Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shelby K Smith 30260, GAChiropractic1093752123
Thomas Arthur Wilber 30529, GAChiropractic1023192325
Eric Schenendorf 30324, GAChiropractic1043336498
Winston Kyle Carhee Jr 30331, GAChiropractic1619003647
Brannan Chiropractic Llc 30189, GAChiropractic1477714186
Phillip Im 30096, GAChiropractic1174745517
David Khain Vay Taing 32428, GAChiropractic1184824187
Chiropractic Plus, Llc 30236, GAChiropractic1467639435
Heidi Marie Reuschling 30474, GAChiropractic1023259876
Tania A. Klubenspies 30013, GAChiropractic1417270778
Timothy M Gregory 30076, GAChiropractic1821396854
Alireza Afshari 32707, GAChiropractic1811129901
Mark Jicov Ghali 34207, GAChiropractic1730424268
David L Sanders 31322, GAChiropractic1013332485
Delbert Glenn Sines 30157, GAChiropractic1639594534
Jessica Jeannine Stallman 49690, GAChiropractic1770980120
Alix Snyder 04096, GAChiropractic1639555097
John Thomas Duke 30066, GAChiropractic1578807368
Hyung Pak 30236, GAChiropractic1336326305
Kametris Weddington 39208, GAChiropractic1558743997
David Odorisio 30253, GAChiropractic1629499488
Averia Hilliard Brown 23060, GAChiropractic1417393075
John Michael Minen 80302, GAChiropractic1548626088
Margaret Teresa Sliwka 30060, GAChiropractic1871946129
Matthew Wink 29615, GAChiropractic1851800635
Patrick Newman 12065, GAChiropractic1740720309
Dionne Anderson 30269, GAChiropractic1205359668
Danielle Nicole Winfrey 31201, GAChiropractic1962900126
Ryan Klopfer 30107, GAChiropractic1467954636
Pray Chiropractic Pc 30736, GAChiropractic1699277616
Jamie Folds 30701, GAChiropractic1316472798
Twila Blossom Jones 30338, GAChiropractic1104344605
Aaron Russell 30339, GAChiropractic1306335872
Tara Vanvranken 30340, GAChiropractic1326599614
Jooyoung Kim 30519, GAChiropractic1649315706
Kenya Edwards 30311, GAChiropractic1821564543
Tony Nguyen 30067, GAChiropractic1962970525
Cassandra L Marchant 30188, GAChiropractic1063916229
Andrew Wiese 30009, GAChiropractic1396183828
Martin Ralph Wilson 30157, GAChiropractic1609314723
Bryan Hammer 30269, GAChiropractic1124579826
Aaron Joseph Ozimek 30188, GAChiropractic1578070140
Hamilton G. Wetzel 45840, GAChiropractic1790979045
Michael D Schulman 30046, GAChiropractic1174755300
Leo A Levesque 53130, GAChiropractic1962995563
Alleviation Llc 30135, GAChiropractic1841700754
Susan Williams 30075, GAChiropractic1932145612
Charlene Richmond Harrell 36106, GAChiropractic1073020749
Robert Braile 30064, GAChiropractic1376679449
Laura Anne Hanson 30342, GAChiropractic1265598627
Shawn Thomas 29676, GAChiropractic1619341062
Samir Kishor Hajariwala 30277, GAChiropractic1417132713
Schuyler Matthew Whelan 31093, GAChiropractic1003461104
Bryan Acosta 30046, GAChiropractic1306499785
Melissa Rivera-rodriguez 30144, GAChiropractic1376199547
Andrew J Lefranc 30328, GAChiropractic1265607857
Lefranc Chiropractic, Llc 30328, GAChiropractic1265874044
Tanvi Desai 30338, GAChiropractic1144612144
Robert Brandon Ballard 30043, GAChiropractic1659727055
Rainbow City Chiropractic 30305, GAChiropractic1013435478
Iceberg Health Llc 30043, GAChiropractic1720639461
Sonam Dolma 30075, GAChiropractic1043851058
Kristin Renee Mayo 30236, GAChiropractic1477011898
Keisha Bates 30076, GAChiropractic1831479039
Parker Ward 28277, GAChiropractic1871032979
Shawn Robinson 30312, GAChiropractic1518599513
Eric Yaniel Rivera-cruz 30720, GAChiropractic1740814292
Thalia Krystal Gonzalez 30047, GAChiropractic1679130926
Dominique Dessausure 30013, GAChiropractic1154960763
Iceberg Holdings Llc 30043, GAChiropractic1225650435
Derryl S. Dickerson 30062, GAChiropractic1316253107
Anthony Cane 31558, GAChiropractic1083181853
Antonio Hill 30043, GAChiropractic1164048245
