Providers with Taxonomy: Anesthesiology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Anesthesiology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brannon Frank 77042, TXAnesthesiology1568465763
Jean Patricia Waddle 80111, TXAnesthesiology1457356610
Dennis Edward Karasek 77042, TXAnesthesiology1679572994
Cristy Mark Schade 75150, TXAnesthesiology1841282290
Leonard A Trahan 77042, TXAnesthesiology1073504247
Yoko Hirose 77041, TXAnesthesiology1417939422
Peter George Lunt 32117, TXAnesthesiology1770560377
Michael Scott Phillips 75240, TXAnesthesiology1306823927
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXAnesthesiology1457339525
Sergio Jose Alvarado 77042, TXAnesthesiology1255309084
Shavano Medical Management Pllc 78231, TXAnesthesiology1194292532
Tracy D. Neal 99508, TXAnesthesiology1275592925
Harry Ervin 23434, TXAnesthesiology1770555781
Mark Donald Barhorst 77070, TXAnesthesiology1184691933
Kallol Chaudhuri 26506, TXAnesthesiology1689637050
Nabil Ghabrial 45219, TXAnesthesiology1649235177
Steven Jerald Hough 75601, TXAnesthesiology1487693008
Meraj Siddiqui 72501, TXAnesthesiology1114973922
Stephen A Graham 75034, TXAnesthesiology1841228640
Marla Ann Freeman 77015, TXAnesthesiology1104848126
Robert Alan Moore 77042, TXAnesthesiology1245241124
David A Lindley 76067, TXAnesthesiology1245264621
Phillip C. Phan 77004, TXAnesthesiology1942399548
Arvind Singh Garewal 77555, TXAnesthesiology1285721456
Christine M Anderson 77042, TXAnesthesiology1265575260
Vincent Talosig 77090, TXAnesthesiology1073654984
Kristina Michelle Howell 76210, TXAnesthesiology1144381856
Shobana Murugan 77042, TXAnesthesiology1508927534
Michael Patrick Gallagher 75251, TXAnesthesiology1386855088
Sharon Lee 17033, TXAnesthesiology1801003785
Manjunath Mohan Shetty 77042, TXAnesthesiology1740476035
Shamim Justin Badiyan 75035, TXAnesthesiology1871791590
Abraham K. Khalil 77373, TXAnesthesiology1679777452
Monte D Wilber 77042, TXAnesthesiology1821250424
Michelle Nguyen Dang 77380, TXAnesthesiology1508057795
Ashley Paige Rioux De Valdenebro 75219, TXAnesthesiology1114186152
Christopher Dautrive Duperier 38017, TXAnesthesiology1083753164
Shannon D Lott 37203, TXAnesthesiology1619170164
Ana Maria Crawford 94305, TXAnesthesiology1639380496
Doan Lam Tran 61938, TXAnesthesiology1134539794
Clinton Lee Fuller 77030, TXAnesthesiology1104184191
Mohammed Adeola Ojodu 15213, TXAnesthesiology1881866762
Dana J Parker 77042, TXAnesthesiology1093031734
Houston Pain Associates, Pa 77074, TXAnesthesiology1033423520
Christiana Rose Obi 77327, TXAnesthesiology1811218662
Jonathan Aurelio Silva 56201, TXAnesthesiology1023303245
Andrey Rakalin 77030, TXAnesthesiology1316232937
An Van 77099, TXAnesthesiology1821376245
Amit Prabhakar 30308, TXAnesthesiology1790050037
Ali Khalifa 75701, TXAnesthesiology1588930242
Yuan-jiun Nicole Chao 78759, TXAnesthesiology1750693016
Brian John Goentzel 67206, TXAnesthesiology1194959692
Pamela Suzanne Hockert 75230, TXAnesthesiology1780813600
Ashley Merrin Joseph 75390, TXAnesthesiology1073801791
Terra Wubbenhorst 87106, TXAnesthesiology1952533952
Jonathan Weilon Chin 78731, TXAnesthesiology1306131966
Asad Nawaz 78613, TXAnesthesiology1629303490
Emily Saghar Nia 77030, TXAnesthesiology1124313762
Neethu Kumar Chandran 75235, TXAnesthesiology1639468374
Carl L Mcmullen 98431, TXAnesthesiology1164718623
Mohammed Usman Shaikh 76051, TXAnesthesiology1952696635
Matthew David Hermansen 47591, TXAnesthesiology1437418324
Lindsay Caldwell Kendall 79911, TXAnesthesiology1629333877
Scott Blackwell 78234, TXAnesthesiology1508889833
Windrik Lynch 32308, TXAnesthesiology1720345754
Thomas William Kessinger 77598, TXAnesthesiology1346583945
Mason Scott Singleton 79701, TXAnesthesiology1174966550
