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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Candace Fairchild Bozeman 70785, LAChiropractic1124535802
Eric Anthony Harroun 70601, LAChiropractic1992820989
Melissa M Hoffmann 70471, LAChiropractic1629360201
Jereme' Chais Menard 70508, LAChiropractic1356880116
Joshua Thomas 70601, LAChiropractic1770875031
Rachael Ann Durst 71107, LAChiropractic1124596929
Scott Joseph Martinez 71201, LAChiropractic1386003416
Ryan Herold 70601, LAChiropractic1881094233
Dallas Humble 71282, LAChiropractic1356869069
Benjamin Davis Black 70739, LAChiropractic1720645724
Travis John Links 70775, LAChiropractic1770855611
Optimized Living Institute 70809, LAChiropractic1922404151
John Sanders Barrington 71112, LAChiropractic1033468582
Silas T Jennings 71107, LAChiropractic1124653944
Chessa Dawn Purser 70401, LAChiropractic1700384336
Purser Chiropractic Llc. 70401, LAChiropractic1578192753
Amber Bloom 70123, LAChiropractic1770906182
Evan Tyler Beatty 70003, LAChiropractic1306461488
Iperlitta Vance Lolis 76541, LAChiropractic1780059295
Broadus Chiropractic Services, Llc 70471, LAChiropractic1578909206
Sonnier mcgraw Health Center, Llc 70775, LAChiropractic1538524343
The Chiropractic Center Llc 71303, LAChiropractic1780646455
Chiropractic Center For Pain And Rehabilitation, Llc 70605, LAChiropractic1750331716
John J Sullivan Chiropractor Inc 70506, LAChiropractic1871547562
Grace Family Chiropractic Llc 70769, LAChiropractic1205330990
Perry Chiropractic Clinic, Llc 70501, LAChiropractic1073549119
Great South Management Llc 70634, LAChiropractic1366470114
James Arceneaux arceneaux Chiropractic & Pt Center 71457, LAChiropractic1376575191
Spine Centers Of Louisiana, Llc 70130, LAChiropractic1285099234
Deep South Chiropractic Clinic 71446, LAChiropractic1467496125
Superior Healthcare, Llc 70002, LAChiropractic1699795062
Nguyen Chiropractic, Inc. 70510, LAChiropractic1164430914
Apple Wellness Centers, Inc. 70005, LAChiropractic1528070349
Wellistics Conditioning Center Inc 33122, LAChiropractic1053811968
Shell Chiropractic, Llc 71203, LAChiropractic1326142621
Galloway Chiropractic Center 35957, LAChiropractic1871697367
Central Chiropractic Clinic 71220, LAChiropractic1790883783
Fey Chiropractic Clinic Inc 70663, LAChiropractic1841399813
Traxler Healthcare Inc. 71201, LAChiropractic1598858029
Dr Elliott Apcc 70354, LAChiropractic1578658779
Wiegand Enterprises Inc. 71291, LAChiropractic1083796833
Scott P. Oliphant Dc A Professional Corporation 70471, LAChiropractic1689758484
Globke Chiropractic Clinic Llc 71220, LAChiropractic1033294954
Wilton A Guillory Iii, Dc, Llc 71303, LAChiropractic1831268333
Fruge Family Chiropractic Llc 70535, LAChiropractic1376071100
Chiropractic America,llc 70546, LAChiropractic1063518454
Integrative Spine Care & Wellness, Llc 70130, LAChiropractic1861906752
Russo Chiropractic Clinic Inc. 70002, LAChiropractic1306918859
Total Health Network 70002, LAChiropractic1982779179
James Arceneaux arceneaux Chriopratic & Pt Center 71457, LAChiropractic1073689949
Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic 70508, LAChiropractic1215091855
Bryant Chiropractic Clinic 70560, LAChiropractic1568527547
Broussard Chiropractic Center, Inc 70760, LAChiropractic1366590648
Global Medical Center, Llc 70458, LAChiropractic1710036496
Arlington Chiropractic, Inc. 44306, LAChiropractic1205989076
Mroski Chiropractic Apc 70448, LAChiropractic1114071099
King Health Care, Inc. 71291, LAChiropractic1790830198
Breaux Bridge Chiropractic 70517, LAChiropractic1184770885
Madisonville Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. 70447, LAChiropractic1720125719
Millervillage Chiropractic Center,apcc 70816, LAChiropractic1770621211
Edward R Chauvin Chiropractic, Ltd 70510, LAChiropractic1922149434
Neck And Back Institute Of Swla, Inc. 70601, LAChiropractic1689719973
Calcasieu Spinal Care, Inc. 70601, LAChiropractic1750426011
Clark Chiropractic, L.l.c. 70508, LAChiropractic1588799563
Degaulle Chiropractic Clinic Inc 70114, LAChiropractic1427184951
Dean A. Darr, D.c., P.a. 71106, LAChiropractic1902933690
Mayfield Chriopractic West Inc 71291, LAChiropractic1609904861
