Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey Francis Croy 97321, ORAnesthesiology1649299033
Paul Michael Greaves 97321, ORAnesthesiology1093734584
Albany Anesthesia Pc 97321, ORAnesthesiology1710046461
David Mcgrath Md Incorporated 97321, ORAnesthesiology1932384831
Joshua J Bondurant 95501, ORAnesthesiology1053598060
Ancillary Resources 97520, ORAnesthesiology1134540933
Joan N Becich 97520, ORAnesthesiology1730214792
Gary Lee Swanson 97520, ORAnesthesiology1811291644
Lodestone Health, Pllc 98004, ORAnesthesiology1962752378
Peggy Ann Mulcahy 97225, ORAnesthesiology1164533188
Paul David Martin 94304, ORAnesthesiology1851391940
Remix Medical, Pllc 77098, ORAnesthesiology1891207601
Alameda Anesthesia Associates Medical Group, Inc 94546, ORAnesthesiology1487602256
Warren Nelson Md, A Medical Corporation 94806, ORAnesthesiology1114109600
Lsviv Medical Pc 97330, ORAnesthesiology1487084281
Tod Tolan Md Llc 97223, ORAnesthesiology1194114314
San Pablo Anesthesiology Medical Corporation 94806, ORAnesthesiology1881642692
Agnieszka Helak 97123, ORAnesthesiology1619938453
B. Patrick Baghdikian 96150, ORAnesthesiology1053417303
Christian Alfred Eirich 94546, ORAnesthesiology1518915883
Daniel Michael Swangard 94118, ORAnesthesiology1366549602
Darrell Martin Polster 97123, ORAnesthesiology1942283676
Michelle L Schlunt 90095, ORAnesthesiology1194743161
Phuong Dai Vo 94546, ORAnesthesiology1073722336
Upasna Bhuria 95065, ORAnesthesiology1700020575
Esther Yun huh Md 97123, ORAnesthesiology1154899920
Wind River Anesthesia Consultants Inc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1720169014
David Henach Kane 97701, ORAnesthesiology1922077973
Edward J Frink 97601, ORAnesthesiology1154402451
John Darrin Wilkinson 97701, ORAnesthesiology1407897226
Shinjiro Charles Kamaya 97701, ORAnesthesiology1740507441
Rebecca T Morton Nonweiler Md Inc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1902295645
Bend Anesthesiology Group, Pc 97701, ORAnesthesiology1467400200
Anthony Joseph Wood 97701, ORAnesthesiology1043251713
Aris M Sophocles 97701, ORAnesthesiology1144547381
Benjamin Theodore Hopkins 97701, ORAnesthesiology1730120288
Blake Harrison Vanmeter 97701, ORAnesthesiology1023065257
Bradley Alan St. Clair 97701, ORAnesthesiology1942241005
Cherie Long 97701, ORAnesthesiology1902197858
Christopher Dukatz 97701, ORAnesthesiology1790170348
Edward Richard Parton 97701, ORAnesthesiology1811944325
Elizabeth Mcmahon 97701, ORAnesthesiology1265895437
Eric B Swetland 97701, ORAnesthesiology1891734273
Evan Matthew Sutton 97701, ORAnesthesiology1922373232
James Sun Demeester 97239, ORAnesthesiology1245346717
James Widmann Mahoney 97701, ORAnesthesiology1881773968
James Hargrove Powell 97701, ORAnesthesiology1942389002
Jeffrey Clark Nary 97701, ORAnesthesiology1730168766
John Meyer 97701, ORAnesthesiology1093134124
John S Vandersteen 97701, ORAnesthesiology1538203732
Julianne Stack Wimberly 97701, ORAnesthesiology1598713299
Kevin Leo Flaherty 97701, ORAnesthesiology1295782860
Lawrence Scott Letourneau 97701, ORAnesthesiology1922055433
Lori Jana Goodman 97701, ORAnesthesiology1952342545
Lucian Rustin Jones 97701, ORAnesthesiology1154362689
Maria Wilczek 97701, ORAnesthesiology1295269603
Mark Enker 97701, ORAnesthesiology1477600260
Michael Radford Freeling 97701, ORAnesthesiology1922055599
Michael Gage Wilkin 97701, ORAnesthesiology1972540805
Nicholas Charles Connolly 97701, ORAnesthesiology1770639148
Noah Caleb Heilbrun 97701, ORAnesthesiology1144464272
Randall Carl Smith 97701, ORAnesthesiology1699716423
Raymond Charles Lansing 97701, ORAnesthesiology1407803984
Richard Anthony Hanson 97701, ORAnesthesiology1376593293
Robert Joseph Craveiro 97701, ORAnesthesiology1962443556
Sara Ann Studt 97701, ORAnesthesiology1700833936
