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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James G Cormack NHAnesthesiology1508862111
Juping Bao MDAnesthesiology1023014636
Saubhagya Pahuja AZAnesthesiology1689670218
Michael Hays TNAnesthesiology1609873264
Ned Jacobson TNAnesthesiology1699772269
Jeffrey Kehler TNAnesthesiology1962409540
Mark G Kaufmann AZAnesthesiology1902802564
Mohammad J Khan AZAnesthesiology1871599431
Thuy Trong Than MDAnesthesiology1861498446
Roman Katsnelson MDAnesthesiology1861498438
Ana D Lipson FLAnesthesiology1659377224
Ahmet Husamettin Ozturk WVAnesthesiology1942206529
Anesthesia Care Group Pc Anesthesiology1629074224
Qi-hua Zeng NYAnesthesiology1922004522
Nianzu Guo NYAnesthesiology1699771287
Lale E Odekon NYAnesthesiology1972509578
Brian F. Mccabe AZAnesthesiology1497751093
Albert Kuznetsov NYAnesthesiology1427054030
John C Caprez PAAnesthesiology1144227786
Kevin Moore OHAnesthesiology1407853047
Linda Stanley Geis KYAnesthesiology1417953035
Sandra S. Sipe ALAnesthesiology1891792420
William D. Pease AKAnesthesiology1316944945
James William Mcnally ILAnesthesiology1689671216
Mark M. Tavakoli ALAnesthesiology1679570204
James Pepple MDAnesthesiology1558368191
Ibsen Perez Santini PRAnesthesiology1619974250
Robert Bart Powers INAnesthesiology1528065190
Walter Crawford TNAnesthesiology1043217623
Mohamed Elmousely NYAnesthesiology1487651063
Richard Goldmann NYAnesthesiology1194722777
Jonathan Oster NYAnesthesiology1326044272
Edita Svoren NYAnesthesiology1639175318
Natalie Wong Calhoon MOAnesthesiology1487650768
Katrina Morscher OHAnesthesiology1831195080
Gregory S Larsen COAnesthesiology1366447922
Jamie Alex Ramsay WYAnesthesiology1689670374
Vlad Frenk NYAnesthesiology1366448185
Maria J Brazil MOAnesthesiology1982600284
Robert R Groshek WIAnesthesiology1003811688
Julie A Price MDAnesthesiology1326044900
Nicholas Patchan MDAnesthesiology1154327724
Juan Omar Ali PAAnesthesiology1306842083
David Downing TXAnesthesiology1942206222
Patrick Ogbue TXAnesthesiology1912902503
Oswald Jules NYAnesthesiology1528064433
Ning-yen Yao NYAnesthesiology1790781466
Tony P Best TNAnesthesiology1407851074
Marvin L. Simons ALAnesthesiology1942206537
Forrest J Krause WIAnesthesiology1831195031
Samuel Caruthers NJAnesthesiology1225034887
Young K Lee WIAnesthesiology1720084627
Victor J Ramon TXAnesthesiology1023013828
Pang Tsui OHAnesthesiology1033114657
Adam Hom NYAnesthesiology1043216633
Seuk B Kang WIAnesthesiology1275539686
Lois W Grootwassink WIAnesthesiology1629073283
Norman Nazareth AZAnesthesiology1447256060
Jacqueline Audreymenia Powell AZAnesthesiology1134125230
George M Armendariz AZAnesthesiology1750387783
Scott Boydman FLAnesthesiology1306841986
Sergey Vladimirovich Pisklakov NYAnesthesiology1659377026
John C Dalton TNAnesthesiology1932104528
Mark S. Nemiroff NJAnesthesiology1659377349
Grace Brown OHAnesthesiology1083610372
George Sara AZAnesthesiology1518964113
Ifteqar Syed TXAnesthesiology1518963081
Sheryl Walker SCAnesthesiology1689670945
Antonio F Chavez TXAnesthesiology1326044785
Gutti Parvathi Rao PAAnesthesiology1184620346
Robert Laporta NYAnesthesiology1578569349
Fred A Liebowitz FLAnesthesiology1801892633
Jonathan Daniel Leiderman NYAnesthesiology1083610281
Stephen I. Gates TXAnesthesiology1902802697
Christopher Grantham AZAnesthesiology1598761363
Rhonda L. Nieto AZAnesthesiology1093711624
Alan Strobel NYAnesthesiology1386640043
Ting-ing Tsai TXAnesthesiology1225034382
Matthew J Furman COAnesthesiology1013913813
Lawrence S Gorfine FLAnesthesiology1225034630
Douglas G Maclear FLAnesthesiology1851397178
David A Reimers ILAnesthesiology1184620544
Frederick Wagner ILAnesthesiology1770589053
Alan Snyder AZAnesthesiology1902803505
Steven W Fujihara AZAnesthesiology1306842166
Abraham Ross PAAnesthesiology1699771808
Robert J. Berens AZAnesthesiology1891791653
Marisol Garcia NYAnesthesiology1861498941
Leonid G Liptsen COAnesthesiology1861498479
Edwin P. Kezar ALAnesthesiology1174529176
Gordon Wayne Lewis ALAnesthesiology1770589780
Lajuana S. Logan ALAnesthesiology1831195718
James Alan Hale ALAnesthesiology1962408096
William O. Fitzpatrick ALAnesthesiology1891791992
Paul F. Elliott ALAnesthesiology1053317271
Anthony B. Cook ALAnesthesiology1710982244
Robin Kim Conner ALAnesthesiology1295730711
John C. Bullington ALAnesthesiology1588669162
Paul M. Nagrodzki ALAnesthesiology1477559318
James G. Rudulph ALAnesthesiology1205832870
Abraham Schuster ALAnesthesiology1982600565
