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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Matthew L Dalton NYAnesthesiology1447254156
Bhaskara R Davuluri NYAnesthesiology1700880416
Michael P Duffy NYAnesthesiology1255335964
John I Gerson NYAnesthesiology1346244068
Cyriac T Joseph NYAnesthesiology1336143056
Venkatarao Kamani NYAnesthesiology1063416782
Deborah D Luthringer NYAnesthesiology1508860222
Timothy E Mccall NYAnesthesiology1144224866
Lori A. Lee NYAnesthesiology1811991573
Ethan A Stein VAAnesthesiology1891799458
Mark C Stoltzfus VAAnesthesiology1063416626
James Walter Stone VAAnesthesiology1316941974
Joseph M Gaffney NYAnesthesiology1124022793
Rashid A Khan NYAnesthesiology1942204516
John C Burelbach WIAnesthesiology1316941982
Helen U. Lim WAAnesthesiology1023012606
Kelly A. Mcginnis WAAnesthesiology1619971298
Douglass K Williams WAAnesthesiology1235133828
Andrew M Elizaga WAAnesthesiology1093719684
Mark Flanery WAAnesthesiology1255335840
Tinh C. Lam WAAnesthesiology1356345953
Jonathan D Moceri WAAnesthesiology1891799409
Amber Lynne Stein VAAnesthesiology1275537888
William Christian Wood VAAnesthesiology1174527709
Christopher D. Emerson OKAnesthesiology1790789337
Roxanne Bauman WAAnesthesiology1376547984
Laurie Heuermann WAAnesthesiology1881698405
Alan M Bolash VAAnesthesiology1639171994
Phillip Capozzi NYAnesthesiology1871597765
Charles Edward Anderson CAAnesthesiology1386646347
Brian Janssen TXAnesthesiology1184626145
Daniel Laidley TXAnesthesiology1548262595
Nancy L. Burandt KYAnesthesiology1528060779
Zoran Stancic WIAnesthesiology1538163316
Joon Yoon WIAnesthesiology1023012689
Stephen E Carlisle WIAnesthesiology1114921715
Richard A Olson WIAnesthesiology1023010378
David Kim VAAnesthesiology1023012713
H.a. Tillmann Hein TXAnesthesiology1275537151
Anne O'brien Wilhite VAAnesthesiology1912901596
Steven Dee Waldman MOAnesthesiology1205830270
Lester Alan Zuckerman MDAnesthesiology1811999196
Irwin John Isaacs NMAnesthesiology1942202205
Andrzej Zembrzuski NJAnesthesiology1700888054
Scott Eric Rosenthal PAAnesthesiology1861494023
Patrick H Waring LAAnesthesiology1346244019
Robin N Hermes NMAnesthesiology1467454744
Jie Zhou NJAnesthesiology1154323491
Mark Cancemi TXAnesthesiology1235131459
William Chad Conner TXAnesthesiology1659375996
James L Dirting TXAnesthesiology1164426409
Mark Alan Greenfield KSAnesthesiology1356343529
Jacqueline A Proper WIAnesthesiology1457353641
Francisco G Judilla FLAnesthesiology1174527972
Pamela J Bundy WAAnesthesiology1295739829
E. Karl Ventre LAAnesthesiology1194729640
Robert Richard Panten VAAnesthesiology1013911742
Meredith Craig Pinsker VAAnesthesiology1184628810
Gita Trikha Prakash VAAnesthesiology1164426805
Jeffrey N Rubin NMAnesthesiology1487658126
Jennifer L Kirsch WIAnesthesiology1194729848
Dennis Wayne Morris OKAnesthesiology1801890363
Mack W Griffith TNAnesthesiology1487658951
Richard A Hughes CTAnesthesiology1013911585
James P Murphy WAAnesthesiology1477557965
John F Martig WAAnesthesiology1720082225
Matthew Barton WAAnesthesiology1528062031
Daniel A Whalen WAAnesthesiology1861496374
Thomas Job Mukkada IAAnesthesiology1518961036
Shashikant Chhabildas Sanghvi IAAnesthesiology1407850928
Ali Afrassiabi WAAnesthesiology1760486286
Kuriakose Varkey Thekkaniyill IAAnesthesiology1023012549
Stanford T Prescott WAAnesthesiology1174527600
Fayzel S Lee WAAnesthesiology1164426698
Nolana C Bell WAAnesthesiology1215931746
Mark E Hunt WAAnesthesiology1386648814
Charity Marcy Wertz Thomas VAAnesthesiology1285638726
Nancy G Lillehei WAAnesthesiology1639173172
James Weller OHAnesthesiology1528062064
Alfa Garcia WAAnesthesiology1366446700
Mahmud Ali TXAnesthesiology1063416402
Rosario P Fernando NJAnesthesiology1437153897
Prabhakara Amuluru NJAnesthesiology1184629511
Mark Badach NJAnesthesiology1801891239
Jobst Gebhard Blum OKAnesthesiology1427053859
Irina Alekseyeva NYAnesthesiology1093719478
Delphy F De Falcis PAAnesthesiology1629072012
Zaher Mohammad Said Hashemi NJAnesthesiology1356345755
Henry C. Wong PAAnesthesiology1598769994
Shamim Iqbal NJAnesthesiology1871597245
Avani Sheth OKAnesthesiology1780688150
William A Hughes WAAnesthesiology1699779082
Jeffrey J Anderegg WIAnesthesiology1982608352
Calla Marie Bassett NYAnesthesiology1841294253
Zorayda M Lee-llacer MDAnesthesiology1679577092
Michael Dicioccio OHAnesthesiology1639174097
Irene E Lipinski FLAnesthesiology1831194166
William Mccaleb TXAnesthesiology1851396113
