Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Albadani Total Wellness Chiropractic 94588, CAChiropractic1235688391
Ryan F Blossey 92845, CAChiropractic1174526230
Tony Kyungsoo Kim 47111, CAChiropractic1952304016
Chris Patrick Murray 94546, CAChiropractic1659374726
Steven S Stryker 92845, CAChiropractic1386647451
Jay J. Shery 90232, CAChiropractic1104829852
Shelley D Wise 93923, CAChiropractic1578566451
Don P Wright 91401, CAChiropractic1629071410
Jin Hee Kwon 92833, CAChiropractic1891798674
Lance Jeffrey Fenton 91030, CAChiropractic1104829662
Carissa Uyen Hang 93215, CAChiropractic1649273277
Peter Michael Harrington 95945, CAChiropractic1750384442
Jose Santana Reyes 93305, CAChiropractic1013910447
Larry Maddalena 93003, CAChiropractic1225031511
Ronald Dean Harman 94402, CAChiropractic1720080021
Paul Dante Jacoy 91101, CAChiropractic1598767642
Good Chiropractic, Inc. 94566, CAChiropractic1821092842
Mary Kay Polsemen 94583, CAChiropractic1275537177
Todd Alan Donohoe 92562, CAChiropractic1659375566
Bradley B Powell 92629, CAChiropractic1992709927
Jan Suckut 93063, CAChiropractic1922002732
Emmanuel Victor Parenteaa 95403, CAChiropractic1730183666
Nancy G Larson 92234, CAChiropractic1295739860
Eric Husby-gerry 94706, CAChiropractic1972507507
Foster Campbell Mcmanus 95993, CAChiropractic1679577134
Meyer Chiropratic 91316, CAChiropractic1609870088
Toshiya Kawano 92078, CAChiropractic1972096717
Michael E. Kraus 93463, CAChiropractic1013912419
Xuebin Wang 90505, CAChiropractic1093710386
James H. Judevine 95403, CAChiropractic1891790077
Sharon M Seibert 92064, CAChiropractic1659376754
Chris Scott Gibson 95821, CAChiropractic1689679797
Anthony Choi 91763, CAChiropractic1417952672
David Wayne Kuo 91101, CAChiropractic1841295961
Michael S Shore 91301, CAChiropractic1598760621
Sharon E Dollase 91361, CAChiropractic1861497992
Mark Somberg 91364, CAChiropractic1578568606
Kurt Rice 91364, CAChiropractic1013912146
Earl Wilson Shaw 92591, CAChiropractic1922003979
Garrell Keithe Jackson 95667, CAChiropractic1326043399
Russell William Bloxton 92056, CAChiropractic1952306953
Paul Joseph Schaffer 93117, CAChiropractic1700881273
Gary D Wines 92223, CAChiropractic1760487268
Cynthia Diane Lacunza 96003, CAChiropractic1245235779
Robert David Argyelan 92020, CAChiropractic1215933668
Andrea Shakarian 90272, CAChiropractic1548266901
Jeffrey Benson Ross 92020, CAChiropractic1679579932
Michael James Bowen 90703, CAChiropractic1083610208
Richard F. Trevisin 92128, CAChiropractic1942206248
Jeffrey G. Gamble 92211, CAChiropractic1053317230
Brian Albert Smith, Dc 92264, CAChiropractic1285630434
Billy Ray Lyon 92346, CAChiropractic1821094004
Jill D. Chapman 92084, CAChiropractic1750387932
Robert Steven Patterson 91324, CAChiropractic1063418259
Andrew Zane West 93427, CAChiropractic1750387882
Michael Chun Wang 92860, CAChiropractic1497751473
Thuan Moc Luu 95112, CAChiropractic1821094970
Ryan Yee Wong 92506, CAChiropractic1306842331
Rutambhar Patel 90291, CAChiropractic1548266646
Paul Dwight Walton 94563, CAChiropractic1235135393
Mikell Suzanne Parsons 93710, CAChiropractic1871599803
Susan Jennifer De Gruchy 93710, CAChiropractic1104822139
Justin Long 92505, CAChiropractic1336145267
Craig Lee Sharp 95350, CAChiropractic1336145242
Ha T Truong 94538, CAChiropractic1801892872
Ali Pezhman Pourpezheshege 90069, CAChiropractic1750387478
Kevin Weizheng Chen 94607, CAChiropractic1912903675
