Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregg Friedman 85018, AZChiropractic1023011806
Russell Leroy Clouse 85204, AZChiropractic1134122765
Howard Daryl Fern 85204, AZChiropractic1417950999
Debby Baker 85302, AZChiropractic1114920659
Martha H Bergner 85716, AZChiropractic1497758916
Robert James Rose 86401, AZChiropractic1629071030
William M Haas 85381, AZChiropractic1144223561
Steven Gale Higgins 85396, AZChiropractic1427051812
Gerald Craig Godard 85215, AZChiropractic1194727396
Stanley Behrman Caire 86001, AZChiropractic1205830114
Andrew B Altman 85202, AZChiropractic1023012747
Judson S Lee 85003, AZChiropractic1528062114
Don A Reger 86305, AZChiropractic1710981329
Wayne L Rudnick 85711, AZChiropractic1679577290
Ron Waxman 85034, AZChiropractic1932103496
Kathy J Beeson 86314, AZChiropractic1700880143
Alan L Beeson 86314, AZChiropractic1205830650
Scott Andrew Bentson 85711, AZChiropractic1871597237
Joseph Thomas Guyton 85711, AZChiropractic1578568671
Jay Douglas Mcfarlane 85028, AZChiropractic1669477535
Michael J Pace 85225, AZChiropractic1437154598
Clifford Brendon Gibb 85234, AZChiropractic1376548198
Jeffery Robert Ring 85331, AZChiropractic1265437552
Todd Marc Dwayne Sembaluk 85033, AZChiropractic1871598524
Kelly S Thompson 85210, AZChiropractic1033114665
Andrew M Gorby 85301, AZChiropractic1215933783
Ronda L Carson 85283, AZChiropractic1306842885
Lyndon K Carson 85283, AZChiropractic1568468049
Troy Henry Peters 85395, AZChiropractic1366448912
Mark Alan Miller 85143, AZChiropractic1659377364
Matthew Michael French 85027, AZChiropractic1316943988
John Paul Futral 86314, AZChiropractic1053318428
Christopher Todd Mayhew 85234, AZChiropractic1306844006
Torsten Rolf Stein 85308, AZChiropractic1265430987
Carl Skouson Freestone 85939, AZChiropractic1992702658
Gregg G. Libby 85262, AZChiropractic1811994585
Jose Lara 85027, AZChiropractic1104824812
Michael M. Romay 86426, AZChiropractic1194723817
Jennifer Elaine Lamb 85233, AZChiropractic1598762486
Mark Steven Palazzo 85044, AZChiropractic1427055367
Michael Dion Miller 85224, AZChiropractic1255339982
David K. Backus 85375, AZChiropractic1023016425
Crenshaw Chiropractic Center, P.c. 86326, AZChiropractic1306844543
Tracy B Peruch 85310, AZChiropractic1124026307
Manfred H Ahnen 85202, AZChiropractic1346248184
Mike Schloemp 85224, AZChiropractic1093713984
Shanlyn Marie Newman 85201, AZChiropractic1043218969
Gregory Katsaros 85282, AZChiropractic1235136946
Janeen Louise Wallace 85206, AZChiropractic1487651147
Donald H. Dearth 85282, AZChiropractic1518966332
William M Ormiston 85282, AZChiropractic1396744017
John Sheldon Williams 85716, AZChiropractic1447259130
Darrell R Kilcup 85051, AZChiropractic1285633826
Charles W. Rommell 85715, AZChiropractic1215936711
Hanh Thuy Vuong 85308, AZChiropractic1376542605
Price Chiropractic 85251, AZChiropractic1871592212
David William Hancock 86301, AZChiropractic1194725846
Raymond James Hillenbrand 85251, AZChiropractic1518967298
Arthur Alexander Mejia 85364, AZChiropractic1639179195
Robert Douglas Larson 85028, AZChiropractic1942200233
Lyle A Murrow Dc Pc 85741, AZChiropractic1548260938
Aza Thompson 86409, AZChiropractic1134129141
Feel Good Naturally Inc 85029, AZChiropractic1083614010
Michael Akerson 85048, AZChiropractic1487655395
Simon Chiropractic, Pc 85258, AZChiropractic1972504785
Linda Simon 85258, AZChiropractic1982605705
Dean F. Weinberg 85306, AZChiropractic1881694917
