Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lisa Michelle Getas 89703, NVChiropractic1124024609
Arnold C. Jovillar 89032, NVChiropractic1760488084
David C Ketchum 89128, NVChiropractic1467458067
David G Rovetti 89523, NVChiropractic1932104684
Justine Eloise Bradford 89449, NVChiropractic1023015153
Stuart Francis Pardee 89423, NVChiropractic1013914076
Kevin Daniel Hagerty 89106, NVChiropractic1255339974
Gregory Edward Chech 89706, NVChiropractic1023015971
Dublin J Hart 89423, NVChiropractic1811995756
Alan S Bader 89502, NVChiropractic1649279365
Nathan David Noakes 89128, NVChiropractic1083614945
Darrell Craig Swolensky 89015, NVChiropractic1801896733
Richard Matthew Mcintyre 89123, NVChiropractic1760482756
Brian Christopher Gamett 89052, NVChiropractic1295734879
Ivagene P. Hults 89119, NVChiropractic1639170954
Douglas Patrick Manfra 89110, NVChiropractic1821080276
Daniel Schlenger 89703, NVChiropractic1710970546
Mark Duncan Baxter 89118, NVChiropractic1801888128
Rick W. Hallgren 89130, NVChiropractic1093704421
Stephen Fair 89101, NVChiropractic1659362747
Mark Steven Rookhuyzen 89119, NVChiropractic1972594687
David Kahn 89408, NVChiropractic1619958295
Vance F Whaley 89147, NVChiropractic1922080142
Leo F Black 89027, NVChiropractic1922080019
Paul Robert Pirruccello 89509, NVChiropractic1598747644
Kong Shang 89506, NVChiropractic1841272713
Timothy Allen 89511, NVChiropractic1811979578
James Matthew Paige 89147, NVChiropractic1871577247
Ronald Lee Greenawalt 89117, NVChiropractic1891779302
Dale Allen Anderson 89119, NVChiropractic1679557359
David Brian Cohen 89120, NVChiropractic1356326722
Donna Wing Yee Woo 89135, NVChiropractic1215912142
Raymond Eugene Albretsen 89408, NVChiropractic1497732119
Timothy Ray Holmes 89146, NVChiropractic1578540605
Stephen J Chiarello 89146, NVChiropractic1730166752
Sandra J. Saville 89509, NVChiropractic1902883853
Roger Alan Russell 89014, NVChiropractic1912987397
Mitchell S Boltz 89502, NVChiropractic1174594519
Armand Guilbeault 89146, NVChiropractic1881668333
Thomas T Herrera 89509, NVChiropractic1871567511
Wayne Douglas Mantel 89121, NVChiropractic1457327926
William P Bray 89703, NVChiropractic1487621538
Troy D Russell 89014, NVChiropractic1073581120
Glaee G Valencia-lopez 89101, NVChiropractic1093784753
Michael R Taylor 89048, NVChiropractic1942260286
Bernadette Dolores Grant 89147, NVChiropractic1245290915
Kenneth M Bahoora 89074, NVChiropractic1780644435
Albert G Simoncelli 89117, NVChiropractic1417917162
Jason O Jaeger 89131, NVChiropractic1326008079
Marcia C. Tinberg 89146, NVChiropractic1851351399
Stephen Richard Foster 89048, NVChiropractic1912964982
Rodney Scott Shoemaker 89451, NVChiropractic1063470128
Marin Kay Wendell 57105, NVChiropractic1073571378
Todd Steven Wendell 89801, NVChiropractic1508814328
James Ted Palmer 89015, NVChiropractic1831147628
Adam C Diorio 89102, NVChiropractic1528017837
Tad N Tenney 89005, NVChiropractic1598714024
David Franklin Dye 89104, NVChiropractic1396795639
Susan Marie Barry 89423, NVChiropractic1336191709
Kerri A Galvin 89123, NVChiropractic1851343446
Brent James Roelofs 89434, NVChiropractic1649223918
Tony Clark Jensen 89509, NVChiropractic1720031818
Roger M. Penna 89128, NVChiropractic1306899489
Jeffrey Scott Keysar 89120, NVChiropractic1558311100
Michael James Riley 89701, NVChiropractic1235183179
Jennifer Lynn Cardinal 89523, NVChiropractic1821044421