Amber Ann Valencia-campbell 92071, CAChiropractic1245236934
David Robert Dame 95661, CAChiropractic1477559003
Alan R Tuthill 92071, CAChiropractic1942206552
Raymond Walter Knapp 94564, CAChiropractic1922005529
John M Johnsrud 95610, CAChiropractic1699772012
Ricky Chen 90701, CAChiropractic1154328680
Daniel Kwangson Yi 90010, CAChiropractic1669479176
Ronald Decausemaker 94536, CAChiropractic1558368027
Isabel Amorim 91731, CAChiropractic1730186107
Ronald John Mostowski 95350, CAChiropractic1639176944
Alan Schwartz 92804, CAChiropractic1417954884
William Mark Thomas 90638, CAChiropractic1609873082
Robert Tovey Johnson 95531, CAChiropractic1891792131
David Cox 95336, CAChiropractic1043217284
Robert T Bell 91106, CAChiropractic1548267891
Sevag Arsen Bedikian 90503, CAChiropractic1255338448
Edward Benjamin Harriott 92691, CAChiropractic1447257670
Christopher Germain Tarrant 92260, CAChiropractic1801893078
Peter John Cichonski 92506, CAChiropractic1528065620
Carol Lynne Young 92649, CAChiropractic1043218746
James Dodge 95242, CAChiropractic1548267289
Charles Duane Knight 92253, CAChiropractic1346247012
Denise Elizabeth Magee 94063, CAChiropractic1417954132
James B. Cregg 91977, CAChiropractic1326045147
Hurst Chiropractic Inc 91406, CAChiropractic1780681502
Denis Michael Marxen 91342, CAChiropractic1952309601
Jeri Anderson 95827, CAChiropractic1457359101
Sam Chin Ho 92591, CAChiropractic1891793451
Eben Davis 94111, CAChiropractic1528066131
John M Watson 93442, CAChiropractic1144228651
Roger Steven Rahn 93726, CAChiropractic1609874106
Christopher V. Garden 92118, CAChiropractic1194723635
Arthur Leon Charette 95476, CAChiropractic1689672099
Shannon Arlon Burns 92780, CAChiropractic1861490229
Deanne Kay Miller 94510, CAChiropractic1417955881
Ray Daniel Pendergraft 90278, CAChiropractic1760480065
Pang-fu Hsueh 91780, CAChiropractic1356349690
Louis Henry Woelfel 90505, CAChiropractic1770581944
Martin L Johnson 92106, CAChiropractic1740288976
Roger Alan Payton 96001, CAChiropractic1356349567
Cynthia Lee Williams 92401, CAChiropractic1225036452
Langstroth Chiropractic, Inc. 95815, CAChiropractic1679571707
Scott Alan Dubrul 93401, CAChiropractic1174521231
Wayne M Whalen, Dc, A Chiropractic 92071, CAChiropractic1134127103
Ferrel G Richey 93710, CAChiropractic1750389615
Lauren Elkind 94596, CAChiropractic1023016938
Dale P Fisher 92708, CAChiropractic1942208871
Robert Richard Pirritano 90744, CAChiropractic1144229923
Samuel M. Vella 96150, CAChiropractic1245238054
Elizabeth Garcia 93458, CAChiropractic1770582512
Thomas Robert Lightner 94010, CAChiropractic1356340046
Jorn Toftegaard Jensen 95032, CAChiropractic1154320851
Nicholas Meyer 93930, CAChiropractic1821097452
Mylo H Magtoto 94609, CAChiropractic1093714636
Jan Murray Corwin 94609, CAChiropractic1366441974
Chong Hee Chung 90621, CAChiropractic1639178270
Mark W. Brisby 93117, CAChiropractic1053310748
Shane Hiromu Koga 92843, CAChiropractic1336681253
Martha Henry 95519, CAChiropractic1245239896
Gary C. Kelley 95661, CAChiropractic1174522635
Arnold Efren Mariscal 90240, CAChiropractic1174522593
Joel Horowitz 94564, CAChiropractic1700885126
Sidharth Verma 94609, CAChiropractic1184623779
Mark Kingsbury 95032, CAChiropractic1295734671
Deborah Sampley 93401, CAChiropractic1295734473
Kirk Andrew James 95928, CAChiropractic1225037369
Elizabeth M. Sordyl 95030, CAChiropractic1730188871
James Vincent Mcmillan 95355, CAChiropractic1447259593
