Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marc E Birnbaum 90027, CAAnesthesiology1184607368
Annette A Keochekian 94535, CAAnesthesiology1346226800
Michael Yuan 91505, CAAnesthesiology1851719702
Alen Ternian 90010, CAAnesthesiology1235102054
Hanh Thi Nguyen-clark 90262, CAAnesthesiology1649222308
Catherine J Payson 92037, CAAnesthesiology1225098973
Nicholas Brunger 80111, CAAnesthesiology1356755987
Marcantonio Ferrari 95608, CAAnesthesiology1740233022
Yon Yarn 93534, CAAnesthesiology1023045309
Alan T Yang 94108, CAAnesthesiology1710925169
Jamal Dawan Mustafa 91016, CAAnesthesiology1366486854
Wolbers And Poree Medical Corp 95073, CAAnesthesiology1487692158
Lawrence R Poree 95073, CAAnesthesiology1457391922
Mano Shanaa 91367, CAAnesthesiology1003857475
Bing Li 90640, CAAnesthesiology1588604144
Donavan D Spencer 95437, CAAnesthesiology1609803691
Said M. Hashemi 92123, CAAnesthesiology1245254614
Frank J Valencia 92562, CAAnesthesiology1093723678
Brandon Lucas Villarreal 91325, CAAnesthesiology1619985215
Corwyn Dean Fortner 92373, CAAnesthesiology1134154388
Surgical Anesthesia Medical Associates Inc 91748, CAAnesthesiology1104923358
Gerald M Sacks 90404, CAAnesthesiology1205906781
Kevin Bryan Stout 97128, CAAnesthesiology1356439111
Laura Ann Hastings-wood 28203, CAAnesthesiology1447344692
Vinutha Vadde 95608, CAAnesthesiology1710065388
Shiu-yi Emily Chen 90027, CAAnesthesiology1437295599
Darren F. Clair 91361, CAAnesthesiology1124196258
Ruby Shah 90095, CAAnesthesiology1437592235
David Michael Glenn 94115, CAAnesthesiology1194875229
Ernestine R Petty 90027, CAAnesthesiology1275675613
Allen George Gruber 95405, CAAnesthesiology1689747602
Sara N. Goldhaber-fiebert 94305, CAAnesthesiology1639205347
Philip Abraham Kurien 95128, CAAnesthesiology1447425194
Michael Levin, M.d., Inc. 95825, CAAnesthesiology1356543128
Michelle B. Torres 94117, CAAnesthesiology1609065135
Jonathan Bruce Geach 92354, CAAnesthesiology1881871283
Rosa Tracy Farrer-o'bryant 95630, CAAnesthesiology1841406899
Shad Misseldine 95817, CAAnesthesiology1255523213
Charlie Nahm 89148, CAAnesthesiology1033385307
Gregory Ray Faulkner 97239, CAAnesthesiology1356501266
Ilanit Brook 90027, CAAnesthesiology1407048739
Melissa Louise Ennen 94598, CAAnesthesiology1316134885
Alyssa Jeaneen Rake 90027, CAAnesthesiology1427244771
Yashar Ilkhchoui 90404, CAAnesthesiology1669799110
Iris Park Ko 95076, CAAnesthesiology1891997011
Brandon A Vannoord 92103, CAAnesthesiology1558407510
Jacob Ryan Pletcher 95116, CAAnesthesiology1801049820
Baher Boctor 92354, CAAnesthesiology1164657771
Diana H Lee 94589, CAAnesthesiology1851686828
Ryan Yoshio Swartz Suda 94609, CAAnesthesiology1518232719
Brian S. Kim 94609, CAAnesthesiology1417184805
Melissa D Mccabe 92354, CAAnesthesiology1285959718
Krystin Granger 95642, CAAnesthesiology1568779072
Lauren Ellen Knecht 84132, CAAnesthesiology1851617740
Daniel Sisti 94304, CAAnesthesiology1558658385
Mading Anesthesia Services 92610, CAAnesthesiology1083989909
An T Phan 95817, CAAnesthesiology1336465293
Jonathan Hutchins Gardes 95119, CAAnesthesiology1144472127
Candice J Williams 91206, CAAnesthesiology1346481884
Michael Keiichi Fujinaka 94063, CAAnesthesiology1598051278
Brendan Patrick Smith 98005, CAAnesthesiology1245462936
Karen Lynn Flotildes Romo 90027, CAAnesthesiology1639304512
Omar S Chowdhry 92705, CAAnesthesiology1972735074
Amalia Katerina Aleck 92103, CAAnesthesiology1467763284
Elrose Anesthesia Services Inc 91202, CAAnesthesiology1750602306
Maureen Murray Higgs 23708, CAAnesthesiology1598997793
Rafee Obaidi 85012, CAAnesthesiology1346560737
Eugene Wing-tai Wong 93534, CAAnesthesiology1144543364
