Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of New Hampshire

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of New Hampshire:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joshua Jaloma Hirsch 03452, NHChiropractic1063415578
John J Strasser 03580, NHChiropractic1982606232
Ava L. Henderson-ronchetti 02134, NHChiropractic1568467181
W. Keith Parrish 03249, NHChiropractic1790781045
Peter Nelson Bailey 03045, NHChiropractic1902802226
Kevin W Lynch 03079, NHChiropractic1700883832
Charles M Sidell 03581, NHChiropractic1437158698
Thomas Taylor 03833, NHChiropractic1215937214
Kenneth C Rafferty 03246, NHChiropractic1881693620
Warren R. Barclay 03051, NHChiropractic1255332300
Thomas M. Little 03469, NHChiropractic1538161500
Ray Philip Humphrey 03110, NHChiropractic1023010501
Janelle L Bard 03251, NHChiropractic1659364123
Raymond P Trottier 03220, NHChiropractic1386638583
Jamey R Bowker 03878, NHChiropractic1023003662
Erik N Bakke 03878, NHChiropractic1225023864
Wayne Gary Clough 03801, NHChiropractic1558358515
Christopher S Dawson 03801, NHChiropractic1487643466
Ronald J Aragona 03104, NHChiropractic1194708321
Charles David Eisenberg 03253, NHChiropractic1356326342
Ray Humphrey D.c. Pllc 03110, NHChiropractic1609854546
Loyall C Allen 03244, NHChiropractic1073591442
Gary R Gosselin 03102, NHChiropractic1427037886
Serdar Ayan 03303, NHChiropractic1497734586
Anthony A Soriente 03818, NHChiropractic1134109424
Jessica Lee Fontaine Szalowski 03038, NHChiropractic1336129766
Antonio Vincenzo Giancola 03054, NHChiropractic1841270063
Brentwood Chiropractic Center Pc 03833, NHChiropractic1336122332
Russell Boyd Grazier 03801, NHChiropractic1831161504
Kevin B. Sandberg 03844, NHChiropractic1871566117
Michael P Blackman 03820, NHChiropractic1801863808
John Tatone 03561, NHChiropractic1679535561
Lori Sandra Ramos 03570, NHChiropractic1548224488
Stephen Anthony Druke 03570, NHChiropractic1780649285
Diane C Kwasniewski 03608, NHChiropractic1043276652
Stephen Lloyd Shields 03841, NHChiropractic1437115755
Daven Lowell Spencer 03104, NHChiropractic1013974732
Holly Anne Ruocco 03079, NHChiropractic1881651982
Kuerstin Marie Fordham-macedo 03842, NHChiropractic1619925005
Benjamin S Kaplan 03031, NHChiropractic1285683565
Goffstown Chiropractic Care, Pllc 03045, NHChiropractic1164471306
Tiffany Lynn Bare 03031, NHChiropractic1598715138
Timothy John Troy 03054, NHChiropractic1336190768
Sue Ann Sidell Dc 03581, NHChiropractic1811941685
James C Pamplin 03264, NHChiropractic1790739597
Michael T Clark 03867, NHChiropractic1275596041
Aaron C Bard 03458, NHChiropractic1720038367
Scott Douglas Franklin 03894, NHChiropractic1508812074
Brooks Adams Seaman 03431, NHChiropractic1013964345
Philip B. Szalowski 03038, NHChiropractic1306893557
Amy Dolores Deutsch 03229, NHChiropractic1912940743
Mark L Crosser 03867, NHChiropractic1144264359
Brian Thomas Bigelow 03060, NHChiropractic1063448777
Jeffrey M Myers 03833, NHChiropractic1578594123
Scott Sarama Sardonicus 03820, NHChiropractic1710919576
Christian Kotulak 03053, NHChiropractic1649227117
John Humphrey Merrick 03104, NHChiropractic1215960158
David Linatsas 03064, NHChiropractic1023040938
Tobi Reid Sheiker 03301, NHChiropractic1952335879
John Robert Cannon 03801, NHChiropractic1972537470
Michael Todd Forbes 03820, NHChiropractic1437174471
Adam E Killpartrick 03225, NHChiropractic1083639652
Deborah Ann Beckley 03038, NHChiropractic1639195621
Vincent Emil Greco 03275, NHChiropractic1275551053
Bryan Jason Natusch 03784, NHChiropractic1154343283
