Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin James Holzapfel 97322, ORChiropractic1649274531
Marla M St. John 97031, ORChiropractic1558365965
Stephen G. Ray 97008, ORChiropractic1376548644
Charles Andrew Caughlin 97845, ORChiropractic1356346381
Portland Backsmith Chiropractic Llc 97210, ORChiropractic1174086565
Venus Crystal Smith 97411, ORChiropractic1699770487
Thomas J Van Hee 97031, ORChiropractic1013913201
Steven L Sebers 97015, ORChiropractic1679579270
Chelsea Boppre 97055, ORChiropractic1467457952
Mary Ann Penny Domm 97225, ORChiropractic1710984141
Renata A Hennell 97487, ORChiropractic1922005339
Philip G Buchovecky 97321, ORChiropractic1467459875
Frank Thomas Heresco 97330, ORChiropractic1407853914
Larry L Oliver 97330, ORChiropractic1720085020
Hari Dass Singh Khalsa 97215, ORChiropractic1356348650
Heresco Chiropractic And Associates Pc 97330, ORChiropractic1326045626
Chiropractic Management Services, P.c. 97322, ORChiropractic1457358400
Joseph J. Hodges 97415, ORChiropractic1982601696
John C Johnson 97330, ORChiropractic1851399513
Shane E Espinoza 97133, ORChiropractic1982602389
Susan Draper White 97478, ORChiropractic1902804024
Kimberly D Queen 97223, ORChiropractic1710985486
Allen Mccaslin Hutcheson 97504, ORChiropractic1205833969
Dustin Scott Kollar 97123, ORChiropractic1194723064
Gregory A. Kahn 97401, ORChiropractic1073512778
Scott M Vaughan 97401, ORChiropractic1659372340
Michael M Powell 97463, ORChiropractic1871595298
Richard E Mccarthy 97424, ORChiropractic1053313502
Jason George Lanning 97128, ORChiropractic1649262379
Bobby Wayne Jones 97239, ORChiropractic1861484412
Vivian G Rockwell 97701, ORChiropractic1740272194
Scott Bernhard 97223, ORChiropractic1437142718
Scott M. Vaughan, D.c., P.c. 97401, ORChiropractic1093716789
Michael Thomas Wise 97756, ORChiropractic1215929591
David Keith Thielges 97504, ORChiropractic1295720415
Michael Lynn Hopkins 97056, ORChiropractic1124013396
Stefan Michael Herold 97214, ORChiropractic1710972724
Timothy Joseph Swindler 97233, ORChiropractic1780670778
Edgar Lee Viets 97603, ORChiropractic1730176405
Scott Vincent Olson 97702, ORChiropractic1548258320
Maclean Chiropractic Center, Pc 97701, ORChiropractic1912389685
Mccleery Chiropractic Health Centre Pc 97701, ORChiropractic1902890098
George Alan Ulbrich 97202, ORChiropractic1942299557
Inice Gough Dc Pc 97759, ORChiropractic1275523268
Eric Collison 97202, ORChiropractic1952391088
Susan Elizabeth Strom 97210, ORChiropractic1154312205
Ronald John Megyesi 97030, ORChiropractic1154312213
David A Gasser 97302, ORChiropractic1790776862
Ronald Grice 97321, ORChiropractic1902897069
Ernest E Hamilton 97055, ORChiropractic1598756678
Maurice William Smith 97045, ORChiropractic1639160690
Joseph Anthony Medlin 97211, ORChiropractic1063403939
Good News Chiropractic, Inc, 97236, ORChiropractic1699766576
Frank Frederick Muhr 97401, ORChiropractic1285625913
Diane S Gudmundsen 97239, ORChiropractic1922099316
Steven C Hamburg 97239, ORChiropractic1255312443
Timothy Gene Irving 97214, ORChiropractic1689655458
Jarom Todd Hibbert 97814, ORChiropractic1144201955
Timothy Dale Hubbard 97140, ORChiropractic1942281647
Jennifer Pitcairn 97045, ORChiropractic1154302735
Dr. Samantha Stuart Dc Pc 97220, ORChiropractic1609857374
Karen L Fong 97220, ORChiropractic1972584449
Surah H Hirsch 97232, ORChiropractic1790766020
Ross Miles Hart 97477, ORChiropractic1740262708
Neil Mcmahon 97045, ORChiropractic1104808039
