Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kim Lee Neibert 47304, INChiropractic1356344568
Steven Joseph Seele 46902, INChiropractic1487657607
Ronald S. Torok 46140, INChiropractic1528061280
Mark R. Winteregg 46825, INChiropractic1881697795
Manol Manolov 46250, INChiropractic1467455246
Shad Mitchell Huffer 47546, INChiropractic1699778654
Tony Kyungsoo Kim 47111, INChiropractic1952304016
Shaun P Tymchak 47630, INChiropractic1346243870
Phillip W. Boruff 46036, INChiropractic1346243607
Todd A Mcdougle 46038, INChiropractic1730183070
Trent R Jones 46970, INChiropractic1083616262
Trent Michael Anderson 47401, INChiropractic1003810060
Michael D Butterfield 47452, INChiropractic1346244233
Christopher Scott Yamamoto 47802, INChiropractic1588668487
Joseph P Huffman 47362, INChiropractic1235134610
Daniel Paul Bukofchan 47012, INChiropractic1134124290
Arlus J. Whitfield 46016, INChiropractic1619972502
James Monroe Cox 46805, INChiropractic1487659389
Sean A. Horvath 46410, INChiropractic1588669246
Douglas Dean Bright 47403, INChiropractic1841295581
Bruce D Hermann 46996, INChiropractic1851396352
Bernard M Nonte 47546, INChiropractic1063417582
James Monroe Cox 46805, INChiropractic1174529424
Terrance R Waggoner 46565, INChiropractic1811993009
Matthew Robert Eaton 46360, INChiropractic1578569471
Steven Frederick Poirier 46516, INChiropractic1275539181
Anthony Gregory Origer 46142, INChiropractic1275530800
Michael T Cerefin 46237, INChiropractic1932106523
Robert Earl Kovacs 47348, INChiropractic1699772095
Joseph Shane Downing 46723, INChiropractic1295732550
Chris William Bryan 46545, INChiropractic1548267792
Ralph S King 47446, INChiropractic1396742250
Charles Mitchell Hayman 47601, INChiropractic1932106770
Mark Richert 46774, INChiropractic1811994684
Julie Ann Carleton 46038, INChiropractic1801894126
Perry S Johnson 46714, INChiropractic1831196310
Patrick William Case 46615, INChiropractic1487652277
Stephen Richard Hammel 47421, INChiropractic1356340905
Larry Allen Lutes 46952, INChiropractic1932108370
Lucius P Langley 47304, INChiropractic1316946767
James Corbett Rees 46176, INChiropractic1427057660
David D. Kirkling 47441, INChiropractic1811997372
Richard A. Spaulding 47304, INChiropractic1255331732
Geoffrey Jacob Walburn 47250, INChiropractic1598765836
Ray Anthony Phillips 46725, INChiropractic1881694982
William J Maples 46214, INChiropractic1194726109
Lisa Ann Meyers 46615, INChiropractic1912905712
Elmer Curtis Harris 46131, INChiropractic1770584575
Mark A Webb 47130, INChiropractic1942201587
Evelyn Antoinette Dysarz 46240, INChiropractic1285635318
Alan Kent Sifford 46526, INChiropractic1609878636
Andrew J. Riley 46142, INChiropractic1487656369
Bryan Scott Bingham 46220, INChiropractic1396747085
Tami Sue Vansenus 46375, INChiropractic1841282795
Richard C Wells 46992, INChiropractic1467444356
Joy Lynne Kinsey-green 46032, INChiropractic1518959402
Mary Jo Johnson 46260, INChiropractic1851383491
Kelly Ann Brauchla 46013, INChiropractic1912990185
Clint Lee Brauchla 46013, INChiropractic1902899172
David Joseph Bax 46254, INChiropractic1144213695
Mary Ann Bough 47401, INChiropractic1467447516
Mary Jane Doyle 46322, INChiropractic1841285525
Bryan C Glenn 46544, INChiropractic1295721843
Thomas J Newbauer 46774, INChiropractic1013903186
Richard B Bull 46825, INChiropractic1871589945
Ronald J Patrick 47201, INChiropractic1124015854
