K. Sab, M.d., Inc. 94062, CAAllergy immunology1265604425
Clinical Immunology And Ige Medical Inc. 90025, CAAllergy immunology1114190584
Eureka Allergy And Asthma Care Specialists 95501, CAAllergy immunology1750555348
Regents Of The University Of California ucsd Medical Group 92103, CAAllergy immunology1487772380
Steven F Weinstein Md A Professional Corporation 92660, CAAllergy immunology1982889416
Steven F Weinstein Md A Professional Corporation 92618, CAAllergy immunology1922281666
Aaim Care Llc 97015, CAAllergy immunology1184804064
Capital Allergy And Respiratory Disease Center 95819, CAAllergy immunology1629191267
St Jude Hospital Yorba Linda 92835, CAAllergy immunology1053567305
James L Munson Md Inc 92373, CAAllergy immunology1750539433
Frank K Kwong Inc 90211, CAAllergy immunology1003064650
Troy A Scribner Md Inc 93710, CAAllergy immunology1164672234
Allergy Asthma Respiratory & Sinus Center 91776, CAAllergy immunology1447400353
Brush Advisories Medical 92701, CAAllergy immunology1811149677
Seturam Pandurangi Md A Profession Corporation 94533, CAAllergy immunology1093950040
Central Valley Medical Group 95355, CAAllergy immunology1841430964
Prescott joseph Center For Community Enhancement, Inc. 94607, CAAllergy immunology1588806996
Allergy Asthma Sinus Medical Center 90292, CAAllergy immunology1083857742
Park Terrace Medical Associates Inc 92064, CAAllergy immunology1366685737
Ivor A Emanuel Md A Medical Corporation 94102, CAAllergy immunology1720212160
Toad Hall Inc 94104, CAAllergy immunology1598991689
Vadim I Kvitash,md,inc. 94115, CAAllergy immunology1669609095
Joshua Davidson, M.d., M.p.h., Inc. 90505, CAAllergy immunology1639306376
Rebecca G. Piltch, M.d., Inc. 94108, CAAllergy immunology1215166418
Steven Machtinger Md & Associates Inc 94401, CAAllergy immunology1427288133
Adult & Pediatric Allergy & Asthma Specialists, Inc. 94550, CAAllergy immunology1861624827
Wc And G 94127, CAAllergy immunology1417189374
Sj Medical Group, Inc 90020, CAAllergy immunology1326271313
Beverly Cedars Surgical Group Inc, 90210, CAAllergy immunology1215264783
American Elite Urgent Care And Multispecialty Medical Group 90210, CAAllergy immunology1093042574
Joseph T. Nguyen, M.d., Inc. 90720, CAAllergy immunology1982934337


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