North County Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc 63101, LAChiropractic1891827259
Dr R B Vanbreemen Ltd Apc 70737, LAChiropractic1265565063
James L. Shoemaker, Apcc 70043, LAChiropractic1801920665
Zuppardo Chiropractic Clinic 70404, LAChiropractic1932225521
Healing Health Center Of Hammond L.l.c. 70401, LAChiropractic1548387772
Michael R. Cavanaugh, D.c. A Professional Corporation 70506, LAChiropractic1265550305
Dr. Kenneth D. Pace, Dc, Llc 70065, LAChiropractic1144603531
Chiropractic Health Center Of Morehouse, Inc. 71220, LAChiropractic1770608895
Houma thibodaux Spine And Rehabilitation Llc 70360, LAChiropractic1891859500
Houma Pha, Llc 70360, LAChiropractic1033260344
Faler Enterprises Inc. 70471, LAChiropractic1386788040
J mor, Llc 70520, LAChiropractic1063911519
B.c.c. Inc.apcc 75503, LAChiropractic1154440949
Premier Medical Rehab Laplace Inc 70068, LAChiropractic1649399551
Dr. Debbi Barrett hannan 70001, LAChiropractic1700906104
Jennings Family Chiropractic 70546, LAChiropractic1750402749
Hubert B. Williams, D.c. 70427, LAChiropractic1821211327
Gld Services, Llc 70118, LAChiropractic1952526758
Osteen Chiropractic Clinic 70360, LAChiropractic1225255078
Marc N. Behar, D.c., P.c. 70114, LAChiropractic1093920829
R. A. Boisvert, D.c. 71303, LAChiropractic1730395781
M & M Medispa Services 70380, LAChiropractic1528278934
Manger Chiropractic 70123, LAChiropractic1922219997
Bv Coleman Management 71201, LAChiropractic1811108582
Brien Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. 70070, LAChiropractic1043413982
Lafayette Chiropractic Physician's Group, Inc 70508, LAChiropractic1659575488
Dr Marcus L Schroeder A Professional Chiropractic Corp 70433, LAChiropractic1467658625
Nosser & Nosser A Professional Chiropractic Corporation 71104, LAChiropractic1285831883
Atlas Chiropractic Center 71351, LAChiropractic1215135728
Ozark Chiropractic Clinic 70806, LAChiropractic1689873424
Jim Morvant Enterprises, Inc. 70506, LAChiropractic1558560177
Smith Family Chiropractic & Wellness, L.l.c. 70535, LAChiropractic1356540009
Yarrow Wellness And Pain Centre 70808, LAChiropractic1629278775
John E Daigle Apmc 70503, LAChiropractic1124228044
North St. Louis County Chiropractic, Llc 63042, LAChiropractic1780884486
Altura Chiropractic, Llc 87110, LAChiropractic1730389438
7th Street Chiropractic, Pa 66101, LAChiropractic1770783037
Advanced Medical Center Of Uptown 70125, LAChiropractic1982804217
Vasconcellos Chiropractic 70005, LAChiropractic1710178579
Spinal Innovations & Rehab, Llc 71105, LAChiropractic1154513273
Waguespack Chiropractic 70005, LAChiropractic1699967661
Cenla Chiropractic & Wellness 71360, LAChiropractic1356533251
Advanced Ortho Rehab, P.a. 70629, LAChiropractic1679766711
Timothy W. Angely, D.c., Inc. 71105, LAChiropractic1811181340
Total Health Network 70005, LAChiropractic1356535165
Oakdale Chiropractic Clinic 71463, LAChiropractic1427242189
Healthfirst Specialties, P.a. 70433, LAChiropractic1619162245
P.c.c., Inc 70123, LAChiropractic1326233768
Cavanaugh & Raiford Chiropractic 70001, LAChiropractic1831384049
Damon T. Savoy 70508, LAChiropractic1528253440
Griffin's Family Chiropractic Clinic 70510, LAChiropractic1831385582
Neuromuscular Institute, Llc 70563, LAChiropractic1326234642
Jagneaux Chiropractic Clinic Inc 70601, LAChiropractic1861688137
Rollette Chiropractic Center 70403, LAChiropractic1275720302
Mosaic Chiropractic 70448, LAChiropractic1659568616
Chiro/practical 70791, LAChiropractic1578751889
Michael D Myers 71075, LAChiropractic1356530471
Prather Chiropractic Services, Llc 70508, LAChiropractic1790974731
Sonnier Chiropractic Clinic Inc 70808, LAChiropractic1437338464
Racca Chiropractic Clinic, L.l.c. 70647, LAChiropractic1275712762
Johnsey Chiropractic, Llc 70503, LAChiropractic1427238633
Plaza Medical Center, Ltd 70122, LAChiropractic1063692705
Back On Track, Inc 70427, LAChiropractic1578743225
C, Michelle Didier, Dc, Llc 70503, LAChiropractic1750563821
Family Care Chiropractic 70458, LAChiropractic1851574172
United Chiropractic Clinic,uptown,inc 70118, LAChiropractic1144405093
John L. Guillory, Jr., D.c., Llc 70525, LAChiropractic1861678765
Landmark Chiropractic, Inc. 35805, LAChiropractic1073799862