Samuel Brian Hester 85086, AZChiropractic1033110846
Charles Patrick Sparr 85704, AZChiropractic1760483499
Michael Hill Lebaron 85204, AZChiropractic1093716383
Andreas Boettcher 85086, AZChiropractic1336140540
Diana Lynn Snook 85643, AZChiropractic1164424156
Scott Robert Lebaron 85204, AZChiropractic1639171556
Mark D Casalino 85051, AZChiropractic1386646933
William Keith Horne 85901, AZChiropractic1114919552
G T Thompson Chiropractic Inc 85710, AZChiropractic1811980709
Richard Sims Ray 85203, AZChiropractic1417940479
Donald H. Peck 86326, AZChiropractic1730172560
Bruce A. Weary 86301, AZChiropractic1295728376
Patricia Lee Lehew 85020, AZChiropractic1558354985
Aaron Scheff 85716, AZChiropractic1154315299
James L. Warlick 85351, AZChiropractic1538153325
James J Taxter 85015, AZChiropractic1588658561
John Bradford Howell 85306, AZChiropractic1104810084
Christopher Joseph Mendola 85033, AZChiropractic1942294913
Casey Michael Johnston 85210, AZChiropractic1386638294
David J Hobbs 85032, AZChiropractic1639163603
Omid Alyeshmerni 85033, AZChiropractic1598759565
David A. Sheitelman 85374, AZChiropractic1972597870
Rami Lipson 85018, AZChiropractic1467447979
Greg A Thompson 85710, AZChiropractic1265427017
Back & Bodyworks Chiropractic 85224, AZChiropractic1831184464
Stephanie Marie Acuna 85224, AZChiropractic1972599165
Robert Leon Lopez 85650, AZChiropractic1295722775
G. Brian Trollope 85022, AZChiropractic1972590875
Jeffrey D Knutsen 85258, AZChiropractic1134117880
Michael Paul Frank 85282, AZChiropractic1669467841
Steven P Lukken 85032, AZChiropractic1841283264
Alanna Cristin Bernacchi 85020, AZChiropractic1952395386
Roger W Roberts 85635, AZChiropractic1447247234
James Michael Winberry 85742, AZChiropractic1740276294
Jeff N Floyd 85032, AZChiropractic1972591428
Trevor Sean Berry 85284, AZChiropractic1629067806
Sarah J. Denson 85232, AZChiropractic1134119175
Wayne A Kerch 85028, AZChiropractic1821088436
Michael P Randall 86327, AZChiropractic1972594026
Larry Dean Peterson 85254, AZChiropractic1962493098
A. Steven Enriquez 85282, AZChiropractic1003807967
Oracle Industries I Ltd 85029, AZChiropractic1215928734
Peter M Nemanic 85044, AZChiropractic1427049840
Davis Mark Fiedler 85205, AZChiropractic1316938756
Murray Lawson 86303, AZChiropractic1639150980
Jeri Lynn Brock 86409, AZChiropractic1356322739
Richard James Jones 85259, AZChiropractic1821079211
Jody Leona Samuelson 85029, AZChiropractic1205818507
Scott Michael Johnson 85251, AZChiropractic1881675106
Eric J Neufang 85258, AZChiropractic1992787816
Renee Ann C. Haberl 85250, AZChiropractic1821070616
Kori Lynn Sprintz 85204, AZChiropractic1528040177
Shawn R Gilbertson 85029, AZChiropractic1154303691
Joshua Shaw Haggard 85016, AZChiropractic1720069727
Karen E Lalli 85022, AZChiropractic1215919824
Derek P Pruni 85206, AZChiropractic1154304590
Deseret Family Practice, Ltd. 85206, AZChiropractic1215960638
Pamela Kim Sommer 85260, AZChiropractic1396229076
Terrese L Hanson 85022, AZChiropractic1447233556
Michael Anthony Hafkey 85210, AZChiropractic1275516049
David Richard Moore 86324, AZChiropractic1801879697
Majera Majidi 85018, AZChiropractic1619951159
Kenneth Daniel Krieger 85382, AZChiropractic1649254194
Kyan Karbassy 85258, AZChiropractic1194708685
Jonathon Paul Sprintz 85204, AZChiropractic1477537900
Daron Guy Halle 85382, AZChiropractic1154305282
Kevin J Gilbertson 85029, AZChiropractic1508840679
Jayson E Czaplicki 85006, AZChiropractic1477537462
