Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Red Bud Clinic Corp 62278, ILAnesthesiology1083617609
James E. Probst 62864, ILAnesthesiology1194729517
Rajeswari Chintapalli 63110, ILAnesthesiology1891790689
Fred B Ginsberg 62040, ILAnesthesiology1548266935
Bruce Bing Chien 61614, ILAnesthesiology1972509743
James William Mcnally 61920, ILAnesthesiology1689671216
David A Reimers 62034, ILAnesthesiology1184620544
Frederick Wagner 62034, ILAnesthesiology1770589053
Michael D Coulson 60115, ILAnesthesiology1255338554
Satya P Manam 60115, ILAnesthesiology1497752703
Stephen J. Houde 60115, ILAnesthesiology1699772996
Anesthesia Associates, Ltd 60502, ILAnesthesiology1952308223
Eugene G Lipov 60169, ILAnesthesiology1285631374
Alex A Stanziola 60192, ILAnesthesiology1437156544
Scott E Glaser 60527, ILAnesthesiology1881691863
Nesreen Suwan 60532, ILAnesthesiology1821095936
Ahmed Elborno 60527, ILAnesthesiology1750388476
Timothy R Williams 62439, ILAnesthesiology1194723247
Valley Pain Care Centers Ltd 60115, ILAnesthesiology1194722058
John M Furry 62521, ILAnesthesiology1245237304
Gary A Magee 60010, ILAnesthesiology1306845193
Michael T Fox 60010, ILAnesthesiology1104825967
Robert L Gay 60611, ILAnesthesiology1427057298
J. Dean Feldman 60010, ILAnesthesiology1306845169
Mary Lee Fugina 60010, ILAnesthesiology1447259205
R. Guy Mc Dermott 60010, ILAnesthesiology1487653275
Edward M Atkins 60202, ILAnesthesiology1285632091
Eric J Bessonny 60010, ILAnesthesiology1336147156
Peter W Wuertz 60010, ILAnesthesiology1629077383
Yaung S Kim 60010, ILAnesthesiology1114926862
Eugene W Lee 60010, ILAnesthesiology1730188483
Bradley L Schnack 60010, ILAnesthesiology1114926870
John Ken Lee 60010, ILAnesthesiology1891794475
Frank J. Kniffen 60477, ILAnesthesiology1124027651
Town Square Anesthesia Llc 60098, ILAnesthesiology1669471017
Westlake Hospital 60160, ILAnesthesiology1417956871
Ayesha Y Ahmed 60608, ILAnesthesiology1104825108
Katrina S Duque 60608, ILAnesthesiology1275532277
Anthony O Foulen 60608, ILAnesthesiology1194724104
John E Vazquez 60608, ILAnesthesiology1972502979
Steven R Greenwald 60608, ILAnesthesiology1881693802
Venkatgiri S Mady 60608, ILAnesthesiology1952301889
Domingo I Osunero 60608, ILAnesthesiology1477553311
Matilda D Koppera 60608, ILAnesthesiology1619977428
Sanguan Sapthavee 52807, ILAnesthesiology1790785244
Prasan Chariya 61265, ILAnesthesiology1861492118
Sammy Marogil 61201, ILAnesthesiology1851391130
Hari Babu 61201, ILAnesthesiology1265432520
Im Suk Choi 61201, ILAnesthesiology1730189994
John C Hendricks 61201, ILAnesthesiology1750381935
Mohammad A Khan 60504, ILAnesthesiology1922008143
Hany M Afram 61107, ILAnesthesiology1528068699
Sudhakara P. Paruchuri 60521, ILAnesthesiology1821099854
Mounir F Banoub 62702, ILAnesthesiology1780683656
Aurea A Luzano 60608, ILAnesthesiology1972503803
Tarikere L Kumar 61201, ILAnesthesiology1093715328
Zia U Durrani 60523, ILAnesthesiology1831190719
Iwona Bobela 60098, ILAnesthesiology1710988381
James V Mendenhall 61801, ILAnesthesiology1184625766
Suchitra Surapiboonchai 60621, ILAnesthesiology1316948821
Mark A. Staudacher 60506, ILAnesthesiology1710988126
Jennifer S. Hong-surapiboonchai 60621, ILAnesthesiology1326040304
David L. Kintanar 60621, ILAnesthesiology1265434245
Khaja A. Nasaruddin 60098, ILAnesthesiology1679575658
Andrzej J. Miga 60035, ILAnesthesiology1396747374
Melissa M. Penas 60623, ILAnesthesiology1649272618
