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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Peyton Harrison VAAnesthesiology1265439780
Roberto V Lopez VAAnesthesiology1700883220
Babatunji O Omotoso NJAnesthesiology1336146851
Timothy O Stanley VAAnesthesiology1154328672
Vijaya Para NJAnesthesiology1699772111
John Tibbs Summers VAAnesthesiology1871590398
Jason T Vigue VAAnesthesiology1407853922
Lourdes Bondoc NYAnesthesiology1851398325
Adil Nuri Ozkan AZAnesthesiology1306843891
Robert Riedel TNAnesthesiology1679570162
William Rodes TNAnesthesiology1003813593
John Slavik TNAnesthesiology1225035686
Phillip Jones TNAnesthesiology1295732659
Kathryn P Killman TNAnesthesiology1972500411
Carlos Alcala NYAnesthesiology1023015575
Indra A Anandasabapathy NYAnesthesiology1649277195
Todd Lebleu TNAnesthesiology1467459917
Paul Yamaguchi AZAnesthesiology1023015534
Robert James Yeamans AZAnesthesiology1194722504
Carlos Javier Campos-lopez TXAnesthesiology1164429577
Joanne E Backofen TNAnesthesiology1114924537
Joseph Desena NYAnesthesiology1104823525
Camille Marie Colomb TXAnesthesiology1790782118
Anurag Bhatia NYAnesthesiology1699772160
Mark Pelerossi TNAnesthesiology1053318527
Robert Yale Gumnit NJAnesthesiology1902803471
James W Menzie TNAnesthesiology1548267016
David Petcu TNAnesthesiology1528065018
Paul F Del Giudice NHAnesthesiology1508863093
John Price TNAnesthesiology1235136722
Robert Shupak AZAnesthesiology1619974110
Arthur Runyon-hass TNAnesthesiology1235136730
Mavis Shure AZAnesthesiology1689671182
Reginald Darnell Foy PAAnesthesiology1306843800
Ronald Hope Foote NVAnesthesiology1942207444
Selwyn A Kidney NVAnesthesiology1760489264
Stephen Santi TNAnesthesiology1104823616
Harlan Robert Ribnik WYAnesthesiology1659378164
David Michael Ross NVAnesthesiology1417954926
Dean Bradley Andropoulos TXAnesthesiology1366449779
Rajinder Sabar TXAnesthesiology1053318469
Michael E Rudman NJAnesthesiology1720085145
William Lamb TNAnesthesiology1407853898
James A. Ramsey TNAnesthesiology1528065927
Kristin C Buehler HIAnesthesiology1922005222
Michael D Coulson ILAnesthesiology1255338554
Satya P Manam ILAnesthesiology1497752703
Robert Johnston TXAnesthesiology1164429569
Jeffrey Stevens AZAnesthesiology1760489132
Carlos Rodriguez AZAnesthesiology1588661953
John L Haws UTAnesthesiology1013914480
Richard R. Uhl AZAnesthesiology1528065836
James G. Roberts TXAnesthesiology1861499261
Sanjeev Kumar MDAnesthesiology1477550853
Dalinda Berk Reese MIAnesthesiology1386641769
William Scott Smith VAAnesthesiology1003813486
Nilesh Patel FLAnesthesiology1821095209
Flynn Joseph Delaney NYAnesthesiology1962409367
James Alifimoff INAnesthesiology1518964816
Stephen J. Houde ILAnesthesiology1699772996
Robert Goldstrom INAnesthesiology1316944614
Philip Martinez Cantu TXAnesthesiology1235136607
Richard A Stauffer VAAnesthesiology1366449753
Lopa Shah NJAnesthesiology1801893292
Will D Kendrick TNAnesthesiology1245237635
Thomas Young AZAnesthesiology1285631507
Seetharamaiah Atluri INAnesthesiology1750388088
Peter Michael Listro PAAnesthesiology1730186065
Canyon State Anesthesiologists Pc Anesthesiology1265439525
Sonoran Desert Anesthesia, Inc. AZAnesthesiology1073510210
Anthony Cheng INAnesthesiology1548267875
Nathan C Meloy WIAnesthesiology1598762841
Imelda Tjia TXAnesthesiology1215934427
Eduardo L Gonzalez Rivera FLAnesthesiology1932106176
Satya Tummala INAnesthesiology1104823343
P. Rao Gummadi INAnesthesiology1447257795
Anesthesia Associates, Ltd ILAnesthesiology1952308223
Peter Voss AZAnesthesiology1235136516
Robert A Stein KYAnesthesiology1497752786
David Barnert NYAnesthesiology1750388047
Kevin Alan Chaitoff FLAnesthesiology1265439459
John Wetherhold AZAnesthesiology1508863796
Preferred Anesthesia Consultants, P.c. INAnesthesiology1639176837
Robert Walter Power TXAnesthesiology1225035439
Shakeel Abdul Wahab Siddiqui TXAnesthesiology1134126345
Stephen A. Stayer TXAnesthesiology1952308165
William Dillon Craver ORAnesthesiology1346247590
Roger A. Van Atta AZAnesthesiology1275530552
Desert Canyon Medical Associates, Llc AZAnesthesiology1467459669
Dva 2000 Pllc AZAnesthesiology1609873801
Alton Liu INAnesthesiology1144227349
Premier Anesthesia Consultants, Pc AZAnesthesiology1639176845
Venkateswara R Kanubaddi INAnesthesiology1750388955
Louis Knoble INAnesthesiology1922005123
Globe Anesthesia Service, Inc. AZAnesthesiology1952308157
Magdy Toma INAnesthesiology1649277872
Edward Tompa INAnesthesiology1811994049
Santan Anesthesia Inc. AZAnesthesiology1720085954
