Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Garry Thomas Page 74434, OKChiropractic1780688507
Ann Elizabeth Page 74434, OKChiropractic1831193655
Sidney D. Taylor 73112, OKChiropractic1699770743
Frederick B Phillips 73505, OKChiropractic1598760258
Brian Roadhouse 74136, OKChiropractic1477559201
Patrick Michael Galles 73401, OKChiropractic1376540336
Michael Dwayne Zugelder 74012, OKChiropractic1952308850
Larry R. Clipperton 73075, OKChiropractic1578560355
Jonas R. Sprowls 73075, OKChiropractic1780681577
James Brett Guthrie 74959, OKChiropractic1316946163
Keith G. Ryan 74135, OKChiropractic1063411569
Clifford John Gilson 73068, OKChiropractic1225037245
William J Rupert 73401, OKChiropractic1568462281
Carla H Harris 74037, OKChiropractic1053311837
Paul Eugene Harris 74037, OKChiropractic1669472726
Norbert Harrison Gallagher 74135, OKChiropractic1205837499
Todd A Jones 74133, OKChiropractic1467454389
Bruce Allen Frye 74146, OKChiropractic1952393548
Bernard Michael Tougas 74954, OKChiropractic1366434680
Kim W Hester 74136, OKChiropractic1023010097
Robert John Fenell 74135, OKChiropractic1457345464
Paul Hou 73505, OKChiropractic1801880893
Lance W Hightower 74145, OKChiropractic1922092873
Gary Dean Brown 73110, OKChiropractic1447244421
Michael Earl Johnson 74114, OKChiropractic1689668147
Matt C West 74464, OKChiropractic1750376166
James Daniel Post 73116, OKChiropractic1871589036
Shearwood Chiropractic Clinic Inc 74462, OKChiropractic1033105861
Christopher Carlus Kastner 73632, OKChiropractic1689661191
Joel Elvin Johnson 74055, OKChiropractic1194712646
Kurt L Ochsner 74133, OKChiropractic1780671271
Honey Rose Karr 74131, OKChiropractic1851388086
Lowell Leray Demaree 73717, OKChiropractic1518955285
Russell Jeriah Prentice 74037, OKChiropractic1518955947
Orville Lee Rau 73099, OKChiropractic1043208234
Tom D Thomas 74437, OKChiropractic1942299193
Darrell W Netz 74955, OKChiropractic1295724219
Tamra Dian States 73750, OKChiropractic1699766162
Roger L Hammerstrom 73801, OKChiropractic1437130390
John D. Chiaf 73162, OKChiropractic1346221850
Thomas Francis Smith 73701, OKChiropractic1063493450
Sarah Elizabeth Arnold 74037, OKChiropractic1134101322
Robert Eugene Riley 74106, OKChiropractic1144202920
Michael Christopher Riden 74820, OKChiropractic1356323752
Travis Dewayne Standridge 74129, OKChiropractic1780667535
W T Strait 74804, OKChiropractic1225014558
Baird Chiropractic Center Inc. 73533, OKChiropractic1619954419
Fredrick John Huskey 74135, OKChiropractic1194703454
Arthur Lee Sixkiller 74361, OKChiropractic1497733489
Bill Earl Mead 73145, OKChiropractic1073592010
Michael A Chiaffitelli 73159, OKChiropractic1982683991
John W. Sibley 74135, OKChiropractic1598744195
Bruce J. Heng 73013, OKChiropractic1386624161
Robert P Mitchell 74464, OKChiropractic1427028513
William G Ellis 73401, OKChiropractic1689644544
Caitlin Hanks 73013, OKChiropractic1669837886
Carl Benton Reed 73521, OKChiropractic1578533287
Philip R Martinez 73119, OKChiropractic1679544993
Jennifer Lynn Walker 74055, OKChiropractic1942272042
Michael R Briscoe 73013, OKChiropractic1033183306
Bryan E. Young 74403, OKChiropractic1265408876
Laura Arthur 74848, OKChiropractic1619945680
Karen Faye Wallis 74006, OKChiropractic1427026053
John A Sparks 73069, OKChiropractic1891763454
Vicki Ann Cunningham 74801, OKChiropractic1295704799
Shandy D'alan Sells 73080, OKChiropractic1205895877
Trapp Spinal Care, Pllc 74012, OKChiropractic1912376609
Michelle Jarvis Walton 73142, OKChiropractic1811961105
