Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Barbara A Mansholt 52803, ILChiropractic1992709505
Damir Simunac 60714, ILChiropractic1811378441
Randy J David 60142, ILChiropractic1578553004
Amy Elizabeth Iaquinta 60026, ILChiropractic1649239252
Vincent James Kamholtz Roberts 60202, ILChiropractic1134191281
Michelle Blanton 60452, ILChiropractic1083098644
Active Care Center Sc 60004, ILChiropractic1588613475
Ivan Rayner 60602, ILChiropractic1932565074
Shawn J Ebaugh 60487, ILChiropractic1669415428
Sean Paul Rondeau 62650, ILChiropractic1710992375
Jeffrey Michael Moore 60014, ILChiropractic1538273909
Thomas Michael Albert 60302, ILChiropractic1457465098
Dustin David Riddle 54915, ILChiropractic1972617629
Robin Michelle Henderson 60103, ILChiropractic1750399408
Nicole Georgette Paxton 62301, ILChiropractic1619983103
Rae Marie Bouvin 60625, ILChiropractic1891727145
Bruce Robert Coleman 60560, ILChiropractic1871698977
Mikael Axel Johnson 60050, ILChiropractic1982700373
Landon Bruner 60657, ILChiropractic1669958278
Annette Stockwell 52732, ILChiropractic1487022687
Anthony Joseph Vuckovich 60423, ILChiropractic1336515949
Cynthia M. Kadela 60435, ILChiropractic1619027224
Andrew John Hajduk 60062, ILChiropractic1669500674
Sophia E. Dabney 60614, ILChiropractic1043369242
Evangelia Skokos 60148, ILChiropractic1033289475
Joseph R Vallee 60626, ILChiropractic1164576047
Jenkins Chiropractic Ltd 60148, ILChiropractic1588713994
Moira C Jenkins 60148, ILChiropractic1558423467
Seong Wook Choi 60714, ILChiropractic1790811461
Jenifer Lynn Mersman 60540, ILChiropractic1265814800
Balance Family Chiropractic, Ltd. 60103, ILChiropractic1194875427
Patrick Scott Haskell 62821, ILChiropractic1568519726
Pascale Nelson 60004, ILChiropractic1063699114
Richard Matthew Merrion 53711, ILChiropractic1467626887
Thomas Lotus 60154, ILChiropractic1992924617
Dipali J Patel 60133, ILChiropractic1760703599
Matthew Ryan Groves 62526, ILChiropractic1578865986
Kathryn Rose Frega 52807, ILChiropractic1790067783
Bradley Edward Burns 63033, ILChiropractic1104052711
Stephanie Josephine Kelly 48073, ILChiropractic1417282864
Lindsey Doppler 46385, ILChiropractic1740564129
Patricia Ann Zemaitis 60602, ILChiropractic1013236694
Remedy, Llc 60605, ILChiropractic1811133499
Holistic Chiropractic And Acupuncture, L.l.c. 60521, ILChiropractic1356616957
Sarah A Moore 53156, ILChiropractic1225322332
Susan Emily Ewen 61264, ILChiropractic1811299316
John Russell Silosky 60005, ILChiropractic1366683690
Serena Kleinstub 60010, ILChiropractic1710297932
Michael James Gergovich 61301, ILChiropractic1295032084
Timothy John Kronlage 52002, ILChiropractic1740435692
Hans Nikolaus Hengel 85707, ILChiropractic1841639937
Brittany Nicole Caldwell 60611, ILChiropractic1730529603
Jillian Mlinarcik 60540, ILChiropractic1861894875
Jakhna Kapadia 18974, ILChiropractic1467876896
Nicholas A. Wells 61108, ILChiropractic1629485040
Core Chiropractic, S.c. 60050, ILChiropractic1295133973
Mazen Aljutaili 20016, ILChiropractic1407254972
Eric E Gaumer 61081, ILChiropractic1538566658
Gaumer Chiropractic, Llc 61270, ILChiropractic1609274448
Katherine Harris 43085, ILChiropractic1811373517
Kyle Ross 60618, ILChiropractic1275934085
Devon Acou Dc, Llc 60525, ILChiropractic1811306285
Elevated Health Essentials, Llc 61107, ILChiropractic1942626965
Philip Runge 60654, ILChiropractic1134614605
Jonghyun Kim 60025, ILChiropractic1942626627
Stelmack Pinpoint Health Care Llc 60558, ILChiropractic1902221609
Jacob Bernard Matrille 60618, ILChiropractic1891053534