Bill J Bailey 89509, NVChiropractic1215984208
Larry Holt 89032, NVChiropractic1053368779
Alexander S Janda 89014, NVChiropractic1821037847
Robert E. Braden 89146, NVChiropractic1760422372
Robert Edward Heron 89128, NVChiropractic1013959865
H Gregory Jarrett 89106, NVChiropractic1770526055
Daniel Lee Hecker 89012, NVChiropractic1932143096
David D. Berg 89506, NVChiropractic1437193695
Christine Bakir 89148, NVChiropractic1982649752
Kenneth James Hogan 89121, NVChiropractic1336185255
Richard M Bakir 89148, NVChiropractic1952347163
Allen I-han Su 89146, NVChiropractic1003842238
Daniel C Lai 89146, NVChiropractic1083650220
Robert V. Demartino 89074, NVChiropractic1265468359
Michael Eugene Heath 89123, NVChiropractic1215963285
David Michael Streng 89119, NVChiropractic1659300390
Gary N Becker 89130, NVChiropractic1851321210
Jaime Star Diorio 89102, NVChiropractic1477583276
Matthew L Simpson 89074, NVChiropractic1134159809
Robert P Menard 89052, NVChiropractic1982635413
Roper Lee Dollarhide 89146, NVChiropractic1538190491
Todd Richard Stevenson 89501, NVChiropractic1164458923
Eric M Prall 89032, NVChiropractic1417987132
Leigh Susan Roessner 89027, NVChiropractic1386683274
Shauna Lee Olsen 89502, NVChiropractic1023058856
Jason Lovaas 89128, NVChiropractic1013942911
Carolynjo Briggs 89123, NVChiropractic1396770970
Livleen Neel Khurana 89104, NVChiropractic1770509176
Milan John Anderson 89502, NVChiropractic1568480812
Lige Albert Lambeth 89509, NVChiropractic1912926403
Danielle Madeline Buda 89149, NVChiropractic1619998424
Pilar Fernandez 89048, NVChiropractic1801818620
Joseph D Stewart 89031, NVChiropractic1952325201
John H Dudley 89509, NVChiropractic1881608396
Robyn Beck Mitchell 89521, NVChiropractic1164436796
Thomas Henry Rammel 89509, NVChiropractic1538174412
Darren L Mitchell 89706, NVChiropractic1235145640
Vinson R Christenson 89706, NVChiropractic1477569796
Rick A Hutchinson 89706, NVChiropractic1053327379
Amanda Lynn Rammel 89509, NVChiropractic1336155340
Lawrence R. Davis 89502, NVChiropractic1336156272
Shirlene Harrison 89801, NVChiropractic1801803754
Luis F Valera 89119, NVChiropractic1194735605
Lon S Titen 89119, NVChiropractic1396755716
Mitchell J. Fleischer 89502, NVChiropractic1699785576
Ian K Yamane 89128, NVChiropractic1144232299
Sean D Hampton 89146, NVChiropractic1033121199
Ronald Gene Penna 89104, NVChiropractic1578576260
Terry Akers 89128, NVChiropractic1922112093
Andrei Razsadin 89169, NVChiropractic1881708675
Clifford Joseph Fisher 89431, NVChiropractic1851324735
Daniel Joseph Welch 89511, NVChiropractic1275551434
James R Hidalgo 89117, NVChiropractic1992812689
Brett A Wiesner 89128, NVChiropractic1770691966
Dale Eugene Grensted 89431, NVChiropractic1053429134
Albert T Johnson 89502, NVChiropractic1801905526
Bradley S Corbin 89511, NVChiropractic1376655134
Joshua K. Purcell 89032, NVChiropractic1306958616
Kipling Gayle Hansen 89146, NVChiropractic1407967532
Craig D Reeves 89169, NVChiropractic1033220231
Stephen M. Shaw 89509, NVChiropractic1174634620
Glen Cochrane 89103, NVChiropractic1619070695
Aric E. Cruz 89102, NVChiropractic1922101583
John Robert Gerber 89146, NVChiropractic1285737726
Katharine Elizabeth Gerber 89146, NVChiropractic1124121660
Gregory Udell Mackay 89131, NVChiropractic1467557587
Bruce C Koelliker 89183, NVChiropractic1902902539
Margaret R. Colucci 89134, NVChiropractic1013013655