Benjamin Lww Younts 46565, INChiropractic1497741102
Harry Scott 46565, INChiropractic1326035866
David Alan Brown 49099, INChiropractic1104813278
Dechez Almont Edmonds 46060, INChiropractic1972590792
Wesley Shawn Rockers 47712, INChiropractic1487642229
Rosemarie Ann Scottt 46565, INChiropractic1255327961
Terry W Weimer 46825, INChiropractic1972599256
Susan L Bosler 46774, INChiropractic1801882188
Kenneth L Cripe 46701, INChiropractic1700871456
Arthur John Johnson 46706, INChiropractic1912995234
Ronald Eugene Ley 46706, INChiropractic1043208424
Charles E Ruckel 46804, INChiropractic1437147360
James S Ruckel 46804, INChiropractic1871582783
Michael Stewart Meyer 46514, INChiropractic1447240353
Jonathan Kelly Tinkle 47374, INChiropractic1578553244
Thomas W Kemp 47601, INChiropractic1194716951
Mark A Sell 46750, INChiropractic1578554929
Christopher C Ault 47006, INChiropractic1801887138
Richard Allen Snider 47591, INChiropractic1699756528
John S Wagner 47905, INChiropractic1346221041
Howard R Meyer 46226, INChiropractic1275514630
John M Bottorff 47933, INChiropractic1427039833
David Rex Segraves 47304, INChiropractic1679555676
Trisha Oliba 46901, INChiropractic1720060213
Brian R Murer 47408, INChiropractic1659352714
Michael W Pratt 46220, INChiropractic1598754046
David M Chavarria 46260, INChiropractic1770566549
John Kardynalczyk 47408, INChiropractic1073596805
Kirk D. Morrison 47129, INChiropractic1447233044
Michael A Woolard 46122, INChiropractic1720062136
William T Overstreet 46140, INChiropractic1750365763
Peter Adam 46311, INChiropractic1093799736
Cire Lazaroski 46342, INChiropractic1699759233
Williams Dallas Drummond 47401, INChiropractic1164407797
David D Davis 47394, INChiropractic1841275401
Bradley V. Key 47390, INChiropractic1417932930
Dion A Snider 47802, INChiropractic1699750125
Karin V Drummond 47401, INChiropractic1477538635
Jack J Clark 46815, INChiropractic1902881014
Douglas James Obermeyer 47006, INChiropractic1780669754
Rita Jean Steffey 46176, INChiropractic1023094455
Michael Anthony Phelps 46151, INChiropractic1275519555
Donald Paul Warren 46561, INChiropractic1922085315
Bryan A Riecker 47546, INChiropractic1053398370
Joseph Domenic Fortunato 46220, INChiropractic1639157407
Jeffry Scott Yoder 46202, INChiropractic1376521047
Kyle Henry Hoeft 46220, INChiropractic1811975576
Garry T Fuller 46112, INChiropractic1609854744
James E. Morgan 46910, INChiropractic1386623064
Danielle E Toner 47401, INChiropractic1154300416
Michael Joseph Dalton 47834, INChiropractic1265417976
Adam S. Greenlee 47630, INChiropractic1356325765
Christopher M Stock 47112, INChiropractic1356321798
Duane Snider 46041, INChiropractic1356320113
William Michael Fields 47421, INChiropractic1326024647
Jason Duane Nottger 47421, INChiropractic1295710424
Kenneth J Golden 46250, INChiropractic1427029339
Charles Mccann Cochran 47460, INChiropractic1841261500
Gabor Spruch 47130, INChiropractic1801867429
Daniel P Duran 46176, INChiropractic1194797308
James L. Todd 46173, INChiropractic1558333054
Jenni Clear 47371, INChiropractic1346212875
H. John Volbers 46254, INChiropractic1720051253
Marian F. Klaes-lanham 47274, INChiropractic1073586467
Nathan M. Unterseher 47274, INChiropractic1689647075
Christopher J. Klaes 47274, INChiropractic1386617769
James P Clear 47371, INChiropractic1982677241
Trond Gunnar Seland 46038, INChiropractic1427021443
