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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lewis Stein NYAnesthesiology1306842380
Kimberly A Jackus NYAnesthesiology1558367540
Jay P Baker MOAnesthesiology1972509974
Brian James Cook NYAnesthesiology1972509990
Les Yarmush NYAnesthesiology1801892914
Paul P Alfano NYAnesthesiology1154327294
Hosny Louis Habashy NVAnesthesiology1326044462
Michael M Amzallag NYAnesthesiology1235135377
Wayne Mitchell Cutler NYAnesthesiology1952307001
Francis Charles Corrigan NCAnesthesiology1275539330
Golden Triangle Anesthesia Associates TXAnesthesiology1104822188
Harold Kim NYAnesthesiology1497751424
Jay Stein NYAnesthesiology1629074646
Sanjoy Joshi NYAnesthesiology1073519005
Ken Cordero NYAnesthesiology1588660583
Cory Baker NYAnesthesiology1649276643
Imelda Buenaventura NYAnesthesiology1265438261
Xiaoling Ding NYAnesthesiology1538165543
Xiaochang J Chen NYAnesthesiology1619973625
Robert Michael Chuda NYAnesthesiology1518963669
James A King MOAnesthesiology1215933361
Stephen R Smith MOAnesthesiology1629074653
Christopher J Young MOAnesthesiology1447256474
Patrick Kelledy AZAnesthesiology1699771634
C Patrick Beatty AZAnesthesiology1760488704
Janice Althea Francis NYAnesthesiology1336145416
Brian Keith Gingrich NYAnesthesiology1932105012
Robert Herzlich NYAnesthesiology1639175615
Patrick Robert Barnwell AZAnesthesiology1215933205
Dennis M Ritter MOAnesthesiology1437155421
Conrad Cean NYAnesthesiology1659377661
Gliceria Dominguez NYAnesthesiology1154327179
Ernest Rudolph Anders I I I AZAnesthesiology1326044355
Stephen D Schmidt MOAnesthesiology1659377687
Brian D Smith MOAnesthesiology1568468593
Gregory H Smith MOAnesthesiology1386640316
William G Davis COAnesthesiology1194721126
Clinton Kenneth Mason OKAnesthesiology1376549303
Ruslan Israel NYAnesthesiology1275539207
Ahmet S Akaydin KYAnesthesiology1306842349
Elyssa D. Bent AZAnesthesiology1457357402
Juei-ling Chang PAAnesthesiology1588660534
Luther Stewart LAAnesthesiology1932105988
Brion J. Beerle AKAnesthesiology1821094889
Gary L Berg AZAnesthesiology1639175698
George R. Best AZAnesthesiology1366448326
Mark S Biliack AZAnesthesiology1891791851
Steven Crohn AZAnesthesiology1548266463
Jay Curtin NYAnesthesiology1255337192
Paul Dalton AZAnesthesiology1245236181
Gailan Feeney NYAnesthesiology1699771535
Robert Herenstein NYAnesthesiology1932105871
Joseph Mancini NYAnesthesiology1831195775
Saad Marghoob NYAnesthesiology1992701841
Frederick W. Rock ALAnesthesiology1174529028
Richard Yau Lem NYAnesthesiology1982600839
Narendra H Majithia NYAnesthesiology1316943269
Catherine Rosemary Mcwade NYAnesthesiology1295731149
Robert Link KYAnesthesiology1699771550
Edward Ng NYAnesthesiology1134125099
David Paul NYAnesthesiology1942206800
Carl Payne NYAnesthesiology1497751267
Jose A. Gozar AZAnesthesiology1144226911
Toni L Harrison AZAnesthesiology1871599647
Dean Kirschbaum AZAnesthesiology1770589541
Moreen Koppula AZAnesthesiology1316943194
Piero M Caruso NYAnesthesiology1992701866
Donald J. Baltzer INAnesthesiology1770589640
Ana Kalash NYAnesthesiology1679579544
Daniel J Beck AZAnesthesiology1467458398
Andrew Feit NYAnesthesiology1861498701
John B. Bentley AZAnesthesiology1689670523
Gregory Lollo NYAnesthesiology1881690733
Curt Feinberg AZAnesthesiology1508862459
Lisa S. Phillips NYAnesthesiology1083610968
Martin Burnett AZAnesthesiology1326044223
Joseph A Taylor MOAnesthesiology1790781607
Sue Mentis NYAnesthesiology1679579585
John Stamatos NYAnesthesiology1083610992
David Crowell AZAnesthesiology1396741229
Champa K. Ratra OHAnesthesiology1831195783
William Durkan KYAnesthesiology1679579445
David Berger NYAnesthesiology1932105707
Gabriel Terbancea NYAnesthesiology1922004894
Daniel Bosshart NYAnesthesiology1174529044
Anthony Joseph Giordano NYAnesthesiology1760488662
Richard James Doviak FLAnesthesiology1811993777
Robert Edward Munoz NYAnesthesiology1548266406
Marc E. Lynch CAAnesthesiology1760488621
Mariano Cezar Pimentel NYAnesthesiology1487650347
James Brown AZAnesthesiology1255337010
Paul Fox AZAnesthesiology1982600748
Bruce Bing Chien ILAnesthesiology1972509743
James L. Geiger AZAnesthesiology1417953282
Reuben Rolnick NYAnesthesiology1215933270
Arkadiy Sabzanov NYAnesthesiology1023014081
Malgorzata Adler NYAnesthesiology1295731263
Mark Goodstein NYAnesthesiology1083610059
Greg Palleschi NYAnesthesiology1306842372
