Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlos J Estrada 00961, PRAnesthesiology1174526826
Luis Francisco Cordero Rodriguez 00912, PRAnesthesiology1134122641
Ricardo Feliciano Valera 00912, PRAnesthesiology1043213556
Anesthesia Medical Consultants Psc 00680, PRAnesthesiology1437154838
Ibsen Perez Santini 00901, PRAnesthesiology1619974250
Eduardo L Gonzalez Rivera 33613, PRAnesthesiology1932106176
Jose R Cruz Cestero 00780, PRAnesthesiology1437158466
Richard Soler Santiago 00780, PRAnesthesiology1376542308
Maria C Cestero Lopez 00780, PRAnesthesiology1831198852
Luis A. Gonzalez-camacho 00959, PRAnesthesiology1407855398
San Cristobal Anesthesia Csp 00780, PRAnesthesiology1316948540
Caribbean Anesthesia Services Of Fajardo 00773, PRAnesthesiology1770570343
Lymari Vargas-rivera 00918, PRAnesthesiology1033104179
Professional Anesthesia Providers Psc 00680, PRAnesthesiology1053300541
Luis E Cummings 00716, PRAnesthesiology1457349789
Aurea T Negron Valcarcel 00918, PRAnesthesiology1003806670
Belisario Matta De Juan 00907, PRAnesthesiology1013992379
Julio Ocasio Tascon 00907, PRAnesthesiology1982689253
Carlos A Key Oyola 00907, PRAnesthesiology1821073065
Rafael Augusto Lopez-torres 00737, PRAnesthesiology1093791626
Jose Francisco Ortiz Acevedo 00907, PRAnesthesiology1306822853
Ivan N Suarez- Irizarry 00676, PRAnesthesiology1437135589
Basiliso Lugo 00603, PRAnesthesiology1649256439
Ruben A Perez 00926, PRAnesthesiology1083692883
Cesar A Detres 00680, PRAnesthesiology1023098084
Sofia Padilla 00680, PRAnesthesiology1932179157
Armando Ivan Caro-bonet 00680, PRAnesthesiology1962485417
Fernando Gerena Nieves 00962, PRAnesthesiology1548245939
Andres Melendez-dedos 00923, PRAnesthesiology1487629606
Luis F Beaz Rivera 00780, PRAnesthesiology1215906995
Jesus Santa 00717, PRAnesthesiology1356310791
Jose A. Santos 00935, PRAnesthesiology1972563039
Pedro M Whatts 00731, PRAnesthesiology1407816309
Mak Anesthesia Group Csp 00716, PRAnesthesiology1013977404
David Virella 00959, PRAnesthesiology1306807532
Victor Jose Cardona - Velez 00754, PRAnesthesiology1528020419
Diomedes Rafael Rodriguez-vargas 00961, PRAnesthesiology1356303119
Alberto Ortiz 00935, PRAnesthesiology1770547655
Anestesia Del Caribe,csp 00736, PRAnesthesiology1649237827
Jose Antonio Rodriguez 00736, PRAnesthesiology1518925056
Hilda Nora Lopez Flores 00733, PRAnesthesiology1225086739
Manuel Santiago Cummings 00733, PRAnesthesiology1851349369
Ivan E Lopez 00910, PRAnesthesiology1417909292
Francisco J Torres Sierra 00908, PRAnesthesiology1326090101
Jorge L Lopez-rodriguez 00908, PRAnesthesiology1235181017
Ana Del Carmen Rius-armendariz 00935, PRAnesthesiology1154375806
Javier J Torres 00676, PRAnesthesiology1538125307
Pedro J Seda 00682, PRAnesthesiology1598725491
Ricardo Cruz 00716, PRAnesthesiology1245298926
Jose R Rodriguez 00961, PRAnesthesiology1396795852
Dimaris Dominguez-ayala 00929, PRAnesthesiology1700830825
Daniel E Fernandez - Soltero 00921, PRAnesthesiology1528012648
Maria Victoria Castellvi - Armas 00936, PRAnesthesiology1861446981
Peter Portilla 00936, PRAnesthesiology1558315671
Erick L Ramirez-busigo 00918, PRAnesthesiology1861446916
Nicolas Betancourt-gomez 00736, PRAnesthesiology1649226465
Miguel A. Marrero - Rivera 00936, PRAnesthesiology1114973476
Julia Haydee Maldonado-alejandro 00929, PRAnesthesiology1710934112
Ramon E Cao 00917, PRAnesthesiology1215974027
Clinica De Manejo Del Dolor Dr Crawford W Long C S P 00705, PRAnesthesiology1326086232
Angel Fernando Velez-rojas 00961, PRAnesthesiology1558300368
Jesus R Rodriguez-ortiz 00929, PRAnesthesiology1922049584
Nilda Torres - Navarro 00936, PRAnesthesiology1740221308
/alvin E Ramirez 00953, PRAnesthesiology1598706822
Jorge A Perez 00919, PRAnesthesiology1881637593
Linka Matos Rivera 00918, PRAnesthesiology1033153630
Edgardo Rivera Hernandez 00917, PRAnesthesiology1164467171
