Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Watson Clinic Llp 33805, FLAllergy immunology1316940695
Seth Schurman 33901, FLAllergy immunology1891799706
Allergy Associates Of The Palm Beaches, P.a. 33408, FLAllergy immunology1720082753
Peter Ruggiero 32750, FLAllergy immunology1124022058
Maureen Elizabeth Miller 33432, FLAllergy immunology1376547190
Diana Patricia Martin 33607, FLAllergy immunology1780688432
Stephen J Klemawesch 33710, FLAllergy immunology1568467785
Bernard S Zeffren 32714, FLAllergy immunology1982609046
Phillip W Devoe 32901, FLAllergy immunology1811992795
Frederick L Bloom 34239, FLAllergy immunology1992700793
Donna M Jamieson 34239, FLAllergy immunology1255336053
Mark W Minor 32935, FLAllergy immunology1982609657
George Edward Stewart 34471, FLAllergy immunology1275538795
Ana Maria Lamas 33145, FLAllergy immunology1063418606
Kevin Stabile 33486, FLAllergy immunology1053318279
Steven J Louie 33462, FLAllergy immunology1760489553
Howard M Weiner 33431, FLAllergy immunology1073512521
Brett E Stanaland 34102, FLAllergy immunology1508865924
Crawford Haralson Cleveland 32503, FLAllergy immunology1114926474
William I Weiss 34236, FLAllergy immunology1699774687
Jaime Kratz 34668, FLAllergy immunology1851391411
Curtis Allen Bruce 33621, FLAllergy immunology1699777532
Raquelle Alexander 33705, FLAllergy immunology1659363836
Stephen Richard Boden 32542, FLAllergy immunology1700878691
Michael D Kohen 32114, FLAllergy immunology1013909951
Michael A Diamond 32114, FLAllergy immunology1447242151
Stephen Jeffrey Kornfeld 34684, FLAllergy immunology1245223205
Clive E Roberson 33401, FLAllergy immunology1497748123
Michael Jutte 33401, FLAllergy immunology1710970454
William F Tuer 33401, FLAllergy immunology1063405702
Gabriel E Gonzalez 33470, FLAllergy immunology1033102447
Kratz Allergy Asthma & Immunology Associates Pa 34668, FLAllergy immunology1891789293
Usha Chandrahasa 33952, FLAllergy immunology1548254857
Elvin M Mendez M.d., P.a. 33952, FLAllergy immunology1114911245
Elvin M Mendez 33980, FLAllergy immunology1003800939
Myron F Mass 32216, FLAllergy immunology1407840085
Sudhir L Prabhu 32216, FLAllergy immunology1497749071
Paul F Wubbena Jr 32225, FLAllergy immunology1306830989
Sunil N Joshi 32216, FLAllergy immunology1215921895
Carlos M Jacinto 32792, FLAllergy immunology1356336739
Jayanthi M Ravi 34786, FLAllergy immunology1528053907
Steven Rosenberg 32792, FLAllergy immunology1245225630
Kent N Leifer 32952, FLAllergy immunology1336134634
Hugh H Windom 34239, FLAllergy immunology1013902204
Desai G Krishna Rao 33470, FLAllergy immunology1003802398
David M Shevitz 33431, FLAllergy immunology1548257058
Robert Allen Gillham 32224, FLAllergy immunology1285621573
Juan C Guarderas 32224, FLAllergy immunology1902893290
Maria C Soto-aguilar 34667, FLAllergy immunology1386631653
Tanuja Tirunagari Vedere 34952, FLAllergy immunology1346237104
Morris Beck 33173, FLAllergy immunology1538156476
Mark P Young 33173, FLAllergy immunology1073500856
Raquel Skidmore 32405, FLAllergy immunology1336137991
Neil H. Gershman 33173, FLAllergy immunology1851389985
Jose M. Carpio 33134, FLAllergy immunology1881682847
Elena M. Ubals 33173, FLAllergy immunology1861480972
Nina C Ramirez 33173, FLAllergy immunology1548258510
Margaret Elizabeth Stock 32114, FLAllergy immunology1316935257
Jose Andrade 32812, FLAllergy immunology1356330252
Howard B Fuchs 34233, FLAllergy immunology1275522583
Shahid Rasul Randhawa 33306, FLAllergy immunology1376532580
Walter Matthew Ryan 33324, FLAllergy immunology1073503843
Lazaro Luis Castillo 33904, FLAllergy immunology1043200470
Richard Allan Krumholz 34239, FLAllergy immunology1861482291
Michael Edward Neuland 32547, FLAllergy immunology1467442525
Allergy Partners Pa 32547, FLAllergy immunology1912998824
Lizette Sonia Hernandez 33614, FLAllergy immunology1083695092
Stephen H Kimura 32504, FLAllergy immunology1891776563