Ray Tople INAnesthesiology1710984943
Yuma Anesthesia Medical Services Llc AZAnesthesiology1235136474
Michael Yurkanin INAnesthesiology1780681924
Daniel Sifferlin OHAnesthesiology1659378875
Wasif F.m. Almuttar MOAnesthesiology1245237403
Frank K. Schramm WAAnesthesiology1700883840
Amr El-badry NHAnesthesiology1700883857
Eric James Miller TXAnesthesiology1619974789
Ruth Dombkoski PAAnesthesiology1497752471
Ben Shwachman CAAnesthesiology1346247335
Thomas Peter Garetto NVAnesthesiology1245237346
Joseph Simpson NYAnesthesiology1326045436
Sukhwinder S Gill OHAnesthesiology1770580888
Susan Kay Stein VTAnesthesiology1548267511
Steven Shankle TNAnesthesiology1124025192
James F Beatty GAAnesthesiology1366449498
Olesh Babiak PAAnesthesiology1821095894
Elizabeth J Welch Marsh NHAnesthesiology1619974680
Howard Dreznin NJAnesthesiology1255338224
Ether Bunny Inc Anesthesiology1306843305
Luis Rivera NYAnesthesiology1326045402
Robert Impastato NYAnesthesiology1144227224
John Mascia NYAnesthesiology1124025200
Edwin Tavarez NYAnesthesiology1295732386
Eugene G Lipov ILAnesthesiology1285631374
Alfredo Santi NYAnesthesiology1144227232
Gerald Schiff NYAnesthesiology1194722249
Richard Siegenfeld NYAnesthesiology1548267602
Jeffrey R Rooker ILAnesthesiology1700883865
Alex A Stanziola ILAnesthesiology1437156544
Michael Lane NHAnesthesiology1922005073
Stephen Perreault NHAnesthesiology1518964683
Scott E Glaser ILAnesthesiology1881691863
Marc Siegel TNAnesthesiology1265439244
Doris Leone OHAnesthesiology1851398853
Pablo Figueroa NJAnesthesiology1992702997
George S Botros MAAnesthesiology1780681742
Hodon Kendle Yates TNAnesthesiology1386641256
Michael J Stabile TNAnesthesiology1871590810
Jane M. Thomas TNAnesthesiology1194722132
Phyllis Garberman Schapire PAAnesthesiology1003813049
Steven Lagman WIAnesthesiology1720085764
Steven J Sperring TNAnesthesiology1609873645
Jeffrey A Nachman PAAnesthesiology1235136276
Michael Sutter TNAnesthesiology1497752430
Thomas Toomey TNAnesthesiology1376540328
Pamela Muschek Hale PAAnesthesiology1699772640
Adam Charles Hauser PAAnesthesiology1942207998
Andrey A Filippov MAAnesthesiology1487651345
Nancy J Poblador MAAnesthesiology1104823061
Paul Joseph Keating PAAnesthesiology1831196799
Gregory H Adkisson PAAnesthesiology1184621047
William J Penhallurick MAAnesthesiology1801893763
Lawrence S Levit PAAnesthesiology1245237106
Christopher Watke TNAnesthesiology1881691749
Howard Weil TNAnesthesiology1962409821
Kenny Williard TNAnesthesiology1679570535
David Winek TNAnesthesiology1487651352
Hector Solano MDAnesthesiology1023015815
Joseph Yurkanin INAnesthesiology1134126931
Ninette Hart HIAnesthesiology1689672388
Larry Royce Hutson LAAnesthesiology1700884426
David A. Holland NJAnesthesiology1790782522
Regional Anesthesia Associates Llc Anesthesiology1063419893
Stacie J Noble-shriver MAAnesthesiology1053318899
Brian R Balsis MAAnesthesiology1225035066
Majhavi Kanetkar NJAnesthesiology1205833944
Claudia Komer NJAnesthesiology1922005669
Marshall S. Millman TNAnesthesiology1538166277
Roger Hector FLAnesthesiology1043217789
Seth Landa NJAnesthesiology1912904665
Andrea Ference WAAnesthesiology1417954173
Elzbieta Janczur MDAnesthesiology1154328839
Timothy J. Miller IAAnesthesiology1265439947
Ashok R Salvi OHAnesthesiology1740287424
Mark Thomas Matsunaga MDAnesthesiology1962409656
Edward Olaughlin MDAnesthesiology1770580466
David Bower KYAnesthesiology1518964485
Steven Rosenberg NYAnesthesiology1427055136
Lionel Williams NYAnesthesiology1285631994
Louis Daniel Daniel Rhodes SCAnesthesiology1457359184
Stephen Johnson NYAnesthesiology1427056159
Scott Saffran NJAnesthesiology1164420824
Janelle Vaughns DCAnesthesiology1518965284
Milton H Black PAAnesthesiology1598763260
James Warren Jarvis PAAnesthesiology1578561254
Douglas Norton TNAnesthesiology1588662274
Hannibal Anesthesia Associates Llc MOAnesthesiology1023016714
Tria Wilhite MOAnesthesiology1063410769
William C.h. Rhee HIAnesthesiology1033117742
Wade Yoshii CAAnesthesiology1457359176
Rukaiya Hamid CAAnesthesiology1710985437
Harinath Meda MDAnesthesiology1407853385
Sidney Merritt CAAnesthesiology1881691772
David Allan Young TXAnesthesiology1699772582
Chiling Wong NYAnesthesiology1235136128
James R Nunley TNAnesthesiology1144227067
Chinubhai Patel INAnesthesiology1619974482
Kian Porter INAnesthesiology1528065398
Gerald Snyder INAnesthesiology1790782597
Michael J Schwartz MAAnesthesiology1811994635
Julian Entrada NJAnesthesiology1104823921


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