Jan J Kraemer 00918, PRAnesthesiology1851336440
Eduardo Ibarra 00705, PRAnesthesiology1871539932
Orlando Latorre-lopez 00908, PRAnesthesiology1801832621
Francisco A Lebron-arzon 00936, PRAnesthesiology1629005863
John Andrew Arruza 00936, PRAnesthesiology1376574970
Juan M Marrero 00791, PRAnesthesiology1174528269
Lourdes M Medina Fiol 00919, PRAnesthesiology1093755613
Jorge L Robles 00784, PRAnesthesiology1003856774
Ramon Luis Rivas 00692, PRAnesthesiology1336194513
Carlos A Buxo Tirado 00949, PRAnesthesiology1285660373
Hector M Torres 00929, PRAnesthesiology1568496073
David A Castrodad Justiniano 00909, PRAnesthesiology1568497147
Pedro Ivan Rivera 00928, PRAnesthesiology1447278056
Evelyn Carrero - Nieves 00936, PRAnesthesiology1497773220
Maria G Dumois 00927, PRAnesthesiology1881616951
Wanda E Ruiz-morales 00926, PRAnesthesiology1770507832
Cardiovascular Anesthesia De Puerto Rico, Psc 00936, PRAnesthesiology1730195108
Gladys M Irizarry 00936, PRAnesthesiology1437165560
Luis F Molinari Castello 00921, PRAnesthesiology1316954571
M&g Anesthesia Services, Psc 00921, PRAnesthesiology1639186810
Hector J Rivera Maldonado 00674, PRAnesthesiology1992712376
Nelson Guilbe Gaston 00921, PRAnesthesiology1942217104
Carlos Manuel Rivas-haddock 00926, PRAnesthesiology1386654416
Maria Eugenia Gomez 00725, PRAnesthesiology1700999547
Hector L Peniston Feliciano 33150, PRAnesthesiology1912011313
Manuel A Cabrera Diaz 00738, PRAnesthesiology1649386699
Michael Otero 00985, PRAnesthesiology1669488813
Jeannette Maldonado Carrero 00968, PRAnesthesiology1174534721
Caribbean Sun Anesthesia Llc 00612, PRAnesthesiology1467966812
Orlando Aponte 00918, PRAnesthesiology1487675286
Francisco Guerrero Rivera 00936, PRAnesthesiology1588673511
Mario Javier Vazquez Cruz 00959, PRAnesthesiology1700988094
Ricardo D Galan Vazquez 00646, PRAnesthesiology1437251733
Alexis Garau Diaz 00959, PRAnesthesiology1518060896
Adalberto Lopez Aviles 00959, PRAnesthesiology1407959786
Rene Colon-perez 00962, PRAnesthesiology1376648014
Ana I Corripio Sanchez 00917, PRAnesthesiology1386741619
Robert Castro 00680, PRAnesthesiology1548368459
Jesus Becerra Escobar 00680, PRAnesthesiology1154429066
Griselle Casado 00927, PRAnesthesiology1265524169
Temistocles Disla 00949, PRAnesthesiology1790877199
Anesthesia Medical Group Pscorp 00717, PRAnesthesiology1174618631
Maria Erlinda Tunon 00979, PRAnesthesiology1831285766
Miguel Enrique Santos-bello 00717, PRAnesthesiology1942396965
Veronica Key-oyola 00923, PRAnesthesiology1558450759
Eric E Ortiz - Llavona 00603, PRAnesthesiology1992889802
Carlos R Bou 00907, PRAnesthesiology1598841918
Oswald A Dcruz 00680, PRAnesthesiology1255419453
Marcial Victor Bosch-ramirez 00612, PRAnesthesiology1770652463
Viriato Jose Diez Rosales 00725, PRAnesthesiology1760553192
Rcp Anesthesia Psc 00962, PRAnesthesiology1023115433
Ricardo Castro Quiles 00725, PRAnesthesiology1306943634
Jose Morales Gonzalez 00959, PRAnesthesiology1760584064
Jose Rafael Oller Lopez 00921, PRAnesthesiology1588765788
Angel T Maldonado 00725, PRAnesthesiology1114098548
Francisco Golderos Sanabria 00725, PRAnesthesiology1205907706
Soraya Torres Osuna 00725, PRAnesthesiology1689745184
Matias Gil De Rubio Maldonado 00917, PRAnesthesiology1497826994
Pedro Lugo Calzada 00725, PRAnesthesiology1649342080
Celso J Arocho Irizarry 00725, PRAnesthesiology1902978836
Victor Lamberty Ellin 00680, PRAnesthesiology1295808798
Magaly Medina Colon 00731, PRAnesthesiology1275600215
Quintin Gonzalez Keelan 00731, PRAnesthesiology1720155708
Glorimar Velazquez 00716, PRAnesthesiology1881755122
Hector Rafael Maymi 00791, PRAnesthesiology1184787004
Ernesto Luis Jusino Roman 00683, PRAnesthesiology1336203090
Jose Carlos Navarro Rodriguez 00683, PRAnesthesiology1205990884
Wally Lopez Bonilla 00683, PRAnesthesiology1780748236