Albert Phan Nguyen 92103, CAAnesthesiology1134359094
Tyler Robert Dirda 95065, CAAnesthesiology1477843373
Lena Scotto 94040, CAAnesthesiology1205138716
Tan N Trinh 78229, CAAnesthesiology1659508455
Summer Williams 37203, CAAnesthesiology1114283876
Matthew Henderson 99204, CAAnesthesiology1639438484
Jason Aaron Lau 94577, CAAnesthesiology1326205154
Lee Michael Audd 93611, CAAnesthesiology1497016653
Andrew West 91208, CAAnesthesiology1194082768
Bailor L Hardman 75390, CAAnesthesiology1013274612
Phillip James Ross 97477, CAAnesthesiology1366705063
Supreet Singh 93611, CAAnesthesiology1386906592
Christopher Fosco 93003, CAAnesthesiology1154678720
Gabriel Adam Pollock 90048, CAAnesthesiology1528300753
Ruth Kuo 90012, CAAnesthesiology1568704658
Martin Panczel Graumann 26505, CAAnesthesiology1558603944
Chester Chan 91367, CAAnesthesiology1922341114
Joshua W Wong 90012, CAAnesthesiology1255674958
Marc Alan Buren 94143, CAAnesthesiology1235472648
Susanna Kmiecik 20007, CAAnesthesiology1598109829
Marvin Guinyu Chang 02114, CAAnesthesiology1316381296
Bryan Frost 92270, CAAnesthesiology1932544004
Jessica Vaughn 90048, CAAnesthesiology1821433624
Nicole Jackman 94109, CAAnesthesiology1225371578
Ognjen Katan 95405, CAAnesthesiology1275875668
Gregory James Blair 97239, CAAnesthesiology1104269117
Michael Ishu Yang 95401, CAAnesthesiology1063665438
Kathleen Loryl Than 90027, CAAnesthesiology1659717320
Bjorn Benjamin Jensen 90027, CAAnesthesiology1710229133
Michael Kenneth Cluff 85004, CAAnesthesiology1922442169
Tuyet L Pham 68124, CAAnesthesiology1962844092
Caroline Thomas 60637, CAAnesthesiology1588058689
Sarah Neyssani 91505, CAAnesthesiology1679976260
Emmett Hughes Culligan 37203, CAAnesthesiology1164841961
Nourah Mazid 93636, CAAnesthesiology1407292329
Lucas Webb 83404, CAAnesthesiology1689933384
James Hyun-tae Kim 90404, CAAnesthesiology1275977407
Irina V Williams 94602, CAAnesthesiology1508187600
Michelle Alexandra Ge 77030, CAAnesthesiology1518306562
Neel Pandya 92503, CAAnesthesiology1255719266
Sean Mark Paschall 80111, CAAnesthesiology1982022539
Nikolai V Kolotiniuk 92037, CAAnesthesiology1326482084
Arushi Paluvoi 33176, CAAnesthesiology1760740120
Matthew Careskey 45229, CAAnesthesiology1306189618
Sandeep Raj Sabhlok 10065, CAAnesthesiology1972913689
Marc Rodriguez 02111, CAAnesthesiology1225458896
Sonya Crystal Delwadia Randazzo 27157, CAAnesthesiology1407103930
Eric Allen Ogle 85012, CAAnesthesiology1356753727
Angela Molina 95019, CAAnesthesiology1912979725
Kristin Pappas 94109, CAAnesthesiology1720323991
Sara Smith Culligan 37203, CAAnesthesiology1417377441
Andrey Victor Dykan 95608, CAAnesthesiology1356769855
Erin Mccutchen Maddy 55805, CAAnesthesiology1114260296
Brian Patrick Denton 48322, CAAnesthesiology1669815098
Peter Wingfield 92103, CAAnesthesiology1063807154
Michael Scott Carver 92354, CAAnesthesiology1255771184
Tsung Ling Tsou 92705, CAAnesthesiology1093158263
Nicholas Steven Ameln 50266, CAAnesthesiology1841533494
Alia Kattan 94305, CAAnesthesiology1073955191
Jacob R Bradshaw 85282, CAAnesthesiology1447670385
Hank Haw Sun 94602, CAAnesthesiology1427493220
Samantha Wong 91436, CAAnesthesiology1821331299
Christine Aderonke Saseun 89144, CAAnesthesiology1487067500
Oleg Turkot 21289, CAAnesthesiology1336556505
Gemayel Ahmad Lee 92126, CAAnesthesiology1265772537
Brittany Danielle Grovey 92126, CAAnesthesiology1477893261
Gordon Yungchu Chen 95616, CAAnesthesiology1508108085
Timothy Daniel Kwiecien 44195, CAAnesthesiology1780071340
Kenneth Eichenbaum 48085, CAAnesthesiology1962637892
Bradlee J. Bachar 93291, CAAnesthesiology1164711347
Jacqueline Celina Drummond-lewis 86442, CAAnesthesiology1598748923
