Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victor Allen Chin 35802, ALAnesthesiology1952437345
John Harrison Irons 35243, ALAnesthesiology1578822904
Erin Dodd Morella 35243, ALAnesthesiology1336403716
Michael R. Barlow 35473, ALAnesthesiology1982601423
Robert W Nesbitt Md Pc 35205, ALAnesthesiology1588731269
Justin Alexander Taylor 37129, ALAnesthesiology1447510755
Rishi Kumar Gupta 55447, ALAnesthesiology1285993642
Vijal Neil Patel 30342, ALAnesthesiology1962847558
Colby R Duckett 35903, ALAnesthesiology1518378983
Michael Chestnut 29615, ALAnesthesiology1093150229
Justin M. Jackson 30084, ALAnesthesiology1417216375
Susan M Smith 53066, ALAnesthesiology1740444850
Meeta Sheth 72211, ALAnesthesiology1154359131
Haley Fuller 40202, ALAnesthesiology1548603095
John Hebbard 35233, ALAnesthesiology1972981264
Christopher Maranto 72205, ALAnesthesiology1881080091
Evan John Van Peursem 31419, ALAnesthesiology1619363561
Seth Andrew Macmahon 33880, ALAnesthesiology1992123590
Matthew D. Kimball 35150, ALAnesthesiology1548437718
Ryan William Dworaczyk 80033, ALAnesthesiology1851710271
Jason P Skelley 35209, ALAnesthesiology1033554977
Cara M Bevinetto 70121, ALAnesthesiology1902240542
Arpan J. Patel 35243, ALAnesthesiology1578881306
Jordan Clay Parker 35243, ALAnesthesiology1962896928
David Flatt 30501, ALAnesthesiology1053774588
Melton Ambrose 35801, ALAnesthesiology1922462712
Sara Anne Lester 35243, ALAnesthesiology1053721126
Nicholas Ryan Mangnitz 36305, ALAnesthesiology1770938524
Ron Benton Pitkanen 35205, ALAnesthesiology1457677015
Ezekiel Tarrant 37403, ALAnesthesiology1457747818
Jelaina Scott 63110, ALAnesthesiology1366975922
Efosa Omonuwa Ogiamien 30012, ALAnesthesiology1245640820
Anesthesiologists Associated Pc 35211, ALAnesthesiology1396353280
Wasef Kabiruddin Muzaffar 77042, ALAnesthesiology1295170736
Michael Henry Harris 39204, ALAnesthesiology1609261700
Luke Edwin Bracke 82601, ALAnesthesiology1386899680
Erik P Hess 37232, ALAnesthesiology1518932292
Patrick Hussey 35022, ALAnesthesiology1770945487
Rachel Roberts 35205, ALAnesthesiology1821438813
Robert Wood Nesbitt 35205, ALAnesthesiology1891770855
Jeremy Clark Barlow 35205, ALAnesthesiology1669456851
Eric Jay Bray 37203, ALAnesthesiology1871577171
Ivy Creek Specialty Care 36092, ALAnesthesiology1467069070
Gut Pc 36301, ALAnesthesiology1790201903
John Jerry Marsella 36305, ALAnesthesiology1326027236
Richard H Maughon 32405, ALAnesthesiology1063559433
Hannahan Comprehensive Pain Care Pc 36330, ALAnesthesiology1972090991
Marion Sovic 35209, ALAnesthesiology1588640536
Robert L Lansden 35209, ALAnesthesiology1770561144
Charles Ivy Lee 35801, ALAnesthesiology1255310363
Britney Haynes Bowling 35801, ALAnesthesiology1548670185
Steven Clay Osborne 35801, ALAnesthesiology1003132200
Troy Elijah Mott 35801, ALAnesthesiology1548588536
Paul Douglas Mcallister 35801, ALAnesthesiology1891157087
Brad A Bawcom 35801, ALAnesthesiology1285894923
Jordan Christopher Friel 36607, ALAnesthesiology1043658164
Mathew Mccune 32547, ALAnesthesiology1457493611
Ryan F Durkin 32503, ALAnesthesiology1609034594
Cassie Kennedy Burns 36607, ALAnesthesiology1053608224
Nathan Hoaglund 32503, ALAnesthesiology1437539723
Premier Anesthesia Of Montgomery Pc 36116, ALAnesthesiology1780636233
Ryan Matthew Almeida 35249, ALAnesthesiology1225250335
Benjamin Hill Thurman 35476, ALAnesthesiology1053730010
Nwmc Winfield Physicians Llc 35594, ALAnesthesiology1366831380
Cullman County Medical Clinic Inc 35055, ALAnesthesiology1609879220
