Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathryn England Dempsey 30040, GAChiropractic1336142199
Michael Edward Gasiecki 30439, GAChiropractic1861495392
Richard D Buchanan 30281, GAChiropractic1790788131
Gordon Leslie Stephenson 31904, GAChiropractic1457355398
Robert W Toth 30341, GAChiropractic1508860172
Lisa M. Berry 30075, GAChiropractic1891799219
Nicholas J Dasta 30281, GAChiropractic1134124514
Leonard M Zaprowski 30005, GAChiropractic1295731719
David Lawrence Selden 30114, GAChiropractic1184621104
Catherine A Fulton 31901, GAChiropractic1245237163
Robert J. Manna 30165, GAChiropractic1821096967
Richard C Rosenkoetter 30342, GAChiropractic1922006774
Carl W. Lynn 30525, GAChiropractic1194724815
Charles Bailey Phillips 31210, GAChiropractic1023017548
Gerald Lee Vander Heyden 31314, GAChiropractic1033118401
Craig K. Petek 30092, GAChiropractic1497754535
Robert L Lokey 31204, GAChiropractic1306846019
Jami Michele Gomarko 30080, GAChiropractic1194725556
Jeff M Appelbaum 30747, GAChiropractic1104826270
Christopher Kyle Brooks 30080, GAChiropractic1033119193
David N Allen 30236, GAChiropractic1104826296
John A. Webster 30076, GAChiropractic1053311159
Michael Todd Hortman 30328, GAChiropractic1750382115
Jarred Ryan Colegrove 30501, GAChiropractic1912908286
Krysten Butler Duren 30101, GAChiropractic1326049701
Anna Marie Kosa 30004, GAChiropractic1104827328
Nanci B. Moon 30134, GAChiropractic1134121973
Thomas A Green 31750, GAChiropractic1861494718
Family Healthcare Clinic, Inc. 30044, GAChiropractic1750383196
Mitchell R Gana 30144, GAChiropractic1285626432
Lydia L. Dever 30144, GAChiropractic1790777944
Geneeco Hudson Dukes 30281, GAChiropractic1225020050
Edgar B Jenkins 30117, GAChiropractic1821080656
Patrick Joseph Sallarulo 30341, GAChiropractic1912990300
James Micheal Casanova 31792, GAChiropractic1992799142
Craig John Castanet 30022, GAChiropractic1124012612
Cedrick Christopher Noel 30075, GAChiropractic1285629253
James R Aspinwall 30240, GAChiropractic1467448506
Andrew Henry Krantz 30066, GAChiropractic1013904101
Luis Eduardo Berbessi 30549, GAChiropractic1982692547
Dr. James A. Powell, Jr., D.c., P.c. 31794, GAChiropractic1528052248
Russell Meccia 30075, GAChiropractic1619359056
Michael L. Kisner 30728, GAChiropractic1588650444
Anthony Robert Weichhand 30253, GAChiropractic1386633808
Michael A Marceca 30214, GAChiropractic1699765248
Andrew Z Linial 30512, GAChiropractic1083604607
Charlotte Jessandra Jones 30537, GAChiropractic1427049261
Robert Schumacher 30339, GAChiropractic1568453215
Kathy Diane Wood 31014, GAChiropractic1740271154
Joseph L Esposito 30060, GAChiropractic1073504494
Vincent J. Erario 30047, GAChiropractic1093796773
John Robert Grant 30513, GAChiropractic1659353951
Evolution Chiropractic 30338, GAChiropractic1316397193
Gary L Willis 30009, GAChiropractic1437148269
Zellweger Family Chiropractic 31322, GAChiropractic1447718036
Robert M Mazur 30075, GAChiropractic1851374672
Adam David Toulon 30067, GAChiropractic1093798688
James C. Mosley 31904, GAChiropractic1942285333
Francis J Marcone 30324, GAChiropractic1295711174
Gary P Fish 30075, GAChiropractic1003893231
Kyle B Pepple 30040, GAChiropractic1821075896
Jerry Andrew Nolan 31314, GAChiropractic1982682233
Davis L Kinney 31701, GAChiropractic1538139696
Eric David Somers 30009, GAChiropractic1275512014
Veronica Lee Jucknies 30004, GAChiropractic1629055348
Preston Lloyd Peacock 31322, GAChiropractic1497725246
Bobby Wayne Stone 30542, GAChiropractic1508836073
