Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregory Ramsden 13205, NYChiropractic1104332022
Barrie Joseph Pilgrim 13045, NYChiropractic1891787792
David Suesserman 11550, NYChiropractic1972599207
Susan E Striegler 13413, NYChiropractic1134113145
Renold J Statler 10509, NYChiropractic1750357851
Brandon Robert Burkley 27615, NYChiropractic1063451128
Mark Anthony Matesich 14202, NYChiropractic1568952885
Susan Tara Mackey 11733, NYChiropractic1427080563
James M Cargnoni 14127, NYChiropractic1457370421
Janet M Cirrone 11976, NYChiropractic1669551602
Robert Anthony Dudzik 14221, NYChiropractic1447346952
Carmine A Desanto 11209, NYChiropractic1952494346
Travis Alan Gage 22206, NYChiropractic1619342888
Jennifer Falcone 10314, NYChiropractic1851489900
Matthew Thomas Swearingen 14830, NYChiropractic1164527719
James Dean Ploutz 80910, NYChiropractic1245398171
Howard Benedikt 10017, NYChiropractic1699849984
Claudine Mankiewicz 10532, NYChiropractic1700099157
Daryl Barrett Gioffre 10028, NYChiropractic1194851279
Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Pllc 13108, NYChiropractic1376016576
Jason Charles Perillo 18020, NYChiropractic1699840603
Michael Wesley Todd 11235, NYChiropractic1467623678
Joseph Anthony Taccetta 10954, NYChiropractic1891968657
Jodi L'amour Jacobs 10704, NYChiropractic1528288982
Dudzik Chiropractic P.c. 14221, NYChiropractic1548383128
Adam Mccrea 14059, NYChiropractic1578723359
Jennifer Elsholz 11764, NYChiropractic1396921276
Walter Andrew Lester 02554, NYChiropractic1013132349
Bilgin Kerisli 07095, NYChiropractic1942462361
Terrence P Murphy 10588, NYChiropractic1952520124
Chiropractic Wellness Center Of Clifton, Pc 07013, NYChiropractic1326233859
Brent Thomas Smith 19473, NYChiropractic1477825297
Justin Geoffrey Rizzo 05201, NYChiropractic1760635064
Julie Diane Goodspeed 14127, NYChiropractic1548592074
Gioffre Chiropractic, Pllc 10028, NYChiropractic1457625683
Zachariah Leigh Wilson 20175, NYChiropractic1295067197
Ida Marie Kravitz 18612, NYChiropractic1811207533
20 East Chiropractic Of Midtown 10017, NYChiropractic1164665360
Jonathan James Danner 89086, NYChiropractic1366777237
Jamel Romeo 11361, NYChiropractic1164852091
Anthony Harry Debe 06089, NYChiropractic1710304571
Jaclyn Marie Amaro 60611, NYChiropractic1700120755
Malorie Ann Farrell 13694, NYChiropractic1003237009
Ekta Patel 11801, NYChiropractic1699291716
Michelle Gaebel Dodge 14551, NYChiropractic1831524503
Melinda Ann Houle 03809, NYChiropractic1659756195
Steuben Chiropractic Associates Pc 14830, NYChiropractic1578625927
David Benjamin Kartzman 14830, NYChiropractic1922082619
Denise Vera Nicastro 14830, NYChiropractic1639153323
Strive Total Wellness Chiropractic, Pc 10016, NYChiropractic1750896213
Nancy Wan 10007, NYChiropractic1912411794
Kace Groff 33635, NYChiropractic1265967384
Jamie Milchanowski 08736, NYChiropractic1750880274
Jae Chung 10455, NYChiropractic1558746057
Body Wellness Chiropractic, P.c 11235, NYChiropractic1033657440
Jonghwi Kim 10461, NYChiropractic1558809186
Boev Medical, Pllc 14621, NYChiropractic1881052546
Synergy Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Pllc 11432, NYChiropractic1023533437
Thomas Oddo 10016, NYChiropractic1528427846
Norbert Wayne Benson 29201, NYChiropractic1770684821
Ac Rehabilitation Associates, Llc 10017, NYChiropractic1871081877
Alexa Joelle Martucci 80219, NYChiropractic1346738366
Jillian Alleen Sherry 11901, NYChiropractic1982192696
Mackenzie Sara Hubert 18042, NYChiropractic1063881753
Hudson Family Chiropractic, Pllc 14612, NYChiropractic1316445349
Ashley Nicole Cruz 10010, NYChiropractic1588196976
Andrew James Owen 27511, NYChiropractic1649789033