Lewis Leon Myers 46385, INChiropractic1306810965
Scott A Molin 47933, INChiropractic1619941507
Trevor Brandon Gilbert 47441, INChiropractic1801861075
Shahnaz Sabeti 46012, INChiropractic1619942653
Alan Andrew Heimlich 47201, INChiropractic1164499695
Gregory T Mendel 47714, INChiropractic1417924895
David Gustav Mohr 46135, INChiropractic1770551707
Jay D Rohleder 47714, INChiropractic1821066846
Thomas R Hamilton 47710, INChiropractic1780652701
Arlyn W Jacobus 46307, INChiropractic1679541635
James M Pucka 47905, INChiropractic1023087970
Brent Allen Warvel 46140, INChiropractic1891764569
Peter William Schram 47362, INChiropractic1518936319
William J Miskelly 46809, INChiropractic1679542260
Anthony J Zvirblis 46703, INChiropractic1982663175
David Leon Moody 46240, INChiropractic1104895549
Gary L Fisher 46703, INChiropractic1316906506
Lawrence H Payton 46227, INChiropractic1396704151
Jereme Shawn Pflum 47331, INChiropractic1437118973
Gerald Andrew Langley 47304, INChiropractic1609836832
Keith Lloyd Wein 47129, INChiropractic1437119336
Erin E Riggle 46970, INChiropractic1467425892
Timothy A Swihart 46818, INChiropractic1497723340
Edward P. Zimmer 46256, INChiropractic1881665784
John Edward Combs 46140, INChiropractic1306817531
Brian T Cassani 46383, INChiropractic1366404956
Sarah Jane Confer 46770, INChiropractic1508829755
Gary Lee Hopkins 46807, INChiropractic1437113594
Harold John Goebel 46804, INChiropractic1942264007
William Bruce Nonte 47532, INChiropractic1952366627
Beth Adams Spencer 47906, INChiropractic1013972686
Pamela A Buss 47542, INChiropractic1831154400
Charles M Swan 47546, INChiropractic1659336220
Eugene O'neal 47802, INChiropractic1376508929
James R. Tipton 47250, INChiropractic1154386894
Robin Renee Baker 46013, INChiropractic1982669255
L Richard Wong 46260, INChiropractic1013972256
John W O'neal 47802, INChiropractic1326003245
Mark Thomas Griesemer 46142, INChiropractic1871559690
William R Broderick 46514, INChiropractic1396701157
Donna Gayle Mcvay 47872, INChiropractic1528024437
Gerard A. Jansen 46755, INChiropractic1740246263
Thomas L. Jansen 46755, INChiropractic1750347324
Jerald R Broderick 46514, INChiropractic1518923945
Nancy J Trimboli 46321, INChiropractic1982660197
Brian James Smith 46256, INChiropractic1639135767
Donna S Cray 47304, INChiropractic1366408320
Heather Marie Gick 46783, INChiropractic1962469411
G. Matt Howard 47303, INChiropractic1811955925
Heather Joyce Hammond 46385, INChiropractic1710945811
Soong H Ahn 46168, INChiropractic1477511277
Jeffrey Lewis Schaub 47501, INChiropractic1063470383
Francis M Laux 46227, INChiropractic1578521001
Jade Matthew Reynolds 46711, INChiropractic1003874645
James Patrick Nill 46804, INChiropractic1649228677
Scott B. Eckelbarger 46809, INChiropractic1447208350
Melissa Harrier 46131, INChiropractic1285682203
Gary P Hoffman 46001, INChiropractic1699723593
Adam Lee Davis 46220, INChiropractic1992753339
Norman Miller 46540, INChiropractic1316995756
Derrick R Hendricks 46516, INChiropractic1992753230
Julie K Anderson-shaw 47834, INChiropractic1497703052
Mark D. Woloshin 46060, INChiropractic1336197797
Michael R Shaw 47834, INChiropractic1467400838
John Nick Kostidis 46385, INChiropractic1639128929
Thomas Hale Stevens 46703, INChiropractic1659320778


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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