Jeffrey W Rogers 03870, NHChiropractic1477576031
Heath L Edwards 03773, NHChiropractic1336153519
Cassandre Cardillo 03820, NHChiropractic1922012004
Nancy Y. Ota 03031, NHChiropractic1457375941
Kevin T Arling 05826, NHChiropractic1124032636
Manchester Spine And Rehab 03301, NHChiropractic1003820952
Maryanne Cormier 03087, NHChiropractic1841204583
Donna Splendore 03301, NHChiropractic1639184468
David William Middleton 03820, NHChiropractic1104832286
Keith John Zimmermann 03103, NHChiropractic1659381960
Gary L Walsemann 03743, NHChiropractic1356351472
Diane Guerriere 03894, NHChiropractic1437161403
Mark B Arsenault 03862, NHChiropractic1790797140
Richard S Moore 03820, NHChiropractic1992718506
Leo Michael Kenney 03860, NHChiropractic1720091994
Matthew J Beckley 03038, NHChiropractic1871506220
John Duke Lovetere 03801, NHChiropractic1598878258
Steven A Floyd 03038, NHChiropractic1720191836
Parnell Chiropractic & Wellness 03060, NHChiropractic1952414955
Carol A Parnell Prevost 03060, NHChiropractic1841303344
Tamara Lea Lovelace 03801, NHChiropractic1932213881
Jane E Silcocks 03872, NHChiropractic1114034790
Lillian E Eterian 03038, NHChiropractic1427080761
Walsemann Chiropractic Life Center, P.a. 03743, NHChiropractic1508877978
Peter A Viteritti 03110, NHChiropractic1235148446
Agatha A Proper 03773, NHChiropractic1689693780
David R Letellier 03102, NHChiropractic1528175957
Brian J Arsenault 03076, NHChiropractic1386754158
Keith Andrew Weiss 03301, NHChiropractic1013027564
Deborah Lynn Ayer 03820, NHChiropractic1508976895
Brett Michael Leclair 03842, NHChiropractic1356451454
Joel H Thone 03867, NHChiropractic1629189204
Duke Family Chiropractic Pa 03840, NHChiropractic1326141664
Stephen G. Guild 03246, NHChiropractic1356444541
Wesley A Merritt 03824, NHChiropractic1003911082
Veronica D Whitten 03301, NHChiropractic1619074325
Paul R Bacon 03801, NHChiropractic1811097751
Jeffrey Scott Barbour 03801, NHChiropractic1225138993
Anthony Lowenberg 03054, NHChiropractic1568553691
John B. Avard 03110, NHChiropractic1205927779
George Rock Hamel 03103, NHChiropractic1932290970
Peter A Fowler 03874, NHChiropractic1164513503
Wellington Chiropractic Pa 03104, NHChiropractic1548352255
Gerald Nastasia 01907, NHChiropractic1811089576
Patricia Grace Wentworth 03904, NHChiropractic1861585622
Wellspring Chiropractic Health Center 03820, NHChiropractic1689767345
Darcy A Crisp 03106, NHChiropractic1437243052
Mary Christina Devine 03431, NHChiropractic1467546598
Jeffrey W Whitaker 03246, NHChiropractic1306931506
David Carl Lundgren 03053, NHChiropractic1871681460
Trisha M Fruhbeis 03079, NHChiropractic1932297389
Charles S Saggiotes 03301, NHChiropractic1780772848
Pascal Rene Lavarte 03894, NHChiropractic1831288505
Sandra Lee Fletcher 03743, NHChiropractic1821188129
Aaron D Howard 03055, NHChiropractic1124108121
James H Wier 03055, NHChiropractic1710067624
Tammy Gampel 03833, NHChiropractic1396826889
Thomas M Jusczak 03301, NHChiropractic1861575128
Barbara E Jeffery 03598, NHChiropractic1629151360
Susan Leigh Szot 02148, NHChiropractic1609950351
Matthew Daniel Hotz 03848, NHChiropractic1275617953
Paul R Cameron 03053, NHChiropractic1871678839
Harold Edelstein 03865, NHChiropractic1801972310
Andrew Edelstein 03865, NHChiropractic1295811735
Michael A. Gleason 03087, NHChiropractic1548348568
Edward John Rusher 03102, NHChiropractic1821177999
William Roy Mcqueeney 63833, NHChiropractic1588743579
Bartlomiej M Rzepa 03862, NHChiropractic1093894313
Fredrick H. Chassman 01605, NHChiropractic1225107360
