Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jazelle Campbell 15261, NYAnesthesiology1053754655
Kaitlyn Brennan 55905, NYAnesthesiology1649664939
Fareed Haddad 12208, NYAnesthesiology1770903130
Chyong-jy Joyce Liu 77030, NYAnesthesiology1548604929
Benjamin Metcalfe 84020, NYAnesthesiology1376953539
Asim-nazir Raja 77042, NYAnesthesiology1679568653
Yarnell Stillings 21014, NYAnesthesiology1336465889
Maciej Tynski 14225, NYAnesthesiology1639146343
David K Umfrey 14225, NYAnesthesiology1265469639
John K. Quinlivan 14225, NYAnesthesiology1760417414
John Charles Huebschmann 14225, NYAnesthesiology1750309977
Suresh C Sharma 14225, NYAnesthesiology1396760682
Merle N Tandoc 14225, NYAnesthesiology1164447157
Ernesto L Yu 14225, NYAnesthesiology1396764205
Leslie Ann Defranks-anain 14225, NYAnesthesiology1235227331
Michael Kreymer 14225, NYAnesthesiology1720220023
Rosa Perez 17033, NYAnesthesiology1518255231
Ronak S Shah 10029, NYAnesthesiology1427444306
Ryan H Kwon 10010, NYAnesthesiology1235239153
James E. Szalados 14621, NYAnesthesiology1194714535
Tuan Thanh Tran 14626, NYAnesthesiology1639197940
Ashraf Sabahat 14865, NYAnesthesiology1386654051
Quality Medical Management Corp 11776, NYAnesthesiology1114502606
Morgane Giordano Factor 11794, NYAnesthesiology1871988402
Mark D Weibman 12524, NYAnesthesiology1497725915
Jay R Shayevitz 11530, NYAnesthesiology1811922453
Zohra Gulnar Salahuddin 18201, NYAnesthesiology1174530745
Sudheera Kokkada Sathyanarayana 10451, NYAnesthesiology1427299445
Sunitha Vavilathota 10466, NYAnesthesiology1992083372
Razi Rahman 78759, NYAnesthesiology1912267253
Adam Jared Canter 37203, NYAnesthesiology1174889117
Tania A Cossio 12550, NYAnesthesiology1558701227
Heidi Mary Boules 06510, NYAnesthesiology1891922142
Christina Hardaway 31217, NYAnesthesiology1518354075
Divya Cherukupalli 12208, NYAnesthesiology1568742120
Phoebe Caren Levine Kushner 11803, NYAnesthesiology1114302007
Benjamin Daniel Unger 02458, NYAnesthesiology1952361180
Melinda Julia Edwards 02118, NYAnesthesiology1487151270
Tae Yeon Kim 20037, NYAnesthesiology1962865451
Joseph William Woo 11576, NYAnesthesiology1568882975
Murtaza Ali Diwan 97205, NYAnesthesiology1801192109
Dahlia Townsend 06510, NYAnesthesiology1407206055
Nicholas Waler 60637, NYAnesthesiology1265938294
Ashley Tracey Kydes 10016, NYAnesthesiology1356789887
Pooja Gupta 20010, NYAnesthesiology1801281845
Devina Omeidi Patil 33323, NYAnesthesiology1366784498
Thomas Cheriyan 30046, NYAnesthesiology1659738128
Kimmy Singh Bais 32224, NYAnesthesiology1851748545
David C Adams 46202, NYAnesthesiology1588608152
Julie Marie Smolinski 14203, NYAnesthesiology1033406244
Andrey Samodumov 75240, NYAnesthesiology1447665104
Victor Tseng 10595, NYAnesthesiology1316330418
Haitham Ibrahim Yakout Ibrahim 06510, NYAnesthesiology1205373743
Roland William Gray 37203, NYAnesthesiology1770518656
Temitayo Olokose 07111, NYAnesthesiology1730277476
Na Yang 10305, NYAnesthesiology1760644967
Daniel J Mcdole 11219, NYAnesthesiology1669632618
Moiz Siddiqui 11203, NYAnesthesiology1538423983
Richard Stuart Feltman 11229, NYAnesthesiology1033473210
Pesach Daniel Schorr 07039, NYAnesthesiology1619311800
Ivona Gostomski 21225, NYAnesthesiology1154766558
Rochelle Morgan 07039, NYAnesthesiology1245640101
David S Kang 13203, NYAnesthesiology1669739884
Valerie Ivanova 10467, NYAnesthesiology1811255706
Aleksandr Roberman 10467, NYAnesthesiology1205255155
Marc Samuel Cohen 10016, NYAnesthesiology1518300839
Miriam S Flaum 11572, NYAnesthesiology1568806602
Zoe Yen Ha 90241, NYAnesthesiology1598154486