Rachelle Alexandra Makinde 50702, TXAnesthesiology1093159642
James Robert Mckenny 79106, TXAnesthesiology1760828529
Badiyan Pain Management Pllc 75035, TXAnesthesiology1548601925
Nicolas Eduardo Rios 77042, TXAnesthesiology1033554936
Robert Henderson Nichols 75038, TXAnesthesiology1679910574
Kristi Alison Pence 02903, TXAnesthesiology1982048609
Michelle Mccown Eddins 75390, TXAnesthesiology1093072720
Jeffrey Paul Brekke 76201, TXAnesthesiology1184042871
Ryan Andrew Digiovanni 75240, TXAnesthesiology1023438744
Stephen Andrew Sarmiento 75219, TXAnesthesiology1386054328
Trung Van Ha 75020, TXAnesthesiology1780936971
George J Rakkar 94063, TXAnesthesiology1114363066
Tiffany Doan Brownewell 77030, TXAnesthesiology1922428838
Christopher Mark Sirianni 75766, TXAnesthesiology1467896241
Ryan Thad Senecal 95969, TXAnesthesiology1952716110
Jordan Elizabeth Ireton 17033, TXAnesthesiology1972946861
Kunal Panda 14642, TXAnesthesiology1548496904
Tricia Vecchione 21287, TXAnesthesiology1154648582
Clayton Mark Barhorst 77375, TXAnesthesiology1073873386
Matthew Michael Johnson 75503, TXAnesthesiology1326305236
Star Rogers 75235, TXAnesthesiology1407147986
Sagar Chokshi 77030, TXAnesthesiology1871855163
Champion Anesthesia Pllc 77090, TXAnesthesiology1548788995
Sigma Pain Clinic Pa 78231, TXAnesthesiology1255788279
Challenger Anesthesia Associates Pllc 77034, TXAnesthesiology1225547979
North Medical Pain Services Pllc 77006, TXAnesthesiology1780121442
Marc Daniel Anesthesia, Pllc 75287, TXAnesthesiology1497263750
Meeta Sheth 72211, TXAnesthesiology1154359131
Todd Mautner 33511, TXAnesthesiology1831637321
Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center 75670, TXAnesthesiology1760908404
Functional Neurorestoration Institute Pllc 78229, TXAnesthesiology1245736024
Stephen W Dinger 78154, TXAnesthesiology1740227107
Roberto Jose Diaz 78258, TXAnesthesiology1649591595
Luke Y Young, Md, Phd, Pllc 79701, TXAnesthesiology1720585334
Pipm Sub B, Pllc 78217, TXAnesthesiology1609385632
Narciso Gonzalez 78217, TXAnesthesiology1316128549
Sameer Ali Syed 75075, TXAnesthesiology1083933089
Pain Management Of Coppell 75252, TXAnesthesiology1528560364
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa 75231, TXAnesthesiology1417404724
Sameer Syed, Md, Pa 75092, TXAnesthesiology1568984573
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa 77401, TXAnesthesiology1750839478
Hui Kang 77042, TXAnesthesiology1255547998
Scott A. Berlin 75240, TXAnesthesiology1952388753
Akshay S Vakharia 78626, TXAnesthesiology1962467050
Aaron Thomas Lloyd 75240, TXAnesthesiology1043297856
Kamlesh J. Sisodiya 75240, TXAnesthesiology1003893397
Tibor Anthony Racz 75240, TXAnesthesiology1942287248
Jeffrey L. Wasserman 75240, TXAnesthesiology1568449361
Advanced Surgeons & Physicians Network, Inc. 77015, TXAnesthesiology1508030917
Integrated Health And Pain Management Pllc 77058, TXAnesthesiology1831699933
Quantum Pain And Orthopedic, Pllc 78217, TXAnesthesiology1548757545
Stefan Andres Medina Bravo 39216, TXAnesthesiology1023545944
Mounir Mekhail 75150, TXAnesthesiology1235220468
Image Restoration P A 75150, TXAnesthesiology1083978514
Steven J Durning 09461, TXAnesthesiology1871818583
Ma Luo 78240, TXAnesthesiology1518301332
Kikkeri International, Pa 75150, TXAnesthesiology1104937218
Mazu Anesthesia, Pllc 78410, TXAnesthesiology1629567045
Kathryn Toole 77042, TXAnesthesiology1265924914
Shawnjeet S Saini 85027, TXAnesthesiology1215371125
Hisham Khan 78749, TXAnesthesiology1366881815
Sp Pain Partners, Pllc 75024, TXAnesthesiology1679078075
Kevin King 15090, TXAnesthesiology1366416331
Yi Cai Isaac Tong 78258, TXAnesthesiology1659678837
Phong Quoc Le 19963, TXAnesthesiology1568673812
Raju Mantena 77098, TXAnesthesiology1770589731