Paul R. Piccione 94061, CAChiropractic1083613137
Nancie Odbert 94501, CAChiropractic1154320190
Philip David Eddy 91351, CAChiropractic1891794749
Elvin Leroy Grauer 92705, CAChiropractic1407856370
Ramona L. Jacobson 90505, CAChiropractic1609875525
Gregory S Mcdonald 92211, CAChiropractic1922008671
Debora Shaleen Potalivo 92583, CAChiropractic1407856206
Thomas Hadjiyane 93401, CAChiropractic1891795530
Lisa Marie Deforest 92543, CAChiropractic1447250931
Donald Richard Brophy 94509, CAChiropractic1821098336
Jaromia Jay Lashbrook 94087, CAChiropractic1235139874
David A. Kirsch 94104, CAChiropractic1659371003
Michael John Cioffi 91324, CAChiropractic1225038425
Shawn Patrick Silva 92110, CAChiropractic1598765620
Lynn L. Owens 92115, CAChiropractic1720088701
Charina L Holmes 91754, CAChiropractic1275533200
Corvin Kelly 92210, CAChiropractic1134120058
Gwen Pillow 93446, CAChiropractic1326049339
Eric L Eakin 95823, CAChiropractic1194726190
Kenneth Michael Toy 92591, CAChiropractic1801897749
Ted H. Omura 95125, CAChiropractic1205837986
Kevin Kuwabara 92835, CAChiropractic1386645067
Linda Kristine Miller 94536, CAChiropractic1740281443
Wesley Kwungsuh Pak 94566, CAChiropractic1649271362
Murray Patrick Kullrich 96003, CAChiropractic1619978368
Stuart Alden Greenwood 92201, CAChiropractic1356342026
Robert Maurer 92835, CAChiropractic1982605655
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAChiropractic1730180415
David Edward Libs 92109, CAChiropractic1740281179
Lucy Irene Majerle 94040, CAChiropractic1861493298
George I Jacob 95355, CAChiropractic1770584112
Matthew L Colman 94102, CAChiropractic1174524532
Bruce Allen Warder 91335, CAChiropractic1083615546
Scott William Dower 95126, CAChiropractic1538160767
Antonio Trono Fernandez 90046, CAChiropractic1013919000
Lee Jonathon Kauffman 95821, CAChiropractic1619979523
Kevin William Dette 92084, CAChiropractic1639171705
Ryan Darrel Parrott 91750, CAChiropractic1730181710
Eric Allen Lee 93726, CAChiropractic1659373694
Andrew S Morris 90505, CAChiropractic1902808926
James Arthur Aylor 93010, CAChiropractic1114929148
Janet Boyle Gaussoin 93444, CAChiropractic1861494767
Wayne R Scheller 92054, CAChiropractic1447252267
Kerry Lindell 94040, CAChiropractic1043212756
Daniel Allen Mccurtain 94509, CAChiropractic1801898408
Jo Ann Merino Frater 91978, CAChiropractic1053313684
Christopher M Lawrence 92307, CAChiropractic1659373157
George C Win 91801, CAChiropractic1619979036
David Nathan Bartholomew 92660, CAChiropractic1932101375
Gary Arthur 92651, CAChiropractic1033101282
Jude Jix Cortes 91941, CAChiropractic1629070081
Ples John Robertson 91710, CAChiropractic1437151891
Jeffery G Beavers 95608, CAChiropractic1114929619
Jeffrey Olen Schneider 92055, CAChiropractic1164424685
Vincent Timothy Canale 93021, CAChiropractic1275525438
Paul Jonathan Marsh 92108, CAChiropractic1073505236
Miles Ivan Bodzin 92124, CAChiropractic1982696142
Henry Steven Cardenas 92821, CAChiropractic1396737441
Travis Kenneth Kaufman 94513, CAChiropractic1477545416
John Taylor Brennan 95361, CAChiropractic1568454536
Rodney E Ruge 90505, CAChiropractic1164414108
Kent W. Pollock 93010, CAChiropractic1588656797
Merlyn Arthur Green 93901, CAChiropractic1740272954
Nathan Shadle 93101, CAChiropractic1801888771
Mark Duane Welch 95350, CAChiropractic1942292818


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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