Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Comprehensive Pain Care Medical Ctrs, Inc 90806, CAAnesthesiology1962405878
Stanley P. Sady 95817, CAAnesthesiology1235132606
Gordon Tadewaldt 96097, CAAnesthesiology1821092735
Charles Edward Anderson 92262, CAAnesthesiology1386646347
Gary Martinovsky 94115, CAAnesthesiology1750386686
Rodrigo A Covarrubias 92691, CAAnesthesiology1639174501
Hieu H Le 92610, CAAnesthesiology1851396790
Mwg Anesthesia Inc A Professional Corporation 92123, CAAnesthesiology1922489624
Julian A Gold 90048, CAAnesthesiology1275539462
Xiaochang J Chen 11373, CAAnesthesiology1619973625
Terry David Krekorian 90292, CAAnesthesiology1396742813
Peter Michael Listro 17740, CAAnesthesiology1730186065
William Dillon Craver 97470, CAAnesthesiology1346247590
Ben Shwachman 91723, CAAnesthesiology1346247335
Wade Yoshii 90048, CAAnesthesiology1457359176
Rukaiya Hamid 90048, CAAnesthesiology1710985437
Sidney Merritt 92103, CAAnesthesiology1881691772
Robert Kariger 90048, CAAnesthesiology1851398606
Jeffrey Dean Moses 90048, CAAnesthesiology1396742177
Joseph Stone 90048, CAAnesthesiology1114924990
Paul A Carlton 90048, CAAnesthesiology1659379295
Howard L Rosner 90048, CAAnesthesiology1013915669
Frank Liu 90048, CAAnesthesiology1649278243
William Rasmus 90048, CAAnesthesiology1609874114
Joseph C Chun 90006, CAAnesthesiology1104824697
Anita Mathoni 90048, CAAnesthesiology1366440885
Charles Louy 90048, CAAnesthesiology1275531717
Arnold Friedman 90048, CAAnesthesiology1174521520
Maury Barth 90048, CAAnesthesiology1801894266
David Choi 90048, CAAnesthesiology1265430623
Robert Rogers 90048, CAAnesthesiology1295733657
Ian Craig Brown 95377, CAAnesthesiology1538167903
Karen Sibert 90048, CAAnesthesiology1811995160
Alfred Jumper 90048, CAAnesthesiology1659379907
Mark Zakowski 90048, CAAnesthesiology1235137407
Bruce Chandler Baker 92055, CAAnesthesiology1508864711
Ellis Lai 90048, CAAnesthesiology1689672768
Chihjen Lee 90048, CAAnesthesiology1598763682
Stanley K Chou 90720, CAAnesthesiology1194722611
Joseph P Osterkamp 95821, CAAnesthesiology1710987631
Kip Edward Virts 95821, CAAnesthesiology1841290756
Henry H Hu 94115, CAAnesthesiology1730189614
Dayle A Imperato 95821, CAAnesthesiology1740280668
Robert Patrick Devoe 95821, CAAnesthesiology1366442147
Edward F Gunz 95821, CAAnesthesiology1508866393
Gregory G Miller 95821, CAAnesthesiology1740280577
James F Lourim 95821, CAAnesthesiology1306846886
Allen L Lechtman 92270, CAAnesthesiology1376543892
Gary A Leopold 95821, CAAnesthesiology1295735520
Paul David Martin 94304, CAAnesthesiology1851391940
Raghu Ram Katragadda 94538, CAAnesthesiology1851391833
Michael Nussbaum 92025, CAAnesthesiology1932100856
Michael Freitas Borges 95210, CAAnesthesiology1467452235
Joel A Saltzman 93636, CAAnesthesiology1235138389
Central Kentucky Interventional Pain Center, Pllc 40422, CAAnesthesiology1407855935
Marc Gipsman 92025, CAAnesthesiology1245231018
Huabao Bob Lin 92025, CAAnesthesiology1841291648
Peter Michael Lucas 92025, CAAnesthesiology1790786580
Deborah M Mitchell 92025, CAAnesthesiology1609877497
Chenggang Hu 92025, CAAnesthesiology1568463263
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAAnesthesiology1730180415
Son The Tran 92708, CAAnesthesiology1649272568
Patricia Gail Pirie 95821, CAAnesthesiology1659373124
David J Ruderman 95821, CAAnesthesiology1720080195
Paul M Weidoff 95821, CAAnesthesiology1427050830
Susanne C Roessler 95821, CAAnesthesiology1912909474
Patrick A Moore 95821, CAAnesthesiology1316949829
