Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Lee Kane 01002, MAChiropractic1467455352
Albert R Kalter 02184, MAChiropractic1164425476
Maureen E Gormley 02476, MAChiropractic1336141480
Marty Abrams 02067, MAChiropractic1356343305
Melissa Ann Tobin 01609, MAChiropractic1932103207
Cheryl Julia Houston 01609, MAChiropractic1316941685
John Joseph Heney 02339, MAChiropractic1902800337
Miroslaw Kantorosinski 01970, MAChiropractic1033114350
Robert Horowitz 02721, MAChiropractic1255336699
Therese Jacobs Heney 02339, MAChiropractic1710982087
Stephen Patrick Heney 02359, MAChiropractic1710982012
Michael Carey Santipadri 02116, MAChiropractic1962407262
William Christe Harris 02190, MAChiropractic1720083660
Kirk J Shilts 02446, MAChiropractic1487659132
Ava L. Henderson-ronchetti 02134, MAChiropractic1568467181
Cheryl M. Hassan 01880, MAChiropractic1164428512
Raymond M Ieronimo 01835, MAChiropractic1275539827
Larry P Rosen 01602, MAChiropractic1033116686
Devorah Lynn Feinbloom 01945, MAChiropractic1700882453
Gilbert Seth Weiner 00907, MAChiropractic1265437040
Michael Ethan Chartoff 02116, MAChiropractic1568469005
Paul Jeffrey Fowler 01913, MAChiropractic1558368951
Thomas James Hagan 02138, MAChiropractic1245237569
Richard J Matuszczak 01028, MAChiropractic1114924917
Parry Nelson Comeau 01923, MAChiropractic1760480131
Peter J Schwartz 01562, MAChiropractic1871591081
Jonathan Norman Group 02660, MAChiropractic1760480925
David Mark Waldman 01880, MAChiropractic1114926508
Norman Joseph Theriault 01880, MAChiropractic1447259833
Sheldon J Gana 02721, MAChiropractic1770582850
Melman Chiropractic Group, P.c. 02116, MAChiropractic1487653580
Britt Alan Johnson 02149, MAChiropractic1265431365
Chad M Messina 01752, MAChiropractic1033119995
Steven I Brown 02138, MAChiropractic1477554319
Hubert Peter Hanlon 01532, MAChiropractic1831190503
Daniel Joseph Fanselow 01581, MAChiropractic1669473997
Robert Videyko 01950, MAChiropractic1043212814
Leonard J Gauthier 01915, MAChiropractic1053303354
Deborah Wu 02130, MAChiropractic1891788469
Michael Delson 01118, MAChiropractic1225039449
Desiree Kiehn D'agostino 02116, MAChiropractic1346232550
Michael Jude Glaiel 01073, MAChiropractic1992798383
Michael Edward Green 01923, MAChiropractic1609861889
Gregory J Gordon 01970, MAChiropractic1295720472
Kevin Michael Daly 02184, MAChiropractic1487649612
Karen Phillips 02066, MAChiropractic1659366243
Lawrence Bronstein 01230, MAChiropractic1295721660
Richard R Singleton 02638, MAChiropractic1891781878
Daniel J Reida 02664, MAChiropractic1194711267
Margaret Lisle Hudson 01062, MAChiropractic1215923214
Anna Maria Rowinski 01201, MAChiropractic1073509717
Paul James Karr 02332, MAChiropractic1174510770
Jeffrey G Kintish 01915, MAChiropractic1225025521
Richard R. Waller 01740, MAChiropractic1689661944
Robert P. Moro 02148, MAChiropractic1386631604
Seth A Barron 01720, MAChiropractic1205823481
James Michael Bilodeau 01571, MAChiropractic1417944620
Mitchel Friedman 01720, MAChiropractic1881681005
Barry J Macewen 02762, MAChiropractic1003803982
Ellen L Wolk 02451, MAChiropractic1942298534
Tritown Chiropractic Offices Pc 02035, MAChiropractic1770579831
Catherine Ann Greene 02081, MAChiropractic1962490862
James M Hartigan 01702, MAChiropractic1295724102
Eurydice C Hirsey 02446, MAChiropractic1740279181
Peter L Antonsen 01913, MAChiropractic1215926589
Gregory A Bauer 02476, MAChiropractic1053301333
Daniel Edward Scicluna 01103, MAChiropractic1780674978
