Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thor Patrick Mongie 84651, NVChiropractic1104988989
Rachel Dawn Whitman 89509, NVChiropractic1558638429
Bryan Sims 85260, NVChiropractic1962896571
Center For Wellness And Pain Care Of Las Vegas Inc 89145, NVChiropractic1912387432
Clyde William Porter 89502, NVChiropractic1346351905
Justine N Lomboy 89113, NVChiropractic1285028910
Kelsie M Buth 89074, NVChiropractic1588035760
Job Krugly 89052, NVChiropractic1114245131
Gregory Alan Shepard 89123, NVChiropractic1285156646
Michael Scott Nevius 89705, NVChiropractic1790871309
Stephen Richard Perry 83646, NVChiropractic1932476827
Krissada Scott Varner 89102, NVChiropractic1649836081
Brad Partridge 89014, NVChiropractic1003326588
Eric A. Galla Chiropractic, Inc 89147, NVChiropractic1104067594
Samuel Harrison Barker 83301, NVChiropractic1043301682
Eric Glenn Easton 16232, NVChiropractic1700099801
Kelly Kang 30308, NVChiropractic1477837706
Jacob Wayne Fisk 89145, NVChiropractic1922208321
Doctor's Health Network, Inc. 89113, NVChiropractic1073931952
Summit Integrated Health Of Nlv 89084, NVChiropractic1205584117
Canowa Sub 1 89104, NVChiropractic1962406686
Bobby Vavla, Llc 89147, NVChiropractic1235674425
Gregory E. Chech 89706, NVChiropractic1659378362
Kerri A Galvin Dc 89123, NVChiropractic1649208232
Jorgenson & Koka Llp 89183, NVChiropractic1457382863
Heath Chiropractic And Wellness Center 89123, NVChiropractic1225057359
Vance Whaley Chiropractic Llc 89134, NVChiropractic1356350870
Ian K Yamane Dc Pc 89128, NVChiropractic1174625917
Wholistic Health Services Inc 89119, NVChiropractic1821184219
Caughlin Ranch Chiropractic Llc 89509, NVChiropractic1700972767
Family Chiropractic Inc 89431, NVChiropractic1013006535
Community Chiropractic Llc 89131, NVChiropractic1528140118
Daniel W Schultz Dc Pc 89183, NVChiropractic1942383856
Advanced Chiropractic Orthopedics 89117, NVChiropractic1770653255
Wright Chiropractic Llc 89131, NVChiropractic1588743967
Performance Chiropractic Enterprise Llc 89511, NVChiropractic1619054699
Rmbakir Chiropractic Prof Corp 89148, NVChiropractic1669545372
Active Chiropractic Health And Wellness Center 89706, NVChiropractic1124195805
Chiropractic Works Ltd 89509, NVChiropractic1740342021
Integrative Family Medicine 89113, NVChiropractic1598820185
Integrated Healthcare Of Nevada 89102, NVChiropractic1225193469
Peak Performance Chiropractic Llc 89501, NVChiropractic1275681777
Body Logic Incorporated 77573, NVChiropractic1053460493
Lake Mountain Chiropractic, Inc 89005, NVChiropractic1558411074
Advanced Health Chiropractic Llc 89523, NVChiropractic1619029436
The Pain Clinic, Inc. 89146, NVChiropractic1821144791
John R Ormand Dc Inc 89052, NVChiropractic1780730853
Bret R Staley Chiropractic Ltd 89040, NVChiropractic1992851489
Burke Spinal Care, Ltd 89109, NVChiropractic1679612428
Victor M Leach Dc Pc 89074, NVChiropractic1508907932
Nevada Spine And Disc 89123, NVChiropractic1922140557
Sunset Chiropractic Inc 89014, NVChiropractic1659415289
Burke Spinal Care, Ltd 89128, NVChiropractic1841323326
North Hills Chiropractic, Inc. 89506, NVChiropractic1891835591
Fine Chiropractic Center 89103, NVChiropractic1568581676
Simpson Chiropractic Inc 89074, NVChiropractic1902926108
Complete Neck & Back Care Of Summerlin Inc 89134, NVChiropractic1255451340
Excel Chiro Care 89146, NVChiropractic1336260165
Rmbakir Chiropractic, Prof, Corp. 89148, NVChiropractic1457563280
Allan P Long Ltd 89104, NVChiropractic1760698732
Nowakowski & Johnson, Inc 89120, NVChiropractic1518175363
Family Health Care, Inc 89502, NVChiropractic1215148648
The Neck And Back Clinics, Llp 89115, NVChiropractic1043411754
Anderson/cohen Chiropractic Associates Ltd 89121, NVChiropractic1184829426
Low Back & Neck Pain Center Ltd 89104, NVChiropractic1629277603
Pinnacle Chiropractic Group Llc 89052, NVChiropractic1497953418
Universal Chiropractic, Inc. 89146, NVChiropractic1962601781
Central Parc Ltd 89128, NVChiropractic1558560334
