Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary P Dackor Dc Inc 28315, NCChiropractic1154427318
Burley stroker Chiropractic, Inc 28315, NCChiropractic1821198235
Brenda Burley Stroker 28315, NCChiropractic1417957036
Scott Gilbert Stroker 28315, NCChiropractic1174704969
Bode Chiropractic Center, Inc 28315, NCChiropractic1891847208
Four Horsemen 28601, NCChiropractic1881719037
Justin Wake Bode 28315, NCChiropractic1962474122
First Chiropractic Of The Sandhills 28315, NCChiropractic1497153175
Gary Paul Dackor 28315, NCChiropractic1316900350
Sandhills Family Chiropractic Pllc 28315, NCChiropractic1639798770
Chiropractic Research Institute Inc 27006, NCChiropractic1801028667
Vicki Lynne Cagle 27910, NCChiropractic1427009380
Larabee Chiropractic & Rehab 27910, NCChiropractic1750699971
Everett W Larabee 27910, NCChiropractic1154344638
Stroud & Stroud 28001, NCChiropractic1497943492
Deidra A Curlee 28001, NCChiropractic1275604746
Andrew Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic, Pa 28001, NCChiropractic1699705384
Samuel Keith Andrew 28001, NCChiropractic1861498040
John W Eckman Iii 28001, NCChiropractic1538269220
Carolina Health Solutions, Pllc 28001, NCChiropractic1134715832
Connie Eckman 28001, NCChiropractic1104850387
John William Eckman 28001, NCChiropractic1174557342
Axelson Chiropractic Health Center, P.a. 28509, NCChiropractic1831291103
Kenneth L. Vieregge 28509, NCChiropractic1033403498
Andrews Family Chiropractic Llc 28901, NCChiropractic1871682583
Cutshaw Chiropractic Center, Inc 28901, NCChiropractic1598800880
Shane Mcneil Cutshaw 28901, NCChiropractic1912192360
Kevin M O'brien 28901, NCChiropractic1790840205
Angier Chiropractic Center 27501, NCChiropractic1750395679
Richard John Parenti 27501, NCChiropractic1750539094
David Carter 27501, NCChiropractic1871051318
Advantage Chiropractic, Pc 27502, NCChiropractic1184209223
Sogoal Feizi 27502, NCChiropractic1497257646
Apex Chiropractic, Inc 27502, NCChiropractic1689924136
Fhc apex Pllc 27502, NCChiropractic1578734299
Borgert Family Chiropractic Pllc 27502, NCChiropractic1619209616
Derek Musciano 27502, NCChiropractic1275184038
Michael John Borgert 27502, NCChiropractic1063744910
Heather Lynn Sefried 27513, NCChiropractic1194841619
Abundant Life Chiropractic 27502, NCChiropractic1851990972
Ashley Mcguire 27502, NCChiropractic1700238094
Back To Basics Chiropractic Center, Pllc 27502, NCChiropractic1861677528
Back To Basics Chiropractic Center, Pa 27502, NCChiropractic1417069980
Brian John Corsetti 27502, NCChiropractic1083699045
Heather Elizabeth D'ambrosi 27502, NCChiropractic1235140344
Kenneth L Boyle 27502, NCChiropractic1336125889
Case Chiropractic Incorporated 27502, NCChiropractic1801991260
Cari May Case 27502, NCChiropractic1700808870
Jared Kyle Surbaugh 27502, NCChiropractic1215166574
Donna Usher King 27502, NCChiropractic1275573347
Dawn Of Health Chiropractic Pllc 27502, NCChiropractic1386085934
James Raymond Strunk 27502, NCChiropractic1366500605
Kayla Hill 27502, NCChiropractic1265996904
Pattrick Scott Gallagher 27530, NCChiropractic1366527244
Apex Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, P.a. 27502, NCChiropractic1457539538
Alexandra Washo 27502, NCChiropractic1871782888
Healing Hands Chiropractic, Pa 27502, NCChiropractic1003913203
Robert Boothe Boyer 27502, NCChiropractic1942306451
Milham Family Chiropractic 27502, NCChiropractic1427223817
Robert F Milham 27502, NCChiropractic1841258530
Creech Chiropractic Center Dc Pa 27502, NCChiropractic1417140898
David Charles Creech 27502, NCChiropractic1942324678
Paula E Gessner 27502, NCChiropractic1700931227
Megan Elizabeth Reed 27502, NCChiropractic1588909345
Performance Family Chiropractic Pllc 27502, NCChiropractic1689207706
Justin Gianni 27502, NCChiropractic1336544337
