Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven Joseph Simonte 10007, NYAllergy immunology1487657615
Marc Joseph Sicklick 11516, NYAllergy immunology1538163423
Yalamanchi K Rao 11209, NYAllergy immunology1437153301
Muataz Jaber 11570, NYAllergy immunology1134123854
Steven J Weiss 11791, NYAllergy immunology1316941057
Scott L Roth 14624, NYAllergy immunology1033113543
Stanley Raymond Fine 11576, NYAllergy immunology1073517512
Anil Gupta 10461, NYAllergy immunology1154325694
Carol G. Baum 10024, NYAllergy immunology1790780187
Ma. Lourdes De Asis 10994, NYAllergy immunology1013912989
Jonathan Logan 14424, NYAllergy immunology1609871573
Robert N Corriel 11030, NYAllergy immunology1588669519
Alan Jay Goodman 10028, NYAllergy immunology1447255351
Samuel Grubman 10011, NYAllergy immunology1598761819
Kira Antonia Geraci-ciardullo 10543, NYAllergy immunology1245236207
Perry Ave Family Medical Center Inc 10467, NYAllergy immunology1619973518
John Byrne 11901, NYAllergy immunology1144227208
Evelyn Tolston 10016, NYAllergy immunology1528066834
Yosef Soleymani 11530, NYAllergy immunology1427056613
Paul Alan Lusman 11777, NYAllergy immunology1962400176
Daryl R. Altman 11692, NYAllergy immunology1538167648
Laura J Mechanic 10604, NYAllergy immunology1134128945
Walter Francis Cameron 11530, NYAllergy immunology1114926540
Fred H. Lewis 14760, NYAllergy immunology1093714230
Roger Ira Emert 10011, NYAllergy immunology1184623134
Diane Hoffman Cymerman 11790, NYAllergy immunology1912907486
Chona Cudal Fernandez-gulmatico 11208, NYAllergy immunology1215937453
Wilson Roy Slaunwhite 12983, NYAllergy immunology1063412039
Jayasri Indaram 11416, NYAllergy immunology1255331302
Mitchell Barry Boxer 11021, NYAllergy immunology1669472676
Janet Claassen 12211, NYAllergy immunology1689675605
Eddie Go 11692, NYAllergy immunology1568463545
Thomas Flaim 12211, NYAllergy immunology1932100757
Kris Saririan 12211, NYAllergy immunology1851392682
Michael Katlan 12211, NYAllergy immunology1427059245
Scott Osur 12211, NYAllergy immunology1831190636
David Shulan 12211, NYAllergy immunology1326049123
Nancy Wade 12211, NYAllergy immunology1114928710
Alan Kaufman 10465, NYAllergy immunology1437150513
Harshit M Patel 11801, NYAllergy immunology1467453571
Rita Rose Sloan 14224, NYAllergy immunology1386646230
Brian C Alessi 13440, NYAllergy immunology1154323012
Sidney Simon 10461, NYAllergy immunology1982606760
Jocelyn Celestin 12205, NYAllergy immunology1710989249
Nicolae Andrei Popescu 13210, NYAllergy immunology1487646584
Robert E Alessi 13440, NYAllergy immunology1518959568
Harcharan Singh 13210, NYAllergy immunology1861484800
Marvin Den 06851, NYAllergy immunology1659363356
Beutner Labs Inc 14215, NYAllergy immunology1780676304
Jinlin Du 10941, NYAllergy immunology1760475875
Renata Ann Witkowska 12550, NYAllergy immunology1043203474
Pourushasp J Dhabhar 13413, NYAllergy immunology1780678995
North Shore Regional Mri Pc 11755, NYAllergy immunology1568456747
Jerome Wildes 11414, NYAllergy immunology1619961539
Rauno O. Joks 11203, NYAllergy immunology1770577447
Norm B Richard 14228, NYAllergy immunology1881688372
Susan Ellen Panes 11542, NYAllergy immunology1306831706
Shari Lynn Klig 11714, NYAllergy immunology1346235751
John Edward Rooney 11758, NYAllergy immunology1104811421
Paul Bruce Lang 11042, NYAllergy immunology1780679001
Amy Helen Korobow 11743, NYAllergy immunology1184619298
Raffaela D Russo 10312, NYAllergy immunology1316932544
Muhammad Asghar Pasha 12205, NYAllergy immunology1710972971
James Allen Pollowitz 10583, NYAllergy immunology1134114028
Jeffrey Scott Sugar 10605, NYAllergy immunology1982690590
Frances Elinor Simons 12205, NYAllergy immunology1851387336
Audrey Michelle Weissman 11373, NYAllergy immunology1780670919
Alan Siedlecki 11581, NYAllergy immunology1477549475
Clifford Melvin Tepper 12205, NYAllergy immunology1356337018
