Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joshua Frederick Bock 85295, AZChiropractic1275532814
Matthew Daniel Robbins 85704, AZChiropractic1083709307
Rambod Derakhshani 85251, AZChiropractic1063599348
Ryan David Schulze 85054, AZChiropractic1902968639
Justin James Woodside 85937, AZChiropractic1306005327
Angela Maricela Johnson 92028, AZChiropractic1609037217
Melissa Rose Filippello 85297, AZChiropractic1356551402
Gakdc Llc 64118, AZChiropractic1982124830
True Health Center Llc 85298, AZChiropractic1740673813
Joshua G Leuppie 14217, AZChiropractic1518498187
Jared Hyrum Pierson 85248, AZChiropractic1407283633
Advanced Chiropractic Health Centre, Llc 86323, AZChiropractic1366824369
Tamika Dionne Sims 33870, AZChiropractic1700222601
Justine N Lomboy 89113, AZChiropractic1285028910
Pinnacle Integrative Therapy 85260, AZChiropractic1790214609
Paul Alan Jeffrey 80246, AZChiropractic1376905604
Verve Wellness Center, Llc. 85206, AZChiropractic1871002683
Shawn Medley 85739, AZChiropractic1659879807
Tyson Adair 85207, AZChiropractic1780099382
Kevin Ray Wall 85295, AZChiropractic1932196367
Cory Robert Wilson 85284, AZChiropractic1336643311
Ryan Joseph Sculley 85295, AZChiropractic1659576155
Damian Sean Scelfo 85295, AZChiropractic1972521649
Darren Dee Olson 85004, AZChiropractic1639158876
Victoria Marie Kes 85381, AZChiropractic1164572293
Jennifer Lavonne Forbes 85204, AZChiropractic1730221144
Shawn P Lambert 85053, AZChiropractic1386089621
Tony James Koehler 85028, AZChiropractic1376017202
Cady Logan 85283, AZChiropractic1760946784
Deanne Kay Miller 85381, AZChiropractic1417955881
Impulse Healthcare, Pllc 85029, AZChiropractic1023574324
Mark R Riggs 85296, AZChiropractic1093045106
Gregory John Donnelly 85122, AZChiropractic1295914372
Smith Chiropractic Pllc 85282, AZChiropractic1356879993
John A Fuentes 85204, AZChiropractic1952355240
James Holloway 85298, AZChiropractic1548696164
William Joseph Minard 86336, AZChiropractic1407930779
Daniel Piziali Burdett 32789, AZChiropractic1285601021
Brittany Sophia Causey 85016, AZChiropractic1912271883
Buffy Marie De Luna 78753, AZChiropractic1134209018
Kelsey Jean Nipper 85295, AZChiropractic1790323335
Robert Dylan Hernandez 85282, AZChiropractic1548802333
Gagandeep Singh Arora 85023, AZChiropractic1407904170
Keith Dennis Smigiel 85254, AZChiropractic1457452856
Michael Robert Compton 85282, AZChiropractic1427370782
Joel Jayson Salter 85234, AZChiropractic1487831129
Trevor T Ferguson 85225, AZChiropractic1285827030
Deseret Medical Associates Plc 85118, AZChiropractic1962989244
Chirotrendz Llc 85142, AZChiropractic1881087567
Nicole Renee Maddox 85381, AZChiropractic1013431253
Paul W Dickerson 85050, AZChiropractic1861499485
Mario Manuel Portillo 85050, AZChiropractic1770007361
Jordan Odle 85257, AZChiropractic1518572452
Jace L Nybo 85295, AZChiropractic1245871268
Redirect Health Centers, Llc 85306, AZChiropractic1083221634
Landmark Medical Llc 85016, AZChiropractic1962910281
Healthcare Campus Llc 85206, AZChiropractic1205442704
Blue Sky Chiropractic, Llc 85206, AZChiropractic1932707106
Jeremy Ray Buckner 85206, AZChiropractic1104805332
Yjp Spine Center Llc 85306, AZChiropractic1174133490
Yunjae Park 85306, AZChiropractic1366953200
Jessica Kala Turner 85085, AZChiropractic1003228933
Zachary Bryen Goodman 85201, AZChiropractic1568973428
Megan Mari Byrne 85254, AZChiropractic1346696382
Mark J Troy Hudson 85004, AZChiropractic1538754353
Ps Clinics, Llc 85012, AZChiropractic1649857582
Commerce Medical Group Llc 85282, AZChiropractic1396327979
Kimberly Mullen Dc Pllc 78758, AZChiropractic1518383207
Thao Nguyen 85015, AZChiropractic1225356884
Zack Finch 85206, AZChiropractic1104495035
Stephanie Ann Farwig 85382, AZChiropractic1730797945
Arete Recovery Institute 85212, AZChiropractic1619642170
Robert Sherman, D.c., P.c. 85622, AZChiropractic1972707750
Palisades Family Chiropractic Wellness Center Inc 85268, AZChiropractic1891799516
