Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Joseph Reier 21014, MDChiropractic1265435457
Paul M. Ettlinger 21117, MDChiropractic1912900770
Daniel Stephen Behe 20639, MDChiropractic1669475976
Jewa Maria Lea 20866, MDChiropractic1083616361
Maria Luisa Carey 21826, MDChiropractic1568466530
David Mark Kaminsky 20910, MDChiropractic1255335683
Mahmoud Ziashakeri 21842, MDChiropractic1831194521
Blaise Mitchell Lavorgna 21804, MDChiropractic1225033004
Mark Alan Shulman 20783, MDChiropractic1144225889
Howard Franklin Lewis 21047, MDChiropractic1063418275
R. Reeve Askew 21601, MDChiropractic1194721787
Spiro T Theodore 20878, MDChiropractic1457358855
Howard Mark Lipman 21136, MDChiropractic1578560694
Kevin J. Wyman 20850, MDChiropractic1003814773
William J Lauretti 20877, MDChiropractic1801894589
Ronel R. Williams 21550, MDChiropractic1174521728
Dennis R Travagline 21703, MDChiropractic1093713281
Healing Hands Chiropractic P C 21811, MDChiropractic1508864661
Xavier M Touze 21061, MDChiropractic1558369496
Jeffrey Daniel Winston 20784, MDChiropractic1366440745
Attilio A Paci 21742, MDChiropractic1740288182
Ryan Joseph Cappelletti 21014, MDChiropractic1952300758
David Jon Ballenger 21093, MDChiropractic1407855497
Brian Keith Dragan 21061, MDChiropractic1376544304
Brian Stephen Keen 21061, MDChiropractic1396744157
Helen V Boro 21229, MDChiropractic1629076443
Jahan D Sampson 21009, MDChiropractic1487652202
Paul Tymchenko 21061, MDChiropractic1780682518
Theodore W Taber 20715, MDChiropractic1154322659
Diane L Taber 20715, MDChiropractic1154322626
Philip Mark Divelbiss 21742, MDChiropractic1104828763
Terence Kelly Kearney 20889, MDChiropractic1174515191
Gary E Schreiber 21702, MDChiropractic1093707168
John Morris Langlois 21157, MDChiropractic1063404648
Allan H Puritz 21157, MDChiropractic1851383335
Steven M Kulawy 20852, MDChiropractic1932191392
Joanne K Bushman 21801, MDChiropractic1497748230
Kara K Little 21221, MDChiropractic1902807399
Warren Gregory Belcher 21804, MDChiropractic1306832746
Robert A Rowe 21401, MDChiropractic1669468989
Gregory D Kersh 21117, MDChiropractic1972599975
Anthony Michael Ambrosino 21219, MDChiropractic1124016803
William Michael Clifford 21921, MDChiropractic1336139195
Jason Richard Menges 21014, MDChiropractic1760473516
Jonathan R. Holtzman 21401, MDChiropractic1255313037
Scott T Irrgang 21220, MDChiropractic1891778965
Michael J Bassan 21212, MDChiropractic1255312732
Brent Rittenhouse 21133, MDChiropractic1265413116
Brian B Park 21229, MDChiropractic1891778064
Marc M Gamerman 21740, MDChiropractic1366431264
Donald Blake Berry 21702, MDChiropractic1952382004
Joseph M Birdwell 21221, MDChiropractic1770567224
Harry A Derr 21210, MDChiropractic1881670230
Thomas M. Kline 20602, MDChiropractic1942286182
Shawn Dhillon, M.d., P.c. 21218, MDChiropractic1932186764
Lauren J Cohen 21210, MDChiropractic1992782346
Patricia Ann Fanning 21620, MDChiropractic1912984204
Jarrett P Cohen 21210, MDChiropractic1861479800
Jason Vaughn Walp 21234, MDChiropractic1760460158
Eric Ross Huntington 21210, MDChiropractic1538148275
Meimanat B Yousefi 20910, MDChiropractic1396724712
Michael J Blum 21228, MDChiropractic1891778601
Richard A Brull 21215, MDChiropractic1922081728
Paul M Abosh 21236, MDChiropractic1407827082
Joseph G Delrosso 21044, MDChiropractic1104897669
Allen J Huffman 20785, MDChiropractic1023089455
Jay S Greenstein 20858, MDChiropractic1154392694
Sarah N Day 20852, MDChiropractic1376514885
Jack L Murray 21502, MDChiropractic1851364525