Nawal Siage 11103, NYAllergy immunology1013905835
Monika Isabela Woroniecka 11794, NYAllergy immunology1174511760
Stephen Peter Rand 11234, NYAllergy immunology1265420749
Richard Davis Snyder 11235, NYAllergy immunology1255329462
Booth Medical Associates Pc 11355, NYAllergy immunology1912996703
Larry Jay Bernstein 11375, NYAllergy immunology1851380950
Terese Agnes Copeland 12866, NYAllergy immunology1316936339
Avi M Deener 10604, NYAllergy immunology1043200926
Paul B Lang Md Pc 11042, NYAllergy immunology1073503249
Asha Gupta 13790, NYAllergy immunology1669463691
John Richard Gavencak 11518, NYAllergy immunology1821089392
Songhui Ma 10011, NYAllergy immunology1508857046
Luz S Fonacier 11501, NYAllergy immunology1679554505
Morris Nejat 10016, NYAllergy immunology1417938119
Mary Lee-wong 10003, NYAllergy immunology1962483685
Wang Y Mak 10583, NYAllergy immunology1053392514
Mark Davis-lorton 10591, NYAllergy immunology1396727665
Patrick Maloney 10583, NYAllergy immunology1043292097
Pradeep Sharma 12601, NYAllergy immunology1144203159
Bernard Allan Silverman 11230, NYAllergy immunology1033192836
Noah Reiss 12302, NYAllergy immunology1720061336
Joseph S Reiss 11793, NYAllergy immunology1376526863
Smita Rajeev Kumar 10470, NYAllergy immunology1902880255
Stephen G Shaw 10016, NYAllergy immunology1780668392
Emerald M Thaw 11220, NYAllergy immunology1992780316
Gadi Avshalomov 11234, NYAllergy immunology1609851617
Andrew Mark Sustiel 10022, NYAllergy immunology1508841362
Theresa A Bingemann 14607, NYAllergy immunology1851377824
Atul Navnitlal Shah 11967, NYAllergy immunology1831177245
Rizwan Khan 14850, NYAllergy immunology1700864881
Michael Richheimer 11222, NYAllergy immunology1285614107
Madeline A Lillie 14226, NYAllergy immunology1962482711
Cassilda James 10940, NYAllergy immunology1548240435
Michael James Fanning 14226, NYAllergy immunology1811977127
Kathleen M Donovan 14226, NYAllergy immunology1295715514
Peter Gontzes M. D. P. C. 11373, NYAllergy immunology1902876410
Harvey D Gorrin 10549, NYAllergy immunology1740253186
Krzysztof Nowak 10701, NYAllergy immunology1174597793
Joseph William Flanagan 14850, NYAllergy immunology1477527828
Crystal Run Healthcare Physicians Llp 10941, NYAllergy immunology1952376410
Norman S. Fastman 10306, NYAllergy immunology1821063116
Nyhmcq Adult Ambulatory Services 11355, NYAllergy immunology1598730889
Beth G Louie 10990, NYAllergy immunology1205802055
Certified Allergy Consultants, Pc 12211, NYAllergy immunology1548236037
Jeffrey Bruce Rockoff 14222, NYAllergy immunology1902873839
Gary Alan Weinstock 11021, NYAllergy immunology1457328346
Kishore K Ahuja 10467, NYAllergy immunology1548237167
Frederick Joseph Ast 10016, NYAllergy immunology1699742288
Julie Dk Mcnairn 14850, NYAllergy immunology1982671442
Phillip D Klahr 11559, NYAllergy immunology1821066432
John J Condemi 14618, NYAllergy immunology1881662039
Emmanuel A Quaidoo 14618, NYAllergy immunology1134197387
Allergy Asthma Immunology Of Rochester, Pc 14618, NYAllergy immunology1043288293
Peter M Deane 14618, NYAllergy immunology1811965098
Mariola B Kubicka 14618, NYAllergy immunology1902874167
Donald W Pulver 14618, NYAllergy immunology1457329625
Juan L Sotomayor 13212, NYAllergy immunology1861461477
Ellen Beth Schaeffer 13212, NYAllergy immunology1427027671
Westchester Medical Group, P.c. 10577, NYAllergy immunology1881653822
Hamid Hussain 11777, NYAllergy immunology1114986072
Michel Elias Akl 14760, NYAllergy immunology1154380145
Marianne Frieri 11554, NYAllergy immunology1043279698
Rao A.k. Yalamanchili 11201, NYAllergy immunology1447210323
Anthony Ming Szema 11720, NYAllergy immunology1831159649
Arlene T. Schneider 11201, NYAllergy immunology1396705877
Joan G Lehach 10538, NYAllergy immunology1740241785
Susan C. Ristow 14607, NYAllergy immunology1407817224
Jane Batterman 11501, NYAllergy immunology1871555078