Kristy Alexandra Cada 60523, ILChiropractic1972930121
Raj Desai 60130, ILChiropractic1851732127
Marcus Steward 60202, ILChiropractic1598102238
Renee Bonarek Luksa 60544, ILChiropractic1295147452
Rosalind A Ogunsola 60438, ILChiropractic1881092989
Andrew Smith 60515, ILChiropractic1598149825
Theresa Jones 60642, ILChiropractic1285906859
Charles Andrew Maldonado 60521, ILChiropractic1831467448
Douglas Ryan Evenhouse 60526, ILChiropractic1043756562
Mmac Health 60714, ILChiropractic1205335650
Next Generation Md Of South Elgin Inc. 60177, ILChiropractic1740705334
Lacey Ebert 60148, ILChiropractic1649673518
Samantha Glasco 62243, ILChiropractic1689055741
Adjust Chiropractic Llc 60133, ILChiropractic1780039370
Damian Davis 60108, ILChiropractic1295280170
Nicholas Morey Rozell 62025, ILChiropractic1114475290
Keim Family Chiropractic Llc 62269, ILChiropractic1003326075
Omair Husain Chishti 60026, ILChiropractic1164962601
Central Illinois Chiropractic Center Pc 61611, ILChiropractic1164941308
Hanna Ariella Singer 61614, ILChiropractic1457865933
Emily Hope Forsgren 44107, ILChiropractic1245756303
Brett Mueller 50219, ILChiropractic1154863215
Jamie Carter 62918, ILChiropractic1558792044
David A Shinherr 60014, ILChiropractic1043286081
David Bowden 43953, ILChiropractic1770905275
Deen Health System Llc 60623, ILChiropractic1043718190
James Sronkoski 60134, ILChiropractic1528565017
Katherine Maier 60614, ILChiropractic1861917270
Parisa Samsami 60625, ILChiropractic1598250763
Pain Specialists Of Illinois, S.c 60617, ILChiropractic1699100859
Zachary Stelmack 60558, ILChiropractic1154743193
Kevin Donald Allibone 60515, ILChiropractic1174003511
Nicole A Pawola 60103, ILChiropractic1386040707
Evanston Spine And Rehab P.c. 60202, ILChiropractic1356824601
Lake County Accident And Injury Center 60031, ILChiropractic1033698659
Restore Health And Wellness Pc 60544, ILChiropractic1366926107
Lindsey Carrera 63131, ILChiropractic1457708208
Vincent Ing Chiropractic & Acupuncture Inc 60409, ILChiropractic1013481688
Brett Casanova 61350, ILChiropractic1255691044
Stephen Spates 98902, ILChiropractic1770854945
Tyler Gress 46321, ILChiropractic1154893717
Nathaniel Alan Drees 53963, ILChiropractic1003368630
Yessenia Torres 61342, ILChiropractic1811453632
Michael Benjamin Chiapetto 62704, ILChiropractic1831693621
Cornerstone Integrative Health 60515, ILChiropractic1801386271
Richard Andrew Whitney 60564, ILChiropractic1366516551
Brittni Kristine Chapman 62025, ILChiropractic1386104982
Holistic Chiropractic Center Of Chicago Llc 60053, ILChiropractic1346715166
Casey Family Chiropractic Llc 62650, ILChiropractic1619346871
Iwona Bialon Wnek 60130, ILChiropractic1154507960
Megan Thoma Dc Llc 60602, ILChiropractic1972068310
Megan Maureen Thoma 60602, ILChiropractic1538502026
David Frank Cox 46322, ILChiropractic1740273101
Antonio E Bifero 60630, ILChiropractic1407971708
Danielle Marie Frye Hughes 60005, ILChiropractic1326556861
Stephanie C Johnson 60172, ILChiropractic1922435957
Susan Khorshid 60201, ILChiropractic1346809621
Lauren Natalie Wills 61081, ILChiropractic1659652196
Spyros Bakis 60607, ILChiropractic1508998170
Muscle Pain Clinic Inc 61354, ILChiropractic1770823197
Laura Ann Crane 60014, ILChiropractic1104090661
Will A Zuhira 61354, ILChiropractic1407030901
Harriett Mae Hidalgo Chan 60305, ILChiropractic1235472127
Jeramy David Blackwood 61201, ILChiropractic1174852016
Hector Martinez 60195, ILChiropractic1245535772
Delilah Ann Renegar 60563, ILChiropractic1902914989
John Leonard Staranko 53548, ILChiropractic1245720291
Erica Juris 60068, ILChiropractic1366095739