Steven G Isadore 27518, NCChiropractic1902962434
Cassese Health & Wellness, Pllc 27523, NCChiropractic1770982092
Brittany Alexa Kopec 27603, NCChiropractic1639778855
Christopher Michael Sullivan 27511, NCChiropractic1770761652
Artreya M Jernigan 27330, NCChiropractic1528557196
Jason Andrew Day 27539, NCChiropractic1578849907
William Tyler Earnst 27263, NCChiropractic1225094089
Stroud Chiropractic Pllc 27263, NCChiropractic1821045071
Brooke Stroud Martin 27263, NCChiropractic1518422419
Robert Eugene Stroud 27263, NCChiropractic1356344584
Sydney Stroud Lassiter 27263, NCChiropractic1467030460
Eric Seth Shapiro 28704, NCChiropractic1700370913
Heartwood Chiropractic And Rehabilitation 28704, NCChiropractic1073170189
David F Arpin 28704, NCChiropractic1598768533
Amy Litteral 28704, NCChiropractic1194766493
Rheingold Llc 28704, NCChiropractic1659442671
Nikolas Robert Hedberg 28704, NCChiropractic1073503579
Lisa Marie Allen 28704, NCChiropractic1417107467
Next Gen Chiropractic Wellness And Performance Center 28704, NCChiropractic1629529656
Bryan Gennett 28704, NCChiropractic1831545698
Siegel Chiropractic, Inc 28704, NCChiropractic1912245663
Clayton Drew Siegel 28704, NCChiropractic1518059294
Richard Albert Blase 27203, NCChiropractic1336242668
Darin Lee Denamur 27203, NCChiropractic1477587947
Kelly Denamur 27203, NCChiropractic1184748477
Kim Lavette Mcmasters 27405, NCChiropractic1336478049
Central Carolina Chiropractic Clinic, Inc 27203, NCChiropractic1003029463
Danny Lee Tyndall 27203, NCChiropractic1508079963
Lisa Ann Salyer 27203, NCChiropractic1710908603
Matthew Ryan Salyer 27203, NCChiropractic1922022870
Asheboro Chiropractic 27203, NCChiropractic1245622026
Asheboro Chiropractic Pllc 27203, NCChiropractic1841743697
Blase Chiropractic 27203, NCChiropractic1245434794
Greystone Chiropractic Of Burlington 27215, NCChiropractic1205423563
Bakaysa Chiropractic, Pllc 27203, NCChiropractic1093474009
Albert Joseph Blase 27203, NCChiropractic1043312762
Benjamin John Blase 27203, NCChiropractic1790887354
Joshua Coleman Pannell 27203, NCChiropractic1972022911
Mccall Sink Tanner 27203, NCChiropractic1215216601
Alexander Raymond Bakaysa 27203, NCChiropractic1457896201
Johnson Chiropractic Center 27203, NCChiropractic1134454291
Salyer Chiropractic Clinic P.a. 27205, NCChiropractic1780772657
Riley Elizabeth Lorenz 27205, NCChiropractic1558962613
Bart W Hodgins 28803, NCChiropractic1013908144
Dr James R Dutton Jr 28801, NCChiropractic1629052022
Jennifer D Oliver-liming 28801, NCChiropractic1457440752
Taylor Jules Maclean 28801, NCChiropractic1174153274
Downtown Chiropractic Center, Inc. 28801, NCChiropractic1366604019
Lillian Thomas 28801, NCChiropractic1215253034
Merrimon Chiropractic Inc. 28801, NCChiropractic1558543793
Essential Family Chiropractic Inc 28801, NCChiropractic1942778287
Robert Alan Resnick 28801, NCChiropractic1043350051
Stephen A Snider 28801, NCChiropractic1396752754
Monitto Clinic Of Chiropractic, Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1770544082
Jeremy Walter Tremblay 28801, NCChiropractic1801027503
Paul W Monitto 28801, NCChiropractic1578744512
Raphael P Mendel 28801, NCChiropractic1962957571
Gardens Of Health Chiropractic Pc 28801, NCChiropractic1245532902
Landon Miguel Ortiz 28801, NCChiropractic1528390705
John C Faherty 28801, NCChiropractic1558346437
Active Care Pllc 28801, NCChiropractic1568733640
Keith M Silcox 28801, NCChiropractic1922392224
Asheville Center For Healthy Living, Pllc 28801, NCChiropractic1568638310
Russel Hugh Sher 28801, NCChiropractic1497738173
Doster Chiropractic, Pc 28801, NCChiropractic1184677593
Michael Jarod Doster 28801, NCChiropractic1477509362
Tanya Escobedo Doster 28801, NCChiropractic1548216351
Leanne Apfelbeck Dc Pllc 28801, NCChiropractic1972235497
