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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathryn Mary Frances Meeker ILChiropractic1477558989
Bernard M Nonte INChiropractic1063417582
Daniel S Weber VTChiropractic1669477188
Cynthia Diane Lacunza CAChiropractic1245235779
Shawn T Finn PAChiropractic1568468098
Steven A Noseworthy FLChiropractic1144226663
Scott A Owens OHChiropractic1598761017
Leann M Shea MNChiropractic1043216492
Robert David Argyelan CAChiropractic1215933668
Michael W Jarman ARChiropractic1821094277
Lance Gregory Strovers IAChiropractic1881690220
Charles Todd Uhler MNChiropractic1053317495
Chad Alan Malwitz MNChiropractic1841296290
Ricky Lee Hanks TXChiropractic1528064979
Cheryl M. Hassan MAChiropractic1164428512
Jose E Vazquez Colon PRChiropractic1225034747
Jerry D Mcclane MIChiropractic1588660005
Ralph W Schramm IAChiropractic1740286160
Reinaldo Serrano FLChiropractic1821094244
Timothy A Mulhollem PAChiropractic1144226564
Jeffrey W Morrison FLChiropractic1760488183
Larry K Rhine PAChiropractic1497751820
Joseph E. Hatrak NJChiropractic1093711434
Randall R Shaffer OHChiropractic1811993256
Ashlie S Beicke NYChiropractic1235135609
Joseph Andrew Duffy NCChiropractic1780680157
Cynthia D Hummel OHChiropractic1952307399
John Oliver Cochran PAChiropractic1487650826
Klaude P Kocan KYChiropractic1164428546
Paulette H. Pollard OHChiropractic1477559862
Thomas A Woods KYChiropractic1699771097
Bernard Stern FLChiropractic1134125537
Charles L Mitzelfeld FLChiropractic1932105335
Eric F Hermann FLChiropractic1568468973
Luigi G Pagano OHChiropractic1477559797
William Raymond Tomalinas PAChiropractic1821094145
James A Dean ILChiropractic1871599266
W. Keith Parrish NHChiropractic1790781045
Peter Nelson Bailey NHChiropractic1902802226
Phillip P Gager FLChiropractic1457357774
Scott D Jones ILChiropractic1053317388
James Monroe Cox INChiropractic1174529424
Karla M. Kloft IAChiropractic1780680041
David Lee Andress MNChiropractic1285630491
Dana Marie Benassi MNChiropractic1972509248
Michael James Bowen CAChiropractic1083610208
Wayne Edward Pratt MNChiropractic1255337408
Julian Alexander Chipley WVChiropractic1689670838
Maqbulur R Khan MIChiropractic1942206198
Samuel Keith Andrew NCChiropractic1861498040
Terrance R Waggoner INChiropractic1811993009
Douglas Edmund Jacobsmeyer WAChiropractic1538165725
John Steve Vick ILChiropractic1235135617
Bradford Lewis Shull MOChiropractic1457357840
Paul I Rakitin FLChiropractic1588660971
Karyn Kay Yape MIChiropractic1306842612
Raymond J Sala MIChiropractic1932105343
Paul J Wozny MNChiropractic1932105244
Joseph Alan Bertsch MNChiropractic1295731503
Keith Raymond Kamrath MNChiropractic1457357782
Frank Laurenzano FLChiropractic1629074026
Bruce J Cherlow FLChiropractic1376549782
Robert J Hanopole FLChiropractic1093711400
Pamela J Rout ILChiropractic1417953613
Monica Lynn Holladay TXChiropractic1609872936
James Adam Kliamovich PAChiropractic1225034523
Richard F. Trevisin CAChiropractic1942206248
Howard Franklin Lewis MDChiropractic1063418275
Louis A Lorenzo NJChiropractic1588660732
Martin Robert Von Iderstine MNChiropractic1457357626
James Lee Carl PAChiropractic1174529465
Andrew Thomas Bonneau PAChiropractic1841296142
Robert Douglas Dent ILChiropractic1013913227
Arnold C. Jovillar NVChiropractic1760488084
Ben Robert Buettenback NEChiropractic1306842638
Bart V Rhoads MOChiropractic1811993157
Gregory Kim Mcfarland MIChiropractic1780680959
Layton William Merithew VAChiropractic1548266729
John A Dawson WAChiropractic1194721316
Spencer H Baron FLChiropractic1093711210
Ian Wesley Shaw MIChiropractic1154327377
Brian Albert Smith, Dc CAChiropractic1285630434
Louis James Diamond IAChiropractic1497751655
Diane K Kasmer FLChiropractic1033115290
Charles Srour FLChiropractic1396741559
Billy Ray Lyon CAChiropractic1821094004
Sheilagh Weymouth NYChiropractic1043216328
Vinai Moua NCChiropractic1720084015
Steven B Dickert NJChiropractic1619973898
John Michael Hill NEChiropractic1932105111
Jill D. Chapman CAChiropractic1750387932
Thomas J Van Hee ORChiropractic1013913201
Clinton M Smith ILChiropractic1891791984
Andrew Theodore Hummel OHChiropractic1467458562
Stephen Robert Goldman NYChiropractic1104822212
Andrew Zane West CAChiropractic1750387882
Jeffrey Clark Ratz NYChiropractic1659377786
Michael Chun Wang CAChiropractic1497751473
John Joseph Honacki PAChiropractic1073519112
Nigel Brayer OHChiropractic1316943467
