Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
R.carter Bobbitt 45236, OHAllergy immunology1568466233
Barry A Lampl 44122, OHAllergy immunology1396749248
William J Niemes 45246, OHAllergy immunology1861496788
Arthur E Varner 43235, OHAllergy immunology1164426029
Gregory N Entis 45236, OHAllergy immunology1528062890
Joseph F Alexander 44333, OHAllergy immunology1982600326
Ghassan S Safadi 43560, OHAllergy immunology1003813205
Binod K Thakur 43623, OHAllergy immunology1477550481
Herbert A Bronstein 43231, OHAllergy immunology1285631267
Garry H Rupp 43231, OHAllergy immunology1497753685
Jonathan A Bernstein 45231, OHAllergy immunology1093713638
Lois A Nelson 43606, OHAllergy immunology1316945678
Syed Maseehur Rehman 43617, OHAllergy immunology1699775437
Thomas A Kiefer 43215, OHAllergy immunology1144220690
Genesis Professional Corp 43701, OHAllergy immunology1497755623
Gregory A Watts 44124, OHAllergy immunology1730180209
Nosson S Goldfarb 44139, OHAllergy immunology1639165145
Toledo Clinic Incorporated 43623, OHAllergy immunology1144217894
Neena Sodhi 45246, OHAllergy immunology1558351957
Peter Laufer 44720, OHAllergy immunology1801887906
Farrukh R Sheikh 43617, OHAllergy immunology1023009743
Richard J Wiseley 43606, OHAllergy immunology1710969985
James A. Sims 45429, OHAllergy immunology1184606907
David W Hunter 43606, OHAllergy immunology1184606725
Robert C Forsythe 43214, OHAllergy immunology1942286331
Arturo Jose Bonnin 45458, OHAllergy immunology1790761823
Ohio Allergy Associates, Inc. 45458, OHAllergy immunology1962489435
Sudhir Gondy Rao 43617, OHAllergy immunology1396723904
Erik David White 44308, OHAllergy immunology1598743619
Ravi M Karnani 44308, OHAllergy immunology1457330730
Douglas P Boldon 43235, OHAllergy immunology1790755957
Joseph D. Bullock 43235, OHAllergy immunology1467432666
Michael L Franz 43235, OHAllergy immunology1508836545
Robert W Hostoffer 44124, OHAllergy immunology1730159674
Steven R Morman 44718, OHAllergy immunology1598733503
Tony Thomas Deramo 44512, OHAllergy immunology1679542732
Bela Faltay 44311, OHAllergy immunology1356310247
Lawrence Jay Newman 45242, OHAllergy immunology1215906821
Steven Andrew Sutton 45242, OHAllergy immunology1649249269
Kumar N Swamy 44053, OHAllergy immunology1639143290
Edward Joseph Hemeyer 44811, OHAllergy immunology1487616751
Irene Jarmoszuk 44053, OHAllergy immunology1629030739
Sandra J Hong 44195, OHAllergy immunology1114980059
David M Lang 44195, OHAllergy immunology1396709747
Lily C Pien 44195, OHAllergy immunology1225093925
Mann-mann J Chuang 44195, OHAllergy immunology1083679476
University Internal Medicine Associates, Inc. 45219, OHAllergy immunology1588620850
Roop Kamal Kollipara 44510, OHAllergy immunology1972560118
Christopher Glenn Mcknight 45219, OHAllergy immunology1851343602
Amal H. Assa'ad 45229, OHAllergy immunology1366491821
Abner H Bagenstose 43214, OHAllergy immunology1104888403
Manuel Santos Villareal 41017, OHAllergy immunology1255389409
Kimberly A Risma 45229, OHAllergy immunology1497704951
Sheila A Cain 44256, OHAllergy immunology1700841897
Npcs Inc 44302, OHAllergy immunology1184670192
John A Winder 43560, OHAllergy immunology1528004256
Richard F Lavi 44087, OHAllergy immunology1104857895
Five Mile Medical Arts Associates, Inc. 45242, OHAllergy immunology1225067184
Thomas J. Fischer 45229, OHAllergy immunology1841239001
Osu Otolaryngology Head And Neck Surgery, Llc 43212, OHAllergy immunology1861449407
Warren Otologic Group, Inc 44484, OHAllergy immunology1720023351
Ronald Alan Strauss 44126, OHAllergy immunology1629000831
Ann Clark Ghory 45255, OHAllergy immunology1194759118
Patricia K Ghory 45255, OHAllergy immunology1649298829
Haig Tcheurekdjian 44124, OHAllergy immunology1992724843
Drs Wiseley & Hunter Inc 43606, OHAllergy immunology1710909783
Thomas Hewitt Coleman 43214, OHAllergy immunology1245244631
Jennifer Lynn Huggins 45229, OHAllergy immunology1780693499
Mark Michael 45238, OHAllergy immunology1710997390
