Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Phillip Lee Mickelsen 55746, MNAnesthesiology1518960012
Jacob E Vohs 55905, MNAnesthesiology1730543331
American Anesthesiology Of Minnesota, P.a. 55407, MNAnesthesiology1588669840
David Alan Griver 55114, MNAnesthesiology1720083405
Satkartar Ltd Llp 77901, MNAnesthesiology1922004142
Satinder Judge 77901, MNAnesthesiology1679579882
Michael Patrick Rudolph 57401, MNAnesthesiology1295732923
Mercy Hospital Of Franciscan Sisters 50662, MNAnesthesiology1154321404
Bruce W Keppen 56201, MNAnesthesiology1720089956
Doria Ciannelli 51101, MNAnesthesiology1386645455
James Gregory 55805, MNAnesthesiology1811999733
Jack Isler 51101, MNAnesthesiology1316949233
Tae Whang Kim 55455, MNAnesthesiology1396737359
Ashok C Kewalramani 85364, MNAnesthesiology1952394694
Jeffrey M Rengel 45429, MNAnesthesiology1700872629
Tim Joseph Lamer 55905, MNAnesthesiology1235126525
Denali Anesthesia, P.c. 99508, MNAnesthesiology1508854712
River Valley Anesthesia P.a. 56265, MNAnesthesiology1881684496
Intensive Medical Services Of The Siouxland 51101, MNAnesthesiology1407846033
Jeffry L Jones 55114, MNAnesthesiology1457341802
Jason Scott Johnson 55455, MNAnesthesiology1053302026
Gary A Boeke 56303, MNAnesthesiology1417948167
Craig M Doschadis 56303, MNAnesthesiology1265423925
Wayne R Jandik 56303, MNAnesthesiology1174514731
Gordon Alan Beardwood 55439, MNAnesthesiology1316938038
Philip F Boyle 56303, MNAnesthesiology1376534024
Kenneth J Farrell 55805, MNAnesthesiology1477544005
Shayne L Hogenson 56303, MNAnesthesiology1649261207
Chad M Kissela 56303, MNAnesthesiology1912998584
Todd M Kor 55905, MNAnesthesiology1437140001
Lanse C Lang 56303, MNAnesthesiology1972594547
Alan W Mcmillan 56303, MNAnesthesiology1669463139
Frank P Nellans 56303, MNAnesthesiology1992796460
Paul J Halverson 56303, MNAnesthesiology1417948753
Theodore A Peterson 56303, MNAnesthesiology1457342628
Alan D Reitz 56303, MNAnesthesiology1336130517
Craig M Johnson 56303, MNAnesthesiology1669463824
Anesthesia Associates Of St. Cloud, Ltd 56303, MNAnesthesiology1447231188
Florin M Orza 55455, MNAnesthesiology1215918685
Associated Anesthesia Providers Inc 23970, MNAnesthesiology1881676617
Mark Powell 23970, MNAnesthesiology1568444958
Cross Country Anesthesia Ltd 78624, MNAnesthesiology1457334559
Jule R Block 55387, MNAnesthesiology1104809045
John A Hill 55387, MNAnesthesiology1235112186
Kent J Forss 55387, MNAnesthesiology1992788848
Paul J Savaryn 55387, MNAnesthesiology1154304012
James M Turner 55387, MNAnesthesiology1932182540
Igor P Ostanny 55387, MNAnesthesiology1487637955
Stephen Paul Seifert 55912, MNAnesthesiology1497739262
Monica Ann Hennessy 55912, MNAnesthesiology1407831043
Brian A Hall 55905, MNAnesthesiology1508842287
Ronald J Faust 55905, MNAnesthesiology1336125624
John P Abenstein 55905, MNAnesthesiology1174509392
Philippe R Housmans 55905, MNAnesthesiology1982680963
Mark H Ereth 55905, MNAnesthesiology1568448629
Edward D Frie 55905, MNAnesthesiology1124004106
Patrick Allen Testerman 55415, MNAnesthesiology1215913280
Daniel R Brown 55905, MNAnesthesiology1801872734
William J Perkins 55905, MNAnesthesiology1134106933
David R Danielson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1477530194
Robert J Friedhoff 55905, MNAnesthesiology1023094810
Terese T. Horlocker 55905, MNAnesthesiology1073590899
Francis X Whalen 55905, MNAnesthesiology1790762458
Christopher M. Burkle 55905, MNAnesthesiology1003893769
Paula Anne Craigo 55905, MNAnesthesiology1326025925