Life Align Chiropractic Llc 89117, NVChiropractic1588863153
Peter B Littlehale Dc Ltd 89502, NVChiropractic1912107855
Boulder Chiropractic Inc. 89005, NVChiropractic1093905887
Lin & Lin Chiropractic Inc 89102, NVChiropractic1720279052
Hidalgo Chiropractic Ltd. 89117, NVChiropractic1649461856
Desert Valley Chiropractic 89048, NVChiropractic1417148354
Oasis Chiropractic Center 89027, NVChiropractic1558553925
David A Stella Dc Pc 89014, NVChiropractic1013100981
Lawrence R. Davis 89502, NVChiropractic1730372681
Green Valley Chiropractic And Wellness Center,llc 89014, NVChiropractic1871786699
Sean D. Hampton, Dc, Inc 89146, NVChiropractic1871787051
Advanced Neck And Back Care, Llc 89108, NVChiropractic1649465279
Joshua D. Flushman, D.c.,ltd. 89104, NVChiropractic1871788554
First Choice Chiropractic Llc 89119, NVChiropractic1902091747
Ward W. Wagner D.c., P.c. 89107, NVChiropractic1144417957
Enlightened Healing 89502, NVChiropractic1083801625
Strickland Wellness Center, Llc 89120, NVChiropractic1376730424
Affiliated Healthcare, Llc 89048, NVChiropractic1366630543
Shana Singer D.c. P.c. 89074, NVChiropractic1609065366
Nellis Chiropractic, Inc. 89121, NVChiropractic1760661680
Colarusso And Nozawa Ltd 89148, NVChiropractic1023297058
Crowley Chiropractic Llc 89118, NVChiropractic1710167937
Joshua K. Purcell Dc Ltd 89032, NVChiropractic1043491434
Reno Chiropractic Center Inc 89509, NVChiropractic1588845549
Dr. V's Alternative Care Chiropractic Clinic, Llc 89015, NVChiropractic1417138389
Stephen L. Fair, D.c., Ltd 89107, NVChiropractic1457532244
Johnson Chiropractic Pc 89502, NVChiropractic1841471554
Mylan Chiropractic Dc Pc 89002, NVChiropractic1982886917
Annette Zaro Dc Pc 89134, NVChiropractic1972786317
Flamingo Chiropractic Llc 89121, NVChiropractic1477736361
Adam C. Diorio, D.c. 89109, NVChiropractic1265615975
Johnson Wellness Centers Inc 89120, NVChiropractic1003090622
Bill J. Bailey, D.c., Ltd. 89509, NVChiropractic1568646594
Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center, Inc. 89801, NVChiropractic1164607362
R Scott Ickes Dc Inc 89012, NVChiropractic1912182866
Matthew K Mortensen Dc Ltd 89128, NVChiropractic1487830154
Jensen Chiropractic Inc 89502, NVChiropractic1730365933
Emmett Austin Mcferrin 89431, NVChiropractic1861678070
Lisa M Bennett , D.c, P.c. 89117, NVChiropractic1245416338
Alignment Chiropractic 89121, NVChiropractic1386821361
Falling Waters Healing Spa, Inc. 89509, NVChiropractic1891972725
Thor Mongie D C Ltd 89102, NVChiropractic1407033269
Mwt Inc 89146, NVChiropractic1487831863
Aaron Neck And Back Incorporated 89104, NVChiropractic1952588386
Absolute Best Chiropractic, Llc 89701, NVChiropractic1194902320
Physical Medicine Associates, Sc 89130, NVChiropractic1982872792
Swolensky Chiropractic Ltd 89015, NVChiropractic1154590297
Christopher R Houtakker Dc Prof 89052, NVChiropractic1053580530
Eric G Easton Dc, Pc 89123, NVChiropractic1043480353
Decatur & Craig Chiropractic 89130, NVChiropractic1831369933
Fallon Chiropractic Inc 89146, NVChiropractic1134399157
Canyon Chiropractic Clinic, Inc 89523, NVChiropractic1154591956
Spinalaid Center Of Summerlin, Llc 89129, NVChiropractic1396915179
Gerber Chiropractic, Inc. 89146, NVChiropractic1174794671
5 Star Mobile Chiropractic, Llc 89074, NVChiropractic1902076425
Briggs Applied Chiropractic, Ltd 89123, NVChiropractic1093986465
Fernley Chiropractic, Inc 89408, NVChiropractic1053583369
Campbell Chiropractic Wellness Corp. 89113, NVChiropractic1093987372
Alliance Spinal Therapy & Rehabilitaion 89128, NVChiropractic1932371986
Kenneth J Hogan Chtd 89121, NVChiropractic1003089756
Spring Mountain Chiropractic And Rehabilitation 89048, NVChiropractic1730352618
Joshua Satterlee Dc Pc 89074, NVChiropractic1487829230
Progressive Health Center Of Nevada, Llc 89148, NVChiropractic1447425822
Lampe Chiropractic, Llc 89015, NVChiropractic1710153465
Dr. Yong H Jung, Ltd 89110, NVChiropractic1356517718
Sunnyhills Pain Clinic 89107, NVChiropractic1255508933
Chiropractic Healing Center Unlimited Inc 89128, NVChiropractic1538326269