Sp Anesthesia Consultants Pllc 75093, TXAnesthesiology1558878975
Houston Pain Specialists, Pllc 77081, TXAnesthesiology1962971424
Samir Fahed 77479, TXAnesthesiology1063698645
Larina V Gutenberg Do Pllc 78253, TXAnesthesiology1831752245
Faisal Masud 77030, TXAnesthesiology1023054525
John Ray Gonzales 98104, TXAnesthesiology1821363102
Jonathan Conrad Koning 75034, TXAnesthesiology1710216841
Network Anesthesia Associates Pllc 77040, TXAnesthesiology1891258091
Medical Anesthesia Associates, Llp 77040, TXAnesthesiology1104868686
Jeremy Way 49503, TXAnesthesiology1346636875
Chad Christian Parvus-teichmann 78229, TXAnesthesiology1619395498
Angelica Mancone 79920, TXAnesthesiology1285054197
Jonathan Paek 02114, TXAnesthesiology1831519040
Mohammed U Shaikh Md Pa 75034, TXAnesthesiology1073089124
Amer A. Quaddoura 77478, TXAnesthesiology1104875285
Mark Malone Md Pa 78750, TXAnesthesiology1639655533
Greta Jo 92691, TXAnesthesiology1417122086
Anjana Lal 75219, TXAnesthesiology1912134073
Evolution Spine And Orthopedics, Pllc 78503, TXAnesthesiology1578039079
Premala Chelliah 77030, TXAnesthesiology1407167927
Zita Cox Larry 75035, TXAnesthesiology1760707871
Anna Wright Stowell 75230, TXAnesthesiology1851353809
Nikhil Koshy 77042, TXAnesthesiology1952728834
Bakhtiar Shah 77478, TXAnesthesiology1679597686
Western Anesthesia, Pllc 78613, TXAnesthesiology1467013987
Dawnna Marie Walton 77401, TXAnesthesiology1104137827
Romon Neely 23298, TXAnesthesiology1629437223
Joseph Erickson 79601, TXAnesthesiology1669883658
Michael Benjamim Hunter 02135, TXAnesthesiology1528447521
Tanaya Sparkle 43614, TXAnesthesiology1609218023
Stacey Anne Crandall Stallard 78247, TXAnesthesiology1083052245
Christopher Aaron Hess 28401, TXAnesthesiology1356631162
Tanisha Green 77042, TXAnesthesiology1174616478
Haider Darkzali 52242, TXAnesthesiology1982126967
Nawar Nazar Yousif Al-rawas 19107, TXAnesthesiology1235425562
Lauren Biedermann Walls 80528, TXAnesthesiology1063892289
Samuel Lee 49503, TXAnesthesiology1033538954
Jean Enid Hsu 77042, TXAnesthesiology1134359748
John Feltenberger 35249, TXAnesthesiology1447639976
Daniel James Wood 75240, TXAnesthesiology1538554829
Charles Edward Smith 78209, TXAnesthesiology1750350153
Thuan Minh Ho 94305, TXAnesthesiology1972894541
American Pain & Wellness Pa 75013, TXAnesthesiology1306857305
Shamsideen Olamitunde Musa 99508, TXAnesthesiology1649616459
Ac Provider Services Of Texas Llc 75904, TXAnesthesiology1427280635
Xuan Tran Langridge 77030, TXAnesthesiology1417343518
Binh Higley 77030, TXAnesthesiology1598927675
Sandford Matthew Schocket 78757, TXAnesthesiology1851381818
Stephen Taylor Krazit 75203, TXAnesthesiology1699033019
Carlos J Garcia 75034, TXAnesthesiology1164414793
Clinical Partners Pa 78405, TXAnesthesiology1215995816
Michael Shehata Hana 60462, TXAnesthesiology1831482769
Anthony Lamarr Brown 77504, TXAnesthesiology1346464773
Nidal Abdel-rahman 20037, TXAnesthesiology1578551602
Keith E Hude 70121, TXAnesthesiology1407037724
Kelechi Anyaehie 75390, TXAnesthesiology1942620331
Ryan Floyd Mckenna 79124, TXAnesthesiology1801152079
Joel W Warfel 79920, TXAnesthesiology1518371954
Mark Alan Cheney 45429, TXAnesthesiology1346514122
North Pinellas Anesthesia Asscoiates Pa 33613, TXAnesthesiology1902295009
Robert Wegner 77030, TXAnesthesiology1255645875
Jason Christopher Gremillion 70112, TXAnesthesiology1295121200
Northwood Anesthesia Associates Llc 33614, TXAnesthesiology1083003180
Pedro Yzagurri Garza 37203, TXAnesthesiology1437148202
Sarah Ellis 92037, TXAnesthesiology1487073441
Patricia Diane Scherrer 58103, TXAnesthesiology1962492637
Baylor College Of Medicine 77027, TXAnesthesiology1881026664


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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