Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Burroughs Coutant 42223, KYAllergy immunology1033168513
Bharat Kumar 52242, KYAllergy immunology1952694309
Medical Investment Trust 41501, KYAllergy immunology1053382788
Kali Svarczkopf Gerace 40220, KYAllergy immunology1295964484
Jennifer W Cole 98499, KYAllergy immunology1801948583
Allen Lewis Silvey 08221, KYAllergy immunology1184822850
Medcorps Asthma And Pulmonary Specialists Llc 08080, KYAllergy immunology1376921460
Jennifer Elizabeth Gentner 40217, KYAllergy immunology1427251362
Mark Lee Corbett 40217, KYAllergy immunology1528064508
Melissa K Skupin 41042, KYAllergy immunology1003115502
Amy W Castilano 41042, KYAllergy immunology1164782751
Thomas A Glass 40217, KYAllergy immunology1992701833
Sanjay Patel 85054, KYAllergy immunology1336536994
Advanced Ent & Allergy Pllc 40220, KYAllergy immunology1780817502
Allergy & Asthma Physicians Of Central Kentucky, Psc 40503, KYAllergy immunology1235169228
Kentenn Medical Psc 42240, KYAllergy immunology1902827009
Accredited Asthma & Allergy Care Psc 40207, KYAllergy immunology1730193582
Kentuckiana Allergy Psc 40222, KYAllergy immunology1790891125
University Pediatrics Foundation, Inc. 40202, KYAllergy immunology1972613842
Allergy And Asthma Center Of Appalachia, Pllc 41501, KYAllergy immunology1053407197
Karim & Branch Psc 40503, KYAllergy immunology1538238027
Vaaca Of Kentucky Psc 40217, KYAllergy immunology1114000478
Bluegrass Allergy Asthma And Immunology Psc 40299, KYAllergy immunology1669984209
Louisville Allergy & Asthma, Psc 40215, KYAllergy immunology1740340447
Allergy Care Bowling Green Inc 42104, KYAllergy immunology1245371632
Tri state Allergy, Inc 41101, KYAllergy immunology1386786796
Fragge Allergy & Asthma Clinics Psc 41017, KYAllergy immunology1275653909
Bluegrass Allergy And Asthma 40299, KYAllergy immunology1962691923
Community Allergy & Asthma Psc 41031, KYAllergy immunology1972782712
Allergy Asthma And Immunology 41301, KYAllergy immunology1568646420
Allergy Asthma And Immunology 41314, KYAllergy immunology1598940330
Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center, Llc 42503, KYAllergy immunology1467622167
University Pediatrics Foundation, Inc. 40202, KYAllergy immunology1255598173
Asthma & Allergy Center 41701, KYAllergy immunology1811153364
Bradley T. Rankin, Md 42003, KYAllergy immunology1558509042
Allergy And Asthma Clinic, Pllc 42003, KYAllergy immunology1780828871
University Pediatrics Foundation, Inc. 40223, KYAllergy immunology1033436282
University Of Louisville Research Foundation 40202, KYAllergy immunology1487938262
University Of Louisville Physicians 40202, KYAllergy immunology1639435670
University Pediatrics Foundation, Inc. 40208, KYAllergy immunology1295092963
University Of Louisville Research Foundation 40202, KYAllergy immunology1740602713
Bluegrass Family Allergy, Pllc 42303, KYAllergy immunology1376949396
Green Valley Rural Clinics, Llc 41501, KYAllergy immunology1962602821
Tlc And Associates Llc 42339, KYAllergy immunology1033742952
Frank G Simon, Psc 40207, KYAllergy immunology1730216201
Eastern Ky Allergy And Asthma Pllc 41649, KYAllergy immunology1285740175
Peter F. Ballard, M.d., Psc 40422, KYAllergy immunology1811008394
Kentucky Medical Services Foundation 40536, KYAllergy immunology1235332412
Thoroughbred Allergy And Asthma Center,llc 40509, KYAllergy immunology1881899177
Indar M. Jhamb, M.d. 42104, KYAllergy immunology1790983377
Mobile Allergy And Urgent Care Llc 40356, KYAllergy immunology1841821659
Psf Pllc 40223, KYAllergy immunology1881785947
Mercy Health Physicians Kentucky Specialty Care Llc 42003, KYAllergy immunology1700408093
