Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William C Chapel 70458, LAChiropractic1588667307
James Leo Shoemaker 70043, LAChiropractic1316942147
Michael J Lechleiter 70130, LAChiropractic1275539280
David Mark Darby 70563, LAChiropractic1497752521
Carol Denise Darby 70563, LAChiropractic1902803034
Beau S. Lejeune 70570, LAChiropractic1306844253
Jay M Perniciaro 70346, LAChiropractic1760481584
John S Barrett 70068, LAChiropractic1164421830
George Carson Anthon 70403, LAChiropractic1366434755
Ricky Charles Melancon 70360, LAChiropractic1528069770
Bart C Sellers 70471, LAChiropractic1033103460
Robert Briggs Thomson 70471, LAChiropractic1902890346
Sandra Lejeune 70578, LAChiropractic1942297585
James Bryson Arceneaux 71457, LAChiropractic1104813948
Chris Michael Faler 70471, LAChiropractic1851385298
Robert P Lejeune 70506, LAChiropractic1417945411
Dennis Brian Mutell 70433, LAChiropractic1164411179
Eric James Prather 70508, LAChiropractic1497737415
Damon Louis Cormier 70607, LAChiropractic1104809540
Scott P Derouen 70607, LAChiropractic1720062177
Tina M Theriot 70563, LAChiropractic1275517047
William K Soileau 70130, LAChiropractic1710962212
Derrek Shane Oakley 70769, LAChiropractic1902882186
Shade D. Ratcliff 70380, LAChiropractic1023094232
Donald R Thigpen 70607, LAChiropractic1437137395
Meril Joseph Dufrene, Jr. 71301, LAChiropractic1285612150
Michael David Lee 70570, LAChiropractic1215915699
Jeffrey Bruce Karas 70002, LAChiropractic1679552285
Craig James Blalock 70461, LAChiropractic1730159708
Mickey Joseph Jennings 70301, LAChiropractic1700850617
Jason P. Abshire 70503, LAChiropractic1376510768
Jason William Stanton 70518, LAChiropractic1780651240
Virgil Jackson Bryant 70560, LAChiropractic1548237001
Gary Jay Rubenstein 71303, LAChiropractic1386612992
Fred R Heard 70816, LAChiropractic1205804861
Ted Jude Mayeux 70814, LAChiropractic1194793521
Frank Leslie Pegues 70806, LAChiropractic1104894591
Gail L Letterle 70506, LAChiropractic1952379422
Brian David Coleman 71201, LAChiropractic1659349090
Darryl V Bauer 70633, LAChiropractic1730157926
George Nick Karno 70458, LAChiropractic1730158569
Richard Joseph Hages 70003, LAChiropractic1336118934
Lorraine L. Eastman 70669, LAChiropractic1316906522
Theresa Lynn Harris 70005, LAChiropractic1740249903
David K. Miller 70506, LAChiropractic1255390431
Timothy Raymond Vancleve 70663, LAChiropractic1871552448
Mark Guice 71129, LAChiropractic1811956592
Ted F Barnowski 70601, LAChiropractic1801856166
Lyle J Schween 70458, LAChiropractic1417916479
Mercer L. King 71201, LAChiropractic1336109297
Troy J Leblanc 70501, LAChiropractic1184684805
Daniel N Wickiser 70669, LAChiropractic1013977586
Carissa Pauline Annette Hamilton-toups 70548, LAChiropractic1528029956
Patrick Samuel Haydel 70360, LAChiropractic1578524039
Edmund Albert O'neal 71112, LAChiropractic1700847571
Kevin M Brien 70508, LAChiropractic1750343786
Charles Joseph Deese 70546, LAChiropractic1619939485
Bradley Jay Robbins 70734, LAChiropractic1033171780
Dan F Vermaelen 71351, LAChiropractic1770545493
Phillip L Smith 70737, LAChiropractic1003878745
Christopher J Cormier 70508, LAChiropractic1881657336
John Steven Caraway 70601, LAChiropractic1649233966
Bob A Boisvert 71303, LAChiropractic1871556860
Richard Joseph Mills 70047, LAChiropractic1710941364
Ladelle Rene Dunlap 70380, LAChiropractic1083678668
Harold T Lacassin 71351, LAChiropractic1124083993
Peter R Brosnan 70601, LAChiropractic1508821232