Samuel Vazquez-agosto 33027, FLAllergy immunology1477535615
Steven J Louie Md Pa 33462, FLAllergy immunology1215919055
Nalini Rohatgi 33607, FLAllergy immunology1881676211
Patrick J Klemawesch 33710, FLAllergy immunology1043293335
Jose G Calderon 33155, FLAllergy immunology1699758813
Charles Michael Fischman 32960, FLAllergy immunology1255314365
Latha M Chamarthy 33781, FLAllergy immunology1871578294
Richard F Lockey 33613, FLAllergy immunology1942285614
Mark C Glaum 33613, FLAllergy immunology1073598744
Lockey Fox Ledford & Glaum Mds Pa 33613, FLAllergy immunology1588649263
Roger W Fox 33613, FLAllergy immunology1750366423
Dennis K Ledford 33613, FLAllergy immunology1376528042
Yoram Carmi Padeh 33180, FLAllergy immunology1740266311
Mercedes T Pernice 32607, FLAllergy immunology1083691257
Belen M Tan 32607, FLAllergy immunology1326025594
Antonio L Bunker-soler 32607, FLAllergy immunology1497732671
Eugene F Schwartz 32714, FLAllergy immunology1609854082
Allergy & Asthma Consultants 32714, FLAllergy immunology1699753079
Hind Obid 32405, FLAllergy immunology1043298151
Southeastern Integrated Medical Pl 32607, FLAllergy immunology1871573949
Alan Barton Halsey 33596, FLAllergy immunology1790765626
Suzan S Pae 33596, FLAllergy immunology1811977580
Craig Andrew Kalik 33594, FLAllergy immunology1366422016
Thomas J Shen 34788, FLAllergy immunology1194795807
Gary Weyman Price 33803, FLAllergy immunology1811968936
Lionel Vasco Bonini 33805, FLAllergy immunology1487625034
Randolph Augustus Malone 32308, FLAllergy immunology1497726814
Vicente Chavarria 33156, FLAllergy immunology1619949005
Thomas G Westbrook 32504, FLAllergy immunology1396716775
Paul T Fass 33180, FLAllergy immunology1477525673
Elysee H Sinclair 33065, FLAllergy immunology1104890649
Catherine Lloyd O'brien 02571, FLAllergy immunology1205800810
Robert Emerson Bowen 34950, FLAllergy immunology1447224852
Linda M Kodesch 32796, FLAllergy immunology1699749358
Paul T Fass M.d., P.a. 33180, FLAllergy immunology1881669091
Ami Degala 33710, FLAllergy immunology1578538476
Randall F Humphreys 32405, FLAllergy immunology1558336503
Pragnesh H Patel 32701, FLAllergy immunology1912973033
Kathleen S Rathbun Inc 33436, FLAllergy immunology1538136478
Jose R. Arias Jr. 32701, FLAllergy immunology1194791202
Mr Sher Md Inc 33778, FLAllergy immunology1750358909
Shahnaz Fatteh 33324, FLAllergy immunology1588632533
Gessler Clinic Professional Association 33881, FLAllergy immunology1154399533
Mark Alan Greenberg 33907, FLAllergy immunology1275501454
Wendell N. Colberg 32512, FLAllergy immunology1407824568
Maria J Pochcial 33881, FLAllergy immunology1548239254
Charles Gaston Turnier 33907, FLAllergy immunology1952370686
Monroe James King 33778, FLAllergy immunology1780643486
Charles V Klucka Do Pa 33908, FLAllergy immunology1710946470
Mandel R Sher 33778, FLAllergy immunology1386603108
All Pediatric Care, P.a. 34609, FLAllergy immunology1942260245
Franklin Eidelman 33331, FLAllergy immunology1235199969
Justin Clark 32548, FLAllergy immunology1538129085
Jose Carlos Dominguez 33618, FLAllergy immunology1871554774
Allen Okie 32204, FLAllergy immunology1255394896
Michael P Pacin 33176, FLAllergy immunology1003879073
Philip C. Mirmelli 33140, FLAllergy immunology1982667705
Charlene S. Shookoff 33433, FLAllergy immunology1669435483
Elias Salama 33021, FLAllergy immunology1750344586
Zurik Waxenghiser 33173, FLAllergy immunology1952364754
Zevy Landman 33026, FLAllergy immunology1740243542
Anabetsy C. Bailey 33030, FLAllergy immunology1578526273
Edith E. Andrade 33173, FLAllergy immunology1730142431
Sandra L. Rolfs 33026, FLAllergy immunology1336102045
Margaret A Fischl 33136, FLAllergy immunology1801850326
Martin R. Correa 33308, FLAllergy immunology1255395620
Frank J. Martell 33134, FLAllergy immunology1912961251
Jaime Landman 33180, FLAllergy immunology1346204690
Ileana M. Rodicio 33186, FLAllergy immunology1689638629
Roger Noland Danziger 34210, FLAllergy immunology1255395133
