Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mulki Giridhar Bhat 19118, NYAnesthesiology1487657656
Ani Kalfayan 11201, NYAnesthesiology1306849559
Jae W Chung 14830, NYAnesthesiology1629071840
Vahe G Naljian 11229, NYAnesthesiology1497758585
Syed M Raza 07055, NYAnesthesiology1407859572
Steven M Drexler 10549, NYAnesthesiology1427051309
Michael A Smith 06850, NYAnesthesiology1144223033
Reet Ivand 13346, NYAnesthesiology1689677452
Jin H Kim 07834, NYAnesthesiology1417950049
Arun K Agrawal 11550, NYAnesthesiology1467455048
Natividad M Caguicla-cruz 07834, NYAnesthesiology1154324713
Robert A Desimone 07834, NYAnesthesiology1932102589
Marc Yland 11790, NYAnesthesiology1477556025
Adolfo C Lamanna 07834, NYAnesthesiology1215930839
Thomas A Garibaldi 07834, NYAnesthesiology1629071279
Maggie M Ho 07834, NYAnesthesiology1073516613
Ching C Hsieh 07834, NYAnesthesiology1497758031
Yellagonga Janardhan 07834, NYAnesthesiology1912900556
Hansa Hemant Bhayani 14225, NYAnesthesiology1336142876
Hanzhou Lian 07834, NYAnesthesiology1881697290
Maria C Adragna 11040, NYAnesthesiology1417950817
Karen Cox 10003, NYAnesthesiology1871596221
Bharati S Mistry 07834, NYAnesthesiology1053314468
Horngfu Shiau 07834, NYAnesthesiology1104828474
Maryann S Panei 07834, NYAnesthesiology1447252739
Ronald Andrew Shore 07834, NYAnesthesiology1649272915
Dmitry Lembersky 10029, NYAnesthesiology1871907683
Ching Zhu 07834, NYAnesthesiology1962404202
Alexander Lozovatskiy 14830, NYAnesthesiology1780686022
Chinedu Abara 12180, NYAnesthesiology1023010212
Rinoo Vasant Shah 14845, NYAnesthesiology1477557437
David C Canfield 13215, NYAnesthesiology1336143221
Phillip Capozzi 13066, NYAnesthesiology1871597765
Soo Hurh 13215, NYAnesthesiology1295739191
Joseph Mora 13215, NYAnesthesiology1386648285
Bartholemew Natoli 13215, NYAnesthesiology1821092727
John F Piper 13215, NYAnesthesiology1902800808
David Campanile 13215, NYAnesthesiology1174527063
Kenneth F Hildreth 13215, NYAnesthesiology1770587669
Scott M Reizun 13215, NYAnesthesiology1366446262
Jeffrey Schaffel 13215, NYAnesthesiology1174527071
Craig S Reynolds 13215, NYAnesthesiology1215931142
Parwiz Gerard Joodi 10025, NYAnesthesiology1770587578
Hernando Arandia 13210, NYAnesthesiology1104820810
Judith H Benedict 13210, NYAnesthesiology1003810714
Dushyant N Bhatt 13210, NYAnesthesiology1376547083
Robert M Black 13210, NYAnesthesiology1639173347
Matthew L Dalton 13210, NYAnesthesiology1447254156
Bhaskara R Davuluri 13210, NYAnesthesiology1700880416
Michael P Duffy 13210, NYAnesthesiology1255335964
John I Gerson 13210, NYAnesthesiology1346244068
Cyriac T Joseph 13210, NYAnesthesiology1336143056
Venkatarao Kamani 13210, NYAnesthesiology1063416782
Deborah D Luthringer 13210, NYAnesthesiology1508860222
Timothy E Mccall 13210, NYAnesthesiology1144224866
Lori A. Lee 14220, NYAnesthesiology1811991573
Joseph M Gaffney 13210, NYAnesthesiology1124022793
Rashid A Khan 13210, NYAnesthesiology1942204516
Peter G Andriakos 12203, NYAnesthesiology1376547885
Katherine Bae Hourigan 12010, NYAnesthesiology1407850811
Sayed Mahmoud Bayoumy 12203, NYAnesthesiology1467456871
Zaher Mohammad Said Hashemi 07002, NYAnesthesiology1356345755
Calla Marie Bassett 12203, NYAnesthesiology1841294253
Paul Chris Chalmers 12203, NYAnesthesiology1881698207
Jonathan Ascher 10003, NYAnesthesiology1881699148
Hugh F. Jacobs 12203, NYAnesthesiology1851396121