Shane Michael Regnier 97701, ORAnesthesiology1639610066
Stephen Boe 97701, ORAnesthesiology1508805193
Tim J Holmberg 97701, ORAnesthesiology1720286776
Timothy Healy Carney 97701, ORAnesthesiology1487601043
Todd Matthew Raudy 97701, ORAnesthesiology1851334437
Todd Richard Smith 97701, ORAnesthesiology1275574410
Holly Jeanne Graham 85712, ORAnesthesiology1003089319
Harvey A Abrams 97707, ORAnesthesiology1013133495
Theodore Rowe Ford 97702, ORAnesthesiology1205940830
Eric Brian Smith 97702, ORAnesthesiology1174724652
Oregon Trail Health Care 97702, ORAnesthesiology1851679583
Deschutes Pain Specialists Llc 97703, ORAnesthesiology1568083517
David Keith Sarmiento 97703, ORAnesthesiology1083657563
Jeffrey T Donaldson 97756, ORAnesthesiology1285779298
Susan C Noble, Md, Llc 97014, ORAnesthesiology1174920722
Chetco Anesthesia Services Llc 97415, ORAnesthesiology1871621623
Thomas Brand 97415, ORAnesthesiology1780640243
Susan Carla Dahlberg Noble 97014, ORAnesthesiology1720011521
Gautam Sehgal 97015, ORAnesthesiology1598830150
Naun Chang 97015, ORAnesthesiology1073607081
Amy Baxi Deroche 97015, ORAnesthesiology1538331707
Clayton Thomas Horan 97015, ORAnesthesiology1225085665
Cynthia Estes Swanson 97015, ORAnesthesiology1912167800
Daniel William Bytnar 97015, ORAnesthesiology1144317934
Jean Claire Henderson 97015, ORAnesthesiology1366480618
Jeffrey William Hill 97015, ORAnesthesiology1538272166
Katrin Ina Book 97015, ORAnesthesiology1215011333
Kenneth David Larsen 97015, ORAnesthesiology1619089778
Kenneth George Lie 97015, ORAnesthesiology1538277595
Kristina Marie Ruybalid 97015, ORAnesthesiology1285712166
Krzysztof Jacek Ostrowski 97015, ORAnesthesiology1225092505
Melvyn Goldstein 97015, ORAnesthesiology1144233669
Omar S Malik 97015, ORAnesthesiology1295998961
Philip Eugen Lund 97015, ORAnesthesiology1447322912
Ramiah Ramasubramanian 97015, ORAnesthesiology1689689366
Samuel Tzu-chian Chen 97015, ORAnesthesiology1760611941
Seth Harrison Goldberg 97015, ORAnesthesiology1801453816
Stephen R Bachhuber 97015, ORAnesthesiology1508971904
Suzanne Zurasky 97015, ORAnesthesiology1386621423
Thomas Janisse 97015, ORAnesthesiology1104029438
Yun-sheen S Liu 97015, ORAnesthesiology1245436310
Marc R Lutz 97015, ORAnesthesiology1326095654
Mark B Heinonen 97015, ORAnesthesiology1194727081
Alvin Yichieh Li 97015, ORAnesthesiology1023113149
Carol Lisensky Unitan 97015, ORAnesthesiology1417063686
Elaine Mai-te Hsu 97015, ORAnesthesiology1588750079
Mark Allen Gilbert 97015, ORAnesthesiology1477613412
Randy D. Kreps 97015, ORAnesthesiology1396859302
South Coast Anesthesia Associates Llc 97420, ORAnesthesiology1902860836
David P Frey 97420, ORAnesthesiology1639445067
Bay Group Anesthesia Services, Pc 97420, ORAnesthesiology1619920014
Bay Area Hospital District 97420, ORAnesthesiology1225016561
Betsy E Soifer 97420, ORAnesthesiology1770536708
Mark Barry May 97420, ORAnesthesiology1164475026
Merrill N Workhoven 97420, ORAnesthesiology1821041369
Ravi Chikkalingaiah Md Pc 97330, ORAnesthesiology1952343295
David Michael Mcgrath 97330, ORAnesthesiology1164459194
Kevin Cuccaro 97330, ORAnesthesiology1003937772
Ravi Chikkalingaiah 97330, ORAnesthesiology1497790190
David Howard Blatt 97330, ORAnesthesiology1497992796
Corvallis Anesthesia, Pc 97330, ORAnesthesiology1629315536
Diane M Krueger 97330, ORAnesthesiology1053332221
Kathleen Mae Hinds 97330, ORAnesthesiology1144292442
James W. Gulick 97333, ORAnesthesiology1871560722
Lindy Craft 98104, ORAnesthesiology1285028563
Randall Lee Martin 82070, ORAnesthesiology1215955885
Steven R Surrett 97401, ORAnesthesiology1811212863
Isaac Yuan 97401, ORAnesthesiology1487688529
Richard R Johnston 97401, ORAnesthesiology1841224219
Jasveen Kaur Chadha 27103, ORAnesthesiology1477080505
Robb K. Nagata, Md Pc 97401, ORAnesthesiology1902078314
