Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David F Arpin 28704, NCChiropractic1598768533
Robert Eugene Stroud 27263, NCChiropractic1356344584
John Monbarren 28079, NCChiropractic1679576490
Russell Kelso Davis 28532, NCChiropractic1982607966
Carol Donahue Knowles 27408, NCChiropractic1912900838
Torri Fair Gambacorta 27534, NCChiropractic1306840681
Stephen Canner 28754, NCChiropractic1609870500
William Andrew Smith 28025, NCChiropractic1942204789
Michael P Gambacorta 27534, NCChiropractic1851393920
Ronald Eugene Adams 28677, NCChiropractic1629072350
Mark James Glanzer 28659, NCChiropractic1306840731
Mark R Pustaver 28105, NCChiropractic1336144534
Jason N Kucma 27545, NCChiropractic1205831989
Teresa M Stevens 28681, NCChiropractic1134124670
Joseph Andrew Duffy 28021, NCChiropractic1780680157
Samuel Keith Andrew 28001, NCChiropractic1861498040
Vinai Moua 28601, NCChiropractic1720084015
Jeffrey Alan Powell 28638, NCChiropractic1073519062
Cynthia Lee Riley 28562, NCChiropractic1568468536
John Patrick Beshel 27215, NCChiropractic1720084411
Dominick Anthony Tarantino 28215, NCChiropractic1295731834
Jason R Stokes 27520, NCChiropractic1154327963
Mark Scanlan Sack 28645, NCChiropractic1508862251
Jerome Earl Fonke 28304, NCChiropractic1720084338
Timothy Wayne Love 28025, NCChiropractic1083619514
John Joseph Hanna 28105, NCChiropractic1477550457
Tina Marie Driscoll 28390, NCChiropractic1083611040
Health & Wellness Center, Inc. 28390, NCChiropractic1013914977
Aaron Edward Cocklin 28025, NCChiropractic1669479465
Susan R Train 28092, NCChiropractic1730187865
Robert Alan Bush 28786, NCChiropractic1902805641
Mark Creston Marien 28031, NCChiropractic1265431761
William Hal Thompson 28463, NCChiropractic1649279175
Debora L Heflin 28208, NCChiropractic1295734572
Lemuel P Byrd 28208, NCChiropractic1205835543
Gayle Marie Thompson 28463, NCChiropractic1255330684
Brenda Burley Stroker 28315, NCChiropractic1417957036
Ferrell Keith Pittman 28110, NCChiropractic1831199355
Thomas M Brown 28208, NCChiropractic1912907189
Mark Theriault 28037, NCChiropractic1437159746
Nicole Maura Hughes-turpin 28210, NCChiropractic1780684001
Thomas Landrum Williams 27858, NCChiropractic1588664668
Steven S English 28212, NCChiropractic1558362400
Gregg Howell Giblin 28027, NCChiropractic1629079595
Steven Joseph Crealese 28105, NCChiropractic1821099631
Marc S Gottlieb 27615, NCChiropractic1700886199
Matthew J. Germini 27021, NCChiropractic1053310334
Thomas Jason Permenter 28212, NCChiropractic1164422192
John Salvatore Boccella 27615, NCChiropractic1063413771
Michael Hugh Estramonte 28213, NCChiropractic1609877901
David L Bradham 28339, NCChiropractic1447251533
Agnes Regina Freeman 28451, NCChiropractic1083616825
Maurice Vincent Horton 28405, NCChiropractic1326040106
Donald Arthur Crouchley 28405, NCChiropractic1982606679
William A. Vied 28681, NCChiropractic1114929825
William Nelson Mead 28401, NCChiropractic1437151149
Hobart Shay Cook 28405, NCChiropractic1841292513
Andrew Garland Smith 28405, NCChiropractic1982606653
Richard Vincent Lewis 27522, NCChiropractic1649272048
Andrew S. Jeter 28144, NCChiropractic1881686947
Andrew S. Jeter, Dc Pa 28144, NCChiropractic1831181023
Randolph Chiropractic Health Center Pa 28207, NCChiropractic1790777993
Todd Fulton Abernathy 28115, NCChiropractic1982696001
Mark William Cook 28150, NCChiropractic1720070766
Scott W. Firczak 28207, NCChiropractic1003808833
David J. Greenberg 28207, NCChiropractic1588656318
David S Herrmann 27360, NCChiropractic1134111701