Lisa Makrides NYAnesthesiology1508861014
Robert Morris Coon OKAnesthesiology1518962265
Khushvant Bhola AZAnesthesiology1265438220
Randall S. Prust AZAnesthesiology1033116611
Matthew V Bellew PAAnesthesiology1215933999
Felix I Kremer PAAnesthesiology1023014792
Louis John Berges PAAnesthesiology1417952987
John Andrus Depasse TXAnesthesiology1386640654
Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital, L.l.c. Anesthesiology1033628243
Waterside Anesthesia Services, Inc. FLAnesthesiology1083619829
Laurence Clayton Roberts TXAnesthesiology1194720995
Munish Loomba KYAnesthesiology1679579817
Juan Antonio Manzanilla Deguzman NYAnesthesiology1457357535
Gary B Buck NJAnesthesiology1427054253
Ravinder Reddy Cheruku NYAnesthesiology1265438311
Phillip Edward Green TNAnesthesiology1639175037
Benjamin Miller KYAnesthesiology1548266927
John Vincent Booth VAAnesthesiology1528064292
Jay P Baker MOAnesthesiology1972509974
Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Inc Anesthesiology1710983085
Habersham Pro care Anesthesia Anesthesiology1760956551
Timothy Dowd NJAnesthesiology1598762171
Alec Hovagim AZAnesthesiology1225034002
Ernest Rudolph Anders AZAnesthesiology1326044355
Richard Finn NYAnesthesiology1124024807
Lloyd David Biby ORAnesthesiology1194722785
Huijun Shi MDAnesthesiology1376540922
Jim Sponaugle OHAnesthesiology1093712648
Neeraj Verma MDAnesthesiology1245237890
Melanie Jeanne Alo TXAnesthesiology1689671240
John J Bianrosa PAAnesthesiology1396742995
Harry Bart Smeltz PAAnesthesiology1114924719
Robert Meeks AZAnesthesiology1538166145
Terry David Krekorian CAAnesthesiology1396742813
Vimlesh K Anisetti NJAnesthesiology1902803455
Paul Lipson TNAnesthesiology1538166087
Than Than Aye NYAnesthesiology1083611537
Semen Avshalumov NYAnesthesiology1437156981
Moin Shah Saiyed VAAnesthesiology1336146885
Peter Bennardo NYAnesthesiology1497752950
Son Dao MDAnesthesiology1346247772
Paul Seitz TNAnesthesiology1508863937
Chandrakant B. Patel AZAnesthesiology1871590216
Bobby Johnson MDAnesthesiology1598762932
Kita D. Patel AZAnesthesiology1225035660
Robert Lang Kranz OKAnesthesiology1770580110
Mariam Doss NYAnesthesiology1760489108
Robert Gasalberti NYAnesthesiology1346247780
Bing Du NJAnesthesiology1912904434
Sitalakshmi Elango NJAnesthesiology1821095340
Waheed K Eraky NJAnesthesiology1649277161
Warren David Carel PAAnesthesiology1467459982
Michael H Flashburg NJAnesthesiology1093712515
Susan R Friedman NJAnesthesiology1902803422
John F Cooney FLAnesthesiology1548267065
Kenneth Allen Richman PAAnesthesiology1366449886
Allen Jay Schwalb PAAnesthesiology1629075148
Keiron W Greaves NJAnesthesiology1447257969
Thomas Peyton Harrison VAAnesthesiology1265439780
Roberto V Lopez VAAnesthesiology1700883220
Babatunji O Omotoso NJAnesthesiology1336146851
Timothy O Stanley VAAnesthesiology1154328672
Vijaya Para NJAnesthesiology1699772111
John Tibbs Summers VAAnesthesiology1871590398
Jason T Vigue VAAnesthesiology1407853922
Lourdes Bondoc NYAnesthesiology1851398325
Adil Nuri Ozkan AZAnesthesiology1306843891
Robert Riedel TNAnesthesiology1679570162
William Rodes TNAnesthesiology1003813593
John Slavik TNAnesthesiology1225035686
Phillip Jones TNAnesthesiology1295732659
Charles R Smith INAnesthesiology1629075080
Kathryn P Killman TNAnesthesiology1972500411
Carlos Alcala NYAnesthesiology1023015575
Indra A Anandasabapathy NYAnesthesiology1649277195
Todd Lebleu TNAnesthesiology1467459917
Paul Yamaguchi AZAnesthesiology1023015534
Robert James Yeamans AZAnesthesiology1194722504
Carlos Javier Campos-lopez TXAnesthesiology1164429577
Joanne E Backofen TNAnesthesiology1114924537
Joseph Desena NYAnesthesiology1104823525
Camille Marie Colomb TXAnesthesiology1790782118
Anurag Bhatia NYAnesthesiology1699772160
Mark Pelerossi TNAnesthesiology1053318527
Robert Yale Gumnit NJAnesthesiology1902803471
James W Menzie TNAnesthesiology1548267016
Laura J Yard FLAnesthesiology1487651964
David Petcu TNAnesthesiology1528065018
Paul F Del Giudice NHAnesthesiology1508863093
John Price TNAnesthesiology1235136722
Robert Shupak AZAnesthesiology1619974110
Soheil Goravanchi NVAnesthesiology1154328656
Arthur Runyon-hass TNAnesthesiology1235136730
John Robert Kidd NVAnesthesiology1598762098
Mavis Shure AZAnesthesiology1689671182
Reginald Darnell Foy PAAnesthesiology1306843800
Ronald Hope Foote NVAnesthesiology1942207444
Selwyn A Kidney NVAnesthesiology1760489264
Stephen Santi TNAnesthesiology1104823616


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