Dewayne Ditto, Md Pc 97401, ORAnesthesiology1891097754
Grant M Rusin Md Pa 97401, ORAnesthesiology1801184387
Jon S Gilbert, Md 97401, ORAnesthesiology1861019267
Dewayne Edwin Ditto 97401, ORAnesthesiology1457388480
Grant M Rusin 97401, ORAnesthesiology1528139714
Jon Saxon Gilbert 97401, ORAnesthesiology1508942673
Michael Daniel Masterson 97401, ORAnesthesiology1508857004
Rebecca May Carroll 97401, ORAnesthesiology1487948238
Pax Anesthesia, Llc 97401, ORAnesthesiology1992180137
Richard Alden Mcewen 97401, ORAnesthesiology1386968303
Judith L Brown 97401, ORAnesthesiology1699766139
Lane Anesthesia Associates 97401, ORAnesthesiology1871003558
Lane Anesthesia Associates Pc 97401, ORAnesthesiology1780196162
Pain Specialists Of Oregon Pc 97401, ORAnesthesiology1760853675
Briana Nassif Amosson 97477, ORAnesthesiology1235341264
David Beardsworth 97403, ORAnesthesiology1679508147
Keith D Sumey 97403, ORAnesthesiology1295798908
Mordechai J. Bronner 97404, ORAnesthesiology1780959973
Susan K Palmer 97404, ORAnesthesiology1073527438
John C Hargrove 97405, ORAnesthesiology1144211723
Laura J Hartman 97405, ORAnesthesiology1063403830
Columbia Gorge Anesthesiology, P.c. 97031, ORAnesthesiology1629394184
Hubert A Rodriguez 97031, ORAnesthesiology1598745598
Carlos Ceballos 97220, ORAnesthesiology1396774014
Rogue Anesthesia Llc 97526, ORAnesthesiology1043248917
Robert A Montgomery 97526, ORAnesthesiology1528008562
Arlene Patrice Spertus 97527, ORAnesthesiology1275690182
Gregory Gullo Md Pc 97030, ORAnesthesiology1124105044
Nhat Quang Nguyen 97030, ORAnesthesiology1841238128
Timothy L Kelly 97030, ORAnesthesiology1992798169
Erik William Nielsen 97080, ORAnesthesiology1588747448
Timothy O. Noreuil 97080, ORAnesthesiology1144391350
Merle Dean Williamson 97086, ORAnesthesiology1467465823
Agnieszka Helak Md Pc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1164486098
Krzysztof J Ostrowski Md Pc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1437116795
Jay K Hwang 97123, ORAnesthesiology1831168178
Susan L Minson 97123, ORAnesthesiology1114988979
Wood Medical, Llc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1467608448
Matthew J. Wood , Pc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1427388172
Tuality Anesthesia Services, Llc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1508174012
Miller Anesthesia, Pc 97123, ORAnesthesiology1457770950
Bich-hang K Nguyen 97123, ORAnesthesiology1790884948
Clifford K Tsai 97123, ORAnesthesiology1891761847
Deborah L Garvey 97123, ORAnesthesiology1912968769
Eleana M Price 97123, ORAnesthesiology1801094636
Nathan J Hildebrant 97123, ORAnesthesiology1750332813
David Leroy Wilson 97124, ORAnesthesiology1952653149
Virginia L. Hawley 97124, ORAnesthesiology1548238603
Steven W Eyler 97221, ORAnesthesiology1205897063
Providence Health & Services Oregon 97031, ORAnesthesiology1053862714
James Murphy 89128, ORAnesthesiology1003892811
Rebecca Therese Morton 97601, ORAnesthesiology1952315665
Kirschenmann Anesthesia Inc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1487692414
Peter Lusich Anesthesia Md Pc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1295088169
Susan F Barnes Md Inc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1528438322
Charles T Gonsowski Md Pc 97601, ORAnesthesiology1063422541
Charles T Gonsowski 97601, ORAnesthesiology1649295387
Henry C Louderbough 97601, ORAnesthesiology1427006089
Peter L Lusich 97601, ORAnesthesiology1093735342
Stefan Jodko 97601, ORAnesthesiology1740238377
Todd J Kirschenmann 97601, ORAnesthesiology1598709982
Vincent Dean Herr 97603, ORAnesthesiology1346249414
John R Pattee 97601, ORAnesthesiology1386747442


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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