Jasper L. Booker 35209, ALAnesthesiology1194720631
Lee C. Carter 35476, ALAnesthesiology1588669048
Frederick W. Rock 35476, ALAnesthesiology1174529028
Michael H. Routman 35209, ALAnesthesiology1023014834
Sandra S. Sipe 35209, ALAnesthesiology1891792420
Mark M. Tavakoli 35209, ALAnesthesiology1679570204
Marvin L. Simons 35209, ALAnesthesiology1942206537
Gordon Wayne Lewis 35209, ALAnesthesiology1770589780
Lajuana S. Logan 35209, ALAnesthesiology1831195718
James Alan Hale 35209, ALAnesthesiology1962408096
William O. Fitzpatrick 35233, ALAnesthesiology1891791992
Paul F. Elliott 35209, ALAnesthesiology1053317271
Anthony B. Cook 35233, ALAnesthesiology1710982244
Robin Kim Conner 35209, ALAnesthesiology1295730711
Paul M. Nagrodzki 35209, ALAnesthesiology1477559318
James G. Rudulph 35209, ALAnesthesiology1205832870
Abraham Schuster 35209, ALAnesthesiology1982600565
Ether Bunny Inc 36535, ALAnesthesiology1306843305
Christopher T Lambert 36608, ALAnesthesiology1962402032
Ralph Lee Irvin 36604, ALAnesthesiology1760482111
Patricia A Boltz 36527, ALAnesthesiology1093716102
Leisa W Devenny 35401, ALAnesthesiology1265426720
Gregory J Billman 35401, ALAnesthesiology1417941972
David Theodore Verzino 35401, ALAnesthesiology1952395485
Shannon Beall 36607, ALAnesthesiology1831184084
Anesthesia Services Pc 36607, ALAnesthesiology1649265810
John A Alexander 36607, ALAnesthesiology1689669491
Ronald S Brown 36607, ALAnesthesiology1326033168
Jon Botts 36607, ALAnesthesiology1740275585
Prudence Booker 36607, ALAnesthesiology1427043272
Donald T Butts 36607, ALAnesthesiology1093700775
Cara Carney 36607, ALAnesthesiology1245225929
Matthew Cashwell 36607, ALAnesthesiology1366437055
Steven P Dale 36607, ALAnesthesiology1972598688
Elis Y Olson 35801, ALAnesthesiology1285629923
Donna Dark-mezick 36607, ALAnesthesiology1679569131
Bulent Erdemir 36607, ALAnesthesiology1275529646
Gayle S Fredere 36695, ALAnesthesiology1285620674
John Bruns 36607, ALAnesthesiology1508852922
James Daniell 36607, ALAnesthesiology1164418521
Kimberly Gilder 36607, ALAnesthesiology1710973805
Anthony Savoie 36607, ALAnesthesiology1528055134
Thomas Wolf 36607, ALAnesthesiology1457348054
Bernis A Simmons 35235, ALAnesthesiology1013904507
Peter L Hendricks 35233, ALAnesthesiology1962499459
Anesthesia Group East Pc 35235, ALAnesthesiology1124015623
La Verne Vautier 36607, ALAnesthesiology1578550646
William Trent 36607, ALAnesthesiology1730176835
Jerry L Hennig 36607, ALAnesthesiology1639165764
Phillip B Zaricor 36607, ALAnesthesiology1194712794
Andrew T. Mccammon 35249, ALAnesthesiology1023002433
Robert Hannahan 36330, ALAnesthesiology1720074818
Bart Onis Barber 35967, ALAnesthesiology1114913373
Allen Gordon Tucker 35209, ALAnesthesiology1609864149
Shawn T. Guffin 36535, ALAnesthesiology1366432007
Gregory V. Hickman 35205, ALAnesthesiology1336130467
Lucy Gravlee Chapman 35205, ALAnesthesiology1073504114
Thomas G. Cash 35205, ALAnesthesiology1497746531
John C. Shearer 35209, ALAnesthesiology1407847460
William E. Baker 35205, ALAnesthesiology1225029283
George R. Wells 35205, ALAnesthesiology1013908078
Leigh Ann Overstreet 36607, ALAnesthesiology1568453520
Don Richerson 36607, ALAnesthesiology1386635340
David L Boyer 35630, ALAnesthesiology1124009139
Charles Woodfin Patterson 36207, ALAnesthesiology1225010978
Patricia H Clokey 36207, ALAnesthesiology1073595583
Ronald L Collins 35801, ALAnesthesiology1760472708
Roddie R Gantt 35801, ALAnesthesiology1912996059
John R Roberts 35801, ALAnesthesiology1851380976
Morris L Scherlis 35801, ALAnesthesiology1851380984
