Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jimmy Shawn Mcgehee 72032, ARChiropractic1124025234
Seth Garner 72764, ARChiropractic1871554410
Rhonda E Whybrew 72112, ARChiropractic1497862775
Chiropractic Health Center, Pa 72112, ARChiropractic1750498036
The Betts Clinic 72404, ARChiropractic1457932535
Jessica Joy Dziurkowski 72223, ARChiropractic1720315617
Misty Dawn Tramel 72401, ARChiropractic1700426152
Kevin Nguyen 72210, ARChiropractic1922697119
Kyle L Skinner 72113, ARChiropractic1043259120
Fowler, Inc 72855, ARChiropractic1093254724
Daniel W Fowler 72801, ARChiropractic1962463828
Michael Miller 72703, ARChiropractic1922424035
Power Health, Pa 72501, ARChiropractic1508378787
Mary Ruth Power 72501, ARChiropractic1922078245
Jennifer Fipps 41143, ARChiropractic1447440425
Edward Virgil 72503, ARChiropractic1699138123
Jordana Ellen Amelia Beutelschies 72903, ARChiropractic1407260631
James D Raker 71854, ARChiropractic1932103892
Tarsha L Smith 72390, ARChiropractic1649274358
Delilah Mae Parker 72751, ARChiropractic1770588451
Robert R Hoffmann 72761, ARChiropractic1326043928
Michael V. Marvel 72601, ARChiropractic1558367078
Michael W Jarman 72450, ARChiropractic1821094277
Charles Clayton Lamey 72032, ARChiropractic1295731891
Mikel Ray Brown 72801, ARChiropractic1063419455
Robert Terry Kerbs 72830, ARChiropractic1942207964
Jeffrey E. Lewis 71753, ARChiropractic1396743845
Larry C. Weeks 72701, ARChiropractic1871591057
Dorothy Jean Gibson 72703, ARChiropractic1790783967
Randall Jay Thompson 72949, ARChiropractic1942208996
Timothy R Kamerman 72143, ARChiropractic1902804743
Kristy Ann Ward 72143, ARChiropractic1366440182
Michael L Ungerank 72401, ARChiropractic1912906520
Guy E Tucker 72734, ARChiropractic1316946403
Jeffrey A Tucker 72734, ARChiropractic1770582710
David M Sence 72703, ARChiropractic1306327879
Lawrence S Nichols 72364, ARChiropractic1033110804
James David Carter 72761, ARChiropractic1205837846
Richard D Wolfe 71832, ARChiropractic1013918689
Terry L Barnett 72401, ARChiropractic1326040320
Stephen E. Duncan 72461, ARChiropractic1841282258
Christopher Royse Blackmon 72207, ARChiropractic1669464947
Dan Nichols 72401, ARChiropractic1528050887
Bernard Michael Tougas 74954, ARChiropractic1366434680
Harold Louis Payne 72205, ARChiropractic1336132463
Cecil Michael Dupriest 72205, ARChiropractic1760475743
John Robin Butler 71753, ARChiropractic1386637304
Richard Matthews 04605, ARChiropractic1851383285
Kirk Robert Johnson 72701, ARChiropractic1871587261
Michael Lee Eggleston 72703, ARChiropractic1255326724
Barry D Penney 72315, ARChiropractic1932194081
Tommy Vance Ray 71603, ARChiropractic1447245626
Anthony Iwan Doncheff 72513, ARChiropractic1497740179
Eric Shawn Bailey 72736, ARChiropractic1649266305
Joseph Andrew Cornell 72903, ARChiropractic1457349060
Christopher Taylor Elder 72712, ARChiropractic1700330750
Randall Gregg Davis 72801, ARChiropractic1003804576
Terry L Hutson 71943, ARChiropractic1629068580
Heath Delane Lenox 72205, ARChiropractic1184615346
Beverly Jean Foster 72205, ARChiropractic1184605131
Franc M Sevcik 72740, ARChiropractic1265414924
Miranda Miller Tipton 72022, ARChiropractic1013906437
Brenda Lee Thielemier 72023, ARChiropractic1164406070
Kervin T Putman 71953, ARChiropractic1023092863
Cynthia Sue Beemer 72762, ARChiropractic1649255787
Arkansas Center For Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 72114, ARChiropractic1801872304
Steven Frederick Bennett 72114, ARChiropractic1407832801
