Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bing G Crosby 40219, KYChiropractic1639172307
Nicholas Ryan Payne 41042, KYChiropractic1366445009
Sterling Lee Skipper 40484, KYChiropractic1225031834
Jeffrey Alan Roberts 40033, KYChiropractic1386647071
Charles R. Salyers 41653, KYChiropractic1477556884
Keith W Kenitzer 40216, KYChiropractic1740282045
Goben Chiropractic Offices, Pllc 40216, KYChiropractic1871595165
Michael J Keating 40356, KYChiropractic1174525323
Kevin L Goben 40216, KYChiropractic1275535585
Paul W Eriksen 42748, KYChiropractic1790787869
Ryan C Ward 40503, KYChiropractic1356345334
Richard Matthew Peace 41042, KYChiropractic1295739027
Baldomero Nunez 42420, KYChiropractic1558365254
Robert Craig Cranor 42431, KYChiropractic1053315770
John Kelly King 41042, KYChiropractic1770587503
Abdol Ghayoumi 42103, KYChiropractic1134123557
Mark Kevin Scott 41101, KYChiropractic1083619217
Charlie Gail Shelton 41101, KYChiropractic1669477840
Klaude P Kocan 41017, KYChiropractic1164428546
Thomas A Woods 40207, KYChiropractic1699771097
Baer Chiropractic Inc 40205, KYChiropractic1649276361
Lawrence R Mikkelson 41042, KYChiropractic1134125768
Michael Thomas Owsley 42701, KYChiropractic1386641918
Robert Ray Boardman 40475, KYChiropractic1467459529
Terri J. Byers-abston 40222, KYChiropractic1144227190
Robert Earl Emig 40219, KYChiropractic1891792792
Terry C Hill 40207, KYChiropractic1942208400
Mark R Woodward 42101, KYChiropractic1518965862
Valarie Lynn Swan 40503, KYChiropractic1962952838
Kevin Jay Bierly 40342, KYChiropractic1891795548
Mccracken County Chiropractic 42003, KYChiropractic1225038839
William Vonnahme 40291, KYChiropractic1316947989
Nicolai Lorenson Hansen 40214, KYChiropractic1508866617
Jeffery Blake Pitman 42025, KYChiropractic1922008911
Thomas W Campbell 40503, KYChiropractic1578562666
Anthony David Starkey 42025, KYChiropractic1801896196
Starkey Family Practice Clinic 42064, KYChiropractic1700887593
Starkey Family Practice 42064, KYChiropractic1194726752
Lisa A Tack 42029, KYChiropractic1619978129
Charles Epstein 42029, KYChiropractic1316948839
Bradley A Tack 42029, KYChiropractic1386645737
Stacey Weichers Lang 41042, KYChiropractic1356342711
John Paul Lang 41042, KYChiropractic1144221409
Danny M. Mccaslin 40475, KYChiropractic1215938584
Michael Allen Winters 42003, KYChiropractic1568463693
Arthur Fernando Aston 40218, KYChiropractic1083616999
Richard T Reul 40220, KYChiropractic1457343998
Amy Rhea Rock 42701, KYChiropractic1316930563
Kent Ruskowski 40143, KYChiropractic1275526394
Joseph M Jeffries 40356, KYChiropractic1134112063
Rita Goldman 41056, KYChiropractic1598758070
Donald R Casey 42701, KYChiropractic1053313981
George M Howard 40218, KYChiropractic1528060977
Benjamin J Howard 41051, KYChiropractic1306830245
Adam Patteson Rogers 42103, KYChiropractic1285629154
Masja Ott 41339, KYChiropractic1083600837
Kevin James Wadle 40071, KYChiropractic1245226992
Steven Byron Smith 40509, KYChiropractic1770579476
James R Sullivan 40601, KYChiropractic1275527178
Massimo Bianco 40219, KYChiropractic1801880158
Brooke L Gajeski 40059, KYChiropractic1679568059
Lawrence Vincent Hambrick 41076, KYChiropractic1447248612
James Mcminnus Kington 42431, KYChiropractic1174512784
Andrew David Yates 42303, KYChiropractic1477543270
Stephen William Garnett 42023, KYChiropractic1710978895
Carol Elaine Webb 40422, KYChiropractic1659362382
Donald Mikael Marshall 40422, KYChiropractic1699766337
David Royce Ferguson 41031, KYChiropractic1245221753
