Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin Lee Bays 65536, MOChiropractic1851394043
Terry L. Sellers 65453, MOChiropractic1306849203
Steven R Skaggs 64804, MOChiropractic1831192715
John W Slayton 64506, MOChiropractic1962405886
Jeannie L Terrell 65781, MOChiropractic1851394308
Steven Lee Vanden Hoek 63144, MOChiropractic1699778308
Jessica B Carlstrom 63028, MOChiropractic1811991441
Bradley S Cavness 63857, MOChiropractic1063416691
Eugene C Spilker 63090, MOChiropractic1841294287
Daniel O. Reiter 63628, MOChiropractic1518962869
Sean P Casey 63129, MOChiropractic1902801251
Thomas W. Brown 65711, MOChiropractic1679578306
Robert S Gellman 63301, MOChiropractic1407851280
Derrick Bennet Eichstadt 65668, MOChiropractic1144225640
Kyle S Bowers 65203, MOChiropractic1700881216
Scott D Jones 63010, MOChiropractic1053317388
Bradford Lewis Shull 64772, MOChiropractic1457357840
Bart V Rhoads 65109, MOChiropractic1811993157
Gilbert R Morgan 64856, MOChiropractic1154327070
Steven M Carlson 64804, MOChiropractic1184620809
Arla R Markin 65672, MOChiropractic1104823244
Stephen Lee Sankpill 63401, MOChiropractic1306843487
Frances D Collier 64114, MOChiropractic1548267636
Bruce Robin Anderson 64804, MOChiropractic1083611743
Christi Michelle Hancock 65052, MOChiropractic1467450189
Loren D Smothers 63935, MOChiropractic1295733756
William T Hogarth 63017, MOChiropractic1285632406
Dawn C Olenjack 63127, MOChiropractic1316946155
Rodney Smith 64468, MOChiropractic1720087380
Ciro J Rustici 64055, MOChiropractic1992704423
L. Russell Matthias 64015, MOChiropractic1134128382
James Christopher Gray 64057, MOChiropractic1245239383
Roger Wyatt Owens 65109, MOChiropractic1932108941
Timothy Scott Joplin 63701, MOChiropractic1134129901
Harold Kenneth Gilbertson 63044, MOChiropractic1124028998
Patrick E Oberle 63044, MOChiropractic1538169396
Matthew B Lytle 63044, MOChiropractic1700886561
Roger G Gutshall 64429, MOChiropractic1396745824
Michael Scott Unnerstall 63090, MOChiropractic1043210222
Lawrence Myles Gerstein 63090, MOChiropractic1851391247
Sharon L Kavanaugh 64155, MOChiropractic1275533267
Larry Joseph Herbig 64111, MOChiropractic1326049297
Robert L Dubinick 65804, MOChiropractic1942201843
James Herman Thress 65616, MOChiropractic1366443178
Mark J Maher 63119, MOChiropractic1871594606
Cary Leland Baney 63361, MOChiropractic1497757280
Terri Kay Monahan 63670, MOChiropractic1902808637
Keith Elton Biggs 63901, MOChiropractic1245232891
Lance Eugene Ford 64836, MOChiropractic1386636314
Charles Darren Hughes 64506, MOChiropractic1013909191
Ronald Terry Muschany 63111, MOChiropractic1326030321
Miles David Page 64029, MOChiropractic1851383541
Lisa R Long 63640, MOChiropractic1104818731
Total Health Associates Llc 64506, MOChiropractic1336131820
Robert Alan Riley 64081, MOChiropractic1821080227
Richard G. Schaefer 63501, MOChiropractic1619969995
Norman Eugene Bliss 64633, MOChiropractic1164415253
Michael T. Orskog 63501, MOChiropractic1437142254
Harold Douglas Sammons 63366, MOChiropractic1205829918
Randolph Roy Decker 64024, MOChiropractic1548253156
Emily B Hurt 64119, MOChiropractic1023423142
Gerald Francis Bauer 65265, MOChiropractic1326040478
Chiropractic Of North County, Llc 63136, MOChiropractic1063872893
Steven K. Heiland 63376, MOChiropractic1316939317
Leslie Scott Butler 63368, MOChiropractic1033101936
Jonathan K Armstrong 65738, MOChiropractic1124011630
Michael D Page 64055, MOChiropractic1154314532
