Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sara Lynn Dupont Deno 49829, MIChiropractic1831173731
David Earl Moss 49038, MIChiropractic1679558134
James Mitchell Hunter 48085, MIChiropractic1467426411
Susan E Craig 48315, MIChiropractic1912938804
Donald Joseph Bretz 48038, MIChiropractic1356361877
Jeffrey Wayne Greer 48170, MIChiropractic1326056938
Thomas G Czarnecki 48383, MIChiropractic1215950019
Lamesa Monique Danzey 36303, MIChiropractic1073609939
Lisa Ann Lupo 48094, MIChiropractic1568843480
Stephen Scott Tenniswood 49254, MIChiropractic1609931948
Darlene Kay Button 48170, MIChiropractic1770626533
Bradley Noel Calkins 48161, MIChiropractic1144493800
Bill Houghton Chiropractic Pllc 49855, MIChiropractic1285892356
Ayesha Maryam Qureshi 48083, MIChiropractic1548457351
Aaron Christian Bannister 48116, MIChiropractic1255576773
Swati Hans 75230, MIChiropractic1073873337
Calkins Chiropractic Llc 48161, MIChiropractic1558670745
Stephanie M Witte-mason 48661, MIChiropractic1790016632
Physical Medicine And Wellness Pc 48075, MIChiropractic1033670328
Jamie G. Phillips 48430, MIChiropractic1821114893
Shane William Pluger 49506, MIChiropractic1932504958
Michael Solomon Chiropractic, Pllc 48054, MIChiropractic1255702346
Zachary Cole Peterson 49635, MIChiropractic1174911408
Ryan Ball 49002, MIChiropractic1023405016
Brandon Michael Soldano 49036, MIChiropractic1427487578
Garrett John-otto Kuhlman 49770, MIChiropractic1871904474
Lawrence Mosurak 48092, MIChiropractic1649669425
James Jordan Dwan 48638, MIChiropractic1417471392
Natalie A. Dabrowny 14618, MIChiropractic1265844542
Katherine Royek 48118, MIChiropractic1295182111
The Active Fix Llc 48009, MIChiropractic1902329428
Melissa Thomas 49525, MIChiropractic1528587524
Michael Robert Solomon 48054, MIChiropractic1861420028
Jeb Baker 48846, MIChiropractic1184038051
Matthew Royek 48118, MIChiropractic1568819282
Martin S Laurila 49801, MIChiropractic1467486738
Pamela Kratochwill 48144, MIChiropractic1770068710
Emma Schroeder Mcclintock 49341, MIChiropractic1457712812
Khaled Zaki 48150, MIChiropractic1659845923
John F Smarch 49201, MIChiropractic1326007360
Andrew Wideman 48329, MIChiropractic1396214326
Kevin Robert Krieger 34232, MIChiropractic1063637858
Carol Marie Jaworski 86033, MIChiropractic1063470870
Rebecca Marie York 81137, MIChiropractic1689890451
Aligned Chiropractic Llc 48150, MIChiropractic1770046385
Nathan James Lyons 48035, MIChiropractic1043771892
Phillip Maletta 49424, MIChiropractic1114318235
Maletta Chiropractic Pllc 49424, MIChiropractic1376934075
Elizabeth Lee 48706, MIChiropractic1861055154
Diane Christine Milligan 49202, MIChiropractic1538245667
Dustine Kim Murphy 49686, MIChiropractic1396855128
Ryan Curtis Moskal 49712, MIChiropractic1558663435
Samantha Jo Beutler 49340, MIChiropractic1720405137
James Ryan Dietrick 49307, MIChiropractic1346601879
Northwest Chiropractic And Sports Medicine Pllc 49307, MIChiropractic1285150888
Ryan E. Bentley 49424, MIChiropractic1669482139
Conflitti Group Pllc 48071, MIChiropractic1225497795
John Conflitti 48071, MIChiropractic1902298201
Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center, Pllc 49506, MIChiropractic1679097109
Lisa Finkbeiner 49506, MIChiropractic1356876536
Nicholas John-edward Gingell 48170, MIChiropractic1639726060
Janet Paskievitch Marz 48187, MIChiropractic1609911445
Jacob S Seng 49431, MIChiropractic1063743391
Brahim Ouais 60542, MIChiropractic1760598171
Arthur Lee Matthews 30305, MIChiropractic1194809103
David Routley 49332, MIChiropractic1720036403
Brianna Cousineau 48003, MIChiropractic1447747795
Danielle Marie Geniesse 54313, MIChiropractic1578987178
Mariah Jean-audrey Cain 49913, MIChiropractic1285123539
Trevor Dean Eason 38501, MIChiropractic1588195085
Paul Robinson 48375, MIChiropractic1619401825