Cindy W. Hughes 12203, NYAnesthesiology1073518346
Young-ju Kwon 10128, NYAnesthesiology1790780062
John Noel Morley 10013, NYAnesthesiology1164427514
Patrick A. Fantauzzi 12203, NYAnesthesiology1962407213
Sanjay Chaudhry 12203, NYAnesthesiology1679578918
Nimesh S. Desai 12203, NYAnesthesiology1992700231
Robert L. Eberle 12901, NYAnesthesiology1962407205
Rubin Kesner 12203, NYAnesthesiology1548265846
Sidney Veitch 10003, NYAnesthesiology1366447666
Andrzej J. Lechowicz 12203, NYAnesthesiology1083619381
Richard A. Romer 12203, NYAnesthesiology1467457770
Jerald Darvishzadeh 11580, NYAnesthesiology1285639591
Donald R. Santella 12203, NYAnesthesiology1427053735
Grace Forde 11580, NYAnesthesiology1508861816
Lance J. Wilkins 12203, NYAnesthesiology1467457671
Lilya Garber 11580, NYAnesthesiology1215932421
Ashish Goel 11042, NYAnesthesiology1740285964
Seshadri Mudumbai 10003, NYAnesthesiology1760487052
Lewis A. Glaser 12203, NYAnesthesiology1164427464
Leo Vigne 10003, NYAnesthesiology1982609285
Brian A. Mchugh 12203, NYAnesthesiology1043215346
Sakina Rangwala 12208, NYAnesthesiology1386649689
Salvatore G Vitale 10567, NYAnesthesiology1043215353
Rudy Neptune 11030, NYAnesthesiology1487659777
Mokarram H. Jafri 12203, NYAnesthesiology1467457754
Thomas M. Kennedy 12203, NYAnesthesiology1821093121
Mihai Olteanu 10940, NYAnesthesiology1649275942
William T. Delaney 12203, NYAnesthesiology1356346654
Rommel G. Lozada 12203, NYAnesthesiology1881699189
Lisa Williams-busillo 11030, NYAnesthesiology1871598177
John-patrick Python 12203, NYAnesthesiology1396740692
Henry Chuo 11580, NYAnesthesiology1205831500
Romeo V. Roque 12203, NYAnesthesiology1710982020
Paul Dumitrescu 11580, NYAnesthesiology1447255757
Derrick R. Wurl 12203, NYAnesthesiology1619972825
Arkadiy Tsyrlin 11355, NYAnesthesiology1477558609
James E O'neill 10567, NYAnesthesiology1568467694
James L Mostrom 13210, NYAnesthesiology1568467488
Soon P Park 13210, NYAnesthesiology1598760423
David H Rebuck 13210, NYAnesthesiology1932104866
Rajender Varakantam 13210, NYAnesthesiology1528063476
Eric L Trachtenberg 13210, NYAnesthesiology1306841242
Sujata V Murthy 13210, NYAnesthesiology1700881620
Marlene C Rosales 13210, NYAnesthesiology1184629016
Jonathan Singer 11580, NYAnesthesiology1912902719
Ramesh Bhalodia 13346, NYAnesthesiology1730184532
Jianming Ren 13210, NYAnesthesiology1093710899
Thangam T Malaisoodumperumal 13210, NYAnesthesiology1265437065
Maria C Ziemba 13210, NYAnesthesiology1780689570
Usha Bhalodia 13346, NYAnesthesiology1104821909
Edward A. Major 13905, NYAnesthesiology1245235753
Lisa Makrides 11042, NYAnesthesiology1508861014
Oscar Deleon-casasola 14263, NYAnesthesiology1467458851
Alan Butler 11040, NYAnesthesiology1750387148
Susan Heather Daun Regisford 10010, NYAnesthesiology1831195239
Michael Hanania 11040, NYAnesthesiology1114923455
Young Hun Kye 11375, NYAnesthesiology1669478905
David Glatt 11040, NYAnesthesiology1396741625
Ellen Kavee 11040, NYAnesthesiology1043216302
Kevin Barcohana 11040, NYAnesthesiology1316943681
James Mihalcik 10128, NYAnesthesiology1497751630
Shital Pasricha 11040, NYAnesthesiology1972509131
Bernard Milman 11040, NYAnesthesiology1285630426
Sheldon Newman 11040, NYAnesthesiology1033115282
Jacob Thomas 13210, NYAnesthesiology1063418440
Cristian Bartoc 11040, NYAnesthesiology1902802390
Brett Danzer 11040, NYAnesthesiology1215933528
Phillip Devine 11040, NYAnesthesiology1790781011