Shawn Patrick Neville 20601, MDChiropractic1295703106
Margaret Ellen Renzetti 21613, MDChiropractic1356319305
Tamara Ann Keen 21213, MDChiropractic1952373565
Keith Gregg Scott 21401, MDChiropractic1760454995
Samuel C Santoriello 21206, MDChiropractic1629040209
Charles D Ginsburg 20874, MDChiropractic1407827009
Terrance Fenerty 21220, MDChiropractic1053389676
William E. Morgan 20889, MDChiropractic1841251436
Marc Daniel Cesari 20850, MDChiropractic1992768972
Ian Newman 21702, MDChiropractic1609834605
Ms hc Llc 21220, MDChiropractic1033177696
Maria Lee Camper 20706, MDChiropractic1457309437
Beth Janelle Henson 21157, MDChiropractic1457300378
Heather Mccoy Blackiston 21903, MDChiropractic1619926623
Edwin L Lipsitz 20602, MDChiropractic1932159365
Jeffrey Neil Wallace 21157, MDChiropractic1003866419
Samuel G Charles 21921, MDChiropractic1265484547
Alan Scheiner 21921, MDChiropractic1053361949
Marcia Boyce Levi 20707, MDChiropractic1518917376
Nicholas Anthony Grande 21114, MDChiropractic1144274994
Tricia Marie Lehocky 21236, MDChiropractic1780151464
Andrea Holmes Harpold 21502, MDChiropractic1093760100
Andrea Holmes Harpold 21502, MDChiropractic1356396329
Mankamyer Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Pc 21536, MDChiropractic1558317875
Andrew J Delsignore 21060, MDChiropractic1740237981
Rower Chiropractic Llc 21075, MDChiropractic1861439929
Spring Ridge Chiropractic, Llc 21701, MDChiropractic1376580621
Advanced Care Chiropractic 21060, MDChiropractic1619915618
Daniel Kraus 20740, MDChiropractic1366481020
Neil Bruce Cohen 21221, MDChiropractic1598705709
Todd Darrell Creighton 21218, MDChiropractic1518908029
Kenneth D Knox 20904, MDChiropractic1891736328
Brian Michael Mcdonald 21921, MDChiropractic1285678318
Robert S Bosland 20874, MDChiropractic1437193455
Matthew Joseph Lepito 21152, MDChiropractic1982649810
Melanie Osterhouse 20695, MDChiropractic1982649117
Sebastian Lipinski 21702, MDChiropractic1851337745
Brian J Lerman 21117, MDChiropractic1861428666
Marissa Holmes Bunker 20851, MDChiropractic1841226313
Christopher Hinchman 21701, MDChiropractic1689600355
Brandon P Steinbar 21703, MDChiropractic1922036284
Michael Joseph Martin 21222, MDChiropractic1114955192
Gregory A Demaille 21701, MDChiropractic1902835382
Lisa Ortiz 21701, MDChiropractic1366471740
Jonathan Blair Davis 20877, MDChiropractic1154351609
Joseph Bartlinski 21061, MDChiropractic1255361671
Grande Chiropractic Llc 21114, MDChiropractic1033141890
Susan Demaille 20814, MDChiropractic1457387086
Kevin G Bache 21136, MDChiropractic1992740013
Tara Zempel Kern 20895, MDChiropractic1124405642
Brandon S. Hollenberg 21061, MDChiropractic1851323166
Denise E. Conner 20740, MDChiropractic1669404919
Chiropractic First 21771, MDChiropractic1528090958
Eung Kwon Kim 21045, MDChiropractic1871526608
Murveit Chiropractic Center 21128, MDChiropractic1467485979
Jeffrey Abraham Murveit 21128, MDChiropractic1770518458
Patrick Jacque Graux 20716, MDChiropractic1609801042
Sean A. Samuels 21208, MDChiropractic1821014861
Karen L Mcdermott 20678, MDChiropractic1437178456
Diane Salmon Kelly 21012, MDChiropractic1578582375
Healing Arts Center Of Maryland Llc 21236, MDChiropractic1831118033
Kelly Van Sant 21617, MDChiropractic1386664761
Brian S Krupinsky 21075, MDChiropractic1376565713
Fredric Steven Baron 21228, MDChiropractic1548283070
Jason E Rower 21075, MDChiropractic1518971670
Neal Barron Blaxberg 21208, MDChiropractic1932113602