Lance P Audirsch 72390, ARChiropractic1235115551
Tracy H Atha 72903, ARChiropractic1942286893
Dana Marie Browning 72207, ARChiropractic1750367736
Carol L Reynolds 72714, ARChiropractic1811974173
Vincent Lamonte Henderson 72390, ARChiropractic1639156664
Mark Steven Dean 72761, ARChiropractic1023096542
Smith Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Inc 72712, ARChiropractic1740268267
Jeffrey Raymond Smith 72712, ARChiropractic1992783427
Derrick Matthew Wood 72472, ARChiropractic1043298383
Clayton Dirk Davis 72476, ARChiropractic1992784458
Ryan D Collins 71655, ARChiropractic1265411680
Dr. William G. Carbary, D.c., Pa 72205, ARChiropractic1922087170
Adrian David Sturdevant 72701, ARChiropractic1225017494
Spinal Trauma Recovery Inc 72903, ARChiropractic1366421547
Dennis Geary Basco 72455, ARChiropractic1073592218
Cameron James Mitchell 72956, ARChiropractic1679552814
Natural State Healing Arts, Inc. 72701, ARChiropractic1760461933
Stephen Mark Matthew 72903, ARChiropractic1508845785
Tanya K Holt 72501, ARChiropractic1467431650
Les M Holden 72801, ARChiropractic1710966858
Blair B Masters 72704, ARChiropractic1114907854
John Thomas Sullivan 72712, ARChiropractic1184604761
Kristy L Graham 72956, ARChiropractic1316927833
Lee W Hodge 72034, ARChiropractic1063492403
Russell Pearson 72834, ARChiropractic1588644728
Mark W Bryant 71655, ARChiropractic1922078963
Wendell Bryant 71655, ARChiropractic1801866843
John Russell Shipp 72201, ARChiropractic1104896661
Paul Herman Travis 72903, ARChiropractic1619947371
Edward Richard Floyd 72903, ARChiropractic1174593842
Elizabeth Jane Rhodes 72756, ARChiropractic1063483766
Michael Rice 72712, ARChiropractic1578534145
Tony Thomas Trujillo 71909, ARChiropractic1528030566
Jason Michael Collins 72712, ARChiropractic1619949625
Teresa R Tice 71635, ARChiropractic1780656553
John D Tice 71635, ARChiropractic1710950118
Denver R Wallace 72010, ARChiropractic1003889148
Thomas C York 72110, ARChiropractic1245203298
Mark Richard Varley 72120, ARChiropractic1598738239
Blake W Bennett 72076, ARChiropractic1548234115
Thomas Edward Carlyle 72032, ARChiropractic1093789042
Mark Douglas Butler 72112, ARChiropractic1790759504
Tad Ray Scarbrough 72021, ARChiropractic1144295833
Shawn M Tompkins 72556, ARChiropractic1225003205
Judy Clayton Butler 72562, ARChiropractic1881660637
Bibb Chiropractic Center Inc 72450, ARChiropractic1770559262
Shad Ashley Mcclain 72519, ARChiropractic1942276217
Laura R Douglas 71801, ARChiropractic1134196488
Sherrie Yvonne Rine 72116, ARChiropractic1225007214
James H Taylor 72801, ARChiropractic1710956784
J. Terry Simmons 72022, ARChiropractic1942279757
Russell Lewis Evans 72143, ARChiropractic1083683882
Tessa Toanai Nguyen 72205, ARChiropractic1487623625
John W. Baines 72143, ARChiropractic1528037728
Dana Cox Craiglow 72034, ARChiropractic1609835727
Little Rock Chiropractic Clinic, P.a. 72201, ARChiropractic1477512218
Larry L Grinder 71901, ARChiropractic1275593204
Phillip Moore 72010, ARChiropractic1962462903
Eric W Walker 72703, ARChiropractic1386615979
Melissa Jane Faulkenberry 72212, ARChiropractic1306815303
Amanda Rae Bledsoe 72032, ARChiropractic1174583280
Steven W Whitelaw 72703, ARChiropractic1245201813
Charles R. Holt 72143, ARChiropractic1942260658
Timothy Clay Gross 72023, ARChiropractic1831150283
W Russell Hall 72801, ARChiropractic1447211743
John Edward Lodrigue 72370, ARChiropractic1912967340
Ronald S. Rosnermanz 72015, ARChiropractic1538120951
Thomas Steven Cooper 72034, ARChiropractic1487615373
