Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul Dante Jacoy 91124, CAChiropractic1598767642
Jeffery Robert Ring 85331, CAChiropractic1265437552
Robert Richard Pirritano 90744, CAChiropractic1144229923
George C Win 91801, CAChiropractic1619979036
Jennifer Sara Lanett 94706, CAChiropractic1962497446
David Scott Wagner 92592, CAChiropractic1508847997
Ilanit Henn 91335, CAChiropractic1326039207
Ranj Jaaf 92647, CAChiropractic1578036810
Jessica Underwood 91335, CAChiropractic1487605796
Rafael Augusto Rios 91768, CAChiropractic1710927686
Debra T Asakura 92081, CAChiropractic1275580144
Barbara Shur 92683, CAChiropractic1306875703
Sese Novas 92683, CAChiropractic1588695837
Alen Khachatourian 91506, CAChiropractic1215942990
George Elmer Mcbee 95926, CAChiropractic1205855442
Travis Scott Studt 93534, CAChiropractic1639104243
Russell Charles Pisano 92101, CAChiropractic1952413098
Bernadette Gonzales-hamilton 92590, CAChiropractic1578656310
Kevin A Tran 95348, CAChiropractic1013007517
Victor J. Tomassetti 92054, CAChiropractic1447344007
Emanuel H Botelho 92590, CAChiropractic1205925542
Lisa Craigs Medel 98391, CAChiropractic1265526628
Renee A. Kohanim 90723, CAChiropractic1386725158
Sachiko Muro 90717, CAChiropractic1508937954
Stephen Paul Grosse 96001, CAChiropractic1770676025
Nicolas Vallejos 94965, CAChiropractic1083731871
Todd R Bedell 95126, CAChiropractic1275607715
Julio Cesar Fassino 92660, CAChiropractic1083776496
Patricia L Rupert 33496, CAChiropractic1497884902
Kyle Ryan Tetz 92081, CAChiropractic1134266331
Emmanuel Enitan Oduwole 91436, CAChiropractic1851441976
Hakeem Gochette 90230, CAChiropractic1588866149
Randall Toal 94063, CAChiropractic1922276872
Garo K. Tchakian 91411, CAChiropractic1407077530
Mikhail Yakov Rovensky 90210, CAChiropractic1336318534
Timothy John Gay 98271, CAChiropractic1275710824
Jason William Amstutz 92663, CAChiropractic1073716601
David Hyun Lee 91208, CAChiropractic1619116530
Adana Anna Moses Vargas 91101, CAChiropractic1346543907
Shafiq Ansari 94539, CAChiropractic1992012678
Rosanna R Perez 92025, CAChiropractic1225320120
Jennifer Kristin Lovern 92069, CAChiropractic1235469396
Jane Baxley 94583, CAChiropractic1467782078
Tyler Reid Meier 92660, CAChiropractic1912496175
Marcie Morton 94925, CAChiropractic1376784561
Ronald Mccromick French 93003, CAChiropractic1235386640
Sarah Beth Witt 90803, CAChiropractic1265710289
Soo Jin Kim 90057, CAChiropractic1548570740
Jennifer Ann Angell 92660, CAChiropractic1396999678
Jaime Cortez 92084, CAChiropractic1508195348
Richard Duane Behlen 93711, CAChiropractic1619104932
Janelle Sharice Lerma 95037, CAChiropractic1770881534
Michael Timothy Donohue 90277, CAChiropractic1649560053
Andy Hwan Oh 90005, CAChiropractic1386918928
Matthew Nicholas Chang 92653, CAChiropractic1518293604
Andrew W Sulyma 94555, CAChiropractic1295899383
Lisa Marie Stowell 78404, CAChiropractic1366516031
Nicholas Divan 63119, CAChiropractic1114343704
Liesel G Orend 90278, CAChiropractic1396133070
Travis Martin 94024, CAChiropractic1740699149
Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine, Inc 91356, CAChiropractic1912386376
Rios And Miles Chiropractic Incorporated 91730, CAChiropractic1154828572
Peter Salama 98275, CAChiropractic1487909602
Hannah Christine Mcbean 92108, CAChiropractic1407249568
Maveric Hartwell 93023, CAChiropractic1316318702
Lawrence J. Thill 95650, CAChiropractic1538235049
Thomas Drzemala 95746, CAChiropractic1760849319
Sharon Ann Tseng 92679, CAChiropractic1538520739
Amber Lynne Latza 94104, CAChiropractic1811432859
