Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Howard Doggett 87107, NMChiropractic1538162771
Susan Rika Hilliker 87571, NMChiropractic1962405068
John Kent Nelson 88011, NMChiropractic1811990542
Lonnie L Peets 87124, NMChiropractic1124022157
Elaine Adams 87109, NMChiropractic1750385258
Marc Girod 87109, NMChiropractic1811991326
Lawrence E Marrich 87110, NMChiropractic1265437115
Stephen Perlstein 87505, NMChiropractic1467457077
Scott Owen Washburn 88130, NMChiropractic1215933429
Susan M Bright 87505, NMChiropractic1316944564
Seth Mark Friedman 87505, NMChiropractic1396743613
George Simmons 87109, NMChiropractic1760480248
Mark Leon Schwartz 87111, NMChiropractic1821097544
Karen Ann Genter 87112, NMChiropractic1033118492
Jillana G. Burgess 88210, NMChiropractic1447250881
Aztec Chiropractic Center, P.c. 87410, NMChiropractic1043203904
Lawrence Stephen Barkalow 87002, NMChiropractic1245223908
Curtis Len Garner 87124, NMChiropractic1407843170
Michael Pendleton 87109, NMChiropractic1417946153
Adam Glenn Gardner 87111, NMChiropractic1578554069
Stephen H Hazen 87507, NMChiropractic1194716852
Harold Steinberg 87505, NMChiropractic1427049055
John Michael Fox 87532, NMChiropractic1205827953
Douglas K Gillies 88201, NMChiropractic1760473912
Alignment Of Life Inc 87505, NMChiropractic1235120502
Patrick Joseph Okeefe 87505, NMChiropractic1366423881
Misty L. Smith 88240, NMChiropractic1972584258
Samuel Glen Hammel 88310, NMChiropractic1194714782
Chaz S Schatzle 87505, NMChiropractic1316920325
Alfred Warner Swedberg 87111, NMChiropractic1134104235
Herbert M Beatty 87110, NMChiropractic1801873799
William J. Smith 88130, NMChiropractic1851379499
Jeffrey Paul Schnapp 87112, NMChiropractic1003895673
Windy G Carter 87507, NMChiropractic1013997840
The Chiropractic Care Center Pc 87110, NMChiropractic1679543540
Donald E Bonney 87114, NMChiropractic1700856309
William Vernon Trabold 87110, NMChiropractic1548231244
Wen Wu 87111, NMChiropractic1306818398
Vernon S. Redd 87112, NMChiropractic1053386888
Rose A Ducasse 87020, NMChiropractic1336116458
Zandall Carpenter 87112, NMChiropractic1700854999
Linda R Hite 87301, NMChiropractic1659340644
John Martin Medley 88220, NMChiropractic1023078029
Jennifer Judith Burns 87110, NMChiropractic1366415952
John D'amanda 87102, NMChiropractic1891760534
Barry A Mathison 88201, NMChiropractic1861454100
John Henry Gelhot 87108, NMChiropractic1558326900
Dean C Wasson 87124, NMChiropractic1124084348
Chris W Daugherty 88005, NMChiropractic1558328088
Jacob Gene Robinson 87144, NMChiropractic1922050376
Terry W. Todd 88201, NMChiropractic1790738805
Daniel L. Smith 88201, NMChiropractic1710930565
Christopher Ernest Gonzales 88201, NMChiropractic1386698090
John D Dalton 88201, NMChiropractic1174577555
John Christopher Connerly 87505, NMChiropractic1609813898
John D. Patrick 88011, NMChiropractic1932147105
John K Vawter 87114, NMChiropractic1982643342
W Lee Hilliard 88130, NMChiropractic1386683027
Dee L Witherspoon 88210, NMChiropractic1790726677
David William Peer 87111, NMChiropractic1427099381
Wendi Cheree Wallin 88011, NMChiropractic1356383848
Blue Mountain Chiropractic Inc 87571, NMChiropractic1477595601
Patrick Murray 87110, NMChiropractic1972546844
John Edward Dugie 87109, NMChiropractic1659314904
Francesca Michelle Russo-goforth 87110, NMChiropractic1285660407
Kenneth A Kirby 87401, NMChiropractic1255368718
Andrea Maureen Ignacio 87701, NMChiropractic1902835127