Donald R England 70601, LAChiropractic1770548802
Jeffrey Scott Caldwell 71201, LAChiropractic1851357123
Kemp J Nelson 71303, LAChiropractic1326004888
Kim Thi Hoang 70053, LAChiropractic1295791663
Susan Michelle Hooper 70056, LAChiropractic1427015015
Gregory Joseph Volek 70058, LAChiropractic1740247329
Joseph Edward Turk 70535, LAChiropractic1962469114
Richie Reed Roth 70726, LAChiropractic1225096829
Michael R. Cavanaugh 70506, LAChiropractic1962450866
Jacob Scott Clark 70508, LAChiropractic1003864620
Debbi A Barrett-hannan 70001, LAChiropractic1275582371
Glenn D. Manceaux 70360, LAChiropractic1972552743
Elizabeth Jane Savells 71105, LAChiropractic1215987631
Greg Pizzolato 70360, LAChiropractic1972553279
Patrick Homer Peele 71105, LAChiropractic1487604872
J.michael Flynn 70360, LAChiropractic1154371219
John William Davis 71291, LAChiropractic1235189010
Matthew Porche 70301, LAChiropractic1265483630
Todd Arcement 70360, LAChiropractic1841241262
Michael Thompson 70360, LAChiropractic1295786614
Darrell Ray Everhart 70538, LAChiropractic1053363051
Andrew William Abele 70002, LAChiropractic1487607677
Gregory J Mayfield 71201, LAChiropractic1972556793
Diane L Sino 71108, LAChiropractic1780638593
Jeremy J Romero 70510, LAChiropractic1316903743
Ricco V Impastato 70005, LAChiropractic1871555169
Shawn Robert Smith 70002, LAChiropractic1063466449
Gisele A Vermette 70471, LAChiropractic1457305393
John J Sullivan 70506, LAChiropractic1215981154
Steve E Crawford 71295, LAChiropractic1295780740
George Edward Wetherington 71457, LAChiropractic1437105343
John Robert Johnson 71446, LAChiropractic1831137157
Stewart Barrus Fresh 70433, LAChiropractic1710921671
James Michael Branch 70601, LAChiropractic1992741334
Julie Ann Holtz 70508, LAChiropractic1760418644
Tiffany Marie Pratt 70503, LAChiropractic1386670487
Leonard Joseph Verni 70501, LAChiropractic1730115312
Lance Paul Baye 70374, LAChiropractic1932135233
Erica Katherine Manger 70433, LAChiropractic1912934282
Alvin Allen Henderson 71220, LAChiropractic1891722567
Eliah Globke 71220, LAChiropractic1538197736
Ross Dale Ramsey 71463, LAChiropractic1942238381
Todd A Jorgenson 70809, LAChiropractic1629006366
Jeffrey Mitchell Cohn 70503, LAChiropractic1245268150
John E Daigle 70503, LAChiropractic1487682019
Mark Bell Kruse 70006, LAChiropractic1104855444
Jennie Lee Perry 70501, LAChiropractic1558390153
Wilton A Guillory 71303, LAChiropractic1669402160
Rowdy Cain Abshire 70555, LAChiropractic1023049640
Beau Isaac Porche 70360, LAChiropractic1285674325
Jake Eric Bordelon 70360, LAChiropractic1912947052
Tom K Lightfoot 70506, LAChiropractic1114971157
Russell B O'steen 70360, LAChiropractic1215960182
Lyndon B Carpenter 71241, LAChiropractic1467484428
Dale Allen Rollette 70403, LAChiropractic1366477119
Denise Dawn Rollette 70403, LAChiropractic1922032192
Joseph Paul Halkovic 70427, LAChiropractic1952336505
William Higginbotham 70506, LAChiropractic1821013574
Amy L Rumbaugh-durr 70510, LAChiropractic1861410680
Patrick S Clawson 71040, LAChiropractic1912926171
Karri Lee Gramlich-mabou 71360, LAChiropractic1467472266
Benjamin James Mcneil 70002, LAChiropractic1649292418
Charles D. Clauss 71342, LAChiropractic1336162882
Kenneth Edward Wojcik 71118, LAChiropractic1760405971
Michael Traxler 71201, LAChiropractic1396769162
Ronald Keith Cormier 70506, LAChiropractic1811901853
David Kiplyn Corbin 70810, LAChiropractic1295759793
Walter P Creel 71342, LAChiropractic1750305132
