Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dennis Val Adam 49801, MIChiropractic1417950676
John M Wetherbee 48116, MIChiropractic1679576425
Russell A Leblanc 49653, MIChiropractic1659374064
Patrick Walter Click 43567, MIChiropractic1073516373
Ronald John Leclair 48763, MIChiropractic1942202247
Mark Owen White 48723, MIChiropractic1346242633
Shawn J Wrubel, D.c Plc 48081, MIChiropractic1427506864
Rosemary A. Benjamin 48836, MIChiropractic1952303091
Robert William Gaston 49684, MIChiropractic1518961499
Dennis E Hayes 48838, MIChiropractic1720082514
Thomas Everett Kiley 49601, MIChiropractic1578565743
Jeffrey Charles Duchene 48035, MIChiropractic1528062080
John Joseph Saab 48322, MIChiropractic1871597336
Paul Michael Hopkins 48910, MIChiropractic1508860081
Thomas Michael Klapp 48108, MIChiropractic1124022553
Mitchell Harry Marr 48462, MIChiropractic1396749719
Roger Frederick Benter 49721, MIChiropractic1477558732
James P Ribley 48174, MIChiropractic1679578710
Brian Anthony Scolari 48316, MIChiropractic1366447245
Cindy Lu Poole 48858, MIChiropractic1285639187
Kevin Thomas Davis 48813, MIChiropractic1871598680
William Dan Riley 48160, MIChiropractic1295730034
Pro active Chiropractic & Wellness 49525, MIChiropractic1306313044
Harry Thomas Holmes 48114, MIChiropractic1578568101
Brian J. Kulbieda 49855, MIChiropractic1962407403
Warner Deleeuw 49548, MIChiropractic1891791331
Jerry D Mcclane 48458, MIChiropractic1588660005
Maqbulur R Khan 48005, MIChiropractic1942206198
Karyn Kay Yape 49228, MIChiropractic1306842612
Raymond J Sala 48723, MIChiropractic1932105343
Gregory Kim Mcfarland 49286, MIChiropractic1780680959
Ian Wesley Shaw 48060, MIChiropractic1154327377
Jeffrey M. Kovacic 49242, MIChiropractic1821094699
Teresa Marie Saunders 48189, MIChiropractic1598761488
Robert Gabriel 48723, MIChiropractic1609872464
Stacey Cathleen Smith 48060, MIChiropractic1558367524
Jody Nathaniel Smith 48074, MIChiropractic1093711061
Douglas John Smith 48060, MIChiropractic1457357428
Carol Ann Smith 48060, MIChiropractic1275539249
Karl Elek Tarkanyi 48375, MIChiropractic1841296738
Keith C Hobbs 48503, MIChiropractic1427054121
Larry Vaughn Sutherland 49228, MIChiropractic1952307654
Robert Herschell Goeckel 48506, MIChiropractic1023014768
Catherine Ann Tierney 48616, MIChiropractic1770589483
David M. Knapp 49242, MIChiropractic1124024971
Nicole L Hatt 49036, MIChiropractic1417953027
Peter Spathis 48843, MIChiropractic1780681320
Christina K Hoard 49080, MIChiropractic1487650610
Kenneth W Cooper 49037, MIChiropractic1902802309
Brenda O'malley 49423, MIChiropractic1598760167
Anna Marie Saylor 48073, MIChiropractic1609872084
Michael T Burcon 49546, MIChiropractic1992702542
Robert B Hallett 48328, MIChiropractic1316944895
Kirby Kenneth Perrault 48864, MIChiropractic1386641884
Gregory Bret Hamilton 48346, MIChiropractic1720085830
Robert Jean Rogers 48809, MIChiropractic1407854136
Wayne E Domenick 48438, MIChiropractic1396743852
Todd David Stratton 49009, MIChiropractic1760480115
Richard Neal Olree 49746, MIChiropractic1659379808
Carla Stratton 49009, MIChiropractic1003814195
Craig Bruce Denholm 49738, MIChiropractic1750389896
Bruce Anthony Born 48076, MIChiropractic1649278490
Carol Elizabeth Dubbs 48043, MIChiropractic1982602967
Tamra Jean Quade 48197, MIChiropractic1396743340
Robert Rossit Facca 48073, MIChiropractic1770581647
David Michael Songer 48706, MIChiropractic1386642221
George Frederick Dubbs 48043, MIChiropractic1205834280