Tiffany Diane Taylor 88260, NMChiropractic1235168147
Vaughn R. Ditto 88240, NMChiropractic1326078601
David Bigden 87107, NMChiropractic1902836067
Daugherty Chiropractic & Family Wellness Pc 88005, NMChiropractic1013948512
Laura Angel Bejarano 88011, NMChiropractic1912461252
Thomas Warner Martin 88101, NMChiropractic1396777363
Ross Edward Hastie 88401, NMChiropractic1184640054
Phillip Darin Goforth 87801, NMChiropractic1952328692
Floyd Patrick Hale 87110, NMChiropractic1639199847
Brian Steven Schtupak 87110, NMChiropractic1144242074
Derek Scott Atchley 87110, NMChiropractic1659393858
Michael Conner Crawford 87505, NMChiropractic1972525285
William Lovin 87110, NMChiropractic1558385195
Robert Woodruff 87031, NMChiropractic1306850995
Eric S Hadady 87111, NMChiropractic1225042898
Laura Lynn Hobson-shoemaker 87110, NMChiropractic1225042732
Lyman S Atchley 87110, NMChiropractic1912911637
Timothy Bateman 87105, NMChiropractic1336153071
Marya O'malley 87120, NMChiropractic1811901721
Santa Maria P.c. Dba Caremore Chiropractic Centers 87110, NMChiropractic1538173463
Michael Plaman 87110, NMChiropractic1922012434
Mark Schiehing 87109, NMChiropractic1336153089
Michael R Precure 88310, NMChiropractic1225043169
Charolette Leahy 87401, NMChiropractic1427063189
Jeremy Sean Rowse 87402, NMChiropractic1457366213
Bruce Wayne Klinekole 88345, NMChiropractic1093720864
Luther Dwayne Morris 88026, NMChiropractic1871508648
Randall M Sussex 87401, NMChiropractic1801801261
Erica L Sussex 87401, NMChiropractic1619982071
Gregory E Cannon 87110, NMChiropractic1790791911
Ryan Taylor Rowse 87402, NMChiropractic1144236035
Matthew Augustine Verstraete 87401, NMChiropractic1780690446
Javan R Oston 87111, NMChiropractic1760498455
Robert T Bentley 87402, NMChiropractic1164439493
Larry Duaine Walters 87120, NMChiropractic1609882265
James Hirning 87120, NMChiropractic1811904246
Bradley Darin Walters 87120, NMChiropractic1023024759
John C Claussen 87111, NMChiropractic1205843109
Bear Canyon Health Circle 87111, NMChiropractic1952318867
Darel L Seibert 87008, NMChiropractic1497763833
Merrilee Foreman 87110, NMChiropractic1093723694
Clarence Wayne Rowse 87402, NMChiropractic1275541757
James Joseph Lehman 87111, NMChiropractic1407864218
Salim Bohsali 87532, NMChiropractic1730191552
Bodywise Health Center Inc 87532, NMChiropractic1992717714
Christopher C. Cecil 87102, NMChiropractic1831101021
Jerome De Castro Buenviaje 87507, NMChiropractic1568475747
Arjan Kaur Khalsa 87532, NMChiropractic1124133202
Pecos Valley Chiropractic P C 88203, NMChiropractic1184739997
William Daniel Soulsby 87020, NMChiropractic1538275722
Mary V Peebles 88345, NMChiropractic1356457493
James Harold Davis 87035, NMChiropractic1639286271
Blair T Alexander 87111, NMChiropractic1134235005
Shane K Wisehart 87547, NMChiropractic1649385980
Craig B Cathey 88203, NMChiropractic1639182934
Phillip M Uphold 87109, NMChiropractic1427063882
Michael J Nelson 68198, NMChiropractic1194732354
Robin Silverman 87507, NMChiropractic1982710604
Summer Graham 87410, NMChiropractic1861509671
William E Cunico 87740, NMChiropractic1487763132
Chiropractic Center Pc 88201, NMChiropractic1164531364
Ronald M Mitchell 88001, NMChiropractic1386754240
George F Wheeler 88220, NMChiropractic1235249038
Sydele Ella Feldman 87505, NMChiropractic1497865471
Millennium Chiropractic Pc 88011, NMChiropractic1356453328
Paul A Hummel 87505, NMChiropractic1831200146
Lonnie L Pond 87401, NMChiropractic1750483574
