Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anthony A Rosania 07731, NJChiropractic1154324291
Robert R Wood 07470, NJChiropractic1336143114
Alfonso J Manforti 08755, NJChiropractic1992700207
Bryan C Russell 08053, NJChiropractic1558366781
Theodora Christine Caraway 08080, NJChiropractic1558366799
Leonard Franklin Vernon 08054, NJChiropractic1598760696
Robert Samuel Fisher 08822, NJChiropractic1699770438
Jay M Cohen 07083, NJChiropractic1982609830
John Scott Neuner 08225, NJChiropractic1083619597
Joseph E. Hatrak 08055, NJChiropractic1093711434
Louis A Lorenzo 07054, NJChiropractic1588660732
Steven B Dickert 08810, NJChiropractic1619973898
Keith Oconnell 07463, NJChiropractic1699771667
Brenda Lee Rooney 07836, NJChiropractic1467458489
Mark Zientek 07065, NJChiropractic1972500379
Michael Pappacena 07828, NJChiropractic1063419257
Daniel Houshmand 07041, NJChiropractic1265439277
Vito Pagano 08534, NJChiropractic1104823293
Seth Bass 08753, NJChiropractic1922005933
Peter J. Haigney 07042, NJChiropractic1982601845
Joan P Weber 07072, NJChiropractic1275530107
John Joseph Raio 07006, NJChiropractic1619975018
Carmen John Occhiuzzi 07508, NJChiropractic1336147594
Jorge Enrique Rincon 07083, NJChiropractic1063410082
Timothy Joseph Hayes 07728, NJChiropractic1730187246
Bruce Harvey Grossman 08904, NJChiropractic1306844337
Guy F. Notte 07039, NJChiropractic1972502524
Giuseppe Musso 07936, NJChiropractic1265431688
Glenn Knobelman 07850, NJChiropractic1720088438
Joseph J Licitra 07012, NJChiropractic1891795514
James J Sanfilippo 07032, NJChiropractic1356341903
Lori A. Brolsma 07457, NJChiropractic1124028717
Herbert Charles Ruth 07701, NJChiropractic1942200423
Todd D. Eglow 07604, NJChiropractic1063412252
Dan Donofrio 07652, NJChiropractic1780684878
Valerie J Hutchison-daniluk 08723, NJChiropractic1619977725
William David Charschan 08902, NJChiropractic1861492951
Richard A. Stiso 07932, NJChiropractic1124028139
Michael W Golz 07417, NJChiropractic1225039282
Glassboro Chiropractic Center 08028, NJChiropractic1285635003
Jeffrey Schlesinger 07601, NJChiropractic1427058247
John Joseph Tumas 08730, NJChiropractic1891794376
John Bartley Martinez 07960, NJChiropractic1669472353
James Francis Linder 07657, NJChiropractic1386645042
Timothy Alvin Bialecki 08840, NJChiropractic1114928678
Daniel M Newcomer 08859, NJChiropractic1831190214
Thomas William Gilfillan 07860, NJChiropractic1972504264
Andrew J Rajeckas 07438, NJChiropractic1609877877
Robert Andrew Super 08107, NJChiropractic1720080708
Bruce R Kahn 07801, NJChiropractic1740281856
William J Malta 07041, NJChiropractic1659373785
Karen Lynn Rizzo 08027, NJChiropractic1316949175
Hans D Kalchbrenner 07458, NJChiropractic1730181470
John L Cerf 07306, NJChiropractic1811999295
Charles Collins 07009, NJChiropractic1619969839
Tami Hartman 07849, NJChiropractic1093707861
Kimberly E. Mah 07849, NJChiropractic1801888672
Martin E Cohen 07090, NJChiropractic1477545150
Diane J Navarro 08628, NJChiropractic1366434714
Victor J Rossi 08215, NJChiropractic1073506127
Gerould J Giddings 08109, NJChiropractic1750374765
Jason M Towey 08215, NJChiropractic1306839303
Marc R Wartenberg 08053, NJChiropractic1134112881
Affiliated Health Professionals Pc 08816, NJChiropractic1295728889
Mark Weinstein 08816, NJChiropractic1073506689
Sparta Medical Associates, P.a. 07871, NJChiropractic1710970363
Monmouth Pain And Rehabiliation Pc 07702, NJChiropractic1255874632