Michael Roney 12180, NYChiropractic1326578204
Dr Valiant Dia Chiropractic Pc 11507, NYChiropractic1760963599
Real Touch Chiropractic Pllc 11801, NYChiropractic1831604115
Stephanie Elizabeth Meglino 14424, NYChiropractic1922505262
Samuel Wallace Ascioti 14618, NYChiropractic1962956961
Larissa Lynn Martin 13148, NYChiropractic1073906079
Lauren Taylor Van De Water 12834, NYChiropractic1508337205
Perkins Chiropractic, Pllc 13074, NYChiropractic1538632849
Noble A Thomas 10532, NYChiropractic1831566843
Rnt Health Ventures Llc 10532, NYChiropractic1689147274
Smaldone Chiropractic Pllc 12401, NYChiropractic1336606680
Janki Jayanti Bodalia 60189, NYChiropractic1275987547
Derrick Ladeairous 13204, NYChiropractic1407327448
Ny Pt Health Rehab 10011, NYChiropractic1962633032
Richard Francis Coppola 11746, NYChiropractic1710440995
Kyle Fancher 14221, NYChiropractic1134698350
Matthew J Kovach 13210, NYChiropractic1366719163
Joshua Nelson 14223, NYChiropractic1790223832
Adam Cassel 14608, NYChiropractic1730318049
Beth A John 11704, NYChiropractic1003020819
Rishi Tushar Bodalia 60148, NYChiropractic1720596968
Loturco Chiropractic Pllc 80228, NYChiropractic1629453998
Nicholas Joseph Morris 14075, NYChiropractic1225208093
Julia Stobert 14221, NYChiropractic1588020333
Li Chiropractic And Physical Therapy Pllc 11787, NYChiropractic1871147595
Jaela Elvera Agnello 14043, NYChiropractic1497290258
Ivan Lam 11361, NYChiropractic1366859761
Perillo Chiropractic Llp 18020, NYChiropractic1225236359
Rekinect Llc 10314, NYChiropractic1083262448
Judd Paul Davis 10040, NYChiropractic1174520266
Daniel Huang 10016, NYChiropractic1134594641
James Corregano 10019, NYChiropractic1467528893
Robert Isbrandt 14208, NYChiropractic1598324576
Josephine Inez Morales 92108, NYChiropractic1083091490
Elan Michael 10570, NYChiropractic1316457955
Joseph Olmo 12533, NYChiropractic1427127836
Homan Yeung 11722, NYChiropractic1720352081
Yating Tsao 10006, NYChiropractic1790321933
Katie Marie Alsheimer 14214, NYChiropractic1457663130
Thomas Francis Capolino 11385, NYChiropractic1003993106
Ryan Funke 14072, NYChiropractic1235778713
Nathan James Waara 13148, NYChiropractic1265071641
Stephen Boronczyk 23666, NYChiropractic1861905309
Ben Leong 11211, NYChiropractic1942840756
Rachel Gianni 14621, NYChiropractic1316244239
Matthew Joseph Viso 11717, NYChiropractic1356377618
Dr. Kyle W Doan Dc 34231, NYChiropractic1093999260
Alan Harris Siegel 10504, NYChiropractic1497826093
Frank Thomas Turchioe 10605, NYChiropractic1528698636
Joseph Dominick Recchia 07436, NYChiropractic1194268193
Danielle L Miller 85308, NYChiropractic1720119720
Proclinix Sports Physical Therapy Chiropractic Wellness,pllc 10504, NYChiropractic1114132511
Shannon Connolly 10038, NYChiropractic1285099341
Andrew Basil Reichman 11415, NYChiropractic1487287207
Kristen Marie Latona-brzezinski 14221, NYChiropractic1255665626
Shane Ronald Raymond 11542, NYChiropractic1699300533
Melissa Costanza Sallah 11758, NYChiropractic1730106246
Tasha Marie Fuller 13165, NYChiropractic1619448370
John J Noonan 12065, NYChiropractic1417060906
East Meadow Pt Family Health Np Acupuncture And Chiropractic 11729, NYChiropractic1235799883
Michael Vincent Rockefeller 13820, NYChiropractic1447383435
Chun Hyung Park 11361, NYChiropractic1740683663
Kourtney Lockwood 80121, NYChiropractic1770808461
Bryan Moran Kent 02139, NYChiropractic1609318013
Jay Michael Littlefield 59301, NYChiropractic1487809158
Kyle Randy Steiner 13219, NYChiropractic1053958215
Alise Chiropractic Health & Wellness, Pllc 14850, NYChiropractic1578736385
James N Alise 14850, NYChiropractic1700985579
Yk Chiropractic Care, P.c. 10017, NYChiropractic1326662230