Linda Dee Austin-cox 27546, NCChiropractic1982696399
Karen Ann Estramonte 28213, NCChiropractic1659364875
Dennis G. Mcgee 27858, NCChiropractic1912990078
Steven Samuel Binder 28677, NCChiropractic1346233418
George Brandon Taylor 27536, NCChiropractic1801889464
Bonedocs Pllc 28078, NCChiropractic1255713939
Hing L Kwan 27292, NCChiropractic1568454296
Vincent David Brown 28025, NCChiropractic1497747893
John Albert Smith 27604, NCChiropractic1992799332
Lawrence Dodd 27609, NCChiropractic1447244744
Thomas Osborn Vinick 27958, NCChiropractic1306830401
Andrew Segarra 28075, NCChiropractic1770577546
Davis Chiropractic Center Inc 27704, NCChiropractic1073507877
Vinod Jones Isaiah 27253, NCChiropractic1306830930
Curtis L White 28117, NCChiropractic1972598936
Saleeby Chiropractic Centre Pa 27609, NCChiropractic1649265273
Donald E Reese Dc Pc 28401, NCChiropractic1699761122
Kevin Mark Sharp 27104, NCChiropractic1568458057
Ryan Scott Robinson 28117, NCChiropractic1083600373
Paul Bernard Brugger 27215, NCChiropractic1679569768
Eric Ellingson 27713, NCChiropractic1083600977
Aaron Richardet 28405, NCChiropractic1528054442
James Michael Watkins Iii 27262, NCChiropractic1124014907
Joey Carl Minder 27215, NCChiropractic1619963360
Ricky Reich Sides 27103, NCChiropractic1992792337
Clifton Mays 27265, NCChiropractic1326035627
Matthew A Schmid 27615, NCChiropractic1063409316
Brian Ralph Ransone 27615, NCChiropractic1730176082
Philip Andrew Mahan 27292, NCChiropractic1720075997
Larry E Stogner 28379, NCChiropractic1427045590
Steven Gerald Fleming 28803, NCChiropractic1760470512
Amanda R Keates 27520, NCChiropractic1396731907
Tammy Atkinson 27511, NCChiropractic1912993783
Jerry Ray Reavis 27106, NCChiropractic1649268905
David Michael Arnold 28379, NCChiropractic1174511547
Susan Schneiderman Sykes 27012, NCChiropractic1285622134
Lanny David Lude 28403, NCChiropractic1306834205
Charles Raymond Davis 27704, NCChiropractic1225027030
Thomas E. Harris 28734, NCChiropractic1225027717
Lawrence M Bridge 27371, NCChiropractic1245229723
Nikolas Robert Hedberg 28704, NCChiropractic1073503579
Bart W Hodgins 28803, NCChiropractic1013908144
Harry Duncan Greene 28377, NCChiropractic1043201536
Scott Michael Siegel 27889, NCChiropractic1194716886
Tammy Lynn Triplett-kesky 28470, NCChiropractic1790776367
Aaron Joseph Stump 28054, NCChiropractic1902897465
Dean Edward Meylor 27410, NCChiropractic1023009537
Julia Elizabeth Wilkins 27615, NCChiropractic1689655474
Paul Glenn Mackenzie 27262, NCChiropractic1306827977
Michael John Riccoboni 27012, NCChiropractic1013998848
Summerfield Family Chiropractic 27358, NCChiropractic1962483529
Ray L Burris Dc Pa 28092, NCChiropractic1366423758
April Hall Taylor 28694, NCChiropractic1366423634
Hans J Vanheule 28657, NCChiropractic1770564064
Michele Kin 27408, NCChiropractic1811979081
Sullivan Chiropractic Clinic 27573, NCChiropractic1104808385
Gys Chiro Inc 27407, NCChiropractic1518949783
Steven R Avitabile 27560, NCChiropractic1396727251
Kenneth Lee Hicks 28590, NCChiropractic1235111287
Donald Ray Acton 28806, NCChiropractic1962484667
Michael Frank Silver 28056, NCChiropractic1780666529
Gary Lee Thorne 28304, NCChiropractic1184606741
Ravenscroft 58 Inc 28786, NCChiropractic1962484543
George Yousef Salama 27407, NCChiropractic1841272473
Daniel Joseph Becker 28782, NCChiropractic1083697338
Melissa Lynn Kucera 27253, NCChiropractic1164413373
Rod C Brown 27358, NCChiropractic1225019656
Damien Jude Rodulfo 27408, NCChiropractic1407838675