Jeffrey A. Trinka 85323, AZChiropractic1861476749
Danny Lee Nielson 85205, AZChiropractic1932183894
Charles Brixner Boag 85031, AZChiropractic1699759431
David Christopher Perrine 85258, AZChiropractic1689658239
Michael Nash 86301, AZChiropractic1184609786
Joseph De Bruin 85257, AZChiropractic1154306744
Wayne A Bennett 86301, AZChiropractic1952386542
Wayne A Bennett 86301, AZChiropractic1508841107
Carolyn Joan Carleton 85373, AZChiropractic1942285150
James William Reed 85375, AZChiropractic1023093382
William Lee Wesselink 85718, AZChiropractic1265417349
Peter J. Toyos 85018, AZChiropractic1780669481
Lawrence Francis Savage 85712, AZChiropractic1720064363
Craig S Seitz 85254, AZChiropractic1639155161
Brian S. Henry 85224, AZChiropractic1316923295
Susan M Demith-olson 85715, AZChiropractic1578540316
Kevin Patrick Lees 85234, AZChiropractic1720065527
Richard Albert Boatright 85935, AZChiropractic1821075524
James Michael Bub 85750, AZChiropractic1932187978
Russell W Erhardt 85345, AZChiropractic1891774493
Jeffrey David Kuppersmith 85234, AZChiropractic1699754838
Michael Vincent Healey 85260, AZChiropractic1861471005
Matthew Benjamin Bryson 85260, AZChiropractic1033198270
Alyesh, P.a. 85033, AZChiropractic1831179019
Quati Makeeta 85028, AZChiropractic1194701896
True Health Medical Llc 85286, AZChiropractic1932612926
Monte D Hessler 85004, AZChiropractic1215917554
Michael Seifried 85004, AZChiropractic1336119924
Matthew Ryder Dorchester 85054, AZChiropractic1487624847
Eric Petermann 85018, AZChiropractic1649241332
Darline Maitland 85201, AZChiropractic1518939990
Richard Anthony Guarino 85050, AZChiropractic1033182266
Samuel E. Carr 85042, AZChiropractic1982677985
P Scott Timko Dc Pllc 85053, AZChiropractic1528032869
Kristy Michelle Morgan 85392, AZChiropractic1912972696
Mark Joseph Klingert 85053, AZChiropractic1124093422
Thomas Morgan 85392, AZChiropractic1578538898
Scott James Dannatt 85374, AZChiropractic1497720346
Daniel Glassman 85382, AZChiropractic1881660629
Elisabetta G Nyholm-jensen 85306, AZChiropractic1922075357
Lance Robert Severson 86303, AZChiropractic1427025782
Alan Jay Warta 86004, AZChiropractic1891762084
Kenneth E Kasian 85224, AZChiropractic1205803319
Douglas Wayne Devries 85364, AZChiropractic1700854684
Mark Victor Gregg 85008, AZChiropractic1952379687
Brian Wright 85296, AZChiropractic1013985415
Lourdes G Gorman 85741, AZChiropractic1568431468
Nicholas Field Warner 85022, AZChiropractic1811966013
William B Tikey 85254, AZChiropractic1306805171
Joseph O Diduro 85238, AZChiropractic1548220841
Susan L Blatt Dc Llc 85925, AZChiropractic1326008434
Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Inc 86301, AZChiropractic1447637541
Kevin Fox 85295, AZChiropractic1972562783
Peter Randall Sutton 85248, AZChiropractic1265400881
David Michael Jones 85205, AZChiropractic1972576205
Cr Resorts Llc 85750, AZChiropractic1609064823
Susan L Blatt 85925, AZChiropractic1831159318
Douglas Opie 85210, AZChiropractic1336100437
Kai Mg Bennett 86004, AZChiropractic1841252079
George Edward Hibner 85381, AZChiropractic1588626329
Philip Charles Barnard 86442, AZChiropractic1891757852
Steven Louis Levine 85024, AZChiropractic1285697805
Michael B Collins Dc Plc 85295, AZChiropractic1700849320
Patrick Darin Chiavaroli 85032, AZChiropractic1093778060
Mark William Mocciaro 85018, AZChiropractic1447213343


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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