Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph F Ferstl 60123, ILChiropractic1316940430
Gregg Stern 60089, ILChiropractic1851394860
Leon Robert Wleklinski 60068, ILChiropractic1619970613
Borre Chiropractic, Ltd. 60555, ILChiropractic1750384509
Juli Weber Micetich 60416, ILChiropractic1467454587
George K. Michalopoulos 60191, ILChiropractic1063416014
Dale A Fischer 62254, ILChiropractic1841294436
Richard C Coy 62034, ILChiropractic1053315663
Lucinda J Hovi 60098, ILChiropractic1164426789
Christine Alevritis 60191, ILChiropractic1760486716
Linda M. Knowski 60707, ILChiropractic1043214570
Darrin Norris 62269, ILChiropractic1760486203
Charles Donald Price 62454, ILChiropractic1548264914
Richard M Novak 62062, ILChiropractic1083619449
Ann M Stock 62220, ILChiropractic1760487136
Michael Keith Faulkner 62208, ILChiropractic1346245727
Andrew Tunstall 61822, ILChiropractic1316942592
Dennis Patrick Molloy 60061, ILChiropractic1952306078
Robert A Rice 60463, ILChiropractic1457356396
Richard Van Til 60915, ILChiropractic1730184862
Steven W. Hauf 60061, ILChiropractic1174528160
Patrick Balsier 60403, ILChiropractic1376548388
Nicholas Freeman Mcginnis 60563, ILChiropractic1871598771
Jon A Paul 61108, ILChiropractic1407851264
Daniel Marc Vanderweit 60073, ILChiropractic1588669618
Jack K Holley 60560, ILChiropractic1023013521
Patricia Petrie 61021, ILChiropractic1255336764
Kathryn Mary Frances Meeker 61241, ILChiropractic1477558989
James A Dean 60188, ILChiropractic1871599266
John Steve Vick 62269, ILChiropractic1235135617
Pamela J Rout 62265, ILChiropractic1417953613
Robert Douglas Dent 62265, ILChiropractic1013913227
Clinton M Smith 62230, ILChiropractic1891791984
Brian M Forbes 62040, ILChiropractic1457357147
Randall Kertz 60714, ILChiropractic1891791638
Joel A Chinnici 60440, ILChiropractic1275539942
Caroline A Mohlstrom 60521, ILChiropractic1437155272
Han K Cho 60659, ILChiropractic1649276353
William Eric Hestrup 60174, ILChiropractic1659377273
Daniel V Strelcheck 60014, ILChiropractic1922005560
Vida Puodziunas 60441, ILChiropractic1528064110
Robert J Fast 62226, ILChiropractic1275539611
Samantha Ariel Mayberry 62711, ILChiropractic1164883526
Phillip W Piscopo 60417, ILChiropractic1841297447
Richard Gary Fried 61265, ILChiropractic1710984174
Dean A. Nelson 60401, ILChiropractic1093712499
Craig A. Revermann 62230, ILChiropractic1710984042
James Greggory Salvatore 60435, ILChiropractic1386641504
Karren Sue Stonehouse 52722, ILChiropractic1023015112
Lawrence E Bridges 62226, ILChiropractic1881691913
John G Merkling 60098, ILChiropractic1821095589
Brian Christopher Buelt 61401, ILChiropractic1972500643
Jeffrey William Johnson 61443, ILChiropractic1093713760
Michael Thomas 62226, ILChiropractic1235137720
Ryan John Robert Griffin 61073, ILChiropractic1548268816
Lawrence Needham 60046, ILChiropractic1669470928
Nathan Christian Thompson 60560, ILChiropractic1568460632
Richard Lynch 61108, ILChiropractic1992703011
Erika Kristin Mennerick 60119, ILChiropractic1316945348
Michael Wayne Kosman 61254, ILChiropractic1417955469
Eric Paul Williams 62881, ILChiropractic1437157310
Douglas R Cochran 62832, ILChiropractic1437156718
Alecia Arn 61073, ILChiropractic1285632620
Dana Madigan 60148, ILChiropractic1588100176
Damir Simunac 60714, ILChiropractic1811378441
Matthew D Marti 61364, ILChiropractic1750389656
Palos Chiropractic Inc 60465, ILChiropractic1386643799
