Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tanner Morris 50588, IAChiropractic1790311165
Five Oaks Chiropractic Llc 50014, IAChiropractic1578866224
Douglas Gunderson 50014, IAChiropractic1811297351
Christopher Joseph Hufford 50313, IAChiropractic1639619828
Schramm Family Health Care, Inc. 50022, IAChiropractic1861471468
Jennifer Ann Knobbe 50023, IAChiropractic1982975835
Jay Christopher Johannsen 52722, IAChiropractic1801867866
Jennifer Louise Schulz 53186, IAChiropractic1851350003
Tatiana S Sanders 29229, IAChiropractic1528497419
Elite Health Systems Inc 52722, IAChiropractic1992256754
Ashlie Klavon 80602, IAChiropractic1639538416
Jolene Melissa Powell 52807, IAChiropractic1235486515
Cedar Rapids Chiropractic Llc 52402, IAChiropractic1942246517
Brooke Elizabeth Post 52402, IAChiropractic1134623747
Trevor Frank Tennant 52732, IAChiropractic1720417124
Clinton Back And Neck Family Wellness, Pc 52732, IAChiropractic1912335860
Dr. Reese, Inc. 52732, IAChiropractic1164822698
Laura M Murphy Platt 52241, IAChiropractic1245303908
Joshua David Owen 51501, IAChiropractic1366833444
Ricky D Schad 50317, IAChiropractic1952409534
Susan M. Larkin Thier 52722, IAChiropractic1780672436
Damian John Campion 52722, IAChiropractic1578535191
Julie A Schrad-swank 52748, IAChiropractic1427099605
Michael T Mcqueen 53066, IAChiropractic1508111865
Melissa Peters 52732, IAChiropractic1154739621
Raymond Stephen Kociolek 42101, IAChiropractic1407369036
Sadegh Milad Asefi 61264, IAChiropractic1144609488
Yasmeen Amina Khan 52801, IAChiropractic1972745800
Benjamin M Buck 80601, IAChiropractic1487040291
Lynn Marie Boelger 52807, IAChiropractic1184810772
John Dee King 53703, IAChiropractic1326472671
Kasandra Ruettiger 29407, IAChiropractic1306219423
Rob Alan Simms 50023, IAChiropractic1104258201
Catherine Marie Lapage 52804, IAChiropractic1366092538
Hans J Gaul 52068, IAChiropractic1366900888
Sara Ann Schany 51012, IAChiropractic1154794337
Very Good Chiropractic, Llc 52068, IAChiropractic1952946204
Kain Taylor Queck 97470, IAChiropractic1467054726
Aaron Mobley 50501, IAChiropractic1912043746
Sarah Lynn Keys 50501, IAChiropractic1295251163
Samuel Charles Fangman 50111, IAChiropractic1396212551
Optimal Health Chiropractic & Wellness, Llc 52057, IAChiropractic1730666520
Jacob Dyson 52241, IAChiropractic1104383025
Kevin Huggenberger 57004, IAChiropractic1841742764
Ryan Brock Hatcher 52601, IAChiropractic1205224748
Julie Katherine Potter 52241, IAChiropractic1346556479
Eric M Rottinghaus 50701, IAChiropractic1083601322
Kyle Owen Sprecher 77598, IAChiropractic1992714620
Cecilia Eckard 60103, IAChiropractic1659877157
Melissa Wessels 52057, IAChiropractic1255818878
Jesse Roy Stumbaugh 50211, IAChiropractic1154359222
Brett Mueller 50219, IAChiropractic1154863215
Mark J Den Hartog 98501, IAChiropractic1023081155
Laura M Lassiter 58072, IAChiropractic1659440600
Anthony B. Dexter 52807, IAChiropractic1447651518
Martin Mason 32935, IAChiropractic1790963858
Sibley Chiropractic, Pc 51249, IAChiropractic1417123613
Brian J. Sayler 51249, IAChiropractic1437149465
Optimum Chiropractic Pc 50266, IAChiropractic1629354832
Brett Matthew Vowles 50266, IAChiropractic1871823369
Jose Hernandez 50266, IAChiropractic1467922401
Derek Reicks 50266, IAChiropractic1548618143
Darrius Poe 50266, IAChiropractic1659901403
Gregory D Pray 50322, IAChiropractic1891032884
Kirby Chambers 50266, IAChiropractic1013502376
Wayne Byron Davis 61265, IAChiropractic1376716654
John Lindstrom 50263, IAChiropractic1174048417