Central Avenue Spine & Rehab, Inc 55418, LAChiropractic1700062098
Monument Spine & Rehab, Inc 46204, LAChiropractic1265618557
Arlington Spine & Rehab, Inc 76013, LAChiropractic1932385226
Higginbotham Chiropractic 71270, LAChiropractic1871770115
Terrence D Leist Ltd 70714, LAChiropractic1295912418
Studio Chiro Llc 70118, LAChiropractic1063690071
Wellness Management Chiropractic And Medical Clinic Inc. 70601, LAChiropractic1578731436
Hillside Spine And Rehab, Inc 78041, LAChiropractic1740459296
Optimum Spine And Rehab, Inc 75701, LAChiropractic1972772424
Mountain Chiropractic, Pc 38115, LAChiropractic1689843237
Chiropractic 1st, Llc 70734, LAChiropractic1356511638
Curtis Chiropractic Services, Llc 70433, LAChiropractic1497925317
High Five & Rehad, Inc 75240, LAChiropractic1982875076
Dna Chiropractic Llc 70448, LAChiropractic1255502357
Family Chiropractic Center 70364, LAChiropractic1043481757
O'neal Chiropractic Health Center 71112, LAChiropractic1518139005
Walter P. Creel, D.c., Inc. 71342, LAChiropractic1306018510
The Wellness Center On The Northshore 70448, LAChiropractic1447422340
Lundell Enterprises Inc. 71037, LAChiropractic1659543551
Multidisciplinary Associates, Inc. 70461, LAChiropractic1225200199
Vernon Place Chiropractic Health , Inc 45238, LAChiropractic1184896995
Darby Chiropractic Apc 70563, LAChiropractic1124291521
Twdd, Llc 70072, LAChiropractic1689847907
American Back Institute Of Greater New Orleans Inc 70001, LAChiropractic1922271865
Health 2000 70345, LAChiropractic1386818201
Community Health & Rehabilitation Center 70806, LAChiropractic1003082066
Sino Chiropractic Health Center, Llc 71108, LAChiropractic1649447780
Family Chiropractic, Llc 70058, LAChiropractic1245407808
Kinney Chiropractic Health Center, Inc. 70806, LAChiropractic1760659924
Doctors Flynn Manceaux Arcement Pizzolato Of Thibodaux A Professional 70301, LAChiropractic1043477375
Drs Flynn Manceaux A Professional Chiropractic And Physical Therapy Co 70360, LAChiropractic1902063233
Guice Chiropractic Care, Llc 71129, LAChiropractic1902064009
Denham Springs Chiropractic 70726, LAChiropractic1629236674
Johnston Chiropractic, L.l.c. 71118, LAChiropractic1912165077
Baye Chiropractic Clinic 70394, LAChiropractic1821256686
Damon L Cormier Dc Apcc 70607, LAChiropractic1548428311
Family Chiropractic Center 70401, LAChiropractic1619135308
Carpenter's Health Clinic Inc. 71241, LAChiropractic1316105034
Wilson Chiropractic Center, Inc. 70570, LAChiropractic1104084748
Optimal Health Chiropractic, Llc 70508, LAChiropractic1225296643
Quebedeaux Chiropractic Center 70668, LAChiropractic1497913891
Watkins Family Chiropractic 70068, LAChiropractic1376702704
Womens Primary Care 70809, LAChiropractic1003075441
Sunderland Chiropractic L.l.c 71055, LAChiropractic1316106552
Scott P Derouen Dc Pc 70607, LAChiropractic1215196571
Robert X. Addington, D.c., Llc 70422, LAChiropractic1316107741
Integrated Wellness Group Llc 70448, LAChiropractic1790945608
Shreveport Chiropractic 71101, LAChiropractic1245491695
Smith Chiropractic Center, Llc 71270, LAChiropractic1902067317
Cajun Spine And Sport, Llc 70508, LAChiropractic1801057120
Robert C. Rendina, D.c., Apc 71270, LAChiropractic1881855898
Central Chiropractic,llc 71220, LAChiropractic1861654410
Ramsey Chiropractic Inc 70062, LAChiropractic1780846030
Lejeune Chiropractic Clinc 70506, LAChiropractic1114180262
Deridder Chiropractic, Llc 70634, LAChiropractic1013171776
Rar, Inc. 71111, LAChiropractic1790949287
Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic Llc 70508, LAChiropractic1528222924
Allen Chiropractic Clinic 71111, LAChiropractic1265696512
Chirohealth Llc. 70809, LAChiropractic1265696496
Smith Spinal Center Llc 70002, LAChiropractic1790940617
Neurological & Spinal Wellness Center 70506, LAChiropractic1689839185
Crews Chiropractic, Inc. 71104, LAChiropractic1306033493
Theriot Family Chiropractic Center 70563, LAChiropractic1902067457
Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center Llc 71303, LAChiropractic1164615449
Body In Motion Chiropractic And Rehab,llc 70520, LAChiropractic1962679571


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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