Kenneth Ryan Hart 07724, NJChiropractic1407382054
Philip J Scheets 08053, NJChiropractic1518950690
Richard Todd Kirstein 08361, NJChiropractic1992799373
Brooke Bass 07712, NJChiropractic1073507232
James Proodian 07740, NJChiropractic1477547636
Joseph P Denney 08054, NJChiropractic1700871290
Frank Richard Gasparovic 08080, NJChiropractic1144215450
Sandy Giacobbe 07825, NJChiropractic1891780177
John J Mcelroy 08050, NJChiropractic1215922448
Eric M Freedman 07724, NJChiropractic1538154729
Robert S Fitzpatrick 08753, NJChiropractic1689669426
Lisa A Fitzpatrick 08753, NJChiropractic1538154265
John E Martel 08619, NJChiropractic1457347056
Gary J Mascilak 07871, NJChiropractic1881680742
Michael Paul Verga 10022, NJChiropractic1659367431
Amit Mohindroo 08755, NJChiropractic1912993718
Ronald T. Merriel 19129, NJChiropractic1760479232
Richard Fellows 08204, NJChiropractic1508853854
Kayla Ann Aversa 07013, NJChiropractic1336506534
Richard Alfred Munley 07462, NJChiropractic1477549228
Thomas J Degasperis 07860, NJChiropractic1316933278
William Walsh 08724, NJChiropractic1518952704
Ktsdc,pc 07738, NJChiropractic1912996778
Ronald J Liburdi 08753, NJChiropractic1982693669
Charles M Paolini 07430, NJChiropractic1881684835
Steven Frank Vaccarella 07605, NJChiropractic1588654487
Salvatore Ali 07677, NJChiropractic1508857566
Cheryl Ann Altieri 08721, NJChiropractic1154312866
Richard Charles Healy 07628, NJChiropractic1821089509
Gary Victor Goodmark 07481, NJChiropractic1952383739
Gary Goodmark Dc Pa 07481, NJChiropractic1912989765
Norbert David Florczynski 07410, NJChiropractic1427030873
Jeffrey J Jenssen 10036, NJChiropractic1750364055
Harvey Monte Orenstein 11204, NJChiropractic1710960851
James Tighe 08080, NJChiropractic1053770578
Ian Raphael Barry 07078, NJChiropractic1417412966
Timothy Leonard Probe 08097, NJChiropractic1275516247
Josafin Picarelli 07424, NJChiropractic1922081660
Mark Howard Falk 07512, NJChiropractic1649253394
Glenn S. Gabai 08534, NJChiropractic1003899691
Robert J. Haley 07071, NJChiropractic1861475485
Brian A Klappholz 08753, NJChiropractic1184608432
Michael W Gervis 08550, NJChiropractic1710961222
Patricia Mary Talerico 07712, NJChiropractic1770567299
Robert W Tarantino 07071, NJChiropractic1013991215
Jan Kasprowicz 07105, NJChiropractic1851375992
Carol Anne Arthars 08057, NJChiropractic1265416150
Darren D. Zosche 07945, NJChiropractic1033193974
Ryan Eric Varga 08837, NJChiropractic1235114828
James L Winters 08805, NJChiropractic1356326953
James Edward Higgins 08723, NJChiropractic1356326912
David Fabian Palombi 07081, NJChiropractic1265417794
Joseph Anthony Bryson 07095, NJChiropractic1386629764
Robert Falco 07086, NJChiropractic1255316568
Wayne M Poller 07621, NJChiropractic1083699292
Anita Louise Mihlon 08721, NJChiropractic1326023243
Patrick Kelly 07417, NJChiropractic1326023169
Romuald L Wawrzyniak 08876, NJChiropractic1811972748
Sidney Manfred Maycock 08094, NJChiropractic1386629236
Gerard Thomas Chiara 07840, NJChiropractic1689659419
Charles Scott Berg 07675, NJChiropractic1164408803
Gary Joseph Szitanko 07701, NJChiropractic1548246119
James A Beebe 08332, NJChiropractic1013993765
Russell C Doyle 08332, NJChiropractic1366428039
Suzi Robin Schulman 07013, NJChiropractic1780660183
Elliot Koziel 07024, NJChiropractic1003892415
Mark I Schneiderman 08822, NJChiropractic1003892373
Eric Anthony Waldorf 08807, NJChiropractic1083690432