Darcy Crisp Chiropractic, Inc 03106, NHChiropractic1447329321
Mary Agnes Ladick 03053, NHChiropractic1083784383
Jaggn Llc 03051, NHChiropractic1679642763
Karen Marie Bannon Boisvert 03801, NHChiropractic1174614556
Mark Edward Bergeron 03038, NHChiropractic1275610248
Steven Pena 03608, NHChiropractic1578650172
Glenn J Kneeland 03079, NHChiropractic1518068170
The Back Stop Chiropractic Health Center Inc 03055, NHChiropractic1790865608
Warren Arthur Maddox 03053, NHChiropractic1740367408
Michael E Kneeland 03087, NHChiropractic1619078185
Donna M Kneeland 03087, NHChiropractic1740381318
Ronald Lanzara 03064, NHChiropractic1265503346
Cindy Lanzara 03064, NHChiropractic1437220514
Mark Thomas Petersen 03867, NHChiropractic1487727897
Jeffrey T. Roberts 03458, NHChiropractic1962575399
Robert John Nesham 03270, NHChiropractic1366515223
William J Hickman 03104, NHChiropractic1235203480
Comprehensive Healthcare Inc 03053, NHChiropractic1619042397
Daniel R Dawson 03820, NHChiropractic1356416721
Margaret Mary Campbell Gallinaro 03053, NHChiropractic1326113002
Dan Bezon 03257, NHChiropractic1144396912
Glen D Philo 03062, NHChiropractic1851467567
James Whedon 03753, NHChiropractic1124194923
Kerri Lynn Grant 03801, NHChiropractic1215003785
Juliet C Dickinson 03818, NHChiropractic1295803922
Results Chiropractic, P.l.l.c. 03064, NHChiropractic1790843944
Todd W. Erickson 03301, NHChiropractic1174682249
Arthur I. Slotnick 03304, NHChiropractic1265592208
Michael Darcy Mundy 03755, NHChiropractic1538229216
J Daniel Parent 03053, NHChiropractic1790845477
Kevin David Lehane 03076, NHChiropractic1114088655
Andrew Sheriff 03801, NHChiropractic1194885756
William Charles Kragen 03801, NHChiropractic1609938786
Richard Daniel Blake 03784, NHChiropractic1972666774
Allen Chiropractic, Pllc 03440, NHChiropractic1033274824
Walter J Moore 03784, NHChiropractic1952467839
Theresa Lochner Mundy 03755, NHChiropractic1255498374
Paul Andre Molloy 03301, NHChiropractic1649337254
Melissa Jennifer Savicky 03301, NHChiropractic1871650481
Bruce A Hulslander 03060, NHChiropractic1053468256
Dana Lynne Wickman 03079, NHChiropractic1033266960
Danette L Cole 03833, NHChiropractic1538216445
John Michael Rice 03054, NHChiropractic1538216387
Shawn David Shapiro 03801, NHChiropractic1710034707
G Joseph Pearce 03833, NHChiropractic1265581615
S Sofia Haffenreffer 03862, NHChiropractic1770632770
Pearce Chiropractic Pc 03833, NHChiropractic1235288440
Bryant David Stevener 03304, NHChiropractic1679622856
Joseph Andrew Reinfurt 03103, NHChiropractic1265581664
William R Haffenreffer 03862, NHChiropractic1255480216
Bernwart Kellner 03431, NHChiropractic1467501395
Zellweger Family Chiropractic Pllc 03461, NHChiropractic1619027026
Edward R Kwasniewski 03431, NHChiropractic1487704391
David William Lewis 03242, NHChiropractic1902956139
Carolin E Kohler-damron 03055, NHChiropractic1659422897
Matthew C Swiesz 03826, NHChiropractic1447303102
John David Boyden 03110, NHChiropractic1750433702
Whitney Leigh Swiesz 03826, NHChiropractic1417000175
John A Sellar 03301, NHChiropractic1063565323
Richard Joseph Ward 03054, NHChiropractic1134272537
Joni Marie Gray 03561, NHChiropractic1922151067
Michael John Thomas 01887, NHChiropractic1477607141
Kevin Sean Moriarty 03062, NHChiropractic1588719496
Gabriel M Dawson 03060, NHChiropractic1396891107
Mark William Stagnone 03053, NHChiropractic1215073861
Robin Bruck 03102, NHChiropractic1093852857


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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