Providers with Taxonomy: Allergy immunology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Allergy immunology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Leonard S. Hoffman 77024, TXAllergy immunology1154324069
Todd Read Holman 75601, TXAllergy immunology1982607776
Jean T Murphree 78229, TXAllergy immunology1356344014
Pediatric Allergy Immunology Assoc.,p.a. 75230, TXAllergy immunology1740283647
Robert J. Rogers 76107, TXAllergy immunology1619970969
Ronald J. Negrich 77024, TXAllergy immunology1376546655
Salvador Figueroa 77339, TXAllergy immunology1821091760
Mcmurry Fitzsimmons 76308, TXAllergy immunology1376545400
Jane Cigarroa Unzeitig 78041, TXAllergy immunology1770587750
Suzanne Weakley 77070, TXAllergy immunology1750385746
Gary L Smith 78411, TXAllergy immunology1699779652
Anthony Robert Henry 78664, TXAllergy immunology1245232487
Jose Alejandro Martinez 78746, TXAllergy immunology1164426649
David Fuentes 78006, TXAllergy immunology1013911544
Sugar Land Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Center, Pa 77479, TXAllergy immunology1649274077
David Amran 77479, TXAllergy immunology1841294261
Binaca Gaglani 78745, TXAllergy immunology1831194240
Alnoor Malick 77504, TXAllergy immunology1780689679
David Engler 77504, TXAllergy immunology1669477568
Albert Harron Cobb 78666, TXAllergy immunology1285639195
Joseph Engler 77504, TXAllergy immunology1750386678
Pankaj K Shah 77074, TXAllergy immunology1710981113
Shannon Clinic 76903, TXAllergy immunology1770587149
Kris Bhat 77338, TXAllergy immunology1134124696
Theodore J. Haywood 77401, TXAllergy immunology1851397335
Theresa C. Queng 77401, TXAllergy immunology1538165022
Niran Jan Amar 76712, TXAllergy immunology1003812595
Dale E Mohar 78028, TXAllergy immunology1194721696
Venugopal K. Menon 77401, TXAllergy immunology1457357808
Waldo M. Martinez 77401, TXAllergy immunology1760488845
Hande Alp 77598, TXAllergy immunology1023014693
Christine Kucera 77382, TXAllergy immunology1114924750
Gerald T. Machinski 77401, TXAllergy immunology1225034804
Robert Burress 77070, TXAllergy immunology1740287382
Enrique T Quintero 77380, TXAllergy immunology1265439855
Robert L Saunders 77024, TXAllergy immunology1184621765
Stuart Lee Abramson 76903, TXAllergy immunology1710984893
Jane J Lee Md Pa 75246, TXAllergy immunology1982602587
Douglas Kurt Schreiber 77065, TXAllergy immunology1720086010
Kristin A Moore 77054, TXAllergy immunology1447257530
Sanober M Tamboli 77494, TXAllergy immunology1689671554
Anthony J Weido 77054, TXAllergy immunology1679570584
Kurt R Peters 77584, TXAllergy immunology1124026752
Grace P Tamesis 78681, TXAllergy immunology1740288729
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc 77025, TXAllergy immunology1013915255
Amin G Mery 78734, TXAllergy immunology1225035363
Rogelio Menendez 79925, TXAllergy immunology1225036163
Anil Nanda 75230, TXAllergy immunology1568461192
Elliot J Ginchansky 75230, TXAllergy immunology1962401471
Bediola A Badie 76201, TXAllergy immunology1912907502
Diana Lynn Dickens 77079, TXAllergy immunology1982604294
Beth V Gill 75503, TXAllergy immunology1376543793
Laura L Somerville 77521, TXAllergy immunology1255330619
Chuling Ginger Jiang 75080, TXAllergy immunology1558361287
Theodore Monroe Freeman 78229, TXAllergy immunology1619977956
Richard A Page 75040, TXAllergy immunology1649279670
Veena Rajashekhar 78681, TXAllergy immunology1356342612
Rubina Wahid 77478, TXAllergy immunology1992707756
Donald F Senter 75042, TXAllergy immunology1194718197
Adrianne Dewalt Vaughn 78258, TXAllergy immunology1649263740
Jack Richard Harris 75701, TXAllergy immunology1467445452
Michael Patrick Vaughn 78258, TXAllergy immunology1881687879
Ronald Lee Cox 78730, TXAllergy immunology1962404699
Henry Joseph Legere 78746, TXAllergy immunology1669464723
Milan Sljivich 75042, TXAllergy immunology1811980816
Matt Morgan 75071, TXAllergy immunology1962403154
Danica Schulte 91436, TXAllergy immunology1386645083