William Fritz PAAnesthesiology1629073069
Mauricio Mejia COAnesthesiology1093710352
Michael Allison TXAnesthesiology1336144724
James Mcdonnell VAAnesthesiology1962407304
Thomas Javorsky OHAnesthesiology1104821578
Maureen T Luby TXAnesthesiology1184629438
Jonathan Ascher NYAnesthesiology1881699148
Winston Mascarenhas TXAnesthesiology1699770958
Cindy W. Hughes NYAnesthesiology1073518346
Young-ju Kwon NYAnesthesiology1790780062
Bernard Hein GAAnesthesiology1104821594
Robert W Allen MOAnesthesiology1780689182
John Noel Morley NYAnesthesiology1164427514
John Quincy Adams TXAnesthesiology1780689133
Stephen Hirschfeld OHAnesthesiology1952306326
Paul Korytkowski OHAnesthesiology1528063906
Mark Landt OHAnesthesiology1477558856
Linda J Algra MOAnesthesiology1568467959
Shuaib Akhtar NJAnesthesiology1639174030
Patrick A. Fantauzzi NYAnesthesiology1962407213
Douglas Regula OHAnesthesiology1316942733
John D Kepler FLAnesthesiology1437154754
Joseph Kirk OHAnesthesiology1851396188
Thomas Lee OHAnesthesiology1760487094
Alan D Almengual FLAnesthesiology1639174964
Michael Loboda OHAnesthesiology1538164934
Robert L. Eberle NYAnesthesiology1962407205
Wilson C. Beamer TNAnesthesiology1821093170
Sidney Veitch NYAnesthesiology1366447666
Jerald Darvishzadeh NYAnesthesiology1285639591
Grace Forde NYAnesthesiology1508861816
Lilya Garber NYAnesthesiology1215932421
Ashish Goel NYAnesthesiology1740285964
Barbara O'byrne WAAnesthesiology1346245578
Charles Sessions TXAnesthesiology1851396097
Seshadri Mudumbai CAAnesthesiology1760487052
Leo Vigne NYAnesthesiology1982609285
Sakina Rangwala NYAnesthesiology1386649689
Rudy Neptune NYAnesthesiology1487659777
Mihai Olteanu NYAnesthesiology1649275942
William T. Delaney NYAnesthesiology1356346654
Rommel G. Lozada NYAnesthesiology1881699189
Lisa Williams-busillo NYAnesthesiology1871598177
Henry Chuo NYAnesthesiology1205831500
Romeo V. Roque NYAnesthesiology1710982020
Paul Dumitrescu NYAnesthesiology1447255757
Donald Edward Arnold MOAnesthesiology1629073820
Jeffrey Evan Faaberg SCAnesthesiology1760487870
Peter Walling TXAnesthesiology1255336426
Robert J Samuelson TXAnesthesiology1508861725
Jon L Richards WAAnesthesiology1144225376
George Antoun Farhat TXAnesthesiology1942205067
Kalpana B Dhanak WIAnesthesiology1851396048
Jay Bennett Androphy MOAnesthesiology1831194034
Andrew M Barnett MOAnesthesiology1932104130
James E O'neill NYAnesthesiology1568467694
James L Mostrom NYAnesthesiology1568467488
Soon P Park NYAnesthesiology1598760423
Donald Mitchell TXAnesthesiology1861497794
David H Rebuck NYAnesthesiology1932104866
Gary Martinovsky CAAnesthesiology1750386686
Robert M Forstot MOAnesthesiology1740285683
James J Gibbons MOAnesthesiology1477558310
Donna J Holzum MOAnesthesiology1386649226
Thomas G Johans MOAnesthesiology1194720037
Chess D Johns MOAnesthesiology1912902859
Jane E Kosa MOAnesthesiology1821093766
Keith S Krummenacher MOAnesthesiology1275538118
Matthew A Linsenbardt MOAnesthesiology1902801855
Brian T Mckenna MOAnesthesiology1801891759
Rajender Varakantam NYAnesthesiology1528063476
Timothy G Caudill WAAnesthesiology1720083686
Timothy C Gleeson WAAnesthesiology1457356313
Theodore P Skaarup WAAnesthesiology1275538134
Laurence M. May LAAnesthesiology1083619944
Kurt J Schlicker WAAnesthesiology1619972577
Rodrigo A Covarrubias CAAnesthesiology1639174501
King Ong Lai TXAnesthesiology1396740304
Fawad H Walajahi ARAnesthesiology1053316067
Jeffrey S Bryles ARAnesthesiology1497750418
Thomas J Delaney VAAnesthesiology1225033269
Barry D Amos NCAnesthesiology1043215080
Sean L Elliott MOAnesthesiology1134124076
Eric L Trachtenberg NYAnesthesiology1306841242
Hieu H Le TXAnesthesiology1851396790
Christopher Erkmann MOAnesthesiology1295730133
Felix J Fernandes WIAnesthesiology1669477634
Mirabelle Reyes KYAnesthesiology1871598920
Jeffrey Bennie TNAnesthesiology1316942469
David D Alfery TNAnesthesiology1063417103
Paul S Chipley NCAnesthesiology1417952474
Ramses S Nashed FLAnesthesiology1043215007
Christopher A Dixon NCAnesthesiology1366447344
Timothy Zboril TXAnesthesiology1740285816
Tadeusz Dziadek TXAnesthesiology1427053412
Thomas D Gillock OKAnesthesiology1952306946
Ferdinand K Samuel ARAnesthesiology1174528186
Frederick Andrew Abele MOAnesthesiology1346245354
Judson Holt Evans NCAnesthesiology1699770677
Charles Michael Hahn NCAnesthesiology1578568457
Gregory G Hall NCAnesthesiology1184629065
Dwight Douglas Davidson NCAnesthesiology1245235217


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