David William Beyer PAAnesthesiology1669478533
John Wai Shun Ho NYAnesthesiology1568468460
Diane Collmar Merenda NYAnesthesiology1487650396
Robert L Ashburn TNAnesthesiology1831195742
Leena Carriere WAAnesthesiology1982600805
Robert Koorn CTAnesthesiology1790781615
Roger L Lallemand NYAnesthesiology1063418986
Richang Xia NYAnesthesiology1699771519
Maria Zapantis NYAnesthesiology1407852320
Raul A. Castillo AZAnesthesiology1770589699
Joel E. Colley AZAnesthesiology1487650305
Tammy Chung NYAnesthesiology1730185653
John Iammatteo NYAnesthesiology1376549295
Deborah M Barron VAAnesthesiology1265438055
John Martinucci NYAnesthesiology1023014826
Bruce Cahill AZAnesthesiology1841296647
Jeffrey Cantele NYAnesthesiology1356347157
Dariusz W Rudz NYAnesthesiology1265438063
John Dicapua NYAnesthesiology1275539082
Patricia Loi Yeh NYAnesthesiology1801892617
Esther M Yun-huh NYAnesthesiology1083610893
Michael Edward Zelman NYAnesthesiology1356347173
David England AZAnesthesiology1689670408
Fariba Faghih NYAnesthesiology1841296662
Madalina Gecui NYAnesthesiology1992701726
Scott Keschner NYAnesthesiology1568468254
Joseph Marino NYAnesthesiology1730185422
Jay S Fineman PAAnesthesiology1376549063
Steven Stein NYAnesthesiology1568468262
David Abrahams NYAnesthesiology1083610786
Glen Fleischhacker NYAnesthesiology1871599597
James Walsh NYAnesthesiology1255337986
David Kies AZAnesthesiology1427054154
Benson Wu NYAnesthesiology1699771329
Steven Reichbach NYAnesthesiology1477559110
Skye Mcdonald AZAnesthesiology1073519617
Harriet Mcfadden AZAnesthesiology1518963156
Gerald Mcnally AZAnesthesiology1972509511
Frank G Konchan AZAnesthesiology1942206594
Rafael Cartagena VAAnesthesiology1154327948
Dale Anderson NYAnesthesiology1972509768
James John Richter NYAnesthesiology1245236041
Lewis Parker Cason VAAnesthesiology1972509776
Christopher Riegler NYAnesthesiology1881690683
Meera Goradia NYAnesthesiology1700882537
Richard Grieco NYAnesthesiology1144226978
Charles Militana NYAnesthesiology1346246196
Leo Penzi NYAnesthesiology1295731941
Fredric Howard Goldberg PAAnesthesiology1104822857
Scott Holtz AZAnesthesiology1912903667
Maria Prudente-martocci NYAnesthesiology1285630939
Edward Sceppa NYAnesthesiology1770589426
Johns Hopkins University MDAnesthesiology1740286418
John Vincent Booth VAAnesthesiology1528064292
Kurien Thomas NYAnesthesiology1346246014
Nicholas Carras NYAnesthesiology1073519740
Lee Winter NYAnesthesiology1790781490
Richard Finn NYAnesthesiology1124024807
Lakshmi Murthy PAAnesthesiology1033115720
Howard Wulfson NYAnesthesiology1306842000
Michael Macabuhay AZAnesthesiology1841296589
James Curtis Connors OKAnesthesiology1750387395
Zia Mansoor AZAnesthesiology1013913656
Muttaa Masalkhi AZAnesthesiology1093711632
Marcelo F Rubinsky NYAnesthesiology1992701791
Rey O Villanueva NYAnesthesiology1780680595
Ketsia Dorce NYAnesthesiology1134125958
Bruce Hammerschlag NYAnesthesiology1689670416
Steven Herling NYAnesthesiology1033115860
David Kustera NYAnesthesiology1407852247
Michael Meyers NYAnesthesiology1801892658
Tai Kim NYAnesthesiology1083610877
Dominic Nardi NYAnesthesiology1235135088
Slobodan Grujic PAAnesthesiology1487650149
Michael Port NYAnesthesiology1770589442
Joseph Russo NYAnesthesiology1689670358
Cory Schneider NYAnesthesiology1306842075
Robert Alan Sloan NYAnesthesiology1265438931
Suzanne N. Escudier TXAnesthesiology1053317743
Clayton Joseph Cowan NJAnesthesiology1871599563
Robert Vitiello NYAnesthesiology1134125826
Christopher Johnstad AZAnesthesiology1609872316
Joseph Battillo NYAnesthesiology1154327864
Steven Fratello NYAnesthesiology1477559193
Anna Gregoriou NYAnesthesiology1790781524
Jonathan Hirsch NYAnesthesiology1750387585
James Palma NYAnesthesiology1750387502
Joseph Quashie NYAnesthesiology1619973369
Roland Roger Rizzi NYAnesthesiology1467458133
Charles Fisch NYAnesthesiology1831195510
Rajesh S Khona AZAnesthesiology1467458182
Jordan T Leake AZAnesthesiology1184620825
Ronald O. Roveto NYAnesthesiology1174529812
Leo A. Martin AZAnesthesiology1821094467
Farshad Lalehzarian NYAnesthesiology1366448094
William H Kidd AZAnesthesiology1184620817
Kenneth Leung NYAnesthesiology1700882438
Glen Brooks NYAnesthesiology1649276445
Christopher Campese NYAnesthesiology1467458265
Douglas Carras NYAnesthesiology1437155249
Lemonier Verdier NYAnesthesiology1326044132


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