Danny Ray Walker 71110, LAChiropractic1376550764
Roxanne C Thornton 70775, LAChiropractic1164439055
James R Kotaska 71459, LAChiropractic1265440051
Scott P Oliphant 70471, LAChiropractic1780693531
Marcus L Schroeder 70433, LAChiropractic1689683450
Paul Roger 70506, LAChiropractic1679582647
Kevin Dwayne Miller 70586, LAChiropractic1164432688
Kathy Nhung-thi Nguyen 70058, LAChiropractic1912917477
Fred A. Miller 70471, LAChiropractic1134139520
David Canon Lister 70546, LAChiropractic1194735498
Bryan John Dufrene 70394, LAChiropractic1164434478
Starli Guillory Thibodeaux 71301, LAChiropractic1831101195
Craig W Stroebel 70003, LAChiropractic1699788398
Larry Edward Bryant 70053, LAChiropractic1083627400
Patrick W. Bourque 70769, LAChiropractic1104939271
Roy R Strickland 71301, LAChiropractic1912010935
Tuan-anh Derek Nguyen 70510, LAChiropractic1386757185
Louie T Ballis 71111, LAChiropractic1013020049
Patrick Michael Ford 70001, LAChiropractic1447364112
Robert William Mcluckie 70754, LAChiropractic1376659540
Wynn Traylor Harvey 71360, LAChiropractic1649204736
Patrick James Mcneil 70002, LAChiropractic1225577042
Candace Fairchild Bozeman 70785, LAChiropractic1124535802
Homer Yee 70058, LAChiropractic1831668904
Michelle Lyons Leblanc 70002, LAChiropractic1528175965
Kenneth Dean Pace 70002, LAChiropractic1336256791
Jacqueline Ruth Crenshaw 71303, LAChiropractic1639286891
Robert Lee Hanks 70546, LAChiropractic1679681100
Sheila M Cavanaugh 70001, LAChiropractic1104934330
Trudy Ann Raiford 70001, LAChiropractic1013026772
David M Voltz 70001, LAChiropractic1366551525
Robert W Ritchie 70726, LAChiropractic1316058308
Karl Gustinger 71201, LAChiropractic1154432565
Gordon Gregory Grant 71203, LAChiropractic1750485041
Steven Brent Bryant 71203, LAChiropractic1841394145
Violet Marie Long 70607, LAChiropractic1386749752
Michael R Allen 71111, LAChiropractic1316042310
Shaine Emanuel Rider 70605, LAChiropractic1568560217
Michael Todd Theriot 70601, LAChiropractic1871691493
David Allen Kinney 70806, LAChiropractic1770680720
Dorothy B Drozdov 70816, LAChiropractic1134226004
Benjamin Todd Thibodeaux 70517, LAChiropractic1295832624
Paul Stephen Tassin 70065, LAChiropractic1316045826
Nancy Dominick-gravel 70471, LAChiropractic1124126560
William Scott Schroeder 70433, LAChiropractic1891894952
Stewart Allen Beatty 70003, LAChiropractic1174623102
Bruce Maerhofer 70605, LAChiropractic1780784777
Salvadore Rosario Giangrosso 70433, LAChiropractic1184724635
Paul Worsham 70471, LAChiropractic1871694851
Dan Wiegand 71291, LAChiropractic1649371683
Carol Margaret Beutler 70601, LAChiropractic1003917642
Richard W Elliott 70354, LAChiropractic1952492894
Robert Buckley Vanbreemen 70737, LAChiropractic1548351505
Jay Michael Miller 70401, LAChiropractic1467545533
Cathaleen Marie Caillouet 70816, LAChiropractic1598858060
Harrie E Wolverton 70810, LAChiropractic1528151040
Matthew James Simonson 70791, LAChiropractic1639265184
Brenton Garrick Schulz 70471, LAChiropractic1285729079
Tony Lee Oberle 70563, LAChiropractic1144315235
Chad Richard 70611, LAChiropractic1720174170
Jon Eric Zeagler 71457, LAChiropractic1043306434
Kim Hardy 70056, LAChiropractic1841386778
Theodore Earl Kurz 70006, LAChiropractic1417044140
Damon Thomas Savoy 70508, LAChiropractic1134216435
Robert Allen Rougeau 71111, LAChiropractic1568551794


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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