Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Martin Desomma 06708, CTChiropractic1962405282
Christopher Lee Lavoie 06109, CTChiropractic1821090176
Donn Anthony Innaimo 06795, CTChiropractic1720083298
Debra A. Burns 06260, CTChiropractic1033115951
Paul Frederick Musco 06516, CTChiropractic1457357030
Bonnie Zschunke 06804, CTChiropractic1134127731
Robert M Shortell 06416, CTChiropractic1679571053
Bruce Robert Turton 06878, CTChiropractic1629076682
Mark Philip Stone 06795, CTChiropractic1801896790
Matthew Thomas Hartsburg 06811, CTChiropractic1417957283
Robert J. Porzio 06708, CTChiropractic1467452953
David Mikos 06473, CTChiropractic1104826890
Montowese Chiropractic Center Llc 06473, CTChiropractic1982604567
Moshe Laub 06117, CTChiropractic1710987789
Frederick Arthur Barks 06260, CTChiropractic1609877604
Edward A Markowitz 06811, CTChiropractic1518968247
Gary Greenstein 06798, CTChiropractic1447251087
Lee Steven Kaplan 06776, CTChiropractic1528069705
David B. Dziura 06405, CTChiropractic1144222076
John Louis Mormile 06480, CTChiropractic1467444562
Woodbury Chiropractic Center 06798, CTChiropractic1457343006
Gary J Rader Dc Pc 06614, CTChiropractic1669464061
Robert F Dubois 06256, CTChiropractic1649262056
Peter Daubner 06776, CTChiropractic1689667321
Larry W Barnett 06840, CTChiropractic1265426126
Jude Vincent Lombardi 06002, CTChiropractic1639163140
Roger S Lane 06457, CTChiropractic1942295126
John Mark Cianciolo 06511, CTChiropractic1770578700
Paul A. Moyse 06468, CTChiropractic1578558466
Timothy J Leffert 06513, CTChiropractic1932194842
William Carl Deangelo 06460, CTChiropractic1851386577
James Stephen Milone 06413, CTChiropractic1659366227
Kimberly Kos-williams 06098, CTChiropractic1427044841
Stephen Martin Fowler 06455, CTChiropractic1689660052
Matthew Clay Williams 06098, CTChiropractic1821084005
Lester Licht Dc Pc 06516, CTChiropractic1568458420
Mark Levine 06057, CTChiropractic1891783643
Gerald John Logan 06484, CTChiropractic1295723641
Brian Patrick Batherson 06268, CTChiropractic1235128968
Christopher Andrew Macadam 06360, CTChiropractic1093704561
David D Meder 06360, CTChiropractic1083603559
Stacey Kim Raya 06489, CTChiropractic1073502134
Brian C Baker 06824, CTChiropractic1891785002
Peter Szynkowicz 06248, CTChiropractic1013908029
Mark Alan Mashia 06708, CTChiropractic1659352870
John George Vasquez 06416, CTChiropractic1730161803
Rachel Perrucci 77030, CTChiropractic1013395524
William Lawrence Freed 06611, CTChiropractic1518940378
Andrew J Pion 06460, CTChiropractic1447235288
Ronald M Clukey 06460, CTChiropractic1447235296
Walter R Ialacci 06095, CTChiropractic1811973365
Stuart M Horen 06032, CTChiropractic1689652000
Robert G Stoker 06042, CTChiropractic1316926355
Robert W Stoker 06042, CTChiropractic1275512287
Gary F Ierna 06032, CTChiropractic1861471575
Christopher Robert Chase 06119, CTChiropractic1407835622
Evan Gold 06066, CTChiropractic1538149133
Robert W Kipp 06890, CTChiropractic1871573329
Jeff A Forte 06484, CTChiropractic1841270097
Paul Joseph Deldebbio 06708, CTChiropractic1962482158
Michaela A Peterson 06405, CTChiropractic1376513069
Albert A. Cantito 06762, CTChiropractic1053381475
Aaron Suh Dc Llc 06850, CTChiropractic1649795121
Jason B Richards 06473, CTChiropractic1104897651
George Lentini 06804, CTChiropractic1043284151
East Hartford Medical Center Inc 06108, CTChiropractic1942274113
Barbara V Thomas 06437, CTChiropractic1346214046
Ronald Maringola 06451, CTChiropractic1366418758
Athena Marie Healy 06811, CTChiropractic1093781262