Norton Children's Medical Group, Llc 40241, KYAllergy immunology1972144590
King's Daughters Medical Specialties, Inc. 41101, KYAllergy immunology1033871447
Allergy And Asthma Specialists Psc 42301, KYAllergy immunology1154439453
Allergy Partners, Pllc 41017, KYAllergy immunology1083604409
Feel Good, Llc 40206, KYAllergy immunology1346986932
Allergy Partners, Pllc 41031, KYAllergy immunology1306288121
Allergy Partners, Pllc 40245, KYAllergy immunology1588091433
Allergy Partners, Pllc 40503, KYAllergy immunology1518394584
Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center Pllc 40513, KYAllergy immunology1326216052
Adriana Stone Mccubbin 40202, KYAllergy immunology1316135593
Alan C Dejarnatt 38305, KYAllergy immunology1598750184
Alexander Patterson 40509, KYAllergy immunology1629430822
Amy R Auerbach 17403, KYAllergy immunology1831392877
Amy B Mashburn 40503, KYAllergy immunology1487652533
Amy Elizabeth Ragsdale 38119, KYAllergy immunology1023462868
Anita Sivam 46077, KYAllergy immunology1134547037
Ann Therese Esquivel 46077, KYAllergy immunology1457642597
Anne Marie Pittman 40508, KYAllergy immunology1770597536
Arthur W. Loesevitz 40121, KYAllergy immunology1184608135
Arthur Franklin White 40222, KYAllergy immunology1992846604
Arun Rajguru Kadambi 40515, KYAllergy immunology1811998925
Barbara S. Isaacs 40204, KYAllergy immunology1831193788
Beth Ann Miller 40508, KYAllergy immunology1427072990
Bradley T Rankin 42003, KYAllergy immunology1457355893
Brandi Hunley Dyer 40475, KYAllergy immunology1275705014
Carrie Ann Dichiaro 44811, KYAllergy immunology1447373212
Chandra Vethody 40202, KYAllergy immunology1427432285
Charles E Lowe 41501, KYAllergy immunology1104854207
Charles Steven Smith 40207, KYAllergy immunology1639183254
Christine Anne Malloy 19422, KYAllergy immunology1578785739
Damon B. Coyle 40223, KYAllergy immunology1497755060
Daniel P Garcia 40222, KYAllergy immunology1194718858
David E Pallares 40223, KYAllergy immunology1023082484
Debora A Ortega-carr 43235, KYAllergy immunology1497725667
Derek A Damin 40245, KYAllergy immunology1003809724
Diana K Cavanah 42101, KYAllergy immunology1699779561
Donald L Mcneil 43235, KYAllergy immunology1134199300
Douglas R Lotz 40223, KYAllergy immunology1326256827
Douglas Bazil Tzanetos 40222, KYAllergy immunology1730274929
Duane Leslie Keitel 41017, KYAllergy immunology1487644803
Dwight Edward Lindsay 40217, KYAllergy immunology1720084700
Eddie W Shields 72211, KYAllergy immunology1003896630
Eva Jakabovics 19422, KYAllergy immunology1861495988
Farhad Karim 40503, KYAllergy immunology1184701336
Forrest Saunders Kuhn 40207, KYAllergy immunology1598767485
Francis J Block 42003, KYAllergy immunology1770550287
Frank Gotham Simon 40207, KYAllergy immunology1336147065
Frank Tolis Simon 40212, KYAllergy immunology1407852221
Frank H Taylor 42431, KYAllergy immunology1295832913
Grace Y Ryu 43235, KYAllergy immunology1215907480
Ha Thanh Le 42701, KYAllergy immunology1316948698
Hans Frederick Otto 41042, KYAllergy immunology1215924477
Hiresadarahalli C Nataraj 43016, KYAllergy immunology1003993098
Hobert L Pence 40202, KYAllergy immunology1447243167
Indar Mohan Jhamb 42104, KYAllergy immunology1790876407
Ira Lawrence Hemmings 40503, KYAllergy immunology1790786804
Iraklis C Livas 40513, KYAllergy immunology1922084391
James D Clifford 40513, KYAllergy immunology1124092499
James W. Parker 42501, KYAllergy immunology1003816497
James R Parkerson 42101, KYAllergy immunology1528259918
James W. Sublett 40223, KYAllergy immunology1255474136
James L Sublett 40223, KYAllergy immunology1043204548
Jason W. Guin 47150, KYAllergy immunology1134129620
