Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Scott Benson Tobkes 33328, FLChiropractic1124021332
Brandon Medical Wellness Center 33511, FLChiropractic1881697035
Lake Health Care Center Inc 32726, FLChiropractic1104829316
John S Morgan 34698, FLChiropractic1164425328
Mark Stephen Hoffman 33169, FLChiropractic1669475729
John Francis Cullinane 34769, FLChiropractic1750384582
John Stephen Kovar 32548, FLChiropractic1497758437
Clayton Woods Hopkins 33781, FLChiropractic1598768236
Larry Lee Smith 33434, FLChiropractic1922001502
Sadat Malik Kwabena Smith 32805, FLChiropractic1013910462
Karen Henard Carter 32578, FLChiropractic1326040452
Orland Kay Armstrong 32931, FLChiropractic1417951476
Edwin P Roberts 32506, FLChiropractic1386648376
Thomas A Roberts 32506, FLChiropractic1588668552
Jeffrey Roskein 32207, FLChiropractic1538163324
Michael G Boyrer 33928, FLChiropractic1427052935
Danny Busch 34285, FLChiropractic1689678104
Mindy A Weingarten 32129, FLChiropractic1164426581
Catherine Ann Martin 34232, FLChiropractic1033113428
Larry John Pepper 33870, FLChiropractic1073518387
John Heiligenthal 32726, FLChiropractic1528063757
Kelly Marie Pepper 33870, FLChiropractic1770588089
James Randall Glisson 32726, FLChiropractic1396740528
John Fredrick Conklin Dc 33710, FLChiropractic1770588915
Jeffrey Tyler Gregory 32413, FLChiropractic1457837650
Higgins Wellness Center Llc 33549, FLChiropractic1932682820
Steven Barry Schargel 32601, FLChiropractic1336144328
Daniel J Knapp 34233, FLChiropractic1447255419
Sylvia M Smith 32407, FLChiropractic1922003789
James Fernandes 32726, FLChiropractic1154326981
Robert M Kustin 33029, FLChiropractic1730185281
Steven A Noseworthy 33618, FLChiropractic1144226663
Reinaldo Serrano 34211, FLChiropractic1821094244
Jeffrey W Morrison 34209, FLChiropractic1760488183
Marc J Browner 34109, FLChiropractic1740286137
Bernard Stern 33408, FLChiropractic1134125537
Charles L Mitzelfeld 33409, FLChiropractic1932105335
Eric F Hermann 33435, FLChiropractic1568468973
Tanya N Schrumpf 32780, FLChiropractic1205832565
Phillip P Gager 33351, FLChiropractic1457357774
Paul I Rakitin 33432, FLChiropractic1588660971
Matthew Wayne Karcher 34711, FLChiropractic1871599191
Frank Laurenzano 33411, FLChiropractic1629074026
Bruce J Cherlow 33067, FLChiropractic1376549782
Robert J Hanopole 33322, FLChiropractic1093711400
Bruce Alan Hansbrough 34990, FLChiropractic1932105251
Spencer H Baron 33181, FLChiropractic1093711210
Diane K Kasmer 34471, FLChiropractic1033115290
Charles Srour 33181, FLChiropractic1396741559
Sean Johnson 33408, FLChiropractic1114923273
David Schwartz 33328, FLChiropractic1225034259
Bruce S Beaulieu 33441, FLChiropractic1164428181
Brian A Campbell 33409, FLChiropractic1073519096
Stephen D Johnson 33810, FLChiropractic1710983747
Terry L Watts 32763, FLChiropractic1710983648
Gordon Brian Lovett 33761, FLChiropractic1346246287
Louis E Miller 33463, FLChiropractic1366448292
David B. Mankowitz D.c., P.a. 34232, FLChiropractic1245236108
Benoit O Choiniere 33756, FLChiropractic1356347256
Harley J Bofshever 33073, FLChiropractic1881690428
Sheldon M. Hoxie 34452, FLChiropractic1144226788
Flagler Chiropractic Pa 32136, FLChiropractic1073519864
John Jeffery Maddux 33025, FLChiropractic1053317727
Nevin H Grushka 33071, FLChiropractic1811993546
Raymond George Saint 34201, FLChiropractic1285631879
Russell Andrew Ficara 33020, FLChiropractic1265438840
Michael L Douglas 33313, FLChiropractic1407853088