Arnold W. Kenyon 73703, OKChiropractic1861453995
James Edward Rankin 73069, OKChiropractic1821059809
George Kristopher Wilson 73003, OKChiropractic1962463810
John G Smith 73069, OKChiropractic1144281999
Harvey Wade Dwyer 73130, OKChiropractic1740242536
Brant D. Spencer 73010, OKChiropractic1659333557
Christopher K Cole 74145, OKChiropractic1942263504
Brent D Siemens 73008, OKChiropractic1275596025
Troy Howard Cool 74135, OKChiropractic1780648469
David M Collins 74114, OKChiropractic1386608545
Paul D Reed 73651, OKChiropractic1487619664
Brandon Dennis Byrd 73099, OKChiropractic1528023769
Willena Duree 74801, OKChiropractic1164487229
Robynn Michelle Poortvliet 73139, OKChiropractic1225094915
G. E. Carpenter 73141, OKChiropractic1063478444
Douglas Martin Smith 73505, OKChiropractic1679530364
Rebecca Marcelle Bristow 74631, OKChiropractic1245297670
Barry Alan Lockhart 74137, OKChiropractic1164480463
Steven Craig Dryer 74953, OKChiropractic1437117702
Robert T Wolff 74701, OKChiropractic1629027164
Craig Alan Day 74114, OKChiropractic1730138124
Jim R. Muse 73139, OKChiropractic1740230002
Timothy Allen Wagner 74012, OKChiropractic1881644292
Pierre Francis Taron 74728, OKChiropractic1245280262
James William Talley 73446, OKChiropractic1528018306
William Robert Evans 74403, OKChiropractic1700836590
William Lester Delong 73099, OKChiropractic1457301970
Jason O Lovette 73130, OKChiropractic1528019031
David E Ciavarra 74012, OKChiropractic1235189713
Sheppard Precision Chiropractic 73159, OKChiropractic1043262884
Daniel Ray Rowe 73013, OKChiropractic1598718140
Jodie Michelle Morris-valcasara 73401, OKChiropractic1558314617
Carver Chiropractic Clinic Of Edmond, Inc 73013, OKChiropractic1386697555
Vernon Curtis Smith 74110, OKChiropractic1760433551
Performance Therapy Of Oklahoma, Llc 73103, OKChiropractic1053831727
William Bradford Sparks 73069, OKChiropractic1699728303
James William Toy 73505, OKChiropractic1164476412
Carver Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. 73013, OKChiropractic1336193796
Chad Gregory Williams 73573, OKChiropractic1669427464
Brenda Ann Field 74063, OKChiropractic1174579106
Elliott M Kampf 74401, OKChiropractic1770530198
Douglas R Hayes 74728, OKChiropractic1649227851
Jason Todd Westemeir 74133, OKChiropractic1205873346
James V. Mccollum, D.c. P.c. 73942, OKChiropractic1669419537
John Gwin Carver 73013, OKChiropractic1194762492
Jennifer Marie Sheppard-rowe 73159, OKChiropractic1588602155
Lance A Hoose 74114, OKChiropractic1386682722
Amanda Muse 73160, OKChiropractic1891734984
Kenney L. Field 74074, OKChiropractic1861431918
Michael K Van Antwerp 74137, OKChiropractic1043259393
Michael Bruce Rowe 73159, OKChiropractic1932149820
Robert Daniel White 73069, OKChiropractic1164462149
Brent H Babcock 73118, OKChiropractic1386684678
Marilyn Santelli 73142, OKChiropractic1952341521
J. Weston Heath Reese 74074, OKChiropractic1164463246
Molly Sue Goodwin 74015, OKChiropractic1386685048
Valcasara Chiropractic Llc 73401, OKChiropractic1871535336
Abel Awbrey Harrington 73110, OKChiropractic1194767368
John Horace Keefe 74145, OKChiropractic1790727824
Tamatha Suzanne Rowe 73120, OKChiropractic1851333934
Bill W. Rains 73086, OKChiropractic1972545903
Jacques L Rowe 73134, OKChiropractic1184666141
Thomas E Cate 74105, OKChiropractic1740222074
William Douglas Whitmore 74146, OKChiropractic1265475651
Troy Wayne Jackson 73013, OKChiropractic1295779841
Rick James Mustain 73120, OKChiropractic1326082934
Raul Omar Font 73139, OKChiropractic1659315935