Michael Adams Maloney 94598, NYAnesthesiology1902169634
Peter Thornhill 95404, NYAnesthesiology1982010443
Wyckoff Heights Medical Services Pc 11237, NYAnesthesiology1700824372
Usman Saleem 11426, NYAnesthesiology1225203367
Manoj Jagtiani 02111, NYAnesthesiology1255829362
Mikel Gorbea 75235, NYAnesthesiology1588071773
Julienne Nicole Echavarri 03038, NYAnesthesiology1841510971
Natalie Erin Mcdole 11238, NYAnesthesiology1235425224
Xiangtian Hu 06510, NYAnesthesiology1215213780
Dorgam Badran 13203, NYAnesthesiology1134481526
Martha Elizabeth Schuessler 11219, NYAnesthesiology1427478635
Jue Hou 10467, NYAnesthesiology1891105920
Ling Chu Yap 94143, NYAnesthesiology1376094870
Diana Rebecca Virella-saenz 10305, NYAnesthesiology1538563598
Mohamed Elmansy 07740, NYAnesthesiology1356798987
Spine And Pain Consultant, Pllc 10305, NYAnesthesiology1477792232
Bassem Saad 08103, NYAnesthesiology1942642459
Preethy Subramanian 80045, NYAnesthesiology1598113763
David George Antonio Williams 27710, NYAnesthesiology1346681392
Aliraza Dinani 56007, NYAnesthesiology1720395114
Andrew Carfield 47374, NYAnesthesiology1891102091
Grant Stephan Geisler 80111, NYAnesthesiology1538400973
David Vahedi 90027, NYAnesthesiology1992067458
Thoai An Vuong 20010, NYAnesthesiology1932580727
Claudia Viens 22603, NYAnesthesiology1073791075
David Alexander Hirsch 11229, NYAnesthesiology1811351695
Benjamin G Lippert 80045, NYAnesthesiology1134562135
Muhammad Rana 11570, NYAnesthesiology1861841959
Andrew Michael Hummel 65613, NYAnesthesiology1497063705
Monte D Wilber 77042, NYAnesthesiology1821250424
John Michael Cilnyk 14214, NYAnesthesiology1003109000
Matthew Jerome Paladino 14203, NYAnesthesiology1770725335
Siddharth Singh 90033, NYAnesthesiology1609134261
Jatuporn Meeon 17331, NYAnesthesiology1780003301
Nicole Gage 14221, NYAnesthesiology1538556816
Danna Al-hadidi 49503, NYAnesthesiology1235540436
Thomas W Croucher 14263, NYAnesthesiology1285953919
Sina Davari Farid 20678, NYAnesthesiology1386055077
Bret H. Biersbach 14220, NYAnesthesiology1689838518
Compendious Medical Care Pllc 14224, NYAnesthesiology1497379093
Aisha N. Averyhart 21218, NYAnesthesiology1720474299
Todd A Schultz 14263, NYAnesthesiology1194982322
Cyrus Tanhaee 14203, NYAnesthesiology1760829691
Huseyin Tunceroglu 14215, NYAnesthesiology1447694955
Karolina Wrzeszcz-onyenma 41240, NYAnesthesiology1568407062
Andrea Toufexis Esch 32610, NYAnesthesiology1053541813
Jennifer A Gargano 14534, NYAnesthesiology1235143421
Boev Medical, Pllc 14621, NYAnesthesiology1881052546
Anthony Eidelman 14618, NYAnesthesiology1033141643
Jaime Colon 33308, NYAnesthesiology1205877362
Sanjeev Kumar Verma 13069, NYAnesthesiology1669469912
Thomas Marino 14214, NYAnesthesiology1619322922
Jenica Ashley Jones 37203, NYAnesthesiology1063754497
David Joswick 02111, NYAnesthesiology1003857590
Sowmya Kantamneni 32610, NYAnesthesiology1184061129
Elbert Kou 91776, NYAnesthesiology1457771578
Kunal Rashmin Jardosh 92307, NYAnesthesiology1588906879
Timothy James Del Rosario 30909, NYAnesthesiology1447678412
Katelyn Anne Devine 19104, NYAnesthesiology1386006328
Long Island Neuroscience Specialists Llp 11772, NYAnesthesiology1184686222
Jenna Suffoletto 14092, NYAnesthesiology1033538343
Christopher Papadopoulos 11743, NYAnesthesiology1285079293
Tricia Fullerton 12203, NYAnesthesiology1396033130
Gt Medical Pc 11373, NYAnesthesiology1437507779
Abhishek Kumar Gupta 11794, NYAnesthesiology1154731396
Daniel Khaimov 10038, NYAnesthesiology1750545307
Sanford Medical Care, Pllc 11355, NYAnesthesiology1891163937