John R Ormand 89120, NVChiropractic1881790160
Daniel Melton Thompson 89103, NVChiropractic1609973312
Kirk Ryan Nickum 89103, NVChiropractic1154428860
Kathleen Nash 89015, NVChiropractic1407954647
Mehran Soudbakhsh 89130, NVChiropractic1013016674
Dale Ray Kelly 89434, NVChiropractic1275633026
Roger R Elmer 89121, NVChiropractic1801996871
Donald Amussen Evans 89104, NVChiropractic1205936259
Norbert Rene Lukowski 89113, NVChiropractic1699876839
Yong H Jung 89107, NVChiropractic1457452716
James K Lo 89107, NVChiropractic1669573853
James William Campbell 89113, NVChiropractic1396846770
Jeffrey B Willes 89301, NVChiropractic1356442651
Brian Mitchell Devalliere 89509, NVChiropractic1417058876
Anthony Carl Herrera 89509, NVChiropractic1629160270
Steven Eric Anderson 89027, NVChiropractic1104919521
George Allen Ritter 89104, NVChiropractic1578656054
Judson H Pierce 89431, NVChiropractic1790871838
Jason Louis Insera 89052, NVChiropractic1740377407
Daniel W Schultz 89183, NVChiropractic1598852881
Maryanne Eaton 89131, NVChiropractic1245327618
Brian Spencer Eaton 89131, NVChiropractic1659468015
Lawrence Cho 89119, NVChiropractic1326137878
Craig E Roles 89014, NVChiropractic1184714693
Brad K Mahler 89503, NVChiropractic1316037518
David John Lahr 89429, NVChiropractic1639250533
Sean T Ripp 89147, NVChiropractic1790866499
Jeffrey G Hanks 89117, NVChiropractic1255413290
John Thomas Kenny 89128, NVChiropractic1730261009
Keith Leonard Quisberg 89149, NVChiropractic1881778199
Norman Sussman 89451, NVChiropractic1538244637
George G Chen 89122, NVChiropractic1821174111
Craig Martin Black 89410, NVChiropractic1912083916
David Stella 89014, NVChiropractic1952488298
Glenn Richard Levy 89509, NVChiropractic1477631976
Michael Anthony Fleming 89119, NVChiropractic1407934235
Matthew B. Anderson 89032, NVChiropractic1932287596
Todd Alexander Tomburo 89030, NVChiropractic1922185396
Adam Lee Ingles 89521, NVChiropractic1881773851
Bryan C Hansen 89521, NVChiropractic1033298716
Robin Huhn 89123, NVChiropractic1851470488
Delmar James Walker 89119, NVChiropractic1770652836
Curtis Robert Potts 89509, NVChiropractic1003985490
Thomas Raymond Vaughn 89030, NVChiropractic1437229598
Ashton Shekib Anwar 89119, NVChiropractic1083784201
Steven D. Peck 89119, NVChiropractic1639249071
Sheri Plymell Barainca 89512, NVChiropractic1710079280
Jackie Jean Jacques Nolle 89521, NVChiropractic1629150750
Lawrence J Smith 89005, NVChiropractic1336245067
Joseph Day 89511, NVChiropractic1740364595
Lawrence R Smith 89052, NVChiropractic1265501357
Terry L Wong 89146, NVChiropractic1578650867
Scott David Forbes 89146, NVChiropractic1912081233
Rae Francis Kelly 89102, NVChiropractic1558466151
Kim M Borselli 89146, NVChiropractic1811089253
Michael Tyler Ross 89434, NVChiropractic1184731374
Nicole Lee Harmel 89108, NVChiropractic1811092240
Peter Raymond Randall 89102, NVChiropractic1245315746
Derek T Day 89052, NVChiropractic1790893360
John Mason Mckittrick 89128, NVChiropractic1891879706
Chuang Yu Lin 89102, NVChiropractic1366513848
James A Hamtak 89706, NVChiropractic1093886632
Ron Michael Cheney 89106, NVChiropractic1609948173
Irene Lin 89102, NVChiropractic1336210822
Naomi Ghandour Sakin 89052, NVChiropractic1477625697
Art Louie 89119, NVChiropractic1568535052


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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