Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Joseph Bawek 55431, MNChiropractic1043213218
James Walker Gudgel 56283, MNChiropractic1265435812
Jessica Rasmussen 55379, MNChiropractic1437514254
Darin J Magnuson 56097, MNChiropractic1710989058
Tonderum Family Chiropractic Pllc 56387, MNChiropractic1003390063
Richard Albert Hastings 55125, MNChiropractic1912901661
Jay Patrick Bertsch 55316, MNChiropractic1164426607
Casey Lee Paulsen 55442, MNChiropractic1871597351
Mark David Dehen 56003, MNChiropractic1831194281
Timothy Thomas Bertsch 55316, MNChiropractic1437154671
Nicholas James Mcgregor 55060, MNChiropractic1366447500
Troy Christopher Bolen 55811, MNChiropractic1013912195
Ryan M. Betzina 55044, MNChiropractic1235350109
Stephanie Christine Lillis 55976, MNChiropractic1982609525
Monica Jean Schugel 56003, MNChiropractic1780680249
Leann M Shea 56001, MNChiropractic1043216492
Charles Todd Uhler 56082, MNChiropractic1053317495
Chad Alan Malwitz 56097, MNChiropractic1841296290
David Lee Andress 56464, MNChiropractic1285630491
Danielle Buske Granroth 56345, MNChiropractic1811993173
Dana Marie Benassi 55109, MNChiropractic1972509248
Wayne Edward Pratt 55304, MNChiropractic1255337408
Paul J Wozny 55112, MNChiropractic1932105244
Joseph Alan Bertsch 55316, MNChiropractic1295731503
Keith Raymond Kamrath 55350, MNChiropractic1457357782
Martin Robert Von Iderstine 55422, MNChiropractic1457357626
Steven Lee Keogh 56701, MNChiropractic1801892922
Jay Sonder 55744, MNChiropractic1659377703
Fred William Benz 55110, MNChiropractic1609872787
Lew Anthony Erickson 56751, MNChiropractic1336145341
Mark Alan Johnson 55402, MNChiropractic1063418077
Andrew Kollar 55112, MNChiropractic1679579627
Tracy Jon Smart 56470, MNChiropractic1285630053
Mark Eugene Brewer 55391, MNChiropractic1003812991
Troy William Tvedt 55376, MNChiropractic1225034127
Kyle John Pankonin 56152, MNChiropractic1366448276
Chris Larson 55112, MNChiropractic1750387551
Shalymar C Troumbly 55901, MNChiropractic1619973385
Healthplus Chiropractic 55422, MNChiropractic1578569232
Greg Mcgillivray 55807, MNChiropractic1699771337
Ryan Jon Hokanson 56401, MNChiropractic1558367151
Jennifer Leigh Butturff 55349, MNChiropractic1437155058
Marc Howard Godfrey 56308, MNChiropractic1659377232
Thomas Jack Hanson 56601, MNChiropractic1346247921
Lee-ann Charlene Marchwick 56452, MNChiropractic1275539900
Bradley Roland Winter 55408, MNChiropractic1487650800
Sara Jean Cuperus 56377, MNChiropractic1528064342
Christian Jon Kollar 55112, MNChiropractic1922004167
Gregory Eugene Eastlund 55109, MNChiropractic1144226200
Lyle Richard Erickson 56763, MNChiropractic1700882719
Kara Ward Mcgillivray 55802, MNChiropractic1255337937
New Brighton Chiropractic Clinic, P.a. 55112, MNChiropractic1518963768
Brent David Venables 56377, MNChiropractic1548266711
Brian S Elijah 55431, MNChiropractic1184621708
Kim Alan Heffern 55120, MNChiropractic1568469047
Jimmy G. Anderson, D.c. 55042, MNChiropractic1043217433
Mark Andrew Stenberg 56470, MNChiropractic1194722330
Jay Allen Ebel 55372, MNChiropractic1194722207
Larry N Stember 56601, MNChiropractic1124025242
Leanne Corinne Warner 55418, MNChiropractic1164429197
Brian J Boen 55310, MNChiropractic1245237064
Shad Leroy Swanson 56601, MNChiropractic1558368209
Michael Jude Milbauer 56377, MNChiropractic1043217706
Kenneth W Pauly 56201, MNChiropractic1255338901
Bemidji Health And Wellness Center, P.c. 56601, MNChiropractic1780681437
Ryan James Granroth 56377, MNChiropractic1235136995
Susan H. Pham 55104, MNChiropractic1093713711