Ernest Randolph Allen 42211, KYChiropractic1003807348
Roger Christopher Jones 41071, KYChiropractic1518948538
Mark Jason Sperbeck 41075, KYChiropractic1275523318
Robert P Woodward 40213, KYChiropractic1265416762
Michael Williams Baker 40216, KYChiropractic1912982927
Bryan Keith Hawley 42103, KYChiropractic1396723755
James Patrick Stapleton 40065, KYChiropractic1437138096
Beatriz E Hoyos 40206, KYChiropractic1407835762
James Kevin Richerson 42718, KYChiropractic1811977739
Gary Duayne Dillon 41102, KYChiropractic1013987163
Tina A Carter 42071, KYChiropractic1487624300
Christopher Lloyd Gast 40361, KYChiropractic1710957568
Jeffry T Stallings 42303, KYChiropractic1871570242
Brett G Stallings 42303, KYChiropractic1831176213
Kara S Liebenauer 42303, KYChiropractic1649257023
Felty Blake Colwell 40160, KYChiropractic1942283643
Andria L Brooks 42327, KYChiropractic1861470536
Thomas Martin Jones 42223, KYChiropractic1558345017
Dennis E. Clause 40218, KYChiropractic1093785834
Ronald P Rogers 42728, KYChiropractic1477523157
Susan Christine Dilatush 42025, KYChiropractic1871563635
Michael H. Johnson 42101, KYChiropractic1841260510
Molly King 41011, KYChiropractic1437129004
Steven M Harrison 41501, KYChiropractic1326018722
Jaime Gonzalez 40272, KYChiropractic1669443859
William H Edwards 42303, KYChiropractic1508838798
Michael S. Thompson 41073, KYChiropractic1659343952
Barbara Sue Cook 41074, KYChiropractic1114999273
Raymond A Roberts 42718, KYChiropractic1518930742
Kevin L Knepper 40353, KYChiropractic1033182480
Sue Anne King 41051, KYChiropractic1275506271
Billy D Grant 42240, KYChiropractic1265406292
Rodney Quinn Wisdom 40291, KYChiropractic1982678140
Brent Allen Nelson 42058, KYChiropractic1063486249
Thomas Vincent Jacques 40258, KYChiropractic1861467136
Monty Carl Heisner 42003, KYChiropractic1538134440
Beverly Gayle Baker 40353, KYChiropractic1366418154
Michael Craig Glenn 42223, KYChiropractic1639144439
Marcel Quinones 40219, KYChiropractic1083680698
Antonio Thomas Mendez 40517, KYChiropractic1154397347
Jon Matthew Wuest 42071, KYChiropractic1427024645
Raysha Renee Rashidian 42420, KYChiropractic1841267432
Forrest Elmer Monoskie 41175, KYChiropractic1811964323
Stephen Lee Graham 40223, KYChiropractic1477521169
Michael Sharp 40291, KYChiropractic1699743385
Tracy A Barnes 40206, KYChiropractic1114996790
Joseph Phillips 42071, KYChiropractic1952370298
Chang-jui Lee 98057, KYChiropractic1669431458
Charles Wayne Dinwiddie 40219, KYChiropractic1831158377
Frida Bianco 40219, KYChiropractic1790745628
Robert Nathan Fedore 40502, KYChiropractic1497715569
Lenita J Reasor-brann 42420, KYChiropractic1174595946
Johnathan W. Oakley 40741, KYChiropractic1194790543
Joshua Brett Bakun 41701, KYChiropractic1265409312
Fairlena Kaye Fugate 41701, KYChiropractic1285602011
Jason Wheeler Luking 40601, KYChiropractic1871552786
Rhonda Leigh Underwood 42749, KYChiropractic1518938968
Mark Joseph Smith 40207, KYChiropractic1326010687
Joseph Kelly Estes 42001, KYChiropractic1801857164
Erica L Montgomery-turner 42539, KYChiropractic1609837632
Michael L Turner 42539, KYChiropractic1053372060
Angie Wilson 42539, KYChiropractic1568423614
Victor H Cooper 42642, KYChiropractic1982665931
Kevin Douglas Estes 42001, KYChiropractic1619938271
Sheldon Thomas Sharpe 40475, KYChiropractic1558323907
Michael Brennan 40033, KYChiropractic1922060912
Scott Allen Gittings 40202, KYChiropractic1487616173
Anthony Joseph Scatena 40513, KYChiropractic1598728974
Keegan Quigley 40222, KYChiropractic1689637530