Clarence Anthony Ungerank 72455, ARChiropractic1619938487
Deborah Leigh Hill 72543, ARChiropractic1780645499
Tara Lynn Gardner 72032, ARChiropractic1053373555
Wallace Haden Hays 72901, ARChiropractic1992767875
Roger Lynn Gardner 72032, ARChiropractic1194787119
Helms Chiropractic, P.a. 72745, ARChiropractic1295799757
Richard Weum 72762, ARChiropractic1659335933
Krystine Weum 72762, ARChiropractic1386608669
James A. Hale 72927, ARChiropractic1811951080
Jason Vaughn Helms 72745, ARChiropractic1801850888
Jeffrey Harold Fergusson 71603, ARChiropractic1326002312
Caroline Elizabeth Hillman 71653, ARChiropractic1124082961
Billy Don Scott 72112, ARChiropractic1689639338
Mena Spine & Rehab, Pa 71953, ARChiropractic1013972629
Barry Fletcher Southerland 72903, ARChiropractic1790740405
Philip E Roberts 72901, ARChiropractic1134184799
Michael C Oldham 72315, ARChiropractic1063477479
Randall Lynn Roth 71913, ARChiropractic1417912759
David Maurice Amason 71753, ARChiropractic1023073335
Tice Chiropractic Clinic 71635, ARChiropractic1538124797
John L Keller 72762, ARChiropractic1770549065
Ark la tex Health Center Pc 71854, ARChiropractic1649237165
Clay M Berger 72756, ARChiropractic1033177084
Darren Wayne Beavers 72212, ARChiropractic1720046550
Joseph G Hines 72756, ARChiropractic1063470334
Scott Matthew Clark 72903, ARChiropractic1265490734
Danny Handford Kent 72476, ARChiropractic1881652345
Guy Bates Smith 72576, ARChiropractic1124076567
Betty Jo Clark 72903, ARChiropractic1275581902
Sonjia Ilene Michaels 72205, ARChiropractic1790733236
Denver Alan Hixon 72019, ARChiropractic1528017704
Mitzi Gale Pringle 72450, ARChiropractic1376593582
Vance Lee Cornelison 72211, ARChiropractic1538119227
Cassie Cornelia Lutz 72211, ARChiropractic1770533473
Rocky Vannucci 72150, ARChiropractic1871544296
Timothy R Kamerman Dc Pa 72143, ARChiropractic1497706592
Denise A Chandler 72761, ARChiropractic1154373421
Joe Hines Chiropractic, Inc. 72756, ARChiropractic1821040726
Ronald D Erwin 72501, ARChiropractic1174575195
James Michael Dickerson 72703, ARChiropractic1902859267
Natural Healthcare Clinic 72756, ARChiropractic1376596239
Lori Lamitina, D.c., P.a. 72207, ARChiropractic1649224221
Robert L Shackelford 72476, ARChiropractic1568415362
Reino Arnold Henderson 72205, ARChiropractic1164487146
Kent Michael Krug 72543, ARChiropractic1255391751
Timothy C Bryant 72023, ARChiropractic1487606877
William L Hutchinson 72908, ARChiropractic1730149345
Roger R Bullington 72903, ARChiropractic1003877739
Arkansas Family Care Network 72118, ARChiropractic1497718134
Richard Charles Ward 72901, ARChiropractic1316991664
Ron D Lieberman 72712, ARChiropractic1699729988
Alex Lee Haines 72712, ARChiropractic1992759047
Travis Lynn Wyly 72046, ARChiropractic1306892963
Daryl Hamilton Lancaster 72712, ARChiropractic1497793681
Dr Jeffrey W Holt Chiropractic Pa 72560, ARChiropractic1144268228
Sarah B Tate 72543, ARChiropractic1326086380
Garrett J Roy 28079, ARChiropractic1275571853
Larry R Roth 71909, ARChiropractic1063451490
Rosa Marie Mclaurin 72086, ARChiropractic1902846959
Craig Edward Kirchhoff 71852, ARChiropractic1689614497
David P Hamilton 72703, ARChiropractic1598706178
Gerald G Elsner 72712, ARChiropractic1962444695
M D Courtney 71601, ARChiropractic1760424857
Steven Spencer 72936, ARChiropractic1033151022
Christopher E Tate 72543, ARChiropractic1316989213


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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