Quality Of Life Family Chiropractic, Inc. 49712, MIChiropractic1073815650
Tm Chiropractic, Llc 48723, MIChiropractic1891253027
Matthew Maley 43081, MIChiropractic1043750409
Express Your Health Llc 49024, MIChiropractic1295925295
Leighia M Wells 49024, MIChiropractic1679681712
Logan Marie Ketchum 49024, MIChiropractic1639643117
Jennifer Ann Francis 94901, MIChiropractic1427544816
Cherie A Mckenzie 48621, MIChiropractic1033145842
Guy Charles Giordano 48842, MIChiropractic1710012794
Nicholas Kepreos 49444, MIChiropractic1386264257
Laura Grimm 49456, MIChiropractic1922502590
Chesterfield Family Chiropractic Center Pc 48051, MIChiropractic1225281652
Todd Kleinstein 48051, MIChiropractic1043379555
Daniel Edward Geck 48103, MIChiropractic1982653218
Christopher Carl Netley 49546, MIChiropractic1043833213
Donald Alan Steketee 49428, MIChiropractic1740373836
West Michigan Chiropractic Clinic Pllc 49428, MIChiropractic1487846689
Barwis Casey Llc 33441, MIChiropractic1508491671
Michael John Gasiewicz 48093, MIChiropractic1124453360
Coston Chiropractic Center Pllc 48854, MIChiropractic1477973030
Rahn Chiropractic Pllc 48446, MIChiropractic1508406026
Monique Lacole Lyons 77511, MIChiropractic1588043053
Kyle Rahn 48446, MIChiropractic1578108239
Amanda G Brown 48167, MIChiropractic1073935953
Nicolas Herrild 54143, MIChiropractic1013360155
Linda Ellen Holland 48126, MIChiropractic1770687477
Kristen Lazzell 48073, MIChiropractic1902340979
Kevin R Orloski 48602, MIChiropractic1689667842
Teri L Stockwell 30060, MIChiropractic1770626681
Derrick Schinderle 49801, MIChiropractic1881953115
New Wave Chiropractic Pllc 49635, MIChiropractic1366032070
Rocco J Borg 48723, MIChiropractic1073198719
Ryan Schwartz 48759, MIChiropractic1003490848
Ashley M Cohoon 48842, MIChiropractic1164811840
Brent Aaron Reeve 49321, MIChiropractic1225593155
James P Stupak 48104, MIChiropractic1407877053
Simple Truth Chiropractic Of Lake Odessa Pllc 48849, MIChiropractic1245824036
Carley Fardell 49629, MIChiropractic1578798492
Andrew Cameron St. Coeur 48060, MIChiropractic1831644327
Shelby Elizabeth Hooley 49047, MIChiropractic1316553381
Family First Chiropractic Pc 49316, MIChiropractic1154384949
Scott A Newquist 49316, MIChiropractic1740271204
Alisa Diana Hoffman 48911, MIChiropractic1093011355
Steven J Fischer 48864, MIChiropractic1649288549
Cure Physical Therapy, Pllc 48126, MIChiropractic1083171938
Arielle Lovell 48124, MIChiropractic1396218525
York Chiropractic Pllc 81137, MIChiropractic1548522428
Travis Jordan Dockery 48154, MIChiropractic1932551769
Eric Duncan 48009, MIChiropractic1922131945
Northcare Chiropractic Health Center, Pllc 49686, MIChiropractic1073512786
Gratiot Chiropractic Health, Pc 48801, MIChiropractic1548269509
James Kravis, D.c., P.c. 48152, MIChiropractic1467445775
Jwad Chiropractic Pllc 48323, MIChiropractic1043752629
Timothy D. Studt, D.c., P.c. 48880, MIChiropractic1689660326
Acorn Chiropractic Family Health Clinic Inc Pc 49058, MIChiropractic1699763417
Premier Chiropractic Pllc 49221, MIChiropractic1790140671
Kern Chiropractic Center 48039, MIChiropractic1114917457
A New Life Chiropractic & Massage, Pc 48507, MIChiropractic1164493763
Total Health Chiropractic Pc 48357, MIChiropractic1902878283
Jungblut Chiropractic Clinic, P.c. 49423, MIChiropractic1629046610
Restoration Chiropractic, Pllc 49316, MIChiropractic1942771589
Ormsbee Chiropractic Pc 48317, MIChiropractic1336114958
Wetherbee Chiropractic, P.c. 48116, MIChiropractic1104886738
Tarnow Chiropractic Center, D.c. Pc 49008, MIChiropractic1104889153
Abies Chiropractic Clinic Inc 49001, MIChiropractic1619933595
William Boggs P.c. 48442, MIChiropractic1689623530
Hudak Chiropractic Clinic, Pc 49085, MIChiropractic1225087018
Karl Chiropractic Clinic Pc 48185, MIChiropractic1033169263
Tlc Chiropractic Pc 48150, MIChiropractic1922058387
Lifestyle Chiropractic Pc 48182, MIChiropractic1932151909