Samir Kishor Hajariwala 30277, ILChiropractic1417132713
Jessica L Keating 60526, ILChiropractic1760928626
Michaela Michaylova Babu 60565, ILChiropractic1295003747
Brad Partridge 89014, ILChiropractic1003326588
Jerijo Marie Hall 53018, ILChiropractic1225077555
Sue O Lee 90010, ILChiropractic1083791065
Samantha Elizabeth Bradley 61008, ILChiropractic1639587942
Raimand F Khairallah 02346, ILChiropractic1043372832
Brent Rassi 61548, ILChiropractic1932744927
Angela Hastings-kuhlmeier 61019, ILChiropractic1104808401
Sikirat A. Yusuf 60430, ILChiropractic1952307761
Amy C Whitlock 62269, ILChiropractic1982169033
Ashly Lynn Ochsner 60462, ILChiropractic1295705796
Ryan J Gavin 60611, ILChiropractic1922474592
Leanne Marie Walton 60554, ILChiropractic1942577374
Mario F. Gonzalez 60202, ILChiropractic1871645572
Anchored In Health Sc 60467, ILChiropractic1073173407
Dale Anthony Mraz 60435, ILChiropractic1619536927
Sean Devin Curry 60202, ILChiropractic1306965876
Kelsie Lazzell 60614, ILChiropractic1689145559
Morningstar Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center Ltd 62034, ILChiropractic1467460733
Total Health And Performance Inc 52806, ILChiropractic1326522988
Dipti N Solanki 60532, ILChiropractic1861025199
Ammon Jacobson 80911, ILChiropractic1194034314
Gary Ross 48105, ILChiropractic1891913802
Ideal Health And Wellness, Sc 52807, ILChiropractic1689013393
Joseph Patrick Musolino 60004, ILChiropractic1043202344
Angel K Hong 73503, ILChiropractic1851538755
Tamara St. John 60110, ILChiropractic1114030228
Diane Elizabeth Robinson 60446, ILChiropractic1730209081
David Jolly 60035, ILChiropractic1962045658
Michael S Harbison 62025, ILChiropractic1851659361
Lifestyle Rejuvenation Medical Group Pllc 60615, ILChiropractic1134781974
Jermaine E Burney 60192, ILChiropractic1538474838
Zaid Mustafa Rafati 60487, ILChiropractic1720630080
Travis Alan Russell 60142, ILChiropractic1093993214
Kamal Vaid 60654, ILChiropractic1295283455
Krysty Lynne Benhart-martel 60048, ILChiropractic1316380793
Janay Collier 61832, ILChiropractic1508488867
Catherine Edith Kunevich 62285, ILChiropractic1871081679
Frank Robert Harris 63017, ILChiropractic1063991602
Colton James Anderson 60175, ILChiropractic1366938946
Austin Tray Klute 53718, ILChiropractic1265074306
Avani Ashok Patel-miller 60611, ILChiropractic1710219258
Monica Cisneros 60623, ILChiropractic1831596980
Peyton Alexandra Habenicht 60048, ILChiropractic1619513538
Mitchell Wade Sutter 63471, ILChiropractic1871133272
Masood Iqbal Majeed 60118, ILChiropractic1932599016
Jbh Medical Corporation Ltd 60440, ILChiropractic1255740635
Adi Sweilem 60090, ILChiropractic1720423668
Chicago Sports And Chiropractic Medicine, Sc 60634, ILChiropractic1255367876
Amara Bukhari 60403, ILChiropractic1033773080
Erin Wadelin 34698, ILChiropractic1114382660
Lake Saint Louis Health Center Llc 63367, ILChiropractic1962034942
Kyle Bastean 60451, ILChiropractic1205470259
Kaylynne M Gasiorowski 68130, ILChiropractic1558457747
Tara L Worron 60543, ILChiropractic1902804255
Brandon P Kolaski 60025, ILChiropractic1548327729
Christian James Koch 60640, ILChiropractic1881208080
Christopher Kirkwood Edginton 60603, ILChiropractic1417919333
Ican Clinic Llc 62025, ILChiropractic1669722872
Nancy E Bayer 60010, ILChiropractic1871581918
Petrina Jackson 60471, ILChiropractic1295377240
James F. Carroll 60185, ILChiropractic1861819401
Joel Edward Kiselka 60642, ILChiropractic1396352407


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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