Lorenil Hencock 30084, GAChiropractic1295343838
Jessica Harris 30084, GAChiropractic1518432277
Legacy Chiropractic Llc 30084, GAChiropractic1881169456
J Williams Dc Llc 30009, GAChiropractic1558972828
Jenna Williams 30009, GAChiropractic1609334671
David Dresselhaus 33909, GAChiropractic1811477854
Shakira N Lee 30024, GAChiropractic1831550300
Sarah Bland 30276, GAChiropractic1356882476
Matthew Karl, Owen Henrikson 30075, GAChiropractic1063027548
Nichole Warrington Sullivan 30114, GAChiropractic1629281092
Emily Catherine Youngblood 78606, GAChiropractic1871088278
Chaim Rosen 30342, GAChiropractic1396069027
Capstone Healing Center 30342, GAChiropractic1275185274
Christopher L Jackson 31005, GAChiropractic1215186218
Robert Wayne Bearden 31005, GAChiropractic1508034919
Kcp Enterprises Llc 30260, GAChiropractic1043679418
Jonathan Paul Snow 63141, GAChiropractic1336295781
Courtney Acree 30038, GAChiropractic1922307073
Melissa L Harmon 34239, GAChiropractic1932332061
The Chattanooga Spine And Wellness Institute, Inc 37421, GAChiropractic1043499700
Jeffery Paul 30062, GAChiropractic1093046161
Anthony Ricardo White 30152, GAChiropractic1003937400
Total Health, Llc 30238, GAChiropractic1063950004
Samara Mae Batt 29483, GAChiropractic1588001069
Sherterica Hall 30066, GAChiropractic1861943573
William B Lutz 30144, GAChiropractic1851747505
Joseph Murray Herring 32340, GAChiropractic1164802476
Joshua Clifton Pridemore 31794, GAChiropractic1417401977
Karsten Gary Mcgowan 30043, GAChiropractic1891287017
Magen Henry 30080, GAChiropractic1427524693
Richard A Franks Dc,pc 30642, GAChiropractic1720287956
Aligned 4 Life Wellness Llc 30315, GAChiropractic1750975652
Gwendolyn Tanner Gardner 30060, GAChiropractic1609479062
Shannon Martin 30060, GAChiropractic1073055281
Peter J Wilson 30060, GAChiropractic1326178294
Daniel Jared Smith 30060, GAChiropractic1124379094
Michael L Tomasello 30060, GAChiropractic1700807930
Irving Russell 30060, GAChiropractic1912175530
Jill Lorren Darling 30540, GAChiropractic1689649121
Richard Alan Franks 30642, GAChiropractic1942242953
Steve M. Sinclair, Jr. Dc, Pc 31024, GAChiropractic1952407132
Kain Taylor Queck 97470, GAChiropractic1467054726
Steve M. Sinclair 30642, GAChiropractic1255436986
Integrated Health And Injury Center 30035, GAChiropractic1316320120
Steven Donald Mirtschink 30060, GAChiropractic1184830341
Kelly A Morgenroth 31018, GAChiropractic1699933788
Chiropractic Wellness Center P C 30024, GAChiropractic1093021818
Joseph Michael Fanning 30024, GAChiropractic1942343165
Chiro dynamics Spine & Joints Rehab Llc 02148, GAChiropractic1215461728
Plateau Fitness, Pllc 28741, GAChiropractic1558664409
Layton Dexter Truax 31406, GAChiropractic1740820547
Trumove Chiropractic Wellness Llc 31406, GAChiropractic1710509864
Ori Adar Thomas 31061, GAChiropractic1598332934
Doug Giles, Dc, Llc 30606, GAChiropractic1619238805
David M Levinson 30009, GAChiropractic1659474849
Optimum Care Centers, Llc. 46205, GAChiropractic1124268131
Wilmer Luis Melendez Negron 20170, GAChiropractic1174020119
Kaitlyn Beth Vanstrien 30060, GAChiropractic1750736526
Kadria Griffiths-scott 30062, GAChiropractic1114302288
Matthew James Dunn 98005, GAChiropractic1952545048
Louis Stephen Toth 30060, GAChiropractic1194855197
Whitney Gail Fuqua 30060, GAChiropractic1881293660
Nicholas Dwayne Carlisle 30342, GAChiropractic1356635023
William Edward Hamilton 30060, GAChiropractic1326104886
Paul Blumsack 30060, GAChiropractic1568769990
Jerrel Andre Jones 30047, GAChiropractic1689949554
Paul Louis Donaldson 30060, GAChiropractic1619155470
Beau Edwin Thigpen 30909, GAChiropractic1609913698
Sulis Marie Matos Reyes 30082, GAChiropractic1649857228