Stephen M Saleeby 27609, NCChiropractic1134102155
Russel Hugh Sher 28801, NCChiropractic1497738173
Paul Jude Elminowski 28110, NCChiropractic1205819778
James Ralph Dutton 28801, NCChiropractic1366426769
Donna Jean Hedgepeth 27606, NCChiropractic1326022351
Stephanie L Saunders 27573, NCChiropractic1447234265
Arthur W Robbins 28722, NCChiropractic1841274701
Sara Jane Lawson 28803, NCChiropractic1700860384
Kenton Andrew Lawson 28803, NCChiropractic1073597662
Wayne J Prickett 27609, NCChiropractic1568446284
Colin R. Caddell 27410, NCChiropractic1508841750
Chris E Thompson 28787, NCChiropractic1417932666
James Price Roper 27526, NCChiropractic1366427544
Galen Ray Collins 28173, NCChiropractic1104801299
Bruce A Hilton 28613, NCChiropractic1407831548
John Thomas Tierney 28387, NCChiropractic1841275963
Debra Bell 27513, NCChiropractic1487639522
Gary Lee Wojeski 28504, NCChiropractic1366427361
Alec Khlebopros 28273, NCChiropractic1205811213
Brian John Corsetti 27502, NCChiropractic1083699045
John C Faherty 28801, NCChiropractic1558346437
Harold Ted Barbee 27041, NCChiropractic1891770582
James Oerter 27265, NCChiropractic1902881832
Douglas Lou Schmidt 27612, NCChiropractic1417932369
Carolina Family Chiropractic Pa 28314, NCChiropractic1801871652
James M O'donahue 28590, NCChiropractic1316922180
Joseph Peter Mclaughlin 28213, NCChiropractic1821073503
Gregory E Baldy 27609, NCChiropractic1114903861
Philip Bryan Featherstone 28277, NCChiropractic1679559116
Christopher Wesley Cardwell 28602, NCChiropractic1992781454
Kenneth L Boyle 27502, NCChiropractic1336125889
Eric James Randall 28803, NCChiropractic1831175124
Bradly J Buxton 27408, NCChiropractic1225014426
Keith Clinic Of Chiropractic, P.a. 28208, NCChiropractic1407832637
Keith Clinic Of Chiropractic Of Monroe 28110, NCChiropractic1598741738
Kathy Thorn 27587, NCChiropractic1659357895
Karina Zagorski Gurney 28734, NCChiropractic1417933417
Paul Stapf 28786, NCChiropractic1780660720
Anthony Wayne Hamm 27534, NCChiropractic1467438416
Roper Chiropractic Clinic Pa 27526, NCChiropractic1245216100
Christopher R. Outten 27513, NCChiropractic1104802057
Todd William Beedle 27597, NCChiropractic1639155500
William Neely Harkey Iii Pa 28601, NCChiropractic1710963590
Kenneth Ray Watson 28209, NCChiropractic1346227030
Matthew Crilley 27614, NCChiropractic1477530061
William Mitchell Blitstein 28213, NCChiropractic1619954005
Robert James Leslie 28115, NCChiropractic1063499457
James E Smith 28584, NCChiropractic1407833783
Harrell Mitchell Carpenter 27615, NCChiropractic1932186079
Paul Wayne Williams 27012, NCChiropractic1851378855
Dennis Clay Caudill 28083, NCChiropractic1346227279
Matilda Ann Sienko 28801, NCChiropractic1609854553
Thomas Paul Boeck 28562, NCChiropractic1669450409
Jonathan Neal Colter 28078, NCChiropractic1164400065
Kevin Micheal Johnson 28401, NCChiropractic1154309904
Gary Wayne Mckeel 27407, NCChiropractic1184602799
Hans Paul Himmel 28716, NCChiropractic1972581536
Adrian Robert Vannote 28401, NCChiropractic1962480582
John William Lancaster 27103, NCChiropractic1811975352
Michele Renee Blitstein 28213, NCChiropractic1801874359
Ronald Ernest Cohn 28697, NCChiropractic1841278199
Joseph William Davis 28411, NCChiropractic1326027921
Chester D. Palumbo 27707, NCChiropractic1386623866
Ray Harris Reaves 28658, NCChiropractic1093794471
David Ethan Schwartz 27577, NCChiropractic1275512527


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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