Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin J. Murray 19702, DEChiropractic1821009481
Megan Elizabeth Richardson 27408, DEChiropractic1427378579
Raymond Polaski 19702, DEChiropractic1588735443
American Chiropractic Center 19904, DEChiropractic1518419803
Marie Swasy 19713, DEChiropractic1114450632
Jessica Cortellino 19805, DEChiropractic1295225035
Chiropractic Wellness And Rehabilitation Clinic Llc 19026, DEChiropractic1891251294
Emily Aurand Swonguer 19026, DEChiropractic1063569424
John T Woodward 19810, DEChiropractic1316093545
Kyle William Kenyon Clayton 14131, DEChiropractic1821509506
Chris Schellinger 19904, DEChiropractic1750463311
Delaware Integrative Healthcare Llc 19709, DEChiropractic1225500093
Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre 19701, DEChiropractic1699774976
Chadley Inc 19707, DEChiropractic1467402362
Wellness Medical Llc 19803, DEChiropractic1275068561
Total Care Physicians, P.a. 19809, DEChiropractic1164477451
New Castle Chiropractic Center, Pa 19720, DEChiropractic1821039520
Hockessin Chiropractic Centre 19707, DEChiropractic1649212929
New Castle Chiropractic, Pa 19711, DEChiropractic1851335277
Diamond State Chiropractic, P.a. 19713, DEChiropractic1952346538
Brandywine Total Health Care, Inc. 19810, DEChiropractic1447278080
Forrest Family Chiropractic Center Llc 19904, DEChiropractic1871516740
Newlife Spinal Care Centers 19805, DEChiropractic1013929975
Midway Chiropractic, Llc 19971, DEChiropractic1821001181
Glasgow Chiropractic Llc 19702, DEChiropractic1396758660
Newark Chiropractic Health Center Pa 19711, DEChiropractic1649283995
Lantana Chiropractic Inc 19707, DEChiropractic1326051673
Wilmington Chiropractic Health Center Llc 19805, DEChiropractic1275649030
True Wellness Centers Inc. 19701, DEChiropractic1629083282
Valley Chiropractic Health Center 19707, DEChiropractic1063510741
Schreppler Chiropractic Offices P.a. Smyrna Delaware 19977, DEChiropractic1902994619
Blue Hen Chiropractic & Wellness, Pa 19711, DEChiropractic1558451278
The Family Practice Center Of New Castle, Pa 19713, DEChiropractic1164592168
Drs Gold And Vernon Chiropractic Pa 19808, DEChiropractic1316005010
Kelman Chiropractic Center Pa 19808, DEChiropractic1558420539
Park Place Chiropractic, Llc 19713, DEChiropractic1407918683
Advanced Chiropractic, Inc. 19975, DEChiropractic1720140486
Dover Health Care Center 19904, DEChiropractic1023155702
Bayview Chiropractic Llc 19709, DEChiropractic1326187816
Henlopen Chiropractic Center Pa Inc 19958, DEChiropractic1376683565
Apple Chiropractic, Inc. 19969, DEChiropractic1154463917
Camp Chiropractic, Inc. 19709, DEChiropractic1114058393
Lodes Chiropractic Center Pa 19810, DEChiropractic1255463626
Center For Accidents And Injuries 19963, DEChiropractic1972636702
Suburban Chiropractic Health And Wellness Center, Llc 19702, DEChiropractic1538286448
Wayne Tucker Do, Pa 19701, DEChiropractic1770601874
Comprehensive Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, P.a. 19904, DEChiropractic1669539466
Kenneth E Degroot Dc Inc 19810, DEChiropractic1215156070
Pike Creek Chiropractic P.a. 19711, DEChiropractic1992917025
Dynamic Therapeutics Inc. 19720, DEChiropractic1538372750
Peter Schatzberg, D.c. 19805, DEChiropractic1518172386
Bear Chiropractic Inc. 19701, DEChiropractic1194934083
Pyne Chiropractic, P.a. 19958, DEChiropractic1306044698
Glasgow Family Practice 19713, DEChiropractic1356540942
Peninsula Chiropractic Center 19973, DEChiropractic1023217460
Dr. Andrew W. Riddle D.c., P.a. 19941, DEChiropractic1649479098
Dr. Arthur W. Travis 19810, DEChiropractic1952501637
Davis Chiropractic, Inc. 19947, DEChiropractic1508066804
Family Chiropractic Office, P.a. 19808, DEChiropractic1851591143
Rosenthal Chiropractic, P.a. 19804, DEChiropractic1699961128
Garrett W Herring Dc Pa 19963, DEChiropractic1174712160
Delaware Chiropractic At Louviers 19711, DEChiropractic1447431846
Trolley Square Pain Relief Ctr 19806, DEChiropractic1578747960
Seaford Injury Treatment Center Ii Llc 19973, DEChiropractic1255501631
Walsh Chiropractic Center 19963, DEChiropractic1326218934
Long Neck Chiropractic, Inc. 19966, DEChiropractic1912179912
Delmarva Health Centre, Inc 19940, DEChiropractic1093972796
Sheehan Chiropractic Ltd 19806, DEChiropractic1629239041
Results Chiropractic, Llc 19939, DEChiropractic1346462025
