Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Judy T Del Mundo 95128, CAAllergy immunology1942203013
Umesh Kumar Sabharwal 94062, CAAllergy immunology1831192160
Donald J. Gjesdal 92886, CAAllergy immunology1447254339
Jeffrey J. Guttas. Md, Inc. 94401, CAAllergy immunology1073517009
Allan David Singer 90505, CAAllergy immunology1417951070
David Bryan Coutin 96021, CAAllergy immunology1043214661
Russell Evan Leong 94118, CAAllergy immunology1518961069
Steven B Machtinger 94401, CAAllergy immunology1093719437
Fonda Jiang 90808, CAAllergy immunology1043590649
Raffaele A. Davidovich 92801, CAAllergy immunology1174528657
Ned J Whitcomb 95608, CAAllergy immunology1588660740
Troy A Scribner 93710, CAAllergy immunology1750387940
Robert William Ziering 92083, CAAllergy immunology1215933148
Malik Nasir Baz 93720, CAAllergy immunology1114923307
Kenneth T Kim 90806, CAAllergy immunology1205833563
Lenore Gretchen Wooding 95926, CAAllergy immunology1528065216
Candace Remer Katz 94588, CAAllergy immunology1477551505
Daniel Robert More 93901, CAAllergy immunology1306844279
Maria M. Petrick 95401, CAAllergy immunology1396743605
Thuong Nguyen 93291, CAAllergy immunology1831196294
Allergy Medical Group Of The North Area Inc. 95678, CAAllergy immunology1083612980
Sam Jay Weiss 92270, CAAllergy immunology1881692655
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAAllergy immunology1730180415
Nathan David Schultz 94598, CAAllergy immunology1023010030
Barbara Irene Karpel 94598, CAAllergy immunology1033111729
Dean Ting-yuan Chiang 90505, CAAllergy immunology1760484455
David Allen Cook 94598, CAAllergy immunology1740282425
Milan Louis Brandon 92103, CAAllergy immunology1437141157
Hae Young Aaron Song 92886, CAAllergy immunology1831181569
Hosea E Brown 92262, CAAllergy immunology1891787289
Nancy Broitman Mozelsio 94598, CAAllergy immunology1114910551
Louis Edward Marchioli 90638, CAAllergy immunology1164414603
Jungmee Kim 90638, CAAllergy immunology1669465225
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92646, CAAllergy immunology1679574222
William N Sokol 92660, CAAllergy immunology1497756522
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 90815, CAAllergy immunology1144221631
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92801, CAAllergy immunology1477554012
Danica Schulte 91436, CAAllergy immunology1386645083
Matthew John Lodewick 94598, CAAllergy immunology1922091362
Joshua Samuel Jacobs 94598, CAAllergy immunology1215920673
Karim Nouri Mahdavie 93065, CAAllergy immunology1568456911
Bruce F Friedman 92708, CAAllergy immunology1457345225
Mary Elise Gianos 93010, CAAllergy immunology1386638971
Aqil P Imam 92270, CAAllergy immunology1730173212
Foy Wallace Cox 95991, CAAllergy immunology1184611048
Sanjeev Jain 98683, CAAllergy immunology1710973839
Joshua Jude Sacha 94535, CAAllergy immunology1275526634
Mohammad H Rahman 93619, CAAllergy immunology1497742555
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAAllergy immunology1063401826
Sumana Reddy 92071, CAAllergy immunology1053300251
Bruce Leslie Nelson 92691, CAAllergy immunology1649269614
Eugene Wayne Tsai 90701, CAAllergy immunology1053301200
Harold C Ochsner 90807, CAAllergy immunology1699766501
Desert Medical Group desert Specialty Group 92270, CAAllergy immunology1487645933
Chyh Woei Lee 94301, CAAllergy immunology1871574400
Brian Douglass Stone 92108, CAAllergy immunology1013907286
Amit I Patel 91786, CAAllergy immunology1396734547
Ukiah Adventist Hospital 95482, CAAllergy immunology1235120676
Suzanne Teuber 95616, CAAllergy immunology1619950516
Michael E Martin 95405, CAAllergy immunology1245213776
Rosemary Hallett 95616, CAAllergy immunology1376527804
James Kong 94501, CAAllergy immunology1366426470
Arvind Kumar 95678, CAAllergy immunology1255315206
Robert Calson 95482, CAAllergy immunology1134104581
Donna Jean Kinser 95817, CAAllergy immunology1669457057
Paul Norman Cloninger 95819, CAAllergy immunology1114903457