Benton Dale Mccone 55447, MNChiropractic1568469468
Jessica Maron Ling 56377, MNChiropractic1104823053
Tracy Lynn Andrews 55304, MNChiropractic1356348205
Brian James Plesha 55792, MNChiropractic1265439061
Patrick Steven Kunerth 56074, MNChiropractic1700883634
Richard F Galbraith 56401, MNChiropractic1821096496
Gary Neegard 55422, MNChiropractic1871591370
Matthew John Alvord 55344, MNChiropractic1063410363
Jon M Anderson Dc, Ltd 56377, MNChiropractic1962400275
Dianne L. Como 55427, MNChiropractic1689672982
Sanya Sheree Mortenson 56601, MNChiropractic1104823855
Keith Alan Kuch 56001, MNChiropractic1124026786
Andrew Newman 55337, MNChiropractic1730537929
Steven J Biermaier 56716, MNChiropractic1942208913
Robert Carl Welker 56220, MNChiropractic1679572457
Lonnie Roger Haken 56187, MNChiropractic1144229956
Lee Ann Herfort 55417, MNChiropractic1780683458
Bryan Okland 55792, MNChiropractic1124027800
Todd Michael Sands 55901, MNChiropractic1962401661
Robert E Heffern 55120, MNChiropractic1407855141
Health Choice Of Olivia 56277, MNChiropractic1750380366
Curtis Leon Leimer 56081, MNChiropractic1225037708
Gabriel L Wiener 56542, MNChiropractic1891794293
Jan Marie Murphy 55305, MNChiropractic1740289198
Stephanie Elaine Anderson Smith 56377, MNChiropractic1538168687
Christine A Beyer 55807, MNChiropractic1871592899
Gregory Allen Lee 56215, MNChiropractic1427057520
Randy Michael Maland 56283, MNChiropractic1851390702
Christopher Alan Johnson 55102, MNChiropractic1598765448
Jeffrey Frank Bittner 56283, MNChiropractic1093715732
Aaron John Hokanson 56425, MNChiropractic1235139965
Michael Bradley Shinder 55442, MNChiropractic1336149095
Irvin C Holtz 55102, MNChiropractic1366442832
G. Thomas Nelson 56584, MNChiropractic1003816489
Michael F. Santori 55016, MNChiropractic1760482103
Steven Richrd Schumacher 55101, MNChiropractic1174523237
Judith Ann St. Clair 55423, MNChiropractic1639179625
Vernon J Anderson 56232, MNChiropractic1649271644
Mark Ernest Schumacher 55101, MNChiropractic1083615926
Douglas Huntley Angove 55427, MNChiropractic1871594721
Nels Peter Haugen 55057, MNChiropractic1760481634
Janell Marie Randa 55939, MNChiropractic1992705966
Robert A Mcdonald Chiropractor Ltd 56378, MNChiropractic1831190891
Jon Myren Anderson 56377, MNChiropractic1881692770
Howard E Johnson 55330, MNChiropractic1427059062
Michael Leonard Marty 55353, MNChiropractic1619978798
Paul A Westby 55432, MNChiropractic1508868548
Kelly K Mc Coy 56048, MNChiropractic1518968635
Kay Dee Johnson 55949, MNChiropractic1821090770
Raymond W Mielke 56072, MNChiropractic1124020896
Timothy P Gerber 55912, MNChiropractic1629070040
Schumacher Chiropractic Clinic Pa 55130, MNChiropractic1407858855
Steven Michael Koford 56230, MNChiropractic1871585893
Leann Janet Koford 56230, MNChiropractic1891787826
James Patrick Krenzke 55943, MNChiropractic1891787883
Ridge M Pidde 55116, MNChiropractic1326030115
Valentini Chiropractic Clinic Ltd Pa 55442, MNChiropractic1477545895
Elizabeth Kay Lavin 56241, MNChiropractic1124010475
Jason Conrad Bramstedt 55811, MNChiropractic1487647723
Kathryn Marie Donovan 55803, MNChiropractic1053304386
Susan Marie Kent 55105, MNChiropractic1467445486
Amy Louise Gunderson-mcneil 56329, MNChiropractic1295728145
Judith Ann Polipnick 55320, MNChiropractic1720071715
Donald Michael Zieske 56273, MNChiropractic1366435091
Michael James Isaacson 55331, MNChiropractic1487647137
Daniel Martin Page 55128, MNChiropractic1205829454
Denis Boerjan 55901, MNChiropractic1699768655