Mark Carrano 06513, CTChiropractic1215903190
Chad Edward Dumont 06610, CTChiropractic1447226550
Louis Daniel Sclafani 06811, CTChiropractic1518933506
Michael Russo 06405, CTChiropractic1891762837
Aaron C Casey 06415, CTChiropractic1225005242
Eric Kelly 06410, CTChiropractic1811964810
Robert John Marino 06614, CTChiropractic1992773410
Ralph Christopher Manna 06512, CTChiropractic1881663912
James R Allen 06460, CTChiropractic1912976192
Gabriel John Thayer 06076, CTChiropractic1104885730
Spine & Pain Centers Of Connecticut Pc 06032, CTChiropractic1871552331
Eric Henry Vincent 06032, CTChiropractic1710949524
Robert Joseph Marsillo 06820, CTChiropractic1639132210
Anthony Joseph Telesha 06470, CTChiropractic1043273113
Anastasios K Georgiou 06877, CTChiropractic1396708368
80 Grove Street Chiropractic Associates Inc 06877, CTChiropractic1487617437
Cynthia A Hoff 06877, CTChiropractic1558325225
Virginia Fossaty Mckenna-seman 06705, CTChiropractic1497719926
Julius Sanna 06804, CTChiropractic1912962374
David Gary Davis 06877, CTChiropractic1912962911
Daniel D Lincoln 06614, CTChiropractic1508822750
Scott A Hodes 06708, CTChiropractic1912964826
Jessica Leigh Tagliarini 06119, CTChiropractic1376500199
John Tagliarini 06119, CTChiropractic1992762710
Daniel Tarifi 06518, CTChiropractic1912964180
Jeffrey Goldschlager 06010, CTChiropractic1770541047
Anthony Tortorella 06612, CTChiropractic1922066299
Mark S Stagg Dc Llc 06001, CTChiropractic1245289438
Kevin E Sadowski 06082, CTChiropractic1205885340
Ryan Laurence May 06118, CTChiropractic1982653465
George J Costanzo 06489, CTChiropractic1467401802
Mark Stagg 06001, CTChiropractic1235188871
Richard Paul Saporito 06010, CTChiropractic1104877653
Kenneth Landry 06082, CTChiropractic1851342992
Kristin M. Rayball 06824, CTChiropractic1760433494
Victor M. Ribeiro 06606, CTChiropractic1659322386
Mara Sussman Tabares 06810, CTChiropractic1912959164
Dream Adjustments, Llc 06810, CTChiropractic1629020888
Karen Bavaro Lawlor 06798, CTChiropractic1629020797
Chiropractic Associates Of Bridgeport 06606, CTChiropractic1033162698
Patricia A. Collins 06606, CTChiropractic1689627929
James D Miller 06804, CTChiropractic1568415933
Paul G Carpenter 06606, CTChiropractic1548213861
Noel S. Thompson 06606, CTChiropractic1629021944
Douglas James Koch 06825, CTChiropractic1801840574
Theodoros Koromilos 06105, CTChiropractic1437104833
Bridgeport Family Chiropractic, Llc 06606, CTChiropractic1871548867
Waterbury Family Chiropractic, Llc 06705, CTChiropractic1083669360
Christopher Michael Sparke 06084, CTChiropractic1841245016
Edward J Kudej 06460, CTChiropractic1548216153
Christopher Rickard 06460, CTChiropractic1114973799
Advanced Back& Neck Center 06460, CTChiropractic1518914639
Lloyd Andrew Tolk 06089, CTChiropractic1528015484
Eastern Shore Chiropractic Center, L.l.c. 06320, CTChiropractic1558318147
Eastern Shore Chiropractic Center, L.l.c. 06320, CTChiropractic1992752596
Jason E Frankel 06001, CTChiropractic1396792792
Timothy C. Wang 06106, CTChiropractic1962449512
Matthew C. Kenney 06824, CTChiropractic1396783635
Associated Spine And Rehab 06511, CTChiropractic1437197969
Carol Sutton Weeks 06067, CTChiropractic1538108808
Eric Douglas Meyers 06518, CTChiropractic1053350355
Michael Richard Crawford 06088, CTChiropractic1326087891
Jennifer R Veit 06268, CTChiropractic1477593861
David Van Hoewyk, D.c., Pc 06040, CTChiropractic1346280864
David C Van Hoewyk 06040, CTChiropractic1255371019
Mary Lavin Mooradian 06320, CTChiropractic1598706160