Arjun Tara 02114, NYAnesthesiology1740636869
Shibrah M. Jamil, Md, P.c. 11694, NYAnesthesiology1811505100
Tanzina Khan 95128, NYAnesthesiology1194959775
Gregg Matthew Szerlip 11560, NYAnesthesiology1629128780
Gs Medical Practice Pllc 11364, NYAnesthesiology1336633239
Garret Weber 10595, NYAnesthesiology1265750673
Albert Hyukjae Kwon 10595, NYAnesthesiology1942542923
Nigel Knox 10595, NYAnesthesiology1891134532
Integrated Musculoskeletal & Spine Group, Pllc 11520, NYAnesthesiology1083260806
Thomas Roy Palaia 11520, NYAnesthesiology1003233420
Robert Louis Madden 14901, NYAnesthesiology1639118342
Saeed Anwar 23805, NYAnesthesiology1518939594
Hilcias Duran-gheorghe 92354, NYAnesthesiology1477873784
Stephanie Jean-noel 08873, NYAnesthesiology1871799015
Natasa Grancaric 10032, NYAnesthesiology1346681558
Lawrence Kopsick 60612, NYAnesthesiology1043743180
Allison Michaeli 11501, NYAnesthesiology1851755797
Joseph Kim 11201, NYAnesthesiology1649633843
Joseph Martin Thomas 16506, NYAnesthesiology1245271568
Craig S. Mccoy 12401, NYAnesthesiology1104876135
Robert Michael Chuda 12401, NYAnesthesiology1518963669
Keenan Robert Richards 12401, NYAnesthesiology1508209560
Masroor A. Syed 12401, NYAnesthesiology1982620704
Susan L Behar 12401, NYAnesthesiology1356342380
Yazen G Karadsheh 12601, NYAnesthesiology1952630998
Lobsang Lhungay 12601, NYAnesthesiology1922006501
Muhammad Ali Siddiqui 12601, NYAnesthesiology1366440711
George Storer 10595, NYAnesthesiology1265723142
Sangeeta Kumaraswami 10595, NYAnesthesiology1821395583
Joey Melissa Mancuso 10595, NYAnesthesiology1386950657
Angelique Louise Nicolai 10595, NYAnesthesiology1164767208
Sarah Christine Smith 10595, NYAnesthesiology1528202454
Tahcin Ibrahim 12401, NYAnesthesiology1841243649
Debra Lederman 10595, NYAnesthesiology1063418341
Peter J Panzica 10595, NYAnesthesiology1568420156
Saman Yaghoubian 10595, NYAnesthesiology1063709616
Jeff Lianjun Xu 10595, NYAnesthesiology1316191208
Jewel Damita Alleyne 10595, NYAnesthesiology1356409841
Chester Li 10595, NYAnesthesiology1891181988
Uchenna Anthony Madubuko 10595, NYAnesthesiology1407122609
Anrew Villion 10595, NYAnesthesiology1932594009
Diana Santiago 10595, NYAnesthesiology1568469690
Alina Genis 10595, NYAnesthesiology1972999217
Wen-hui Ou 10595, NYAnesthesiology1407976251
Franklin Chiao 12601, NYAnesthesiology1851552848
Stephan Hatch 06320, NYAnesthesiology1144277609
Steven Jay Feldstein 11103, NYAnesthesiology1306885439
Gms Medical Services, P.c. 11801, NYAnesthesiology1942350343
Ivette Marcelle Hernandez Aquino 00935, NYAnesthesiology1124062724
Amany Gorgy 19140, NYAnesthesiology1770882383
Derek Joseph Atkinson 11794, NYAnesthesiology1861734337
Jaspreet Singh Toor 11795, NYAnesthesiology1437562949
Richard Finn 80909, NYAnesthesiology1124024807
Meera Goradia 20190, NYAnesthesiology1700882537
Rachel Myra Fitz 07932, NYAnesthesiology1306265673
Justin Hernandez 11237, NYAnesthesiology1396146965
Shirley Czaja 02740, NYAnesthesiology1720186380
Dg Pain Management Pc 12550, NYAnesthesiology1699312900
Jacqueline Marie Morano 60637, NYAnesthesiology1679834535
Galaxy Mudda 94602, NYAnesthesiology1942682414
Nicholas Aguanno 85259, NYAnesthesiology1568949675
Eliyahu Cooper 07901, NYAnesthesiology1316258825
North Shore Lij Anesthesiology, Pc 10549, NYAnesthesiology1417401266
Specialty Anesthesia, Pllc 10305, NYAnesthesiology1003006743
Spine And Pain Consultant, Pllc 10305, NYAnesthesiology1336643600


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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