Northcare Chiropractic Health Center, Pllc 49686, MIChiropractic1073512786
Myron William Thatcher 48103, MIChiropractic1518966084
Peter Santo Annyschyn 48224, MIChiropractic1760481261
Brett Andrew Myers 49002, MIChiropractic1558360867
James D Leedle 48353, MIChiropractic1841299179
Mark Allan Rosenbaum 49006, MIChiropractic1811996259
Richard G Prebish 49037, MIChiropractic1922007376
Harry Buberniak 49267, MIChiropractic1790784916
Daniel Marvin Kulman 49770, MIChiropractic1215936448
Kerry Bruce Russell 49686, MIChiropractic1093714222
Mary S Read 48169, MIChiropractic1205835212
Rodney David Mclane 48040, MIChiropractic1912906926
John R Wallace 49441, MIChiropractic1205835154
Brian Seefeldt 48734, MIChiropractic1013916923
Rhonda Hughes 48734, MIChiropractic1649279563
Linda Carol Palter 49441, MIChiropractic1871593681
Daniel Victor Tominello 48073, MIChiropractic1225038847
John Michael Kelly 48603, MIChiropractic1801896444
Claudia Daude 48316, MIChiropractic1538169222
Michael D Reggish 48150, MIChiropractic1386644086
Denise Ann Rassel 48912, MIChiropractic1558361253
Gary A. Loiselle 48152, MIChiropractic1184624777
David James Sayer 48911, MIChiropractic1245230838
Bruce D. Westra 49456, MIChiropractic1043210586
Dorian Parent 49341, MIChiropractic1477553949
Michael R Mcclelland 48453, MIChiropractic1114927647
Floyd J Raeon 48307, MIChiropractic1851391189
Douglas A. Yaraschuk 48239, MIChiropractic1912907296
Dian Kaye Martens 49080, MIChiropractic1659371821
Steven Ray Laut 49247, MIChiropractic1912907304
Mark T Sakalauskas 48104, MIChiropractic1386644722
Jennifer Zelenka-rauch 49417, MIChiropractic1245230291
Thomas Paul Sell 48170, MIChiropractic1760483705
Gary P Pateman 49770, MIChiropractic1740280742
Hossein Hamadanchi 49085, MIChiropractic1265432272
Brian Scott Stoynoff 49071, MIChiropractic1659372654
Aaron M Lundgaard 48038, MIChiropractic1942201835
Carol Ann Born 48076, MIChiropractic1699776450
Claude John Basler 48846, MIChiropractic1528067261
Brian Anthony Arnold 48082, MIChiropractic1093714081
Gratiot Chiropractic Health, Pc 48801, MIChiropractic1548269509
Shallow Chiropractic Pc 48124, MIChiropractic1710988068
Eric Ryan Hartman 49428, MIChiropractic1346241742
Grant James Buck 49319, MIChiropractic1184625469
Donna L Craft 48103, MIChiropractic1427050335
Joseph A. Lascala 48182, MIChiropractic1427059583
Paul E Worley 48847, MIChiropractic1942202932
David Silbert 48195, MIChiropractic1922000876
Holly Beth Donaldson 49686, MIChiropractic1457343691
Shelley K Olree 49765, MIChiropractic1558353771
Stephanie Marie Rose 48336, MIChiropractic1558353664
Robert Edward Potter Jr Dc Pllc 48187, MIChiropractic1114919016
Davis William Brockenshire 48187, MIChiropractic1578555470
Robert Edward Potter 48187, MIChiropractic1649262254
Kendall Ray Paulson 48654, MIChiropractic1174515639
Douglas A Olree 49765, MIChiropractic1427040898
Gary Ross Mcleod 49093, MIChiropractic1972595213
James Kravis, D.c., P.c. 48152, MIChiropractic1467445775
Tammy Lynn Jones Scarfe 48336, MIChiropractic1174516405
Chad Lake 48837, MIChiropractic1508859877
Anchor Chiropractic Pc 48336, MIChiropractic1134112386
Bruce J Dorais 49017, MIChiropractic1770576928
Mark Wayne Kaufmann 48225, MIChiropractic1104819127
Robert Joseph Turek 48740, MIChiropractic1467445288
Chad William Edison 49221, MIChiropractic1376536144
Eric John Marshall 48079, MIChiropractic1952394637
Dennis George Sirko 48124, MIChiropractic1396738001
Michele Marita Foxworthy 48336, MIChiropractic1790778421