Young A Suk 92404, CAAnesthesiology1992797153
Malini M. Reddy 92025, CAAnesthesiology1114919255
Clayton Alexander Varga 91105, CAAnesthesiology1629060694
Eleanor Lazo 94015, CAAnesthesiology1336131317
Mark S Goldsworthy 92025, CAAnesthesiology1982696068
Richard C Engel 92025, CAAnesthesiology1790777878
Atalanta C Olito 92563, CAAnesthesiology1245222363
Chitta Thiagarajah 93534, CAAnesthesiology1982696944
Jon W Churnin 94015, CAAnesthesiology1841283892
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CAAnesthesiology1659364677
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAAnesthesiology1366435380
Thomas G Williams 92025, CAAnesthesiology1407849698
Milton David Friedman 92025, CAAnesthesiology1760475958
Franklin Jeffrey Marcus 95926, CAAnesthesiology1225021314
Ronald T Stafford 94533, CAAnesthesiology1649263526
William A Woods 92270, CAAnesthesiology1225021280
John C Chan 95350, CAAnesthesiology1508859398
Lai Bui 95821, CAAnesthesiology1073506861
Jeffrey J Saadi 94533, CAAnesthesiology1003809823
Annie Y Lau 94533, CAAnesthesiology1326031030
Mark Hilberman 94533, CAAnesthesiology1962495671
James Jaber 94533, CAAnesthesiology1629061361
Wayne Thomas Walker 94533, CAAnesthesiology1841283595
Bonita Marie Bahre 95821, CAAnesthesiology1396738829
James Vincent Allen 95821, CAAnesthesiology1639162100
Norman Glen Brooksby 95821, CAAnesthesiology1528051968
Gail A Anderson 95864, CAAnesthesiology1346233822
Lyn Swe Aye 95603, CAAnesthesiology1659364172
Steve M Hufstedler 92868, CAAnesthesiology1902899503
Andy Plisko 90602, CAAnesthesiology1295728962
Andrew Ghobrial 90095, CAAnesthesiology1174812606
Neal E Feuerman 95540, CAAnesthesiology1922090919
Paul Cattafi 92123, CAAnesthesiology1538151543
Conrad Niels Arnold 95821, CAAnesthesiology1710970223
Maninder Singh Atwal 95821, CAAnesthesiology1578556080
John Steven Barnsdale 95821, CAAnesthesiology1386637726
Charles Anthony Boudreaux 95821, CAAnesthesiology1962495325
Anthony James Brown 95821, CAAnesthesiology1770576142
Deborah Suzanne Brown 95821, CAAnesthesiology1689667057
Judi Marie Cain 95821, CAAnesthesiology1760475198
Dan W Bodily 95821, CAAnesthesiology1154314516
David Alan Cain 95821, CAAnesthesiology1366436792
Jeffrey Paul Clayton 95821, CAAnesthesiology1912991373
Diana Lewis Coleman 95821, CAAnesthesiology1629062088
Jaime Lee Dickerson 95821, CAAnesthesiology1295729515
George Muno Chu 95821, CAAnesthesiology1275527624
George Gregory Doykos 95821, CAAnesthesiology1740274067
Marie Jeanette Durbin 95821, CAAnesthesiology1659365971
Vince Anthony Dutra 95821, CAAnesthesiology1568456887
Willard Lee Frederickson 95821, CAAnesthesiology1821082140
Pierre R Lotzof 92025, CAAnesthesiology1225022502
Charles F Collins 95821, CAAnesthesiology1275527525
Marc Robin Friedman 95821, CAAnesthesiology1982698262
Gregory Mckay Cox 95821, CAAnesthesiology1477547743
Doug Eugene Crockett 95821, CAAnesthesiology1194719468
J David D'amelio 95821, CAAnesthesiology1003800376
David Leroy Downs 95821, CAAnesthesiology1265426530
Ronald Dean Hayashi 95821, CAAnesthesiology1558355677
Harold K Humphreys 95821, CAAnesthesiology1376537498
Sudhir D Joglekar 95821, CAAnesthesiology1518951631
Anthony Kai Kong 95821, CAAnesthesiology1972597094
Daniel Allen Kuiken 95821, CAAnesthesiology1235123357
Marco Scott Robin 92025, CAAnesthesiology1457345621
Kelly Ann Lenz 95821, CAAnesthesiology1053305177
Karen Louise Paddock 95821, CAAnesthesiology1306830302
Stanley Joseph Roe 95821, CAAnesthesiology1689668691