Ace Chiropractic Nevada Ltd 89052, NVChiropractic1902068299
Flying 7 Corporation 89511, NVChiropractic1083877807
Sierra Chiropractic, Llc 89509, NVChiropractic1558525501
Community Paincare, L.l.c. 89117, NVChiropractic1619144573
Vu's Rainbow Chiropractic Center Ltd 89145, NVChiropractic1205046612
Sierra Health Concern, Inc. 89523, NVChiropractic1164603080
Olsen Chiropractic Center Inc 89502, NVChiropractic1194913038
Fisher Family Chiropractic Ltd 89431, NVChiropractic1306021902
Porter Chiropractic Research Institute, Ltd. 89502, NVChiropractic1679757041
Asset Resources Llc 89052, NVChiropractic1679738058
Sierra Pines Chiropractic, Inc. 89509, NVChiropractic1790933885
Desert Rose Wellness Centers Of America A Close Corporation 89403, NVChiropractic1750530523
Advanced Chiropractic 89048, NVChiropractic1760632178
The Elite Care Center 89118, NVChiropractic1629228366
Scott M Wallace Ltd 89129, NVChiropractic1427209055
Wellness Institute Of Nevada Inc 89074, NVChiropractic1629221023
Mills Chiropractic Center Chartered 89117, NVChiropractic1336394774
Active Body Chiropractic 89148, NVChiropractic1437394582
Ross Chiropractic Inc. 89434, NVChiropractic1518106723
Dale A Anderson D C Ltd 89119, NVChiropractic1700025509
Anthem Chiropractic Inc 89052, NVChiropractic1518108927
Serenity Wellness, Llc 89118, NVChiropractic1104068535
Chiropractic Health Center 89120, NVChiropractic1639311756
Spinalaid Centers Of Reno 89511, NVChiropractic1942444856
Ann L. Steinberg D.c. P.c. 89403, NVChiropractic1558505339
Wholistic Health Services 89119, NVChiropractic1376777219
Todd J. Askeroth Chiropractic, Ltd 89040, NVChiropractic1831323252
Align Chiropractic 89149, NVChiropractic1245467927
Joseph Nicola P C 89145, NVChiropractic1649407339
Healthsource Of Henderson, Inc. 89015, NVChiropractic1437388626
Align Chiropractic Llc 89149, NVChiropractic1598995078
Travis Sargent Dc Pc 89074, NVChiropractic1770713646
Obrien Chiropractic Pllc 89148, NVChiropractic1679705172
Lance Bohlman Dc Pc 89511, NVChiropractic1932331303
Barbara Van Hise, Dc, Llc 89701, NVChiropractic1043543549
Holistic Synergy 89128, NVChiropractic1649507864
Dr Cohen Incorporated 89120, NVChiropractic1922336692
Badger Hornfeld Chiropractic Llc 89015, NVChiropractic1518295187
Back Doctor, Llc 89509, NVChiropractic1992034177
Healing Touch Chiropractic & Wellness Corporation 89101, NVChiropractic1487985644
Marc Corrao Dc Family Chiropractic Center Inc 89523, NVChiropractic1417271321
Dr. David M Streng Dc, Pc 89119, NVChiropractic1104140938
Santa Paula Chiropractic Center, Inc. 89104, NVChiropractic1932425964
Dr. Brian K. Fife, Inc 89032, NVChiropractic1437476280
Carson Chiropractic Center 89703, NVChiropractic1508186511
Mark Mattoon Dc Ltd 89703, NVChiropractic1144541137
Scott Brady, D.c., Ltd. 89102, NVChiropractic1487965505
Excel Chiro Care, Inc 89146, NVChiropractic1659685022
Verner Chiropractic Inc 89445, NVChiropractic1770891772
Ocd Unlimited 89509, NVChiropractic1396054508
Briggs Chiropractic Pc 89123, NVChiropractic1316257330
Scurlock Chiropractic, P.c. 89511, NVChiropractic1861792731
Dr Robert P Menard, A Professional Corporation 89052, NVChiropractic1962709758
Fallon Family Chiropractic 89406, NVChiropractic1235437666
Barbara Van Hise, Dc, Llc 89703, NVChiropractic1730487133
Gary Warren D.c. Ltd 89509, NVChiropractic1669761797
Stephen J Chiarello Ltd 89146, NVChiropractic1730479155
James Lefever, Dc, Ltd 89129, NVChiropractic1790071579
Chiropractic Health Services 89121, NVChiropractic1821385014
Hollywood Wellness Associates, Inc. 89148, NVChiropractic1396023222
Prospinal Inc 89511, NVChiropractic1720366164
Las Vegas Neck And Back Solutions Llc 89015, NVChiropractic1053694398
Danny Joe Rutz Dc Pc 89146, NVChiropractic1750665378
Terry Wong D C Llc 89102, NVChiropractic1275817744
Greenawalt Chiropractic 89117, NVChiropractic1992073027


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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