Alan Howard Boyar 78229, TXAllergy immunology1295728038
Keith J Paull 77802, TXAllergy immunology1992798532
Shelly M Harvey 75230, TXAllergy immunology1255325403
Maria Elena Falcon 78504, TXAllergy immunology1831183730
Carlos James Vital 77004, TXAllergy immunology1871588541
Susan L Andrew 77539, TXAllergy immunology1154317576
Allan David Gilbert 75234, TXAllergy immunology1548257819
Eliseo M Villalobos 78231, TXAllergy immunology1760479935
Physicians Of King's Daughters P.a. 76502, TXAllergy immunology1750378774
William F. Long 76502, TXAllergy immunology1730175852
Robert W Sugerman 75230, TXAllergy immunology1598759862
Southern Texas Allergy The Woodlands 77380, TXAllergy immunology1972094365
Goutam Pada Shome 79424, TXAllergy immunology1962491191
Joseph Pflanzer 75115, TXAllergy immunology1336139377
Alvin Joseph Aubry 75038, TXAllergy immunology1891785630
John Patrick Dice 78251, TXAllergy immunology1437140506
Joseph David Diaz 78229, TXAllergy immunology1417948241
Barry R Paull 77845, TXAllergy immunology1285625699
John David Bray 79701, TXAllergy immunology1669463899
Gregg M Santilli 75093, TXAllergy immunology1023099082
Daniel Suez 75063, TXAllergy immunology1255312773
Collom And Carney Clinic Association 75503, TXAllergy immunology1992786370
John Mathew Poothullil 77566, TXAllergy immunology1134102528
Kelvin S Shaw 77339, TXAllergy immunology1548259922
Paul Cletus Sharkey 75701, TXAllergy immunology1912989690
Noel C Ales 78266, TXAllergy immunology1538159975
Kimberly Colleen Salazar 78234, TXAllergy immunology1528041290
James Roy Panuska 79701, TXAllergy immunology1588649974
Dale A Wood 78212, TXAllergy immunology1053397265
Robert E. Harvey, Md, Pa 77901, TXAllergy immunology1194701318
Abbe A Ledbetter 77027, TXAllergy immunology1518943331
Robert E Harvey 77901, TXAllergy immunology1740267137
Normand Francis Tremblay 76107, TXAllergy immunology1316924509
Susan Rudd Bailey 76107, TXAllergy immunology1396722583
Kiran Sharma 77521, TXAllergy immunology1629055769
Clinics Of North Texas Llp 76302, TXAllergy immunology1720067358
Alma S Rigonan 78405, TXAllergy immunology1083690390
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TXAllergy immunology1407839129
Mcgovern Allergy Clinic, P.a. 77401, TXAllergy immunology1194795450
Larry Wayne James 78759, TXAllergy immunology1518938828
Roberto Rodriguez 78229, TXAllergy immunology1821069550
Maritza Navarro 78726, TXAllergy immunology1346212180
Maritza Navarro Md Pa 78758, TXAllergy immunology1770555435
William Arthur Fawcett 77702, TXAllergy immunology1548233901
Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.l.l.c. 78731, TXAllergy immunology1528031754
Julius Henry Van Bavel 78731, TXAllergy immunology1396718516
Birjis Chinoy 75034, TXAllergy immunology1811960461
Erika Gabriela Gonzalez 78207, TXAllergy immunology1427022516
Joseph F Mcnally 75110, TXAllergy immunology1285608281
Eric John Schmitt 75033, TXAllergy immunology1316912900
Anna Henry Heisser 78240, TXAllergy immunology1104891365
Pardeep Singh Rihal 77450, TXAllergy immunology1982671632
Allen Keith Lieberman 78759, TXAllergy immunology1922075787
Gary Neil Gross 75231, TXAllergy immunology1285601336
Joshua M. Gold 77030, TXAllergy immunology1760450647
Saffana Nilufer Hassan 77008, TXAllergy immunology1003885807
Rebecca Sue Gruchalla 75390, TXAllergy immunology1023087517
Michael Edward Ruff 75231, TXAllergy immunology1679532576
George W. Brasher 76508, TXAllergy immunology1235198912
John E. Dvoracek 76508, TXAllergy immunology1427018258
Robert Fenton 76104, TXAllergy immunology1114987013
Pedro Avila 77379, TXAllergy immunology1356312011
Jonathan William Buttram 75701, TXAllergy immunology1497714984
Michael L. Steinberg 40121, TXAllergy immunology1376515296
David E. Hrncir 78229, TXAllergy immunology1023080124
Westlake Dermatology Pa 78746, TXAllergy immunology1518939347
William Charles Howland 78759, TXAllergy immunology1770550535
University Of North Texas Health Science Center At Fort Worth 76107, TXAllergy immunology1033181078