James Harvey Jones 95817, CAAnesthesiology1871857383
Calvin Moh 90012, CAAnesthesiology1114260791
Anna Harter 93105, CAAnesthesiology1861838658
Michael J Kim, Md, Inc. 92606, CAAnesthesiology1740795079
Femah Inc A California Corporation 91754, CAAnesthesiology1518411214
Garrett S Hilt Certified Registered Nursing Anesthesia Inc 93301, CAAnesthesiology1497278949
Advanced Anesthesia Specialists A Medical Corporation 93311, CAAnesthesiology1083130553
Hullander And Mozingo Lp 93105, CAAnesthesiology1164449880
Olympic Anesthesia Partnership 90211, CAAnesthesiology1881707586
Stephen Alexander Westerhout 92868, CAAnesthesiology1679513279
Pediatric Anesthesia Associates Medical Group Inc 93636, CAAnesthesiology1558588871
Apex Anesthesia Medical Group Inc 90012, CAAnesthesiology1154572089
Marisa Kathryne Bell 90027, CAAnesthesiology1326130568
Eli Luong 90650, CAAnesthesiology1629410519
Aalap C. Shah 91754, CAAnesthesiology1194014274
Brian M Levine 92606, CAAnesthesiology1629032891
Said M Hashemi Md Inc 92123, CAAnesthesiology1386134971
Monica Chen 77030, CAAnesthesiology1952744690
Jessica Hollingsworth 92123, CAAnesthesiology1386062115
Daniel Xue 90232, CAAnesthesiology1992115471
Nancy Chin 95065, CAAnesthesiology1619947439
Alliance Anesthesia Associates Inc 91754, CAAnesthesiology1730667841
Brian F Flanagan 95608, CAAnesthesiology1225017767
Tanzeem Islam 92503, CAAnesthesiology1144636325
Medvantage Anesthesia Care Inc 91754, CAAnesthesiology1598110066
Eric William Lee 93611, CAAnesthesiology1942632542
Elena Cho 91202, CAAnesthesiology1689934655
Augusta U. Ikhisemojie, M.d., A Professional Medical Corporation 92507, CAAnesthesiology1154412963
Michael Adams Maloney 94598, CAAnesthesiology1902169634
Javid Ghandehari 90403, CAAnesthesiology1306002761
Ronnie Gandhoke 85004, CAAnesthesiology1588642656
Shawn Sikka 42754, CAAnesthesiology1366797201
Eugene W Wong Md A Medical Corporation 93534, CAAnesthesiology1285144675
Philip G Khoury Do Inc 93312, CAAnesthesiology1669909941
Premier Anesthesia Of California, Pc 95969, CAAnesthesiology1770691859
Reid Michael Peyton 98104, CAAnesthesiology1326466780
Paul George Maliakel 02115, CAAnesthesiology1497076343
Downey Industrial Medical Group, Inc. 90241, CAAnesthesiology1184194128
Jennifer Lieu-chi Harkins 33613, CAAnesthesiology1407011521
John Michael Denton 94305, CAAnesthesiology1356818504
Maggie Jennifer Chou 94305, CAAnesthesiology1598082661
Phillip H Lim 90621, CAAnesthesiology1023227154
Sukhdeep S Athwal 93721, CAAnesthesiology1598925877
Relive You Center For Advanced Pain Management 92126, CAAnesthesiology1538641857
Indu Reddy 02445, CAAnesthesiology1700205051
Advanced Pain Medical Group, Inc 91436, CAAnesthesiology1275009656
Yukiko Ree 91208, CAAnesthesiology1114214277
Adam Steven Was 48109, CAAnesthesiology1447516786
Jetson Nguyen 92592, CAAnesthesiology1790989564
Theodore E Workman 96001, CAAnesthesiology1316970031
Bryan Xiao-qiu Lee 91767, CAAnesthesiology1467512624
Bryan X Lee Md A Professional Medical Corporation 91767, CAAnesthesiology1144526773
Patricia Nwajuaku 90095, CAAnesthesiology1659690733
Ranjani Venkataramani 87106, CAAnesthesiology1477992535
Quang Duy Tran 92503, CAAnesthesiology1568801033
Inge J Tamm-daniels 80045, CAAnesthesiology1407172935
Jorge Eraclio Rocha 55455, CAAnesthesiology1134562754
Koorosh J Elihu 90034, CAAnesthesiology1023459302
Pontine Incorporated 94703, CAAnesthesiology1053757609
Onkar Judge 95231, CAAnesthesiology1184931693
Kayleigh Kaneshiro 90710, CAAnesthesiology1417341728


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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