Christopher James Cianci 21601, MDChiropractic1760496699
Lawrence G Smallwood 20619, MDChiropractic1003824228
Daniel William Alexander 20688, MDChiropractic1376551515
Michael Dorn 21211, MDChiropractic1467460394
Alexander Health Associates, Inc 20688, MDChiropractic1932117199
Thomas Edward Schreppler 21620, MDChiropractic1538178892
Nova N Conetta 21117, MDChiropractic1841200532
Joshua Aaron Levin 21229, MDChiropractic1568472272
Jeffery S Deschamps 21702, MDChiropractic1821008897
Lisa Michelle Hinkle 21701, MDChiropractic1669483376
Nesly Clerge 20020, MDChiropractic1013929991
Andrew Johnson 21228, MDChiropractic1114939873
Scott F Tuminelli 20903, MDChiropractic1588676993
Michael Fedorczyk 20754, MDChiropractic1730192733
Frank Alfano 20646, MDChiropractic1144233438
Daniel G.j. Lane 21804, MDChiropractic1366555302
Steven F Digles 21703, MDChiropractic1427161850
Robert Glenn Frieman 21234, MDChiropractic1538273586
Roger A Smith 21702, MDChiropractic1184730467
Warren M Silver 21244, MDChiropractic1497860910
Parkway Neuroscience And Spine Institute Llc 21740, MDChiropractic1609896067
Jacob Daniel Green 21401, MDChiropractic1801256292
Optimal Care, Llc 20707, MDChiropractic1093820888
Gabriel A Martinez Md Pa 21237, MDChiropractic1275028706
William Richard Bleam 21784, MDChiropractic1386759546
Michael E Barvinchack 21742, MDChiropractic1689781809
David E Koronet 21771, MDChiropractic1417067364
Anthony T Ricci 21401, MDChiropractic1801906334
Wookeun Jeong 21042, MDChiropractic1851401087
Sangwon Jung 20814, MDChiropractic1326150194
Tania Messina Howard 21409, MDChiropractic1013029206
Michael Vernon Stotler 21085, MDChiropractic1619088820
Maryland Healthcare Clinics 21215, MDChiropractic1043312036
Amir Rashidian 21703, MDChiropractic1942302450
Mary Ruth Steiner 21224, MDChiropractic1609970177
James Gordon Daniel 21801, MDChiropractic1659476109
Ted David Abramson 21215, MDChiropractic1558467019
Bahareh Borhani 20744, MDChiropractic1609972694
William M.k. Fullmer 20901, MDChiropractic1053418715
Marissa I Wallie 21409, MDChiropractic1760589394
Scott Louis Millison 21030, MDChiropractic1619074127
William Keen Blaker 21050, MDChiropractic1992802011
Greater Laurel Chiropractic, Llc 20707, MDChiropractic1144328675
Michelle Lynn Williams 20783, MDChiropractic1326146804
Brian Anderson Lancaster 20874, MDChiropractic1477652220
Peter Robert Dexheimer 21044, MDChiropractic1952401754
John Thomas Jennings 21619, MDChiropractic1336248756
Jon Van Den Valentyn 20850, MDChiropractic1740389899
Ross Yeager Kennard 21146, MDChiropractic1992805063
Rehab Center Of Maryland Llc 21045, MDChiropractic1528169570
Paul J Barlow 21045, MDChiropractic1689774945
Sheldon Howard Zeller 21208, MDChiropractic1033219407
Norman Marc Haendler 20874, MDChiropractic1205936515
Vaughan Dabbs 21045, MDChiropractic1003916222
Scott H Lawrence 21042, MDChiropractic1043311178
Dolores Zumbado 20879, MDChiropractic1265533012
Fort Washington Chiropractic Center 20744, MDChiropractic1235230442
Jennifer Zingone 21001, MDChiropractic1922199637
Mark Steven Kordonski 21001, MDChiropractic1316038417
Duane Ragis Sadula 20877, MDChiropractic1710078795
Robert Ozello 20852, MDChiropractic1629160668
Mcdermott Chiropractic Centre Ltd 21078, MDChiropractic1518059443
Peter James Mellon 21771, MDChiropractic1679665624
Todd Johnsonbaugh 21045, MDChiropractic1851483580
Jerry Lee Radas 20759, MDChiropractic1396837753


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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