John K Legat 97401, ORChiropractic1063494946
James G Dyson 97304, ORChiropractic1457333833
Theresa Marie Rubadue-doi 97701, ORChiropractic1457332371
Kathryn Rae Cantwell 97007, ORChiropractic1386625010
Carl E Swarts 97055, ORChiropractic1366433203
Steven Koc 97302, ORChiropractic1790766384
Steven Edward Ellis 97063, ORChiropractic1588645691
Eric Steven Reed 97504, ORChiropractic1588645626
Megumi Nojima Moskowitz 97214, ORChiropractic1740264100
Douglas George Peterson 97201, ORChiropractic1982688388
Paul Edward Okamoto 97212, ORChiropractic1962486373
Gail Marie Karvonen 97214, ORChiropractic1881678910
Timothy Lee Flora 97128, ORChiropractic1629052402
Kathleen Marie Galligan 97035, ORChiropractic1053395632
Gretchen Karin Blyss 97201, ORChiropractic1982688545
Steven John Prom 97024, ORChiropractic1578548566
Paul Edward Okamoto 97212, ORChiropractic1013992841
Theresa M King 97206, ORChiropractic1609852367
Jeffrey Keith Tunick 97223, ORChiropractic1760468227
Brian Laurie Vroom 97030, ORChiropractic1215913637
Jason Gutches 97504, ORChiropractic1053397232
Joe L Towne 97504, ORChiropractic1871579052
Mja Health Services, Inc. 97239, ORChiropractic1548246663
Michael Justin Arnot 97239, ORChiropractic1669459400
Cornelius Amos Towne 97504, ORChiropractic1023095825
William Anthony Econe 97225, ORChiropractic1407833098
Gary Lee Jackson 97006, ORChiropractic1447237839
Scott B Cooper 97501, ORChiropractic1598743262
Mario J Tomaino 97210, ORChiropractic1306824099
Dennis Prace Coplen 97504, ORChiropractic1578541769
Frank M Prideaux 97213, ORChiropractic1063492924
Neil Robert Cohen 97115, ORChiropractic1285614453
Noah G. Jarvie 97537, ORChiropractic1023098050
Rogue Health Llc 97504, ORChiropractic1295100766
Gregory Eugene Page 97439, ORChiropractic1538139829
Kenneth A Kelley 97378, ORChiropractic1902878333
Fred Seater 97222, ORChiropractic1083686836
Dawn S Seater 97222, ORChiropractic1750353504
Greg Kyuhee Choi 97005, ORChiropractic1295708030
Kathleen F Manley 97520, ORChiropractic1013981323
Terrence Martin Hansen 97301, ORChiropractic1760456818
David Carlton Butler 97756, ORChiropractic1457325235
Robert M Kelty 97502, ORChiropractic1770558975
Cameron J Belnap 83651, ORChiropractic1215903315
Jeanne M Young 97701, ORChiropractic1710954565
Huma Qureshi Pierce 97005, ORChiropractic1891762548
Seth A Goldstein 97110, ORChiropractic1063489508
Thomas Neil Johnson 97213, ORChiropractic1740258631
Michael Pete Milanovich 97035, ORChiropractic1487622486
Kenneth Thomas Murphy 97232, ORChiropractic1689642381
Sonja M Pulley 97230, ORChiropractic1497714604
Jerome M Fladoos 97230, ORChiropractic1740249952
Richard D Page 97128, ORChiropractic1922071547
Cynthia Anne Wright 97520, ORChiropractic1760441521
Michael Young 97520, ORChiropractic1851352116
Ruth Trenner 97048, ORChiropractic1093776197
Nancy A Colfer 97401, ORChiropractic1285696617
Peter J. Milanovich 97035, ORChiropractic1992767248
Charles A Simpson 97113, ORChiropractic1790747939
Billings Family Chiropractic Pc 97478, ORChiropractic1225090467
Richard H Tilden Dc Pc 97113, ORChiropractic1477515062
Advanced Spinal Fitness Chir 97048, ORChiropractic1982667937
Garry Cook Pow 97068, ORChiropractic1578527081
Jerry H. Daniels 97701, ORChiropractic1508822818
Arthur Roy Murrell 97232, ORChiropractic1457318222
Miven B Donato 97504, ORChiropractic1255399325
Robin A Albert 97448, ORChiropractic1104884188
Peter Vuky 97213, ORChiropractic1295793255
Peter Michael Overvold 97213, ORChiropractic1366400228