Gentle Family Chiropractic Center, P.c. 28801, NCChiropractic1003118431
Matilda Ann Sienko 28801, NCChiropractic1609854553
Janeen Jesse Hulbert 28803, NCChiropractic1861739849
Atlas Family Chiropractic Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1063477180
Johnson And Falk, Dc Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1720240351
Wnc Chiropractic And Wellness Center, Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1891033536
Kathryn Murray 28801, NCChiropractic1700165925
Resa F. Johnson 28801, NCChiropractic1346382744
Blue Ridge Wellness Center, P. A. 28801, NCChiropractic1811086150
Asheville Spine And Nerve Institute Pc 28801, NCChiropractic1184961773
David A Nygaard 28806, NCChiropractic1396845715
Network Family Chiropractic 28801, NCChiropractic1609939123
Andrew Senzon 28801, NCChiropractic1003979519
Susan S Senzon 28801, NCChiropractic1861555476
Molly E Meinhardt 28801, NCChiropractic1659845931
Helios Warriors 28801, NCChiropractic1508207192
Simeon M Kuic 28801, NCChiropractic1386923373
French Broad Health Llc 28801, NCChiropractic1144820671
Kirsten Elizabeth Petersen 28801, NCChiropractic1518036995
Macary Family Chiropractic, Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1356510200
April Badra Macary 28801, NCChiropractic1609931179
Laurel A Sams 28801, NCChiropractic1174042774
Michael Mazzarella 28801, NCChiropractic1679633275
Abigaile Davis Ortiz 28801, NCChiropractic1164724829
James Ralph Dutton 28801, NCChiropractic1366426769
Susan D Osada 28801, NCChiropractic1598080103
Greenspan Enterprises, Inc. 28801, NCChiropractic1235187402
Michelle Gail Greenspan 28801, NCChiropractic1740253467
John C Faherty 28801, NCChiropractic1760530455
Corey K Walton 28801, NCChiropractic1952746778
David S. Graham, Dc, Pa 28801, NCChiropractic1184895021
David S Graham 28801, NCChiropractic1992757702
Tracey A Roizman 28801, NCChiropractic1558306076
Fleming Chiropractic Care 28803, NCChiropractic1508854357
Innerlight Inc 28803, NCChiropractic1326110974
Nancy Lyn Indriso 28803, NCChiropractic1801907092
Steven Gerald Fleming 28803, NCChiropractic1760470512
Whittington Chiropractic Pa 28803, NCChiropractic1851473904
Thomas Hughes Whittington 28803, NCChiropractic1831271980
Daniel Mick 28791, NCChiropractic1982064085
Todd Stone 28803, NCChiropractic1891814026
Chohnice Paulynn Daniels 28803, NCChiropractic1689218513
Travis Whiteside 28803, NCChiropractic1104462977
Back In Balance, Pa 28803, NCChiropractic1538252929
D'ippolito Chiropractic, Massage & Beautiful Image, Pa 28803, NCChiropractic1104261189
David Burgess 28803, NCChiropractic1437675352
Eric Seth Shapiro 28803, NCChiropractic1003270737
Nicole Denise Lindsey 28803, NCChiropractic1154437556
Total Life Solution, P.a. 28803, NCChiropractic1518159102
Randall Chiropractic Pllc 28803, NCChiropractic1700253127
Eric James Randall 28803, NCChiropractic1831175124
Blue Ridge Chiropractic, Inc. 28803, NCChiropractic1447322086
Mark Szostczuk 28803, NCChiropractic1871665513
William M Saunders 28803, NCChiropractic1427483361
Wnc Chiropractic, Pllc 28803, NCChiropractic1659604692
Jennifer Sales Slechter 28803, NCChiropractic1346499894
South Asheville Chiropractic, Inc. 28803, NCChiropractic1588600449
Henry David Battistoni 28803, NCChiropractic1366488843
Balance Back Chiropractic Pllc 28803, NCChiropractic1396114336
Erin Stefanacci 28803, NCChiropractic1528567971
Kordonowy Chiropractic Center Pa 28803, NCChiropractic1609986488
Fhc Pllc 28601, NCChiropractic1376714006
Fhc Durham Pllc 27703, NCChiropractic1952572596
Fhc Winston 28803, NCChiropractic1124294160
Stuart Charles Kordonowy 28803, NCChiropractic1780745273
Chelsey Elizabeth Raponi 28803, NCChiropractic1174165815


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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