Younan H. Hamwi 60098, ILAnesthesiology1659373637
Katalin Z. Russay 60190, ILAnesthesiology1649272634
Craig R Mccloud 60115, ILAnesthesiology1689676694
James A Dionisopoulos 60115, ILAnesthesiology1205838216
David J Nowak 60115, ILAnesthesiology1114929023
Tamara Rendulic 60160, ILAnesthesiology1114929981
Rebecca A. Lim 60160, ILAnesthesiology1821090606
Oleg V. Korolev 60302, ILAnesthesiology1750383535
Jerry T Metcalf 60115, ILAnesthesiology1376545160
Hong Chan An 60622, ILAnesthesiology1083616650
Division Anesthesia Group Pc 60622, ILAnesthesiology1437151057
Michael L. Tam 60622, ILAnesthesiology1477555910
Seshadri Sadagopan 60622, ILAnesthesiology1417959909
Kevin Y. Lau 60622, ILAnesthesiology1073515581
Damon C. Green 61832, ILAnesthesiology1770585267
Eun Kyung Kim 60622, ILAnesthesiology1992707483
Phaibul Kosaphandhu 60622, ILAnesthesiology1710989207
Long K. Han 60622, ILAnesthesiology1760484257
Muhammad S. Isa 62901, ILAnesthesiology1700878600
Hyde Park Medical Specialty Group, Llc 60615, ILAnesthesiology1588656037
So J Kim 60622, ILAnesthesiology1235122201
Tim T. Luk 60302, ILAnesthesiology1356343321
Connie M Bruch-harrison 60115, ILAnesthesiology1184626194
Jeremiah L Loch 60115, ILAnesthesiology1518969526
Jangsoo Kim 60622, ILAnesthesiology1497748826
Ilya Z Kreynin 60610, ILAnesthesiology1841284627
Harrison Quanminh Le 60153, ILAnesthesiology1538153168
Brigham Anesthesia South Llc 62901, ILAnesthesiology1699769232
Jason P Seamon 49503, ILAnesthesiology1275528689
Stuart A Malafa 49503, ILAnesthesiology1730174137
Eric M. Ruocco 62220, ILAnesthesiology1457346082
Wendy Jo Sharp 41101, ILAnesthesiology1760478317
Ata U. Siddiqui 62220, ILAnesthesiology1043206618
Teresa A Simpson 62225, ILAnesthesiology1720074024
Venkateswara R Karuparthy 61201, ILAnesthesiology1891782553
Dipak T Shah 46320, ILAnesthesiology1508853979
Ramsin Benyamin 61701, ILAnesthesiology1215924410
Ramakrishna Madala 62769, ILAnesthesiology1699763433
Anatoly Lazarevich Arber 60031, ILAnesthesiology1205824836
Nancy Davis 61761, ILAnesthesiology1144217472
Frank W Dupont 60637, ILAnesthesiology1770578122
Bennett H Mccabe 60625, ILAnesthesiology1396731196
Suneela Harsoor 60521, ILAnesthesiology1326035510
Jaroslaw S Przybyl 60540, ILAnesthesiology1568459220
Steven R. Greenwald Md Sc 60617, ILAnesthesiology1710406715
Jeremy L Krock 61615, ILAnesthesiology1073501359
Stuart Hohm 62769, ILAnesthesiology1528056710
Gregory Barnett 62769, ILAnesthesiology1669460846
Frederick Gehrmann 62769, ILAnesthesiology1861480055
Brad E Higgason 62769, ILAnesthesiology1730177924
Suketu Jhaveri 62769, ILAnesthesiology1780672980
Shireen Ahmad 60611, ILAnesthesiology1932197134
Antoinette H. Appling 62769, ILAnesthesiology1760470025
John W. Link 62769, ILAnesthesiology1225026321
Michael Kovarik 62769, ILAnesthesiology1841288933
Maria Drake 62769, ILAnesthesiology1689662710
Jose G Figueroa 62769, ILAnesthesiology1750379889
Vesselin Oreshkov 62702, ILAnesthesiology1487642534
Robert Kojima 62769, ILAnesthesiology1134117229
Elizabeth Myint 62769, ILAnesthesiology1427046531
Rogelio S. Lim 62769, ILAnesthesiology1740278746
Xiaolin Wang 62769, ILAnesthesiology1326036260
Rodney C Osborn 61615, ILAnesthesiology1114916335
Brett J Wilkerson 61615, ILAnesthesiology1871582940
Jeffrey K Ketcham 61615, ILAnesthesiology1245229368
Martin J Hurd 61615, ILAnesthesiology1003805136
Cheng Chih Hsu 61615, ILAnesthesiology1659360782
Nyunt Tin 61615, ILAnesthesiology1083603179