Boyan Hadjiev 10016, NYAllergy immunology1851354997
Krishna Vijay Persaud 14589, NYAllergy immunology1508829284
James Milton Rubin 10016, NYAllergy immunology1700840428
Allergy Asthma Rheumatology Assoc 13214, NYAllergy immunology1366407140
Beth Israel Medical Center 10003, NYAllergy immunology1861457202
Ellen M Buchbinder 10128, NYAllergy immunology1760447700
Ellen Epstein 11570, NYAllergy immunology1447215363
Michael G Teitel 10003, NYAllergy immunology1376509364
Paul M Ehrlich 10016, NYAllergy immunology1770540403
Aries Y Liu-helm 14221, NYAllergy immunology1790742161
Eduardo Arreaza 14607, NYAllergy immunology1770541880
Vivekanand Kalanadhabhatta 11203, NYAllergy immunology1295793263
Lisa Kim Ellman-grunther 10006, NYAllergy immunology1336107325
Debra Lebo 11372, NYAllergy immunology1063470839
Nathanael Sun Horne 10019, NYAllergy immunology1912965435
James R Pellegrini 11234, NYAllergy immunology1760431829
Eugenio M Capitle 11788, NYAllergy immunology1568411650
Middletown Medical Pc 10940, NYAllergy immunology1902855828
Capitalcare Medical Group, Llc 12205, NYAllergy immunology1811946775
Douglas H Jones 14607, NYAllergy immunology1063461432
New York Institute Of Technology 11568, NYAllergy immunology1821048612
Boulevard Medical Healthcare 10466, NYAllergy immunology1891746368
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYAllergy immunology1770534984
Paul Steinberg 13326, NYAllergy immunology1932150067
Kemp W Bundy 12211, NYAllergy immunology1396797940
East End Allergy And Asthma Care, Pc 11901, NYAllergy immunology1669424065
Helen M Evrard 14228, NYAllergy immunology1700838133
Michael A Schwartz 10604, NYAllergy immunology1093767675
Sujatha Ramesh 14222, NYAllergy immunology1568414357
Stacey Radinsky 11566, NYAllergy immunology1609829712
Craig S Osleeb 10549, NYAllergy immunology1063466316
Yashodhara Kirtane M.d.pllc 11559, NYAllergy immunology1417902248
Yashodhara Kirtane 11694, NYAllergy immunology1275588022
Babatunde Adeyemi 11236, NYAllergy immunology1447205836
Mount Kisco Medical Group 12524, NYAllergy immunology1952356362
Gurmit S Gill 11530, NYAllergy immunology1730134339
Medical Research Associates,pc 10595, NYAllergy immunology1801841895
Ent And Allergy Associates Llp 10591, NYAllergy immunology1376598326
Anne L Maitland 10591, NYAllergy immunology1083660047
University Physicians Group P C 10306, NYAllergy immunology1104872134
Carl Richard Magnussen 14620, NYAllergy immunology1639125651
Lawrence E Kurlandsky 13210, NYAllergy immunology1144276015
Hale Yarmohammadi 10038, NYAllergy immunology1801842448
Luis Melgar 14075, NYAllergy immunology1497701965
Tjh Medical Services, Pc 11418, NYAllergy immunology1184670465
Midtown Internal Medicine Pllc 10022, NYAllergy immunology1346297496
Bruce S Dobozin 10010, NYAllergy immunology1144277823
Allergy Immunology Rheumatology Clinical Group 14642, NYAllergy immunology1497702286
University Physicians Of Brooklyn, Inc. 11203, NYAllergy immunology1568419000
Albert P Hirdt 12586, NYAllergy immunology1396792636
Queens Long Island Medical Group, P.c. 10001, NYAllergy immunology1891732038
Marian B Demeny 11373, NYAllergy immunology1104863968
Mount Kisco Medical Group Pc 12601, NYAllergy immunology1871530519
Myron Zitt 11554, NYAllergy immunology1760429500
Mount Kisco Medical Group Pc 10509, NYAllergy immunology1982641619
Mount Kisco Medical Group Pc 10549, NYAllergy immunology1104863836
Melvin Seymour Rosh 10956, NYAllergy immunology1962440222
Cascya Charlot 11238, NYAllergy immunology1043258726
John C County 10598, NYAllergy immunology1043259153
Caremount Medical, P.c. 10549, NYAllergy immunology1982643003
Ricardo B Arayata 10801, NYAllergy immunology1992744668
Michael Hugh 12601, NYAllergy immunology1861431405
Theresa J Sohn 07470, NYAllergy immunology1801835467


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