John Charles Truex 02360, MAChiropractic1356332308
Debra M Tranberg 02066, MAChiropractic1508857434
Gary A Webber 01702, MAChiropractic1922099514
Virginia E Elkin 01035, MAChiropractic1417948746
Gurujot Singh Khalsa 02135, MAChiropractic1699756833
Mary Christine Benkert 02420, MAChiropractic1720069487
Nicole Mastando 02050, MAChiropractic1871574392
Robert Maier 01776, MAChiropractic1285615732
Peter Allen Bogart 02452, MAChiropractic1306827779
Politis Family Chiropractic Pc 01201, MAChiropractic1912988262
Lori Deveuve 02653, MAChiropractic1518948876
Kristen Weber 02563, MAChiropractic1871574137
Jodi Rodar 01108, MAChiropractic1760464739
Bass River Healthcare Associates, Inc. 02664, MAChiropractic1225010192
David N Taylor 01301, MAChiropractic1497737100
Lisa Shea 01108, MAChiropractic1336121904
Nancy R Politis 01201, MAChiropractic1396727939
Michael Rodney Girard 01749, MAChiropractic1457334823
Winchester Physician Associates 01801, MAChiropractic1568445898
Deborah Leveen 02601, MAChiropractic1699756106
Michael B Singleton 02631, MAChiropractic1326029687
Gregory T Wright 02671, MAChiropractic1184606030
Garrett Alexander Politis 01201, MAChiropractic1851374201
Brian V Avitabile 02632, MAChiropractic1730161183
Bryan T Ruocco 01945, MAChiropractic1750362273
Eileen Geralyn Cejka 01754, MAChiropractic1003899568
Michael E Pearson 02151, MAChiropractic1457335275
Jacqueline Iris Katz 01002, MAChiropractic1821073123
Kirt L Josefek 01702, MAChiropractic1922083005
Lieschen Mcgarry 01890, MAChiropractic1962487868
Joel G Green 01970, MAChiropractic1770568552
Thomas H Gorman Dc Pc 02472, MAChiropractic1699751149
Steven D Jacobs 01851, MAChiropractic1225014525
Lynn R. Lebel 01095, MAChiropractic1316923659
Edward Michael Nowak 01035, MAChiropractic1184601676
Margaret Ann Tabor 02138, MAChiropractic1063499408
Robert Caprile 01028, MAChiropractic1700863800
David Castillo 01844, MAChiropractic1689651598
Swiatoslaw Alexander Paduchak 01938, MAChiropractic1851379721
Timothy Alan Belanger 01201, MAChiropractic1316925175
Michael Goldstein 02081, MAChiropractic1770561367
Stephen Thomas Flanagan 02132, MAChiropractic1720066160
Dennis Philip Paulino 02745, MAChiropractic1508844879
Brian J Traversa 01238, MAChiropractic1477531663
Heidi C Zorn 01258, MAChiropractic1992784730
Shea Chiropractic, Inc. 01108, MAChiropractic1255310025
David F Carroll 02062, MAChiropractic1750360376
Christine P Huber 02021, MAChiropractic1407836281
Paul Richard Blomerth 01056, MAChiropractic1184604555
Jeanette Anne Wilburn 01002, MAChiropractic1386614105
James Paul Barassi 01453, MAChiropractic1205810595
Eric J Roseen Dc Llc 02215, MAChiropractic1174992101
Peter Jonathan Stein 02215, MAChiropractic1992783062
Brian Scott Dixon 01109, MAChiropractic1043296726
Karl E Engelhardt 01568, MAChiropractic1700863099
Keith Madden 01201, MAChiropractic1831177153
Adam Gregory Wilburn 01002, MAChiropractic1366412173
Rahima Kassam 02169, MAChiropractic1548230386
Bruce M Tutun 01060, MAChiropractic1174593891
Namnim Choo 02138, MAChiropractic1093785388
Lisa B Nicotera 01060, MAChiropractic1316918261
Joan A Accuosti 01201, MAChiropractic1144292509
Benjamin Thomas Andrulot 02653, MAChiropractic1245201649
Langlitz Chiropractic Health And Rehabilitation Group Pc 01108, MAChiropractic1487626115
Gary Brian Grundy 02368, MAChiropractic1033182563
Rochelle Bien 02081, MAChiropractic1932171444
Lee Zohn 01801, MAChiropractic1700859972