Crenshaw Chiropractic Center, P.c. 86326, AZChiropractic1306844543
Price Chiropractic 85251, AZChiropractic1871592212
Lyle A Murrow Dc Pc 85741, AZChiropractic1548260938
Feel Good Naturally Inc 85029, AZChiropractic1083614010
Simon Chiropractic, Pc 85258, AZChiropractic1972504785
G T Thompson Chiropractic Inc 85710, AZChiropractic1811980709
Back & Bodyworks Chiropractic 85224, AZChiropractic1831184464
Oracle Industries I Ltd 85029, AZChiropractic1215928734
Deseret Family Practice, Ltd. 85206, AZChiropractic1215960638
Wayne A Bennett 86301, AZChiropractic1508841107
Alyesh, P.a. 85033, AZChiropractic1831179019
True Health Medical Llc 85286, AZChiropractic1932612926
P Scott Timko Dc Pllc 85053, AZChiropractic1528032869
Susan L Blatt Dc Llc 85925, AZChiropractic1326008434
Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Inc 86301, AZChiropractic1447637541
Cr Resorts Llc 85750, AZChiropractic1609064823
Michael B Collins Dc Plc 85295, AZChiropractic1700849320
Kerri L Burgess Dc Pc 85250, AZChiropractic1104883446
Surprise Chiropractic Group, L.l.c. 85374, AZChiropractic1700835303
Casalino Chiropractic Office Pc 85014, AZChiropractic1083664635
Assurance Chiropractic Inc 86326, AZChiropractic1811948425
Kachina Healing Center, Llc 86314, AZChiropractic1336192871
Chandler Medical Pllc 85016, AZChiropractic1639551997
American Chiropractic Center, Inc. 85257, AZChiropractic1326005612
Estrella Pkwy Medical Center, Llc. 85338, AZChiropractic1871546036
Kimel Chiropractic Center Pc 85029, AZChiropractic1790729010
Torrens Family Chiropractic, Llc 85222, AZChiropractic1538104864
First Chiropractic Ina Llc 85741, AZChiropractic1528003894
First Chiropractic St. Mary's Llc 85745, AZChiropractic1437194537
First Chiropractic 22nd St Llc 85710, AZChiropractic1508802422
First Chiropractic Prince Llc 85705, AZChiropractic1184660011
Roland Sinatra & Associates Inc 85022, AZChiropractic1144265281
First Chiropractic Valencia Llc 85706, AZChiropractic1245266964
First Chiropractic Alvernon Llc 85711, AZChiropractic1144256611
Backfit Chiropractic & Rehab Ii 85296, AZChiropractic1942230255
Phoenix Chiropractic Corp 85016, AZChiropractic1154351450
Brown Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Pc 85297, AZChiropractic1396786190
Abraxas Center, Inc. 86326, AZChiropractic1073545174
Kp Chiropractic Pc 85022, AZChiropractic1699708594
Advanced Back And Neck Care Of Ocotillo, Pc 85248, AZChiropractic1326071010
Spencer Chiropractic Clinic Inc. 86326, AZChiropractic1962436212
Dr. Sergio Nino Life Chiropractic 85021, AZChiropractic1851317259
Purtiman Family Chiropractic Pc 85296, AZChiropractic1407873474
Better Health Through Chiropractic, Ltd. 85032, AZChiropractic1427075100
Schmidt Family Chiropractic Pc 85302, AZChiropractic1154349728
Mesa Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center Pc 85210, AZChiropractic1164443321
Advanced Spine And Rehab Pc 85206, AZChiropractic1922020858
Gc Grover Bs Dc Pc 85022, AZChiropractic1306850953
Foresight Chiropractic Plc 85234, AZChiropractic1669486908
Fred Schofield Pc 85053, AZChiropractic1922013374
Tatum Point Chiropractic, Inc 85024, AZChiropractic1215946470
Bender Chiropractic Centers, Inc 85022, AZChiropractic1386653871
Hancock Chiropractic Inc 86301, AZChiropractic1760492243
W L Judge Chiropractic Center P C 85303, AZChiropractic1639181118
Elite Chiropractic Llc 85282, AZChiropractic1598878407
The Chiropractic Company, Pllc 85032, AZChiropractic1114031317
Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Inc 85302, AZChiropractic1104930650
Spinalworks Inc 85022, AZChiropractic1629092051
Lifetime Chiropractic Llc 85296, AZChiropractic1891249942
Cornerstone Wellness Center Llc 85205, AZChiropractic1154855088
Peaks Chiropractic Llc 85282, AZChiropractic1669909180
Arikota Inc 85260, AZChiropractic1972611465
Chiropractic Works West 85257, AZChiropractic1104937838
Wellness Dynamics Llc 85210, AZChiropractic1063524411
Arizona Family Chiropractic Pc 85248, AZChiropractic1063517514