Allergy Arts Llp 79124, TXAllergy immunology1659342061
Luis A Destarac 75701, TXAllergy immunology1477513927
Jay S Gartner 75116, TXAllergy immunology1093775611
Stephen Edward Miles 77380, TXAllergy immunology1629038187
Hari Reddy 75013, TXAllergy immunology1235199621
Sandra A. Mcmahan 76508, TXAllergy immunology1285695296
John C. Starr 76508, TXAllergy immunology1598727810
Sarah Cheriyan 75904, TXAllergy immunology1033171103
Robert J Mamlok 79407, TXAllergy immunology1255393252
David Alan Khan 75390, TXAllergy immunology1891757688
Richard F Herrscher 75093, TXAllergy immunology1568425700
Mercedes E Arroliga 76508, TXAllergy immunology1992768980
Abdul Qadir Haseeb 77354, TXAllergy immunology1962467605
Donald A Kennerly 75246, TXAllergy immunology1538124763
John F. Villacis 78758, TXAllergy immunology1437115888
Puthalath Koroth Raghuprasad 79761, TXAllergy immunology1073570032
Purnima Venkatesh 76022, TXAllergy immunology1083671796
Mary Brandt Hudelson 75022, TXAllergy immunology1679530372
All Allergy Asthma & Immunology Clinic Pa 75218, TXAllergy immunology1700843380
Marie Holman Fitzgerald 75390, TXAllergy immunology1447217823
Bobby Quentin Lanier 76109, TXAllergy immunology1114984259
Louise H Bethea 77380, TXAllergy immunology1841258217
Eugene Posnock 76022, TXAllergy immunology1912965195
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock 79430, TXAllergy immunology1225086820
Stephen Mark Olmstead 75044, TXAllergy immunology1346298890
Jung J. Noh,m.d. Assoc. 75061, TXAllergy immunology1356390959
Clifford David Friesen 76544, TXAllergy immunology1538119896
Kerrville Allergy And Asthma Associates, P.a. 78028, TXAllergy immunology1831149632
Houston Northeast Allergy, P. A. 77339, TXAllergy immunology1588614291
Vara Kantipong 75075, TXAllergy immunology1730131871
Moonhee Lee 76016, TXAllergy immunology1174575831
Maria Elena Falcon, M.d., P.a. 78504, TXAllergy immunology1023061041
Sandeep Gupta 75231, TXAllergy immunology1336193069
Thomas F. Smith 78759, TXAllergy immunology1346207917
Mary D Blomquist 75093, TXAllergy immunology1275597791
Sunil Kumar Saraf 77504, TXAllergy immunology1376506295
Ranjit R. Singh 77702, TXAllergy immunology1003879230
Brownsville Pulmonary Center, P.a. 78520, TXAllergy immunology1083664759
Houston Ear Nose & Throat Clinic 77074, TXAllergy immunology1477515617
David R. Weldon 77845, TXAllergy immunology1619939527
Sonak B Daulat 75218, TXAllergy immunology1316904824
Ronald L Cox Md, Inc 78730, TXAllergy immunology1831142918
John A Fling 76107, TXAllergy immunology1487619995
Robert David Cook 78756, TXAllergy immunology1407813645
Gladys Elisa Lange 75231, TXAllergy immunology1972565554
William Allen Neaville 75234, TXAllergy immunology1326009614
Sherry Barnett 75028, TXAllergy immunology1952368573
Eileen Talusan-garcia 79424, TXAllergy immunology1932164837
Mika Kamada Cole 78209, TXAllergy immunology1285688168
Ephraim Isaac Thaller 76712, TXAllergy immunology1245285022
Lewis A. Brown 77478, TXAllergy immunology1659326726
Jesus Ramon Guajardo 78229, TXAllergy immunology1366498024
Jean G. Marcoux 77024, TXAllergy immunology1588610059
Barbara J Stark Baxter 75225, TXAllergy immunology1720035637
Wesley W Stafford 78412, TXAllergy immunology1073550190
Mika K. Cole, Md, Pa 78209, TXAllergy immunology1407894454
Dilley Allergy & Asthma Specialists Llp 78229, TXAllergy immunology1902844590
Roger Arthur Harden 78759, TXAllergy immunology1760420582
Leslie A Weisberg 75093, TXAllergy immunology1568400083
Bruce G Martin 78229, TXAllergy immunology1326087081
Thornton L. Kidd 77504, TXAllergy immunology1861431496
Vasudeva M Bommanna 75965, TXAllergy immunology1477594836
Medical Center For Immune & Toxic Disorders, Ltd., L.l.p. 77386, TXAllergy immunology1083655856
Paritosh Chandra Dutta 75080, TXAllergy immunology1467494542
Childrens Specialty Care Clinic 77484, TXAllergy immunology1790720647


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