Loren M. Rees 02043, MAChiropractic1679546840
Robert P. Indyk 01027, MAChiropractic1497728521
Jeffrey Gerald Swift 02739, MAChiropractic1922072388
William P Feiring 02420, MAChiropractic1356315691
Claudia Defino 02301, MAChiropractic1427023050
Bruce Indek 02169, MAChiropractic1184699605
Robert W Baritz 02301, MAChiropractic1659346849
Elizabeth Ann Bish 01930, MAChiropractic1720054281
Neil Patrick O'brien 02635, MAChiropractic1609842798
Bruce S Hirsch 02459, MAChiropractic1396711255
David C Fisher 02532, MAChiropractic1932175064
Krista Dawn Blome 17057, MAChiropractic1689641425
Karl Beau Fischer 01824, MAChiropractic1922075795
Gabrielle Freedman 02169, MAChiropractic1639146848
Ian Thomas Frohn 01757, MAChiropractic1316914658
David Joseph May 01545, MAChiropractic1740257971
Gene E Dematteo 01915, MAChiropractic1023086097
Penneys Chiropractic Pc 01501, MAChiropractic1952379802
Gerald P Brickley 02537, MAChiropractic1639147044
Shirley Anna Crandall 02601, MAChiropractic1013985365
Mark Medeiros 02721, MAChiropractic1114996717
Michael D Weinman 02465, MAChiropractic1437128758
Richard Michael Danubio 01960, MAChiropractic1154380087
Dardanella Slavin 02568, MAChiropractic1487613584
Mark S Klezmer 02368, MAChiropractic1437118874
Gerard R Cassista 01826, MAChiropractic1073573234
James Martin Penney 01501, MAChiropractic1679533731
Joseph Louis Bonina 02673, MAChiropractic1023078060
Alan Frank Jacobson 02072, MAChiropractic1316907488
James D Pierson 02360, MAChiropractic1063488583
Howard Austrager 01702, MAChiropractic1528037553
George Langlitz 01108, MAChiropractic1598738585
Thomas H Gorman 02472, MAChiropractic1952374753
Heidi Henrickson 01801, MAChiropractic1538131057
Gary Kane 01801, MAChiropractic1992778161
Janice C Burns 02563, MAChiropractic1699736751
Stephen A Dean 01129, MAChiropractic1013978972
Heather L Foley 02638, MAChiropractic1881656312
Steven R Sciuto 01844, MAChiropractic1053373514
Stephanie Alexis Rittenour 01950, MAChiropractic1043272412
Mount Hope Medical Center, Inc 02777, MAChiropractic1598727786
Lam T Hang 02125, MAChiropractic1942262035
James R Mulcahy 02540, MAChiropractic1841253382
Robert Nicholas Kum 02474, MAChiropractic1194788604
Joseph Francis Scimone 02081, MAChiropractic1386607604
William Richard Nolan 01923, MAChiropractic1316900426
Jill Buschmann 01860, MAChiropractic1013970722
Ian Charles Paskowski 02360, MAChiropractic1497719280
William Lewis Trevens 02472, MAChiropractic1144284969
Susan Pelrine-burbank 02375, MAChiropractic1174588719
David G Macdonald 02540, MAChiropractic1003871674
Frank Michael Blair 02043, MAChiropractic1629033931
Edwin D Berry 01545, MAChiropractic1902861875
Keith M Puri 02474, MAChiropractic1962468439
Jacqueline Elise Bouley 02494, MAChiropractic1023074176
Joseph Martin Downes 01851, MAChiropractic1497712301
Bryan Arthur Galipeau 02743, MAChiropractic1073570347
Michael Brian Mccracken 01950, MAChiropractic1033177142
Albert R. Kalter, D.c. 02184, MAChiropractic1386602316
Scott M. Kline 01960, MAChiropractic1285692335
Mark D. Friedman 01907, MAChiropractic1578521951
Pierre Daniel Abdilmasih 02119, MAChiropractic1275591810
Richard Joel Margil 02481, MAChiropractic1285682898
Helena M. Dehamer-grant 02144, MAChiropractic1992753388
Gina Hanlon-cavicchi 02360, MAChiropractic1285683458
John A Marshall 02721, MAChiropractic1184673956


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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