Providers with Taxonomy: Cardiovascular Disease cardiology

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Cardiovascular Disease cardiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
George T Broderick OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1134125271
Dennis G Larson COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1891791950
Alvaro M Murcia FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104822261
T K Satya FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1831195817
William H. Gurdin COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1144226168
Joseph A Rose CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1598761512
Dennis S Reison NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1316943483
John D Altman COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1780680777
Claudia K Benedict COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1407852411
Philip William Berger WACardiovascular Disease cardiology1013913029
Robert A Caserta CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1265438279
John T Ferrell KSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1174529184
Mark H Schoenfeld CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094947
Allen L. Oseroff NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1790781847
Daniel Wesley Caldwell TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1154327203
Jay J Dubowsky NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1285630368
Cardiovascular Associates Of Southeaster Pennsylvania Pc Cardiovascular Disease cardiology1598761538
Om P Bahl MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1497751432
Marc T Silver NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1902802945
Takeshi Kataoka COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094871
Walter D Berkowitz NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1538165469
Sathish Magge OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1891791729
Nathaniel E Lebowitz NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1063418994
Harton Singer Smith WACardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094756
Richard Joseph Gordon TNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1558367490
Rene Clemente Gomez PRCardiovascular Disease cardiology1437155389
Dan A Francisco Md Pa KSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1194721951
Manoj K Eapen MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1801892666
Dan A Francisco KSCardiovascular Disease cardiology1558367326
Hans Han-woo Lee GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1881690857
Mary Jo Bertsch NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1184620056
Ronald K Law COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1447256318
Michael J Ptasnik COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1952307829
Richard Jay Price FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933189
John Joon Ahn PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1902802838
Arthur Silverstein CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1376549220
Iftekhar Kadri NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1093711947
Gulf Coast Cardiology Grp Pllc TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1275539157
Jeffrey P Seltzer CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1184620064
Vijay D Subbarao COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1982600870
Kristen E Currie MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1780680678
Jherie D Ducombs LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1881690782
Martin Glenn Yussman COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1053317966
Jacqueline Hollywood NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1770589608
Diane Zanger NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1760488696
Garrett L Rogers NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1093711962
Heart & Vascular Clinic Of Northern Colorado, P.c. COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1649276536
John Thomas Svinarich COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1487650388
Teresa J Mason AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1346246113
Eugene J. Spiotta TNCardiovascular Disease cardiology1588660559
Laurence A Berarducci COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1669478541
James M Healy CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1518963495
Jeffrey D Rubinstein COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1417953399
Marshall S Katz MACardiovascular Disease cardiology1124024013
Prafullchandra Dolatrai Vora PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1447256342
James Gregg Julin WACardiovascular Disease cardiology1518963438
Joseph S Kenney PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1750387544
Joseph V Klag AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1730185430
Jeffrey M Greenberg AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933957
Elaine H Niggemann AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1427054063
Fernando Antonio Zamudio CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1306842950
William Spencer Tilley NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1730185380
Anil G Verma FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094665
Ziad Khoury PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1457357295
Jose Juan Acevedo PRCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933916
John A Foley CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326044124
J Lawrence Davis MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1366448169
Dominic Vincent Hurley SDCardiovascular Disease cardiology1609872456
James Robert Licht CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1841296506
Donald S. Cross TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1447256110
Charles A. Shoultz TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1780680496
Lee M Ugol AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1861498578
Pratik Patel NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1851397574
California Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Associates CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1992701650
Robert C. Florek ORCardiovascular Disease cardiology1013913748
Howard C Rothman NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1134125941
Hany F Shanoudy PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1942206784
Jacob Richard Morgan CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1871599530
Anthony J Passannante NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1407852171
Joseph W Gattuso PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1356347033
Kenneth J Wool ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1720085319
M. Luqman Ahmed ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1457358053
Ryszard Skulski CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1083611685
Todd G Matros OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1417953068
James L Beck AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933882
Muclidhar A. Amin, Md, Pa TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1811993439
Florida Heart Group FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1932105558
Steven E Daniels TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1487650008
Rupert Charles Curry FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1629074257
Patricia Guerrero FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1881690410
Themis Komodromos FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1669478293
Francis Fahey FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1255338885
Manjeet Sethi ILCardiovascular Disease cardiology1205833845
Ramana Murty OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1114923778
Allen Rafael ORCardiovascular Disease cardiology1962408526
James A Miner FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1225035868
Frank J Arena LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1689671232