Thuan Moc Luu CAChiropractic1821094970
Margaret I Peterson MEChiropractic1376549428
Shannon Brayer OHChiropractic1811993975
Kyle Timothy Kollbaum WIChiropractic1992701056
Sean Johnson FLChiropractic1114923273
Andrew G Glaze TXChiropractic1770589798
David Schwartz FLChiropractic1225034259
Ryan Yee Wong CAChiropractic1306842331
Bruce S Beaulieu FLChiropractic1164428181
Brian A Campbell FLChiropractic1073519096
Brad L Cranwell COChiropractic1295731297
Michael J Lechleiter LAChiropractic1275539280
Angela Marie Engel WIChiropractic1821094921
Rutambhar Patel CAChiropractic1548266646
Robert R. Schuck KSChiropractic1376549493
Steven Lee Keogh MNChiropractic1801892922
Jay Sonder MNChiropractic1659377703
Paul Dwight Walton CAChiropractic1235135393
Kevin Wayne Smith TXChiropractic1609872613
Stephen D Johnson FLChiropractic1710983747
Jeffrey Alan Powell NCChiropractic1073519062
Lew Anthony Erickson MNChiropractic1336145341
Mark Alan Johnson MNChiropractic1063418077
Lei Zhang TXChiropractic1821094848
Mikell Suzanne Parsons CAChiropractic1871599803
Susan Jennifer De Gruchy CAChiropractic1104822139
R James Johnson IDChiropractic1760488712
Andrew Kollar MNChiropractic1679579627
Ted J Murdock OHChiropractic1003812066
Terry L Watts FLChiropractic1710983648
Justin Long CAChiropractic1336145267
Gordon Brian Lovett FLChiropractic1346246287
Jill S Bergkamp-engle KSChiropractic1669478509
Jeffrey C Elwert OHChiropractic1407852361
William Leon Wilson KSChiropractic1851397616
Jeffrey M. Kovacic MIChiropractic1821094699
Tracy Jon Smart MNChiropractic1285630053
Robert D. Berry OHChiropractic1598761371
Keith Oconnell NJChiropractic1699771667
Stephanie A. Coursen PAChiropractic1144226044
Craig Lee Sharp CAChiropractic1336145242
Leland T Deblon PAChiropractic1669478442
Anthony H Shaffer OHChiropractic1558367425
Teresa Marie Saunders MIChiropractic1598761488
Mark Eugene Brewer MNChiropractic1003812991
Matthew Robert Eaton INChiropractic1578569471
David B. Mankowitz D.c., P.a. FLChiropractic1245236108
Ron W Westbrook TXChiropractic1841296704
Robert Gabriel MIChiropractic1609872464
John E Ruch OHChiropractic1518963370
Stephanie Leigh White ALChiropractic1891791661
Cynthia Lee Riley NCChiropractic1568468536
Stacey Cathleen Smith MIChiropractic1558367524
Jon L Mills TXChiropractic1467458430
Douglas John Smith MIChiropractic1457357428
Carol Ann Smith MIChiropractic1275539249
Ha T Truong CAChiropractic1801892872
Shawn K Brohl OHChiropractic1215933288
Jane L. Mcbride PAChiropractic1114923091
Troy William Tvedt MNChiropractic1225034127
Benoit O Choiniere FLChiropractic1356347256
David R Wright PAChiropractic1013913920
Kyle John Pankonin MNChiropractic1366448276
Steven Frederick Poirier INChiropractic1275539181
Gilbert R Morgan MOChiropractic1154327070
David S Ellis OHChiropractic1427054204
Gregory Charles Lucas OHChiropractic1770589566
Chris Larson MNChiropractic1750387551
Jerrod M. Edwards TXChiropractic1497751218
John Patrick Beshel NCChiropractic1720084411
Brian M Forbes ILChiropractic1457357147
Peter George West MEChiropractic1972509602
Harley J Bofshever FLChiropractic1881690428
Richard Steven Horowitz MEChiropractic1285630830
Troy Henry Peters AZChiropractic1366448912
Raymond M Ieronimo MAChiropractic1275539827
Melvin C Aldridge TXChiropractic1790781581
Randall Kertz ILChiropractic1891791638
Keith C Hobbs MIChiropractic1427054121
Larry Vaughn Sutherland MIChiropractic1952307654
Christopher T Burns OHChiropractic1508862301
Jack Bruce Starkey OHChiropractic1780680587
Kevin Tyler Scott TNChiropractic1922004688
Joel A Chinnici ILChiropractic1275539942
John Jeffery Maddux FLChiropractic1053317727
Catherine Ann Tierney MIChiropractic1770589483
Ryan M Kramer IAChiropractic1679579395
Ali Pezhman Pourpezheshege CAChiropractic1750387478
Baer Chiropractic Inc KYChiropractic1649276361
Brian Roadhouse OKChiropractic1477559201
David M. Knapp MIChiropractic1124024971
Jeffrey W Fluitt TXChiropractic1194721829
Steven M Carlson MOChiropractic1184620809
Jason R Stokes NCChiropractic1154327963
Rickey W. Hurst TNChiropractic1225034036
Caroline A Mohlstrom ILChiropractic1437155272
Steve Robert Pagano PAChiropractic1184620833
Mark Scanlan Sack NCChiropractic1508862251
Kevin Weizheng Chen CAChiropractic1912903675
Amber Ann Valencia-campbell CAChiropractic1245236934


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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