Mark A Najjar 07730, NJChiropractic1326024456
Staci Joy Addessi 07730, NJChiropractic1023094018
Ira A Shapiro 08857, NJChiropractic1497731319
Parello Chiropractic Center 08050, NJChiropractic1568448389
Edward A Parello 08050, NJChiropractic1356327159
Jeffrey Michael Schulman 07442, NJChiropractic1528045143
Philip T Santiago 07034, NJChiropractic1134106669
Lauren Danielle Hirshberg 07462, NJChiropractic1093792491
Robert J Fallon 07076, NJChiropractic1285611855
Steven Sanfilippo 07701, NJChiropractic1861479214
Ernesto J. Marticorena 07208, NJChiropractic1093792376
Claudia D Feeley 07927, NJChiropractic1750369690
Joseph Maggio 07032, NJChiropractic1528046471
Anthony Carusone 07066, NJChiropractic1922086891
Jay Scott Horowitz 08540, NJChiropractic1255319034
Ralph Latyschow 08816, NJChiropractic1730167594
Jay Murray Gilden 07033, NJChiropractic1295713790
Michael Spadafino 08816, NJChiropractic1346228095
Aschoff Chiropractic Center Llc 07840, NJChiropractic1699753293
Pamela G. Levy 07726, NJChiropractic1750369393
George Clement Adam 07701, NJChiropractic1518945682
John Joseph Mainiero 08361, NJChiropractic1144208166
Marco Michael Bruno 07009, NJChiropractic1851379804
Susan E Ford 08619, NJChiropractic1295713329
James Guariglia 10306, NJChiropractic1326027210
Patricia Civil 07462, NJChiropractic1578542288
Frank Joseph Coppa 07424, NJChiropractic1023097334
Michael J Marco 07030, NJChiropractic1588643654
Joseph Young 07457, NJChiropractic1548240047
William Joseph Campagnolo 08005, NJChiropractic1922088350
Jeffrey T. Contino 08302, NJChiropractic1104896299
Mee Kyung Kim 08034, NJChiropractic1104896216
Montville Chiropractic 07045, NJChiropractic1710957808
Catherine N Santoro 07601, NJChiropractic1891778924
Miguel Perez 07066, NJChiropractic1902289507
Brent Aaron Kaiser 07702, NJChiropractic1417937251
James Patrick Farrell 08210, NJChiropractic1649240763
Dominick Gregory Carfello 19123, NJChiropractic1619957859
Shannon Mariniello 07026, NJChiropractic1770561490
Peter Ferraro 07663, NJChiropractic1114907268
Sheila Rossi 08619, NJChiropractic1497725329
Mika Ishitani 07024, NJChiropractic1710962949
Carleen A Thum 08558, NJChiropractic1629053533
Alejandro M Hernandez 07047, NJChiropractic1326024951
Adam Michael Glantzman 08736, NJChiropractic1982674511
Robert Joseph Reinhardt 07440, NJChiropractic1205806767
Michael Anthony Marcello 07960, NJChiropractic1992775464
Glenn Nicholas Collazo 07656, NJChiropractic1376513051
Glen G Cianciulli 07208, NJChiropractic1558332619
Cianciulli Chiropractic Group, Llc 07208, NJChiropractic1619948932
Leonard Vincent Deleasa 07072, NJChiropractic1356312649
Mark P Lynch 08721, NJChiropractic1851362016
Gary R. Spencer 07722, NJChiropractic1043281728
Faith T. Hemsey 07424, NJChiropractic1285605253
Deborah C Rose 07701, NJChiropractic1194796524
Adam Michael Aquilino 08043, NJChiropractic1427020817
George Everett Brewster 07403, NJChiropractic1790756120
Anthony C Carabasi 08003, NJChiropractic1124090402
Anne Monetti 08648, NJChiropractic1447222518
Dennis T Casterline 08097, NJChiropractic1376515460
Thomas Gaston Conte 08016, NJChiropractic1386616191
Joseph Philip Mazzarelli 08109, NJChiropractic1699747121
Leonard Siskin 08812, NJChiropractic1538132766
Shana Sandrow 08004, NJChiropractic1790758977
Christine Katharine Berju 08844, NJChiropractic1679546535


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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