Richard Jacobson Davis 63109, MOChiropractic1386638328
Jay P Mulligan 63127, MOChiropractic1811981707
Janeane Sue Saxton 64506, MOChiropractic1871587311
Ronald Francis Netzer 65708, MOChiropractic1114912953
Dennis G James 63376, MOChiropractic1104811702
Donald Wayne Dicus 63303, MOChiropractic1942296538
Kriston Shane Neifert 63141, MOChiropractic1275529745
Patrick J Bass 63040, MOChiropractic1700872827
Northwoods Chiropractic Pc 64118, MOChiropractic1194711242
Sam Hill 65721, MOChiropractic1548256605
Dennis Wayne Henson 64683, MOChiropractic1508852450
Alissa Denise Wiggins 64683, MOChiropractic1306832258
Sarah Elizabeth Stephens 64093, MOChiropractic1326034109
Craig Mattox 64506, MOChiropractic1811984586
Lana Cay Pennell 64052, MOChiropractic1407843618
Philip Edward Wulfert 63645, MOChiropractic1780671545
Timothy L Wulfert 63640, MOChiropractic1801884630
Margaret Ruth Duwe 63122, MOChiropractic1023006616
Jean M. Burle 63383, MOChiropractic1972598175
Mark Edward Schopp 63126, MOChiropractic1801881008
Jerome Ernst Kock 63042, MOChiropractic1841287596
William Henry Hammons 65203, MOChiropractic1649264045
Louis Edward Hagene 65453, MOChiropractic1760475263
Jeffrey D Carpenter 63020, MOChiropractic1396733598
Stephen G Schoenherr 63376, MOChiropractic1689663502
Michael A Williams 63366, MOChiropractic1922098599
Jane Louise Wibbenmeyer 63119, MOChiropractic1952391492
Matthew Alan Flory 63105, MOChiropractic1740270172
Gary L Meek 65804, MOChiropractic1396726568
George Michael Deckert 63125, MOChiropractic1912988379
Tjode M Mickelson 63028, MOChiropractic1104808435
Jeffrey H Citrin 63132, MOChiropractic1598746877
Tracie Virginia Fleshman 63043, MOChiropractic1811979032
James A Gray 65560, MOChiropractic1598747784
Emmett Ray Reary 65560, MOChiropractic1881676781
Chad Aaron May 65041, MOChiropractic1881676815
Michael Vianin 63122, MOChiropractic1821070582
Charles Meyer Vifquain 64063, MOChiropractic1033191689
Roland B Kuenzel 63670, MOChiropractic1164404612
John Thomas Haller 64075, MOChiropractic1518949031
Steven Jerome Meacham 63304, MOChiropractic1932182235
Thomas Arthur Dunlap 64801, MOChiropractic1861483745
Christopher John Maffit 63141, MOChiropractic1891785499
Michael C Zimmer 63043, MOChiropractic1396727582
Wayne Huddleston 65201, MOChiropractic1760465439
Gary F Ward 63640, MOChiropractic1689658189
Kendall P Deselms 64429, MOChiropractic1164406278
Neil Lloyd Linsenmayer 64744, MOChiropractic1093799231
Franklyn Ralph Carella 64118, MOChiropractic1710961891
Lois E Ward 63640, MOChiropractic1629052634
Louis Albert Fiquet 63532, MOChiropractic1336123082
Kathy A Mccuan 63755, MOChiropractic1932183738
Eric Todd Gearing 63353, MOChiropractic1972587574
Kort W Harshman 65807, MOChiropractic1639153307
Toni Schaeffer 63376, MOChiropractic1659356756
Paul Hyland 63141, MOChiropractic1154306066
Rene Gassner 63011, MOChiropractic1720063415
Michelle M. De La Torre 63080, MOChiropractic1194701219
Crockett Chiropractic, Pc 65803, MOChiropractic1326025867
Michael Wayne Jackson 65803, MOChiropractic1144207556
Robert Allen Carter 65807, MOChiropractic1790763688
James Murray Neptune 65807, MOChiropractic1497733380
Peter Magnifico 64067, MOChiropractic1053399295
Jonathan Raymond Cole 64601, MOChiropractic1104804160
Kris Leeann Cole 64601, MOChiropractic1043299019
Joshua T Frankum 64089, MOChiropractic1629057500
Dean M Weich 63042, MOChiropractic1407835721