Shih-hao Fu 11355, NYAnesthesiology1245236561
Thomas Eide 11040, NYAnesthesiology1053317370
Richard Krauss 11040, NYAnesthesiology1043216310
Samuel Barst 10595, NYAnesthesiology1922004308
Mark Glick 11040, NYAnesthesiology1285630517
Jin Y Chang 14020, NYAnesthesiology1992701221
Susan Gordon 11040, NYAnesthesiology1073519302
Natalia Sudakov 11040, NYAnesthesiology1396741641
Jonathan Daniel Leiderman 11040, NYAnesthesiology1083610281
Michael Liang 11040, NYAnesthesiology1316943517
Claudio Lumermann 11040, NYAnesthesiology1336145549
Debra Lederman 11040, NYAnesthesiology1063418341
Dave Livingstone 11040, NYAnesthesiology1114923323
Natalia Livits 11375, NYAnesthesiology1558367896
Monika Malesinska 11040, NYAnesthesiology1457357675
Craig Merola 11040, NYAnesthesiology1427054659
Raymond Pesso 11040, NYAnesthesiology1114923372
Michele Hendler 11040, NYAnesthesiology1710983051
Teofilo P Recitas 11115, NYAnesthesiology1447256789
Rosemund Acquah 11040, NYAnesthesiology1134125487
Ariel Jurmann 11040, NYAnesthesiology1255337507
Hamilton Shay 11042, NYAnesthesiology1831195205
Anil S Patil 11757, NYAnesthesiology1740286111
Sergey Vladimirovich Pisklakov 10467, NYAnesthesiology1659377026
Kevin Whitrock 11040, NYAnesthesiology1316943418
Shanthamallappa Ashok 10021, NYAnesthesiology1942206081
Mathias Bruefach 10021, NYAnesthesiology1659377794
Murugesu Gajapathy 10021, NYAnesthesiology1598761678
Marisol Garcia 10021, NYAnesthesiology1861498941
Peter Walker 11030, NYAnesthesiology1982600086
Yoram Yossefy 11040, NYAnesthesiology1841296969
Juan Antonio Manzanilla Deguzman 10021, NYAnesthesiology1457357535
Lewis Stein 11234, NYAnesthesiology1306842380
Kimberly A Jackus 11103, NYAnesthesiology1558367540
Brian James Cook 11714, NYAnesthesiology1972509990
Paul P Alfano 10021, NYAnesthesiology1154327294
Michael M Amzallag 10021, NYAnesthesiology1235135377
Wayne Mitchell Cutler 10021, NYAnesthesiology1952307001
Harold Kim 11040, NYAnesthesiology1497751424
Jay Stein 11040, NYAnesthesiology1629074646
Sanjoy Joshi 11040, NYAnesthesiology1073519005
Ken Cordero 11040, NYAnesthesiology1588660583
Cory Baker 11042, NYAnesthesiology1649276643
Imelda Buenaventura 11375, NYAnesthesiology1265438261
Xiaoling Ding 11375, NYAnesthesiology1538165543
Xiaochang J Chen 11373, NYAnesthesiology1619973625
Ravinder Reddy Cheruku 10021, NYAnesthesiology1265438311
Robert Michael Chuda 10021, NYAnesthesiology1518963669
Janice Althea Francis 10021, NYAnesthesiology1336145416
Brian Keith Gingrich 10021, NYAnesthesiology1932105012
Robert Herzlich 10021, NYAnesthesiology1639175615
Conrad Cean 10026, NYAnesthesiology1659377661
Gliceria Dominguez 11375, NYAnesthesiology1154327179
Ruslan Israel 11375, NYAnesthesiology1275539207
Jay Curtin 11743, NYAnesthesiology1255337192
Gailan Feeney 11743, NYAnesthesiology1699771535
Robert Herenstein 11743, NYAnesthesiology1932105871
Joseph Mancini 11743, NYAnesthesiology1831195775
Saad Marghoob 11743, NYAnesthesiology1992701841
Richard Yau Lem 10021, NYAnesthesiology1982600839
Narendra H Majithia 10021, NYAnesthesiology1316943269
Catherine Rosemary Mcwade 10087, NYAnesthesiology1295731149
Edward Ng 10021, NYAnesthesiology1134125099
David Paul 10021, NYAnesthesiology1942206800
Carl Payne 11375, NYAnesthesiology1497751267
Piero M Caruso 10021, NYAnesthesiology1992701866


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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