Angela Torres 92887, CAChiropractic1285088575
Alexsandra Kaykov Dc Inc. 91607, CAChiropractic1134646714
Fanai Chiropractic & Wellness 92627, CAChiropractic1013434877
Epsteinchiropractic, Inc. 92131, CAChiropractic1386153062
Trestman Chiropractic Pc 94114, CAChiropractic1184133811
Kimberly Johnson 93111, CAChiropractic1801399928
Dorian Chiropractic Corporation 93306, CAChiropractic1225421720
Nadia Fakhoury 94122, CAChiropractic1902335417
Srikanth Kolli 95961, CAChiropractic1790229391
Scott Kolofer 93401, CAChiropractic1508361098
Jc Chiropractic, P.c. 91910, CAChiropractic1083110274
Sawyer A Hildebrant 55109, CAChiropractic1609220169
Grace Jeanee Chang 92833, CAChiropractic1023366424
Hetal Patel 91030, CAChiropractic1447743885
Denise Lizbeth Miranda 93534, CAChiropractic1164915237
Matin Chiropractic Group, Inc. 92604, CAChiropractic1043736564
Deanna Hartsough 86323, CAChiropractic1255700779
Stellar Family And Occupational Medical Group 92307, CAChiropractic1427543248
John Luu 94403, CAChiropractic1710403092
Kolofer Chiropractic Inc. 93401, CAChiropractic1457846255
Polette Alexanian 91501, CAChiropractic1225529597
Kien Ta Chiropractic Inc 92105, CAChiropractic1750867974
Karo Isajan 95051, CAChiropractic1124390067
Rachel Clark 92121, CAChiropractic1780122531
Mehrbod Rafia 94087, CAChiropractic1326520248
Nikaeen Chiropractic P.c 91436, CAChiropractic1780168583
Francis William Dooley 95126, CAChiropractic1053895359
Shannon Kirkwood 78070, CAChiropractic1003354960
Matthew Kreinheder 92024, CAChiropractic1164753588
Valerie A Lyon 94545, CAChiropractic1588130983
Justin Wilcox 92101, CAChiropractic1861928145
Teja Fox 93465, CAChiropractic1528485075
Roland Quan 95128, CAChiropractic1851868343
Jereme Anderson 95348, CAChiropractic1710430574
Amy Elizabeth Forrest-readdy 90807, CAChiropractic1730601998
Gary Barrow 92310, CAChiropractic1003384629
Downey Industrial Medical Group, Inc. 90241, CAChiropractic1184194128
Jeanette Joyce Boggs Reed 80209, CAChiropractic1417066572
Mina Iskander 90403, CAChiropractic1922579523
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAChiropractic1154892875
Alexander Chiropractic And Wellness Inc. 94551, CAChiropractic1598268518
Sean Mclean 28411, CAChiropractic1992140180
Medxcare Health Professionals 95060, CAChiropractic1982177150
Gary Brandon Severson 92591, CAChiropractic1134577034
Dream Wellness Pb 92109, CAChiropractic1396209904
Chong Il Lee 98125, CAChiropractic1922468982
Hans Freericks Chiropractic Corporation 94538, CAChiropractic1356468250
Andrew Edmund Magsumbol 94401, CAChiropractic1790138022
Shery Assal 37129, CAChiropractic1679928626
Kathryn Elise Coysh 94608, CAChiropractic1831625698
Golden Health & Beauty Center Inc 91436, CAChiropractic1376012674
Catherine Pilibos West 99639, CAChiropractic1679715577
Josuke Tanaka 96789, CAChiropractic1134512809
Magnum Opus Management Services 92592, CAChiropractic1841731668
Robert Sanchez 87505, CAChiropractic1386094415
Sara Chong 96826, CAChiropractic1528463288
Alexandra Trevisan 90066, CAChiropractic1902368582
Harris Meyer, Dc 94104, CAChiropractic1063974145
Deanne Kay Miller 85381, CAChiropractic1417955881
Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute 92620, CAChiropractic1427449024
Gordon David Elder 79401, CAChiropractic1588650212
Rich Wiley Shuey 95370, CAChiropractic1669492831
Amy Catherine Vevoda 89451, CAChiropractic1740209931
Frank Alexios Lee 94538, CAChiropractic1861950081
Hygiea Health Wellness And Chiropractic 91403, CAChiropractic1730364423
Dang Huu Nguyen 77072, CAChiropractic1770753592