William Dk Cragg 63119, MOChiropractic1548249626
Matthew J Frenzel 63144, MOChiropractic1073592168
Doris J Fortuna 64118, MOChiropractic1336129097
Eugene M Fortuna 64118, MOChiropractic1023098761
Gary L. Morris 63123, MOChiropractic1972583615
R Scott Bitner 66210, MOChiropractic1497735781
Kenneth G Osia 63111, MOChiropractic1922078039
Nancy Lee Young 63139, MOChiropractic1902876865
Joaquin Francisco Sumaya 63367, MOChiropractic1760862361
Nathan Fitzgerald 65807, MOChiropractic1841260650
Steven Kent Runnels 65625, MOChiropractic1205806635
Patricia Diane Buck 64485, MOChiropractic1871563288
Erosa S. Lawrence 65616, MOChiropractic1326018862
Craig Martin Anderson 63125, MOChiropractic1669443982
Holle L Renfro 64772, MOChiropractic1851362750
Amanda Renee Francis 63050, MOChiropractic1558332478
Douglas Cordell Wright 63050, MOChiropractic1982675732
Kearney Family Chiropractic Center Pc 64060, MOChiropractic1982675823
William L Hill 63080, MOChiropractic1588636955
Geralda F Hancock 63025, MOChiropractic1659343721
Todd W Just 63376, MOChiropractic1194797282
Patrick D Feder 63025, MOChiropractic1649243791
Anne-laure Gauthier 64152, MOChiropractic1700859675
Douglas Gauthier 64152, MOChiropractic1881667756
Harvey Donald Rhoads 63379, MOChiropractic1831162858
Kellie Steen Reed 63114, MOChiropractic1114991205
Thomas Joseph Swier 63114, MOChiropractic1154397438
Steven R. Lawless 63040, MOChiropractic1760458038
Steven Michael Timmer 64068, MOChiropractic1720054653
Lori Ann Stock 63376, MOChiropractic1336116136
Bryan A Joseph 63368, MOChiropractic1376510974
Loretta A Hough 63125, MOChiropractic1689641235
Lincoln Douglas Loucks 22802, MOChiropractic1174590525
Charles J Johnson 63052, MOChiropractic1780651984
Melani Ann Crocker 65536, MOChiropractic1912974049
Micheal J. Miller 65536, MOChiropractic1508834383
Beth Anne West 64429, MOChiropractic1396713582
Mary Beth Saale 63126, MOChiropractic1578523742
Jack D Crocker 65536, MOChiropractic1558321638
Brian Edward Wurst 65616, MOChiropractic1205896412
David J. Schoeberl 64506, MOChiropractic1184691321
Steven Christopher Rickman 64055, MOChiropractic1003875584
William A Heffron 63565, MOChiropractic1457324519
Mark E Howell 63141, MOChiropractic1851368658
Benjamin Otto Stiles 64055, MOChiropractic1922069830
Margaret Marie Freihaut 63026, MOChiropractic1023070471
Michelle Gray Sirois 65560, MOChiropractic1184686065
Bernard D Sirios 65560, MOChiropractic1659333524
Healthcare Complete, Llc 63129, MOChiropractic1457314874
Darin L Oxford 64865, MOChiropractic1871557710
Roger Eugene Dixon 65026, MOChiropractic1699739573
Robert Terrence Foy 63139, MOChiropractic1558326066
Kristina Clay 63368, MOChiropractic1629034426
Michael L Givens 63701, MOChiropractic1477519890
Joshua Wayne Vance 65738, MOChiropractic1619934395
Kari Lynne Vance 65738, MOChiropractic1699732370
David Wayne Stewart 63010, MOChiropractic1730146317
Kristine Michele Strouf 64119, MOChiropractic1285692186
Michelle Renee Palmer 65301, MOChiropractic1558329409
Edgar Everett 63114, MOChiropractic1033177746
Michael Merlyn Morack 64055, MOChiropractic1235197831
Christina R. Cantrell 64083, MOChiropractic1922066547
Nidhi Soni 63011, MOChiropractic1114985678
Barry Wiese 63112, MOChiropractic1407814627
Joseph Timothy Lane 63119, MOChiropractic1023066073
Mark E Stuckey 63366, MOChiropractic1386692234


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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