Peter W Unverferth 87505, NMChiropractic1568565125
Sid Mark 88007, NMChiropractic1861595225
Jeff O Tabor 88240, NMChiropractic1407950868
Jeffrey L Bender 87031, NMChiropractic1215031257
David Brian Greif 87114, NMChiropractic1295830545
Hilario F Ortega 88001, NMChiropractic1376648816
Ernest D Gutierrez 87505, NMChiropractic1205931128
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell 88310, NMChiropractic1841396793
Donald Roy Mitchell 88310, NMChiropractic1801992656
Edward Wade Richardson 88001, NMChiropractic1841399375
Jack V. Waters 88101, NMChiropractic1396845327
Howard A Grayless 88012, NMChiropractic1851491401
Laura Rodriguez 88007, NMChiropractic1083715130
Robert Campbell Jones 87110, NMChiropractic1790886240
Jennifer Mary Shepherd 87114, NMChiropractic1457452781
Kenneth P. Soulsby 88030, NMChiropractic1417048679
Michael Rozenblum 87113, NMChiropractic1689765406
Damien Salvatore Passalacqua 87532, NMChiropractic1831281054
Edward Altman 87112, NMChiropractic1720170392
Daniel Garcia 88011, NMChiropractic1154415297
Nancy Savoia 87544, NMChiropractic1821183245
Bingzeng Zou 87109, NMChiropractic1699869446
Steven M Nelson 88011, NMChiropractic1992890875
Gary Lee Peterson 87110, NMChiropractic1629163514
Constance Mae Moore 87901, NMChiropractic1831285568
Joseph Michael Fraley 88345, NMChiropractic1356437289
Gregory Louis Perea 87110, NMChiropractic1619065018
John Berlin 87112, NMChiropractic1992893077
Brian R Hesser 88011, NMChiropractic1427147735
Homer Willis Calkins 88310, NMChiropractic1437248861
Alan K Dunaway 88415, NMChiropractic1447349782
Andy Lorenzo Sandoval 87402, NMChiropractic1194805945
Santa Fe Pain Center, Inc. 87505, NMChiropractic1205917713
Louis Elbert Hubbard 87112, NMChiropractic1386726263
Michael Salvatore Maggio 87102, NMChiropractic1518049246
Andrew C Twitchell 88220, NMChiropractic1508948266
Peggy A Schneberger 88220, NMChiropractic1457434854
M E Brown 88011, NMChiropractic1417031816
Lucy Whyte Ferguson 87557, NMChiropractic1285719039
Richard Williams 88005, NMChiropractic1902981756
Scott Allen Robertson 88061, NMChiropractic1427134907
Steven George Mcelmury 87557, NMChiropractic1649358631
Robin Irvin Glass 87413, NMChiropractic1760569990
Gordon Battle Eatman 87008, NMChiropractic1669559258
Trevor Clark 87113, NMChiropractic1558440479
Bryce Storrie 87111, NMChiropractic1417035833
Lee Francis Purcaro 87112, NMChiropractic1295814804
R. Larry Wallace 88210, NMChiropractic1821167800
Georgia Rosalie Graham 87110, NMChiropractic1336228519
Sheila Q Williams 88001, NMChiropractic1659440121
Vito Hemphill 87505, NMChiropractic1750451126
Alissa Albers 87109, NMChiropractic1336520220
Kim Weddle 87109, NMChiropractic1467544379
Darcy Pope Wyatt 88101, NMChiropractic1992874622
Aubrey Ann Blevins 88310, NMChiropractic1821194671
Jonathan D Smith 88005, NMChiropractic1265514632
Robert E Byrd 87110, NMChiropractic1093890220
Emily Charlene Law 88203, NMChiropractic1679643761
Back To Health Clinic Limited 87113, NMChiropractic1811003460
David Rosengren 87501, NMChiropractic1083785745
Michael Nunnally 87505, NMChiropractic1346313848
Cecil B Halsell 88260, NMChiropractic1053484501
Lise S Wall 87508, NMChiropractic1962575175
Grant Fielding Stoddard 87124, NMChiropractic1922171198
James M Barber 87124, NMChiropractic1194898353
Bobby O Perea 87505, NMChiropractic1417021965


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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