Michael Joseph Condon 61362, ILChiropractic1699774190
Thomas John Lindstrom 60506, ILChiropractic1346249679
Raymond A Burge 61264, ILChiropractic1356340533
Robert T Wright 60465, ILChiropractic1245239474
Hilda Hattar 60178, ILChiropractic1740289909
Jeffrey B Wellum 62441, ILChiropractic1467451559
Jack Dee Hollada 62691, ILChiropractic1336148451
Anthony W Peck 62269, ILChiropractic1376542480
Thomas Michael Halwax 60452, ILChiropractic1215937123
Rebecca L. Darding 62298, ILChiropractic1053311688
Stephen L Hutti 61920, ILChiropractic1598765281
Robert W Hollett 60156, ILChiropractic1417957184
Christine M Becker 62526, ILChiropractic1104826783
Ryan Thomas Durocher 62702, ILChiropractic1871593350
Daniel Chester Luban 61738, ILChiropractic1538169081
Colleen Marie Stratton 62298, ILChiropractic1922008259
Andre Pisarev 60077, ILChiropractic1902806102
Stephen L. Hutti & Mark E. Hutti Ptr 61920, ILChiropractic1033119185
Robert D Brown 61704, ILChiropractic1881694859
John Alan Loucks 61254, ILChiropractic1841290954
Mark E Hutti 61920, ILChiropractic1174523385
Robert David Pyne 60465, ILChiropractic1003816067
David Yi Tam 60148, ILChiropractic1831199827
Chiromed Ltd 62226, ILChiropractic1962403907
David C Di Iorio Pc 60134, ILChiropractic1376544353
Jeffrey M C Wong 60174, ILChiropractic1508866500
Dawn Regina Gaskey 60126, ILChiropractic1134120900
Michael Patrick Fergus 60585, ILChiropractic1124027354
Anthony Vincent Gioia 60156, ILChiropractic1356340772
Scott A Becker 62526, ILChiropractic1669472924
Craig Andrew Tiburzi 62626, ILChiropractic1780684233
David C Diiorio 60134, ILChiropractic1770582769
Virginia Ann Schwieder 61265, ILChiropractic1144221920
Jeffery Paul Stone 60640, ILChiropractic1184625857
Lonny John Lannert 61607, ILChiropractic1003817479
Bruce E Denton 61054, ILChiropractic1043211485
Kimberly A Shuda 61201, ILChiropractic1699776989
Nicolas C Martinez 60623, ILChiropractic1033110366
Russell Moreland 60423, ILChiropractic1477554665
Anthony Dale Roberts 62644, ILChiropractic1750382990
William Kevin Fallis 62294, ILChiropractic1255332342
Darrell Wehrend 60559, ILChiropractic1992707970
Geraldine Marie Kruckenberg 61265, ILChiropractic1225039324
Kevin Dutton 60035, ILChiropractic1669474474
David J Hansen 61752, ILChiropractic1174525968
Carl J Destefano 60134, ILChiropractic1710989389
Dan Arthur Niequist 60102, ILChiropractic1366444077
Richard A Jones 62014, ILChiropractic1629070248
John G. Goodfellow 60656, ILChiropractic1235131608
Daniel M. Jones 62014, ILChiropractic1366444853
David Russell Warner 61021, ILChiropractic1073515516
Todd Richard Cevene 61114, ILChiropractic1477555928
Terry W Shaw 62305, ILChiropractic1023000155
Katie Jeannine Burmeister 62839, ILChiropractic1871585844
Latoya Nashage Glass-sherman 60478, ILChiropractic1326030461
Daniel W Neises 61201, ILChiropractic1326030180
Stephen A Zasadny 60462, ILChiropractic1568454338
Paul Mark Sullivan 60462, ILChiropractic1023000700
Lee Echelbarger 60194, ILChiropractic1366434805
Paul Gregory Kolaski 60005, ILChiropractic1518959816
Christine D Lender 60089, ILChiropractic1518950765
Margaret E Brownlie 60559, ILChiropractic1669464996
Steven Belano 60181, ILChiropractic1720071830
Michael D Nelson 61061, ILChiropractic1982697983
Mark J Wiegand 62301, ILChiropractic1730172636
George W Gauthier 60187, ILChiropractic1295728012
Fred W. Ruhe 60423, ILChiropractic1194718932
Quoc To Ai Giang 60540, ILChiropractic1124011671