Michael D Tiblandi 61615, ILAnesthesiology1134118235
Daniel M Cooley 61615, ILAnesthesiology1154310100
Jocelyn R Mcclain 61615, ILAnesthesiology1194714311
Christopher D Collison 61615, ILAnesthesiology1316936370
Pilar M Caballero 61615, ILAnesthesiology1922097989
Steven C Schrader 61615, ILAnesthesiology1831188937
Herbert W Luo 61615, ILAnesthesiology1407845514
Victor D Lenzi 61615, ILAnesthesiology1649269754
Lissiamma Jacob 61615, ILAnesthesiology1306835426
Thomas F Ingersoll 61615, ILAnesthesiology1487643508
William E Hauter 61615, ILAnesthesiology1902895048
Kathleen K Crawford 61615, ILAnesthesiology1780673723
Christopher B Mccarthy 61615, ILAnesthesiology1225027220
Dennis M Bathke 61615, ILAnesthesiology1962491951
John K Kula 61615, ILAnesthesiology1124017124
Richard Wu 61615, ILAnesthesiology1700875713
Brian M Bosscher 49503, ILAnesthesiology1720078793
Anesthesia Assoc Of Northeast Illinois 60477, ILAnesthesiology1992795892
Frank A Radosevich 61615, ILAnesthesiology1073503702
Neal W Rudy 61615, ILAnesthesiology1295725935
Timothy J Rice 61615, ILAnesthesiology1780674424
John A Becker 61615, ILAnesthesiology1477543106
Mohamed S Afifi 60611, ILAnesthesiology1922098524
Khalid Malik 60612, ILAnesthesiology1881684231
Ronald Peter Oberfoell 61103, ILAnesthesiology1760472898
Bradley D Riley 49503, ILAnesthesiology1912988023
Sudershan Saxena M.d.s.c. 60463, ILAnesthesiology1265413181
Sudershan D Saxena 60463, ILAnesthesiology1356322820
Horner Chen 60450, ILAnesthesiology1144201518
Daniela Violeta Orza 60612, ILAnesthesiology1861473225
Florin M Orza 55455, ILAnesthesiology1215918685
Keith Ruskin 60637, ILAnesthesiology1972586303
Steven K Schell 61615, ILAnesthesiology1578553251
Mary Ann Figel 60625, ILAnesthesiology1972593184
Kelli T Sekulovich 60540, ILAnesthesiology1730442773
A Ghafoor Baha 61615, ILAnesthesiology1134118128
John D Marshall 61615, ILAnesthesiology1144219171
Cristina Barboi 60612, ILAnesthesiology1053394015
Ryan A Peters 49503, ILAnesthesiology1205819059
Safwat Sharobeem 60523, ILAnesthesiology1518941780
J. Romaine Roberts 60642, ILAnesthesiology1376528802
Aaron W Ziegler 49503, ILAnesthesiology1194700963
Sleepers Anesthesia Service, Pc 61434, ILAnesthesiology1174508980
Randa M Sawan 60540, ILAnesthesiology1699750406
Charles G Bishop 62034, ILAnesthesiology1629053459
Steven A Roodman 62959, ILAnesthesiology1720064439
Granite City Clinic Corp 62040, ILAnesthesiology1003892464
Tian Bin Feng 61701, ILAnesthesiology1720064736
Bruce Chandler 61701, ILAnesthesiology1952387987
Thomas Bernhardt 61701, ILAnesthesiology1992781934
Daniel U Kim 61701, ILAnesthesiology1942286976
Edmund Ligman 61701, ILAnesthesiology1194701128
Robert A Kolodziejczyk 61701, ILAnesthesiology1538145396
Debbie Booton Bailey 61701, ILAnesthesiology1356327118
Sabita Reddy 61761, ILAnesthesiology1104802966
Ji Li 61701, ILAnesthesiology1558347310
John Han 61701, ILAnesthesiology1376529131
William H Thom 62206, ILAnesthesiology1225015456
Associated Anesthesiologists Of Decatur 62526, ILAnesthesiology1255319653
Oluwatosin Oladipupo 62526, ILAnesthesiology1891773289
William Albert Frame 62526, ILAnesthesiology1326026709
Dale P Ostrander 62526, ILAnesthesiology1417935800
Kevin M Henry 61614, ILAnesthesiology1063490183
Edward C Schuessler 62220, ILAnesthesiology1811976707
Joanne A Michaelson 61201, ILAnesthesiology1679552269
Joanne A Michaelson Md 61201, ILAnesthesiology1497734099


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