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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Cardiovascular Disease cardiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mohammad Fawwaz Shoukfeh TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1962405209
Philip Thomas Madaelil TNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1487657722
Terrence Jay Cohen FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1538161849
Carolyn S Gbur OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1386646685
Mark G Issa OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1053313346
Charles Arthur Shoultz TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1316949639
Michael Wayne Falcone TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1134121452
Charles J Gbur OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1184626483
Rajendra R Kattar OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1659373942
Ashraf A.h.f. El-shalakany FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1902808298
Georgia Heart & Vascular Center Pc GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1417951740
Edward J Loughery MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1033112610
Christopher Columbus Mcclure TNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1851394191
Sigal Heart Center, P.a. Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1992708291
Michael M. Silver NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1164425864
Francis J. Uricchio PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1558364497
Steve M Heilbrunn AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1700889425
Joel P Reginelli OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1780687335
Heriberto G Gutierrez AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1336142074
Wai H. Lee INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1265435861
Rajeswara R. Patcha NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104829407
Steven M Davis FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1336142678
Milan A Kothari FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1740282037
Martin Clinic Corp TNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1568465102
Joshua Shigeru Yamamoto DCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1639172174
Joseph T West DECardiovascular Disease cardiology1881697589
James T Hopkins DECardiovascular Disease cardiology1912900630
James F Morrissey NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1033112743
Erik S Marshall DECardiovascular Disease cardiology1144223850
James G Grattan TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1841293370
Patrick W Thomas NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1942203583
Timberland Medical Group Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1528061157
Prem Chand Ghai MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1639172224
M Alan Sharif TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1013910546
Roberto E Solis TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477556900
Mounir Y Borno TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1578566006
Joseph A Rizzo TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104829639
Christopher A Bowens DECardiovascular Disease cardiology1487657102
Alan H Slater NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1770586364
Frank B. Dorsa NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1295738904
Glenn S Hamroff NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1720081318
Howard N Tarkin NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1710980404
Patrick Rowley NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477556181
Martin A. Albornoz KSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1780687178
Jeffrey F. Cole MDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1548263908
Carlos S. Ince MDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1356344667
Frederick E. Kuhn MDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1245233535
Joseph Clemente NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1164425435
Abbas Syed Ali WVCardiovascular Disease cardiology1801899158
Daniel Bruce Fram CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1770586471
Wayne M Pollak FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1982607628
David S. Berliner MDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1013910454
Oji Joseph FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1720080096
Madalyn N Davidoff GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1912909201
Alan Mack Taylor TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1649272923
Mihaela Bujoi NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1164424214
Suresh N Gadasalli M D P A TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1427050780
New Mexico Heart Institute P A Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1346242575
Sudhakar Maraboyina OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1033111232
Ghiath M Mikdadi LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1881696078
John B Hicks MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1942204284
Luis Constantin NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1740284082
Kyle A. Cooper MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1053313197
Randall Scott Joransen MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1407858541
Thomas G. Plavac MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1649272782
Laura A. Diamandopoulos MNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1265436505
Dave A. Russell MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1891797932
Dale A. Touchstone MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1881698124
Ganapathy Sv Ramanathan OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1730181918
Richard Paul Valuck MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1366444549
Andrew Bruce Rohen NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215939475
John W. Batty NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1760484927
Steven W Hildebrand NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1952305294
Sammy Arnold Gammenthaler FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1396747424
Erik J. Funk NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1043214398
Alon A Steinberg CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1740282862
Mark A Yeoman TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1376545491
Siegfried O Storz CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1710989835
Charles H Caplan TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1245232362
Harold A Condara TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1891799144
Mayank K Parikh TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1255335501
Herve J. Dumont CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1982608238
Cardiology Associates Of Houston, Pa TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1790789048
Dennis N Glascock MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1164424461
Darlene Go Popat FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1225030513
James Allan Richardson TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1467454736
Fritz H. Andersen VACardiovascular Disease cardiology1558363804
Kathryn L Bates AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1003818246
August Gene Voelkel CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1578565792
Fundador L Adajar NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1013919232
Ambereen Quraishi MDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1629070842
H. William Adkison NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1407858624
The Dayton Heart Center, Inc. Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1558363762
Joel H Tobiansky OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1881696094
Amit Goyal OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104828300
Kais Yehyawi INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477555670
Ali M Amkieh LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1881696086
M. Fawwaz Shoukfeh, M.d., P.a. Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1053313247