Apex Chiropractic Llc 50240, IAChiropractic1487212429
Nicholas Lyle Ashman 52577, IAChiropractic1902036213
Elite Health And Performance, Pllc 50035, IAChiropractic1003385402
Jacob Michael Boyle 50309, IAChiropractic1770005746
Central Health Chiropractic Inc 50309, IAChiropractic1487177192
Humam Jassim Hussien 50322, IAChiropractic1700479029
West Liberty Chiropractic Center 52245, IAChiropractic1467607051
Hope Family Chiropractic, Lc 52241, IAChiropractic1174031413
Russell R Vanhemert 50219, IAChiropractic1497758676
James Bryan Kickland 50022, IAChiropractic1528061736
Jeff A Hanssen 52761, IAChiropractic1912900721
Rodney Dale Langel 50266, IAChiropractic1366445256
Ben F Hanssen 52761, IAChiropractic1194728824
David Joseph Harvey 52402, IAChiropractic1043213572
Jenny L Slykhuis 50138, IAChiropractic1558364901
Douglas E. Nielsen 51247, IAChiropractic1740282920
Mark A Bakeris 52241, IAChiropractic1316941347
Kari A Bakeris 52241, IAChiropractic1215931241
Barbara A Mansholt 52803, IAChiropractic1992709505
Ronald G Shepherd 52753, IAChiropractic1912901463
Brian R Mccloy 51040, IAChiropractic1255335667
James Paul Faine 50588, IAChiropractic1942205323
Joseph D. Smith 51453, IAChiropractic1235134255
Mark David Frideres 50201, IAChiropractic1013912955
William Charles Hollensed 52001, IAChiropractic1992700892
Angela R Gabel 52732, IAChiropractic1861497547
Jerome James Zortman 50111, IAChiropractic1790780328
Todd M Slattery 52732, IAChiropractic1245236751
Simon Geoffrey Excoffon 52241, IAChiropractic1538164041
Lance Gregory Strovers 50112, IAChiropractic1881690220
Ralph W Schramm 50115, IAChiropractic1740286160
Karla M. Kloft 52001, IAChiropractic1780680041
Louis James Diamond 52722, IAChiropractic1497751655
Beatrice Lynn Creech 52804, IAChiropractic1720084379
Ryan M Kramer 50266, IAChiropractic1679579395
Paul William Kerkhoff 50263, IAChiropractic1093711541
Karren Sue Stonehouse 52722, IAChiropractic1023015112
Timothy Todd Aberson 51046, IAChiropractic1124025259
James William Welsh 50459, IAChiropractic1023015179
Shane S Townsend 51106, IAChiropractic1578560306
Donald Lee Berns 52402, IAChiropractic1962409615
Walter Scott Schaeffer 52241, IAChiropractic1578560264
Kevin Michael Hansen 50315, IAChiropractic1497752190
Beth Ann Meints 50125, IAChiropractic1104824895
Cynthia J Butler 51106, IAChiropractic1831196724
Tricia Ann Lorber 50131, IAChiropractic1972500890
Terryl Lee Wolfswinkel 52577, IAChiropractic1457358269
Steven G. Tuschman 51342, IAChiropractic1891793303
Michael Barry Seidman 52803, IAChiropractic1285632588
Rodney Vincent Kobliska 50702, IAChiropractic1477550598
Peggy Jo Booten 52656, IAChiropractic1760481550
David M Blong 50049, IAChiropractic1447259908
Michael Edward Schleisman 51449, IAChiropractic1518966993
Catherine Mary Seng 52803, IAChiropractic1396744538
James Timothy Kern 50636, IAChiropractic1477553121
Frederick Walter Eickert 52732, IAChiropractic1760482301
Cynthia Ls Pischke 50548, IAChiropractic1205836756
Michael Ray Comstock 52563, IAChiropractic1659371987
Thomas A. Wicks 52803, IAChiropractic1346240736
Gary J Gangestad 51442, IAChiropractic1366442576
Todd B Miedema 51201, IAChiropractic1619977691
Shayan Sheybani 52803, IAChiropractic1467453365
Bradley Andrew Alderton 52353, IAChiropractic1952302820
Larry L. Swank 52803, IAChiropractic1063413870
William Martin Tweeton 52353, IAChiropractic1154322972
Robert Harry Brockman 52627, IAChiropractic1053312967
Shannon Lynn Clark 50669, IAChiropractic1720089311