Christopher Allen Dockter 55063, MNChiropractic1205838869
Daniel Simeon Lutz 55014, MNChiropractic1255333845
Daniel Gerald Moore 55330, MNChiropractic1285636845
Wayne Erron Gudgel 56283, MNChiropractic1467445817
Michael R Powell 56308, MNChiropractic1770577835
Robert Paul Daschner 56093, MNChiropractic1386638161
Bruce W Rannow 55350, MNChiropractic1528052099
Paul G Newman 56001, MNChiropractic1346234929
John David Vail 55987, MNChiropractic1083609440
Rita Rae Varner-otness 55313, MNChiropractic1245225390
Chad F Spaulding 56377, MNChiropractic1821083957
Mitchell Ralph Uecker 55302, MNChiropractic1720073695
Michael Troy Schomaker 55330, MNChiropractic1336134972
Kathryn Marie Knafla 55371, MNChiropractic1417943879
Cory L Emberland 55437, MNChiropractic1588650709
Cynthia Lynn Opp 55070, MNChiropractic1548256787
Brian Jeremy Opp 55070, MNChiropractic1184610321
Lakeland Chiropractic Clinic 56501, MNChiropractic1437145711
Bender Family Chiropractic Pllc 56501, MNChiropractic1346236627
Terry Michael Setterquist 55720, MNChiropractic1275529018
Craig Alan Couillard 55044, MNChiropractic1497741185
Mark A. Soli 55429, MNChiropractic1457348096
Smith Family Chiropractic, Inc. 56537, MNChiropractic1316934870
Kelly Wade Smith 56537, MNChiropractic1912994476
Ala Lora Lysyk Smith 56537, MNChiropractic1588651038
Richard Vincent Ottomeyer 55025, MNChiropractic1598752859
Michelle Marty Crawford 55313, MNChiropractic1255328472
Brenda Lee Fandel 55025, MNChiropractic1356338339
Lisa J. Humfeld-wilson 55021, MNChiropractic1497742449
Kay Steffenson 55402, MNChiropractic1992792824
Doc Djr Pc 55434, MNChiropractic1336515550
Marty Chiropractic Healing Center, P.a. 55313, MNChiropractic1730176637
Arlen Jay Lieberman 55422, MNChiropractic1659367308
Donald Elwyn Kough 55987, MNChiropractic1639167851
Susan Legender Clarke 55104, MNChiropractic1013905371
Gerald Wane Rupp 55033, MNChiropractic1700875531
Thomas Leo Tegels 56101, MNChiropractic1629067129
Merle Clark Phillips 56283, MNChiropractic1215926340
Chiro plus, P.a. 56283, MNChiropractic1184613226
Gordon Arthur Staff 55416, MNChiropractic1467442509
Kristie M Schmidt 55951, MNChiropractic1922098078
Jill Sunwha Hermen 55402, MNChiropractic1912998055
Alexander W Sheppard 55016, MNChiropractic1588655286
James Frederic Hermoe 56081, MNChiropractic1487645057
Robert A Schmitt 56466, MNChiropractic1083605505
Kyle M Hams 55037, MNChiropractic1679554828
Thomas Charles Schutter 56088, MNChiropractic1801877824
Wildwood Chiropractic Center Pa 55115, MNChiropractic1306827118
David E Truax 55024, MNChiropractic1902887284
James F. Napoli 55303, MNChiropractic1962484188
Erick Russell Anderson 54864, MNChiropractic1710960984
Kevin G Hardesty 56001, MNChiropractic1790768497
Mark C. Reps 55043, MNChiropractic1427031152
John E Schneider 55109, MNChiropractic1164406641
Brian Dean Betts 55431, MNChiropractic1659355006
Michael D Johnson 56381, MNChiropractic1154305449
Brent Alexander Kvam 55344, MNChiropractic1053395863
Jesse Michael Ternus 55303, MNChiropractic1962486779
Andrew S Klein 55416, MNChiropractic1659355337
Ryan Jason Mairs 56093, MNChiropractic1245215623
Randy Robert Carlson 56537, MNChiropractic1376528620
Jude B Eichman 55987, MNChiropractic1356327761
Jennifer B Eichman 55987, MNChiropractic1275519522
Rich Prairie Chiropractic Center Inc 56364, MNChiropractic1821074089
Roy D. Kjorlien 55744, MNChiropractic1902883549
Tammy R. Fimrite 56301, MNChiropractic1851378376


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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