George Monir FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1588661136
Amr Morsi FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1386641934
Cardiology Assoc. Of Nevada NVCardiovascular Disease cardiology1730186388
Therese Marie Lango ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1235136821
Roger G Nissen ILCardiovascular Disease cardiology1952308587
James William Mcnally ILCardiovascular Disease cardiology1689671216
Mark Milunski FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1255338893
Sean Michael Rhuland ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1356348932
John Robert Reinke ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1124025713
Jeffrey Allen Lins PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1205832680
Sanjiv Girish Faldu AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1619973393
Kevin M Jaeger WICardiovascular Disease cardiology1144226697
Reginald Sequeira OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933387
Michael Fernando Lenis TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1295730828
Roger C Ashmore COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1184620635
Philip Selwyn Owen FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1154327674
Raul A Lopez FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1790781219
Jayaseelan Ambrose PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1437155363
David R Sease AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1710983481
Healthtexas Provider Network TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1760488936
Kenneth Wayne House PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1043216393
William Dennis Slemenda PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1962408344
James Burke PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1104821768
Jeanine Romanelli PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1972508737
Robert W Greer LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1508862822
George M Garcia AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1548266315
Roberto F Pereira GACardiovascular Disease cardiology1518963388
Adie D Harbin WICardiovascular Disease cardiology1053316661
Anthony J Passannante NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094558
Stuart E Shulruff NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1871590448
Ronald D Massari NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1073510640
Steven D Filardo KYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1740286814
Joaquin G. Arciniegas ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1124024658
William A.h. Maclean ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094236
Stanley I Biel MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1154327039
Brian H Asbill NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1730185729
Chang S Lim NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1124024112
Dennis Michael Unks NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1023014149
Joseph J Souza NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1336145457
Robert F Hanich NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1457357550
Todd H Hansen NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1922004035
William B Abernethy NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1265438253
William D Kuehl NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1427054527
William W Wharton NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326044454
Michael J Kegan NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1588660526
John P Critikos NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1609872647
Peter Goodfield NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1043216054
Jan F Levene NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1902802937
Basil O Yost NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1700882743
Amos Earl Haddock NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1952307993
William R Hathaway NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1053317032
Robert J Schanzer NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1114923661
Todd B Whitsitt COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1457357824
Charles Patrick Green COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1982600458
John Bradley Oldemeyer COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1700882123
Spencer W Hinds WACardiovascular Disease cardiology1346246790
Thomas R Downes COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1245236371
Scott W. Sims ALCardiovascular Disease cardiology1356346852
Marc A Kates AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326044025
Gregory S. Heumann INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1770588568
Charles F Carey MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1104822014
Duck Sung Chun MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326044249
Steven Rothman PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1477559698
Peter R. Kowey PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1114922945
Bruce T Liang CTCardiovascular Disease cardiology1548266513
Reynaldo F Mulingtapang FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1033114509
Jack M Wolfson AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1467458000
Gregory W Botteron MOCardiovascular Disease cardiology1215933106
Andrei Damian AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1679579346
Chris T Geohas AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1659377398
Alan B Sommers AZCardiovascular Disease cardiology1831195478
Martin M Bress CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1720084049
James E Usedom NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1780680355
Barry Meyer CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1558368126
Carter F Henrich INCardiovascular Disease cardiology1942205422
Sanul Corrielus PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1205831716
Salvador Lanza FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1801893441
Nabeel Abdullah TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1952306565
Dia Abochamh TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1417952029
Scott Gottesfeld NYCardiovascular Disease cardiology1366447971
William E Miller COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094988
Francis Richard Nullet NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1902802929
Lehman K. Preis LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1356346845
Gopal Gadodia FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1306842984
Shashin R Desai FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1740286129
John Nonda Katopodis FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1477559623
John L Dorazio NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1205832904
Clifford D Gladstone NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1548266265
Anand U Kulkarni NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1063418655
Jack A Stroh NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1356347066
Sheldon J Kukafka NJCardiovascular Disease cardiology1982600607
Yemuna Emmy Satya FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1790781771
Gary Lee Badzinski FLCardiovascular Disease cardiology1821094327
Lawrence Mendelson PACardiovascular Disease cardiology1851396600
Alan M Nadour NCCardiovascular Disease cardiology1326178302
Patrick A. Delaney LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1619973237
Pamela Ann Taylor COCardiovascular Disease cardiology1972508505
Robert E Henson WACardiovascular Disease cardiology1104822121
David Mark Weinberg CACardiovascular Disease cardiology1518964105
Joseph Rinaldi OHCardiovascular Disease cardiology1013912567
Benjamin F. Jacobs LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1093710584
William P. Kopfler LACardiovascular Disease cardiology1912903816
Eric Taylor TXCardiovascular Disease cardiology1043216153


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