Bosman Chiropractic Life Center, P.c. 48326, MIChiropractic1487608162
Routley Chiropractic Care Center 49346, MIChiropractic1699729194
Van Born Chiropractic Clinic, P.c. 48125, MIChiropractic1821047861
Chiro technology Pc 48842, MIChiropractic1114989423
Craft Chiropractic Center Pc 48813, MIChiropractic1700849379
Spartan Family Chiropractic, Inc 48864, MIChiropractic1194788521
Dr Karen M. Slota Bs, Dc 48154, MIChiropractic1477507549
Greater Michigan Chiropractic, Pc 48154, MIChiropractic1821042995
Maillette Chiropractic Pc 48706, MIChiropractic1104871110
Hughey Chiropractic Clinic Pc 48185, MIChiropractic1295782837
Deanda Chiropractic Clinic Llc 48060, MIChiropractic1598712267
Chiropractic Plus, P.c. 49534, MIChiropractic1952349235
Sutherland Family Chiropractic Center Inc 49228, MIChiropractic1801834288
William L Ingle Dc 49431, MIChiropractic1083653893
Schneider Chiropractic Inc. 48315, MIChiropractic1457393837
Cook Chiropractic Clinic P C 48316, MIChiropractic1033152723
Lambert Chiropractic Clinic Pc 49525, MIChiropractic1003859232
Halsey Family Chiropractic, Pllc 48829, MIChiropractic1346284775
Ryan Lucas Chiropractic Pc 49735, MIChiropractic1619912334
Zweng Family Practice Chiropractic Pc 48843, MIChiropractic1992740609
Chiropractic Health Advantage Plc 49601, MIChiropractic1851327019
Quest Health Systems X Pllc 48154, MIChiropractic1548296007
Northern Michigan Chiropractic Center, Plc 49735, MIChiropractic1508892910
Touch Of Life P.c. 48315, MIChiropractic1255369856
Shields Infinity Holistic Health Inc. 48152, MIChiropractic1104854629
Life Chiropractic Center P.c 48917, MIChiropractic1164451357
Parkhurst Chiropractic Life Center Plc 49424, MIChiropractic1104855006
Marcoux Chiropractic, P.c. 48843, MIChiropractic1588693295
Gleason Chiropractic Center 49456, MIChiropractic1508896721
Cowan Chiropractic Clinic, P.c. 48346, MIChiropractic1689604464
Awesome Chiropractic, P.c. 48114, MIChiropractic1790715589
Lori Malochleb Dc Pc 48734, MIChiropractic1730111303
Vwc, Pllc 48187, MIChiropractic1346295730
Med Tech Ortho Center Llc 48458, MIChiropractic1891241824
Ronald G. Smith, D.c., Pllc 48118, MIChiropractic1134679020
Wills Family Chiropractic, Inc. 48462, MIChiropractic1386670735
Wolters Chiropractic Pllc 49424, MIChiropractic1225554256
Operation Wellness Llc 48312, MIChiropractic1073054797
Alternative Healing Arts Center, Pc 48381, MIChiropractic1568491249
Brajak Chiropractic Clinic Pllc 48114, MIChiropractic1528005915
Absolute Health Chiropractic Clinic 49417, MIChiropractic1134152671
Preferred Chiropractic Pllc 48604, MIChiropractic1023042272
Jeffries Chiropractic Alternative Healing Centre P.c. 49855, MIChiropractic1639195100
Scott A Kribs Chiropractor Inc 48906, MIChiropractic1184642563
De Leeuw Chiropractic Center Pc 49548, MIChiropractic1841210416
C.a.r.e. Chiropractic 48202, MIChiropractic1063431963
St. Clair Chiropractic Clinic P.c. 48079, MIChiropractic1508886904
Ann Arbor Chiropractic Wellness Center, Llc 48108, MIChiropractic1710907084
Burke Chiropractic P.c. 48127, MIChiropractic1124040092
Edmore Chiropractic Clinic, Pllc 48829, MIChiropractic1124032040
Stephen W Kimball Dc Pc 48661, MIChiropractic1598779241
Vanhoutteghem Chiropractic Center 48413, MIChiropractic1992710867
Silverback, Inc. 48178, MIChiropractic1811903313
Dr. Mary C. Milostan D C P C 48382, MIChiropractic1962419069
Grand River Chiropractic Life Center 48843, MIChiropractic1700894367
Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic P C 48039, MIChiropractic1629087416
Woodruff Family Chiropractic, P.c. 49756, MIChiropractic1396758991
Anderson Hamo Chiropractic, Plc 48507, MIChiropractic1245243419
Rivers Chiropractic Center 48316, MIChiropractic1760595680


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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