Angela Jeanne Silva 60540, ILChiropractic1942293402
Stuart Cherk-mun Hui 60120, ILChiropractic1770576233
Joanna Morey Schultz 60540, ILChiropractic1053304535
Burch Chiropractic Ltd 61542, ILChiropractic1598767576
Nicholas Anthony Starman 62301, ILChiropractic1013375674
Scott A Selby 60187, ILChiropractic1053304527
Richard Everett Mccoy 60014, ILChiropractic1376536060
Joseph Assad Younis 60047, ILChiropractic1417959255
Prestige Medical Partners 60623, ILChiropractic1821505090
Patrick Caulfield 60540, ILChiropractic1720572175
Mete A Durum 60048, ILChiropractic1518950567
Jeanene Livanos 60190, ILChiropractic1255324463
Shawn M Breton 60056, ILChiropractic1740273119
Frank P. Mathias 62690, ILChiropractic1033102496
Susan M Smith 62234, ILChiropractic1639163074
Community Chiropractic Corp. 60404, ILChiropractic1740274927
Daniel V Grunert 60404, ILChiropractic1285628479
Kenneth O Bennett 60610, ILChiropractic1457345522
Roger Franklin High 62995, ILChiropractic1578557476
Brian Dale Vanderbilt 60047, ILChiropractic1477547388
Connie Yvonne High 62995, ILChiropractic1699769539
Jason Croxford 61114, ILChiropractic1922093467
Robert Leonard Andino 61103, ILChiropractic1871588301
Leslie Erin Lund 61356, ILChiropractic1851386304
David M. Beutel 61108, ILChiropractic1902891443
Peter Neal Curtis 62702, ILChiropractic1417942723
Tara Jo Thompson 61379, ILChiropractic1285629402
James Leroy Johnson 61071, ILChiropractic1730174426
Carl F Blackford 60194, ILChiropractic1841286432
Robert E Middleton 61910, ILChiropractic1740276336
Clarke & Gulla Chiropractic, Ltd 60056, ILChiropractic1972599579
Edgar Franklin Ruble 60193, ILChiropractic1063408680
Frank J Ostir 60435, ILChiropractic1972599462
Russell John Maas 61745, ILChiropractic1245226653
Kelly Anne Calloway 62626, ILChiropractic1720074156
John Thomas Reynolds 61032, ILChiropractic1922094119
Jeff Lee Davie 62025, ILChiropractic1831185818
James A Sanders 61021, ILChiropractic1730175563
Kenneth Paul Wiehe 61944, ILChiropractic1306832183
Thomas D. Finney 61081, ILChiropractic1184610883
John J Karabatsos 61081, ILChiropractic1598752107
Michael John Herrick 61265, ILChiropractic1457348740
Kelly Lardi 60416, ILChiropractic1407843717
Rolande D Balan 60615, ILChiropractic1750378006
Melissa Ann Longo 60056, ILChiropractic1356338263
Jamie Lynne Kahon 60056, ILChiropractic1205823119
Jerry A Iavarone 60101, ILChiropractic1053308973
Scott J Erickson 61874, ILChiropractic1730177569
Virginia A. Barber 52803, ILChiropractic1417945221
Maria Anderson-dooley 61265, ILChiropractic1881682540
Jamie Eileen Lambin 61254, ILChiropractic1841288412
William Louis Jacobs 60016, ILChiropractic1467440966
John S Raker 61520, ILChiropractic1093703506
David W Van Dehey 60914, ILChiropractic1619963717
William Curtis Herwig 61364, ILChiropractic1871587139
Dean Allen Hoppenrath 60481, ILChiropractic1689661985
Christopher Gene Dinning 61053, ILChiropractic1043207673
Terry J Smith 60527, ILChiropractic1609862309
Robert M. Bernacki 60173, ILChiropractic1003804154
Dr. Craig S. Bernacki, Ltd 60173, ILChiropractic1588652622
Michael Patrick Maceachern 60107, ILChiropractic1689663551
Gregory Speedy Iavarone 60101, ILChiropractic1972591840
Dean Lee Herrin 61231, ILChiropractic1013906726
Steven G Connors 62206, ILChiropractic1891784823
Robert S Kenneke 61032, ILChiropractic1457341901


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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