Michelle Annette Ochs Kinney 55905, MNAnesthesiology1912984493
Steven F. Lader 55744, MNAnesthesiology1841277415
David J Cook 55905, MNAnesthesiology1578540902
Michael J Brown 55905, MNAnesthesiology1821075250
Kenneth P Scott 55905, MNAnesthesiology1356328637
Brian P Mc Glinch 55905, MNAnesthesiology1295712388
Roger E Hofer 55905, MNAnesthesiology1447237532
Toby N Weingarten 55905, MNAnesthesiology1437136595
Kent H Rehfeldt 55905, MNAnesthesiology1679550776
Edwin H Rho 55905, MNAnesthesiology1225015225
James J Lynch 55905, MNAnesthesiology1528045531
Roger D White 55905, MNAnesthesiology1942287958
David O Warner 55905, MNAnesthesiology1437136330
Timothy R Long 55905, MNAnesthesiology1457338477
Eduardo Nunes Chini 55905, MNAnesthesiology1275510117
Robert T Wilder 55905, MNAnesthesiology1033196944
Denise J Wedel 55905, MNAnesthesiology1639156508
Thomas B Comfere 55905, MNAnesthesiology1447238167
Adam K Jacob 55905, MNAnesthesiology1548248362
Christopher M Duncan 55905, MNAnesthesiology1245218155
Matthew J Ritter 55905, MNAnesthesiology1194703835
Randall Flick 55905, MNAnesthesiology1376521013
Gerard S Kamath 55905, MNAnesthesiology1003894338
Ronald A Mackenzie 55905, MNAnesthesiology1487632741
Mark A Warner 55905, MNAnesthesiology1770561987
Michael T Walsh 55905, MNAnesthesiology1003894171
Christina Maria Pabelick 55905, MNAnesthesiology1063490068
John N Melander 55905, MNAnesthesiology1871571919
Molly Mayo-hilgenberg Herr 55905, MNAnesthesiology1619955663
James R Munis 55905, MNAnesthesiology1619955739
Margaret R Weglinski 55905, MNAnesthesiology1043298169
Jukka Rasanen 55905, MNAnesthesiology1417935537
Juraj Sprung 55905, MNAnesthesiology1821076878
John C Sill 55905, MNAnesthesiology1558349506
Anne Ptaszynski 56001, MNAnesthesiology1932188992
Y S Prakash 55905, MNAnesthesiology1487633434
Mary E Warner 55905, MNAnesthesiology1003895087
Dawit T Haile 55905, MNAnesthesiology1821077843
Peter A Southorn 55905, MNAnesthesiology1538148408
Steven H Rose 55905, MNAnesthesiology1679552558
Laurence C Torsher 55905, MNAnesthesiology1972582849
Paul E Carns 55905, MNAnesthesiology1144209057
Ryan J Bortolon 55414, MNAnesthesiology1831178623
Gurinder M Vasdev 55905, MNAnesthesiology1033198684
James C Watson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1376522557
James D Hannon 55905, MNAnesthesiology1639158819
Paul E Stensrud 55905, MNAnesthesiology1174502355
Julian Richard Waggoner 56007, MNAnesthesiology1447239645
Leal G Segura 55905, MNAnesthesiology1164401378
Charles T Wass 55905, MNAnesthesiology1508845777
Edward Nicholas Grayden 56007, MNAnesthesiology1265411342
Francis T Lytle 55905, MNAnesthesiology1417936519
Katherine W Arendt 55905, MNAnesthesiology1639159452
James Russell Hebl 55905, MNAnesthesiology1811977689
Hugh M Smith 55905, MNAnesthesiology1174503759
Jeffrey J Pasternak 55905, MNAnesthesiology1871573477
Robert L Lennon 55905, MNAnesthesiology1376523985
Daniel A Diedrich 55905, MNAnesthesiology1831179530
Adam D Niesen 55905, MNAnesthesiology1780664417
Philip A Kopell 84532, MNAnesthesiology1821078486
Jack L Wilson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1407836034
Mark T Keegan 55905, MNAnesthesiology1942280581
George N Caucutt 55905, MNAnesthesiology1811977358
Daryl J Kor 55905, MNAnesthesiology1023098316
John A Dilger 55905, MNAnesthesiology1831179126
Niki Michele Dietz 55905, MNAnesthesiology1124008453
Matthew M Kumar 55905, MNAnesthesiology1720068018
Richard H Rho 55905, MNAnesthesiology1467422667
Juan N Pulido 55905, MNAnesthesiology1174593396
Steven R Rettke 55905, MNAnesthesiology1205806338