Ann E Grady MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1689676876
Victor E Mejia LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1750383949
Kevin D Kravitz OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1568464758
Igal Zuravicky NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821090010
Mohammad H Motekallem OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1366444556
Douglas K Mendoza LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1700888997
Joseph N. Gunasekera OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1346242534
Kamran Riaz OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1427050616
Franklin Medical Group, Pc Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1780686964
Nazzal Obaid INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1891797064
Abdul Kawamleh INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1306848577
Kathleen Blake NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1649272808
Ravi Chander MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1457355729
John P Longabaugh OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1225032592
Nabil M Ahmad TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1235131319
Todd L Monroe OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1366446635
Joseph Kenneth Marshall VACardiovascular Disease cardiology1912901273
Mohammed M Maaieh OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1619979705
Sayed F Feghali TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326040486
Brad Herman NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1760484729
Jeffrey B Mcclure MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1497757579
Jeffrey R Hoopes GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1679577654
L. Bing Liem NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1932103827
William John Fors OKCardiovascular Disease cardiology1700880721
Adrian On-ning Ma CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1952305971
Steven Joseph Reiter OKCardiovascular Disease cardiology1932103959
Fred Ewing Lybrand OKCardiovascular Disease cardiology1831193853
Gary Lee Worcester OKCardiovascular Disease cardiology1003810029
Timothy D Markus OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1710981782
Michael Paul Bernstein NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1356345326
Randall G. Hess ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1386648277
Gonzalo J Loveday FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1285638171
Saji Cheriyan Jacob ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1275537169
Frank M Mowry NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1841294741
Robert C Orchard NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1659375558
Kenneth G. Adams MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1720082787
Paul J Block MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1003810094
C Craig Mitchell GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1164426151
Melvin Julius Johnson FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1790789782
Jack W Brand MSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1689678674
Salvatore A Barbaro TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1760486757
Thomas A Joiner GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1487658472
Jose A Rodriguez GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1457355356
Barry W Ramo NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1598769499
Robert Brad Stamm NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1841294758
David Jay Dobrin TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477557387
Stephen Bruce Stuart AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1194729004
Anandan Swaminathan NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1467456376
Jesse Wasley CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1699779637
Lorenz B Cueni MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1265436208
Anthony J Agostini TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1245234293
Scott Douglas Greenwood FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1750385704
Jonathan Ogilvie Partain FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1578567525
Antoine G Younis TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1720082779
Frank Anthony Bonavita CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1366446312
Paul Bennett Weinstein CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1275537227
Rahul Navin Doshi CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1710981766
Daniel William Landa CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1174527139
Douglas Edward Anderson CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1841294774
Mark D Lisberger PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1982608824
Richard A Lichtenberg PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1861496705
Michael Attas TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1669476487
Thomas E. Lundeen TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1174527998
Anthony B Sandoval NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1528062346
Douglas R Moore VACardiovascular Disease cardiology1194729053
Curtis Jay Carothers TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1346244225
Michael Joseph Mihalick TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477557213
Oscar Guillermo Zambrano CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1184628927
Edward Krauss Massin TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1528062379
Justin T Mao ILCardiovascular Disease cardiology1427052273
William Harston KYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1932103785
Gerald R Dreslinski MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1578567327
Jaime Benrey TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1003810854
Robert Joel Golub CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1851395651
Michael D Castillo MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1417951211
Howard S Zeman NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104820919
James Orien Day GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1194729905
Hassan Azarbal CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1811991623
Mark R Edelstein PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1750385696
Thomas M Pappas OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1417951336
John L Schwartz OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1053315978
Frederick R Stockton OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1598769416
Nasser H Smiley OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1851395776
Praveen K Tamirisa OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1679577597
Gopinath R Upamaka OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1750385670
John R Letcher OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1922002849
Shirish T Patel CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1619971538
Krish Ramachandran VACardiovascular Disease cardiology1396749255
Richard A. Goldman MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1578567434
Cardiology Center Of Acadiana, Inc. LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1194729079
Steven C Smart ILCardiovascular Disease cardiology1669476545
William Joseph Farrell CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1417951203
Joseph Spinale RICardiovascular Disease cardiology1215931035
Haresh Jani MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1760486583
Robert D Meringolo RICardiovascular Disease cardiology1922002740
Steven C Wolinsky GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1285638007
Steven Jay Block CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1780688515
Alexander G Vigh VACardiovascular Disease cardiology1760486641
Richard Alexander Bugliari CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1073517850
Zoltan Karoly Toth TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1093719882
Victor Abiragi MICardiovascular Disease cardiology1447254248
Christopher Robert Charles Wyndham NMCardiovascular Disease cardiology1871597674


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