Mitchell L Kaplan 32935, FLChiropractic1205832862
Aaron G Freedlander 33165, FLChiropractic1477559037
Gary D Bofshever 33071, FLChiropractic1588661169
Michael A Craven 34639, FLChiropractic1639176209
Ronald M Repice 34112, FLChiropractic1609873157
Eric Wilson Mctureous 32608, FLChiropractic1083611404
Darryl Seymour Giliam 33803, FLChiropractic1891792016
Keith Allen Schertell 32065, FLChiropractic1902803018
Lori D Kindle 33305, FLChiropractic1558368563
Lev H Sudakov 33009, FLChiropractic1376540468
Dane Vincent Parker 33803, FLChiropractic1730186800
John William Hopkins 33803, FLChiropractic1649277716
Samuel Robert Meyers 33703, FLChiropractic1639176647
Philip J Scuderi 33410, FLChiropractic1992702906
Barry S Weinberg 33305, FLChiropractic1679570626
Nicholas Ruggiero 33067, FLChiropractic1295732246
Nathalie M Digiorgio 33062, FLChiropractic1699772418
Coral Springs Physician Associates Inc 33071, FLChiropractic1720086457
Health And Wellness Associates, Inc. 33020, FLChiropractic1790783421
Neil M Brown 32119, FLChiropractic1518965243
Steven Wyckoff 33710, FLChiropractic1912905662
Jordan J Mastronardi 33073, FLChiropractic1902803885
Dean David Schincariol 34974, FLChiropractic1396742292
Israel Maldonado 33428, FLChiropractic1073510921
Richard W Merritt Dc Pa 33815, FLChiropractic1851398705
David A Reina 33618, FLChiropractic1609873405
Afshin Noori 33544, FLChiropractic1336146133
Christopher James Alepa 33770, FLChiropractic1649278383
James Douglas Finnie 32807, FLChiropractic1871591529
Cara Lynn Hacht 34653, FLChiropractic1790783488
Eric James Winder 16057, FLChiropractic1972500734
Andrew B. Levin 34684, FLChiropractic1457359028
Mark B Frank 33540, FLChiropractic1588662134
Jeffrey Graham Pitts 34470, FLChiropractic1366440893
Sonja Jean Lonadier 34470, FLChiropractic1417955949
Travis Roger Wilemon 34470, FLChiropractic1962400499
Samuel Melvin Cohen 34470, FLChiropractic1639177173
Victoria Lyn Ketch 33548, FLChiropractic1083612535
Ernest S Caruso 33431, FLChiropractic1528066933
Julianne Peretz 34223, FLChiropractic1215935689
Derek Allen Finger 32504, FLChiropractic1376541524
Darrel Thomas Mathis 32025, FLChiropractic1679571822
Polo Medical Center Inc 33496, FLChiropractic1003814187
Joseph Sicurella 34950, FLChiropractic1912905084
Paula Anne Newmark 33408, FLChiropractic1215935390
George S Petryk 33919, FLChiropractic1477551430
Active Spine Care Llc 32257, FLChiropractic1538677133
Lonnie Lee Herman 33324, FLChiropractic1487652210
James Marshall Strubbe 33781, FLChiropractic1740288513
Eric S Gerken 33919, FLChiropractic1821097668
June V Gentle 32003, FLChiropractic1407855281
Jennifer Stevens Drapp 33463, FLChiropractic1972502771
David Wilson Darrow 32714, FLChiropractic1912906538
Bruce Andrews Osler 33401, FLChiropractic1831198571
Barry P Raxenberg 33401, FLChiropractic1013916758
Paul Herman 33024, FLChiropractic1891794541
Richard C Tuller 32656, FLChiropractic1780683243
Good Business Llc 34239, FLChiropractic1710134788
Lauren Birks 34243, FLChiropractic1649279068
Adlai Steven Green 32712, FLChiropractic1760481063
Troy R Weidlich 33428, FLChiropractic1578562914
Douglas B Manolakos 33444, FLChiropractic1417956863
Charles Lee Simpson 34474, FLChiropractic1013916105
Stephen Renick 34761, FLChiropractic1619976743
Pro Health Care Inc 33181, FLChiropractic1972502912
Nina C Hersch 33067, FLChiropractic1851391791
Joseph M Bogart 33067, FLChiropractic1164422093
Mark C Wieland 33707, FLChiropractic1104826940