Debra Ann Transtrom 95821, CAAnesthesiology1922092972
Donal P Ryan 95821, CAAnesthesiology1689668626
John Stephen Pinson 95821, CAAnesthesiology1548254543
Sidney Joseph Modiste 95821, CAAnesthesiology1275527277
Malcolm John Mckillop 95821, CAAnesthesiology1033103049
John A Mccall 95821, CAAnesthesiology1922092956
Jennifer Bissonette Ryder 95821, CAAnesthesiology1558355594
Kenneth Soo Son 95821, CAAnesthesiology1316931363
Sandra Louise Spaulding 95821, CAAnesthesiology1689668634
Rebecca Ann Stene 95821, CAAnesthesiology1942294996
Robert Lewis Swerdlow 95821, CAAnesthesiology1396739348
George Eugene Noud 95821, CAAnesthesiology1619961604
Kelvin C Mark 95821, CAAnesthesiology1710971502
John Bernard Valdrighi 95821, CAAnesthesiology1407840317
Victor James Hough 95821, CAAnesthesiology1336133255
Thomas L Hughes 95821, CAAnesthesiology1679567598
Ritu Jain 95821, CAAnesthesiology1295729119
Stephanie A Hughes 95821, CAAnesthesiology1598759417
Robert Eric Larsen 95821, CAAnesthesiology1639163553
Brian Robert Jones 95821, CAAnesthesiology1093709917
Cheryl Lynne Lieu 95821, CAAnesthesiology1932193760
Robert Joseph Moynihan 95821, CAAnesthesiology1942294798
Vinh Lu 95821, CAAnesthesiology1386638146
Joseph S Ruccione 95821, CAAnesthesiology1871587535
Regina Ann Shaw 95821, CAAnesthesiology1710971403
Nathaniel Fenton Simon 95821, CAAnesthesiology1245224930
Wayne Keith Thorpe 95821, CAAnesthesiology1205820909
John Arthur Labia 95821, CAAnesthesiology1811981517
Henry C Walther 95821, CAAnesthesiology1346234051
Richard Alan Weiner 92590, CAAnesthesiology1851385579
Stephen Allan Mannis 95821, CAAnesthesiology1093709818
Roy Barry Rubin 95821, CAAnesthesiology1427042258
Joseph Dean Mollner 92606, CAAnesthesiology1326032145
Carl A Miller 92025, CAAnesthesiology1558355149
Richard Gordon Wright 95821, CAAnesthesiology1598759102
Brian C Rogers 92663, CAAnesthesiology1578557039
Andrew Kadar 90048, CAAnesthesiology1891789350
David Loring Estep 95821, CAAnesthesiology1881688430
James Allen Willis 95603, CAAnesthesiology1538153127
Keith Kimble 90048, CAAnesthesiology1740274216
David Raybould 95821, CAAnesthesiology1255325734
Delbert Loe Wright 95821, CAAnesthesiology1164416772
Sharon Ignarro 90048, CAAnesthesiology1689668220
Neerad Varshney 90048, CAAnesthesiology1437144912
Alan Zaentz 90048, CAAnesthesiology1396730875
Gary Eugene Cox 95821, CAAnesthesiology1538153036
Amy Irene Mortensen 92055, CAAnesthesiology1619962156
Adrienne Hervieux 90048, CAAnesthesiology1518952076
Erroll Hackner 90048, CAAnesthesiology1417941931
Joseph J Dominguez 94533, CAAnesthesiology1003801556
Ethan Harow 90048, CAAnesthesiology1548255003
Jonathan Hausman 90048, CAAnesthesiology1629063185
Calvin Cho 90048, CAAnesthesiology1154316644
Henry Huey 90048, CAAnesthesiology1376538868
Karen Butterworth 90048, CAAnesthesiology1932194339
Kevin Hsu 90048, CAAnesthesiology1962497289
David Y Tang 95821, CAAnesthesiology1992790232
Jennifer Cutler 90048, CAAnesthesiology1790770931
Robert Naruse 90048, CAAnesthesiology1730174913
Navparkash Sandhu 92103, CAAnesthesiology1689669863
Ricarda Franco 90048, CAAnesthesiology1568457703
Thomas Webb 90048, CAAnesthesiology1477548659
Evelyn Norel 90048, CAAnesthesiology1649265794
David Paul Whalen 95821, CAAnesthesiology1265427173
Glenn Tan 90048, CAAnesthesiology1063407815
Susan Allen 90048, CAAnesthesiology1841285566
Letitia Lau 90048, CAAnesthesiology1104811827


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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