Gregory A Nuttall 55905, MNAnesthesiology1144290289
Michael E Johnson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1316917461
Gregory J Schears 55905, MNAnesthesiology1861472052
Norman E Torres 55905, MNAnesthesiology1356321541
Thomas C Sanneman 55042, MNAnesthesiology1124098181
Bhargavi Gali 55905, MNAnesthesiology1164492781
Maria Nicoleta Pasalis Psomas 55905, MNAnesthesiology1043280746
Carlos B Mantilla 55905, MNAnesthesiology1225009566
Timothy B Curry 55905, MNAnesthesiology1790755130
Beth A Elliott 55905, MNAnesthesiology1114997442
Tuhin K Roy 55905, MNAnesthesiology1922079250
David P Martin 55905, MNAnesthesiology1710958962
Matthew Duane Sunderlin 55905, MNAnesthesiology1801867411
Christopher J Jankowski 55905, MNAnesthesiology1447222807
Grant T Cravens 55905, MNAnesthesiology1184696163
Michael J Joyner 55905, MNAnesthesiology1033181953
Sandra L Kopp 55905, MNAnesthesiology1124090147
Ranjit Naran Ramji Kesha 55455, MNAnesthesiology1538131552
Tracy E Harrison 55905, MNAnesthesiology1922070705
Bradly J Narr 55905, MNAnesthesiology1063484509
Christopher A Mickelson 55404, MNAnesthesiology1881666329
Maria De Los Angeles Fritock 55905, MNAnesthesiology1447222955
David J Plevak 56001, MNAnesthesiology1073586244
Keith H Berge 55905, MNAnesthesiology1982677324
Michael N Bengough 55905, MNAnesthesiology1538132824
Robert C Chantigian 55905, MNAnesthesiology1396718714
James A Onigkeit 55905, MNAnesthesiology1881667970
William M Hooten 55905, MNAnesthesiology1164495222
William L Lanier 55905, MNAnesthesiology1366415549
James Young Findlay 55905, MNAnesthesiology1699748640
Kirstin M Erickson Wilson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1558334326
William David Mauck 55905, MNAnesthesiology1881667657
Jeffrey B Jensen 55905, MNAnesthesiology1700850294
Jason S Eldrige 55905, MNAnesthesiology1699749606
Roxann B Pike 55905, MNAnesthesiology1689649220
Kimberly P Wynd 55905, MNAnesthesiology1225002991
Peter R Wilson 55905, MNAnesthesiology1487628178
Lee A Nauss 55905, MNAnesthesiology1790759488
Shelly Lynn Barker 55066, MNAnesthesiology1447225628
John H Merideth 55387, MNAnesthesiology1316912173
Harley A Pakola 56201, MNAnesthesiology1467428102
Richard A Kacher 56201, MNAnesthesiology1336115054
John W Seifert 56201, MNAnesthesiology1205802931
Andrea L Benson 55085, MNAnesthesiology1295701027
David H Olson 56201, MNAnesthesiology1326014606
Kevin P Ronan 55905, MNAnesthesiology1316913429
Thomas N. Berscheid 55407, MNAnesthesiology1962479873
Robin F. Kunze 55407, MNAnesthesiology1356318141
Joan A. Vansloun 56601, MNAnesthesiology1528035243
Rebecca R Kuehn 55407, MNAnesthesiology1558338335
Bryce C. Beverlin 55407, MNAnesthesiology1003883927
Mitchell S. Burke 55407, MNAnesthesiology1639146459
Kevin M. Deinema 55407, MNAnesthesiology1417924234
Steven E. Dentz 55407, MNAnesthesiology1679540496
Rajarao Dwarakanath 55407, MNAnesthesiology1265409023
Nicoleta Elena Manciu 55407, MNAnesthesiology1659348340
Robert E Mcklveen 55407, MNAnesthesiology1003883703
Maurice Michael Menzel 55407, MNAnesthesiology1538136239
Mark D Nissen 55407, MNAnesthesiology1184691784
Tanya L Oyos 55407, MNAnesthesiology1790752392
David A Plut 55407, MNAnesthesiology1780651380
Candace J Sabers 55407, MNAnesthesiology1497722003
Jonathan D. Cohen 55407, MNAnesthesiology1184691867
Gary Lee Trummel 55407, MNAnesthesiology1336116987
Scott C Streckenbach 55407, MNAnesthesiology1467429001


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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