Geary Joe Michels 97302, ORChiropractic1417915356
Jerry Eugene Hearns 97504, ORChiropractic1689632390
John David Palmer 97302, ORChiropractic1437117884
John Theodore Ewanyk 97302, ORChiropractic1508824954
Elke Karin Herbrechtsmeier 97233, ORChiropractic1104884485
Kent Guy Wilcox 97123, ORChiropractic1013975440
Seth Colner 97006, ORChiropractic1821056250
Brent Edward Smith 97302, ORChiropractic1417915620
John M Donovan 97058, ORChiropractic1497703425
Dodi Lynn Simons 97060, ORChiropractic1225086275
Terry K Hovey 97394, ORChiropractic1659329597
George David Rheaume 97015, ORChiropractic1952359846
Roger D. Stewart 97013, ORChiropractic1144278409
Charles Martin Anderson 97501, ORChiropractic1427006014
Karen B Kelsall 97210, ORChiropractic1801844568
Debra R Serlin 97202, ORChiropractic1912955261
Terrell Ray Cannon 97365, ORChiropractic1003865981
Byron Akita 97058, ORChiropractic1366491144
Shawn Irene Harrington 97035, ORChiropractic1467401257
Jasmar Reddin 97220, ORChiropractic1235188731
Paul Jay Slater 97754, ORChiropractic1245280502
Joel Goldman 97540, ORChiropractic1518917905
Sandra Lynn Medak 97470, ORChiropractic1265482442
Bruce E Zega 97031, ORChiropractic1790735660
Jeffrey Allen Koosman 97123, ORChiropractic1578513651
Russell A Colgan 97303, ORChiropractic1346290202
Thomas Darrell Miller 97850, ORChiropractic1679524953
Sara Christine Croteau 97005, ORChiropractic1073564076
Joseph Stephen Dombek 97005, ORChiropractic1083665756
Carl Ross Hanson 97322, ORChiropractic1770535049
Rene C St Cyr 97212, ORChiropractic1568415248
Coby L. Johns 97005, ORChiropractic1366494007
Gregory F. Koors 97405, ORChiropractic1609829266
Crater Chiropractic Clinic Pc 97504, ORChiropractic1710930151
James Andy Cruz 97005, ORChiropractic1912951682
Donald Raymond White 97005, ORChiropractic1912951534
Robert Medeck 97520, ORChiropractic1013965029
Marcella Box 97005, ORChiropractic1669425328
Billie J Kaskasuto 97828, ORChiropractic1124078175
Ryan A. Mcdaid 97302, ORChiropractic1588624126
Theodore L Forcum 97103, ORChiropractic1346298957
Jennifer Ann Fletcher 97239, ORChiropractic1487608147
Chad Randall Lamer 97330, ORChiropractic1972554889
Simon John Agger 97214, ORChiropractic1427014364
Claudia Miriam Holderegger Mccormack 97239, ORChiropractic1588620934
Laura A. Swingen 97225, ORChiropractic1164480448
Jaclyn Merry Bergstrom 97230, ORChiropractic1598715336
Cary Ann Weddle 98632, ORChiropractic1174577233
Lily H Roselyn 97141, ORChiropractic1205880374
Melanie B Mamola 97215, ORChiropractic1891749941
Gary Jansen 97140, ORChiropractic1568417970
Susan Marie Yazvac 97206, ORChiropractic1679529200
Nicholas Richard Brown 97322, ORChiropractic1245286798
Walter C Trapp 97236, ORChiropractic1720035579
Steven Scott Pettigrew 97062, ORChiropractic1700823408
James Matlock Stites 97266, ORChiropractic1033157250
Dennis Nowack 97005, ORChiropractic1639117336
Jeffrey Daniel O'flaherty 97005, ORChiropractic1336187723
Alexe Walker Bellingham 97232, ORChiropractic1730128711
Dennis Michael Sullivan 97222, ORChiropractic1073552873
Arthur Thomas Walker 97232, ORChiropractic1982643748
George Rolland House 97330, ORChiropractic1396785283
Scott Richard Lenz 97503, ORChiropractic1740220904
John Charles Foland 97232, ORChiropractic1316987720
David Arnold Duemling 97070, ORChiropractic1437199320
Todd Hansen 97470, ORChiropractic1639110232


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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