Partners In Allergy & Asthma Care Pa 33596, FLAllergy immunology1639135635
Allergy & Asthma Assoc Of West Boca Pa 33431, FLAllergy immunology1518924273
Eva A Berkes 34239, FLAllergy immunology1720045933
Thomas L Johnson 34471, FLAllergy immunology1255399226
Medical Assessment Institute, Inc. 33431, FLAllergy immunology1205894201
Thomas William Luck 33907, FLAllergy immunology1528016011
Daniel Todd Griffith 33511, FLAllergy immunology1750339032
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates Of Central Florida 32792, FLAllergy immunology1003864695
Asthma Allergy Care Center Pl 32746, FLAllergy immunology1346299005
Rajesh Kacharalal Patel 32746, FLAllergy immunology1619926193
Samuel Gubernick 33773, FLAllergy immunology1518916972
Borland Groover Clinic, Pa 32256, FLAllergy immunology1881644912
David E. Provencher 33563, FLAllergy immunology1326098120
University Of Miami 33136, FLAllergy immunology1356391999
Brian Guy Wilson 32308, FLAllergy immunology1760433247
Allergy Asthma Immunology Associates Pa 32216, FLAllergy immunology1275584146
Sharlene J Llanes 33026, FLAllergy immunology1992756548
Carlos Jesus Piniella 33157, FLAllergy immunology1649223132
Sanjay Swami 32256, FLAllergy immunology1578517009
First Coast Allergy And Asthma Pa 32256, FLAllergy immunology1083668511
Matthew J Aresery 34211, FLAllergy immunology1447205281
University Of Florida Jacksonville Physicians, Inc. 32209, FLAllergy immunology1144276452
Ayman Alibrahim 34461, FLAllergy immunology1063469104
Advanced Allergy & Asthma Inc. 33160, FLAllergy immunology1215984091
Sandra Jocelyn Downes 33618, FLAllergy immunology1578500070
Steven Gary Weiss 33761, FLAllergy immunology1174561377
Ayham Alshaar 34613, FLAllergy immunology1669411740
Bay Area Allergy & Asthma Consultants, P.a. 34239, FLAllergy immunology1841230323
University Medical Service Association Inc 33612, FLAllergy immunology1245270164
Daniel N Tucker Md P A 33401, FLAllergy immunology1770525453
Dana V Wallace Md Pa 33312, FLAllergy immunology1114960879
Maria T Olivero 33703, FLAllergy immunology1689617763
Dana V Wallace 33312, FLAllergy immunology1437192531
Kathryn Eisermann Rogers Md Pa 33143, FLAllergy immunology1013953165
Daniel N Tucker 33401, FLAllergy immunology1548206675
Mark Ballow 33606, FLAllergy immunology1184660821
Allergy And Asthma Care Of Florida Inc 34471, FLAllergy immunology1154367654
Madhukar K. Punja 32605, FLAllergy immunology1508892118
Gary Lee Marder 34952, FLAllergy immunology1730117003
Boyce Andrew Hornberger 32826, FLAllergy immunology1346278991
Nancy G Klimas 33136, FLAllergy immunology1972532265
Leavitt Medical Associates Of Florida Inc 32746, FLAllergy immunology1528097284
Susan Vento Benenati 33143, FLAllergy immunology1487684916
Linda S Cox 33334, FLAllergy immunology1750311213
Daniel Reichmuth 33542, FLAllergy immunology1598795817
Hana Chaim 32174, FLAllergy immunology1144250341
Jose N Moreno 33136, FLAllergy immunology1801820212
Dana L Broussard Perry 32835, FLAllergy immunology1306870530
Patrick J Demarco 32073, FLAllergy immunology1578598967
Richard Lawrence Siegel 33613, FLAllergy immunology1770518938
Shawky A. Hassan 34102, FLAllergy immunology1952327942
Tracy A Sinha-khona 32216, FLAllergy immunology1356367650
Karon R Locicero Md Pa 33609, FLAllergy immunology1326064890
Joseph Patrick Forester 32542, FLAllergy immunology1972520658
Elizabeth Otero 33458, FLAllergy immunology1164441739
Kathryn Claire Eisermann-rogers 33143, FLAllergy immunology1306865472
Elena E Perez 33408, FLAllergy immunology1700805694
Santiago E. Martinez, M.d., Pa 32822, FLAllergy immunology1558382119
University Medical Service Association Inc 33610, FLAllergy immunology1477576460
Santiago Martinez 32822, FLAllergy immunology1760405203
Bassem George Chahine 33176, FLAllergy immunology1518971753
Christopher C Chang 33021, FLAllergy immunology1205850732


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