Nexus Chiropractic, P.c. 11212, NYChiropractic1114582293
Jodee Sue Keller 12401, NYChiropractic1558477943
Mitchell Steven Simon 10701, NYChiropractic1275682155
Optimum Health Chiropractic Pllc 33617, NYChiropractic1467997817
Benjamin Leo Gamache 11787, NYChiropractic1780292433
Josh Rinaldi 12603, NYChiropractic1912306465
Allison Blanton 11768, NYChiropractic1841419579
Central Park Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation P.c. 10016, NYChiropractic1396813184
Eric Landi 07642, NYChiropractic1538587688
Brian Yodice, D.c., P.c. 10605, NYChiropractic1780198630
Brian Yodice 10605, NYChiropractic1275611642
Robert G Wrieden 75024, NYChiropractic1154489268
Steven Max Froeschl 34433, NYChiropractic1366539322
Amara Bukhari 60403, NYChiropractic1033773080
Alexander P Kuehl 14534, NYChiropractic1770107930
Joseph S Mckay 14843, NYChiropractic1295820454
East Bright Chiropractic Pc 11220, NYChiropractic1861012718
Kim M Leis-keeling 12203, NYChiropractic1922069699
Kristin Kukenberger 13066, NYChiropractic1013375328
Eric Winiarz 10016, NYChiropractic1184195489
Anthony Patrick Siano 10029, NYChiropractic1457521031
Michael Allan Young 14424, NYChiropractic1487723037
Eugenie Tartell 12401, NYChiropractic1962641860
Canalview Chiropractic, Pc 13126, NYChiropractic1275917668
Michael Debole 14564, NYChiropractic1437665114
Rochester Spine & Sports Chiropractic, Pllc 14534, NYChiropractic1073824082
Catherine Krok 14221, NYChiropractic1992326698
Daniel A Williams 14618, NYChiropractic1255720058
Allison Elizabeth Doyle 14214, NYChiropractic1669062824
Jordan Paul Nelson 14701, NYChiropractic1619568870
Jonathan Shea Degorter 11791, NYChiropractic1053657643
Suffolk Physical Therapy, Chiropractic And Acupuncture Services Pllc 11747, NYChiropractic1417564253
Amy J Lin 07065, NYChiropractic1700404027
Gabriel Enrique Padilla 10001, NYChiropractic1750897310
Elizabeth Mary Bringley 14564, NYChiropractic1366968059
Dominic Caesar Cirigliano 07481, NYChiropractic1013996495
Ryu Chiropractic Pllc 11421, NYChiropractic1760056915
Brian Thomas Kelly 11414, NYChiropractic1760056006
Robert Cox 85255, NYChiropractic1295159812
Peter Joseph Mcgee 14625, NYChiropractic1275123390
Damien Kang 07090, NYChiropractic1811436140
Kevin Shing Kam 10018, NYChiropractic1932670320
Ivana Vargas 10522, NYChiropractic1215467691
Taronte Eugene Venable 10065, NYChiropractic1295196764
Kerry Deyo 12203, NYChiropractic1619411196
Kerry Ann Wittich 11570, NYChiropractic1518632355
Gramercy Chiropractic P.c. 10010, NYChiropractic1598137705
Deanna Mercedes Vallejo 10011, NYChiropractic1154098549
Greenpoint Physical Therapy And Chiropractic Pllc 10004, NYChiropractic1447814231
Arezou Naderi 07302, NYChiropractic1568130771
Patricia Mikela Beall 21146, NYChiropractic1750687141
Riverside Chiropractic Of Ny Pc 12603, NYChiropractic1932878055
Christopher Mango 10021, NYChiropractic1376847756
William B. Reynolds 11733, NYChiropractic1356461347
Buffalo Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Physical Therapy, Pllc 14206, NYChiropractic1649887019
Karina Monegro 10916, NYChiropractic1649712365
Jerold Howard Kaminsky 07436, NYChiropractic1760569594
Daniel C Minocchi 14221, NYChiropractic1720275654
Finally Hlth Med Svcs Pc 11229, NYChiropractic1447257878
Anderson Peak Performance Inc. 10019, NYChiropractic1942657382
Port City Chiropractic, Pc 13126, NYChiropractic1871594192
Natural Health Chiropractic Pllc 14606, NYChiropractic1285626549
Eastern Healthcare Dc Pc 10021, NYChiropractic1942741632
South Shore Chiropractic Pc 11738, NYChiropractic1962499467


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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