Allergy And Asthma Center Of The Tri state, Inc. 45238, OHAllergy immunology1962515080
John Thomas Given 44718, OHAllergy immunology1588779748
Charity C. Fox 43212, OHAllergy immunology1871506147
Leon Neiman 44333, OHAllergy immunology1437167814
Thomas A Kiefer Md Inc 43215, OHAllergy immunology1013024769
James Jacob Kreindler 45242, OHAllergy immunology1275641300
Michael S Kreindler 45242, OHAllergy immunology1174632863
John T Given Md Inc 44718, OHAllergy immunology1669581799
Robert A Struble 44907, OHAllergy immunology1285737841
Trihealth G Llc 45212, OHAllergy immunology1336242726
Marta Marie Vielhaber 44118, OHAllergy immunology1538264510
John Anthony Panuto 44070, OHAllergy immunology1487753695
Robert Marcus Baldwin 43026, OHAllergy immunology1316038516
William J Niemes Md Inc 45246, OHAllergy immunology1134212004
Asif Iqbal Khan 44505, OHAllergy immunology1396825246
Masood Ahmad 45069, OHAllergy immunology1699856559
Gurjit K Khurana-hershey 45229, OHAllergy immunology1235214016
Murli Manohar 44718, OHAllergy immunology1518043728
Allergy & Asthma Center Of Northeast Ohio 44308, OHAllergy immunology1669550653
Huy Ngoc Dang 44646, OHAllergy immunology1689753105
Dr. Winder & Associates,inc. 43560, OHAllergy immunology1417026741
Buckeye Allergy 43231, OHAllergy immunology1831269182
Mehmet Basaran Md Inc 43231, OHAllergy immunology1457421703
Roger A Friedman Md Inc 43231, OHAllergy immunology1366512618
Garry H Rupp Md Inc 43231, OHAllergy immunology1164592416
Herbert A Bronstein Md Inc 43231, OHAllergy immunology1740350099
Tiffany Jane Owens 43055, OHAllergy immunology1508962242
Todd Edward Rambasek 44870, OHAllergy immunology1093814220
Cincinnati Allergy & Asthma Center Inc 45255, OHAllergy immunology1306913959
Allergy & Asthma Associates Inc 45242, OHAllergy immunology1336294248
Allergy & Asthma Inc 43213, OHAllergy immunology1447398599
Buckeye Allergy 43231, OHAllergy immunology1790825925
East Liverpool Ear Nose & Throat 43920, OHAllergy immunology1306971395
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Physicians Of Cincinnati, Inc. 45242, OHAllergy immunology1891822946
Trihealth G., Llc 45231, OHAllergy immunology1356479687
Dr. Safadi & Associates, Inc. 43560, OHAllergy immunology1861520173
Trihealth G., Llc 45230, OHAllergy immunology1972631273
Trihealth G., Llc 45040, OHAllergy immunology1972631679
Trihealth G., Llc 45069, OHAllergy immunology1518097906
Trihealth G., Llc 45238, OHAllergy immunology1134259526
University Primary Care Practices Inc 44145, OHAllergy immunology1952426595
Sheharyar Rizwan Durrani 45229, OHAllergy immunology1164578761
Trihealth G., Llc 45236, OHAllergy immunology1063540763
Lois A. Nelson, Md Llc 43606, OHAllergy immunology1174650402
James M. Fernandez 44195, OHAllergy immunology1649495003
Susan R Abouhassan 45220, OHAllergy immunology1689888588
Allergy Immunology Associates Inc 44124, OHAllergy immunology1922212760
Leora Angeline Traynor 44333, OHAllergy immunology1710195029
Summit S Shah 43016, OHAllergy immunology1871702613
Marla N Moloney 43221, OHAllergy immunology1477761427
Mary Rutan Hospital 43311, OHAllergy immunology1891997169
Allergy And Asthma Associates Llc 45429, OHAllergy immunology1649474883
Allergy & Asthma Associates 45801, OHAllergy immunology1174727317
Allergy & Asthma Associates 45424, OHAllergy immunology1437353679
Allergy & Asthma Associates 45431, OHAllergy immunology1073717229
Westshore Allergy And Immunology,llc 44145, OHAllergy immunology1013112630
Allery & Asthma Associates 45504, OHAllergy immunology1508062092
Ahila Subramanian 44195, OHAllergy immunology1447456413
Patsy Buccino D O Inc 44471, OHAllergy immunology1902005291
Northern Ohio Medical Specialists 44811, OHAllergy immunology1255521514
Allergy Associates Of Youngstown Inc 44512, OHAllergy immunology1184815243
Gital Karamchandani Patel 43016, OHAllergy immunology1174714984
Asthma And Allergy Center Ltd. 44505, OHAllergy immunology1720271869
Allergy And Asthma Clinic Inc 45801, OHAllergy immunology1376738013
Asthma & Allergy Center, Inc 43617, OHAllergy immunology1710174271