Hardy Chiropractic 90807, CAChiropractic1649836420
Edward Benjamin Harriott 95765, CAChiropractic1447257670
Yuhao Su 91801, CAChiropractic1033550553
Oneness Health Group Inc 92618, CAChiropractic1952899221
Thomas Hewitt 29464, CAChiropractic1295857308
Hyeong Ju Lee 90631, CAChiropractic1205393683
Teresa W Lau 94704, CAChiropractic1346311867
Mathew Deville Chiropractic, P.c. 90278, CAChiropractic1902247216
Amanda Star 90405, CAChiropractic1255897799
Michael Jeremy De Mesa Bonsol 90038, CAChiropractic1689813024
Sharon Lynn Janco-plourde 92315, CAChiropractic1740317619
Keola Lorenzo 90815, CAChiropractic1154889772
Rikke Johansen 94301, CAChiropractic1124079397
Stephanie Marion King 84123, CAChiropractic1386724078
A Fine Spine Chiropractic, A Bogomolny Corp. 90404, CAChiropractic1558922211
Elizabeth A Carpenter 91602, CAChiropractic1972574804
Vicki Garfola 94111, CAChiropractic1194116509
Pejman P Behrouzi 92024, CAChiropractic1336210954
Zhenjiu Medical Center, Inc 94062, CAChiropractic1700247020
Stephanie Barbakoff 92108, CAChiropractic1689101115
Mohammed Jawad 92780, CAChiropractic1881246585
Ngoc Hoai Tran 91335, CAChiropractic1699328807
Michael Anthony Delfin 90740, CAChiropractic1538725247
Linda Rowe 90266, CAChiropractic1306086434
Carolina Elizabeth Morales 90240, CAChiropractic1073743258
Morales Holistic Health Center A Chiropractic Corporation 90240, CAChiropractic1417502204
Rachel Hamel 92109, CAChiropractic1558747444
Herbert Kellins 78664, CAChiropractic1134420441
Byung Nam Lee 20783, CAChiropractic1558890780
Michelle Quynh Dang 92708, CAChiropractic1275024564
Michelle Dang Chiropractic Corporation 92708, CAChiropractic1992296289
Alexine Cordovano 93534, CAChiropractic1043759129
Ronald A Wedemeyer 87571, CAChiropractic1982629150
Melineh Melanie Gregorian 91205, CAChiropractic1285818138
Kody Takeo Fudenna 94544, CAChiropractic1902306947
Khaleed Samuels 90732, CAChiropractic1265821672
Bharat Jain Chiropractic Inc 91405, CAChiropractic1649828112
Louis J Williams 92591, CAChiropractic1366499709
Louis Williams Chiropractic Corporation 92591, CAChiropractic1285688275
Yoonhee Choi 92111, CAChiropractic1811259187
Johnnie C Morgan 91301, CAChiropractic1932758679
The One Health Boutique, Llc 92110, CAChiropractic1245748342
Morgan Fredrick Smith 94110, CAChiropractic1609982347
Alexandra Nicole Iared 93612, CAChiropractic1750605325
Sue O Lee 90010, CAChiropractic1083791065
Jin Taek Limb 90249, CAChiropractic1821518085
Hs Yu Chiropractic Inc. 92618, CAChiropractic1598316911
Walter Su 95050, CAChiropractic1275932782
Michelle Greene 90045, CAChiropractic1538259601
Kam M Leung 94010, CAChiropractic1407800782
Ackerman Chiropractic Pc 95616, CAChiropractic1558867085
Chan Chiropractic Healthcare Place Inc 90602, CAChiropractic1497247050
Jerry Christopher Morris 97520, CAChiropractic1316096621
Supreet Shah 94111, CAChiropractic1487060596
Scott Tae Won 91709, CAChiropractic1235182056
Scott Won Chiropractic Corporation 91709, CAChiropractic1013194877
Brian Peck 90404, CAChiropractic1720622830
Steven Michael Cocks 85034, CAChiropractic1891991089
Mlw,inc 91361, CAChiropractic1225363476
Amy Dilena 94952, CAChiropractic1790914125
Thomas Michael Baglin 95076, CAChiropractic1164533428
Mary Ellen Wiesenfarth Simone 91723, CAChiropractic1144597006
Jimmy Bae 91761, CAChiropractic1780659326
Yihsiang Lin Chiropractic Professional Corporation 91745, CAChiropractic1245251842
Tedra L Burke-searls 95242, CAChiropractic1104844828


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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