Alan Lee Johnson 33756, FLChiropractic1174523955
Lester Neil Levine 32725, FLChiropractic1043210859
Robert W Scarnecchia 34974, FLChiropractic1942200753
Staci L. Price-mccarthy 33756, FLChiropractic1710987599
Kevin J Wood 33410, FLChiropractic1891795506
William Patrick Danzey 33825, FLChiropractic1417957069
Jeffrey Marc Moscow 33770, FLChiropractic1316947955
Kenneth Michael Kozlowski 33756, FLChiropractic1114927555
Debra L Birnbaum 33435, FLChiropractic1649270760
Jerry Dean Smith 32301, FLChiropractic1740280825
Beth Ann Starkey 32073, FLChiropractic1851391957
Michael Kaye 32707, FLChiropractic1669472668
Kylee A Moss 34606, FLChiropractic1548261589
Cynthia Gabaldon 32714, FLChiropractic1801896832
Daryl L Moss 34606, FLChiropractic1538160585
John A Lieurance 34239, FLChiropractic1679574677
Steven Karl Newton 32819, FLChiropractic1447251038
Alexandra Healthcare, Llc 32811, FLChiropractic1871594119
Jason E Davis 32159, FLChiropractic1851392013
Michael B Moss 34606, FLChiropractic1902807373
Raveling Chiropractic Center Pa 34698, FLChiropractic1164423505
Morris Chiropractic Center, P.a. 33510, FLChiropractic1700887163
Michael Norman Baum 33141, FLChiropractic1073514436
Seth Howard Estrin 33496, FLChiropractic1497756548
Kenneth S Feder 33950, FLChiropractic1164424297
Gregory Vernon Hollstrom 33778, FLChiropractic1710988811
Stephen A Thompson 33778, FLChiropractic1598766693
Donna A Romeo 34698, FLChiropractic1568464253
James A. Diienno, D.c., P.a. 34698, FLChiropractic1669474367
Richard J Freesmeier 32308, FLChiropractic1598767220
Walter Sanchez 33012, FLChiropractic1851393516
North Florida Chiropractic Center Pa 32601, FLChiropractic1780686451
Lynette Berven 33625, FLChiropractic1295737757
Anthony Joseph Barone 34119, FLChiropractic1316939580
Roy J Schleman 34601, FLChiropractic1649262775
Diane Kay Peele 32601, FLChiropractic1619969755
Michael Thomas Liuzzo 32601, FLChiropractic1467444513
Christopher J. Zawrotny 33445, FLChiropractic1952393050
Quartell Chiropractic 33418, FLChiropractic1659363547
Keith Joseph Engler 32169, FLChiropractic1629060611
Thomas A Rofrano 33410, FLChiropractic1619969607
Ronald L Lewert 33067, FLChiropractic1679565675
Paul V. Mcbride 34685, FLChiropractic1588656201
Michael J Rodriguez 32174, FLChiropractic1548252075
Carl Vernon Gonser 33756, FLChiropractic1861484495
David Rogelio Puentes 33830, FLChiropractic1285626713
Charles Richard Price 34601, FLChiropractic1497747869
Joseph Anthony Papia 33602, FLChiropractic1285626689
Patricia Lynn Snair 34698, FLChiropractic1285627554
Alice M Trautman 34481, FLChiropractic1205829512
Ann Lauren Marra 34613, FLChiropractic1336132554
Donald J Hensley, Pa 34601, FLChiropractic1538152533
Denise Renee Bray 34601, FLChiropractic1316930316
Ellis H Schauder 32822, FLChiropractic1215920277
Wynne Chiropractic Inc. 32746, FLChiropractic1669465571
Kevin G Wynne 32746, FLChiropractic1710970686
Richard D Clancy 34238, FLChiropractic1316930399
R. Patrick Farrell 34997, FLChiropractic1467445247
Welsh Clinic Of Chiropractic Pa 33624, FLChiropractic1184617748
Louis Scoma 33904, FLChiropractic1053304683
Stephen S Nickse 33772, FLChiropractic1881687374
Edward Joseph O'neill 34134, FLChiropractic1376536896
Giuliana Virginia Gallo 33065, FLChiropractic1760475149
Anthony Pasquale Gallo 33065, FLChiropractic1730172156
William Robert Mayer 33990, FLChiropractic1649263062


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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