Sharon A Vallone 06084, CTChiropractic1548201254
Richard Duenas 06105, CTChiropractic1891736500
Connecticut Family Chiropractic Corporation Pc 06811, CTChiropractic1548202674
Marc W Platt 06473, CTChiropractic1265474415
Advanced Spine & Sports Medicine 06492, CTChiropractic1265474571
James T Prado 06488, CTChiropractic1841233681
Brendan Marinan 06108, CTChiropractic1811930340
Paul E Sayour 06360, CTChiropractic1013950765
Christopher Scott Mooradian 06320, CTChiropractic1174566848
Anderson Geer Hart 06117, CTChiropractic1821598228
James Armand Albino 06705, CTChiropractic1467495937
Francis Joseph Day 06704, CTChiropractic1558304030
Richard Warren Cohen 06066, CTChiropractic1649213612
Thomas Francis Clukey 06410, CTChiropractic1932142890
David Anthony Clukey 06492, CTChiropractic1528001435
Kurt James Marschner 06492, CTChiropractic1154365922
Andrew Paul Thomas Gregory 06066, CTChiropractic1114961703
Robert N Shaw 06467, CTChiropractic1376587055
Rosanne M Gregory 06074, CTChiropractic1922042563
Suzanne St.amant Chester 06070, CTChiropractic1114961521
Della Schmid 06470, CTChiropractic1639114457
Dennis Joseph Nastri 06512, CTChiropractic1962447821
Amy L Person 06074, CTChiropractic1548205412
Monica Sandy Nowak 06018, CTChiropractic1891730099
Stephen C Piserchia 06511, CTChiropractic1457397200
Michael P Crouchley 06111, CTChiropractic1316983067
Laura Munson 06084, CTChiropractic1447296983
Mitchell Barry Rose 06010, CTChiropractic1154367415
Simsbury Family Chiropractic Center 06070, CTChiropractic1831125475
Guy W Gottier 06084, CTChiropractic1134155518
Daniel Warren Kerzner 06385, CTChiropractic1821025156
Marla J Colburn 06066, CTChiropractic1114954930
Marian L Vitali 06084, CTChiropractic1730116559
Thomas B Goulding 06333, CTChiropractic1487682795
Stephen Craig Judson 06111, CTChiropractic1619905908
Beth S Goulding 06333, CTChiropractic1790713089
Cheryl Vincent 06070, CTChiropractic1215964705
Richard Joseph Bailey 06804, CTChiropractic1881622553
April J Prete 06422, CTChiropractic1669400479
Brian James Baker 06488, CTChiropractic1669400354
Devon Sara Elizabeth Mann 06360, CTChiropractic1164450763
Joanne Andre' Santiago 06001, CTChiropractic1689603078
Tribury Orthopaedics 06708, CTChiropractic1083643126
Francis Joseph Vesci 06052, CTChiropractic1003845900
Glen Michael Palmisano 06010, CTChiropractic1255360855
Richard George Mullin 06851, CTChiropractic1417987900
Michelle Pagliaro Haywood 06611, CTChiropractic1891725149
Alina Rodriguez-correa 06492, CTChiropractic1205866951
Michael Joseph Carucci 06111, CTChiropractic1447280193
Peter A Allegra 06067, CTChiropractic1922030295
Robert Neil Goldring 06851, CTChiropractic1497787477
Herb Stevenson 06074, CTChiropractic1356374979
Eva Francis Salzer 06033, CTChiropractic1194758474
David J Hochman 06492, CTChiropractic1922032523
William Patrick Macnamara 06239, CTChiropractic1073546099
Cheryl M. Schiano 06798, CTChiropractic1912931288
Gary Vincent Roegiers 06457, CTChiropractic1699709055
Mandy Lock 06340, CTChiropractic1902396096
Mark Robert Bellucci 06082, CTChiropractic1790700979
Peter D. Schioppo 06511, CTChiropractic1568487643
Bruce Jordan Fellows 06851, CTChiropractic1013469113
Louise J. Randazzo 06880, CTChiropractic1457386088
Westport Chiropractic Office 06880, CTChiropractic1336174978
Sarah Jones Levin 06851, CTChiropractic1598780959
Warren M Geruso 06340, CTChiropractic1043236599


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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