Jessica Villa Tew 30009, GAChiropractic1942719927
Lyndsy Holman Johnston 31064, GAChiropractic1205175197
Chiro Factor 30047, GAChiropractic1588338529
Tracy L Olson 34135, GAChiropractic1144581828
Anchor Family Chiropractic Llc 30548, GAChiropractic1548765829
Lisa Arnell Stafford-johnson 30331, GAChiropractic1265951685
Emily Maumus Whynot 30101, GAChiropractic1134898562
Adam Davis 31792, GAChiropractic1942970496
Keona Nicole Favis 30068, GAChiropractic1538839816
South Atlanta Spine And Joint Center Llc 30297, GAChiropractic1073057626
Family Healthcare Clinic, Inc. 30044, GAChiropractic1750383196
Dr. James A. Powell, Jr., D.c., P.c. 31794, GAChiropractic1528052248
Evolution Chiropractic 30338, GAChiropractic1316397193
Zellweger Family Chiropractic 31322, GAChiropractic1447718036
Better Health Chiropractic, P.c. 30504, GAChiropractic1295799146
Chiropractic Center Of Marietta Pc 30060, GAChiropractic1548227929
Edward D Schneider, Dc, Pc 30316, GAChiropractic1124071832
Moran Signature Chiropractic Llc 30328, GAChiropractic1609341676
Windward Chiropractic & Wellness, Inc 30005, GAChiropractic1285681890
Logan Family Chiropractic Pc 30114, GAChiropractic1699713388
Wellman Family Healthcare 31525, GAChiropractic1417995028
Island Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr 31522, GAChiropractic1962448852
Georgia Pain Physicians Pc 30067, GAChiropractic1407884489
Carol Antonino Dc 30096, GAChiropractic1215966197
Ace Family Chiropractic 31548, GAChiropractic1881625549
Atlanta Injury Specialists, Llc 30344, GAChiropractic1891727459
Adler Family Chiropractic Pc 30076, GAChiropractic1205867470
Llabb, Llc 30004, GAChiropractic1225572563
Jay Brodwyn Clinicare Of Columbus Inc 31907, GAChiropractic1851325104
Rubin Family Chiropractic,p.c. 30067, GAChiropractic1710912928
Harry W. Brown, Inc. 31406, GAChiropractic1225058639
Carlyle Chiropractic Clinic P.c. 31522, GAChiropractic1801816178
David L Selden Pc 30114, GAChiropractic1033130851
Core Chiropractic Health Inc. 30328, GAChiropractic1649294109
Big Idea Family Chiropractic Center 30144, GAChiropractic1225047434
Choice Chiropractic And Wellness, Inc. 30096, GAChiropractic1578574455
Fortin Chiropractic & Athletic Health Care Center 30094, GAChiropractic1184730608
Michael Family Chiropractic Inc 30080, GAChiropractic1518338136
Yes Chiropractic Health And Integrative Wellness, Inc. 30315, GAChiropractic1134618747
Bombery Chiropractic Llc 31322, GAChiropractic1750859351
Can Am Pc 30009, GAChiropractic1780141002
Dennis W De Give Dc Pc 30080, GAChiropractic1942319165
Kolonick Chiropractic, Pc 30144, GAChiropractic1740391358
Back In Action Chiropractic Inc 30830, GAChiropractic1609979269
Healthsource Chiropractic Of Johns Creek 30097, GAChiropractic1093810020
Chiropractic Center Of Rome Pc 30165, GAChiropractic1154427086
Cumming Physical Medicine 30041, GAChiropractic1619074853
Alpharetta Back And Neck Center 30005, GAChiropractic1730287582
Russell A Friedman Pc 30350, GAChiropractic1124126099
Heritage Chiropractic Clinc Inc 30078, GAChiropractic1144311408
Ft Valley Chiropractic Clinic Pc 31030, GAChiropractic1528152402
Wright Chiropractic Health Care Llc 30344, GAChiropractic1710073556
Chiropractic For Health, Llc 30101, GAChiropractic1386733533
Buchanan Chiropractic Clinic Pc 30281, GAChiropractic1992888978
General Chiropractic, P.c. 30114, GAChiropractic1144304171
Chiropractic Transformation Center 30328, GAChiropractic1518041441
North Georgia Spine Offices Inc 30519, GAChiropractic1235214990
Aspinwall Chiropractic Clinic, L.l.c. 30240, GAChiropractic1982789665


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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