Horizon Integrated Medicine Pc 85308, AZChiropractic1114024676
Bradley Chiropractic Center, Inc. 85340, AZChiropractic1982701116
Regent Healthcare Of Scottsdale 85251, AZChiropractic1619077435
Sabino Canyon Chiropractic Pc 85750, AZChiropractic1164522173
Relief Source Chiropractic & Wellness Center Pc 85210, AZChiropractic1467544759
Perrine Chiropractic Health Center Inc 85258, AZChiropractic1932293891
Anderson Chiropractic Inc 85541, AZChiropractic1871689091
Cactus Chiropractic Llc 85381, AZChiropractic1013097203
Huffman Chiropractic, Pllc 86403, AZChiropractic1649350604
Northern Arizona Spinal Care, Pllc 86004, AZChiropractic1114008034
Harris Chiropractic, Plc 85351, AZChiropractic1124100086
East Valley Family Healthcare, Pc 85297, AZChiropractic1841373701
Lord Chiropractic Center Ltd 85301, AZChiropractic1144304627
Healthsource Of Central Glendale, P.c. 85302, AZChiropractic1942384722
Alta Mesa Chiropractic Llc 85205, AZChiropractic1023193638
A Better Back Chiropractic & Wellness Center, P.c. 85224, AZChiropractic1255415931
Backfit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Pc 85224, AZChiropractic1154490621
Mesa Chiropractic Corp 85206, AZChiropractic1588733091
Kuty Chiropractic Llc 85254, AZChiropractic1083710354
Swan Clinic Of Natural Healing 85711, AZChiropractic1205297470
Convenient Chiropractic Inc 85249, AZChiropractic1750739520
Vsc Healthcare Llc 85254, AZChiropractic1811465297
Desert Chiropractic, Inc. 85023, AZChiropractic1033281035
Acadia Health Clinic, Llc 85381, AZChiropractic1679645691
Martin C Gage Pc 85308, AZChiropractic1154494896
Axis Chiropractic Center Pc 85032, AZChiropractic1437223492
Fusion Rehabilitation Pllc 85032, AZChiropractic1932273109
Tmt Southwest Inc 85381, AZChiropractic1124192315
Dr Mark B Burdorf Pc 85260, AZChiropractic1912072182
Manipulators Inc 86403, AZChiropractic1669548111
Family Chiropractic Health Care 86303, AZChiropractic1679649099
In Pulse Chiropractic Pc 85283, AZChiropractic1124195326
Renovare Clinic Of Natural Medicine Pa 85308, AZChiropractic1902974678
Mohave Chiropractic Care Llc 86442, AZChiropractic1376601039
Natural Health Care Alternatives, P.c. 85374, AZChiropractic1265590780
Robert L. Wooden D.c., P.c. 85282, AZChiropractic1881753648
Muscle Restoration And Chiropractic Clinic 85260, AZChiropractic1356401368
K & Q Allied Chiropractic Inc. 85351, AZChiropractic1265592489
Brock Chiropractic Inc Pc 86409, AZChiropractic1164582664
Western Spinal Center Pllc 85302, AZChiropractic1407917370
Art Of Healing Chiropractic Inc 85257, AZChiropractic1619038650
Panchesin Chiropractic Center Pc 85706, AZChiropractic1922160910
Shipley Chiropractic Pc 85742, AZChiropractic1053475756
Leisure World Plaza Chiropractic 85206, AZChiropractic1538223508
Guy G Huston, D.c. 85308, AZChiropractic1679637649
Cas Chiropractic Center Pc 85016, AZChiropractic1407911373
Kingman Chiropractic Clinic Pc 86401, AZChiropractic1003970930
Az Family Chiropractic Llc 85295, AZChiropractic1376609339
Tj3, Pllc 85306, AZChiropractic1285790808
Balance Chiropractic Llc 85205, AZChiropractic1427115773
Ahwatukee Integrated Chiropractic, P.l.l.c. 85048, AZChiropractic1396892550
Natural Healing Center Of Michael Chung Llp 85226, AZChiropractic1952458234
Trinity Health Center, Pllc 85233, AZChiropractic1396892626
Natural Wellness Center Llc 85028, AZChiropractic1417006602
Craig Zimmerman & Associates Pllc 85260, AZChiropractic1952450371
Chula Vista Professional Corporation 85755, AZChiropractic1891844346
Westown Chiropractic 85029, AZChiropractic1578613758
Sheitelman Chiropractic Inc 85374, AZChiropractic1144373978
Kukurin Chiropractic 85323, AZChiropractic1568515583
Maxim Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center Pllc 85284, AZChiropractic1053465807
Cas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center,pc 85016, AZChiropractic1740334481


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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