Jeffrey Rogers Leipzig 45011, KYAllergy immunology1750325718
Jeremy Dwayne Jones 40222, KYAllergy immunology1316933781
John Sylvester Hill 40503, KYAllergy immunology1235130360
John Secord Thompson 40536, KYAllergy immunology1528021656
Jon Roger Skaggs 25704, KYAllergy immunology1124063730
Jonathon Baldwin 42104, KYAllergy immunology1457466849
Joseph Clark Turbyville 40223, KYAllergy immunology1366414526
Julianne Ossege 40390, KYAllergy immunology1508880709
Kelly Shawn Brauer 42303, KYAllergy immunology1639376296
Kelly D Burks 72211, KYAllergy immunology1255487849
Kelly Allred Metz 45236, KYAllergy immunology1609072123
Kelsey A Field 40509, KYAllergy immunology1083077002
Kourtney G. Gardner 42101, KYAllergy immunology1194168666
Lee Stanton Clore 42301, KYAllergy immunology1609873553
Leena Vikas Padhye 46077, KYAllergy immunology1952715617
Leonor Salamanca Pagtakhan So 41501, KYAllergy immunology1376533091
Leslie Bernard Branch 40503, KYAllergy immunology1205844511
Lindsay M. Still 72211, KYAllergy immunology1083972293
Lori M Kagy 72211, KYAllergy immunology1598744625
Manuel Santos Villareal 41017, KYAllergy immunology1255389409
Mark A Posner 19422, KYAllergy immunology1508869637
Marshall T Wise 41031, KYAllergy immunology1427105394
Matthew I Fogg 19422, KYAllergy immunology1114920220
Michael A Lapuente 38119, KYAllergy immunology1295761351
Michael Sanford Nall 40222, KYAllergy immunology1700014917
Nancy Wood Zuerlein 72211, KYAllergy immunology1689763575
Natalie Beaven Miller 40223, KYAllergy immunology1235395781
Nathan Boone Richards 47150, KYAllergy immunology1497968366
Nelson Lamkin 40509, KYAllergy immunology1669405858
Neven John Gardner 40503, KYAllergy immunology1689676686
Nicholas A Orfan 17403, KYAllergy immunology1366466971
Patricia Mercer 42101, KYAllergy immunology1619973138
Peter F. Ballard 40422, KYAllergy immunology1134230709
Phillip L Lieberman 38119, KYAllergy immunology1629009717
Priya J. Warrier 40513, KYAllergy immunology1922010792
Rajiv Arora 40509, KYAllergy immunology1689724155
Robert Anolik 19422, KYAllergy immunology1497758536
Robert B Bressler 42240, KYAllergy immunology1790750636
Ronald Peter Moyer 40215, KYAllergy immunology1164414488
Samantha Ruthe Gendelman 43235, KYAllergy immunology1477758886
Sanaa Abdel-rahman Mahmoud 42503, KYAllergy immunology1174527956
Sandhya H Desai 19422, KYAllergy immunology1528082872
Sarah A. Bozeman 42003, KYAllergy immunology1295932366
Scot Joseph Snodgrass 72401, KYAllergy immunology1871533026
Shari Vandyke Montandon 83814, KYAllergy immunology1326280769
Shaunah Ritter 40509, KYAllergy immunology1699206383
Shuya Wu 40509, KYAllergy immunology1982947958
Sridhar Guduri 43016, KYAllergy immunology1669436192
Stephen J. Pollard 40223, KYAllergy immunology1629077698
Stuart W White 40222, KYAllergy immunology1912990573
Suresh R Sharoff 43016, KYAllergy immunology1801859939
Susan P Raschal 37421, KYAllergy immunology1063451813
Tao T Le 42701, KYAllergy immunology1285615435
Thao H Pham 42701, KYAllergy immunology1336140698
Thomas G. Sternberg 42101, KYAllergy immunology1467448175
Tiffany Simpson Desimone 40222, KYAllergy immunology1598832396
Timothy A Feger 40223, KYAllergy immunology1215937693
Timothy James Franxman 40223, KYAllergy immunology1730306820
Tracie L Overbeck 40503, KYAllergy immunology1881658805
Vidyashankar B Revan 45177, KYAllergy immunology1194882571
Vivian Cruz Nanagas 46077, KYAllergy immunology1285977033
William A Greisner 40509, KYAllergy immunology1720095334
William A Parker 45431, KYAllergy immunology1780665430
Yuliya Ogai 42223, KYAllergy immunology1699934257


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