Matthew Michael Diduro 30360, GAChiropractic1376514638
Jason Ross Gardner 30013, GAChiropractic1790756500
Steven M Humber 30078, GAChiropractic1104899202
Nancy Andreycak 30141, GAChiropractic1285608737
Ron E Lemon 31204, GAChiropractic1033184619
Tuan C Truong 30263, GAChiropractic1316912926
Tammi Kaminsky 30241, GAChiropractic1346215803
Ronald Fuller 31816, GAChiropractic1477528925
Chantel Colmer 30241, GAChiropractic1043285505
Shawn Jones 30331, GAChiropractic1710952965
David John Williams 30188, GAChiropractic1033184056
Ren R Halverson 31520, GAChiropractic1194791020
Brian Douglas Knight 30324, GAChiropractic1972570927
Christina Nicole Neros 30345, GAChiropractic1023086667
Rodney Andre West 30012, GAChiropractic1497723910
Peter S. Bauer 30067, GAChiropractic1700855004
Virginia Susan Mayo 30078, GAChiropractic1982664009
Tara Neal 30038, GAChiropractic1801278460
Stephanie Lurate 30066, GAChiropractic1568839546
Thomas Tumbarello 30066, GAChiropractic1013986678
Sarah Wilkie 30067, GAChiropractic1528037769
Mark S. Hudson 30513, GAChiropractic1568434074
John Boyd Moffet 31533, GAChiropractic1255306908
Duane D Day 30082, GAChiropractic1285695767
Joy M Dunwoodie 30004, GAChiropractic1093777823
James J Gaudet 31204, GAChiropractic1376505917
Better Health Chiropractic, P.c. 30504, GAChiropractic1295799146
Stephan Micheal Langston 30240, GAChiropractic1669436416
Chad Dennis Brezinski 30120, GAChiropractic1083670897
Chiropractic Center Of Marietta Pc 30060, GAChiropractic1548227929
Albert Alan Furness 30501, GAChiropractic1376501320
Matthew John Loop 30047, GAChiropractic1780642504
Rino M Poli 30080, GAChiropractic1093773525
Robert Vincent Dimartino 30188, GAChiropractic1225086234
William R Johnson 30742, GAChiropractic1760430177
Scott Perlman 30064, GAChiropractic1346298015
Jose Antonio Alvarez 30034, GAChiropractic1659329035
Donna M Polk 30324, GAChiropractic1881643468
Wayne Kurt Miller 30339, GAChiropractic1063463461
Debra A Cirone 30518, GAChiropractic1194776625
Cha-yi Hwang 30096, GAChiropractic1689625774
Gretchen Lee Gibbs 30033, GAChiropractic1972554921
Vincent C. Bubolo 30152, GAChiropractic1518919026
Porcia Dawn Ewing 30308, GAChiropractic1083666192
Ralph Schipske 30066, GAChiropractic1578515565
Michael Andrew Cone 30328, GAChiropractic1245282052
Gregory Benton Talley 30324, GAChiropractic1083666739
Edward Schneider 30316, GAChiropractic1912950627
Edward D Schneider, Dc, Pc 30316, GAChiropractic1124071832
Jens Emilio Valle 30144, GAChiropractic1134172240
Jamie Lynn Murray-green 30064, GAChiropractic1255384798
Jack Joseph Anthonijs 30004, GAChiropractic1114970167
Eric William Tompkins 30041, GAChiropractic1659325470
Heather A Alday 31904, GAChiropractic1285686949
Daniel B Webb 31701, GAChiropractic1033162284
Rejina Hendricksen 30291, GAChiropractic1699730085
Barry Steven Greene 30078, GAChiropractic1831141308
Dante Vincent Gurgigno 30101, GAChiropractic1144278623
Moran Signature Chiropractic Llc 30328, GAChiropractic1609341676
Ransom Wayne Gaby 30060, GAChiropractic1780641167
Ryan Lee Overton 31904, GAChiropractic1598719031
Kenneth Owen Logan 30114, GAChiropractic1467406827
Stephen Robert Parsons 30506, GAChiropractic1902851686
Shoanmarie Seals 30014, GAChiropractic1962457481
Gregg Michael Blotner 30005, GAChiropractic1891740593
Vicky Yarns 30309, GAChiropractic1639124001
Joseph Stephen Bennett 30566, GAChiropractic1235185117
Lisa K White 30084, GAChiropractic1891741211
Warren T Jahn 31905, GAChiropractic1275589335