Michael Jon Christensen 51401, IAChiropractic1194804112
Bruce D Wright 52333, IAChiropractic1598764466
Mark Andrew Mylan 52241, IAChiropractic1548269681
Kevin L Utech 50112, IAChiropractic1548260524
Jeffrey James Heller 50312, IAChiropractic1922007640
Donald W Foley 52136, IAChiropractic1952301962
Clifton David Bethel 52807, IAChiropractic1447250956
James Vincent Owens 52803, IAChiropractic1447251046
Scott A. Carpenter 52803, IAChiropractic1700887304
Sheila Marie Wemark 52155, IAChiropractic1730180522
Kevin Jon Campbell 57049, IAChiropractic1740281476
Robert J Friedrichs 50401, IAChiropractic1851392518
Connie C Grauer 52240, IAChiropractic1760483341
Ronnie J. Boesch 52803, IAChiropractic1417958836
Dennis Steven Hagemann 52804, IAChiropractic1750382107
Healthy Lifestyles Chiropractic Llc 50010, IAChiropractic1114928488
Lance E Vanderloo 50702, IAChiropractic1003817305
Lee Anthony Meylor 50588, IAChiropractic1164423349
Aaron Thomas Street 50461, IAChiropractic1790786994
Scott Darwin Nerland 50461, IAChiropractic1609877802
Elizabeth C. Kressin 51301, IAChiropractic1861493009
Carmen Marie Clemenson 52302, IAChiropractic1043211139
Rex J. Jones 51301, IAChiropractic1639171473
Steven Shawn Barnes 51503, IAChiropractic1346242062
Laurel Lea Hunter 50208, IAChiropractic1366444903
Amy Terese Vaassen 52003, IAChiropractic1811999469
Chiropractic Solutions Pc 52233, IAChiropractic1124010376
Duane John Swailes 50604, IAChiropractic1396747770
Steven William Horak 50630, IAChiropractic1205838687
Kelly Marie Kellen 52233, IAChiropractic1639161888
Christopher Marvin Engel 52203, IAChiropractic1487646626
Bryce Alan Hunter 50208, IAChiropractic1932101425
Anna Marie Leonard 50841, IAChiropractic1386636421
Edward Adolph Steinmann 50309, IAChiropractic1528050622
Stephanie J. Veldman 51360, IAChiropractic1295727394
Amy Sue Osenbaugh 50021, IAChiropractic1316939366
Anthony Ralph Lewis 52203, IAChiropractic1831181015
Roger Joseph Kasperbauer 50311, IAChiropractic1750373858
Lynn Theesfield 50010, IAChiropractic1215929427
L. Anthony Dietrich 52806, IAChiropractic1093707911
Zortman Chiropractic Clinic Pc 50111, IAChiropractic1922090729
Sarah Joan Mesick 52807, IAChiropractic1245222827
Washington Chiropractic, Pc 52353, IAChiropractic1558353284
Coreen Lynn Montag 51247, IAChiropractic1366434094
Timothy William Mesick 52807, IAChiropractic1609868215
Brent Ray Stanley 51301, IAChiropractic1487646766
Deo Lynn Guidry 50325, IAChiropractic1386637502
Daniel Williams Kellen 52233, IAChiropractic1013900398
Kyle Dan Haskin 50211, IAChiropractic1861484198
Kelly Vernon Reagan 52101, IAChiropractic1962495143
Bradford Paul Merritt 52807, IAChiropractic1770576985
Gary L Kolosik 52316, IAChiropractic1689667412
Jeffrey D Burns 51301, IAChiropractic1881687317
Lynn Irene Banderob 52302, IAChiropractic1174516843
Dr. Lynn I. Labbe, P.c. 52302, IAChiropractic1497748164
Denis Boerjan 55901, IAChiropractic1699768655
Mitchell Robert Mally 52807, IAChiropractic1790786358
Jeffrey Michael Jernberg 51106, IAChiropractic1942293378
Dennis J Bradley 52402, IAChiropractic1013901446
Scott T Steffens 52742, IAChiropractic1275527517
John Henry Hoekstra 52577, IAChiropractic1659365377
Bryce A Palmer 51106, IAChiropractic1972597623
Lyle D Nissen 51054, IAChiropractic1346234846
Thomas Alden Anderson 50322, IAChiropractic1144215518
Scott A Zollman 51031, IAChiropractic1336134659
Larry A Dixon 51360, IAChiropractic1245225408


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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