Mitchell D Lukins 48116, MIChiropractic1740273689
Jwad Chiropractic Pllc 48323, MIChiropractic1043752629
Kristy Sue Bouchard 48084, MIChiropractic1013919992
Daniel Nye 49242, MIChiropractic1669937314
Kevin R Orloski 48075, MIChiropractic1689667842
John W Treloar 48911, MIChiropractic1508859018
Melanie Ann Skindzier Gleiss 49090, MIChiropractic1205829660
Michael Scott Osborne 49855, MIChiropractic1043204282
Brent Lee Edgerton 48097, MIChiropractic1265426308
Marc Warren Yeck 49431, MIChiropractic1447244595
William Joseph Alfieri 49024, MIChiropractic1437143203
Jennifer J Warren 48101, MIChiropractic1477547396
Finton Francois Galloup 49610, MIChiropractic1235123035
Philip L. Knight 49068, MIChiropractic1760476600
Daniel Erwin Blossom 48768, MIChiropractic1881688562
Lewis G Squires 49454, MIChiropractic1235123951
Gerald Alan Zuker 48864, MIChiropractic1295720639
David Scott Antoniotti 49008, MIChiropractic1629063078
Brian Donald Woodbeck 48911, MIChiropractic1184619421
Jodie Lynn Stevens 48161, MIChiropractic1457346595
Jack Alonzo Moses 48042, MIChiropractic1538154620
Dana Warren Anderson 48507, MIChiropractic1558356675
Tera Hamo Anderson 48507, MIChiropractic1801881925
Kevin M Burkhart 49341, MIChiropractic1992790943
Richard Butykos 48125, MIChiropractic1659366458
Elizabeth Ann Stedman 48880, MIChiropractic1457346116
Gerald B Kooistra 49519, MIChiropractic1881680403
Karla Anne Parkhurst 49424, MIChiropractic1457347916
Brian Scott Parkhurst 49424, MIChiropractic1013903582
James D Parker 48867, MIChiropractic1174519565
James Lee Friess 49424, MIChiropractic1831185180
Olivia A Fitch 48101, MIChiropractic1811983836
Timothy D. Studt, D.c., P.c. 48880, MIChiropractic1689660326
Paul Eric Morrow 48840, MIChiropractic1023004769
James Dwight Myers 48813, MIChiropractic1154317832
Edward Martin Frattini 48080, MIChiropractic1245227511
David Alan Brown 49099, MIChiropractic1104813278
Bryan Born 48076, MIChiropractic1750378659
Gene W Gamet 49444, MIChiropractic1184611006
Roy Joseph Picard 48316, MIChiropractic1962499764
Acorn Chiropractic Family Health Clinic Inc Pc 49058, MIChiropractic1699763417
Wayne Garth Aamodt 49508, MIChiropractic1710975370
Premier Chiropractic Pllc 49221, MIChiropractic1790140671
Charles Scott Kooistra 49519, MIChiropractic1417943036
Ranjiv Reggie Sehgal 48083, MIChiropractic1639166515
Charles Matthew Gilcher 48146, MIChiropractic1992793905
Charles E Ribley 48174, MIChiropractic1831189851
Mary P Frye 48093, MIChiropractic1376533042
Jennifer Ann Lemmen 48197, MIChiropractic1871583286
Joshua Dean Pulver 49770, MIChiropractic1922098359
Jeffrey David Wallace 48837, MIChiropractic1679563928
Kern Chiropractic Center 48039, MIChiropractic1114917457
Christophe Brundage Dean 48072, MIChiropractic1225029382
Jody Tenjeras 48386, MIChiropractic1346231370
Krista Margaret Seiter 48329, MIChiropractic1750372447
Allen James Seiter 48329, MIChiropractic1811988603
Scott A Newquist 49546, MIChiropractic1740271204
Thomas J Neuner 48047, MIChiropractic1770574006
Geoffrey Brian Randall 49855, MIChiropractic1760473045
Steven Walter Heinz 48062, MIChiropractic1396726469
Deborah M Frett 49001, MIChiropractic1801877857
George R Pluhar 49686, MIChiropractic1528049442
Gale L Kranz 48503, MIChiropractic1336120252
Catherine Boufford 48842, MIChiropractic1144201872
Thomas W Moses 48126, MIChiropractic1477534220


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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