Wylie Dean Briggs 73036, OKChiropractic1235174921
Scott Brian Mc Kinney 74354, OKChiropractic1104862770
Carlene Adria Bolen 74012, OKChiropractic1083650295
Arthur Joseph Ferron 74801, OKChiropractic1225064215
Shannon Rutherford Martin 74103, OKChiropractic1376579292
Steven Lee Bigger 74501, OKChiropractic1013943521
John Douglas Smiley 74338, OKChiropractic1508893546
Joseph E. Mitchell 74017, OKChiropractic1215964093
Patricia Colleen Robinson 73533, OKChiropractic1184651846
Don C. Wheeler 74017, OKChiropractic1285662437
Brad Monroe Hayes 74136, OKChiropractic1467480822
Leslie Ann Bost 73139, OKChiropractic1780612374
Martin A Mears 73034, OKChiropractic1407884935
Myron Dale Ratzlaff 74033, OKChiropractic1922037027
Christian H. Abels 74464, OKChiropractic1194754945
Garlett Chiropractic Clinic Pc 73116, OKChiropractic1154350072
Joseph Fredrick Garlett 73116, OKChiropractic1174553671
Renee Marshall Garlett 73116, OKChiropractic1346270840
Douglas B Cook 73096, OKChiropractic1659301059
Ronald Byron Tripp 73069, OKChiropractic1811928260
Alternative Care Clinic, Inc. 73075, OKChiropractic1801825732
Richard Santelli 73160, OKChiropractic1225076177
Stewart R Chapman 76308, OKChiropractic1265489579
Gloria M Baese 74136, OKChiropractic1548205933
Vance Allen Long 73401, OKChiropractic1346284510
Scott Edward Wood 73460, OKChiropractic1780620922
Riley Powell 74133, OKChiropractic1326088683
Chiropractic Physicians Clinic 73096, OKChiropractic1912936667
Harvard Family Physicians P C 74145, OKChiropractic1306891288
Tony L. Hicks 74008, OKChiropractic1972536852
Mickey D Gibson 73942, OKChiropractic1700818291
Brant Scott Mcdaniel 74403, OKChiropractic1548293392
Brent Michael Boozer 73055, OKChiropractic1013940337
Jeffery Lynn Mussman 73122, OKChiropractic1750315685
Jennifer Ann Logsdon 73018, OKChiropractic1922032572
Jack Eugene Halsey 74129, OKChiropractic1144254962
James (jamie) D Burroughs 73160, OKChiropractic1609800770
Jack Benson Weems 74301, OKChiropractic1508891631
James Wade Downing 73099, OKChiropractic1134154925
John P Krueger 74136, OKChiropractic1043245780
Carl Thomas Lail 73507, OKChiropractic1609800887
Alan Russell Dean 74601, OKChiropractic1992730378
Dwight Phil Moyer 73112, OKChiropractic1902821002
Steve Yandell 73034, OKChiropractic1871528281
William C Doscher 73112, OKChiropractic1659306918
Thalia Ann Walkup 74701, OKChiropractic1194741348
Douglas Lester Schnell 74344, OKChiropractic1861418485
Danielle Cherish Ballou-allsup 74344, OKChiropractic1477570414
George Bovadilla 74145, OKChiropractic1417975897
Cool Chiropractic Clinic Inc. 74135, OKChiropractic1447278239
Tyler Ray Bodin 73160, OKChiropractic1730108697
Jonathan Kyle Bergman 74145, OKChiropractic1326068883
Paul Daniel Allsup 74344, OKChiropractic1215957196
Donald Harvey Manchester 73069, OKChiropractic1598785925
Thomas D Joyce 73008, OKChiropractic1992725386
Ermilo S. Duque 73013, OKChiropractic1427078278
Brian Dean Chaffin 74804, OKChiropractic1114948882
Mollie Ann Pertree 73160, OKChiropractic1902827066
Sabra Rhodes 74429, OKChiropractic1184645012
Roger Allen Divis 74834, OKChiropractic1639191208
Stephen Nathaniel Warren 74055, OKChiropractic1366464687
Daniel P Day 74301, OKChiropractic1356363105
Back To Health Chiropractic P C 74834, OKChiropractic1871515981
Monty W. Harris 73139, OKChiropractic1780607507
Joseph C. Clark 74301, OKChiropractic1750304481


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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