Wellness Medical Care Llc 19803, DEChiropractic1609074053
Zweiacher Chiropractic Services 19977, DEChiropractic1528214236
Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, Llc 19802, DEChiropractic1093966848
Ward Chiropractic, Llc 19808, DEChiropractic1356593198
Kostow Family Chiropractic 19806, DEChiropractic1649422932
Be Truly Well, Llc 19711, DEChiropractic1417100058
Pure Wellness, Llc 19713, DEChiropractic1790938330
Fusion Healthworks, Llc 19709, DEChiropractic1689828386
Delaware Chiropractic At Trolley Square 19806, DEChiropractic1144474750
Comprehensive Spine Care, Llc 19904, DEChiropractic1396990305
Maas, Inc. 19803, DEChiropractic1124273495
Richard C. Mckay, Dc, Pa 19713, DEChiropractic1952548224
Gotcha Back, Llc 19810, DEChiropractic1770721573
Krista Brackett, D.c.,l.l.c. 19958, DEChiropractic1083854665
Christiana Chiropractic, Llc 19713, DEChiropractic1831325901
Todd A. Richardson D.c. P.a. 19801, DEChiropractic1205063872
Lighthouse Chiropractic 19958, DEChiropractic1184852865
Ward Chiropractic 07731, DEChiropractic1851520266
Concord Health And Rehabilitation 19802, DEChiropractic1720211220
1st Choice Chiropractic 19806, DEChiropractic1740514090
Pure Wellness Of Smyrna, Llc 19977, DEChiropractic1295060622
Dicola Chiropractic Health Center 19808, DEChiropractic1740516442
Delaware Integrative Healthcare 19804, DEChiropractic1821325788
Concord Health And Rehabilitation,llc 19977, DEChiropractic1669703955
Rehabilitation Associates, P.a. 19810, DEChiropractic1386976876
Rehabilitation Associates, P.a. 19977, DEChiropractic1245552462
Rehabilitation Associates 19713, DEChiropractic1184946394
Rehabilitation Associates, P.a. 19904, DEChiropractic1396067419
Rehabilitation Associates 19720, DEChiropractic1548582752
Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, Llc 19803, DEChiropractic1467774919
Concord Health And Rehabilitation 19701, DEChiropractic1245559020
Milton Chiropractic, Llc 19968, DEChiropractic1093036881
Meg Barchiesi, D.c. Llc 19958, DEChiropractic1619280161
Absolute Health Llc 19934, DEChiropractic1568772119
Auto Injury And Rehabilitation Center, Llc 19966, DEChiropractic1205136488
Physicians Plus Spine And Rehab Center 19701, DEChiropractic1912202888
Apex Chiropractic Services Inc 19702, DEChiropractic1114223435
Palmer Chiropractic Life Center, Inc 19720, DEChiropractic1154629079
Nowcare Dover Llc 19901, DEChiropractic1275832321
Nowcare Llc 19702, DEChiropractic1295034619
Curry Chiropractic, P.a. 19940, DEChiropractic1699054411
Life Chiropractic Centers Inc 19958, DEChiropractic1720369507
Epoch Chiropractic Llc 19808, DEChiropractic1912280629
Pure Wellness Of Wilmington, Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1770866378
Logullo Chiropractic Wellness Center Pa 19709, DEChiropractic1588947790
Carrick Chiropractic Centre, Llc 19810, DEChiropractic1508143348
Cape Chiropractic Llc 19971, DEChiropractic1104193291
Findley Chiropractic Center P.a. 19934, DEChiropractic1275800013
Sussex Chiropractic Center, P.a. 19958, DEChiropractic1851661326
Cowan Chiropractic And Rehabilitation 19805, DEChiropractic1780955112
Better Life Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center 19904, DEChiropractic1316187818
Accurate Chiropractic Associates 19963, DEChiropractic1689995581
Wilmington Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation, Inc. 19803, DEChiropractic1689048167
Joseph G. Irwin, Dc, Pa/pc 19809, DEChiropractic1144551177
Complete Health Llc 19958, DEChiropractic1356858039
Foundation Medical Services Pa 19904, DEChiropractic1710249537
Vts Chiropractic And Pain Management, Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1679828446
Peninsula Chiropractic Center 19973, DEChiropractic1518218759
Nanticoke Chiropractic & Weight Loss Center,inc 19973, DEChiropractic1326399411
Renu Chiropractic, Llc 19713, DEChiropractic1083950778
Balanced Body Inc 19803, DEChiropractic1346588712
Diamond Chiropractic Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1821336967
The Spine Group 19805, DEChiropractic1487993721
Feeney Chiropractic Care Centre 19701, DEChiropractic1417297904
Functional Chiropractic Llc 19968, DEChiropractic1023359957
Brandywine Health And Wellness 19810, DEChiropractic1427391614
Deleware Injury Associates Pa 19803, DEChiropractic1558705525