Kurt B. Tompkins 30041, GAChiropractic1053368050
Awais Ijaz Butt 30135, GAChiropractic1093762502
Windward Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc 30005, GAChiropractic1285681890
John Wayne Mcgrath 30213, GAChiropractic1770521825
Logan Family Chiropractic Pc 30114, GAChiropractic1699713388
Amber Lushea Wellman 31525, GAChiropractic1205874062
Wellman Family Healthcare 31525, GAChiropractic1417995028
Nicole Marie Benge 30157, GAChiropractic1912945486
Janet Lynn Young 30307, GAChiropractic1568401842
Linda H Katz 30236, GAChiropractic1003855396
Gregory King 30040, GAChiropractic1881633055
Mark Leslie Huntsman 30907, GAChiropractic1699714808
Craig Allen Stover 30040, GAChiropractic1710926019
Atlee T Wampler 30328, GAChiropractic1831138759
Ramon Forrest Watts 30040, GAChiropractic1538108170
Richard J Finn 30084, GAChiropractic1336180942
Albert Buren Bennett 30518, GAChiropractic1851332985
Andrea N Jump 30013, GAChiropractic1699716043
Kevin Neil Harrison 30097, GAChiropractic1336180595
Robert R Booth 30126, GAChiropractic1760424642
Jane R Scott 30078, GAChiropractic1609818517
Valerie Sylvester 30504, GAChiropractic1558304022
Robert L. Alpert 30236, GAChiropractic1215970355
Christine Helene Charras 30328, GAChiropractic1639113426
Alan Edward Wolkow 30096, GAChiropractic1932143849
James L Goodbread 30047, GAChiropractic1962446492
Jack A Williams 30721, GAChiropractic1053357145
Island Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr 31522, GAChiropractic1962448852
Bryan Jeffrey Salminen 30004, GAChiropractic1811923626
Alesia A Reynolds 30305, GAChiropractic1073549846
Carissa Janine Gannan 30606, GAChiropractic1245266865
Meredith Marchelle Harrison-spears 30606, GAChiropractic1750317236
Patricia Pena 30044, GAChiropractic1003843293
Angel Tribuno 30141, GAChiropractic1104853290
Sharon Diane Shields 30263, GAChiropractic1275560401
Michael Louis Gellman 30309, GAChiropractic1255368916
Nancy Jeanne Woods 30523, GAChiropractic1811924368
Louis Charles Hilliard 30126, GAChiropractic1487681847
Lawrence B. Steinle 30904, GAChiropractic1669409132
Kathryn E Lewis-padgett 30135, GAChiropractic1831127703
Georgia Pain Physicians Pc 30067, GAChiropractic1407884489
Nancy Kay Willis 30144, GAChiropractic1437188927
Kenneth Robert Weil 30318, GAChiropractic1639108079
Harold Clifford Bost 30269, GAChiropractic1962431221
Carol Antonino Dc 30096, GAChiropractic1215966197
Khaled M Abouhaif 30188, GAChiropractic1275562175
William N Willis 30144, GAChiropractic1376572990
Alex J Tenhundfeld 30141, GAChiropractic1780613497
Robert Wayne Stevens 30045, GAChiropractic1053341552
Richard A. Dietz 30024, GAChiropractic1447280896
Winston Kyle Carhee 30331, GAChiropractic1871523688
Edward E. Cordovado 30310, GAChiropractic1902836026
David A. Denmark 30310, GAChiropractic1619907748
Deana M Brooksher 30571, GAChiropractic1720018583
Henk F Degraaf 30824, GAChiropractic1710917570
Edward Gerard Krolikowski 30310, GAChiropractic1992735021
John D. Vilardo 30310, GAChiropractic1538199674
Samuel J. Sparlin 30310, GAChiropractic1174553945
Ace Family Chiropractic 31548, GAChiropractic1881625549
Johnny Dewayne Brown 30310, GAChiropractic1265463822
Shelley A West 30097, GAChiropractic1518998129
James Charles Smith 31088, GAChiropractic1629009808
Atlanta Injury Specialists, Llc 30344, GAChiropractic1891727459
Adler Family Chiropractic Pc 30076, GAChiropractic1205867470


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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