Anestesiologos De San German, C.s.p. 00683, PRAnesthesiology1043374705
Myrna I Morales - Franqui 00935, PRAnesthesiology1669522835
Maria Del Pilar Serrano Pernas 00918, PRAnesthesiology1598811093
Rafael Rodriguez Sepulveda 00918, PRAnesthesiology1083750251
Jorge Acevedo Orengo 00705, PRAnesthesiology1891836151
Jose Del C Vargas 00603, PRAnesthesiology1255473484
Armando Lopez Tristani 00926, PRAnesthesiology1598807539
Irma M. Vargas-ramos 00957, PRAnesthesiology1164551602
Ivette Resto Leon 00918, PRAnesthesiology1316076789
Yolanda Ramirez Rodriguez 00680, PRAnesthesiology1386773513
Angel M Vazquez Alvarez 00918, PRAnesthesiology1023142254
Deg Anesthesia Group, Psc 00717, PRAnesthesiology1376669234
Luis Vargas Bird 00926, PRAnesthesiology1912024480
Federico Jove-urdaz 00612, PRAnesthesiology1790803880
Eileen E Santa 00682, PRAnesthesiology1952440083
Jose Luis Ubinas Gonzalez 00725, PRAnesthesiology1811069735
Felix Rolon 00927, PRAnesthesiology1548386378
Cristella O Gutierrez 00936, PRAnesthesiology1831217785
Orelbe Mederos Broche 00680, PRAnesthesiology1730201617
Roberto Carlos Cummings 00680, PRAnesthesiology1881817781
Dorian M Lopez-bracetty 00918, PRAnesthesiology1184848210
Borinquen Anesthesia Services 00705, PRAnesthesiology1447472832
Centro Quirurgico De La Montana Inc. 00736, PRAnesthesiology1649485103
Sylvia Rodriguez Elias 00956, PRAnesthesiology1073727814
Jose A. Garcia 00956, PRAnesthesiology1972718252
Rufus Etienne 00765, PRAnesthesiology1083829329
Amneris Lugo Rivera 00917, PRAnesthesiology1992912893
South Central Anesthesia Csp 00918, PRAnesthesiology1477761526
Alga Solange Morales-villalobos 00909, PRAnesthesiology1669681136
V & V Anesthesia Psc 00791, PRAnesthesiology1538370416
Best Caribbean Anesthesia Group, Psc 00780, PRAnesthesiology1528279163
Centro Medico Del Turabo Inc 00725, PRAnesthesiology1225230592
Eloy Ruiz-pagan 00966, PRAnesthesiology1376745802
Fritz Emmanuel Rodriguez-sallaberry 00676, PRAnesthesiology1386848380
Grisel Marie Pedraza-rosa 00929, PRAnesthesiology1629272661
B & C Anesthesia Services Psc 00909, PRAnesthesiology1326243650
Isabel Milagros Oyola 00926, PRAnesthesiology1023214327
Elfren A Colon 00929, PRAnesthesiology1528265030
Ricardo M Ferrer-droz 00909, PRAnesthesiology1568669091
Elisa M. Quintero-mendez 00935, PRAnesthesiology1023218930
Lismary Jimenez 00922, PRAnesthesiology1841482551
Hospital Lafayette 00714, PRAnesthesiology1295920064
Denise Baez Garcia 00922, PRAnesthesiology1851587059
Manuel Arnaldo Matos 00612, PRAnesthesiology1932381100
Prestige Medical Group Ljcpsc 00926, PRAnesthesiology1437332624
Dba Humacao Anesthesia Service 00791, PRAnesthesiology1255517165
Nora H Ortiz Burgos 00784, PRAnesthesiology1730359951
West Cardio General Anesthesia Csp 00682, PRAnesthesiology1285800342
Jose R. Ortiz-cardona 00936, PRAnesthesiology1003076415
Gloria M Santaella De Figueroa 00917, PRAnesthesiology1972763951
Yemina Ramos 00921, PRAnesthesiology1043473663
Virginia Osusa Figueroa 00922, PRAnesthesiology1154585933
Edgardo Quintana- Pagan 00725, PRAnesthesiology1245434679
Enid S. Garcia Ortega 00674, PRAnesthesiology1952504300
Luis Rafael Novoa 00926, PRAnesthesiology1659590917
Marisol Rivera-misla 00680, PRAnesthesiology1689894974
Jaime Ivan Diaz 00926, PRAnesthesiology1396868097
Hospitalist Medical Services, Psc 00979, PRAnesthesiology1104323906
Juan Ramon Jimenez 00603, PRAnesthesiology1144414665
Luis E. Ortiz - Gonzalez 00935, PRAnesthesiology1205083151
Anestesiologos Clinica Las Americas,acla Psc 00918, PRAnesthesiology1861641391
Cooperativa De Servicios Medicos De Puerto Rico 00603, PRAnesthesiology1225287394
Centro Medico Del Turabo Inc 00725, PRAnesthesiology1659516763
Pain Management And Anesthesia Specialists Of Puerto Rico, Psc 00921, PRAnesthesiology1407081003
Pamela Fernandez 00936, PRAnesthesiology1083947725


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