Adrian D Nohr 42701, KYChiropractic1679537195
Scott A. Gralheer 40383, KYChiropractic1982668356
Mark Robert Schuler 40014, KYChiropractic1508820739
Richard A. Broeg 41042, KYChiropractic1710941885
Floyd Daniel Hall 40218, KYChiropractic1407811680
Jaclyn Kelly Cooper-henson 42728, KYChiropractic1699730614
Mark Darryl Miller 40391, KYChiropractic1073579579
Kathryn A Bolton 40503, KYChiropractic1801852298
Jeffersontown Chiropractic Center 40299, KYChiropractic1770541955
James L Taylor 40965, KYChiropractic1982662631
Bryan C. Nelson 42501, KYChiropractic1124076229
James M Hollern 40214, KYChiropractic1841248663
Steven W Teufel 41017, KYChiropractic1487603775
Rondal Todd Harkleroad 42276, KYChiropractic1447209424
George Shirar 40504, KYChiropractic1861441438
Nicholas Dwight Poynter 42167, KYChiropractic1508815226
Mark Joseph Franzen 41001, KYChiropractic1083664882
West Louisville Chiropractic Inc 40203, KYChiropractic1558314377
Francis Louis Bailey 40509, KYChiropractic1801850813
Delwyn Bruce Loughney 40069, KYChiropractic1235181397
Kent Lewis Schoonover 42038, KYChiropractic1316905649
Jennifer Sue Millen 40509, KYChiropractic1669439535
Paul S Tran 40324, KYChiropractic1992756993
Kelly Mcmurtrey Thompson 42129, KYChiropractic1871556258
Michael Richard Hillyer 40601, KYChiropractic1932167962
Eric Charles Epstein 40206, KYChiropractic1881642429
Kevin Juhno Dickhaut 40213, KYChiropractic1346290541
Bryan Gerard Boudreaux 41042, KYChiropractic1770546038
Dr Spainhower Chiropractic And Injury Care Pllc 42066, KYChiropractic1518472000
Terry Franklin Meredith 41101, KYChiropractic1932165602
Scatena Chiropractic Inc 40513, KYChiropractic1548213416
David Harvey Ivey 40202, KYChiropractic1538121132
Kenneth J Clare 40505, KYChiropractic1730145996
Jerome Steckler 42104, KYChiropractic1093769093
Larry Anthony Sears 40222, KYChiropractic1326094293
Valley Chiropractic Center, Psc 40272, KYChiropractic1063469161
L. Scott Dupont 40218, KYChiropractic1639126261
Sheila Rae Pound 42240, KYChiropractic1669429056
Pound Family Chiropractic,inc 42240, KYChiropractic1871540054
Amie C Clark 42104, KYChiropractic1396784476
Scott Thomas Ballard 40272, KYChiropractic1063452092
Robert Joseph Pound 42240, KYChiropractic1295776862
Mercer Chiropractic Center, Inc. 40330, KYChiropractic1265474902
Cynthiana Chiropractic Center Pllc 41031, KYChiropractic1154363562
Kimberly Beth Carpenter 40207, KYChiropractic1982646873
Brenda J Huser 40403, KYChiropractic1619910452
Donald Paul Eldridge 40272, KYChiropractic1649213372
Charles Emmett Mayabb 45154, KYChiropractic1740223270
Neil Langschied 40299, KYChiropractic1639112063
Marcia Kay Segura 41075, KYChiropractic1659315422
Mark Everett Hines 40011, KYChiropractic1871537316
Chad C. Henderson 42501, KYChiropractic1740224542
Rodney Wayne Casada 42501, KYChiropractic1912941717
Gerald Wayne Homan 41071, KYChiropractic1528002680
Todd Darrow Wolter 40220, KYChiropractic1508801168
Tompkinsville Chiropractic Llc 42167, KYChiropractic1578508719
Estill County Chiropractic, Pllc 40336, KYChiropractic1174569008
Victoria Snelling 40241, KYChiropractic1922043090
Kendall Rae Gearhart 41001, KYChiropractic1174569073
Donald W. Greve 42431, KYChiropractic1467489294
John Daniel Sipple 40403, KYChiropractic1619904265
Matthew Steven Hogue 41017, KYChiropractic1952338402
John Christopher Sipple 40403, KYChiropractic1003844267


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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