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Physicians Of Cincinnati, Inc. 45211, OHAllergy immunology1497944037
Buckeye Allergy 43231, OHAllergy immunology1922289198
Buckeye Allergy 43231, OHAllergy immunology1700067840
Columbus Allergy Physicians 43214, OHAllergy immunology1003098823
Abner H Bagenstose Md Inc 43220, OHAllergy immunology1578746210
F H Medical Inc 43606, OHAllergy immunology1427236207
Dr. Safadi & Associates, Inc 45840, OHAllergy immunology1558549246
Dr. Winder And Associates 43420, OHAllergy immunology1821267451
Buckeye Allergy 43017, OHAllergy immunology1639343981
Npcs, Inc 44266, OHAllergy immunology1629245949
Npcs, Inc 44302, OHAllergy immunology1104093418
Npcs, Inc 44203, OHAllergy immunology1376710608
Inderprit Singh 44266, OHAllergy immunology1720200801
Svetlana Igorevna Kriegel 43614, OHAllergy immunology1356554976
Ronald Purcell 44094, OHAllergy immunology1437358801
Terri M Moncrief 45229, OHAllergy immunology1104036813
Masood Ahmad 45069, OHAllergy immunology1437303641
University Hospitals Medical Group 44094, OHAllergy immunology1275776213
James A. Sims, M.d. Inc. 45429, OHAllergy immunology1528295433
Health Specialists Of Dayton Inc 45044, OHAllergy immunology1225362536
Allergy Asthma & Sinus Relief Center Inc 44087, OHAllergy immunology1760716674
Barbara Ruth Cunningham 45219, OHAllergy immunology1003138124
Joseph F Alexander Jr Md Inc 44333, OHAllergy immunology1699091306
Igor A Lantsberg Md Inc 44122, OHAllergy immunology1760701650
Premier Allergy 43016, OHAllergy immunology1710289293
Jinzhu Li 44308, OHAllergy immunology1720373343
Robert Charles Moen 44023, OHAllergy immunology1194007112
Jonista M. Peebles 45426, OHAllergy immunology1558646760
Cathy D Dale 45069, OHAllergy immunology1184994881
Allergy & Asthma 45011, OHAllergy immunology1710117635
Kathryn Marie Ruda Wessell 44118, OHAllergy immunology1922329820
Princess Ogbogu 43221, OHAllergy immunology1992954390
Casey D. Curtis 43212, OHAllergy immunology1457588642
Kara Jane Wada 43212, OHAllergy immunology1942525407
Candace R Olsen 45069, OHAllergy immunology1912254780
Breatheamerica Columbus Llc 43016, OHAllergy immunology1053663039
David W. Hauswirth M.d. Inc 43231, OHAllergy immunology1598108961
David W Hauswirth M.d. 43017, OHAllergy immunology1568806461
Jeff Leipzig Md Llc 45011, OHAllergy immunology1063841591
Trihealth G Llc 45236, OHAllergy immunology1225467558
Trihealth G Llc 45242, OHAllergy immunology1417386749
Trihealth G Llc 45247, OHAllergy immunology1053735944
Trihealth G Llc 45249, OHAllergy immunology1073939112
Trihealth G Llc 45220, OHAllergy immunology1205236239
Trihealth G., Llc 45056, OHAllergy immunology1669860565
Trihealth G Llc 45242, OHAllergy immunology1194115238
Allergy Sinus Asthma Practice, Llc 44483, OHAllergy immunology1407247075
Juan Pablo Abonia 45229, OHAllergy immunology1457300915
Allergy And Asthma 45011, OHAllergy immunology1366812935
Devon Curtis Preston 44195, OHAllergy immunology1255774550
Christopher Gordon 84601, OHAllergy immunology1003234873
Npcs, Inc 44304, OHAllergy immunology1538336862
Erica Glancy 43081, OHAllergy immunology1750605630
Deepa D. Patadia 44053, OHAllergy immunology1023308046
Lisa Marie Sammon 44308, OHAllergy immunology1710244173
Rachel Anne Szekely 44060, OHAllergy immunology1548237431
David I Bernstein 45219, OHAllergy immunology1558369843
Ashley Lynn Devonshire 45229, OHAllergy immunology1396087730
Danielle Elizabeth Arnold 45229, OHAllergy immunology1861782724
Premier Allergy And Asthma Inc 43016, OHAllergy immunology1639572381
Erinn Samantha Kellner 45229, OHAllergy immunology1124360755
Roula Altisheh 44195, OHAllergy immunology1609132125
David Edward Tapke 45255, OHAllergy immunology1033523253
Gordon Edward Myers 45255, OHAllergy immunology1881012219
Nancy I Joseph 02532, OHAllergy immunology1144649575
Yasmin Hassoun 45229, OHAllergy immunology1316354020


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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