Thomas Kevin Lackey 35906, ALAnesthesiology1720060247
Donald E Jones 37934, ALAnesthesiology1811988108
James R Smith 35801, ALAnesthesiology1598748469
Ronald Gildersleeve 28602, ALAnesthesiology1437133626
John T. Mcreynolds 39705, ALAnesthesiology1568446334
Larry Williams 28602, ALAnesthesiology1942284625
Gerard Schroeder 28779, ALAnesthesiology1588648273
Kathryn Clipson Jones 35233, ALAnesthesiology1972588432
Chauncey Herrington 35401, ALAnesthesiology1275518870
Sang K Pyun 35401, ALAnesthesiology1851376461
Hiroshi Smith 35401, ALAnesthesiology1992780514
David C Nixon 35401, ALAnesthesiology1093790602
Tania Predescu 35401, ALAnesthesiology1174508782
Jerral Wayne Cox 35233, ALAnesthesiology1891770376
Donald Ross Dillard 35976, ALAnesthesiology1225013311
Juan Francisco Gutierrez-mazorra 35233, ALAnesthesiology1952386021
Craig A Nordhues 36301, ALAnesthesiology1376528414
Kelly Robert Conaty 35233, ALAnesthesiology1457336596
Travis Whitmore Defreese 35233, ALAnesthesiology1477538528
Gary Winn Long 35233, ALAnesthesiology1861477887
Mark Allan Greve 35233, ALAnesthesiology1538144555
Chandra Maria Mccall 35233, ALAnesthesiology1821073859
Paty Bargeron Bryant 35233, ALAnesthesiology1336124379
Pediatric Anesthesia Associates Pc 35233, ALAnesthesiology1164407987
William H Hass 35801, ALAnesthesiology1801871637
Martin G Mondry 36535, ALAnesthesiology1881670552
Jennifer Rae Dollar 35233, ALAnesthesiology1750367371
Rodney B Gilbert 38401, ALAnesthesiology1861478026
Sandra Joann Reed 38671, ALAnesthesiology1427034610
Unal Tutak 35209, ALAnesthesiology1073599023
Mark Alan Buckmaster 35233, ALAnesthesiology1194702522
Hugh Gilbert Maddox 36201, ALAnesthesiology1073590170
Jovie N. Bridgewater 38671, ALAnesthesiology1831176973
Michael L. Foss 39530, ALAnesthesiology1518944651
Frederick D. Jones 38671, ALAnesthesiology1033196035
James Michael Barrett 35661, ALAnesthesiology1043298839
Huntsville Cardiac Anesthesia 35801, ALAnesthesiology1891773396
Eric Murray 35801, ALAnesthesiology1649258260
Matthew T Jennings 36301, ALAnesthesiology1124007091
Vernon L Pruitt 36301, ALAnesthesiology1912986886
Anesthesia Consultants Medical Group Pc 36301, ALAnesthesiology1902885874
James K York 36301, ALAnesthesiology1639158504
Michael T Flanagan 36301, ALAnesthesiology1265411136
Ralph B Fillmore 36301, ALAnesthesiology1487633368
David E Perkins 36301, ALAnesthesiology1326027202
David H Evans 36301, ALAnesthesiology1871572750
Jeffrey W Baumbach 36301, ALAnesthesiology1215916192
Bayer P Cheng 36301, ALAnesthesiology1750360640
Steven H Sykes 36301, ALAnesthesiology1043299951
James Paul Beretta 35124, ALAnesthesiology1538148291
Puli Gopal Reddy 36301, ALAnesthesiology1992784714
Jeffrey S Graham 36301, ALAnesthesiology1083693808
Paul W Johnson 36301, ALAnesthesiology1164401980
Jess Thomas Power 35801, ALAnesthesiology1124007612
Gregory Wayne Bouska 35801, ALAnesthesiology1366421851
Comprehensive Anesthesia Services Pc 35801, ALAnesthesiology1194704742
Allen S. Campbell 35801, ALAnesthesiology1093794497
Subba Rao Chenumolu 35801, ALAnesthesiology1942289343
Michael Scott Degraaff 35801, ALAnesthesiology1972582229
Charles Temple Estopinal 35801, ALAnesthesiology1962481218
Robert Jamie Clark 35801, ALAnesthesiology1164401410
Ronnie D Wiggins 36305, ALAnesthesiology1336128545
Michael H Lasecki 36607, ALAnesthesiology1437138658
William Kreschollek 36607, ALAnesthesiology1518946730
Forrest Lee Neese 36617, ALAnesthesiology1588643720


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