Joseph Medical Group Inc. 90621, CAAllergy immunology1295711224
David W Stoller 94118, CAAllergy immunology1255318036
William B Cherry 92506, CAAllergy immunology1366429730
James Arthur Nickelsen 94705, CAAllergy immunology1891772000
Jacob Offenberger Md Inc 91344, CAAllergy immunology1225015233
John David Saylor 92055, CAAllergy immunology1518945955
John M. Kelso 92130, CAAllergy immunology1720066970
Alexa P. Kollmeier 92037, CAAllergy immunology1700865417
Eric Jason Boren 93301, CAAllergy immunology1720067598
Miguel Angel Burch 90048, CAAllergy immunology1215915707
Taylor A. Doherty 92103, CAAllergy immunology1225015845
Stephen G Shaw 93422, CAAllergy immunology1780668392
Sarah J Kuhl 95655, CAAllergy immunology1427029792
Andrew White 92037, CAAllergy immunology1750352761
Fang L Lin 92106, CAAllergy immunology1811968464
Elliott Brunner 90277, CAAllergy immunology1548233307
Denis J Yoshii 92626, CAAllergy immunology1124091814
William K Chin 92134, CAAllergy immunology1821062308
Judson Schoendorf 90806, CAAllergy immunology1073588281
Robert F Meth 90067, CAAllergy immunology1053387837
Yu-luen Hsu 91776, CAAllergy immunology1720054000
Robert Lawrence Freinkel 94589, CAAllergy immunology1245207489
Karin S Peterson 92123, CAAllergy immunology1780651828
Robert L. Freinkel M.d., Inc 94589, CAAllergy immunology1376510321
Marc A Tamaroff 90808, CAAllergy immunology1831167857
Steven M Meltzer 90808, CAAllergy immunology1316915135
Lawrence Strick 91356, CAAllergy immunology1427027572
Uc Regents Ucla Department Of Medicine Professional Group 90095, CAAllergy immunology1285603902
Madeleine S Ramos 95501, CAAllergy immunology1669431318
Central Calif Ent Medical Group 93720, CAAllergy immunology1083673842
Howard Steven Ort 91723, CAAllergy immunology1912966540
Richard L Wacht 94609, CAAllergy immunology1720047376
Robert J Holzhauer 93401, CAAllergy immunology1710955976
Tri Valley Allergy 94550, CAAllergy immunology1932564879
Uc Regents 90095, CAAllergy immunology1235107566
Ellyn Ashida 90503, CAAllergy immunology1245201516
William Leonard Ebbeling 93720, CAAllergy immunology1205808284
Sanjiv Verma 93003, CAAllergy immunology1437120656
Manish Janardhan Butte 90095, CAAllergy immunology1801861216
Maheshkumar Vyas 92808, CAAllergy immunology1942279633
Allergy & Asthma Care Center Of Southern California 90808, CAAllergy immunology1902873060
Ronald A. Simon 92130, CAAllergy immunology1255304622
Jennifer A. Namazy 92108, CAAllergy immunology1831160019
Richard. S. Demera. 93720, CAAllergy immunology1407816630
Ukiah Adventist Hospital 95482, CAAllergy immunology1174583504
David A. Mathison 92037, CAAllergy immunology1255392817
Nancy P Cummings 94025, CAAllergy immunology1598728917
Shilpi Anand 94598, CAAllergy immunology1871556605
Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory Care 90806, CAAllergy immunology1497719447
Jonathan Sadai 92660, CAAllergy immunology1124082086
Edward J. Goetzl 94143, CAAllergy immunology1255396594
Oscar L Frick 94143, CAAllergy immunology1497710735
John David Pauls 92101, CAAllergy immunology1659337277
Catherine G. Fuller, M.d. Inc. 90025, CAAllergy immunology1730145913
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Monica Cardiology 90404, CAAllergy immunology1063479038
Allergy & Asthma Medical Group Of The Bay Area Inc 94598, CAAllergy immunology1871550590
Donald D. Stevenson 92037, CAAllergy immunology1255398566
Jeffrey Mitchel Davidson 94104, CAAllergy immunology1295792497
Sean Leson 92843, CAAllergy immunology1699733766
Wallace B Carroll 95355, CAAllergy immunology1003874124
Andrew Cherner Engler 94401, CAAllergy immunology1366400384
Clifford Sheldon Beck 93514, CAAllergy immunology1588622484
Joseph M Young 95823, CAAllergy immunology1730147489
Allergy Institute, A Medical Corporation 93720, CAAllergy immunology1649238379
Allergy Consultants Medical Group Inc 94546, CAAllergy immunology1255399473
Uc Regents Ucla Dept Of Med Pr 90403, CAAllergy immunology1295783355