Middletown Chiropractic And Rehabilitation, Inc. 19709, DEChiropractic1083059836
Ferraro Chiropractic Center Llc 19713, DEChiropractic1194161638
Corporate Health & Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 19711, DEChiropractic1497196752
First State Physicians, Llc 19701, DEChiropractic1407281280
Forrest Family Chiropractic 19904, DEChiropractic1467882357
Tri state Integrative Health, Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1255761581
Delaware Injury Clinic, Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1679903918
Premier Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center 19801, DEChiropractic1164852257
Nowcare Llc 19901, DEChiropractic1477975332
Athena Chiropractic Llc 19810, DEChiropractic1447673769
Integrity Sport & Spine Chiropractic Center, Llc 19702, DEChiropractic1295158129
Kirkwood Pain & Injury Chiropracitc Center 19808, DEChiropractic1134544836
Tnt Chiropractic Inc 19973, DEChiropractic1013329036
Stump Chiropractic Llc 19956, DEChiropractic1013322395
Ross Get Healthy Chiropractic, P.a. 19808, DEChiropractic1427458439
Joy Chiropractic Inc 19808, DEChiropractic1609277441
Kirkwood Pain & Injury Chiropractic Center 19963, DEChiropractic1508262593
Chirostaff Llc 19803, DEChiropractic1295132744
Delaware Chiro & Rehab, Inc. 19933, DEChiropractic1700283272
Sweetlife Diabetes Health Centers 19806, DEChiropractic1942608682
Evans Chiropractic 19901, DEChiropractic1356749030
Colonial Chiropractic, Llc 19720, DEChiropractic1134517683
Dover Family Chiropractic 19934, DEChiropractic1669866364
8th And Market Spinal Pain Center Pa 19801, DEChiropractic1639564594
Delaware Pain Relief Center Pa 19702, DEChiropractic1285054775
Wellness Health Center Inc 19963, DEChiropractic1245619253
Better Health Chiropractic Inc. 19973, DEChiropractic1114300290
Cape Spine&disc, P.a. 19958, DEChiropractic1265814073
Vitality Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center 19805, DEChiropractic1043689110
Accurate Chiropractic Associates 19963, DEChiropractic1649644683
Pro Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Llc 19958, DEChiropractic1700251675
Delmarva Chiropractic And Wellness Center Llc 19952, DEChiropractic1689045734
Premier Spine & Rehab, Llc 19904, DEChiropractic1497119184
Scott M. Schreiber, Dc, P.a. 55125, DEChiropractic1518460237
Optimum Health Group Inc 19806, DEChiropractic1346605599
Delaware Medical Associates P.a. 19810, DEChiropractic1871651380
Regional Medical Associates 19904, DEChiropractic1467806711
Holly Scaro Dc Llc 19958, DEChiropractic1568817302
Eternal Health Llc 19808, DEChiropractic1245689843
Greater Health Associates Llc 19904, DEChiropractic1821449893
Suburban Chiropractic: Neck And Back Pain Relief Inc. 19702, DEChiropractic1710434790
Vintage Chiropractic 19805, DEChiropractic1912459769
Delaware Spine And Rehabilitation 19720, DEChiropractic1184155822
Coastal Chiropractic, Llc 19966, DEChiropractic1841725942
Aspen Chiropractic Inc. 19707, DEChiropractic1376071142
Mdde Chiropractic Llc 19806, DEChiropractic1639684129
Delaware Auto And Work Injury Center 19808, DEChiropractic1659888550
Chiropractic And Muscle Therapy Of Delaware 19702, DEChiropractic1225525249
Pure Wellness Of Middletown, Llc 19709, DEChiropractic1902382906
Results Personal Training & Fitness 19977, DEChiropractic1285116434
Delaware Healthcare Clinics Llc 19801, DEChiropractic1932679404
Sk Chiropractic 19810, DEChiropractic1366916710
East Coast Chiropractic, Inc 19958, DEChiropractic1437675139
Auto Accident Pain & Rehab, Llc 19963, DEChiropractic1306302336
Advanced Medical Physicians Llc 19711, DEChiropractic1295216695
M c Chiropractic Clinic & Rehab Center 19901, DEChiropractic1457885121
Delaware Injury Care L.l.c. 19904, DEChiropractic1073646907
Delaware Integrative Healthcare Of Milford, Llc 19963, DEChiropractic1629630025
First State Spinal Rehabilitation Llc 19805, DEChiropractic1710538319
Delaware Spine 19806, DEChiropractic1366089690
Lewes Chiropractic Llc 19958, DEChiropractic1508491481
Dover Chiropractic And Rehabilitation, Inc. 19901, DEChiropractic1053835926
Align My Spine 19808, DEChiropractic1326683905
The Pain And Rehabilitation Center 19802, DEChiropractic1710925433


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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