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Malibu 90265, CAAllergy immunology1619925740
Uc Regents Ucla Dmpg Santa Clarita 91355, CAAllergy immunology1497703532
Catherine G Fuller 90025, CAAllergy immunology1851349120
Stephen Ira Wasserman 92037, CAAllergy immunology1588612154
Nasser Redjal 91405, CAAllergy immunology1154370302
Pimg; A Professional Medical Corporation 92064, CAAllergy immunology1710936372
Stacy Eui-jung Lee 90404, CAAllergy immunology1932158722
Pimg; A Professional Medical Corporation 92065, CAAllergy immunology1174572788
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CAAllergy immunology1134179575
Kathleen Tajiri 94558, CAAllergy immunology1689624983
Steven Rubinstein 94040, CAAllergy immunology1083664593
Bruce L Zuraw 92103, CAAllergy immunology1780634261
Helen Mawhinney 90404, CAAllergy immunology1184675001
Rhonda Jan Myers 92604, CAAllergy immunology1467404038
Binita Mandal 95608, CAAllergy immunology1649222787
Allan Richard Au 95624, CAAllergy immunology1780636761
Krithika Ramadas 91360, CAAllergy immunology1710939715
Abraham M Ishaaya 90036, CAAllergy immunology1912959925
Manjul S Dixit 94027, CAAllergy immunology1922064963
Rao R Kosaraju 94538, CAAllergy immunology1528012325
Allergy Specialists Medical Group. Inc. 94520, CAAllergy immunology1972560381
Bruce M Prenner 92108, CAAllergy immunology1104882729
Mercedes C Amado 92123, CAAllergy immunology1477510287
Melinda Jane Braskett 90027, CAAllergy immunology1457313967
Kaleyathodi Naras Bhat 94520, CAAllergy immunology1316904725
Chitra Dinakar 94305, CAAllergy immunology1164480760
Anita Carmen Choy 94304, CAAllergy immunology1639136690
Dhew Ind Hlth Sv Hlth Svs & Mntl Hlth Adm. 85016, CAAllergy immunology1184738049
Uc Regents 92868, CAAllergy immunology1003864174
Abraham Ishaaya, M.d. A Professional Corporation 90036, CAAllergy immunology1841242948
Dionisio A. Fernandes 94578, CAAllergy immunology1285691121
Mohsen I Mabudian 92373, CAAllergy immunology1629022819
Hailen Mak 94304, CAAllergy immunology1225083868
James L Munson 92373, CAAllergy immunology1346295904
Russel Paul Seda 92590, CAAllergy immunology1780630426
Katherine E. Gundling 94143, CAAllergy immunology1275589319
Dennis A. Wong 94143, CAAllergy immunology1467408526
Anlin Xu 95128, CAAllergy immunology1285681007
Visalia Medical Clinic, Inc. 93291, CAAllergy immunology1780631432
David B. Moyer 94611, CAAllergy immunology1740237031
Ronald L. Renard 96003, CAAllergy immunology1497792436
Michael Joseph Mulligan 94040, CAAllergy immunology1306884283
Katharine M. Woessner 92037, CAAllergy immunology1184663650
Jimmy Ko 94611, CAAllergy immunology1780624791
David H Broide 92037, CAAllergy immunology1760422992
John S. Kellogg 95128, CAAllergy immunology1932149697
Robert Lo 94080, CAAllergy immunology1710928999
Mark Steven Sugar 92691, CAAllergy immunology1013959253
Annie Vo Le 91755, CAAllergy immunology1043252943
Daniel C. Adelman 94143, CAAllergy immunology1922041821
Beaver Medical Group, Lp 92373, CAAllergy immunology1831133768
Syeda Rubina Inamdar 95816, CAAllergy immunology1316981905
Maryam Zarei 92064, CAAllergy immunology1982649505
Bernard A Feigenbaum 92037, CAAllergy immunology1639115652
Paul Y Qaqundah 92647, CAAllergy immunology1346286283
Robert W Eitches 90048, CAAllergy immunology1043256316
Nhan Hanh Huynh 90033, CAAllergy immunology1518903814
Clara M. Toro 91910, CAAllergy immunology1962438192
Harold Meyer Hoffman 92123, CAAllergy immunology1326074261
Kishore K Vasant 92562, CAAllergy immunology1790711661
Diane W. Wara 94143, CAAllergy immunology1750317004
Alan E. Gorenberg 92869, CAAllergy immunology1730115221
Francis Yu 92604, CAAllergy immunology1184651283
Minh Quy Hoang 92683, CAAllergy immunology1316974561
Cathy Weiss Green 90404, CAAllergy immunology1043247661
Rajan K Merchant 95695, CAAllergy immunology1396773552
John Marshall Strong 92243, CAAllergy immunology1043248719
Sanjiv Verma Md Inc 93003, CAAllergy immunology1154351963


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